Bible Camp Blues
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Mark Gander

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Jake Parsons is a very disgruntled and jaded preacher's son and thinks that he has managed to seduce his pretty cousin Stephanie rather well into a sinful way of life. Turns out, however, that there is more to this kissing cousin than meets the eye.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Ma/Ma   Ma/mt   mt/mt   Mult   Teenagers   Blackmail   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   NonConsensual   Gay   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Sharing   Incest   BDSM   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Harem   Orgy   Polygamy/Polyamory   Swinging   Interracial   Black Female   Hispanic Male   White Couple   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   First   Oral Sex   Petting   Pregnancy   Sex Toys   Voyeurism   Pegging   Clergy   Public Sex   Nudism   Porn Theatre   Violent  

I am still not entirely sure how I managed to get out of my bedroom and down there without being noticed, but there I was, out in the open, in a small ravine near the camp, alone for scant moments before I saw her there. Stephanie. Sweet, sexy, swarthy Stephanie ... there she was, in all of her half-naked glory, her pajama bottoms and her nearly threadbare T-shirt the only clothes on her body. She was barefoot, having removed her house shoes and wandered in the grass a bit. She didn't see me for several crucial seconds before I approached her.

"Hey, what are you doing here, Steph?" I asked the young woman, who was only three years my junior, though the gulf between sixteen and nineteen was considerable in terms of life experience.

"I got ... restless, Jake. Plus, I had a big fight with Erin, and ... well, we normally share a bed at camp. No, not like that. We're clothed, but we got used to snuggling up together since her Mom married my Dad," Steph explained about her quarrel with her stepsister, Erin.

"It's August in Kentucky, Steph. That does tend to make it a little warm to be snuggle bunnies with anyone," I teased her a little, making her laugh.

"Yeah, well, it's Bible camp. It can get a little rough at times," she pouted.

"I'm a pastor's son and I used to go to Bible camp, remember? I know exactly how rough it can be," I reminded her.

"Yeah, I guess that you would. Hey, remember that time that you pantsed me in front of Erin and her big sister Deanna?" Steph giggled a bit at that memory.

"Uh, how could I forget? It was just three years ago. You were thirteen and I was sixteen. I still recall how lovely your bare bottom was. I must confess, I jacked off to that memory more than once. How was I to know that you didn't wear panties that day?" I chuckled when recalling that stimulating incident.

"Well, you weren't the only one drawn to the full moon. Erin sneaked into bed with me that night and started fondling me. She never stopped until tonight, in fact," Stephanie confessed with some embarrassment.

"She groped your naked ass?" I expressed some shock.

"Well, I suppose that is one way of putting it. She also teased me about our fantasy ... that of, well... ," she stammered.

"Of what, Steph?" I demanded to know.

"Of luring you into bed and getting you to finish what you started, Jake. Please understand, baby. I've wanted you ever since that day and I badly needed relief, so I let Erin do whatever she wanted to help scratch that itch. When Deanna caught us and insisted that we let her play with us ... well, it was only natural for us, of course. She ... kinda took my virginity, too," Steph informed me to my astonishment.

"Deanna and Erin had their way with you?" I expressed more than a little surprise.

"Well, not completely, but they broke my hymen, anyway, or rather Deanna did ... Even so, it was enough to leave an impression. Still, not as much of one as what I got when I saw that fine cock of yours bulge through your pants when you pulled mine down," Stephanie laughed a bit as she planted a shockingly fierce and wet lip lock on me.

"The pastor's niece committed incest?" I grinned at the idea.

"All the time, thinking of the pastor's son. How about it, cousin? Want to have your way with me, too ... I won't stop you short of anything, I swear," my sweet and sexy cousin invited me.

"Won't Erin and Deanna get jealous?" I teased her a little.

"More like envious. Both of them have wanted you for a while now. They'll get their turn. This one's mine. My ass started this all, didn't it? Shouldn't I get the first romp with you out of us? After that, I'll gladly help them into your bed," Steph really stunned me now.

"So, what was this quarrel with Erin about, then?" I asked her.

"I told her that she should sneak out of the camp with me and join us. She was a bit afraid to risk being caught. I told her to at least sneak into bed with Deanna, but who knows if she had the nerve for that? She's so afraid of things at times, but she still craves the ... fun and games," Stephanie rolled her eyes.

"Well, in the meantime, raise that shirt a bit and drop your pajama bottoms, hon," I instructed Steph.

Stephanie didn't hesitate, bending over a large boulder as she slid her bottoms down, followed by her underwear ... They were white, cotton panties, but still rather exciting, especially as I could smell her scent on them. It was apparent that Steph was more than a little aroused, as I spread her thighs and used my fingers to ease my passage into her soaking wet pussy. I gave her a second to adjust before I began active strokes, as her hips began moving in concert with mine. Each thrust in and out of the sexy teenager had the desired effect, making her arousal reach my nostrils from the fragrant of her female juices.

As I fucked Steph with increasing ardor, I also rubbed her clit with my right hand and ran the index finger of my left along her butt-crack to tease her, making her arch her back, squirm in my hands, and shiver with every thrust of my dick. I continued to play with her most sensitive areas, causing her to moan and then scream for a bit, which I stopped by moving my hand from her ass to her mouth to cover it ... She didn't seem to mind where my fingers had been any more than I did. If anything, for some reason, it was the final trigger for her last climax, which seemed to turn her flesh into jelly.

After that, I lost any remnants of self-control and emptied my balls through my cock into her pussy. I panicked for just a moment, realizing that Stephanie could get pregnant and that I hadn't pulled out as I had meant to do. Even so, the deed was done and I tried to minimize the risk by wiping up my jizz with her panties, getting them rather sticky in the process. Stephanie giggled and handed me her undies, shrugging as she licked her lips.

"Jake, honey, relax. We're cousins. Who's gonna think that you knocked me up? I wanted you to fuck me ... and I wanted you to cum inside me. I want you to do it again and again, too. Think that you seduced me? I seduced you, too, cousin. It was mutual ... I wanted this every bit as much as you did. I still want it ... a lot. I can't wait for you to hike up the skirt on my majorette costume, yank down my spankies, and push aside my panties to fuck me hard while I'm bent over an armchair or loveseat. I might be sixteen and sweet, but I'm sexy, too, and you know it. To quote Britney, 'I'm not that innocent.' You get the picture.

"Look ... I'm not alone here. Erin wants some booty, too, and not just from Deanna and me. She wants that damn good cock of yours to take her hard from behind, as does Deanna," Stephanie reassured me, "and she'll want it even more once you've fucked her the first time."

"Okay, you're seriously wild and free for your age. Most sixteen-year old girls, you'd be lucky to get to second base with them, especially in Christian circles," I chuckled more than a little bit.

"Um, Jake, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, okay? Look, I am a bit free for my age. Some have called me jaded. Yeah, well, it's partly your fault. I was mildly curious about sex, like any girl during puberty, when you exposed my butt. I discovered that I liked being on display, enjoyed being exposed and desired. When Erin and Deanna reinforced this by playing with me, well, it was too late to go back. I lost my innocence at that point and I don't really want it back. I'm a growing woman with needs. Sorry, but it's too late to get back my 'purity', naiveté, or anything of the sort. Nor would you want me to get it back. I like that you did that to me, though you meant nothing by it but a prank. I know that you're glad of it now, aren't you?" Steph encouraged me.

"Yes, but I believe that I should point out that if I do knock you up, I will need to at least pay child support or do something for the brat," I noted, which prompted a deep tongue kiss from my sultry cousin.

"Think that I don't know that, baby? I know you better than you think, Jake. Hell, you babysat me for a year or two, as you did for Erin, and Deanna did the same for you. Would it shock you that I watched you jerk off whenever I got the chance? Remember how I snuggled up with you for the movies, TV, and video games? Do you recall how I kept trying to get on the same teams and how I became a majorette my freshman year so that I could be in the marching band with you? How many church youth activities did I volunteer for just to be around you? Erin did much of the same stuff, too. The camp was something that I joined to be around you for the summer, too, at least in part. Do I have to spell it out for you? I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU!"

"So ... you have a crush on me and have for a while. Sweet, but I really think that you need to head back to the camp. If you don't, you'll get caught after hours and someone will probably report it to your parents," I shuddered at that thought.

"True. Definitely don't want us to get in trouble. Look, Deanna, Erin, and I ... we have a pact to breed with you. Still, we need to become more than Sapphic sluts now. We need to be notably wild, free, and easy. After all, no one else knows that we're your sluts, do they? They can't be allowed to know. It's our secret ... the four of us, that is. Nobody but us will know the truth and we won't tell a soul until we're good and ready, and by we, I also mean you. The strictly lesbian fun is all well and good, but we'll want to really spread it around, take a fair sampling of cock and cum as well. Face it ... we're completely owned by you. I came out here tonight at least in part to prove it. Erin is still a little bit timid and shy, but she shares our ... crush, as you put it, on you. Deanna does," Steph coolly informed me as she knelt and started sucking my cock.

"How much of this is Deanna's influence, I wonder?" I said before the pleasure drove it out of my mind.

"Oh, a lot of it, in fact. She's older than you, remember? She's wiser and kinkier, certainly more open-minded. To be frank, she's been into you ever since she babysat you. Why do you think that she never objected to the job? It wasn't just the money, though that didn't hurt. She loved the chance to tease you, too. Remember how she often babysat all three of us for a bit there? She was apparently setting us up for this whole arrangement. Oh, and she told me that she encouraged you to pants me ... which explains why she laughed when you did that ... yes, Deanna has been the prime mover in this deal ... so far. I think that she plans to defer to you once we have you where we want you ... why do you think that she's a camp counselor? It pays to have at least one of them on our side, especially with Erin so worried about the rest of them," Steph rattled off before resuming the blowjob.

"And here I thought that I was the cat. I was the mouse instead," I laughed at myself.

"No ... you're the lion. We're the lionesses, dear. Every pride must have a king, and that's you where our pride is concerned. By the way, how is that girlfriend working out for you?" Steph needled me.

"Yeah, that's on hiatus for the summer. When we get back to college, we'll see how it goes. I just don't know how she will take this," I worried aloud.

"That's her problem, dear cousin. We're family and if she wants to be part of this family, she's just gonna have to accept our traditions. That's how we see it, at least. If not, then she's not right for you and it won't last. Besides, if you're on hiatus... ," Steph drew it out a bit for my keen mind.

"She is, too, and probably has a guy on the side. Yeah, that sounds about right, especially for a new relationship while apart," I shrugged as Steph kept up the good work and managed to bring my dick back to life with her mouth.

"Ah, God, that's good!" I exclaimed in response to Steph's oral services.

"Still want me to go back to my bed already? Or would you rather fuck the living daylights out of my fertile twat? Yes ... the time is now, Jake. I'm fertile now. I'm going to conceive by you. Once I've safely done so, then I will fuck around ... don't worry, I'd never ask you to be faithful to us, and Deanna would half-kill me if I tried. So would Erin, for that matter. Fuck me. Fuck Erin. Fuck Deanna. Fuck your girlfriend. Fuck any woman that your heart desires. Maybe the girlfriends of the men that we screw, too. Fair is fair, right?" Steph offered me more of her delicious snatch.

I didn't hesitate to slam Stephanie a bit longer, both of us so engaged in the act that we didn't know that we were watched. Stephanie seemed to hope that we did have an audience, enough so that she forgot all discretion and became as loud as ever as I pounded her silky, sloppy twat. My cock didn't show any mercy at all, in fact, ramming harder while my hips and buttocks moved in the sweaty, summer night of this part of central Kentucky.

This time, Steph was on her back, facing me and slipping me a lot of tongue as her legs wrapped around my waist and I screwed her relentlessly. She was certainly no innocent, even if I were her first man ... and later, she confessed that at least part of it was that I was a bit older than guys her own age. She always had this schoolgirl crush on me and I was now fulfilling her dream for her ... for both of us. I never imagine that when I set out to initiate Steph, she planned the same for me.

Only when the camera flashed and the button clicked did I realize that we were caught. Who caught us, however, and what did he or she want with us? There had to be some angle and we were sure to find out. That was my thought when Steph cried out with her release, after which I spilled my seed inside her pussy, leaving a creampie for those so inclined.

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