Jack's First Week
Chapter 1

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Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jack's First Week as Loki's Champion. What could possibly happen in just the first week?

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   High Fantasy   Humor   Science Fiction   DoOver   Aliens   Cheating   Slow   Caution   Violent   Royalty   Politics  

Day 1

The calls of multiple birds awoke the male to the new day that was dawning around him. Sitting up from where he lay, the male took in his surroundings.

He was on the shores of a creek that ran through a gully that was surrounded on all sides by a forest of trees that he couldn't see very far into.

"Well, this is nice," he said sarcastically to himself, turning suddenly when the trees rustled behind him. His eyes nearly bulged out of his head when Asa Akira walked out of the trees wearing a dress and started across the grass to him. "And it gets better," he noted with a smile.

"And I haven't even shown you the weapons I had made for you," Asa said causing the smile to drop from the male's face. "No longer happy to see me, are you?"

"My mood has been dampened somewhat," the male replied sourly.

"Pity,"Loki remarked. "Perhaps we can do something about that later. By the way, where are your pants?"

"My pants?" the man asked before he looked down. For the first time since he had woken up, he realised he was stark naked. And he didn't look how he remembered.

He was taller, to start with. Where before he had been about 170 cm tall, he was now somewhere between 190 and 200 cm. He had the same wiry build as he had before he died though his physique was more defined and felt stronger than he ever had. But the most distinct feature that he could see was the large tattoo that he had on his right pec. It was a large, black wolf, stalking towards his sternum.

"What's with the wolf?" the man asked as he ran a finger over the tattoo.

"It is my brand," Loki replied simply. "It signifies that you are my champion in this world."

"Right," the man said. "I assume all champions are branded in the same place but with a different symbol?"

"Correct," Loki confirmed.

"Good to know," the man noted. "Anything you want to tell me about my body?"

"I thought you'd never ask," Loki said, smiling impishly. "And before we continue, I think you should get used to your new name."

"Why do I need a new name?" the man asked. "What's wrong with my old one?"

"That name belongs to a dead man. You are a new man," Loki retorted as if speaking to a simpleton. "I hope you like Jack Wolfson."

"Jack Wolfson," the man parroted, testing out the name and how it sounded. "I suppose it could be worse.

"Indeed it could," Loki agreed. "Now, as you have already noticed, you are both taller and more defined than in your previous life. And you have noticed your champion's mark."

"Kind of hard to miss," Jack pointed out. "Don't you think?"

"As I was saying, you have noticed your champion's mark. Now, to what you haven't noticed," Loki said. "Your physiology is unique. Visually, you will be quickly identified as a half-elf and for the most part, that is accurate. But, there are a few differences."

"Such as?" Jack questioned as he reached up to feel if he had pointed ears; which he did. They were slightly longer than human ears and had the recognisable point of an elf.

"You have fangs,"Loki declared to Jack's surprise. "Don't worry, they're nothing spectacular. You won't be tearing out throats with them but they are prominent enough to be noticed.

"Right," Jack said, calming slightly.

"The next thing is less visual. Your body has been, upgraded, shall we say," Loki revealed. "All champions have forms crafted to them by their patron that are superior to the majority of species that inhabit this world. Yours is not different. You are faster, stronger and have more stamina than most. You heal faster and have better senses as well."

"Well that sounds like a good thing," Jack said rhetorically. "I don't suppose you tossed him some telekinesis as well?"

"No, you're not that lucky," Loki replied. "But you are effectively immortal. Old age won't be killing you so who knows what you'll be able to learn in your time here."

"I can work with that," Jack said happily. "Don't suppose I get some clothes out of this deal?"

"You think I would let my champion walk around naked?" Loki accused.

"Well I am still standing here naked and I'm sure someone would find me walking around naked entertaining," Jack proclaimed.

"True," Loki said. "But yes, I do have a few other things for you. Remember how I mentioned weapons?"

"I do," Jack replied. "Weapons are definitely a requirement for this job."

"Hmm," Loki hummed as she crouched down and pushed her hand into the grass and dirt. Pulling upwards, she lifted the lid off a hidden storage chest that was buried in the ground. "I'd say pick your poison but I already did."

"Looks like you got it right too," Jack noted as he looked down into the chest. Laid out carefully, were an assortment of weapons that Jack, in his previous life, liked to call his favourites. First was a sword, a Katana. "This is incredible," Jack said as he lifted the sword and drew it slightly, examining the blade.

"I'd be careful with that," Loki advised. "The blade is incredibly sharp and the sword itself is magical. I'd keep it safe as it will be your only defence against some of the dangers of this world."

"Right," Jack responded, sheathing the blade and setting it to the side. Reaching into the chest, Jack pulled out a pair of Sai. "Nice."

"I thought those were an interesting choice," Loki said. "Very useful but they will also make you recognisable."

"A small price to pay," Jack replied, setting the Sai beside the katana. "Besides, being recognised could be entertaining."

"You're learning," Loki said in a pleased tone, seeing Jacking reaching into the chest once again. "I know you'll like the next one."

"You're not wrong," Jack agreed as he examined the Tom Brown Track #1, rolling it over in his hands. "I had one of these in my past life. Though I think this one will see use beyond decoration."

"A more than likely outcome," Loki proclaimed.

"Hmm," Jack sounded, placing the knife aside and lifting out a recurve bow that was almost as large as a longbow. Standing up, Jack took a stance and gently tested the draw weight of the bow. "Wow," he exclaimed as he gently let off the tension so as not to damage the bow.

"Indeed," Loki concurred. "I am particularly proud of that bow."

"What's it made of?" Jack asked as he looked over the bow.

"Ironwood," Loki answered.

"Sounds strong," Jack commented distractedly.

"It is," Loki confirmed. "Unlike the Ironwood on Earth, Ironwood in this world is practically unbreakable. Even your sword couldn't cut through it. Which makes your bow very useful."

"What about the bowstring?" Jack asked.

"Steelwire," Loki said. "Enchanted to have the same strength as Ironwood."

"Nice," Jack said as he set the bow down, looking forward to getting a chance to using it. He had never been much of an archer but he had enjoyed the odd trip out with mates.

"The arrows in the three quivers are nothing special. I'm sure the fletcher I took them from won't notice their missing," Loki said with a mischievous smile.

"I wouldn't count on that," Jack muttered but said nothing more as he looked into the chest once again. "Always a nice knife to have," Jack observed as he lifted a Ka-Bar into the open and looked it over. "I see I have some spares."

"Though all your weapons are of the finest quality, I thought you might like having a few spares, in case of loss or you wanting to give them out," Loki said. "The chest contains a spare set of Sai, 8 more Tracker knives and 9 more Ka-Bars. I was forbidden granting you a second sword or bow due to their magical natures."

"That's fine," Jack said. "I'll just make sure not to lose them."

"Excellent idea," Loki said as she moved a short distance away and opened another buried chest. "And in this one we have clothes and the like."

"It's about time," Jack stated, setting the knife he had been holding down and moving to stand next to Loki. "What have we got?"

"The usual clothes of this period. Stout boots, socks, pants, shirts and a pair of armoured bracers for your arms." Loki responded. "Though there are one or two unique items."

"No shit," Jack blurted out. "Is that an Akubra?"

"It is and you'll find it fits perfectly. Beneath it is a Driza-Bone riding coat," Loki informed her/his champion. "You'll definitely stand out in these."

"I don't think I am going to care," Jack said, happy with the clothing options before his eye caught something. "Hey, what's that?"

"That, is called a surcoat," Loki answered. "You wear it over your clothes to give you that little bit of extra protection but under your coat."

"Ok, but what is that symbol on it?" Jack asked, confused. The symbol he was looking at consisted of a white wolf stalking to the left above a pair of crossed gold katana, all set on a shield of forest green.

"That, is your coat of arms," Loki replied. "I took the liberty of creating you one."

"I'm no knight," Jack argued. "Only knights have heraldry."

"You're my champion. My representative here," Loki countered evenly. "That gives you the right to wear it. And you will wear it, I command it."

"Whatever you say," Jack found himself saying before he had thought of a response.

"That's better," Loki said. "Now, you have two surcoats in the chest. One is a darker brown while the other is white. I'm sure you can work out which is more formal."

"Yeah," Jack deadpanned.

"Good," Loki continued. "I suggest you wear the surcoats at all time as they will offer you a good level of protection against most weapons."

"It's magic cloth?" Jack asked disbelievingly.

"Of course not," Loki said. "It's just a fabric garment that conceals a shirt of chainmail made of the same metal as your other weapons. Armour without appearing to be armour."

"Sneaky," Jack noted.

"I'd like to think so," Loki retorted before suddenly dropping and sweeping Jack's legs out from under him. As Jack crashed spread-eagled to the ground, Loki recovered to stand above Jack.

"What the hell!" Jack exclaimed as he looked up. "What was that for?"

"I got tired of talking," Loki stated as she/he reached for where her dress was secured at her waist. Releasing it, she shrugged her shoulders and let it drop to the ground, leaving her standing above her champion in all her naked glory.

"Umm," Jack uttered, unable to think of anything better.

"Shut up," Loki said as she dropped to her knees between Jack's legs and leaned forwards. "I said I was tired of talking," she reminded before grasping his hardening cock in one hand and engulfing the head of it in her mouth.

"Oh my god," Jack got out as his patron worked her mouth and tongue over his cock. He looked down to watch her and was surprised at how big his cock was. It was a definite improvement over what he had had in his past life and he was looking forward to enjoying it. He watched Asa (he couldn't think of her as Loki at that moment) suck his cock until it was rock hard before pulling off. "Goddamn that felt good."

"Wait till the next part," Asa said as she crawled up his body and positioned him at her slick, velvet opening. Jack held his breath as she slowly lowered herself onto him, groaning out his pleasure as he penetrated her deeper and deeper until their pubic bones met. Asa paused their for a moment before lifting herself up again, dragging her pussy up his shaft until only the head remained inside her. Smiling wickedly down at her champion, Asa clenched her pussy tight and lowered herself once again, feeling the intense pleasure she was receiving and knowing that the man below her was feeling the same, if not more. "Are you still alive?" She asked idly once he was fully seated inside her again.

"Fucked if I know," Jack stammered out, basking in the sensations his cock was receiving. Nothing in his previous life could compare to what he was feeling now.

"You seem pretty alive. Even if you are as still as a corpse," Asa noted with a grin. "Surely you have more experience than that," she challenged.

"I have some," Jack defended himself as he set his hands on Asa's hips and forced himself into her more, grinding their pubic bones together. A moan escaped Asa's mouth as she looked down at Jack.

"Let's find out how much," Asa said as she placed her hands on Jack's chest and started to rise and lower herself on his rigid shaft. Jack occupied himself with running his hands over her body, feeling the smoothness of the skin. He massaged her breasts and tweaked her nipples as she rode him. Time disappeared in the face of the overwhelming tide of pleasure and ecstasy that Jack was experiencing and before he even knew it, he felt himself emptying his load into her, filling her to capacity and beyond as he continued to unload.

"Oh my god," Jack gasped as he tried to get his breath back. Above him, Asa sucked in deep breathes as well before slowly and gently, lifting herself off him and laying down beside him.

"That was impressive," she described as she rested a hand on Jack's chest, over his brand. "It is always fun when you try out your own handiwork."

"I'll bet," Jack said casually. "So you try out your handiwork often?"

"No as often as I might like too," Loki admitted. "Maybe I'll change that."

"Won't that break some rules?" Jack asked. "Interference and all that?"

"Do you think they know I'm here now?" Loki retorted.

"I thought this was some sort of welcoming party that all Champions got," Jack stated.

"No," Loki said. "Champions are generally dumped on one of the worlds with a note and the equipment and possessions that they have been allowed to bring. On most worlds, that is the end of it and they are left to fend for themselves. On other worlds, from time to time, the patron may converse with their Champion," Loki explained. "Not that it matters. I come and go when and where I please."

"How much stuff do Champions get?" Jack asked.

"It varies, but everything has a cost and the scales must remain equal," Loki answered.

"So which scale was mine taken from?" Jack wondered curiously.

"It doesn't matter," Loki responded. "I don't fight for a side."

"I remember," Jack said. "I'm your wildcard."

"Indeed," Loki replied. "And it looks like my wildcard is recovering," she observed, reaching down to grasp his hardening shaft.

"Yeah, and it's my turn," Jack said as he jumped to his knees and using his newfound strength, flipped Loki over onto her hands and knees before positioning himself behind her. "I think I'm going to like it here."

"I think you arrrrrreeeee..." Loki moaned out as Jack grasped her hips and pushed himself back into her.


"So is there anything else you need to tell me?" Jack asked his patron as they bathed in the creek.

"Only one or two more things," Loki said before letting out a high-pitched whistle. Jack was about to ask why she did that when he heard the sounds of approaching animals. Soon, those sound materialised into 3 animals, a horse and two wolves, as they rounded the bend in the creek and came fully into view. "Meet your companions."

"My companions?" Jack wondered, already wading towards dry land. Behind him, he heard Loki following. The 3 animals came to a stop several meters from Jack as he paused in his stride to look at them. The horse was big, black and hairy but stood there proudly, as if judging him. The two wolves, quite large for wolves in his opinion, were more inquisitive and slowly approached closer, sniffing the air at each step.

"Come closer, he is the man I was telling you about," Loki urged, stepping forward and kneeling down. The two wolves seemed to accept this and came right up to the god, licking her hand.

"They can understand you?" Jack asked in surprise.

"Somewhat," Loki replied as she rubbed the head of the male wolf. "They aren't as intelligent as you or I, but these two, and the horse too, are much smarter than the average wolf or horse. And these are Direwolves, not normal wolves."

"Direwolves exist here?" Jack queried. "And they get how big?"

"Oh, these two are only 2 years old. They still have a few more years of growth in them," Loki replied. "And yes, Direwolves exist here, so I'd be careful."

"Great," Jack muttered under his breath. "So what are their names?"

"You tell me, they are your companions," Loki said, now patting both of the Direwolves. Jack looked over the two, thinking. The male was slightly larger than the female and had a mixed black and grey coat though he had a patch of white fur on his head. The female was lighter in colouring, being more grey and white.

"The female is Lex," Jack said as the female looked up at her name and stared at him. "The male, he can be called Spike."

"Nice names," Loki said as she watched the two wolves move over the Jack and sniff and lick his hand. Jack, in turn, patted each of them. "What about your horse?"

"Him?" Jack asked, looking at the stallion. Which surprised him, because he knew nothing about horses. And yet, looking at the horse, he could tell it was male and in good condition. And it was also slightly nervous around him as it drifted back and forth in front of him, coming close and then backing away. "I have no idea. But he sure is nervous."

"He just doesn't know you is all," Loki said as she stood up and beckoned to the horse to come closer. "Come on, you know he won't hurt you and neither will Spike and Lex."

"The way he is moving, drifting from side to side," Jack said as he watched the horse. "That's it. Your name is Drifter." The horse seemed to accept this as it finally came forward and stopped directly in front of Jack. "What breed is he? I've seen horses like him before in movies but I never knew their breed."

"He is a Friesian," Loki answered her Champion. "They were originally bred as warhorses in the Middle Ages."

"He is impressive, either way," Jack commented as he rubbed Drifter's side. "Don't suppose you have a saddle?"

"I do," Loki replied walking over and opening a third chest, one larger than the other two.

"How many chests are buried here?" Jack quipped, though he was curious about the true answer.

"Only these three," Loki responded. "And yes, they will remain here for you to use after I have gone. Now pay attention. We haven't much time."

"I'm all ears," Jack said, happy with the answer he had received.

"The chest contains everything you need to ride Drifter as well as some basic gear that you will need for travelling," Loki explained, her tone now somewhat hurried. "As you are already aware, you now have information in your mind that wasn't there before. That is to help you acclimate to this world but it isn't everything that you can learn. For example, you have some memories and skills on how to use your weapons, which coupled with your physical abilities, makes you quite formidable. But there are still multiple threats out there that can beat and/or eat you. So learn."

"I will," Jack promised, taking his patron's warning to heart. He watched Loki reach into the chest and lift out a smaller one. "Well this looks interesting. A chest within a chest."

"Don't joke," Loki commanded as she set the small chest on the grass. "In this box, are three jewelled collars," Loki said as she opened the chest to show Jack the three collars made of interwoven metal strands with a single gem embedded in the front; a ruby, an emerald and a sapphire. "These collars are magical."

"What do they do?" Jack asked.

"They bind the wearer to you. They will do as you command, not act against your wishes and prevent them from harming you," Loki answered. "But most importantly, they can never be removed. Ever."

"Right," Jack noted. "Ah, what happens if someone manages to somehow put one of them on me?"

"That won't be possible," Loki answered. "The collar must be applied to the bare skin of the neck. Your own collar will prevent that."

"My what!" Jack exclaimed, quickly reaching up to feel his own neck. Sure enough, he had a collar of interwoven metal strands wrapped around his neck with some sort of jewel at his throat. "You know, I would have preferred if you had asked me first."

"I rarely ask, I told you that," Loki replied. "My time grows short. Is there anything else that you need to ask of me before I go?"

"Only one thing," Jack said. Once he had Loki's attention, he continued. "I want a journal. Something I can write in that will allow me to record my thoughts and experiences. And I want it safe."

"Hmm," Loki hummed, looking skyward. "It has been approved. Hold out your hands." When Jack did so, a hardcover A4 journal materialised in them. "This journal is indestructible, can only be opened by you and will always have another page for you to write on so it will never get full, no matter how much you write."

"Thank you Loki," Jack said in genuine appreciation.

"You are welcome, Jack Wolfson," Loki replied. "I must go now. Remember what I said. You have no specific mission to complete. All you need to be, is entertaining."

"I think I can manage that," Jack said as Loki stepped up in front of him. "I guess I will see you when I see you."

"Something like that," Loki said before mashing her lips into Jack's. She held the kiss for a moment before breaking it, dropping to her knees and swallowing Jack's suddenly hardening cock completely. Running her tongue along it until it was as stiff as a board, she drew off it with a loud and wet pop before standing up again. "Take care," Loki said as she turned and began to walk away, pausing only to bend down and pick up her dress (bending at the waist of course, just to further tease Jack) before draping it over her arm and walking away into the trees and out of sight.

"Damn, I think I need to jump back in the creek," Jack said aloud as he stood there naked.


"Alright, I think that is everything," Jack said as he set the saddlebags onto the back of the saddle and tied them down. "That too heavy Drifter?" Jack asked his horse, who shook his head once in reply. "Good."

He had packed two spare sets of pants and shirts, along with the white surcoat, into the saddle bags on one side, along with his journal while the other side held the three collars, a bag of gold coins he had found and some cooking and fire-starting equipment. He set a bedroll over the bags and tied that down too. A water skin, hatchet, large utilitarian knife and one of the extra quivers of arrows later and Drifter was fully loaded.

"Alright, now I just need to dress and then hide the three chests again and we're good," Jack said to his companions. White shirt, black pants, boots and the brown surcoat later and Jack felt dressed. Going to what he was now calling the weapon chest, Jack pulled out a belt and put it on before sheathing the Tracker #1 at the small of his back, drawing left and the Sai at his hips. A pair of Ka-bar went into his boots before he attached the scabbard of the Katana to a quiver of arrows and then put on the harness that held both on his back where he could draw either arrows or sword over his right shoulder.

Shutting and concealing the three chests took no time at all and then Jack was ready. Putting on his Akubra and picking up his bow and Driza-Bone, Jack walked back over to Drifter and laid the coat over his bedroll before climbing up into the saddle; surprising himself with how familiar it felt.

"Let's go then," Jack announced before urging Drifter into a walk, deciding to head downstream and see where the river flowed. Spike and Lex loped up beside them and together, the quartet set off.

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