It Happened One Day
Chapter 1

I had, I just had to do it. I walked over to their table. "Is everything OK?"

Feeble excuse maybe.

"I just wanted to say I have never seen anyone as beautiful as you!" I looked right at the blond bombshell. The other girls giggled.

I walked away. It was the truth; she would put the Mona Lisa, Diana and Aphrodite to shame in any comparison.

I had worked in the pizza place before. Tonight I was just filling in to help a friend. It was a college town but she, in no way was some college girl. I guessed Paris, Milan or London were more suited to her.

Tonight I was bouncer, waiter, and kitchen helper, whatever Tony needed. I had graduated Med School here. Rice was one of the schools that had given me an academic free ride. I choose here mainly because my Aunt Betty (on Dad's side) lived near the University and invited me to stay with her.

My home though was Texas, South and West of Dallas. I say both because my ranch was west and since the accident that killed my parents, my 'pretend mom's' spread was south. We were neighbors and she was really my Aunt. (On Mom's side)

I had decided that being a Vet and having a research degree would help us both out. Our life was breeding horses and cattle; she just had more of both. You have to remember in Texas small is big most elsewhere and 'Texas Big' is larger than most entire States back east. I had gotten my B.S. at Texas A&M.

Back home, we did not measure a ranch in acres, rather miles or how long it took to fly end to end.

Getting back to the important stuff. That girl, woman, female, whatever. I was not prone to falling in love the moment a pretty face showed up. It happened once in Hawaii on a trip to see Millie. That girl was a much younger version of the woman I saw today. That's it; only twice and I was 25.

You sort of get to know you are in the presence of a rare and beautiful creature when your heart starts to pound, you feel flushed and stop breathing. Does the term 'breathtaking' mean anything to you?

When she left she smiled at me. God, she was so lovely that I wanted to heel at her feet.

One of the girls at her table came up to me. "Tex. (I was wearing clean duds, but boots.) Are you free for a minute or two I'd like to explain something?"

"Yep, she did not look anywhere as cute as that woman but you could sense she was sincere. "Sure, let's sit in the closed section. What is it?"

"Well you seemed a little taken with Bianca. Hon, if I spent a tenth of what she does on make-up and her hair, No, even then few could compare to her, she is not bad looking."

"An understatement maybe."

"Her husband at least thinks she is pretty. She came to school to settle her younger sister here. Her English is not good. I explained to her what you said. She asked me to thank you for the complement and explain things to you. You're sort of cute Tex, but she gets that a lot most everywhere she goes."

"Thank you for explaining, but like the Mona Lisa, one can admire things knowing they can never be yours. I just wanted to tell her how impressive she looked."

"I think most guys think several parts of her are very impressive, some girls too. Well Tex, I am going to call it a night. I start classes tomorrow. Do you go to school here?"

I thought a bit how to answer her. I was impressed with her maturity and how she handled what could have been an embarrassment. (For me, anyway)

"Yes, I go here."

"Which Dorm do you live in?"

"I stay with my Aunt nearby. I'm from Texas though."

"Gee, you never could guess that."

"Well, see you around maybe Tex."

"Yup and thanks!"

I never expected to see her again, not so soon at least.

She was there, front row in a lecture class that I was acting as an assistant professor for. It was Chemistry 311-A, a little advanced and specialized. (One could replace Chemistry with Biology if you wanted, you need both.) I almost missed her, it was at 8:00 am and eyes were 'wide shut' for both of us.

"Welcome! Your course in this class will consist of this lecture time every Monday and three lab periods on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. A paper and some demonstrable project will make up your grade. Your usual Professor will be Dr. Hawkins. Samantha Hawkins. My name is Jeff Jameson, I am a Grad student here in the research department studying Chemistry but I am already a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. We both will be available to answer any questions, Sam more on the theoretical, me on the practical side."

I noticed the girl was sitting up.

"I wanted a research degree also primarily because back home, our livelihood is in breeding horses and cattle. In case you did not know, Chemistry and Biology play an important part in this."

Missy was definitely paying attention.

She came up after class.

"I'm so sorry Dr. Jameson!"

"Sorry, for what, you spill something or forgot to brush your teeth. You have nothing to be sorry for that I know off."

Last night, I didn't know you were a Doctor already. I thought..."

"Thought I was just another love-struck man, huh?"

"Well, yes. I told you most guys see my sister and they are gone. Their eyes see only below her neck, usually."

"I told you, I can appreciate beauty, look at it and not try to own it."

She stuck out her hand. "Hi. I'm Amanda, Bianca's sister. We are from Sweden but I have been in the US several years now; she got married back home and stayed there."

"Hi Amanda! I think you told me last night her English was not great. You never said you were the younger sister though."

"I'm not; we have another going here, Hope."

"I won't make any jokes about 'virtues' or 'temperance' then."

"Ha! You don't know my sister."

"Well if she is half as nice and mannerly as you I look forward to meeting her someday."

The closer she got and the more I looked one could see something in her that her beautiful sister would never have. It could only be described as wholesomeness. She was the kind of girl you would take home to Mama ASAP.

With her being in Advanced Chemistry, she either had to be pretty smart or smart as well as pretty. I realized better what she had meant about makeup, she wore very little.

I lectured about once a month in Sam's class, mostly about genetic markers, DNA and selective breeding for conformation in animals in general.

Amanda messaged me about answering some questions for her. Included in the message were about 20 questions, half of which I would have expected a trained Vet to ask. One question I did not know the answer to. I messaged her back with the time for a meeting.

I had a few days so used some free time to list some answers and thoughts to her questions. The one I did not know was 'How do you ever know that what you are doing will work, or does it only affect a few animals then you try repeatedly?'

I called Aunt Millie. She hemmed and hawed then said. "Damn boy, I don't know? I'm not sure you ever do know for certain, you just try."

"Mom (I called her Mom.) You are not just talking about a few head here, you mean you just throw the dice and 'Hope to God' it works?"

"Damn Boy, that's why you're still in school, you should be telling me how to do it."

Deep breath time.

I messaged her back with my list. In it, I put. 'Extra credit bonus question for fame and fortune. In breeding, 'How do you ever know that what you are doing will work, or does it only affect a few animals then you try repeatedly?' We shall discuss your answer in our meeting."

Damn if that girl didn't set me back on my boots.

In our little confab, she started. "I guess Doctor it depends."

Wow, already an answer most PhD's would give.

"If you are breeding children much recent work has shown that genetic defects, diseases and unwanted traits can be modified if not totally eliminated by manipulating the DNA and adding enzymes."

"Where has this girl been all my life?' I wondered.

"In animals, I guess it might be the same but most success had been in 'cloning' once the desired conformation is birthed. From what I can tell the only true example of introducing a strain or a reproducible variety has been done with plants in Botany. Most human and animal efforts have met with negative religious and social implications."

Yup, instant love now.

"In humans, those changes are usually 'one on one' although in Germany the Nazi's tried to affect an entire life cycle. In animals you only see a change in a percentage and unless you keep those then re-breed them, you are unable to gain a reproducible breed. Like a dog, some are not true to form and must be destroyed. I was interested how to impact a larger number than just one season."

I guess picking her up, squeezing her to death and the kiss was not what I should have done.

"Nobel Prize Amanda, make this work and you will win the Nobel Prize. Oh, right, that's a Swedish thing, isn't it."

"If you do that again after you meet my sister Hope, you are in trouble Doc."

She sighed.

"I spoke with Dr. Hawkins already. She's the one who suggested that I ask you. She and I are both looking at this from the theoretical side. Like they say 'talk is cheap, show me the money/results. If I can apply a mix of things to a large enough population, legally, maybe this idea can be proven?"

"I'm sorry Amanda, I should not have kissed you like that but I am serious. You make this work and the Nobel Prize is yours."

"Yes, your right, this office is not the right place for kisses like that. Where did you say you lived?"

"A bit shy I see."

With Amanda looking like a hungry lioness before her next meal, I called Millie on my cell.

"Mom, do I or you have any horses or cattle still in a condition to breed, and can we stand to just pasture them out and not sell them for a few years?"

"You have a few of both, mine pretty much have already been sold for this year except the Arabians and the racing stock."

"How many do you need Amanda?"

"Jeff, who is with you?"

"I'm sorry mom. Amanda meet Mille, Millie King; Mom Amanda, Amanda?"

I looked at her.

"Amanda Sorenson Mrs. King."

Mrs. King was my Mama girl, I'm Mille if you're a friend, if your not, it don't matter what you call me, I won't answer."

"To answer your question though Jeff, you got a small herd left, mostly cattle and a few horse for this year's breed. You'd be lucky to find 8 or 9 this year."

Amanda's face dropped. "Oh, she said."

"I may have few we did not round up. Together we could scrap up 8 or 9,000 of each Jeff, if that helps?"

Too bad we did not have her hooked up for power; we could have lit up Dallas with the look now on her face."

"Is that enough? How many could she breed next year Mom. If we don't sell any except the specialty horses and the Angus Breeders, 80, 90,000 of each maybe. We'll have more the next year though."

Amanda had to sit. Mom asked. "What's that noise?"

"I think she's crying Mom. I didn't do anything."

"Son, give her the phone, go for a walk, a long one and let us girls sort this out."

Man, I'll never understand women. I didn't do anything, honest. I worried that I hurt her when I picked her up? Maybe I spun her around too fast and she got dizzy?

When I returned to my office, I heard voices. Very carefully, I opened the door. Mom and Amanda were still on speaker but another girl had joined. If I though Bianca was beautiful, this angel put her to shame. I had a few thoughts.

First, I lamented, my cell bill would be out of sight. I went over to Amanda, picked her, spun her around then kissed her, longer this time. What do they say, 'with feeling'.

"What the Hell are you doing?"

"Hell is in Texas, but I'm closer to Dallas. I assume the well conformed pixie is your sister Hope so you told me when I saw her I could do it again if I still wanted to."

"He might be a keeper Sis. You need to dress him up a bit to go out. Those boots got to go though. Not the style in Paris this year."

"I'll have you know young lady; I got these boots IN Paris. Paris Texas."

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