Birthday Surprise
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Bonnie Ghurl

BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Don wanted to make Sylvia's Birthday one she would never forget.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Romantic   NonConsensual   Heterosexual   BDSM   DomSub   Spanking   Rough   Gang Bang   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Sex Toys   Slow  

Don had just finish setting up the motel room for Sylvia's Birthday surprise.

He had actually spent months planning every little detail without Sylvia knowing a thing.

A bit of background, the couple regularly spiced things up with BDSM. Sylvia a natural submissive, Don a Dominant with some devious ideas in his head. However Don didn't have the same sexual appetite as Sylvia. She was a dream with how her mind worked. Straight laced on the outside, but a sexual deviant on the inside. Don often took pleasure in her begging him for sex or to restrain her, to whip her, to use her. Sadly Don just could not keep up with her, but bless her heart Sylvia claimed it didn't matter to her.

Through out their relationship they had often discussed fantasies. True Sylvia's list was never ending and Don had lived out most of his before meeting Sylvia so he just tried to fulfill some of hers.

Sylvia had quietly hinted about her fantasy to be used by many men, or to be used non consensually but had quickly laughed it off stating she could never be raped by Don when she was always horny.

One night after a few too many drinks Don had brought the rape problem to his Mens BDSM club. Expecting to hear a few of the other men say they had the same problem in this relationship or that one through the years. Instead what he got was Michael grinning like a Cheshire cat suggest "Why don't we help you with that one?"

Yes, that's how it began. Michael's suggestion that it could be done. Then for the last 6 months, or more, the guys planned to help Don make this a Birthday that Sylvia would never forget. And hopefully love in the end Don thought to himself.

Sylvia arrived at the motel as planned for 3pm. The clerk gave her a key to the room and an envelope.

"Enjoy your stay Ma'am. And please let me know if you need anything" The young lad smiled at Sylvia. She returned the smile and headed back out across the parking to the room indicated on the key.

She had to admit, Don's birthday idea had come out of the blue, but made her skin flush thinking about the excitement! Reading the letter Sylvia's steps got faster, wanting to be in the room now!

:my dear lil birthday slut,

I am heading out to get a few last surprise items and should arrive about 45 minutes after you.

While I am gone, please have a shower to freshen up. Careful not to get your hair wet if you can, I want to run my hands through it later.

After your shower, I have a sexy little corset set out for you. Please put on the matching ankle and wrist cuffs, followed by the ear plugs and blind fold.

When you are all set, wait on the bed for me. On your hands and knees, facing away from the door.

I intend to make this a very special birthday. :

Sylvia unlocked the door and glanced around the room.

Laying out on the bed was a black and red corset that looked like it would push out her breasts showing off the curves rather than protecting them. It was laced up the front, with a couple of metal rings sewn into the fabric down the center of the back. There were red silk panties sitting on top of black fish net stockings and a black garter.

On the chair beside the door was Don's bag of rope, and on the dresser his whips, nipple clamps, lube, Icy Hot and a few other items.

Sylvia was getting wet just looking around. As she set her purse down on the side table her cell went off. Her phone was customized for Don with a specific ring and then text to voice.

"kisses hope you got into the room no problem. See you soon" the mechanical voice read the message out loud. Sylvia smiled, grabbed the phone and texted back "Yes, just getting into shower. Xoxo"

With that Sylvia went about showering and then dressing while watching the clock. She wanted everything to be perfect and ready before Don got back to the room. She saw that it had been about 40 minutes already so she rushed to snap the garter into place, checking her cuffs were secure, before reaching over to turn on her mp3 player so that there would be ambient noise in the room. She didn't want the neighboring rooms to hear what was hopefully going to be taking place for quite some time.

Blushing and giggling to herself she put the ear plugs in, slid the blindfold into place and crawled into place on the bed.

Sylvia had no idea how much time had passed. The blindfold wasn't some cheep piece of cloth, it was black leather with a fuzzy liner that made it impossible for any light to make it through, and the ear plugs muffled most of the noise but she could still hear the faint base from her mp3. She could feel the dampness gathering on the red silk panties as her anticipation continued to build.

Just as she was silently begging Don to get here soon, she felt the air pressure in the room change. The door? Straining, she couldn't hear anything, and then the pressure changed again. The door closing maybe?

A single finger touched the bottom of her foot, making Sylvia involuntarily giggle from the ticklish feeling. The finger slowly slid over the stockings moving towards her knee, then up towards her hip. Sylvia shivered in response. Her head also began to drop as she easily slipped into her submissive mode, as she called it.

A hand then spread out over her lower back between the panties and the corset. Resting on the skin for a moment, enticing shivers and goose bumps.

SMACK! The hand lifted and spanked her ass so suddenly Sylvia was taken aback for a brief second, then she moaned. The lack of vision and sound changed everything for her. If she didn't know better she would swear it wasn't Don touching her. The sensory deprivation was taking over and warping everything, and she loved it, gave into it.

The hand then traveled up her back to the nape of her neck. Fingers entwined into her long thick hair, forcefully pulling her head up and back. Sylvia could feel the heat of his body before his breath tickled her ear. The tip of his tongue slipped out to trace the outer edge of her ear, then down to the nape of her neck. A gentle kiss made the wet spot on her panties larger, then he bit. Gentle at first, making tiny gasps of "yes, oh please yes" escape her lips. Then he bit down, HARD, leaving a mark and making Sylvia both yelp and then a deep throated moan.

The hands suddenly vanished. Sylvia fought to compose herself. Straining she tried to hear his movements but gave up quickly when she realized she could only hear the loud beating of her own heart.

Hands appeared on Sylvia's feet again. This time gently tugging at her to move down towards the end of the bed.

Sylvia was made to stand at the foot of the bed and felt the hands attach her ankle cuffs to the bed legs, making it impossible for her to close her legs. She always enjoyed the feeling of being bound, being forced to endure what ever Don had in mind. She couldn't help but smile.

The hand was back in her hair, grasping rough and hard, pulling her back as lips moved down from her shoulder to one of her breasts as his free hand reaching up to caress the other exposed breast. Gentle strokes from the lips, tongue and finger tips all at the same time has Sylvia's knees almost buckling under her.

His body moved in behind Sylvia, still grasping her hair, but turning it into a pony tail and applied rope. Sylvia felt the rope drop down her back when he moved away from her again. Her brain was constantly working, trying to discover what he was doing next.

Sylvia felt something metal against her lips and eagerly opened wide as a ring gag was locked in place with a couple of leather straps and clicks.

Next she was gently bent over the bed. Sylvia felt him moving around and locking her hands into place so that she could barely hold her self up on the bed. Her hands gripped at the edge of the bed as she felt his body weight on the bed in front of her.

Sylvia chuckled in her head as the thought "I hope i don't drool on him too much" entered her head. Of course she would, that was part of the idea of a ring gag. Wasn't it?

As hands moved to remove the ear plugs the music suddenly filled Sylvia's world again. Everything was very loud as she had to adjust to the sounds around her again.

A hand reached up, pulling her head down. Sylvia knew she was about to have a cock fill her mouth, and the thought of the ring gag forcing her to be an open hole made her cream even more. No matter what was going to happen, already it was the best birthday ever!

A ringing broke through the music.

A ringing that made Sylvia panic and start to pull back without thinking.

A digital voice came from the bed stand "Sorry babe. I am going to be late. I got a flat. Watch a movie and relax, I will be there ASAP"

If that was Don texting her, then who the hell was about to stick their cock in her mouth?

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