Samantha's Sex Lesson
Chapter 1: Arranging a Lesson

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Erotica Story: Chapter 1: Arranging a Lesson - Mandy is worried that her developing daughter Samantha will end up pregnant if she doesn't take action quickly. She recruits Aaron to teach Samantha a lesson about what teen aged boys want to do to her even though he's an adult now. But what lesson will Aaron teach and what lesson will Samantha learn?

Caution: This Erotica Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Fiction   First   Oral Sex   Petting  

"Observe children as they are learning these fables and you will see that when they come to make an application of them they almost always adopt one contrary to the intention of the author and that instead of becoming conscious of the fault of which they are to be cured or from which they are to be preserved they are inclined to love the vice which turns the faults of others to profitable account." -- Rousseau

Aaron and Mandy were voice chatting as they played an online video game. "I swear, I can't believe how fast Samantha is growing up!" Mandy commented as they were waiting for a level to load. "I mean, the kid is outgrowing all her B-cup bras, and now that she's turned fourteen, she wants to start going on dates. No offense intended, but guys are nothing but trouble when it comes to teen age girls. I should know!"

It didn't take a math genius to work out that Mandy had been a teen mother when she gave birth to Samantha based on their ages. Mandy was thirty-one and her daughter had just turned fourteen. Aaron tried to choose his words carefully. "Well, she should listen to your advice, all things considered."

"Oh, she won't listen to me any more than I listened to my mother, and look where that got me! I big belly when I was sixteen and a daughter when I was seventeen," Mandy complained. "What I need is someone who she will listen to and believe when they tell her that boys are all about getting into a girl's pants regardless of what the consequences might be."

"Well, good luck with that," Aaron commented as the round started.

After a few levels of play, Mandy commented, "I wish I could keep progressing, but I need to get dinner started. However, I was thinking about something. Samantha listens to you, and she's always excited when you come over. Why don't you try to convincer her that boys will do nothing but get her into trouble."

"Oh, there is no way I'm going anywhere near that can of worms!" Aaron protested.

"Hear me out. I'll leave you alone with her, and you can explain how stupid guys get when sex is involved, no offense intended, but you know what I mean."

"I do," Aaron agreed.

"You can do whatever it takes, give her flowers, let her drink some wine, feel her up, whatever."

Aaron protested, "You can't be serious!"

"I am serious. Hell, if I time it so that your lesson is right after her period, you can even dump a load of jizz in her belly safely. If she feels you squirting inside her, she'll know how dangerous fooling around with boys can be."

"This is such a bad idea," Aaron said after a long pause.

"Were you rubbing your cock?" Mandy asked. "Is that why you took so long to respond?"

"No!" Aaron protested. "I'm just kind of stunned by your suggestion."

"I bet you're already hard without even needing to rub your cock though," Mandy guessed.

"Um, I'm going to plead the fifth on that one."

"Come on, I'm going to end up with a teen pregnancy on my hands if I don't get some help. You've got to explain to her how dangerous boys are and that it's up to her to make sure they don't get her into trouble."

"If I agree to help, will you remove the idea of me actually having sex with Samantha from the lesson?"

Mandy proposed a different compromise, "How about if I tell Samantha that you're going to talk to her about what boys her age are thinking about, and just between you and I, you're allowed to fuck the kid silly if that's what it takes to get through to her."

"Are you sure that's a good way of going about this? I mean, I'd have to be blind not to notice how Samantha is filling out and looking more grown up every day, but it seems kind of crazy to think that if I have sex with her that she will want sex less."

"Well, when Samantha was a toddler, she kept wanting to put her finger in the flame of candles I would light. No matter how many times I tried to keep her from touching the flame, she still wanted to do it. One day I got fed up with trying to stop her, so I lit a little birthday candle and told her she could touch it. She promplty burned her finger, I gave her the ice bag I had ready since I knew what she would do, and she never tried to mess with my candles again. So yes, I do think that the learning by doing method works for my daughter."

Aaron groaned, "OK, you've convinced me. Tell Samantha that I'll answer her questions about what boys her age are thinking about when it comes to sex."

Mandy laughed, "I see you carefully avoided mentioning my authorization for innovative teaching methods. I won't tell Samantha anything more than that you'll answer her questions, but just between you and me, anything goes when teaching methods are involved."

"Mandy!" Aaron protested.

"I'm just saying," Mandy replied.

Aaron knocked on the frame of Samantha's doorway. "Hey Samantha, I just wanted to check in with you to make sure you were comfortable with the lesson your mom wants me to teach you."

"Oh! Yes! I'm glad you stopped by. I think it's absolutely awesome that you're going to teach me how to have sex!"

"Whoa! That is not what Mandy and I discussed!"

Samantha looked disappointed, "It isn't?"

"Mandy, what have you been telling her?" Aaron yelled.

"I said that you would talk to her about sex from a boy's point of view," came Mandy's voice from upstairs.

Samantha and Aaron could hear Mandy coming down the stairs as Samantha replied, "See, she said you would teach me sex!"

"She said I would teach you about sex," Aaron emphasized.

Mandy added, "I told you she doesn't listen to anything I have to say."

"I could swear you mentioned something about the things a boy would say to have sex with a girl," Samantha protested.

"You do need to cover that," Mandy added.

"Well, there is a big difference between telling you a boy will tell you how pretty you are and how you would look even prettier if you let him take off your shirt and actually having you take your shirt off in front of me."

"Oh, well I guess it's OK if you just tell me what boys are going to try to do. I was kind of hoping you could tell me how to be good at sex so that if I did have sex, not that I'm planning on that, but if I did the boy would think I knew what I was doing."

"Oh good grief," Mandy sighed. "Boys are going to be trying to get into your pants if they think you know nothing about sex. The last thing I want is for you to get a reputation for being a good lay!"

"I don't know if this is a good idea," Aaron commented.

"Don't listen to my Mom Aaron. I want to learn whatever you want to teach me," Samantha pleaded. "Mom is going to cook us some pasta and leave us alone while she goes to watch a movie. Please, please say you haven't changed you mind."

"Well, if you really want to hear what I have to say, I'll still come over tomorrow. But don't think that I'm going to be having sex with you or teaching you how to be good at sex. The main thing I wanted to know is if you felt comfortable with me talking to you about sex, and if anything you feel too comfortable about it. This whole conversation has convinced me that you do need to hear a few things about boys and what they'll try to do."

The night of the arranged lesson, Mandy let Aaron in when he knocked on the door. "Samantha has been practically bouncing off the walls today in anticipation of what you're going to teach her tonight. I've been very clear that you're not planning on actually having sex with her," Mandy stated as Aaron walked into the living room. Then she added in a whisper, "But I want you to know that it's OK with me if you do end up needing to bang the girl to make sure you get through to her."

"Mandy, it's not going to come to that!" Aaron protested.

Just then, Samantha entered the living room with a towel wrapped around her hair and wearing a nightgown. It was clear that those were the only two items made of cloth currently touching her body. Aaron couldn't help but stare as he could see with his own eyes that Samantha's breasts had indeed been growing. The thin cloth clung to her slightly damp body, and Aaron couldn't decide which was more enticing, the outline of her surprisingly large nipples, or the barely concealed patch of pubic hair between her legs.

"Oh yeah, Samantha insisted that it wouldn't be right if she didn't shower before her lesson."

"Good grief girl, you're going to have to get some more clothes on before I can teach you about anything. I can hardly think I'm staring at you so hard."

"I thought that the fewer clothes I had on, the better the lessons would go," Samantha explained.

Mandy replied, "This should be your first lesson. Guys can't think when they see a pretty, nearly naked girl. Aaron's the boss tonight. If he wants you dressed; you'll get dressed."

"Is that what you want Aaron?" Samantha inquired while moving to stand closer to him. All the while she was batting her pretty blue eyes at him."

"Um, yes," Aaron said somewhat reluctantly. "Put on some jeans and a t shirt. With a bra and panties on under them."

"Aww," the girl protested.

"You heard him," Mandy snapped. "I don't want any reports that you weren't a good student. I mean it, you need to do exactly what Aaron tells you to do tonight."

"Don't worry Mom! I'll be good for Aaron."

Aaron's eyes got even wider as he watched the teen's hip sway as she walked out of the living room. "Damn! Normally I like tits a lot more than ass, but she looks good without any panties on!"

"So was seeing Samantha barely dressed like that making it hard to think, or making you hard?" Mandy inquired.

"Both!" Aaron admitted.

"Mom, can I wear one of my new, bigger bras? I know you wanted me to wear the old onces around the house, but they're too tight. They're not comfortable!" Samantha yelled from her bedroom.

"Sure, this lesson is a special occasion. You can wear one of the new ones tonight."

A moment later, Samantha returned to the living room. Her feet were still bare, but she was wearing a jeans and a tight Led Zeppelin t shirt.

"I should really make her get rid of that thing, it's even tighter than her bras have gotten. However, it was one of her dad's shirts and she doesn't want to get rid of it."

"It's OK. I like Led Zeppelin," Aaron said admiring how the tight shirt and bra made Samantha's chest look even larger than it had under the nightgown.

"OK, I'm just about ready to leave you two alone. I'm going to grab something to eat, and then catch a movie. You should have plenty of time to teach her how dangerous boys are when it comes to sex. Samantha, I want you to absorb everything Aaron has to teach you. Do whatever he says, even if you aren't sure what the point of the lesson is immediately."

After Mandy left, Samantha sat down on the couch cross legged. Aaron's mind boggled at the possibility that the teen girl might have done that wearing only her nightgown. That position would have completely exposed her crotch to Aaron if she hadn't changed clothes. Aaron sat down in the couch next to Samantha and tried to clear his thoughts. "Let me start the lesson by asking why you thought I was going to have sex with you?" Aaron asked.

"Well, my mom said something about you answering any questions I had about boys when it came to sex; I wasn't really paying attention to what she said. Everyone says you learn more by doing than you do by talking, so I just assumed I would get the most questions answered if we actually had sex. I was kind of bummed when you and Mom said that's not the kind of lesson you had in mind."

"In general, you do learn more by doing than listening, but some things are sufficiently dangerous that you have to talk about them before you try them. Like you wouldn't want to try to fly a plane without having studied about aviation first. With sex, if you start having sex without taking the proper precautions, you could end up pregnant.

"Everyone knows that. If you have unprotected sex, you can get pregnant."

"So how would you protect yourself?"

"I think there is some sort of pill, but it's really expensive and doesn't protect against diseases. The sex ed class in school said that the only way to be really sure that you didn't get pregnant was to not have sex."

"Well, that's true, and there is a failure rate with all birth control, but if used correctly, the pill and condoms are both very effective at preventing pregnancy. Condoms are also good at protecting you against disease."

"Oh yeah, they mentioned those too, but after class all the girls said the guys complain about wearing them. So good luck with that," Samantha stated. "So, basically, you're screwed all the way around if you want to screw someone. That's why I wanted to have sex with you when Mom told me about this lesson."

"How would that have helped anything? You'd still be at risk for getting pregnant!" Aaron protested.

"Oh, Mom was really insistent on knowing when I had my next period so that there was basically no chance I could get pregnant if we did have sex."

"I knew she implied that I would have sex with you!" Aaron swore.

"See, I wasn't crazy for thinking that."

"Well, I'm not planning on having sex with you, but here is what I do plan. I'll tell you some things boys will say and do to try to get into your pants. I'll tell you why you shouldn't let boys do too much if the two of you are kissing and making out, and I'll make sure to mention some of the really big lies guys will tell just to have sex. You've already heard one in that sex isn't fun if you're wearing a condom. Now, there is some science to explain why it's more fun to not wear a condom, but I'll get to that later."

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