Sister Angela's Bad Behavior
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A nun with hidden needs for kinky action and a secret love of a spanking fetish that made her tingle with anticipation every time.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/ft   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   MaleDom   Spanking   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   Analingus   Teacher/Student   Clergy   Public Sex   Violent   School  

The teacher looked up from her desk and listened to the girls whispering about the newly hired worker who was cutting the bushes outside the huge windows that exposed the interior of the class to the garden. The little troublemakers were already playing their silly game of "claimed" that would give the sexual favors of the new male to the first girl that stated she wanted him. Of course, it was the American girl with her naughty needs and lack of adequate morals that made the first utterance to confirm her lack of breeding.

Sister Angela was peeved to say the least but she generally stayed out of the girl's games and their little pleasures related to the sins of the flesh. It was one thing to shape their minds and quite another to curb their sexual enthusiasm. Besides, she already had thoughts of her own about the muscular workman and they were not of the pious category.

The new worker was going under the name of Rodrigo but it was not his real name. His real name was Anthony or just "Tony" for short and he was working undercover for an organization that liked to suggest they were benign and most definitely unobtrusive. He was not there for nefarious purposes but on an official assignment to protect one of the students. The Reverend Mother Superior was fully aware of the deception but kept silent because it was imperative to provide security of the highest caliber for this daughter from the Middle East.

The girl's name was "Bucky" but that was her nickname which came no doubt from her friends and certainly not from her parents who were too formal for words. Her actual name was a long involved thing difficult to pronounce and easy to forget. The other girls in the school had already made up a little verbal abusing chant to annoy her that used her name in conjunction with another word that began with "F" just to make her angry and bring tears to her eyes. The girls were a nasty bunch but Sister Angela had to admit she was a bit of the same sort before she entered the convent and she really had no problem with that sort of high-spirited attitude.

The teacher was inclined to be a disciple of the spanking fetish and was fearfully devoted to self- gratification when she was in private. Sister Angela was ever filled with a sense of guilt for her vices of the flesh but in all honesty it was quite restrained in comparison to what some of her associates did without knowledge of the Mother Superior. She felt particularly ashamed of her attraction for reddening the girl's bums but it was only payback for the years of suffering she had undergone in her school years and even at the novitiate when she was in training. In a sense, she regretted never sampling the boy's wares before she took her vows but the thought of those big things inside her sensitive places was really too much to contemplate.

Bucky was a pretty child of eighteen and had been at the school only one year. Her English was excellent and when she made a mistake it was so cute coming out of her mouth that everyone thought it was cute. Still, Sister Angela insisted on correcting her no matter how slight the error much to Bucky's annoyance. The other girls all giggled when that happened and the poor girl was often in a state of agitation from her constant come-uppance.

The country she came from was in a turbulent crisis of internal strife with many of the citizens already refugees fleeing for their lives. Her family was far detached from the confrontational circumstances because they lived in an enclave well-protected from the uprising and seldom ventured into the chaos around them. Both of their children were in foreign schools with Bucky in the private girl's school and their son in a special school for diplomatic children in Switzerland.

The young girl was dark complexioned but with a tan toned skin that made her genetic origin a question of perception rather than conviction. She had silky long hair that she usually wore in a pony-tail and used dozens of different bands to keep it organized. Sister Angela liked girls with pony-tails or pig-tails because it gave her something to pull on when she had to place them in the proper position for a needed correction. She had only had to correct the young Bucky one time because the girl was generally well-behaved and more passive in nature than most of the other high-spirited girls.

She remembered how Bucky had trembled when she had to bend over the edge of the desk and present her flanks properly for her instruction. She made no sound but the tears at the corners of her eyes betrayed her sense of shame at being in that defenseless position unable to protect her high-born cheeks from humiliating spanking that reddened her backside and strangely caused her central core to "tingle" with excitement. It was confusing to her conscious thought because she was generally insulated from such physical contact and now she was filled with guilt because she secretly wanted Sister Angela to do it again only harder the next time.

The good sister was wise enough to comprehend the young girl's thoughts because her body language and eyes betrayed her internal confusion. She easily recognized that sense of want and need because she had felt it herself when the position was reversed.

Bucky did her best to hide her true feelings and kept up a front of total disregard for her teacher's discipline. The other girls totally bought into the pretense and admired her ability to stay above the ignominy of ordinary response to a posterior correction. Their only sense of curiosity was to the fact if she had her knickers down when she was bending over. One girl even brazenly asked her that question directly because her need to know was so pressing on her depraved imagination.

Bucky just smiled enigmatically and rubbed her behind with a rueful smile of satisfied fulfillment that baffled them all.

Rodrigo was looking through the window at the scene in the classroom when he heard a roar of motorcycle engines approaching from behind. He saw a line of the noisy things raising a cloud of dust into the cloudless sky. It was an unusual occurrence but not one that would spark a hint of suspicion that it was not completely benign in design.

Since the class had just ended, the young girls all crowded outside to watch the dirty beasts with their human cargo cross in front of the school grounds in a display of powerful growling engines and disturbed gravel.

Rodrigo was searching the crowd of female charges for his responsibility and saw her standing at the end of the building with Sister Angela right behind her. He was distracted by one of the motorcycles spinning its wheels in the roadway and when he looked back he saw both Bucky and the good nun being pushed into a van with no markings. He was too far away to intercede but he quickly radioed in the change in status to the agent at the back-up support vehicle that the foreign daughter had been abducted by unknown persons.

The van sped away in the opposite direction and he ran to his car to get into immediate pursuit. Unfortunately, all of his tires had been flattened and he stood there unable to do much more than fret and stew about his inability to remedy the situation.

Meanwhile, Sister Angela and Bucky were inside the back of the van both being trussed up like farm animals being brought into market for sale. They were both gagged professionally and hoods were placed on their heads to prevent them from seeing their captors or seeing their direction of travel.

Bucky was quite calm.

Sister Angela was agitated but it was not for herself but for her student, the young foreign girl with a background of conflict in her home country. There was no doubt in the pretty nun's mind that the entire affair was related to the unrest in Bucky's home country and had nothing to do with local kidnapping for money or sexual perversion.

When they arrived at their destination, the two women were hustled down a long corridor to a room with no windows and they were suspended from ceiling hooks simply by placing their handcuffs on the hook above their head. Two women with the look of fanatical conviction removed their hoods and their gags much to their relief and improved outlook despite the uncomfortable position.

Without going into lengthy explanation the two women slowed stripped the two captives right down to their bras and panties.

Sister Angela was the most affected by the process because she retained fears of being abused by males for most of her life and her fantasy world was rift with images of her shameful treatment. The younger girl Bucky was not too upset because she was used to being in her undies in front of the other girls in many situations getting ready for the sports program or going to the shower room or even undressing in the dorm rooms which were fairly open and filled with girls all the time. It was understandably embarrassing for them but it would have been far worse if the women had removed all their clothing and left them naked for the male captors to witness their shame.

Bucky turned to Sister Angela and told her,

"They are discussing if they should go inside our knickers and see if we are hiding anything inside our body cavities. The older one told the other that she had no desire to be putting her fingers inside our dirty backsides unless they had the rubber gloves that the nurses use in the hospital."

Sister Angela was aghast at the thought and asked her student,

"Do you have any idea what they want?"

The young girl looked at her teacher and simply replied,

"They probably want to teach my father a lesson he will never forget when they sent him pictures of what they have done to his only daughter."

Sister Angela had no words to cover that possibility and started to pray in a low whisper begging for divine intercession on their behalf from up high.

Bucky listened and kept silent because she had no confidence such a development would save them in this dangerous trap.

The captors entered the warehouse room and they formed a circle about the two women. The man in charge told the others,

"Look at the little baby violator of the rights of our people. She is the product of a corrupt society and it is a class that must be eradicated for the rightful owners of the land and the resources of the land to prosper in freedom. We must steel our souls to her punishment no matter how much we might pity her plight. The other one is a creature of their false God. She deserves not pity and is there for your pleasure and your rightful indignation at such robbers of our very souls."

This was all in Bucky's native language so Sister Angela didn't understand the words but she comprehended easily their intent just from looking into their faces and their revenge seeking eyes.

The first man came forward and yanked down Bucky's panties until they were hanging obscenely from one bare ankle like a signal of acute distress. The nasty minded fellow shoved his thick thumb up her brown eye like a heat-seeking missile looking to destroy the primary target of his discontent.

Bucky's scream of anguish cut right into Sister Angela's soul and she wanted desperately to turn their attention from the girl to her. She kicked out at the nearest man and managed to catch his balls with her toe making him drop to the floor with angry pain. She yelled at the others and drew their attention from Bucky to her almost naked body and they reacted by slapping and spanking her all over and from every imaginable angle. She just hung there and took it all satisfied that they were leaving Bucky alone at least for the moment.

When her knickers were removed, the men marveled at the perfection of her buttocks and they ran their greedy fingers over her flanks in disbelief at her model-like curves. It was the leader who mounted her to show the others that he was still in control and he pulled her buttocks back into his groin with infinite slow penetration and easily defeated her sphincter unable to withstand the determination of his rock-hard member. The others all laughed and joked about the helplessness of the western female to unseat the intrusion into her secret garden and promised each other that they would all soon enjoy the same sensation of navigating up her tight rear door channel.

Bucky looked at her teacher absorbing the punishment meant for her and she knew unless something happened quickly to reverse their situation she would be in exactly the same predicament as Sister Angela.

The sounds of the masked men at play filled the large warehouse room and it looked like it was going to be a long night for Sister Angela and her student Bucky.

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