Chapter 1: Fall from Grace

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1: Fall from Grace - Our young heroine's sexuality is fucked up by an encounter with a very friendly dog. She takes his licks and kisses and returns them in spades. They called it puppy love but he shore packed a punch and new how to hit her sweet-spot.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Lesbian  

I'm alone here at Fern Lodge and quietly looking through a few old photos which have lain locked away. Their of myself as a schoolgirl; and in a way they witness my departure from childhood.

I was around fourteen, with my hair still in a pony-tail and Chum looking so macho. Gazing at these snaps now, I can see why they were stowed away; because to be honest they are a bit risqué, even now. This one for example is of me romping with Chum ... on my bed. That would be normal enough for a schoolgirl; except as you can see, I'm naked ... and Chum is, well ... bitching me good.

Yes, I so loved that scrumptious dog. He was my first; that handsome brown muscular mongrel. And it all started here at Fern Lodge, that summer I came home from Greendales.

It had been the death of my father, Dr Benjamin Jones which brought me home from boarding school. Greendale Girls College had been my cosy rural world; with its playing fields, hockey-sticks, gym-slips and school pals. Suddenly that was past for Jade Jones I was now a rather lost and lonely teenager without a father or friend.

Surprisingly it was mother who thought, a little dog could now be the perfect pal for me; how intuitive she proved to be. "When I was your age Jade, I spent hours playing with our little dog in the garden. I loved to dress him up in all sorts! A puppy, that's what you need!"

She'd organised a trip to a dog farm. That morning a sunny spring day promised a tan for my legs. In bravado, I'd worn my short school tennis skirt; minus pants. As we drove through the fresh green lanes of Hertfordshire mother hummed along to the love-song on the radio; I'd joined in adding the lyrics. She'd glanced tenderly and her hand had ran smoothly up into my bare thigh saying softly, " You've rather grown out of this tennis skirt my girl." Her fingers lingered lovingly over my cunt. I'd peered with nonchalance at the scenery; my pulse pumping in the silence.

At Barnet Farm Dog Kennels I followed mother into the makeshift office where she found the man. " Hello, I'm Margo Jones who rang you this morning about wanting a pet dog for my daughter Jade here. Do you remember?"

Mr Percy was a gently spoken man and the owner of the kennels and showing us around explained that many of the dogs were boarding pets while owners were abroad; while others were " orphans" who had somehow been abandoned. He led us to his "Orphanage" and left us to browse. Mother was soon charmed by some cute and cuddly pedigree pooches all vying for her attention. But I was attracted to a handsome two year old brown mongrel whose brown eyes had held my own with fascination. I went to him and stroked him. Looking into his eyes I spoke to him. He began wagging his tail and then was trying to lick me where he shouldn't. He gleefully ignored my protest with his wet snout prodding my sticky cunt. Margo had come over and frowned disapprovingly. I sensed he wasn't the kind of dog she had in mind but I was enraptured. "Oh mother look! Isn't he simply gorgeous! I'm sure he likes me!"

Margo had scanned the mongrel with apprehension but I pleaded to her, " Oh let him be my chum, please!" He'd reared up with paws onto my chest; his damp nose on my lips. Hugging him I exclaimed, " Oh that's it; I'll call him Chum!"

But Margo's view of the pair had fixed her gaze on the dog's cock; jerking between Jade's bare thighs. It released a bolt of guilt buried deep within her. For Margo, the respectable widow of Dr Benjamin Jones and mother of Jade, had in her past, done some bad bitching. She wrestled with her lurid thoughts but then pulling her gaze from the rude sight, retained her prim persona, " Well Jade, you must realise, he'll be quite a hand-full before long, but if you feel you can cope with him ... so be it."

As we prepared leaving the kennels with Chum, Mr Percy had taken me quietly aside, " Well Miss, you've chosen a well endowed dog. I'm pleased for him 'cause I can see you'll really love him. In a way he's a teenager like yourself and full of juice. He'll be needing an eager mate soon if you get my drift. Do what you can for him." His blue eyes twinkled and gave a knowing wink as he shook my hand in farewell. I walked Chum over to the car where mother had the rear hatch open to receive him. I can picture Mr Percy now, with that quizzical smile he gave as we pulled away.

After the excitement of Chum coming into my life I eventually found time to reflect on Mr Percy's little chat with me. I'd guessed it was about Chum's coming of age and able to father puppies ... judging the size of his cock; and I did find the sight of chum's cock lobbing about strangely intriguing. Given the opportunity, I liked to handle it quite a bit. Watching that dark pink cock emerged from it's sheath, glistening in its own juice, that sure did turned me on.

It was one of those moments; we'd gone exploring; running over hill and dale until exhausted. Then gasping for air we hunkered down to hug. With our hearts beating against each other I softly fondled his cock until it peeped out provocatively. My snatch squeezed and juiced with desire. I stared into Chum's eyes and Percy's words came to me " You've chosen a well endowed dog ... plenty of juice ... he needs an eager mate ... do what you can." Surely Percy didn't mean ... that I should... ? My heart was racing and my cunt was pumping at the possibility of the idea. Then came the realisation. Before long, when the time came, I would mate with Chum.

2 : Family Sins

That summer my father's brother had come to live with us. What Uncle Gerald had meant to mother I knew not at the time but she'd asked me to call her Margo rather than Mother.

But I'd found Gerald quite fun around the house after the gloomy time following father's death. Gerald was younger than father and the radio now dispensed pop music rather than talks. He spoke to me like an adult which made me feel good. I suppose I fancied him a bit. I consigned my gym-slip to history and I changed my hair to a loose brown bob which I set off with tiny studs in my earlobes. Soon he began showing how to jive to the tunes on the radio and I was beginning to feel some of the confidence that comes with budding youth.

It was a Sunday which usually meant Margo was at church, in the small chapel, offering not so much a prayer rather than her ritual declaration of past sins; for Margo had a guilt complex.

"O Lord forgive my sins, for It's in a mothers nature to be concerned for her daughter. Even if that mother has not been chaste herself in the past. I strayed from the respectability of my upbringing.

Lord, I was fifteen when I first seduced my brother. It was blasphemous ongoing sex Lord, which led us deeper into further obscenities induced by the Devil himself. It was my fall from grace. Forgive me heavenly father. Amen." Then, having thus completed her purge Margo set off for the refreshing walk home.

While mother was at church, I'd asked Gerald about his photographic stuff he was busy with in the study. Gerald began explaining about artistic portraits and how he loved taking them. "Take yourself now for instance, an ordinary looking schoolgirl; but you could be made to look special."

"A portrait of me look special! Your kidding me." I said.

"Sure, your green eyes have a photogenic quality that would stand out in a portrait and your dinky breast could be made to appear more prominent".

Although embarrassed I asked, " More prominent, how?"

"Well, if you'd like me to take a trial shot, I'll show you." he smiled.

I agreed and he began arranging his tripod and camera. Then he turned his attention to me.

He arranged me on his chair and stood behind me. Then unbuttoning my blouse he fondled one if my tits; explaining that a little physical stimulation would bring an all important bloom to the skin. I was dazed. But he continued explaining that although my breasts were small they would hang in a nicely pointed curve once he'd got the nipples to swell. Not wishing to appear like a silly nervous girl, I kept calm. He then worked on the other one and felt myself juicing-up below. Falling into a stupor my head lolled to rest against what felt like a large frankfurter resting on my neck. It dawned on me that it was Gerald's cock. " Now Jade, how do they feel?" he whispered.

Bewildered I said " It's rather making them smart a little now uncle"

"Yes well their ready now Jade." Then he was explaining how the light and shade falling on my breast would create an artistic symphony of contrasts; and this, he wanted to capture with his camera. Then gazing at me he suddenly he took the shot. "Beautiful" he croaked.

It had all been rather fun; until my mother unexpectedly appeared. She'd stopped in her tracks to survey my nubile semi-clad form. Then with steely cold eyes she'd said softly,

"Jade, I had hoped that having an attentive well-hung dog would be enough to keep you satisfied! If I find you getting fresh with Gerald again, I'll see to it that you return to boarding school."

She'd paused looking disparagingly at Gerald, then to me again adding, "Button-up your blouse and leave, while I talk with your Uncle Gerald." Mother had made it obvious I had been guilty of enticing her man. I felt so utterly foolish. In a tearful mist of humiliation and confusion, I'd made my retreat to the garden where the sound of a song-thrush filled the air and Chum's wet mussel came into my hand. I looked into his comforting eyes. I needed his warm body against mine. Together then, we'd slipped off to our secret hide-away. In the darkness of our little den I had buried my hands and head deep in the comforting warmth of his loins. finding his juicy cock, I suckled from him. I juiced up and parting my thighs Chum began snouting my snatch and when the nibbling reached my clitoris I climaxed for the first time. My schoolgirl crush on Chum had now transgressed into a taboo activity; and I was in heaven.

3. Family Snaps

The following week-end came with summers first really hot sunshine and the scent of freshly blooming roses filled the still air. The vivid blue sky were sparsely streaked in high stratus cloud.

Both mother and I are sunbathing in our new bikini- swimsuits on the grass beside the little pool. Music filters around us from the radio. Gerald had set up the cocktail trolley, and mother even invites me to share a drink. " Come on Jade, your old enough now for a cocktail; Gerald, mix her a stiff Martini!"

The cocktail tasted good and its heady effect gave me a pleasant feeling that was relaxing. Margot was chatting with me like a friend and we giggled together over Gerald's antics to persuade us to pose for his photos. Eventually we pose together in our bikinis for him. " Oh how I love to see girls in bikinis!" he said taking the snap. " Well, mother laughed, you need to get yourself of to France Gerald, they're all sunbathing top-less over their these days, Oo la la!"

Gerald replied impishly, "Must I travel all the way to France when I have my own two beauties here on the lawn in England?" Mother laughed and waved her finger at him, " Oh you naughty flatterer, your daring me, well just for that I am going to do it, so there! And with that she unhooked her top, unveiled her breast and struck a pose. She had a pair to be proud of; capped off with large ruby nipples.

Gerald tip-toed theatrically to her and swivelled her gently for the best light and and then stepping back took the shot. " That's a great one for the album Honey!" he chuckled.

Mother was so pleased with herself but then turned with pursed lips studying me, " Hey, come on Jade, get your top off and have one taken for the album!" she encouraged.

I froze at the thought of how little bust I had to show... " Oh ... No thanks all the same." I stammered.

Mother gave a knowing glance to Gerald, " Ahw, you was eager enough with Gerald?" she gibed warmly.

This was difficult. If I refused, I was spurning acceptance and friendship; yet in front of mother it felt demeaning. Gerald came up close and softly spoke to me a moment. I'm not sure what he said but I gave willing smile and unhooked my bikini-top. Then looking mother in the eye, I pulled the top away and brushed my naked breast casually with my wrist. Gerald gently cheered and swayed to the music.

Margo raised her glass to me in acknowledgement and we exchanged a smile; then facing Gerald I struck a pose and my topless snap was taken. " Well done darling, your a good sport." smiled mother giving me a hug and a kiss.

"This is marvellous!" cried Gerald going to the cocktail trolley, we've all earned another drink!"

So there we were, a topless mother and daughter gathered round the trolley sipping cocktails when Uncle Gerald suggest an artistic shot of us in an Italianate embrace.

Margot says its a nice idea but I'm alarmed. Gerald's voice soothes me as he guides me into place. My face flushed hotly as I'm taken into mothers naked embrace, Gerald is pleased; her hips are against my own; my snatch is pulsating; the shot is taken.

"Beautiful darlings! And now the kiss!" Called out Gerald. Her lips come onto mine but I suddenly pull away from her and leaving their laughter behind me I retreat indoors.

I'd gone to my cool bedroom where Chum was lying on my bed. He sniffed and wagged his tail in welcome. His mere presence acted as a sedative; relieving my stress and injecting calm into me. Cooing to him, I shuck'd my sticky bikini onto the floor, ready to shower. His moist snout nudged into my damp snatch and gave it a lick; it felt so good. Chum had then lain out luxuriously on my bed, his doleful eyes glued to mine. I smiled and knew what that devil wanted. The invitation to stroke his loins was irresistible and I quietly sat beside him feeling a deep desire simply to have him close to me. A sexual sensation had began to creep over me and I felt guilty about it.

You see, at that point I knew had a choice. I could have told Satan to go to hell; put my knickers back on and remained normal. Or I could succumb to a fuck that would blow my virginity and my place in heaven, to kingdom come.

Absorbed in his long silky form, my fingers were running across his warm belly and into his warm loins, sending a sweet sensation through my own. My hands were now stroking gently over the sheath which I knew housed his cock. Previously it had excited me, when emerging from it's pouch during our cuddles; now again it protruded rudely in my hand; about five inches, its pink tip glistening invitingly. Chum was panting gently, his eyes on mine. Surely, I thought, he isn't after sex with me?

I felt a strange, shameful sensation; that my caresses were arousing Chum. With beating heart my hands gingerly stroked his sheath and his cock expanded into a throbbing pink cucumber.

I gazed in wonder at it's swollen beauty.

I imagined sucking it and my snatch was juicing up shamefully. His panting had become quicker and I realised he was on course to ejaculate. My heart raced with excitement.

In the Bible, Adam's enticement into sin was the shiny red apple held out by Eve. For me it was this throbbing red shaft of Chum's that was my downfall.

I gazed into his eyes. Did he sense what I felt? He raised his moist nose for me to kiss, as my fingers further coaxed his sheath and I gasped as Chum's huge shaft became fully exposed. Chum was panting hard now ... and I was perspiring. Then bewilderingly, Chum was astride me!

His warm fur was against my skin, his cock shunted rapidly against my rump. I so wanted it inside me. I reached behind for his shaft; but then I froze and my heart lurched with shame.

For there in my doorway; mesmerised with his camera in hand, stood Uncle Gerald.

4.Gerald's Fantasy

The following morning I awoke to a blissful sunny day but yesterday's event frowned on me.

I'd got into my bikini and along with a book, gone into the garden to be alone and sunbathe.

Before long though Gerald appeared and silently sat on the grass close beside me.

I completely ignored him. For what he'd seen of the fleeting bedroom incident had left me in a state of anxiety; he'd appeared and then disappeared and I'd dashed into the shower embarrassed.

Now, sat before him in my bikini, I again felt nervous and vulnerable.

When he did speak though, his gentle acquiescence came as a relief.

"I'm so sorry Jade. Really, I only meant to snap you for fun ... then realised what a bloody fool I was; and fled ... I'm really sorry Jade."

Silence hung while I took in what he had said. My anxiety lowered. " Have you told Margo?"

"Margo? good heavens Jade, no!" he spluttered.

"Oh no! because she'd call you a Peeping Tom! So, did you take a photo? " I demanded crossly.

Gerald apologetically handed me an envelope. " It's in here with the negative Jade."

Resentful, I snatched it from his hand. "Well thanks, you're a real sport Gerald!" I sang sarcastically as I tucked it into the book.

"Destroy it if you choose, but I feel it's worth keeping." he said defensively.

Turning my back on him, I added curtly, "Oh do you! Well perhaps now your satisfied!"

Again a silence hung on the air.

Then I felt his breath on my neck and his finger brushing the strap of my bikini-top. His voice was soft and sexy now, "Seeing you with Chum was something rare and beautiful Jade. I fled because I felt unworthy to be present."

His words came as a strange revelation to me. " How do you mean? " I asked meekly.

His hands gently swivelled me round to face him. Then leaning forward he began whispering in my ear. He spoke of lurid acts between a dog and myself. His hand slid up my naked thighs then onto my snatch. His voice was lulling me into submission; my thighs had opened, a finger teased my clitty. I was being seduced on the lawn in my bikini and I felt helplessly enraptured. Panting gently with my eyes closed, obscene images were swimming through my mind.

But my uncle's rabid fever was curtailed by the sudden sharp sound of mothers voice; calling for him from the patio.

5. Shafted

It's getting dark and I'm alone in the house. Gerald was pressed into service and has driven mother to attend a wedding.

Chum and I went for a run during the afternoon while the day was still fine and after a deliciously relaxing soak in the tub I spent some time getting myself dressed for my special date.

I enter the parlour where Chum is stretched out by the fireside. I kneel down near him on the hearthrug. Watched silently by Chum, I slowly undress. First my skirt. Then my damp knickers. Then my blouse and bra. I lay back to let the heat of the fire onto my bare skin and tremble with excitement.

Chum has sat up; his eyes are fixed on me. I'm pleasuring my snatch and my juices flow. I call him over to me. His warm coat is up against my skin. The intimacy of the moment is intoxicating. My nipples tingle and harden. Tentatively reaching into his warm loins I begin fondling his silky black sheath, whispering encouragingly as I do so. Soon I feel a throbbing in my hand.

His sheath is expanding; his red tipped cock glistens as it emerges provocatively. I'm perspiring from the obscene urges running through me. His wet nose pushes rudely into me; I'm panting and loosing control. His glossy cock wags lewdly in my face. Instinctively I suckle on it and a heavenly jet of hot jizz slides down my throat. With a fervent cry I hurriedly kneel on all fours.

He sniffs my cunt, then he's on me; his chest against my naked back, his strong paws encircling my waist, his panting head alongside my own. Then the bliss of union; penetrating into me: hard and deep. At the pace of a machine gun he fucked me. My mind span in ecstasy and sensing he was nearly there I screeched with passion. I climaxed savagely just before he did: a great blinding climax; my snatch pulsating as his spunk filled me.

And so I became a full-blown bitch.

Of course, I realised it was taboo, but there was no resisting the rapture Chum gave me.

I'd take Chum twice daily; mornings before I got dressed and evening before I took a shower.

I spent the daytime thinking about my evening fuck, and much of my nights dreaming about my morning fuck. And Chum always delivered at full throttle; with oodles of spunk. He was such an eager lover. Within a few weeks Chum's rod had swollen excessively; his balls also hung larger.

Oh yes, I was the cat who got the cream that summer but naturally, there were consequences. As a dog-lover my innocent appearance now concealed a secret me. And having fallen from grace, I'd have to shelve that schoolgirl dream of a big white wedding.

But then suddenly and violently the love affair ended.

Chum got very badly injured by a car, when he was chasing a rabbit along our narrow lane.

It was the worst trauma of my life. Chum had to be put down. I was grief stricken. Mother was also very upset and forbade me ever to bring another dog into the house.

I'd lost my lover; yet I couldn't share my sorrow with anyone: apart from Gerald.

He had not only accepted my taboo but wished to share in it and so it was we became attached.

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