Dan and the Deputy
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Col. Jack Harrison

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Dan Thorpe just lost his wife and stepchildren to the extractions, but Corporal Ayumi Tanaka of the Sheriff's Department shows up at the right time to become his co-sponsor and primary partner. Together, they find concubines and start a new family.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   NonConsensual   Romantic   Slavery   Gay   Lesbian   Military   War   Science Fiction   Aliens   Space   Cheating   Slut Wife   Incest   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   FemaleDom   Humiliation   Light Bond   Rough   Sadistic   Spanking   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Harem   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging   Interracial   Exhibitionism   Food   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   Nudism  

Daniel Webster Thorpe had just barely gotten back home and opened the door to his house when he noticed that his home was completely empty of anyone. His wife and two stepchildren were nowhere to be seen. Dora and he had always had a rather odd marriage, a mixed bag of good and bad, but they had lately seen the passion fade a bit and both knew that very well. There was talk of marriage counseling and various attempts were made to revive their romantic spark, but so far to no avail. He was never truly happy with the monogamy side of their marital life, but he suffered in semi-silence about it, not reminding her unless she brought it up ... and to be completely truthful, he had strayed now and then.

At this point, however, Dan thought it a very cruel irony in a way that she had left so abruptly, if in fact she had. So much else was going on in the world, after all. Then again, nothing was packed, removed from its place, or otherwise disturbed, which plenty should have been had she taken the children and just deserted him suddenly. Naturally, this raised very real questions for Dan, who continued to inspect the place, finding a note on the fridge which said that she had gone to the local Target to shop, another example of their different attitudes, as he was sometimes a bit tighter with money than his wife.

Just then, a knock at the door began, getting louder as Dan made his way to the peep hole. There was a rather short County deputy, Corporal Ayumi Tanaka, whose sex was still a bit unclear to him at first. He answered the door, more than a little worried as to what the peace officer might have to say. It was then that he noticed the corporal had breasts ... not very large, but more obvious as the deputy drew closer. Corporal Tanaka was very female, and like many women of Japanese ancestry, very petite.

"How may I help you, Corporal?" Dan asked her, a bit puzzled as to what the County wanted with him.

"Are you Daniel Webster Thorpe?" she asked him, still a little unsure, having never met him.

"I am. I gather that you're looking for me," he noted guardedly.

"Yes, I am here to inform you that your wife, Dora Alyssa Thorpe, and your stepchildren were extracted by the Confederacy this afternoon during a pickup. Accordingly, her debts are paid off and your marriage is formally dissolved. Mrs. Thorpe is now a concubine of a former British national, Cecil Mansfield. She will leave you a message when it is practical to do so," Tanaka declared.

"I ... see. This is kind of a surprise, because for a while, she expressed opposition to the idea of being a concubine or even a sponsor. I guess that she changed her mind when she had the chance to save her children. I don't blame her for that. I just hope that she adjusts well to her new life. It's just seemingly out of nowhere, though it does explain why she didn't pack, but didn't return. I was truly confused about all of this. She left a note indicating that she planned to shop and return, but she didn't ... so I really was puzzled right before you knocked, Corporal," Dan confessed.

"This is more common than you might think, Mr. Thorpe. A lot of people rethink or reconsider their stance on concubinage and sponsorship when they're facing the acid test of making their life choices, not only for themselves, but also for children. Trust me when I tell you, it's for the best for both of you. Whatever the state of your marriage, this has enabled each of you to determine this life or death matter without having to consult a spouse.

"Very often, too much sentimental attachment to a spouse can cloud one's judgment about being a concubine, sponsor, etc. It can also lead to someone ending up with sponsors that might be a good fit for their spouses, but are a very harmful choice for themselves. This is not a decision to make with a spouse, as part of an 'us.' It should be made for you as an individual. Besides, we need your genes and it is apparent that you weren't doing anything with them in your marriage, at least not yet," Tanaka explained.

"Oh, you might be surprised at how much I agree with you, Corporal. Unlike my ex-wife, for instance, I have never opposed the extractions. In fact, I was tested some time ago, freely, without any need to pressure or urge me. I stayed with her until she left, but we were definitely drifting apart. I made a rash promise to be faithful to her during our marriage, something that I sometimes managed to keep, if not totally. I cared about her and her children, but I wasn't happily married, if you get the difference. I certainly wasn't in love with her anymore, I realize that now," Dan informed her.

Tanaka nodded and smiled at Dan, asking him, "May I come in, before we air-condition the outside and jack up your power bill?"

"By all means, Corporal. It sounds as if you have something more to say, so why not spill it?" Dan agreed, letting her in, "would you like a beer? I have some Timberwolf here," he referred to an upstart craft brew that had gained traction in the past couple of years.

"Well, this was my last stop before going off-duty, so why not? Thank you, I could use the drink, and I imagine so could you," Tanaka accepted the offer, opening the bottle to take a few good swallows.

Dan took a swig or two himself before he asked Tanaka, "Do you normally spend so much time with the remaining spouse when the husband or wife gets picked up?"

"Not really. To be honest, I like you more than I do most of them. Maybe it's because most of them are embittered, self-pitying fools who can't man up and accept that they have some responsibility for what took place. That includes more than a few of the wives, I might add. They're the sort easily drawn to that Earth First foolishness, if you ask me," Tanaka admitted.

"So what's different about me, then?" Dan expressed his curiosity.

"You seem to be ready to move on with your life better, more or less like you've already been headed in that direction, and you seem to grasp why this whole thing is necessary. So many are busy beating their heads against the wall about this business of the extractions, but ... you get it.

"Besides, you easily drew me into conversation beyond what was necessary and explained yourself, articulated yourself even, better than most would in your shoes. You're clearly a rational, level-headed guy, if nothing else, and yet I can sense that you do have passions, just not ones that maybe your ex-wife shared. I know that it's a little early for any kind of relationship or anything, but then a lot of snap decisions are being done these days, often with life-altering consequences.

"So, here it goes ... would you be opposed to taking off my clothes and taking my husband off my mind? You see ... I'm married, but I'm not happy about the way that my husband has behaved about things, especially once the Swarm deal began. He's one of those fools that refuse to do what is needed. He and I ... well, he's a traditional Japanese man in so many ways and he was handpicked for me by my family, but we just don't see eye to eye on any of this.

"Quite frankly, if my husband doesn't shape up, I'll be leaving his ass behind for sure. As it is, a large part of me thinks that it would be best if we parted company for the reasons that I mentioned, anyway. I'm more than game for some adultery, if that's fine with you," Tanaka shocked Dan more than a little.

"So, your marriage is as dead was mine was. I see. Tell me, have you ever had sexual congress with any man other than your husband?" Dan inquired, truly curious now.

"No. Absolutely, unequivocally, and completely no. Though I've been looking to do so lately, I'm no round-heeled slut, or rather, I haven't been one until now," Tanaka confirmed, "how about it? Want to be the first man to put horns on my childish husband's head?"

"In that case, take off your pants first. Then bend over that sofa. I'm going to fuck you from behind, treat you a bit like the naughty slut that you've just become. Besides, I've wanted to screw a cop for a while now, and here's my chance," Dan instructed Tanaka, who surprised him by obeying without hesitation.

"Now, I'm going to fuck you very hard, so brace yourself. Damn, you're already wet! Wow ... you need this, don't you? You need a good, hard fuck! This pussy has gone untapped for far too long, hasn't it?" Dan exclaimed as he first eased into Tanaka's pussy, but then started pumping much harder with the next few strokes.

There was no question that this would be a bareback lay, too ... in fact, there was no question that this action would be entirely on Dan's terms. He was very much in control now, despite Tanaka doing the initial seduction. He gripped her shoulders, as her hair had been cut too short for him to pull it during the act, but in any case, the deputy was in her own version of Paradise, so to speak.

When Corporal Tanaka cursed and swore in both English and Japanese, it was clearer than ever than she liked the rough handling. It was also apparent that she was cumming, as was reinforced by her juices soaking his dick. Between this, the sheer intensity of the act, the recent dry spell, and the sight of her smooth buns, Dan couldn't hold off ... he came in what seemed half a dozen successive ropes of his jizz inside her sweet snatch. It being his first post-divorce sex, his first with any woman, including both Dora and his last extramarital lover, in over a month, in fact, he was lucky that he didn't cum much earlier from the awareness that he still had it. Added to this was the realization that he had just helped a woman cheat on her husband for the first time in their marriage.

When Dan pulled out of Corporal Tanaka, the deputy knelt and instantly started sucking his dick, much to his shock. His cock didn't have a chance to get soft yet, which was just what Ayumi had in mind. She now remembered why she was so especially horny right at that moment ... she was fertile.

Dan found himself back inside Tanaka a second time for a surprisingly fast encore that left him increasingly sore, but more than eager to take her harder than before. He still didn't know her secret, but the reality that he was pounding another man's wife and the additional delight of finally tapping some Japanese booty were aggravating factors, even if the fact that he had already cum helped combat that urge to cum until he had fucked her to at least another orgasm or two ... it was either a single, major one, or two minor ones back to back. He spilled almost immediately after that, of course, helped along by the boost to his ego.

Dan now rose rather unsteadily to his feet and helped Ayumi back to her standing position. He then picked up the small, but limber cop and carried her to the loveseat, where they started drinking more Timberwolf beer. She kept pawing at him, too, becoming surprisingly affectionate for a cop with a relative stranger, at least until one considered what had just taken place. After the third or fourth tongue kiss from the previously cool, collected, and cerebral policewoman, who had been discussing the pickups with such aplomb before, Dan just had to know what was up.

"Corporal Tanaka, I'm very flattered and pleased at your attention to me ... your affection or at least raw, animal desire, as it were, but I can't help but wonder why you're so hot and bothered when before you were so cool and level-headed in dealing with me. Was it the beer?" Dan asked at least, right before Tanaka planted her ass on his lap.

"Honey, it's just my natural instincts coming out to play with you, plus ... well, let's just say that I'm eager to make the right impression, if you know what I mean. Please do me a favor and call me Ayumi. I'm probably knocked up with your spawn, sir. It's my fertile phase, you know. No need to be so formal with the mother of at least one of your children," Ayumi encouraged him.

"You're fertile! Damn! I had no idea, but it explains your horniness. What precisely are you hoping for from our ... situation, if I might ask? I'm fresh off a marriage, as you know. Damaged goods or just a bit jaded, I'm not sure. I like you, but getting close might take a while and yet you might have my baby," Dan probed, curious as to Ayumi's thoughts and feelings about this situation ... after all, she hadn't shown up planning to fuck him.

"Might? No, there is no might to it, babe. I am going to go out of my way to breed with you ... Sir. As for relationships, how about we trade cards?" Ayumi offered him a view of her CAP card.

It read 6.6, a qualifying score for a sponsor herself. It occurred instantly to Dan, then, that Ayumi had pegged him almost immediately as a sponsor, and she was right to do so. His own score left her eyes wide open and her jaws dropping at the numbers that she saw on his card.

"7.8! That's almost enough for six concubines! Then again, with me as your lover, you can bed another lucky lady. I'll take a guy as well to help you out, but it won't be hubby with his present attitude. He's just bitter over his 5.9 score. So, do I get to be your co-sponsor?" Ayumi propositioned him rather eagerly.

"Damn straight you do! The Confederacy could use a former deputy sheriff for a lot of things, I imagine," Dan chuckled as he kissed Ayumi now on his own, adding, "So, Ayumi, what do you think of helping me recruit others?"

"Sounds like work, but very fun work, so why not?" Ayumi smiled, "whatever you need from your top slut."

"Interesting thing for a co-sponsor to call herself," Dan teased her.

"Yes, but I'm submissive to you, just not to other men or women. They can do as they're told by you and me. You're going to be mine and I'm going to be yours, so this is one rebound girlfriend that you're stuck with, Sir," Ayumi winked at him as she fondled his ass.

"In that case, I think that we have some business to handle, but first we need to make damn sure that you get knocked up properly. That's going to require at least a few more turns in bed, don't you think? We have tomorrow to seek out our concubines. Think that hubby will get the message when you don't come home at all tonight?" Dan asked her.

"That I don't want anything more to do with him? That I've finally had enough and I'm not going to stay with him? How about if I don't come home at all? I think that will make it clear to him. Not that I plan to file for divorce. Such a waste of time when the pickup will dissolve our marriage cheaply and fairly enough for all," Ayumi grinned, "Oh, I might grab my things here or there, but I'm not even sure of that. I can't take those things with me, can I? Not to the Confederacy, that is. I'll have everything that I need from them."

"Very true, but if you find that you want something for the interim, we'll go together, if possible. I'd rather you didn't get too separated from me, in case you get picked up," Dan smiled, adding, "I think that we need to eat something in the meantime, get some calories to burn tonight. Delivery?"

"Banzai Bob's? They have great combos, such as sushi baskets. That's literally sushi mixed in with French fries or onion rings, with any number of possible sauces, such as wasabi, Tabasco, vinegar, mayo, or even picante. It's fusion fast food at its best. I know the owner, too. He's my uncle," Ayumi coolly informed Dan.

"You're Banzai Bob's niece? Wow, I had no idea! I did the last few ad campaigns for him. Trust me, I know all about that place. They don't deliver, however. So if we go with them, we'll have to go out and be open to possibly selecting concubines a night early," Dan observed.

"Sure, as long as when we come home, you pin my wrists to the floor of your living room and fuck me until I get serious carpet burns on my back or belly," Ayumi made it clear that she wasn't done with him by any stretch of the imagination.

"Wow, you really do like it rough and enjoy some pain, don't you?" Dan exclaimed as they got dressed, still smelling of sex, with her juices on his dick and his cum in her pussy.

"Oh, just you wait. Just you wait," Ayumi warned him as they left his house for Banzai Bob's, thankfully not far away from there at all.

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