Matt and Andy - Brothers and Mothers

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Mind Control Sex Story: Prologue - Matt and Andy share their secret desire for each other’s mother. In the process, the lust for their own mother grows. Is a door left ajar an open door to fulfill their dreams?

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mind Control   Hypnosis   Lesbian   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son  

Matt remembered the one occasion when he and Andy first confided in each other. It was during a junior high camp out in Andy's back yard.

They had planned to go out into the woods behind Andy's house and have a true campout. They had read all the survivalist books they could get their hands on. They each had also bought hunting knifes from the surplus store and hid them so that their mothers would not find them.

Both their mothers had put a kibosh on their plans.

"You aren't old enough to go off into the woods by yourself," Matt's mom, Wendy, had told him. "What if one of you got hurt?"

"We won't get hurt," Matt assured her.

"You are right you won't get hurt, because you are going to sleep in your own bed. And why do you want to go into the woods? Planning on getting alcohol or something?"

'No', he wanted to tell her. Just a few porn magazines his dad had left him the last time he was home. Damn, he wished his dad didn't have to travel so much. Sure, he called and talked with him a lot, but why couldn't he stick around more?

It would be a few more years before Matt figured out that his Mom and Dad all but hated each other. George, his dad, did all he could to be away from home.

"I wouldn't drink any alcohol!" he replied. Where would he get it anyway? His dad had snuck him a beer or two when his Mom wasn't looking, but even that was hard since his Mom didn't allow any alcohol in the house.

"I said 'no'. And that is my final decision."

And so the argument ended. Still, Matt and Andy did manage to convince their mothers to allow them to camp in the back yard. Lame ... Lame ... Lame ... Still, it was better than nothing.

Matt and Andy were looking through Matt's three porn magazines when they heard a door slam. Quickly ditching the magazines, they tried to come up with a safe conversation.

"Did you hear what Mr. Henry said in class today? He said we are going to have to memorize the whole periodic table," Matt started.

"I don't know how he expects us to..." Andy retorted before being interrupted.

"Hey guys," greeted Andy's Mom, Denise.

She unzipped their tent and leaned in to hand them some cookies. The ground was still damp from an earlier shower and the tent was fairly low. That meant Denise had to bend down low while still standing. Her night shirt, though still conservative, had a larger neck opening. This, in combination to her bending over, allowed Matt to gaze down her shirt.

She was wearing a boring white bra, but her big melons practically spilled out over it. The creamy white flesh gave Matt an instant hard-on.

Denise did not notice, but Andy did. He kicked Matt while staring down at him.

"Thank you Mrs. Myer," Matt told her, ignoring the pain in his leg. How could he help but stare at her huge tits? She was one of the sexiest women he knew.

"I know you boys think Wendy and I are meanies, but we are just looking out for you," commented an unknowing Denise.

"Yeah, Ma, we know," groaned Andy.

She left the cookies and plate with them as she retreated to the house.

"Don't stay up too late," Denise admonished them just before closing the door.

"What was that all about?" asked Andy.

"What?" Matt tried to act dumb.

"You know what I mean."

"Hell," Matt said, trying to make the swear word sound natural. "You mother is one sexy lady. Look at that rack on her and her sweet ass." Matt was afraid he had gone too far. "And don't you dare think I haven't seen the way you look at my mother."

Andy remained quiet for a few minutes.

"Hell," he imitated Matt's swear, "your Mother is made to be drooled over. Her tits are even bigger than Mom's."

Matt looked at him, taken aback by his comment. Then, both friends started grinning. In a moment, they had burst into laughter.

"Your Mom has a sweet ass," Matt smiled.

"Your Mom does have bigger tits," Andy retorted.

Both boys were surprised about how turned on they each got talking about their mothers.

Having crossed the line, their thoughts and discussions about their mothers only got more perverse. Their friendship deepened with the shared secret.

They were drifting off to sleep when Matt declared, "Let's make a pact."

"Hmm?" Andy asked groggily.

"You help me get some revealing pictures of your Mom and I will help you get revealing pictures of my Mom."

Andy hesitated.

"I know she has some pictures of herself in a bikini from when she first met Dad," Matt interjected.

Andy looked up, "Your Mom in a bikini? No way!"

"She must have had a little wild streak in her when she was young," Matt grinned. "It sure has tapped out."

They both laughed. Their mothers dressed more conservative than women from 50's sitcoms, little to no flesh was ever seen. What had been seen that night was a very rare occurrence owing to the wet ground and Andy's mother wearing her pajamas.

Matt gave Andy those pictures he had found of Wendy in her bikini soon enough. He had scanned them and gave the collection to him in an encrypted thumb drive. In return, Andy found some pictures of his mother in a one-piece when she was younger, but it still was a revealing swimsuit.

Through high school, they shared pictures of each other's Moms with one another. They had got even more brazen over the years.

This last year, Matt had managed to get several pictures of his Mom in her bra and panties.

He had noticed the handle on his mother's bedroom door was loose. He helped it along with a screw driver. With an adjustment to the hinges, it made the door pop open on a breeze and swing inward several inches before the carpet stopped it. Several times, he innocently popped it open a crack and then quickly left. The first few times he did this, he could hear his mother come out into the hall.

"Matt," she had called. Luckily, he was in the kitchen by then and he didn't have to fake not being around.

After several days of this, she had even asked him to fix the door for her.

"I will, Mom, but school work is keeping me really busy," he had replied.

By the following week, he assumed she had gotten used to the broken door.

It was a Monday and she had just gotten out of the shower. He had quietly popped the door and then waited a minute to see if she noticed. Then, using his phone camera, he laid it on the floor and angled it around the edge of the door.

That's how he managed to get his first few pictures of his mother. Unluckily, she had time to get her panties and bra on before he did. Fortunately, she had not put on anything else yet.

Matt had to admit she was fucking hot. He had to shift his groin to make room for his boner. He had been trying to deny it for the last year or so, but his desire for his own Mom had blossomed. Maybe it was all the stalking around, trying to get compromising pictures of her for Andy. Whatever it was, it was no longer deniable.

He was so into it, he almost forgot to snap a few pictures! He quickly snapped some more shots before she got dressed.

Matt kept this up for about a week. Some days turned out to be better than others. He still hesitated before taking them, but he became a little bolder with each passing day.

On Thursday, Matt hit the jackpot. Wendy was having trouble finding a bra, so she was still topless when Matt got the camera in place. Still, she was facing away. He did manage to get one picture of the side of her breast and a little of one nipple. However, he was too far away to get any great shots.

"Look at those amazing tits," Andy had told him when he shared the pictures with him.

"I know," Matt automatically agreed.

Andy looked over at Matt. "You have the hots for your Mom, don't you?"

Matt blushed. "Yeah," he admitted. "Fuck, yeah," he agreed more heartily.

Matt looked over to see how Andy would react. Andy's concerned look broke into a grin. "I can understand why," he consoled Matt. Then, after a long pause, he told Matt, "I must admit my own mother-lusting."

They both laughed in relief. It was so good to be able to admit that to someone. They still wanted to fuck each other's mothers, but now they wanted to fuck their own mothers as well.

It made sharing pictures with each other much easier. "You can see some of her nipple in this one," Matt bragged. Sure, they saw more from Internet porn, but there was something extremely sexy in seeing your own mother in the nude.

On Friday, Matt rushed to get into place and the floor board squeaked. When Matt slid the camera into place, floor level, he saw his Mom glancing at the door. She had her towel clenched to her chest and was looking right at his position, except at waist level. He quickly withdrew his phone, the last thing he had seen was her heading his way. He combat crawled backwards into the bathroom, closing the door but keeping it from latching.

"Matt?" she hollered from behind her door.

"Yeah, Mom?" he hollered back from the bathroom.

"Oh, I just wondered where you were," she told him.

That was close. It took about ten minutes for his nerves to calm down.

That night, he found Rob, one of the men from their church, at the house. He was working on her door.

"I know you have been busy, so I asked Rob to take a look at the door," she told him.

"Just a few loose screws," Rob diagnosed. "Now it is as good as new."

"Thanks," Wendy smiled. Matt hoped his blush wouldn't give him away.

Emboldened by Matt's success, Andy tried to tweak the shade in his mother's bathroom up and sneak a few pictures from outside. The first night, all he could make out was a blurred image through the steamed up window. Next, he did the same to the shades in her room. That night, when his mother took an evening shower, he went to her bedroom window and snapped some pictures. The ground outside her window dropped off a little and he had to stand on a bucket with the camera over his head to get any pictures. He basically had to snap pictures blindly and hoped for the best.

Out of the more than 100 pictures he took, he managed to get about fifteen good shots. One included a frontal picture of Denise, but his hand had been moving at the time and it was a little blurry. The next time he tried, his mother had already reclosed the shades.

Still, it wasn't enough for either boy.

Matt had come up with the idea of saving their money up and buying a spy camera. He had heard about them and even looked at some up online. Andy eagerly agreed with him. It would need to be small, high quality, wireless and steam proof. The last specification came from Andy after his frustrating attempt at taking pictures through the bathroom window. And the bathroom would be the best place to get pictures of Wendy and Denise in the nude.

The camera, wireless adapter and battery power supply would cost them about $180. Matt figured he had about $30 stashed away and Andy thought he had close to $30 himself. If they both skipped a couple lunches for the next month or two, that would give them another $50. It would still leave them $70 short.

"I know," Matt thought. "We could make our own fundraiser."


"Yeah. You know, sell candy bars for charity," he continued.

"What charity would that be?" Andy asked.

"The Boy's Club?"

They both laughed.

"I know," Andy burst out with a grin on his face. "We could raise money for breast cancer awareness. I mean that's what we're trying to do, get a better awareness of our moms' breasts, right?"

Matt laughed with him before he got serious. "That might just work. It's a great idea indeed. We could use some of mom's pink sewing ribbon and tie little pink ribbons around the candy bars. I bet you we can make tons of money."

And so they did. They made about $300 selling candy bars before a teacher caught Matt selling one. Even then, their teacher had been reluctant to stop them at first, knowing it was for the sake of such a good cause. Their teacher had them stop and told them they would have to get it approved by the office before they could do it again though. That was alright for Matt and Andy. After all, they already had more than enough money to put their plan into motion.

They had been so consumed about getting the money, they hadn't thought about how they would purchase it. Could teenagers just buy something like that legally? Neither of them had a credit card to buy it online.

After talking about it for a while, Matt reluctantly agreed to ask his dad for it the next time he was around.

"What would you need this for?" Dad asked at his son's query soon after he arrived home to stay for a weekend before leaving again on Monday.

"I don't know Dad, I just thought it would be fun to have," Matt replied lamely.

Matt's dad just ruffled his hair. "I was your age once, you know. And damn, I wish they had had these when I was a kid," he said.

"Sorry Matt ... I could get in trouble if someone thought you did something illicit with it."

However, even though his dad had refused to buy him one, the camera Matt and Andy wished for turned up in a package addressed to George's son and no return address several weeks later. It most likely came from his dad, he decided. This would give his dad plausible deniability. Matt got the camera and his dad could not be held responsible.

But who would use it first?

This was a point of contention. Neither of them wanted to be the first one to use it. What the hell would happen if they got caught?

"Listen ... I got the camera, so it only seems right that you would be the first to use it."

"That's not fair," Andy complained.

It went back-and-forth like that for a while but, in the end, they agreed Andy to be the one to give the camera a try.

The camera was a little square 1" x 1" black box. Where could they hide it? Luckily, they had been working on that while raising the money for the camera. Each of them had gotten a wooden razor box. It had a silky tray that held their razors. This lifted off and a small cup of old fashioned solid shaving cream and a shaving cream brush were stored there. This section was deep enough to hold the camera and the equipment. The exterior had an intricately carved surface that hid several holes they had drilled into them. They plugged the holes until the camera arrived.

Matt had put his wooden razor box on the back of their toilet several weeks ago. He arranged it so that it faced the entrance to the bath tub.

"A razor box?" Wendy had inquired when Matt had first bought it. "I have never heard of such a thing. And why do you need one? You hardly have to shave yet."

She hated to admit any sign of him growing up. For Wendy, Matt's Dad was a jerk. She thought all men were assholes and she wasn't ready for Matt to become one of them.

At first, his mother kept moving it to the bathroom closet, but Matt kept placing it on the back of the toilet. After a few days of this, she left it out.

One day, Matt discovered his Mom had gone through his shaving kit. He had balanced a toothpick on the shaving cup. His Mom had knocked it off without realizing it. It seemed to have sated her curiosity as the toothpick was never disturbed again.

Andy was doing the same with his shaving kit at his home. By the time the camera arrived, their mothers were used to having the shaving boxes out.

A couple of days after the camera arrived; Matt spent the night over at Andy's house. They had set the camera up in the box and tested it to make sure it was pointed to the right place. Then, they set the alarm before their usual wake up hour because Denise always got up early. She always felt like it gave her more time to accomplish all the things she needed to do in a day. For her, there was never enough time to finish all you needed to accomplish.

They heard Andy's mom going to the bathroom. The computer was already on and the camera was pointed at the shower. They were ready or, at least, they thought they were ready. As Denise slowly slid off the robe, her back was to the camera and the boys got their first sight of her bare back.

Her shoulders and her back, neither of them had thought something could look so sexy. They had been aiming for her tits or ass or something raunchier, but even her shoulders and her back looked wonderful. The camera caught just the top off her ass-globes. They wished they could remotely move the camera, but that was not to be.

However, she then started to turn around and hanged a rope on the hook right by the cupboard. Her hands were up and her tits were on complete display. They had always thought she had beautiful tits, but now they knew for a fact she actually had beautiful tits. Beautiful, wonderful, glorious and big tits. They looked so smooth and silky, and her dark nipples proudly stood in front of them. They wished they could reach through the screen and touch them.

They quickly took some stills to remember this fateful moment while recording the video.

Denise turned back and walked towards the shower. It was a 10 minutes wait before her shower finished, and the light was fucked up to boot, but then they got a chance to see her come out and it was even better than when she had gone in because she took the towel off and started drying her back. She dried her back with the towel while facing the camera. They could see her tits jiggle and wiggle, her beautiful, pendulous and gorgeous boobs swaying back-and-forth as she went with her business.

Watching Denise, Matt realized that he did not only want pictures of his own mother, Wendy, he also wanted to fuck her. He wanted to fuck his pretty, wonderful, glorious and sexy mother. He wanted to stroke his hands over her ass and smother her with kisses. We wanted to stick his dick up her pussy. He wanted to fucker her so damn much!!

Matt also knew he wanted the fuck Andy's mom, Denise. He already knew he wanted to stick his cock in her but, right at that moment; it was a revelation to him to discover he wanted to fuck his own mother too. Likewise, Andy underwent a similar revelation, which both best friends shared with each other. Sadly, all they could do in that stage was enjoy the pictures and video of them.

After several weeks, the teenagers had collected a boatload of pictures and some nice video footage of their sexy mothers. Unfortunately, their camera experiment did not last long. Matt was handling the camera in the bathroom and putting it in the shaving box when his mom suddenly came in. He managed to knock it into the trash while feigning blowing his nose.

Wendy acknowledged her son was using the premises and immediately turned around without really taking a look, or else she might have spotted the antenna sticking out of the box. Matt was devastated. How would he even tell Andy? They had to be content with the pictures and videos they had already taken and filmed.

But the camera had done its job. They both finally realized that they not only wanted their friend's mother, they also wanted their own mothers. They even wanted their own mothers more than their friend's mother. They wanted their own mothers more than anyone else. However, that would never be, would it?

And that might have been the end of the story, but it was only the beginning.

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