Stud Maker
Chapter 1

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A college boy returns home and seduces his attractive Mom. As a lone parent she is torn between her natural urges and being a respectable mother. But it leads her to another world of SUB-DOM Lesbian-love and even horse- sex when she enters Iris's upper-class ways in leafy Hampshire: England. A measured yarn that hopes to entertain its reader. Thanks : J L

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Coercion   BiSexual   Mother   Son   FemaleDom  

Before reaching seventeen, Iris Carlton-Hawes gave birth to a bastard.

At six months gone, her pregnancy had become so obvious to Iris's mother; yet there was no clue to whom the father might be? Had it been rape or was it a consented fuck? Would it be more acceptable if she had been raped she pondered.

But under pressure from her mother, Iris broke the shameful truth before the baby was born; the guilty man was Major Carlton-Hawes. It was incest!

He made no denial to his lady wife; just drank a lot of brandy for several days.

It was clear he was guilty of fucking his own daughter; worse he'd put her in the family way.

The Major's wife was furious with her husbands carelessness.

She had always insisted on a condom! It was sheer animalism on his part!

Why would Iris have done it? She had every thing she wanted!

They had got her a fine Colt. Built her a stable. Even allowed her to raise it into a stud horse!

Oh God what a mess! Mrs Carlton-Hawes was in despair.

An audible disquiet shrouded Carlton Manor as a baby boy was born.

It was named Ralph. The name was put forward by the major. He wanted the boy to have a future at Carlton Manor. Bastards were a kind of English tradition in certain families weren't they?

But for now both mother and child would spend some time away from Carlton Manor; bury this scandal of incest. The boy would be nurtured and in time reunited with his mother.

Before long, Iris would board at a veterinary college anyhow.

When Iris returned to the manor she'd have a profession; a respectable future.

But while mastering her stallion's lust, Iris had become fascinated, nay obsessed with sexual submission and bondage.

Also a lust for power through dominance.

Having her father's child had been her first step in being dominant at the Carlton Manor.

Her son Ralph would inherit Carlton Manor in the course of time.

And she hadn't had to marry anyone!


Fifteen years later.

I'm Margo Chiverton ; a lone Mom with my son Guy away at a private collage.

I live in a small town where I have a good job with an accountancy firm and although I'm an attractive brunette with a slim 5'6" figure, I choose to conceal it mostly, as I have no intention of attracting another wrong man.

My life was moving along just fine until I returned to my empty home from a very hot day at the office.

Entering my kitchen I slip off my heels, discard my pencil skirt, then drink a refreshing glass of water and shed my blouse. Then going to my room I pause at the open door, sensing someone's presence.

There, lying on my bed in only his vest was ... Guy!

At first I thought he looked in pain.

In one hand he held my panties while with the other he was masturbating.

I was stunned.

Then he saw me. His expression took on shock and then resentment.

"Mother ... how could you ... spying on me ... like this?" he accused bitterly.

Maternal empathy drew me to him. "Guy no, please! You mustn't think I was spying!" I pleaded.

Stroking his head I crooned, "I had no idea you were even home yet ... how could I darling?"

His eyes are searching my face for the truth; then widen as they focus on my white bra.

"Well ... maybe so," he sulks... "but you've still made me look foolish." he says putting a warm arm on my bare shoulder and murmuring, "anyway I've really missed you.

His lips offer me a forgiving kiss. I offer mine and somehow Guy makes that kiss deeper than is decent.

Suddenly I feel improperly dressed beside him but Guy closes his eyes and lies back calmly, so I relax. His hand still held my panties and guiltily my gaze shifts to his naked torso.

I'm in awe at his handsome endowment which already easily outstrips his father's.

Guy smiled thinly and I'm tempted to touch him but no; instead I meekly offer to get the kettle on for tea.

Now Guy gave a soft smile; his tone more assertive,

"No don't go." he said looking at me closer now, "Help me with it; help me finish".

Aghast, my heart beats in alarm, " Guy! ... you cant ask ... I cant do that!

He gazed at me confidently with his good looks saying levelly, "Just this once you can; if you weren't spying; and that you do care about me."

Anxiously I search his face for direction. "Guy, I do care, but If I did that..."

Guy's brown eyes glinted as I faltered, " I need you too show me you care." he stated while placing my trembling hand round his firm warm shaft.Mesmerised I complied.

"Please; no Guy," I pleaded as he set my hand in motion.

Then knowing I had no choice I whispered, " Well, close your eyes; and I'll try."

He did as asked. Then as my trembling hand worked, I felt the perspiration on my face.

His cock feels gorgeous and he gropes at my thigh while moaning in ecstasy. The thrill in my groin is something I'd not felt for too long and I was panting hard.

A heady excitement builds between us as I feel his climax building in my hand. Spontaneously my mouth encased him. His cock went all the way into my throat. Our muffled cries chime out in unison as I eagerly swallow his hot slime.

Guy then let out a mournful cry and slumped into an apparent stupor. It was over, as suddenly as it had begun.

Silently, I left him for the bathroom. There, as I looked into the mirror with my thoughts amok, the guilt closed in upon me.


The following morning it seemed as though breakfast was passing in mutual denial. Probably, he was as embarrassed as I and simply wanted it forgotten. We padded around each other in our dressing gowns getting toast and tea.

Then Guy was talking to me about his college friend; a great new pal called Ralph whose family had a country manor!

He had even stayed with them some week-ends. They were a bit posh but really good fun. Ralph's mother preferred them to call her by her first name; Iris.

Then a little sheepishly he added, "Look ... can I call you Margot at home?"

It sounded odd hearing my name come from Guy.

"Well yes, if you'd like to Guy." I offered, curious at the idea.

"I earned two days off term for good effort, that's why I arrived home early. So, do you think I've grown since I was last home Margot?"

I studied him with a smile and I realised he was now as tall as me.

"Yes Guy, you really have grown. You'll have girl's adoring you!" I laughed and held my arms out to him. He came and embraced me.

"I've so missed you Margot." he said quietly by my ear. Then he kissed me rather warmly on the neck. " I don't need girls when I have you."

I felt my breast and nipples stiffen. What was happening?

"Look Margot ... what happened between us yesterday ... I've longed for something to happen ... just as I've longed to hold you like this."

His hands ran seductively over my arms; he was whispering to me as a lover.

I felt a strange fear creep into my chest. His hands were caressing my waist and now my betraying breast!

"Guy!" I went to pull away but his arms held me effortlessly to him. "Oh, I've wanted you ever since Father left." he whispered thickly.

"Guy, stop, it's disgusting!" I protested as my pulse began to race. His mouth went passionately onto my neck and I felt a rush of shame. "Oh Guy, you wicked, wicked boy " I cried as I struggled vainly in his grip. His groin was hard against me and as his mouth came onto mine. I felt a rush of panic as I realised my cunt was juicing up. "You cant!" I cried emotionally, twisting sharply from him and leaving my dressing gown in his grasp.

Naked, I fell face down onto the sofa in a daze; my cunt presented to him.

I felt him behind me, his cock between my thighs, his hands gripping my waist. Guy was going the whole hog and his attempts to enter me were inept.

My maternal instincts melted as I groped for his cock and guided it into me. We both gave out a primitive cry.

Suddenly our bodies were moving in blissful union. Our panting was the only sound we made now.

Like a pair of mating mongrels, our copulating raced to its obscene conclusion.

It was a trauma few mothers have to face up too. I'd become the object of my son's sexual desire. I'd been unable to prevent him from going the whole way.

That I had reached a mind blowing climax had made it even more shameful.

I'd hid in my room for hours.

When I did emerge from my bedroom to face up to Guy, I found just his note.

It told me Guy had left to join his pal; Ralph Carlton-Hawes at Carlton Manor.


Oddly, the following day I felt that the affair had ended a period of emotional isolation for me. Suddenly I felt more alive; at the centre of something.

I needed to see Guy, to start afresh. Without him at home I was simply alone again. Then out of the blue an unexpected letter arrived. It was from Iris Carlton- Hawes of Carlton Manor; Ralph's mother. Its content was exciting yet it raised ambiguous questions.

It read-:

6th April 2015

Dear Mrs. Margot Chiverton.

I do hope you will welcome this letter.

Guy asked if I would let you know that he's OK but missing you.

He's been worried over the scrap you had together last week.

Guy and Ralph share their lives together almost like brothers.

I regard Guy as a wonderful chap and so enjoy his company here at Carlton Manor. In fact Guy has asked me if he could work here at the manor?

I am thrilled at the prospect as your son could be invaluable here. But naturally that is for you to decide.

So would you accept my invitation to stay with us soon, giving you an opportunity to see for yourself if Guy is making a wise choice?

May I share something personal with you Mrs. Chiverton?

With my Ralph's passage through adolescence, I found our relationship altered. Suddenly there's a man about the house, if you see what I mean.

Unsettling at first but handled carefully, can be very gratifying. Perhaps there's some common ground we could share together here?

I would so much like to meet you and it would be wonderful if you could visit Carlton Manor and stay with us soon.

Yours Sincerely

Iris Carlton-Hawes of Carlton Manor.

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