The Girls of Saint Dominick's
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Voyeurism, Analingus, Teacher/Student, Clergy, School,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A private girl's school for the upper class young ladies that has many secrets behind closed doors.

This was the first day of the new term at Saint Dominick's Academy for Young Ladies. There was a whole new treasure trove of lithe limbed lovelies climbing the staircases and frolicking like forest sprites in the tiled showers.

Sister Agnes stood next to Professor Brown watching the procession of pretty teenagers passing their central office on the first floor looking at the new talent just descended upon them. All of the girls except for a scattered few were already wearing the official school uniform which consisted of a plain but functional bra that held their freshly budded breasts in firm control, a white blouse of a sheer fabric which Sister Agnes deplored as too revealing, and the pleated skirt of standard linen that resisted wrinkles and was short enough to make Professor Brown sit up and take notice. There had been no set policy on the young girl's style of knickers which made most of the girls sigh in relief.

The total attendance at Saint Dominick's was now at sixty nine young ladies. The incoming class numbered a scant eighteen and supposed truthful responses on the entrance interviews indicated that slightly more than half of them were still virgins. The graduating class of twenty girls was reputed to not have a single virgin left in the bunch but that was to some degree speculation and not scientific fact.

Sister Agnes planned to do a surprise knicker inspection after dinner to visually certify which undies were appropriate and which were not. She was somewhat liberal in her criteria allowing almost any type of undergarments except for those that were clearly meant for strippers or girls with rather loose morals. She confiscated those and it was undetermined what use she put them to because it was a quite large collection of exotic underwear. The garments would certainly tempt and push males into an aroused state requiring immediate physical relief from the female wearing them in close proximity. Professor Brown wondered what secrets the still attractive nun was hiding under those long flowing robes that reached all the way to the tops of her black leather shoes.

Two of the new girls had been assigned to a room close to the principal's office because their records showed incidents of being caught giving boys at their last school oral gratification right on the school grounds. The older one was called Tammy and she was a big girl for her age with long healthy legs and buttocks that inspired boys to ogle relentlessly. The other girl called Susan was shy and extremely submissive in her attitude. Sister Agnes suspected her external obedience was just a cover for her filthy internal thoughts of depraved carnal relations with boys or even grown men willing to chance being considered immoral for pursuing immature young girls. Both Tammy and Susan were just recently eighteen and they didn't have the stigma of being underage any longer.

In a way, they were happy to be room-mates because they both liked discussing matters of an erotic nature about what boys liked and their experiences with enticing males into compromising positions. Each girl had the urge to do something more daring than the other and it did not spell well for the reputation of Saint Dominick's to leave either of them unsupervised for a single moment.

Sister Agnes had already confiscated most of Tammy's knickers and a few of Susan's as well. The two girls were indignant but were mollified that the nun had stretched a point with several of their more erotic items and allowed them to retain them despite her gut feeling in the opposite direction. She proudly displayed her haul from the inspection of the girl's closets to Professor Brown and his arousal was evident from the tented trousers even when he was sitting down.

The pretty nun pretended she wasn't aware of his excitement and continued to hold up the items of most stimulation just to push him into a point of no return. It was the red thong and garters that pushed him over the edge and he was forced to try to subdue his runaway cock.

"Professor, whatever are you doing? I am an ordained nun and that sort of foolishness is not suitable for my pious eyes."

Professor Brown was certain there was a gleam in the pretty nun's eyes that belied her words because she reached out to touch his tent at the apex just to make certain the peak was exactly what she thought it was. He placed his hand on top of hers and encouraged her to wrap her pretty fingers around his demanding shaft laying claim to the item inside.

Agnes was wearing a particularly naughty outfit in black and white that made her white silk knickers stand out demanding attention and boldly stated in printed words on the cheeks

"Spank Here".

The Professor being a person who was conducive to following orders, immediately began to batter the nun's pretty bottom revealed when her robe was tucked into her waistband and she bent forward in compliance showing the resolute teacher her determination to take what he was inclined to dish out.

The indignities were heaped on the poor attractive nun but she smiled bravely and kept a stiff upper lip. The Professor had used her obscenely on prior occasions but he never failed to give her a happy ending in a way that satisfied her every pore of physical need. She knew it was to her benefit that he kept her on a short leash because it meant she would be less likely to make a fool of herself with the students under her charge. It would be easy to do that because she was the supreme authority in such matters related to their spiritual and physical well-being and her word was unquestioned by any other department.

After lights-out that evening, the new girls quieted down to barely audible whispers but in

Tammy and Susan's room the two girls were huddled under a single blanket in Tammy's bed in the far corner discussing the loss of their favorite undies.

Both girls were wearing the tops of their night-shirts that barely reached their crotch and were bottomless because the bottoms of their favorite night-wear were declared,

"Not suitable!"

Sister Agnes objected to the fact that the bottoms were open in the crotch and she put them in the bottom drawer of her private chest for special occasions. Now the girls were face to face and pussy mound to pussy mound under the blanket and it was starting to get a lot hotter under the blanket than either of them had expected.

It started with an innocent massage that Susan gave to Tammy just to thank her for helping her to hide some of her special things from Sister Agnes's surprise inspection. The other girls quick thinking had salvaged some really special items that would be expensive to replicate at the current shop prices.

Susan had allowed her inquisitive palms to drop down below Tammy's waist and suddenly found her fingers venturing into places that only a spouse or a close lover would visit for an expedition into pleasure.

Tammy sighed with that certain sound that always made Susan's slit leak with anticipation about the possibility of heavy action ahead. She inserted her middle two fingers into Tammy's slot from behind finding that her bed partner was quite wet and ready for immediate insertion. If she had been a boy, her cock would already be halfway up the girl's tight vagina questing for the magic trigger point of Tammy's happy release. In any eventuality, her enthusiastic fingers encouraged Tammy to stick her bottom up higher and she started to whine with that familiar litany of lust that she fell into whenever she was accelerating into orgasm.

Susan vigorously applied every nasty trick she knew to get Tammy over the edge and eventually she succeeded in driving Tammy to a muffled screech of completion that made them both grow silent waiting for some reaction from the hallway outside. Since there was no commotion, Tammy just whispered into Susan's ear and pushed her hand up higher to give some much needed attention to her tight brown eye that was opening and closing rapidly in unison with the girl's happy release.

Tammy proved to be quite the anal female beast and her mouth spewed filthy words of encouragement for Susan to make her take all that she had on offer.

Susan was all too happy to comply because she already knew from past experience that this Tammy would certainly repay her in like kind before the clock struck midnight. The thought of her reward for her efforts drove her to make added effort in pushing Tammy into an anal orgasm that rivaled the prior release she had just achieved at the other end.

Before Tammy got started in repaying Susan for her devotion to duty, she concentrated on kissing the shy girl in all those sensitive spots that were normally considered private and hidden to others. Susan was reluctant at first because she was not a very experienced girl when it came to ordinary kissing with some licking thrown in for good measure. That was the sort of thing that Tammy did not understand at all because it was an integral part of the process for her in the "hooking up" part of a relationship. Eventually, Tammy arrived at Susan's pretty brown eye and when she inserted her wet and wild tongue inside, Susan the shy one, exploded into a little ball of sensual fire and she squirted her goodie package right into Tammy's unsuspecting face.

They both laughed and Susan was more than cute in explaining her unexpected shower of lust. Tammy twisted around into a more familiar "69" position and rode Susan's face like she was a long lost lover just returned from a long journey.

It was difficult for Susan to breath with Tammy's slot pressing so hard on her nose and mouth but she opened her mouth and started to lick her new friend's interior with her frantic tongue hopping that Tammy would shift a bit and allow her to breathe properly.

At the other end, Tammy lifted Susan's hips slightly and found her pucker tucked away inside her deliciously curved buns. She attacked the opening with frenzied abandon convincing the shy Susan that her room-mate had lost all sense and logic. Since she was held immobile underneath the girl on top, Susan just focused on digging deeper into Tammy's pretty vaginal folds and tasted the sweet juices of her ever-present lust.

The two girls were so enthusiastic that the cover fell to the floor without either of them noticing and the reflection of Tammy's bobbing head and fiercely diving flanks made it seem surrealistic and a scene from a work of fiction rather than the reality of two girls sweating to pleasure the other.

They fell apart after sustaining not just a single orgasm but a full series of orgasms that brought them closer than ever before.

The two girls sensibly separated and fell asleep in their own beds just in case the monitors should happen to arrive so early in the morning that they would be caught in a single bed and dismissed in disgrace before they even had a chance to get started properly.

Tammy gave Susan her favorite pink panties with the little white silk bows to wear in school that day and Susan, not to be outdone, uncovered her special white lace over sheer silk panty that was constructed in such a way that some of the lace bows rubbed her clitoris just the right way to keep her constantly in a state of agitation and on the verge of going into a mystical floating sense of release that she knew could only result in wet pants and a guilty look in her eyes that would be difficult to hide from Sister Agnes.

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