Where the Hell Am I
Chapter 1

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Horror, War, Time Travel, Ghost, Lactation, Oral Sex, Spitting, Nudism, Violent,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1 - There are some things about the Bermuda triangle. People have been called crazy for telling their stories are they true or false. One could always sail or fly back and fourth until...

Day One

My name is Drew Peterson. I have been hunting in some of the islands off the Bahamas with my 4 twelve gauge shotguns, my 4 30-06s, and my 4.9mms. I still have about a thousand rounds for each gun in the storage compartment of my plane. I carried 6 kegs of powder and 1,000 empty shell casings for each gun. I had the loader complete with the dies to reload each gun. I have several dozen different hunting knives and scabbards.

I have my 4 Barnett RAZR crossbows with 2,000 bolts and 4 quivers. I have been places where others wanted to go but had nothing with which to hunt. I have 4 compound bows, 4 quivers, and 4,000 titanium arrows. I have basic tools for building a log cabin. I bought several plots of land in the USA and Canada and built cabins to use for my hunting excursions. See, if you have not caught on by now, I have become addicted to hunting. It is my goal to hunt on every continent and island in the world.

I went to a manufacture's warehouse in the Bahamas. I bought 100 pairs of night vision goggles and a case of 144 mini lights with batteries to match.

I am only twenty-five. I went to college at MSU and majored in American History, dating back even before Columbus discovered it. I also studied languages which my professor said was 1,000 BC. That was when the professor said man first started to populate America. I became fascinated with the languages and learned as much as I could. I was raised up going to church with my parents. I thought it had to be when God scattered man across the globe from the Tower of Babel. For that reason, my first goal was to take the professor's place teaching in college.

My daddy drove a truck for twenty years, from 1985 to 2005. He invested $100 per week in Microsoft from 1986 to 1993 until the shares got too big. He ended up with 1,055 shares when he died in 2005 from a heart attack. He never sold a share. I was the only living relative. As soon as I got it in my name, I dumped every share. They are still counting my money. With no need for money, I could now focus on my childhood passion for hunting.

I had this never ending love for dogs, the bigger the better. When I came into this inheritance, I found a Tibetan Mastiff to be my companion and guard dog. I named him Gabriel and called him Gabe for short. I sent him through an extensive training program that took almost a year. He would do about anything I asked without fail.

I taxied out in my Super King 350 that I had a custom ramp built to load my toys. I have a 6-seater Duramax ATV that has a hydrogen fuel system. It runs off water. The plane was specifically built to carry the Duramax and the 8 by 10 trailer built to haul 2,000 pounds.

The airplane was complete with 2 rooms and a bathroom, and still had twenty feet of cargo space. I had a special harness made for Gabe in case there was a lot of turbulence. It would hold him in place on the floor of the cockpit. He could stand where he could look out but not move about. I was getting ready to get clearance from the tower at LF Wade International Airport and asked what the weather looked like just to confirm what my weather app said on my phone. I was told the same thing - some drizzles between me and Miami.

As soon as I got clearance, I took off. About twenty minutes out, the rain started to come down in buckets. The wipers did not help. Suddenly, I was engulfed in a cloud. I was not sure what to do.

I started to turn back when I saw what looked like a hole in front of me. I gave it full throttle, not knowing just what to expect. Was this Bruce Gernon's tunnel? It had similarities; but, I did not see any rings. I did feel the weightlessness and my gages all went haywire. The airplane started to spin out of control and then I blacked out.

I don't know how long I was out. When I came to, I was flying over the water. I assumed I was still on course. First thing on my mind was Gabe. I looked back at him and he wagged his tail. Then, I looked at my fuel gage and it was full. I looked at my watch and it was stopped. According to my watch, it stopped at just about the time I passed out.

I clicked the mike to call, but all I got was static. I looked at the GPS and it said it was searching for a signal. That could not be. That would mean there were no satellites. I looked at my phone and it gave no signal. My compass was showing me still heading west.

I started to look all around for land. I could see what looked like land or clouds at about three o'clock. I turned and looked at my altitude. I was at five thousand feet. So, I pulled back on the stick and started to climb to see if I could make sure it was land. By the time I reached ten thousand feet I could see it was indeed land.

I dropped down to five thousand feet. When I got close, I realized I was coming into the mouth of the Mississippi River. I knew it because I had flown this way many times going from Miami to New Orleans. But something was totally wrong. Where was New Orleans? I could always see the buildings when I reached this point. Also, there was no way I could get this far on the fuel I had in the tanks, let alone have a full tank of fuel.

I was now flying over the marshes. There was no New Orleans. There were no highways. There was no Lake Pontchartrain Bridge. I said to myself out loud, "Where the hell am I? Did the missing ships and airplanes of the past do what I did? Did that hole I went into send me to an alternative universe, or did it send me back through time. Bruce Gernon's tunnel sort of sent him back through time. He landed hours before he was supposed to. Did the fact that he did not pass out keep him from going father back in time?'

Finding myself in deep thought, I decided to find a place to land. I was about thirty miles north of Lake Pontchartrain when I saw the first signs of human life which was about three miles west of me. I could see mud and grass huts that looked something like the igloos of Alaska. That started the marbles I had for a brain to start clinking around. I saw no people or buildings all the way from the gulf until now. Now this, I'm facing another puzzle. These were the type of huts that covered the area from 1,000 BC until 500 AD.

I saw a place about two miles ahead that looked smooth enough to land. I made a pass to make sure it was level enough, and on the next pass, dropped to the ground. I noticed a spot where there was a smaller clearing off to the side in the trees big enough for me to coast into. It was full of four-foot tall grass. I rolled into it enough that the tail was at the edge. I unharnessed Gabe.

We went through the room with the twin beds and bathroom to the king bed. I got out my deerskin shirt, pants and moccasins I had bought at the Indian Fair in Philadelphia, MS.

I went into the storage compartment with Gabe right behind me. I got out the camouflage netting and hid the plane. I used the trees that were on the sides of the clearing. I did not think I would have to protect the top. I moved out about fifty yards into the clearing and looked back. You could not even see the plane.

I went back and got the .9mm and five clips as well as my crossbow with a quiver full of bolts. The weather was around sixty degrees. It must be early spring. Young spring flowers were all starting to bloom. That made this even more mysterious. I left the Bahamas on November 15, 2013.

I dropped the ramp and backed out the Duramax. I ordered Gabe in and hopped in. I headed out in search ... of what? I still did not know exactly where I was or when I was. I was about a mile from the airplane, back at the other end of the meadow, when I saw the trail leading to the left toward the Mississippi River. I got out and checked to see what was using it.

It was wide enough to ride down it on the Duramax. There were lots of deer tracks; and, some human tracks were visible. I rode down the trail about two miles. There was a spot were I could park and lock the Duramax. I set out on foot. I did not want to be seen or heard if I could help it. I just wanted to observe them this first trip.

I worked my way toward the village, slowly listening and looking for everything that might be a threat to me. I also knew that if we were threatened, Gabe would be the first to know it. I came to a small river. There was a ford to cross. That is when I heard the noises coming from downstream. Gabe whined when I told him to stay in the Duramax.

I eased down the side of the river about one hundred yards. I came to the spot where they were. There were six girls or women washing in the river. I looked on the bank. There were three babies ranging from six months to two years. About four feet away from them was a cottonmouth heading toward them.

I wasted no time warning the women. I just raised the crossbow to my hip and fired. It was only about thirty yards and I was deadly accurate with the crossbow. My daddy bought me one when I was eleven after my mother pitched a fit to keep him from buying me a gun. Little did she know, the crossbow was more dangerous than the gun.

The loud thud it made when it hit the snake came to the attention of the women. They screamed and started to run out of the water naked. They were a sight to look at, but I only got a glance at their hot bodies. I left as fast as I could.

I went back to the Duramax and headed back to the plane. I did not bother to put the Duramax back inside. I just pushed the button to open the ramp and we went in and did not go back out. I just made a sandwich and ate some peanuts. "Boy, I don't know if they have peanuts here, but I will go crazy if I run out of peanuts," I said to myself as I fed Gabe.

It slowly got dark. I was tired. I laid on one twin bed; Gabe took the other. I went to sleep still saying, "I still don't know where or when the hell I am."

Day Two

I woke up with a raging hard on, thinking about the women I had seen yesterday. I guess I would just have to settle for a hand job. I had a coffee pot and several fifty pound bags of coffee beans. I ground just enough for two cups. I settled for some of the MRE's I had.

Before doing anything else, I decided to check out the plane and see where the fuel actually was. I went through the manual to find out how to manually measure the fuel and found it was full, as though I had used none. Go figure.

I decided to try to make contact today. I think they would be on guard today; and, sneaking up on them would be next to impossible. I decided to either make them think I was a god or scare the crap out of them. I moved the netting back over the Duramax. That is when I saw the moose. He was no more than seventy-five yards away.

I reached into the Duramax and got the crossbow. I aimed from my hip. The bolt went in his eye right into his brain. He dropped right where he was. I went back into the plane with the Duramax and hooked to the trailer. I pulled it over to the moose and tried to roll the moose onto it, but it was too heavy.

I unhooked the trailer from the Duramax. Then I got on the side and tied the hooves to a rope and pulled him over onto the trailer. I used tie-down straps to bind it to the trailer. I pulled back around and hooked it up again.

I hopped in it and headed out. When I got to the location where I parked yesterday, I kept throwing the coals to it. When I got to the river, I slowed down and crossed the ford. Reaching the other side, I floored it again and held the throttle to the floor until I was about .3 of a mile from the village. It was 8:00 o'clock.

I slowed down to a crawl and went into the village. There was not a soul to be seen. I got out and stood beside it with the shotgun for about four to five minutes before people started to look out of their huts.

The men started to come out one at a time. Then one stepped out and launched an arrow at me. I raised the shotgun and blew the arrow to smithereens. Everyone dove for cover, anywhere they could find it. The man who shot at me dropped his bow and ran away. I am not sure, but he may still be running.

The one man I assumed to be the leader came toward me with his hands up and palms out. I smiled and pointed to the moose and pointed to him.

He said, "You have things I have never seen before. You have the biggest wolf I have ever seen. Are you a god?"

I could not believe it. It was one of the languages I had learned in my studies. I guess my college professor was not as dumb as I originally thought. I said, "No, I am just a man lost in time. I scared your women yesterday and wanted to bring a peace offering. This is Gabe, my dog."

"Oh! You are the one the women said killed the snake. I want to thank you. The child you saved was my little girl. Did you come to claim your mate?"

I was stunned to say the least. They did not teach this in history. "My name is Drew Peterson. I don't understand what you mean."

"I am Chief Kwahu. We are the Washa tribe. It is our tradition that if you save the life of a child of the chief, you get to pick a mate from the single women of the village."

I tried to think of a way to escape the fate I was about to be dealt! The only thing I could think of was to say, "Do you have some men to dress this moose?" Then, I knew my goose was cooked. I had said something without thinking, because the women were the ones who dressed the animals that the men brought in.

He laughed and said, "That is woman's work."

This made things a little easier. I remembered then that women were taught from a young age to serve and obey a man. I could live with that. I don't think I am going to make it back anytime soon because I don't know how to create the same storm situation to reverse this time warp.

"What is this thing?" he said, pointing to the Duramax.

"I am from a far-away country and I got blown to here by a big storm. I have no way back," I explained.

Much to my joy he said, "Oh, I understand. We just got our village put back together. We lost over half of our people and most of our belongings. Our people who were lost must have been blown away. Like you, they must be in another area trying to survive."

I wondered how true that could actually be. Four days ago, I would have told someone who said that, that they were totally batty.

I watched the women start to dress the moose. They were so efficient. They used flint knives and skinned the hide off in just a few minutes.

Chief Kwahu asked me another question, "Do you think you can make us bows like the one you have?"

"You know, Chief, I never thought about it. I know the basic design. I will do some figuring to see if I can come up with the materials," I answered.

"It is time to pick your mate. I will call all of the single girls. They range from 14 to 17. You can talk to each one," the chief said.

"You are saying all the single women, aren't you?" I said.

"Well yes, all the single ones, not the widows," the chief answered.

"I would like to see them, as well," I added, hoping to find someone a little older.

"You have to be kidding ... they are bad luck!" the Chief answered with an amazed look of disbelief.

"Why do you say that?" I asked.

"Their husbands were killed or died," the chief answered.

Because I could not see myself with a girl so young, I used my being from elsewhere. To him I said, "Where I came from, that was considered a myth. They are much more experienced."

"Ok, if you wish. I will make it so," he answered.

When all the women who were single or widowed were made to pass by me, I fell in love on the first pass. She was 25, I later discovered. She had 2 kids with her. She had an 11 year old boy and a 9 year old girl. She had the body that would rival any of the stars of the 21st century. She had a face that was the kind that I would always love to see first thing every morning. It was easy to see that she took pride in grooming herself and her kids.

When I asked about her, the chief said, "She is my sister. She is not allowed. Her husband disappeared. All the males are afraid of her. They think she killed him. I think she is doing a wonderful job of raising her children."

"I want to take her and her children for a ride," I said.

"She is my sister. I can't allow that," the chief said.

"Chief, I was told that because I saved your child, I could take my pick. Isn't that what you said?" I pressed.

"Very well, take them and see how they take to you for the day," the chief gave in reluctantly.

"What are their names?" I asked.

"The boy's name is Opa, the girl's name is Omba, and my sister is Nina," the chief answered.

I looked around to see if I could see her and her children. I was surprised to see them standing by a tree not too far away. "Will you call them over here, please?" I asked as nicely as I could.

"Nina, come here, please," he said.

Watching, as he called her, I could see her eyes light up and a smile come on her face. When they got to us, I decided to speak first, saying, "I am Drew. Nina, it is nice to meet you, Opa, and Omba."

"It is nice to meet you, Drew. I am sure my brother told you of my past. Are you okay with that?" she asked.

If her looks were not enough, her voice would have been all I needed. It was the voice I could listen to forever. "Nina, where I came from, I believe that unless you physically hurt him, you are not responsible. I would like to take you and your children out for the day and get to know you. I would like for you to make the choice, too."

"Yes, I would like that," she said in her seductive voice.

"Gabe, get in your seat," I said and Gabe hopped out and into the seat I had made for him on the back when I had riders.

We said our good-byes and I made sure they were belted in. Everyone was watching when we left. They were breathless at how the Duramax ran. The kids both giggled nervously as they looked outside and back at Gabe.

"How did you make this?" Nina asked as she nervously looked around.

"Nina, I have to tell you something before you make a decision to be my mate. But first, I have something else to show you," I said. I drove us to the clearing and stopped.

"Nina, I want to ask you some questions. Have you heard of the big sea?" I asked.

"Yes, I have heard of it. Our ancestors have told the story of the big sea. My late mate was always talking about looking for it. When I asked him to tell the chief before he did, he would beat me. He and two friends decided to find it. They left one morning three years ago before anyone got up and went to the big river where they had made a boat. They never returned. When I told people about it, they laughed at me," she told me.

"Do you know what I mean if I ask you what year it is?" I asked.

"I do not understand what you mean," she answered.

"We met today. Tomorrow will be the second day, and it goes on and on. Thirty suns will be one moon. Twelve moons would be one year. Does that make sense," I asked.

"I understand. I have heard those things said," she answered.

"I must show you something else, and then I will tell you my story," I said and then drove us down to the plane.

"What is that?" she said when she saw the netting around the plane.

"Let us all get out. I will show you what it is," I said as I got out and unbuckled everyone.

After moving the netting from the plane, I led them all inside the plane. They were all nervously looking at everything. When we were all inside I sat them at the table and began my story. "That big sea, as you call it here, will soon be named the Gulf of Mexico. There is another sea that it joins that is called the Atlantic Ocean. Between the two, there is a thing call the Bermuda Triangle.

I studied this time period in my schooling. I learned your language in that school. I also speak a language called Spanish. (I spoke a few lines in Spanish.) I also speak English. (I spoke a few lines in English.) I came from a time far into the future. Between now and when I believe I came from is 33,000 moons or 2,750 years. Does everyone of you understand that concept of time?" I asked.

Opa spoke for the first time. "That is a long way away," he said. The girls nodded.

I stood up and got a casting rod from storage and showed them how it was used for fishing. "I was fishing out in the Atlantic Ocean which is one day's flight from here in this airplane. When I started home, a big storm came up. I saw what I thought was an opening in the clouds. When I tried to go through, the airplane started to spin out of control. I was knocked out. When I came to, I was in this timeframe. I don't know how I got here and I don't know how to get back. I will just have to survive in this time. Are there any questions?"

"Can we fly in this airplane?" both children asked at the same time.

I looked at Nina and said, "When I landed, I was worried about if I could fly any farther. I have since checked and I can fly for a long time. I would like to check the area out. Do you feel you could do it?" I asked.

"You are asking me again if I want to do something. Why do you not just make me do it?" she asked, with a puzzled look on her face.

"Nina, there may be times when I insist that you do something. That will be the times when it would be for your protection. The rest of the time, I will give you a choice of deciding what we will do as a family," I explained.

"Does that mean we can do that, too?" the kids asked.

"No!" both Nina and I said at the same time, and then we both cracked up.

"I would love to see what it feels like to fly like the birds," Nina said after we got our composure back.

"Are there any tribes or villages that are enemies of your village?" I asked.

"There is a village of the Caddo tribe about four suns journey from our village that is led by a chief that is a vicious land and people grabber. He grabs people and puts them into slavery. We have fought him off once and lost a lot of braves. I am afraid he will attack us again." Nina said.

"Would you like to get a close-up of them?" I asked.

"No, that would be too dangerous!" she said. She sounded terrified.

I led them up to the cockpit. I buckled the kids in and gave them headphones so they could hear me. They sat by a window so they could see. When I put Nina in the copilot seat, I put the headphones on her. "Can everyone hear me?" I said as I buckled Gabe in.

"Wow! It is like you are in my head!" Omba shouted.

"You do not have to talk loud. Just talk normal. We will still be able to hear you," I said.

"I don't know what to say. I am just overwhelmed." Nina said, as I fired off the engines and then spun it around and back out into the clearing. I had plenty of room to turn around inside the netting.

I remembered when I was about Opa's age. I rode in my first airplane. The pilot was a crop duster. By the time I got my stomach settled down, we were landing and I was hooked...

"Is everyone ready to go?" I asked. They were too busy looking out.

I went to full power and the airplane shot forward across the clearing. I looked over at Nina and she was trying to stop it with her hands, as they were white from gripping the seat.

I pulled back on the wheel and we shot up into the sky -- almost straight up. When we reached 5,000 feet I banked to the right and headed in the direction Nina said the Caddo Village was. I saw the village ahead.

"Nina, is that the village you are talking about ahead?" I said. I looked at her and her eyes were closed.

"Opa, Omba, are you ok?" I asked.

"I feel like a bird. It is so beautiful up here," Opa answered.

"I can see forever. Is that the big sea over there?" Omba asked, pointing.

"Yes, everybody look! That is what you call the big sea. If you look, you can see what will soon be called the Mississippi River flowing into the Gulf of Mexico," I answered.

I looked back over at Nina. She was now looking out at the sea. I let her get used to looking out on her own. I flew over the village she was talking about. It was a lot larger than the village Nina lived in. I decided to make a loop and make a run over the village at about 400 feet. When I made the run over the village, we were going about 200 miles per hour.

We were just passed the village when I noticed some men moving across a meadow. Nina said, "They are the men I was telling you about. It looks like they are headed toward our village."

I looked down and they were pointing up at us. "It is time we had a little fun on this flight. Let's scare the living daylights out of them!"

"How are we going to do that?" asked Opa.

"Remember when we took off and we were flying just off the ground before we started to go up real fast?" I asked.

"They are in a spot where we can scare them within an inch of their lives. Once we do this with this airplane, we can have a lot of fun with the Duramax. By the time we get through with them, I don't think there will be much fight left in them. Don't be afraid of my flying. Just watch the men," I said.

This was about to take barnstorming to the max. I comforted my new family as I curved the plane around and lined up like I was going to poison a cotton field. As I got within a mile from them, I poured the coals to the plane and got about ten feet off the ground. The looks on their faces as we got to them was a sight to see. When I pulled up and made a turn and made ready for another run, they were headed for the house!

I turned the plane toward home. We landed and coasted back into the space where it was before. I shut down the engine and turned to Nina. She was looking at me. We sat sizing each other up.

I decided to break the silence and said, "Darling, I hope I have not scared you away from me."

"Drew, I never had so much fun in my life! You asked me to make a decision. I would feel it an honor to marry you. You can tell my brother when we get back and he will pronounce us married," she said.

"Nina, you do not want a big wedding?" I asked.

"When a woman is previously married, she is not allowed to have another wedding. They are just announced married by the chief," she answered.

I got out of my seat and took her face into my hands and gave her a kiss with all the passion I could muster.

"Does that mean we are going to have a new daddy? Omba asked after I kissed her mother.

"I sure hope so, baby. I have never been kissed like that," Nina said.

"I could do this all day, but we need to get back to the village. I have already shown you the button to push to release the belt. We have to put the netting back over the plane. Would you two undo Gabe and play with him?" I said, as Nina and I did the netting.

Nina was a real fast learner. She took directions and soon we put the netting over the plane. We all piled into the Duramax.

I felt like a million dollars when Opa said, "Daddy, can Gabe hold on if we go real fast?"

"You asked for it; you got it," I said, and floored it.

We shot across the clearing and into the trail with them all screaming with excitement. I ran that way until we crossed the ford. The water spray got all of us wet, but that added to the excitement. When we pulled into the village, I told the kids to entertain Gabe and went straight to Chief Kwahu and took Nina with me.

"We have to tell you something. The Caddo tribe is on the way here," Nina said to her brother who was standing by his hut.

"How do you know that?" asked Chief Kwahu.

"You are not going to believe this, my brother, but I have been flying like the eagle named after you. Drew took me up in his airplane, another toy of his you do not know about," replied Nina.

"Let me interrupt you, Nina. Chief, tomorrow I need to take you with me and you help me plan out a strategy for us to stop the Caddo tribe," I said.

"I see the spark that is in Nina's eyes. She looks as bright and happy as she was when we were both children. I will trust you to help us. The Caddo's are more dangerous than we can handle. We will need your help. Nina seems to trust you," said Chief Kwahu.

"My brother, if anyone can stop them, it will be Drew. I want you to perform the service to make him my mate," said Nina.

The chief walked over to a log that had the bark peeled off and was hollow. He picked up a carved piece of wood that looked something like a baseball bat. He made several fast hits on the log. Everyone started to come out of their huts. In a few minutes there seemed to be about fifty men alongside the women and children standing in front of us and the chief. There was ten feet on both sides of Gabe and all the children of the village. The adults were afraid of Gabe who had made friends with all the kids.

"My fellow tribe members, I am proud to announce the joining of Nina to Drew to be his mate. Long live their happiness!" said the chief. Everyone clapped.

I grabbed Nina and kissed her with a long and sexy French kiss. Everyone was silent and stared in amazement. They had never seen that kind of kiss.

"Drew has taught me how to kiss like they do where he comes from. It is nothing like I have ever felt before. I will teach the women how to make your husband happy," said Nina.

"Chief, you and I need to leave at sunrise and check to see where the Caddo tribe is," I said.

"That would be great, if we can," answered the chief.

"Chief, go with him. It will be the thrill of your lifetime," said Nina.

"I will be ready at sunrise," said the chief.

I could hardly wait for the children to go to sleep. Finally, they were sleeping and I pulled Nina to me and begin to show her I knew more than just how to kiss.

I could hardly wait for the children to go to sleep. Finally, they were sleeping and I pulled Nina to me and begin to show her I knew more than just how to kiss.

I started wiht a sweet kiss on the lips. I could feel her starting to warm up. I began to use a little tongue. She responded with a moan. I ran my hands over her orange size breast. I played with the nipples. they began to respond. the areola began to rise. the nipple continued to raise with it. Higher and higher they rose. I couldn't help but move my mouth down and savior the wonderful hardness. I could not believe how wonderful it was feeling in my mouth.

I have always fantasized about being able to kiss the head of my cock. The feeling was what I would imagine it would be like. I tried to make her feel like I imagine I would make myself feel. I must have been doing a great job, she started to paint and moan and then yell and whoop. I moved down to the bare protruding lips. She was so wet as soon as my tongue slid into her it was like I could almost drink her sweet nectar. I found the clit and she hooped and hollowed so loud that I now not only the kids woke up but everyone in the village.

She said, "Please I have to feel you in me!"

I moved up between her and had to do nothing but slid my cock up to her lips and it slipped in. She was hotter than any woman I ever fucked. We started to move together it only felt like we lasted a minute or two before we both exploded to the point of total exhaustion. Nina passed out and so did I.

We lay in each others arms. We were soon fast asleep.

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