Sensual Sex -literally
Chapter 1: Hard To Believe

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Reluctant, BiSexual, Fiction, Cheating, InLaws, Masturbation,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Hard To Believe - Nikki a lonely newlywed gets opened up to the senses of sex by her father in law

As the morning sun streamed through the Master bedroom window, Nikki Karragan gave a long stretch as she pulled the downy comforter up over her bare shoulders. It was a cold New England morning, and per usual her husband has turned the heat down to a chilly fifty-five,

"Why me," she grumbled to herself. "Fuck getting up, I don't want to get up!"

Slowly rolling over, she glanced at the clock. Why couldn't she be awakened in ways so many other newlywed woman were. It had barely been a full eight months, and already it felt as though she and Dennis were already an old married couple.

She stretched out her arms until her hand reached the drawer next to her.

Her fingers began to feel for what she needed.

"There, that's it!" She purred with satisfaction, and picked up what her fingers had found.

"Come to momma, Lover" she said in a seductive tone as she pulled the thick nine-inch vibrator to her. Sitting up in bed, she looked at it, gazing with loving adoration. This baby had gotten her through many difficult times. Still she could not help but wonder why being married had ended up being so lonely.

Dennis had been a sugar daddy when they had been dating. He was twelve years her senior, and had spoiled her rotten. At the time she thought how he was concerned about his mother was sweet. Surely a man who cares about his mother had to be a good catch, but shortly after the honeymoon, things had taken a dramatic turn for the worst. Dennis's mother had begun to slip further into her own little world, and he was content to follow by her side, the consummate good son.

She slid the toy beneath the sheets, twisting the base until it hummed, then nestled it in between the folds of her soft pouty pussy lips. Tiny electric tingles began to race through her body.

After all of these years, she still could never quite believe how a vibrator could excite her. Slowly she moved it down to the entrance of her cunt. Closing her eyes, and tipping her head back she shivered as it's vibration aroused her further. These were the mornings she felt alive and vibrant with life. She took a hold of the end tighter, inserting it inch by inch. Her muscles pulsed around the thick cock-shaped buzzing hardness, clutching on it tighter, and tighter. It was not long before the whole length was deep within the depths of her. Succulent juices began dripping down the shaft her toy. Tiny bits of perspiration beaded up, leaving small wet spots on her pillowcase. Arching back and opening her legs wider, she began pumping her toy in and out. With each thrust, she relished the wet sucking noise that she was hearing. She moaned as she continued feverishly moving the vibrating toy into her hungry, sopping snatch.

The fantasy became about being taken in an animalistic way by a policeman's cock. Nikki's young nubile body ached. She longed for a man who would take control of her and her needs, and for some reason men in uniform got her off.

The sudden gushing of her own fluids took her by surprise, and her body began to spasm. With ragged breaths, she struggled to regain control.

Once again, Miranda, their housekeeper would be changing soiled sheets.

Nikki laughed to herself that Miranda thought she and Dennis were such over-sexed newlyweds. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Glancing at the clock, Nikki suddenly remembered that she and her husband had an appointment with her mother- in –law's doctor. Nikki leapt up from the bed, leaving crumpled sheets and a wet spot.

There wasn't much time for a shower, but perhaps perfume would cover the sweet musky scent of her morning encounter.

Fumbling through her drawer, she grabbed a black thong and some thigh-high sheer nylons. Her pinstriped skirt hung off the bathroom door along with a black silk blouse. There was no time to be slow with the dressing, as she was already running late. She pulled the thong on, the tiny piece of fabric barely covering her engorged pussy lips, and the thin string snuggling deep into her ass crack.

The thigh-high nylon accentuated her long shapely legs, and the tight hip hugging barely knee length skirt hugged her curvaceous hips. Looking in the full-length gold gilded mirror, Nikki took to buttoning up the elegant low cut blouse, leaving just a few buttons undone to show off a little cleavage. The final touch though, was the 6-inch black heels.

Leaning down she picked up her purse, and made her way slowly down the staircase.

Grabbing her coat and scarf off the hooks by the back door, she slipped into the garage.

Taking one look at her silver Porsche Panamera, patted the hood and said, "Let's go baby, I've got to fly!""

She hit the garage door opener as she started the car up Then backing out, turned to the left and skidded out like a mad woman.

South Brook Retirement home was only twenty minutes away, and the doctor was meeting her and Dennis in the conference room.

Usually Nikki had opted to turn up some music as trying to change her mood was a chore. Nothing was more depressing then a nursing home. It was such a dismal place to be. Still there were things from the night before that Dennis had said that had totally thrown her for a loop.

Dennis had come home from visiting his mother into the wee hours of the morning.

He was so intent that she wake up and listen to what happened while he was visiting his mother.

"Nikki I swear she actually recognized me this time. She told me to sit closer, and she told me the truth ... she finally told me the truth about why she had lost her mind"

"My father cheated on her Nik. She wept just talking about it. She told me about his trips, ones he had said were business trips. Lauren, his secretary had shown her his itinerary. This Island," Dennis had said with disgust, 'This Island, Fakahina, owned by this sick man named Enguerrand Slade, that's where he had been the whole time."

Nikki had sat up watching Dennis pace and flail his arms.

"So who is Enguerrand Slade exactly," she remembered asking.

The answer however, seemed fictional.

"He's a sexually depraved pervert, mum said, who runs this resort full of trained women. I guess it would be easier to call it a type of a whorehouse, only these whores are trained. They are born and bred on that island, and trained to sexually please any man who comes to the resort."

"When my mum found this out, she could not live with herself. She was overwhelmed, it wasn't long after this that she went insane, and who could blame her"

"Fuck, what was he thinking, and why did he need something that elaborate? Most men who are going to cheat at least have the decency to cheat locally."

Nikki shook her head to stop herself from thinking of her Father–in-law as she pulled onto the off-ramp.

At 12:51 pm, she pulled into the parking lot of South Brook. Finding a spot to park that was close to the main entrance, she caught sight of Dennis in her review mirror. He was pacing, and smoking. She put the car into park and threw her head back. Closing her eyes, she took three deep breaths.

"GOD DAMN IT," she thought, "Why is he always so hyper tense when it comes to Alice? The woman is feeble and totally in fruit loop land. She doesn't even know who he is anymore!"

Nikki had watched Dennis since they had begun dating. Now, in the last eight months since the wedding, Alice had gone to hell in a hand basket. Dennis being her only son felt obligated to be by her side as much as possible. By doing so, he had totally pushed Nikki to the side and had torn a huge hole in their relationship.

Nikki opened her door, sliding out her shapely legs, and stood by the car. She bit her lip suppressing an approving smile, as she watched the gardener turn his head to get a closer look at her.

She tried at times to dress proper, but she was only twenty-five, and she felt that 'A woman has to dress her age'.

Buttoning up her short black dress coat, and wrapping a cashmere russet scarf around her neck, she walked slowly towards her husband.

Dennis shook his head from side to side with disappointment.

Her mood changed instantly.

"You know, it's really a pity you can't appreciate me like that gardener over there has been from the moment I stepped out of the car."

Dennis glanced over at the gardener, who began looking down to try to cover his actions.

"Nikki, that isn't important!" He scolded, "The Doctor has been waiting for us for ten whole minutes. Where have you been?"

Nikki struggled not to meet his hostile tone.

"I'm here now aren't I, and why is it that I even matter? You are the son. My thoughts don't count for shit in any of this and you know it! So tell me, why can't you handle this without me? She's not my mom Dennis, she's yours."

His eyes instantly took on that of a puppy, "Nikki I need you, I'm all alone in this."

Sighing, she took his hand. "Fine let's get this over with then."

Her high heels clicked as they walked down the halls to the conference room. Doctor Brecker stood up as they entered the room. His eyes running over Nikki's delicious form as she removed her coat, revealing her silky low cut black top with an adorably snug short pin stripped skirt. She gave him a nod, smiling in approval at the attention.

Dennis did not even notice, as usual.

"So, what's going on with Mum?" he asked nervously, Dr. Brecker looked down at his notes, then up again. Clearing his throat, he began.

"Your Mother's body is shutting down Mr. Karragan, I know you haven't wanted to hear this, and I understand ... but you need to make arrangements. I can refer you to an excellent bereavement counselor. She can help you with the steps you are going to need to take."

Dennis threw his head into his hands, and then pulled them slowly down over his face as though doing his best to regain his composure.

"I am fully capable of making arrangements Doctor. I have been overseas, fighting in a war you could not begin to understand. If I am capable of doing that, then be certain I can make arrangements for my mother."

Nikki noticed her husband gritting his teeth as he fought to stay in control of his emotions.

"Fine ... fine then," Doctor Brecker said calmly as he got up and pushed his chair back under the table. "I will leave a list of what needs to be done with you, and you can call me with any questions."

Nikki went to reach for the list but Dennis beat her to it. She then grabbed her coat throwing it over her shoulders.

Both of them bid the Doctor goodbye.

Dennis turned to her, "Go home Nikki, you're right this is my deal."

"You know you aren't all alone hun," she replied. "There is your mother's sister; Mage isn't it, as well as your father. Even through you're mad at him for cheating on your mother; he has always done right by you with schooling and your career ... so you might think on calling him as well."

With a quick peck on the cheek, she turned and walked down the hall her hips swaying seductively.

One thing was very true of Nikki, she knew she was hot, and though she loved her husband, she was not averse to making damn certain she got attention from whoever was willing to look her way.

Getting into her car, she threw in her Christina Augulara's 'Dirty'. As the song began to play, she turned it up, stomped on the gas, and sped out of the parking lot, leaving her husband standing in a cloud of dust.

Once on the Freeway she set the cruise control. "Time to have some of my own fun," She thought.

Her right hand then slowly slipped easily down to her lacey little black thong. Her fingers then slid under the tiny piece of fabric that barely covered her moist pussy. Thigh high stockings sure came in handy when she desired these moments. The traffic was relatively slow, and she knew the ride home was going to be a treat for her.

Her middle finger easily parted her pussy lips to find her swollen clit.

She then began making lazy circles around it. Soon she was feeling the rush of tingles, and the slow building up. God it felt good, the moments that she spent alone now days. She knew where she needed to be touched, and could achieve the strongest orgasms without her husband now. She had become her own affair, longing for time alone.

With one hand on the steering wheel and the other hand diddling her succulent snatch, she could feel the heat between her thighs mingling with her slippery moisture. Soon her long middle finger began pumping into her honey hole, and working her pussy roughly. Arching her back, she felt her first rush of cum and her hand becoming wet with her own juices. Her mind came to when she heard the honking of a truck. Looking out her side window, she noticed the truck driver. He lowered his sunglasses and nodded approvingly as he looked down at her. She wondered how long he had been watching.

Lifting her fingers up she wiggled them in a wave to him then stuck her finger in her mouth to suck off her juices in front of him.

A big Cheshire grin now covered his face, and he honked his horn again as his truck sped on past her.

"Damn!" she thought, "what is wrong with me?"

If she had only been braver, she might have had a real affair.

Feeling a need to climax still, she quickly pulled off the freeway and to the side of the road. Throwing the car into park she spread her legs, it was as though her right hand had a mind of its own. She leaned back listening to the squishing wet sound as she moved two fingers into her canal. With her left hand, she began pinching her left nipple hard. She closed her eyes allowing herself to envision this fantasy man fucking ... him filling her ... GAWD she ached to feel him in her real life. Throwing her head back, she felt the gushing flow of her own cum squirting hard. She clenched her teeth bearing down, and letting it loose. Soon the seat was soaked, and the scent of her womanly aroma permeated the car.

"Well," she thought, "it's not the first time, and it won't be the last I'm sure"

As she was regaining her composure, her cell phone rang. It was Dennis.

Taking a deep breath, she put it on speakerphone so he would not suspect that she had pulled off the road.

"Nikki? Are you almost home?"

"Of course hun, just a few blocks away ... what's up? Are you alright?"

He stammered and she could hear his voice cracking. "nn ... no, Mum crossed over about ten minutes after you left. I broke down and called my father. God Nikki, I don't know if I can take seeing him! He's meeting me tomorrow at the house. He's ummm, trying to catch a red eye out tonight"

Nikki froze; everything was getting hard to believe. Her voice caught in her throat, and as she struggled to speak, just then the phone went dead.

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