Ori War
Lost mine

Long ago the Ori spread across this part of the world. They ruled for almost a thousand years before their empire fell into civil war and broke apart. The greatest ruler was the first emperor who it was rumored had found a great mine. The diamonds were the size of a fist or a man's heart.

Today none believe the stories or have found the mine. The last thing the last emperor had done was smash the diamonds and hide the map to it. Time has done the rest and hidden it where no one can find it. Kane was where the Ori capital used to be. They were to the west of our country and arrogant bullies with more than a few mages.

To the east was the country of Sax which had been the home of great armies. My country was five hundred kilometers wide and over nine hundred long. That was not even a quarter of either country and most of it was thick forest. There were four large rivers that came down from Kane and Sax and ran all the way to the sea.

The borders on the east and west were the Saloman in the west and the Ember in the east. The next river closest to the west was the Ori and the last the Common. The major cities were to the south except for one along the north border where Kane and Sax meet. We had come a long way from the weapons of old.

We had rifles and artillery and planes that could drop bombs or shoot rockets. I was a apprentice forester and had been in the northwest for four months. We had built a platform high in the trees. There were long swing bridges that made trails through an area of several kilometers. It was all to watch a few very rare predator birds.

There were large ground predators we had to worry about too. I carried my father's steel twelve millimeter by three centimeter revolver called a Hawk. It could knock any predator down and if that did not work I carried a rifle. It was called the Priest because that was what you would need if shot by it.

It was a twelve millimeter by six centimeters revolving carbine with a wooden forestock and skeleton buttstock. At least it had an internal hammer with a light trigger pull. I carried four quick reloads under my arms for the Priest and two on my belt for the Hawk. There were four of us working out of a single building on the edge of a clearing.

I was up in the trees watching a fledgling when the Kane started the war. I had seen the planes but not really paid attention. We were almost a hundred kilometers inside the border. When I heard the shots I spun towards the clearing. More followed and I began to run and pull the Priest off my shoulder.

Of course when I reached the end of the swing bridge and the platform I had to sling it again. I started down using the pegs in the tree and kept searching below. I dropped the last couple of meters and yanked the rifle off. I started for the clearing and heard men yelling. I stopped behind bushes and looked at the building.

Simon, John and Albert were sprawled out in front of it. The men were soldiers unloading crates and cases from two large cargo planes. There had to be at least a hundred men and I moved back and started around to the back of the building. I listened and then crawled in a window and silently moved to the living area.

I checked the power on the radio and keyed the mic, "this is apprentice Adam Mageson."

I looked out the window, "Kane soldiers have attacked and killed the other foresters and are unloading equipment."

A mage emerged from one plane with a pair of teenage girls on leashes. He looked towards the building and gestured. I dropped the mic, spun and started running. The front of the building exploded as if from a bomb. I spun and lifted my rifle and aimed and the mage yanked a passing soldier in front of himself.

I fired and the soldier went back and into the mage and I spun again. I ran into the other room and bent to yank open a chest that had been mine. I grabbed a bag and a pack before I ran to the window and dove out. I hit the ground and rolled and came to my feet running. Bullets were ripping into the building as I crashed through the bushes.

I stopped by a tree and turned as I lifted my rifle. A soldier ran around one end of the building and I shot him in the chest before I turned and started running again. I did not go far before I turned to the west and started around the clearing. I stuffed the bag into the pack and slipped it on.

Finally I turned in and stalked closer and then began to crawl. I was behind and to one side of a tree and looking out from under a bush. The soldiers were moving around more and a officer with a fancy feather in his hat was barking orders. The mage was being seen by a man that could be a doctor.

I aimed and squeezed and the officer's head exploded. I shifted as they froze and then a sergeant began shouting orders. He was next and died the same way as the officer. I shot two more rushing towards me before I pulled back and stood. I moved deeper into the forest as my thumb pushed the cylinder release and I snapped the rifle to the left.

The cylinder opened and since our weapons used caseless ammo all I needed to do was pull a reloader and slide the bullets into the cylinder. I turned the brass knob and twisted my wrist and snapped the cylinder closed and dropped the empty reloader into my jacket pocket. I went south and around and came back up on the east side of the clearing.

The planes started and turned to leave and that was when the two Humers streaked in. They were our version of a armed hover craft. The planes accelerated and the enemy began to fire at the Humers. They spun and a lines of bullets reached out and tore into the enemy. Suddenly a ball of fire sped away from what was left of our building.

It split and struck both Humers and they burst into flames before exploding. The planes lifted at the last moment and climbed above the trees before turning to head west. I lifted my rifle and aimed and fired and shifted to keep doing it before I pulled back and started to the north. When I returned to the clearing they were in a file and moving into the forest to the east.

I looked at the building before I moved to the west and slipped out. I went closer and peeked in a couple of windows. The front of the build was burnt and shattered and I could see two soldiers. I climbed through one window and set the Priest on a crate. The whole building was full of them.

I pulled my long knife and stalked into the other room. The two soldiers were looking out the open front of the building and sitting on more crates. I struck fast, cutting the throat of one and lunging to shoved my knife into the chest of the other. I cleaned my knife and looked around before I looked at the crates.

They were supplies of ammo and rations and tents and ... I slipped out and went to the bodies of the other foresters. Someone had stripped the revolvers off but I found their Priest rifles to one side. I took their vests and put them in my pack and tied the rifles to the top. I went back in and added a case of rations, two fiber filled blankets and then started a fire before leaving.

I crossed the clearing and entered where they had. I could see their trail and moved to the side and into the forest. I moved silently and it was not long before I was catching up. I moved further to the side as I thought about what was ahead. There was a low ridge but the start was steep.

I turned in and began to slip closer until I saw the men. I could see another officer and aimed and squeezed. The Priest roared and the officer's head exploded and I shifted and fired into the chest of a soldier. I shot four more times before I saw the black cloud moving towards me.

I spun and started moving back as the enemy fired blinding into the forest. The black cloud kept following me and began to move faster. I turned to the west while reloading and finally had to start trotting. The cloud was still gaining and growing and I spun and started running towards the enemy.

The cloud followed and moved faster and was right behind me when I broke out of the forest and onto the trail. I went between two of the enemy soldiers and turned left and kept going. They spun and lifted rifles and the cloud reached them. They started screaming as the cloud engulfed them began to stretch and continue to reach after me.

More enemy soldiers were spinning to face the rear and I kept weaving through them. A lot of the enemy were engulfed and others spun and panicked. I had switched hands on my rifle and broken free of the soldiers and found the mage in front of me. I pulled my pistol as he straightened and fired into his chest twice.

As he went down I saw the girls and more men and behind those was another mage. I growled as I caught the leashes and turned to the north, "come on."

I pulled on the leashes and the two girls stumbled after me. Men were still screaming as I pulled the girls into the forest. I expected soldiers to follow or shoot but I guess they were to busy. I turned right and headed east and glanced at the two frightened girls. I used an animal trail that angled up the low ridge.

Once we were across I looked down into the low ground around where a stream was. I turned and reached for the first girl, "I am Adam."

I looked at the fancy collar around her neck as she looked at the ground, "Taylor master."

I snorted and twisted the collar when I did not find the lock, "this is a mage collar."

She remained silent and I looked at her and then pulled a very small and slim knife, "stay still."

They say only a mage can open a mage collar and a once it is on, a mage can not use their magic. I knew better, someone else had made it and not a mage. I carefully cut into where the lock should be and peeled it back. Next I used the point to work the lock until it clicked and opened. I pulled it off and tossed it and then reached for the other girl, "and your name?"

She smiled shyly, "Kyla."

I nodded as I looked and checked the collar before I twisted it, "hold still."

It did not take as long to get the collar off and I put my knife away, "do you girls want to stay with me?"

They looked at each other before nodding and I gestured, "first we need to find the stream."

Ten minutes and I was looking at the slow moving stream. I saw the large dragon fish and moved back and looked at the girls, "stay here."

I waited until they nodded and gestured to a log, "sit and rest."

I headed downstream and moved carefully until I saw the front of the enemy column. They were crossing the stream and I lifted my rifle and aimed. I fired and shifted and fired until the cylinder was empty. Dead men were slowly floating down the stream as the other soldiers fired into the forest blindly.

With the blood in the water now, dragon fish would head this way and no one would be safe in the water. I moved back as I used a reloader and when I reached the girls I grinned, "time to go."

I led them upstream another couple of kilometers to a very old swing bridge. It had moss growing on it and was hanging down to the water. I checked the girls and started across and kept looking back. Once I reached the other side I turned and helped the girls. I pulled them southeast and stopped in a small clearing.

They sat and I could tell they were tired. I took my pack off and gave them my water bladder and a ration, "eat."

I looked towards where the enemy would cross and knelt and started rubbing their legs, "rest and I will come back. It will be dark soon and we can stop."

Once I was done I left my pack and headed south. I saw soldiers balancing on a fallen tree while crossing to this side. A dozen were already across but there were still others on the other side. I moved until I had a clear shot straight down the tree. I aimed low and squeezed the trigger and the rifle bucked and the round exploded through one man and then a second.

As they fell screaming I was squeezing the trigger again. I fired three time before I spun and ran when they fired into the forest. The wounded men were screaming and thrashing and the dragon fish attacked in a feeding frenzy. Anyone that tried to cross was going to have a leaping dragon fish striking them.

When I reached the girls I scooped up my pack and helped them up. It would be dark soon and we needed to be under cover, "it is not far before we stop."

I went straight east and across the valley and stopped beside the bend in a ancient streambed that was dry now. On the other side and in the back was a cave and I checked it before I let the girls enter. I went out and collected moss and brought it back. It took several trips to make the bed large enough.

I found berries and a few plants and sat with them and split another ration. The girls kept looking at me and I finally looked at myself, "what?"

Taylor smiled and looked down, "we were waiting for you to take us."

I looked at Kyla, "take? As in have sex with you?"

She nodded with the same smile as before and I blushed, "I have not done that before."

They looked at each other and then Taylor moved closer and caressed my chest, "we will teach you."

I dug into my pack and pulled out the fiber filled blankets. I spread one out and then went to the opening into the cave. I started a fire and burned a little of the dried moss across the entrance to kept animals out. I made sure the fire was out and moved back and began undressing. The girls smiled and quickly pulled their dresses off.

Kyla pulled me closer as Taylor laid on the blanket. She opened her legs and Kyle almost whispered as she talked and I bent to look at Taylor's pussy. I finally leaned down and licked through it and wiggled the tip of my tongue on her clit. She shifted and spread her legs more and tilted her hips.

I kept licking her and then began to nibble and suck and she shuddered and her hips lifted, "mmmm!"

I grinned and kept it up until she was constantly squirming and moaning. Kyla pulled and I moved up as she reached between us to position my cock. I pushed and my cock sank into Taylor. She clutched me as I slowly buried my cock and looked at her. Her warm pussy squeezed and she shivered and smiled.

I had to move and began to press and grind. A few minutes and I was pulling back and fucking her. She was hugging me while her tight pussy kept grasping, "aaaahhhh!"

When I used firm thrusts she twisted and bucked and I covered her mouth to quiet her. She thrashed around and I finally shoved into her with a grunt. She shuddered and jerked as strong spurts of sperm gushed into her, "yyyeeeesssss!"

She shook and squirmed while her pussy rippled and kept grasping. When I was done I looked at her under me and gave her a kiss, "thank you."

She was panting but grinned and hugged me. I pulled out and looked at Kyla and she grinned as she laid back beside Taylor. I moved down as she spread her legs and looked at her pussy in the dim light. I began to lick through it and found her clit. She shuddered as I caught it and began to suck and wiggle my tongue.

Several minutes and she was spasming and trying to cover her pussy. I moved up and slowly sank into her. She sighed and put her arms around me as I buried my cock. Taylor turned and pressed against us and I felt her hand when she reached between my legs. She whispered and I shivered and shoved into Kyla.

She grunted and her tight pussy gripped my cock, "ooohhhh!"

Taylor kissed my shoulder, "I made it so you have more seed."

I pressed and rubbed and turned my head to kiss Taylor and then Kyla, "thank you."

I pulled back and started to fuck her with long strokes. She lifted her hips as my cock began to slid in and out, "mmmm!"

It was awhile before I was using firm thrusts and she was thrashing around. She clutched me and her pussy clenched, "yyyeeeesssss!"

I continued to fuck her and kiss and she twisted and bucked and struggled. Finally I shoved into her and held her as my cock erupted again. I gushed huge spurts of sperm and she jerked and convulsed, "aaaahhhh!"

When I finished she was breathing hard and laid back with a grin. I slowly pulled out and Taylor pulled on me so I moved over her. I went back and forth several times before stopping. I pulled the other blanket over us and slept holding Kyla who was holding Taylor. The night was a little cool but not bad. I woke to the hint of dawn and began caressing the girls.

Sleep had done me good and thinking of the direction the Kane were going had given me an idea of where. There was an ancient chapel like building to the east. It was beside a clear forest pool that had a stream running through it. If they kept going they would find it and somehow I knew that would be bad.

We shared a ration and I packed up the blankets. I hesitated before I gave the girls two of the Priest rifles and helped them with the vests. I led them out and started east and kept my eyes open. It was several hours before we reached the chapel and looked around. We slipped in and I backed out quickly when I saw the partially shed serpent skin.

It was from a goliath serpent and from the part I saw, it was huge. I looked to the west and pulled the girls after me to one side. There were several boulders with a huge tree growing up through them. I helped the girls climb the tree until we were ten meters off the ground. I gave them a kiss and climbed down, "stay here."

A few times we heard shots in the distance and I moved away from the tree. If a goliath serpent was here and as large as I thought it was, there would be two. Once they reach maturity they mate for life and that means there could even be young. I waited and watched the thick forest and finally the Kane arrived.

I expected a lot more but only a dozen came out with the mage. He strode towards the chapel and left them and I lifted my rifle when no more came out. I fired and shifted to shoot another as they dove towards the ground. Only they were in the open and nothing was protecting them. I kept firing and killed four before they leaped up to flee.

I let the rifle go as I pulled the Hawk and started walking. I extended it and fired into the chest of one and then into the throat of another. One stood with his rifle pointed towards me and a shot from the trees sent him crashing to the ground. The round had gone through and hit a man behind him and he fell and screamed.

The last two were lifting their rifles and froze as they realized I was not alone. I shot one in the chest as another shot from the tree almost took the head off the last man. I turned as the mage came out of the chapel. He gestured and my muscles became hard to move, "it is over fool. The emperor's mage diamonds are mine."

I looked over his shoulder and smiled, "there is something you forgot mage."

He snorted, "I forgot nothing."

I struggled, "really? So what are you going to do about the goliath serpent behind you?"

He grinned, "nice try but I know better than turn away from my spell."

The huge serpent rose higher and its head cocked and the mage shifted. I smiled again, "goodbye mage."

He spun and the serpent struck and bit his entire head and began to wrap. The mage jerked and his body thrashed as coils wrapped around him and tightened. Even as I became able to move I heard the bones breaking. In minutes his body was only a crushed mass. I moved forward and sighed, "I am sorry serpent."

When I was close I aimed and fired and the round exploded through the serpent's head. I moved back and began to reload while it thrashed and died. I went to get my rifle and reloaded it and then looked for the girls, "you can come down."

I made sure the mage was dead and moved the body of the serpent before we went into the chapel, "stupid legends."

I saw the large hole in the back wall and realized the serpent had come through it. I heard a shifting sliding sound and gestured the girls back and dropped the muzzle of my rifle. The second serpent started through the hole and I fired down and into the top of its head. It thrashed and slammed into the wall and huge coils shattered it as they broke the wall down.

I backed away with the girls and watched and waited until it stilled. In the other room I saw a singe large chest. I slipped around and stepped over the body of the serpent. The chest was made from thin stone and I lifted the lid. Inside were hundreds of huge cut diamonds. I looked at a gold relief on one wall.

I found the chapel and another spot with the sign for a mine. I shook my head and bent to pull two diamonds out and gave each of the girls one. I was going to leave the chest but Taylor whispered and gestured and it lifted. She looked surprised and then grinned and looked at me. I led them back the way we had come and we barely made the clearing before dark.

Two full companies of combat soldiers were waiting when we got there. Not only was Kane not denying they had come here, they were declaring the whole country was theirs. They said they were the new Ori empire and demanded we accept their rule. The chest of mage diamonds left to go to the capital for our mages.

Taylor and Kyla returned to the chapel with me and a full platoon of soldiers the next day. We went from there to the place where the mine was supposed to be. While the soldiers guarded us I dug up the area and found lots of very large uncut diamonds. I gave them to the girls who seemed to have a knack for cutting them.

They have stayed with me ever since and still pretend to teach me about sex.

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