Young White Teens Taken by Black Africans
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Teenagers, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Interracial, Black Male, White Female,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A white mother and her two daughters become victims of African lust. An oil engineer finds out about the dark side of Africa. No white females are safe here.

As I have specified before ... I was an oil engineer on the African continent for two decades. I had witnessed many things that the main steam media has not addressed. Black on white dominance was very prevalent in many countries. There were many whites victimized of killings, theft, slavery and rape. I have written a number of stories of black lust on this dark continent. The sad truth is almost nothing has really changed ... it's just slipped under the rug.

In 1982 a man who we will address as Jason was a prominent engineer that signed a contract to oversea an oil exploration in the country of Nigeria. He brought along his wife and two daughters. They were 17 and 15 years of age.

He had only been in country for several weeks when he realized that his blonde wife was being hit on by his black bosses. He complained about the abuse but was ignored by his black superiors.

He was sent to another providence to work for a couple of weeks. While away, his wife was invited to a company party. There were drinks, laughter, partying and a whole host of black African power brokers. She was of only three white women in attendance. Several black men enticed her to dance during the festivities. She accepted only to appease her acceptance of their invitation to have her welcomed in her husband's company job. Mostly there were slow dances where the black Africans pulled her closely while they danced.

Every dance she could feel their rigged black cock rubbing against her. She became afraid of their intent but somehow excited about being embraced by a black African. These were truly black Africans ... charcoal black and for the most part muscular bodies. She was never attracted to black men but somehow she enjoyed the moment of being wanted by black males.

It was then that a 6'5'black male enticed her to dance. He had gold bracelets and a Rolex on his wrist. She responded to his advance and they danced. She was enamored by his tall black body and enjoyed the press of his body.

After a few drinks and some weed ... she became weak in her knees and held onto him for support.

It did not take long for him to ask her to go in his limo and she willingly entered the vehicle. After that ... he got her clothes off and began to fuck her silly. She had never had a black cock in her but now she was in orgasmic joy being impaled on a big black cock. He spewed his cum into her vagina and gave her multiple orgasms. She would be in store for other black fucks ... especially by her husband's boss.

Her husband would be away for another week and a half. What she did not anticipate was that her 17 and 15 year old daughters would soon be subject to black lust.

After he returned he became heavily involved in work and little time to be home with his family. The African power brokers knew this and had plans for his wife and daughters.

It was about a week later and again he was assigned to another providence for perhaps as long as several weeks. His wife assured him that they would be fine and since school was out ... their daughters might go to a retreat camp for a week.

Not all retreats are what they are said to be. The retreat that his boss had recommended was one about 40 kilometers from their home. It was a camp to introduce white teens to the cultures of Africa. His boss owned a large part of the retreat and often visited it to see how it was doing.

It was on a Sunday his wife packed the girl's clothes and took them to an area where the girls got on a bus heading for the camp. Parents were not allowed on the retreat unless for emergencies. After the girls got on the bus and were seated ... they became curious why there were only 3 or 4 boys on the bus, mostly younger than them. After an hour they arrived at the retreat and were assigned a tent to stay in.

The two daughters were excited about something new and not having their parents being present. They were assigned councilors who escorted them around the grounds and explained the next day events. All of the councilors were black and ranged from 20 to 40 years old. Unknowingly to the teens in the camp, all of these men came from very wealthy families and donated their time to several weeks at the camp.

The girls had dinner and orientation then spent the night in their tent. The next day they were in classes and even went on a photo safari which lasted most of the afternoon.

After resting and the dinner meal they were taken to an actual outdoor theater where native dancers performed and a movie was shown about Nigeria. Some of the girls were later joined by their councilors as they sat on the various levels of the grass ampi-theater. As it got late Karen, the 17 year old daughter, noticed the smell of pot in the air. She nudged her councilor and asked him about it. "Oh, miss Karen, that is what we call Jambi ... it is legal and makes one feel very relaxed. Would you like to try some?"

Her and her younger sister had smoked pot at their home in London. Adolphi, her councilor pulled out a pipe and shared it with Karen. At first it was very mild but after about 20 minutes she really became high. It was then that the black African began making his move. He rested his jewelry adorned arm around her shoulder and had her sway to the musical drums.

Toni, the younger sister, also took a couple of hits on the pipe. Adolphi suggested to Toni that she might want to walk around and chat with some of the other girls since her councilor wasn't there yet. He then asked Karen to accompany him further up to the grassy knoll where the breeze is cooler ... she agreed. There was something exciting about being with an older black man of 32. It made her feel more like an adult. This charcoal black African was about 6'4" tall and had a lean muscular body. After another drags on the pipe, Karen was getting even more high. Adolphi knew it was time to make a move. His hand around her neck reached down and touched her breast as he rubbed her thigh. Karen didn't object and then she placed her right hand on his crotch. She felt a large bulge that was somewhat hard. She had never thought that she would have let a black African fondle her ... but it was overwhelmingly exciting. Her body tingled.

Meantime as Toni walked around she noticed that several of the black councilors had their arms around the white girls. They are really friendly she thought to herself. At the edge of the theater she noticed a small girl lying along side of one of the black men. A black African had his hand in her shirt rubbing her breast and his other hand up under her short skirt. Even with only the flickering lantern light she could see the young girl's wide glossy eyes and her mouth open. "Oh my gosh," she thought. The girl couldn't be a day over fourteen ... if that. The girl was a small blond with two pony tails and short skinny legs. Toni watched for several more minutes. Then the black African rolled over on the girl's chest and began kissing her mouth. His hand was now more active under her skirt. It was just a matter of moments when the girl's stocking covered legs partially raised up and shook. Toni gasped ... oh my, this young girl was having an orgasm.

After that, the African pulled her up and led her away from the theater. She looked hypnotized and wobbly kneed. He must be taking her back to her tent ... or his, Toni thought. She just knew that this small girl was soon to have a black cock between her legs ... whether she wanted it or not. As they disappeared, Toni gazed around to see what else was going on. Then she saw a girl about her age being escorted away by two older Africans ... practically carrying her with their muscular arms around her waist and back. The girl looked drugged, Toni thought to herself. What was really curious was they were not headed to the tent site ... they were going to the councilors huts.

She went back to check on her sister but neither she or the councilor were there. She immediately rushed for their tent, only to find that her sister was not there either. Toni did not know where to look so she prayed for her sister's safety.

By this time, Karen was in the councilor's hutch and laying on her back while the big black buck was fucking her silly. His 9-1/2" black cock was in her up to his balls. She then felt an orgasm flowing all over her young body. She wrapped her white legs around his black buttocks as her finger nails cling to his back. His muscular chest had her pinned to the mattress. She had only had limited sex prior to this so this was the ultimate. She had surrendered to the one thing that her daddy had told her to never do. Having sex with a black man. He would be furious if he saw his young daughter being grinded by black cock ... not to mention her being seeded.

After a few more minutes Karen felt his cock bust and flooding her vagina with his cum ... she had another orgasm as she pulled her legs from his buttocks and rested her body on the mat. The African rose up and then starred down at this naked white morsel. He had just had the best fuck of his life and would want more later on. And yes, he mounted her pale young body again just before sunrise. He fucked her hard for about an hour and again filled her with his seed. Karen would never be the same.

Toni had undressed and then bedded down on the mattress. She couldn't believe what all that she had witnessed. This is not a retreat, it's a haven for blacks to molest white girls, she thought. I'm not going to let a black African rut with me ... they will just have to forcefully rape me. It was late and she was about to fall asleep when she heard a voice just outside of her tent.

"Miss Toni, sorry I could not attend the theater events. I'm your councilor ... may I enter?"

Toni nearly froze up. Oh no, please no ... I don't want this to happen.

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