The Circle
Chapter 1: Why Limit Yourself to Just One Girlfriend?

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Polygamy/Polyamory,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Why Limit Yourself to Just One Girlfriend? - Three young men romance three ice princesses in an innovative way based on advice from sexy and horny 'Aunt Alice.' They win them over and succeed in establishing The Circle – a polyamorous group based on love and caring, and various events occur, many sexual. The Circle grows to over thirty people over time. Story is rich in characters, their adventures, and a plot that transcends years. Parts with much sex.

"Who is your dream girl? What do you have to do to get her as a girlfriend?"

Jim pondered that kind thought. As a recently minted college bachelor and master's degree holder he'd had plenty of female friends who were approaching true womanhood: everything from a couple of one night stands, to women who told him they thought of him as their brother, and on to slightly longer – a month? – relationships that included some affection and sex, but not much else.

Jim waved his hand in the air and said, "Jenny Lee, Sasha Grey, Molly Bennett, Lexi Belle, and Dani Daniels all have my attention, although the feelings between us are somewhat unilateral."

Bob laughed, "They're all porn stars and don't know you even exist, and if they did they'd think you were a perv and tell you to fuck off. Don't you have anyone closer to home that you think about having a serious relationship with?"

Jim gave him a look that signaled 'No.'

Bob said, "You want to be happy, right?"

Jim nodded.

"You have a good family, but only a limited constellation of friends that you cultivate."

"I cultivate you and Matt," Jim countered. Bob and Matt had been his best friends since the fourth grade. Living only a mile away and going to the same college had helped cement their geekish friendship. None of them could be considered a stud or a ladies man.

Bob countered, "I read this great story by Thornton Wilder called Theopolis North. In the story he cultivates a 'constellation of friends' around him. Think of it this way, there are two sets of friends in a full constellation – male and female sides, and within each of those sides you have at least three close friends your age, three younger preferably by a decade or more, and three older – again hopefully by a decade or more. Your parents and siblings don't count unless there's some highly unusual situation."

Jim used a stick he'd picked up to sketch what he was talking about on the ground beside the picnic table we sat at on the town commons; "So, it'd look like this – nine males and nine females with me in the middle?" He drew several connected 'H' diagrams. For each person, he put a little node on his stick drawing.

"Right. Can you fill in the names?"

He went to the male-near-my-own-age side of the chart and pointed at a node. "This one would be you." Jim moved to the next node, "This would be Matt." He stopped.

"Who else?"

Jim shook his head. "I can't do it. When you say 'close friends' I think of having revealing and open discussions with these friends. You and Matt are the only people I do that with. Once in a while with my sister Tracy."

Bob smiled, "Then you have your summer project lined up. Fill in most of the grid by the end of the summer."

Jim reflected on the discussion, "And I'm doing this because it'll make me happy?"

Bob cheered a little too loudly; several others walking nearby turned and looked. "Right!"

He paused and went on, "I majored in psychology because I like the idea of working with and helping people. Maybe my new job will help me do that. Whenever we studied happiness, coming at it from any angle, the number one criterion was strong and vital relationships among friends and family."

Jim countered, "I do have a strong family. I even like my manipulative and self-focused kid sister."

Bob said, "But you need bench depth. You need to talk to all the people in your constellation for broader perspectives on life. No one can have it all; each person has areas they're especially good at – for instance, my mother's friend Jane is the best networker and communicator in the world. If I want to know how to do something in that area I'd go to her. No one else in my constellation even comes close to what she does."

"I can use the Internet," Jim protested.

"Not the same," Bob countered. "You want first hand, local expertise. You want to be able to dialogue face-to-face with the person about what you're trying to do, get their ideas and perspectives, test your own for completeness and validity. Having a generation older means you can tap into their wisdom. Having a generation younger in your constellation means you get the fresh ideas and perspectives of the kids coming up behind you. Having others in your own generation gives you other contemporary perspectives. And having males and females gives you the Mars and Venus perspectives we all need for balance."

"I'll think about your crazy constellation and fill it in," Jim said. He liked the intellectual stimulation his friend often brought into their conversations. Bob also liked lists and frameworks, so the constellation was no surprise on that count. This also appealed to Jim's analytical side.

"No immediate family," he reminded me.

Bob asked, "So, back to my original question: who's your dream girl? Who'd you want as your girlfriend?"

Jim smiled. "Sheila Parkinson ... right here on this picnic table begging me to do her, and I'd also like her in my constellation."

Bob gawked at me, "The Ice Princess?"

"I'm sure she warms up once you get to know her." Jim waggled his eyebrows to indicate his lecherous feelings towards her.

Sheila Parkinson had been the prettiest girl in the high school graduating class, and probably the entire school system for the past decade. She was truly model material, but had no leanings in that direction. She'd also gone to the local college as a business major, even getting an MBA. Jim saw her occasionally on campus, plus when everyone was home for the holidays, but any contact they had was brief and superficial befitting of remote classmates.

Bob said, "She'd be a tough choice, maybe even unrealistic. She's such a cynic about everything."

"Well, she's my dream girl – at least for tonight."

"Have you ever asked her out?"

Jim pshawed, "No, but I might work up to it now that I'm working instead of studying all the time plus have a job." He patted the table; "Maybe she'd like to have a picnic with me, right here."

Three evenings later, Bob and Jim were again hanging out at the picnic table on one side of the town commons. The air was heavy with the residual heat from the summer afternoon, but the bugs weren't too bad.

Bob reported with some enthusiasm, "I have been working on the ten secrets to success and happiness. They may be useful in luring Sheila into your net."

Jim rolled his eyes at the stars, "Lay it on me, Mr. Psychology Major."

"I'm not done yet. I'm wordsmithing. I've been reading all sorts of lists by famous people, plus books about happiness and success – everything from Napoleon Hill to Tony Robbins to Ghandi, the Dali Lama, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Warren Buffet. They all say the same things, only sometimes they use different vocabulary."

"The first area we talked about a couple of nights ago – having a constellation of great relationships of friends and family. I still love the constellation concept, but I wanted a higher goal, so I'm toying with 'Love and care for a circle of family and friends.' I like the word 'circle' because it implies enclosure and completeness. I think it hints at a constellation being full or nearly so."

Jim asked, "So you only succeed if your constellation is full on both sides – male and female, and everyone, you included, is feeling loved and cared for?"

"I'd be overjoyed," Bob said, " but I suppose I'd be adequately satisfied when half my constellation is full, or maybe that there are nine people whom I love and care for in some significant way. Plus, these aren't goals, they're guidelines for success, happiness, and joy in life. Sex too, I suppose."

Jim laughed, "So, I will love and care for Sheila Parkinson, and that will win her over. Meanwhile, you have your constellation that you're loving and caring for. That's a lot of sex for one guy, but I still won't sleep with you."

After punching me in the arm, he said, "It's not about sex, plus you know I don't swing your way. It's about something deeper and more caring."

"OK, what other goals or guidelines are you setting."

"This may be sort of peculiar, but there's a goal to have goals."

Jim protested, "How many? How significant do they have to be?"

Bob whipped out a small tattered index card from his pocket. "I'm glad you asked me that question. I think you need goals about relationships – we just did that, your career, how to recreate or play, something about being fit and healthy, and maybe one or two other areas. Sex might be another."

I posed, "So, my goal of seducing the lovely Sheila Parkinson might be a worthy goal in your opinion because it can apply a little to each of those? I will have to work at the seduction, when I'm doing her on the table I'll be exercising and getting fit, and I'll be forming a relationship with her. The experience will be so significant, I can write a novel – and that will be my career as an author."

"Worthy, but set a timeframe. Understand each goal and the nuances of reaching it. Does the goal inspire your action? What will happen when you succeed? Are there critical things along the path to reaching it? Your goals have to be actionable and achievable, albeit with a helluvah lot of work."

"Sheila is an ice princess. That'll be a lot of work."

Bob paused and said, "Thus, the third key to success, life, or happiness – or all three – is to believe in yourself. Don't carry around negative, 'I can't do it' thoughts. You need an attitude of success. Matt always says, 'fake it 'til you make it.' Act 'as if' you'll achieve your goals, be a success, and always be happy."

Jim stood up next to the table and thumped his chest with both fists, "I will be making love to Sheila Parkinson before year's end. I have the will, the perseverance, and I will be honing my seduction skills to make that lofty goal happen for sure. The ice princess will crumble and melt at my feet."

Bob laughed and said, "And how will I have irrefutable verification of this act of passion between the two of you? You certainly don't expect me to simply accept your word that said fucking happened."

"Ah," Jim said, stalling for time and waiting for an idea. "You'll be next to me fucking Monica Young, or some other girl of your choice."

Bob burst out laughing. "Monica's as much of an ice princess as Sheila."

"I throw down the challenge; 'tis a gauntlet we must run for the next six months in our quest for love, glory, and sexual satisfaction." Jim raised his hand as though he carried the Excalibur on high.

Matt Saddler came up to the table about then. "What challenge are you talking about? What gauntlet?" He sat down.

Bob explained about goal setting, and Jim's quest for Sheila Parkinson's pussy. He further explained that he quested after Monica Young's hot box, and had laid down a challenge to him to see which of them could warm up the ice princesses to such an amorous state that they gave up their virtue.

Matt laughed, "Well, I'd like Zoey Frye, but I think she's still got prehistoric ice covering her virtue, and not a chance to break through. She'll die a spinster based on what I know. Despite that, I still think she's cute."

Bob said, "Ah, but you must believe in yourself and in your capabilities to overcome any challenge or adversity that stands in your way of accomplishing your goals." He stood and thumped his chest, "THAT is one of the key factors of success, happiness, and satisfaction with life. This is the age of accomplishment!"

Matt thought about that for a little. "I'm in. It'll be a worthwhile challenge, and besides I've got nothing else to focus on for the next forty years except my new job."

Bob said, "I'm not sure how we'll verify that said consummation occurred. We'll have to think about that. The old trust but verify axiom."

Jim emphasized, "No, no. We'll all be there together fucking the girls. Hey, maybe we could even swap around a little."

Thus, that evening, the three of them decided on a path of romance and seduction of their gorgeous but icy targets.

Jim said, "I am anything but an expert on thawing out ice princesses. Do you have any ideas on how to proceed? Do we just ask them out?"

Bob thought, "I think there's more we should know."

Matt said, "You need to meet my Aunt Alice. She's not really my aunt, but I've called her that the last fifteen years of my life. She's only ten years older; she's hot; and she gives good advice. She also doesn't tell my parents squat about what we talk about."

Jim perked up, "How hot, is she?"

Matt smiled, "Very. I suspect she's what my mother calls a loose woman. We should go see her and ask her about ice princesses and a plan of attack."

Sheila Parkinson, Zoey Frye, and Monica Young sat in a rough triangle on loungers beside Sheila's swimming pool. They each wore what might be called 'nice' bikinis or more appropriately two-piece suits. While their bodies were obviously spectacular, the suits revealed little, and any photo of them from any angle would be rated 'G' – suitable for general audiences of all ages.

Zoey spoke, "I had an epiphany last night."

"Did it feel good and make you warm all over," Sheila teased, obviously hinting about a self-induced orgasm.

Zoey blushed, "I gave myself one of those too, but afterwards I was thinking about my reputation in high school and college."

Monica teased, "You mean 'goody goody.'"

"Yeah, I was – I am, and I realized it's seriously impacting my social life in a negative way."

"How's that?"

"I've rationalized that I was a student that always needed to study in school and college. Consequently, I spent most Fridays and Saturdays doing just that. My grades were great, and my social life sucked. The girls that ... gave it up seemed to be out two or three nights every week, and they were having a ball. They were happy. They might not have gotten straight A's, but they had a social life par excellence. They lived balanced lives; I didn't – I don't."

Sheila said, "What's wrong with good grades?"

Monica nodded in support.

Zoey said, "Nothing in and of itself, but for me it was a rationalization. I heard from one of my friends that more than one guy had labeled me an 'ice princess:' not only don't I put out, but I'm about as frigid as the North Pole. Those comments hurt me. Besides, we've graduated and questing after good grades can no longer be our rationalization for not going out."

Monica protested, "But you've been my role model."

"And when did you go out last?" Zoey countered.

"A department Christmas party about six months ago," she said in a downcast tone. "It was terrible. All these old farts lusting after young co-eds, like me. I only made a brief appearance."

"And would you have liked to go out more?"

"Yes, I guess."

"I guess. I guess. I guess," Zoey teased. "We're all ice princesses. We send out messages that say 'stay away, ' 'we're not social, ' 'don't even try, ' and lots of other things. What did you do over the spring semester when a guy asked you out?"

Monica said, "I turned him down."


Monica blushed, "I figured he wanted to ... you know, have sex."

"So? Why didn't you?"

"I ... I ... was scared a little. I've only had a couple of encounters, and they weren't very good."

Sheila nodded, "Me too. There was never any chemistry or excitement in the men I dated, so I gave up the sport, plus I got badly burnt one time."

Zoey rolled her eyes, "Let me read you a passage from a book I'm reading. She reached beside her and picked up a book. The title caught Sheila's eye – '21st Century Romance for the Modern Woman.'

She read aloud,

'The woman maturing into her twenties today is often a product of parents and grandparents raised in a less permissive and less understanding era concerning sex and relationships, and the true nature of females. She must cast off these outmoded ways of living, and adopt a new, more contemporary code of conduct for both sex and romance. Already enlightened women are having more satisfying sex than ever before, and coupling it with both romance and recreation.'

"What's that mean?" Sheila asked sarcastically. "Are we supposed to pick up strangers in bars and fuck their lights out?"

Zoey looked incensed, "No, but we have to loosen up. We could always invoke the three date rule or even make it longer, but we always hold out the promise of more to come."

Sheila said, "I got called a prick tease for doing that. After that I got in what I thought was a serious relationship that wasn't. It was after that when I adopted my chastity vows." She folded one arm across her breasts, and covered her pussy area with the other hand in comic gestures.

Zoey said, "Let me read you one more paragraph." She frantically flipped pages in the heavily dog-eared book, stopped, and spoke.

Over eighty percent of the happiest women in our survey rated their sexual experiences as far exceeds expectations. One woman, age 27, summed it up, ' When I have an orgasm with a date, it sends me into orbit. I mean I've never felt such intense pleasure. I never want it to stop. I've become insatiable, and my dates love it, and they love me.' Like many others, this woman has adopted a more open and accepting attitude about sex, and derived extraordinary joy and orgasmic satisfaction from the experience.

Zoey looked at Sheila and Monica. "Does that sound like sex is a bad thing? I think in an effort to protect our virtue and reputations, we've lost sight of the goal."

Sheila said in a serious tone, "Just what is the goal?"

"Sex. Romance. Love. A social life second to none. A circle of men and women friends who adore us and whom we adore. It's all the stuff we don't have now, in other words."

Monica nodded. "So what do we do? Online dating? Put up signs down at the post office?"

Zoey said, "I'm not sure, but let's agree to do something together."

Alice Ames answered the door in about as sexy an outfit as one could imagine, but still get credit for wearing clothes: cut offs that showed a lot of gorgeous ass cheek when she turned, and a thin short-sleeve shirt with the tails tied together under her generous breasts.

Bob, Matt, and Jim stared at the cleavage, and would have drooled except Alice spoke. "Come on in guys. Matt said you need some advice for the lovelorn." She temporarily ignored their lusty looks, but inside was pleased that they'd responded so well.

Alice was indeed a hot woman. She had long auburn hair, obviously a body to die for, and a voice that dripped with sexuality.

The three shuffled into Alice's apartment living room. The place was neat, the lighting subdued, and some dreamy jazz music was playing. Matt made introductions of his friends.

Instead of just shaking hands or nodding at the introductions, Alice moved to Jim and Bob, and hugged them tightly to her, even pushing her pelvis into their bodies. She then repeated the action with Matt to properly welcome him, as she called it. Soon each of the trio felt relaxed with Alice – hornier than when they arrived, but relaxed.

Matt explained, "Alice, you know we're fundamentally geeks. We've got a little 'social' experience and lots of hope for something significant to happen with three girls we know. Normally, we'd just forge ahead, but we think these girls are important, and since they are considered ice princesses we wanted to understand how to approach them. I think we'd strike out without your assistance. From what we know of them, they're gorgeous and personable, except for their standoffish attitude with men."

Alice sat Indian style on a small hassock in front of her TV. This spread her legs, and put her pussy on display except for the small patch of denim fabric over the area. This also gave the guys a problem of whether to look at Alice's pretty face, stare at her cleavage in hopes of some kind of inadvertent display of tit, or dream about her pussy.

Alice challenged in a teasing tone, "What's the real goal here?"

Jim volunteered, "Relationship building."

Alice laughed, "In other words, you want to get laid on a regular basis."

Her words shocked the three young men, but each nodded.

She filled in, "And you're inexperienced enough that you've sought expert help in your seduction."

Three heads nodded again.

Matt volunteered, "We wanted to forge our ... physical relationships with them before the end of the year, but sooner is better. If something long lasting results, that'd be great, otherwise I guess things will just peter out – so to speak." He smiled at his humor.

Alice frowned slightly, "Is this a dare or something between the three of you?"

Bob blushed, "I'm afraid I initially put it on that basis, but I could see some full-blown romances emerging if we click. I was asking about dream girls, and we each picked one of these three. They're close friends, as it turns out."

"Is there a contest for who gets laid first?"

They guys shook their heads.

"But you'll share news of the conquest?"

Jim said in a low tone, "Errr, we thought we would, but in a gentlemanly way." The way he spoke made Alice think there was more to what the men wanted.

Alice said, "I'm just trying to figure out what I'm dealing with here. I want the up-front, open and honest view of the landscape, plus what your expectations and fears are in approaching your potential girlfriends."

Matt said, "That pretty much covers it. We would hope for relationships, but fear we'd just be turned down flat if we blunder in the slightest."

Alice teased, "I want to know about your romantic skill sets."


"Are you guys any good or are you total clunkers in the bedroom? Are any of you virgins?"

The guys looked at each other with severe discomfort. Their egos were on the line to even begin to answer the question, particularly in front of each other. They each shook their heads.

Jim spoke, "I've had some sexual encounters; none turned out to be real romances. I've been reading sexy stories online and watching porn, so I think I've learned some techniques but I've had a only a rare chance to demonstrate a few of them to anyone."

Bob and Matt nodded in agreement with his self-assessment, and made a couple of 'Me too's.'

Alice asked, "Tell me about the girls."

Jim jumped in again, "Sheila Parkinson is a stunning blond – tall, lithe, busty, but she's got attitude. She's cynical and I think suspicious of guys trying to date her. She's good looking enough to believe that every guy just wants to fuck her." He'd used the 'F' word to see if Alice reacted; she didn't.

Bob said, "Monica Young is also pretty, but in the 'girl next door' kind-of way. She's a brunette, is athletic, and I just feel some latent chemistry there. I think she's smart too."

Jim jumped in, "I like her too. Like Sheila, she's model quality, and so's Zoey."

Matt followed up, "Zoey Frye is a pixie. I think she's cute and would be a lot of fun to have as a girlfriend. She used to be near the top of our high school class, but I've lost track of what she's been up to since. I used to want to follow her around like a puppy dog."

Jim observed, "The three of them were as thick as thieves in high school, and I often saw them together around town. I think they're closer than sisters."

Bob said, "I like both Sheila and Zoey, and if Matt wasn't so focused on her, I could see dating her too."

Matt said, "Well, I wouldn't mind being with Sheila or Monica either."

Jim nodded in agreement. He said, "I like all three of them equally."

Alice summarized, "Let me read between the lines here. The three of you really like three girls, and the girls could almost be interchangeable as far as the three of you are concerned?"

"Yeah," Matt sheepishly said as his cohorts nodded.

"So, who you romance doesn't matter?"

Jim protested, "Oh, it matters to me. I realize in talking about it, that I want all three of them."

"Together?" Alice emphatically asked. She was grinning. This was starting to get more interesting by the second.

Bob grinned, "Maybe. I wouldn't mind dating all three either. I wonder if girls do that, especially these girls?"

Matt and Jim nodded in agreement with Bob's statement about dating all three.

Alice unfurled her long legs and stretched them out in front of her. The guys followed her every move. She was obviously thinking about their situation, plus she was teasing the guys with her blatant sex appeal.

Alice asked, "How do the girls feel about you three?"

Matt shrugged.

Bob said, "They know us from high school, seeing us around the university campus, and we've seen them around town to wave to, but nothing further. We have name recognition, but not much else. We're a year or so older than they are too."

"Are you guys on Facebook?"

"Yes," echoed around The Circle

"When you start asking for dates that'll be the first place they look for more information about you. They'll go further too. What do your pages say about you and the kind of person you are? Be authentic, but also be complete. Emphasize your good traits that you want them to pay attention to, and own up to your weaknesses but in a way that makes them hidden strengths. If there are no secrets to be discovered they'll warm up to you faster, and that'll help thaw out your ice princesses."

Matt said, "I briefly looked at Sheila and Monica on Facebook. There's a lot there we could learn about them."

"Good," Alice encouraged. "Do your research about each of the girls before you even start talking to them."

Bob posed, "Should we just ask them for dates, one at a time, or what?"

Alice shook her head. "You need to start at zero with these girls. Get your Facebook and other social pages in order since you can be sure they'll look you up – if they haven't already. Then, I suggest you ask for a group date – the three of you taking the three of them out, to the beach up at the lake for instance. It's safe. They can huddle together. It'll give them a chance to get to know each of you. If that goes well, then ask them out on a couple date, but for the first couple of dates keep it almost platonic and don't get all handsy on them. We'll talk more about that later."

Jim said, "Do we take them gifts or anything?"

"No, maybe, yes. There are different things that turn on a girl. We're not all the same, you know. Some girls like gifts, but others want quality time with you, including some intellectual stimulation that you offer them. Others want to hear words from you about how great they are and how much you care about them. Still others want you to do things for them – wash their car, or drive them on errands, for instance."

Alice smiled, "The fifth in my list is physical. Most girls want to be touched, smoothed, rubbed, kissed, licked, fondled, sucked on, tongued, fingered, and everything else you can think of that involves being physical, but only after they trust you and feel some chemistry with you."

Bob said, "Monica is athletic."

Alice nodded, "I bet you that she likes something physical as an expression of your interest in her. You could also do athletic things with her on a date – a combination of physical and quality time together."

Alice shifted position again, pulling one leg up under her as she left the other shapely leg stretched out. She watched as each man's eyes followed her leg movement, focused on her pussy, went back to her breasts, and then came up to her face.

She laughed, "You guys are horny and too obvious in your gawking. You'll drive the girls away if you leer at them the way you're ogling me. I happen to love it. I'm a physical person, by the way. With your potential girlfriends, you have to learn to look them in the eye and not undress them with your lascivious stares."

Matt whispered, "I'm sorry. You're just so hot to look at."

Alice sat up straight, "How are you going to know whether one of you succeeds in your physical goal with one of the girls?"

Jim said, "We'll let them know ... I guess without going into too many details."

Alice turned to Bob, "Will you believe him?"

"Not necessarily. We sort of considered that, but don't know what to do."

"Oh, how?"

Jim confessed, "We thought maybe we'd be together with all our dates."

"In one room?" Alice asked, sounding astounded, but sporting a huge and approving smile.

"Well, yeah, we ... kind of..."

"I like the way you guys think. I think that's a good idea – highly unusual, but OK. If the three of them are as buddy-buddy as you say, then it might work. Oh, how I'd like to be there to watch that, and maybe even join in."

"You're not shocked," Bob asked in disbelief that they'd shared such a revelation and that it had been received so well.

"No. It's very daring – if you can pull it off. The closer the girls are together, the more likely they'll be willing to play in that sort of game. One might get ahead of the others, and then the others will strive to catch up, but another one of them will get ahead, and so on. Pretty soon, you're balls deep in pussy." She paused and teased, "Were you thinking that you'd swap partners?"

The three guys looked a little sheepish, and in that response Alice saw that she'd guessed correctly. She knew more about what the men wanted than they did. The men had never talked about a swapping goal to one another, and only in the past few minutes had they even realized they wanted to date all three women.

Alice said, "Have confidence, but you need to be sure you won't get embarrassed in front of each other, because that'll carry over to the girls and you'll lose momentum or even kill the deal of three for three."

Alice continued, "With the girls, you will want to keep varying who goes out with who as you get increasingly physical with them, and I remind you – go slow! Keep everyone's progress at about the same level until you succeed."

Jim summarized, "So group dates, slow progression of getting physical, and don't get embarrassed by what each other are doing, especially when we're triple dating and making out with them."

"Maybe a little more prep is needed to be sure you're all comfortable together in physical situations," Alice suggested.

"How do we do that?" Bob asked.

Alice smiled, "Practice. Have you guys seen each other naked or played around together?"

"Heck, no," Matt said. The others agreed.

"Then you need to practice ahead of time. You don't need to play with each other unless you have some bisexual tendencies, but you need to get comfortable in group situations."

"How? Group sex?"

"Exactly. Now, let me show you what that might be like and also teach you about gawking ... and I'd like to see your lovemaking skills. All this talk about relationships and sex has got me cranked up further than I was before you got here. I told you I am a very physical person ... and having three hunky guys in my living room is turning me on."

Alice turned to Bob who was closest and pulled him into a standing position. She maneuvered so she was right in front of him, very close – only an inch or two apart. She pulled his head down and kissed him.

Alice asked Bob, "What do you feel kissing me like that in front of your friends?"

"I'm boiling, but I was a little embarrassed because we're being watched."

Alice shifted to where Matt was sitting and pulled him to a standing position. She repeated the hot kiss with him. She followed that with Jim, only in his case the knot in her blouse somehow became undone so the front of her shirt parted revealing a beautiful expanse of tanned skin from neck to her navel where a little jeweled chain tantalizingly shook.

As Matt and Bob watched, she pulled Jim's hand to her bare breasts. He moved cautiously, afraid that he was overstepping some boundary with her despite her lead. His whole focus was on her and what she was doing and emoting. When he'd touched both breasts, she turned to Bob and pulled his hands to her breasts.

Bob kneaded her breasts and then kissed her with a lot of passion. He then moved to suck on her breasts. Alice tilted her head back and moaned as a nipple disappear in his mouth for a few seconds and emerged in a state of hardness, "Oh, God, just what I wanted you to do. Do you feel embarrassed?"

Bob said, "No, I feel you and that's hot."

Matt moved behind Alice and held her up. He kissed her neck and fondled the breast that Bob wasn't sucking on. Jim moved in and kissed her lips, using his tongue to encircle her lips in a sensuous manner. Although the men had never been in a group situation before, their response to Alice's horniness came naturally.

Alice mumbled something about living in the Now, and about not being embarrassed as they each made love to her at the same time. Somehow that problem, if it was one, faded away as the seconds ticked by.

Jim knelt next to Alice and slowly undid the belt and zipper on her cutoffs. She helped with one hand so he was certain this was what she wanted, yet he still went slowly to be sure she had a chance to stop him or complain at his audacity. Instead, she thrust her pelvis forward into his efforts, and when the pants came loose, she shimmied her body so they fell to the floor and into Jim's waiting hands. She was commando. Alice's slit had a small tuft of pubic hair just above and the intoxicating and luring aroma of her sex instantly filled the room.

The three men stood there touching all the erogenous zones they could find on Alice. They soon found that her entire body was one lusty zone of horny womanhood that desired all the sexual attention they could deliver.

One by one various items of clothing from the men got tossed aside, until the quartet was nude and writhing together in the middle of Alice's living room like a tableau of three men and one woman. Alice held each cock, pumping and fondling as fast as she could. There was no doubt what she wanted. Any sense of embarrassment between the men had vanished in the interest of sex of some kind with Alice.

The men silently rotated the area they focused on: one at her neck, kissing and using a talented tongue on her ears when they weren't kissing. Another was at her breasts, ensuring that they were alert and cared for. Another would be at her pussy, using fingers and tongue as best he could to raise Alice's body heat to that of a white-hot sexual furnace. After a moment or two, the trio of men would change positions so that they each gave the others full access to all Alice offered – and that appeared to be everything.

Alice kept groaning, "Oh, God, never stop. More. Do that more. Right there. Kiss it. Harder. Oh, fuck. Finger me. Fuck me." It wasn't always clear whom she was talking to, but the men got the message and kept attending to her physical needs.

Alice consumed the young men, yet they responded with the benefit of youth and just kept going, bouncing back quickly from their orgasms to give her more and more and more, as she lusted after each man. Often she'd be engaged with all three in some way, or as two watched she'd be putting on a show for them with a third.

About midnight, Alice lay limp in her bed with multiple shots of cum from three men leaking from her pussy. She'd also swallowed a copious quantity as well. Matt held his 'Aunt Alice' in his arms and gently kissed her temples. Alice purred like a contented cat.

Jim lay sprawled across her thighs, looking up her body, and hence at her sodden pussy. He allowed one finger to trace lazy patterns with the fluids from her pussy, smearing them around her lips, upper thighs, her tuft of pubic hair, and abs.

Bob lay on Alice's other side, toying with her left breast with a couple of fingers.

Alice said, "God, that was the best fucking evening I've ever had fucking. I hope you all come back. Put me on your route for good advice and demonstrations about lovemaking, although I have no pointers to give out at this time. You men were fabulous. I suggest you come back the night before you go out with the girls; that way you won't be so horny with them."

Matt said apologetically, "We gotta go. We've all got to work tomorrow, and so do you."

Alice sighed, and the quartet moved in the general direction of the living room and their clothes. Alice just walked around nude, giving each man a full body hug to say goodbye.

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