Chapter 1: It Starts So Simple

Caution: This Action/Adventure Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Swinging, White Couple, White Male, White Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Voyeurism, Military, War,

Desc: Action/Adventure Sex Story: Chapter 1: It Starts So Simple - Gene and Tamara have an erotic open marriage. Their children, 16yo Lauren, 15yo Finch, and 14yo Logan have all the normal curiosities and urges as other teenagers. Together, the five of them are forced to take flight when Gene is targeted for mysterious reasons during the outbreak of global violence. Run is a fast-paced action thriller packed with explicit sex. Note: The first 4 chapters are mostly setup for the action to follow. Please have patience until the running gets started!

Finch stood quietly and held his breath. Quietly, for a fifteen-year old. The boy couldn't avoid the occasional pants as he stood nervous and excited, watching the wet woman barely visible through a slightly open door. The woman was wrapped in a thick green towel, drying her hair with a blue one. The woman's large hips and ample breasts were evident even when covered, and Finch couldn't help touching himself imagining what her body looked like naked. He stood carefully peering in, right hand slowly stroking his hard penis, ready at any moment to rush to the hall bathroom and hide inside, fearing getting caught.

Fearing getting caught masturbating watching his mother dry herself.

He'd never really thought about his mother as attractive or sexual, but for the last few months, Finch couldn't help notice the way his mom's nipples pushed out from her round, heavy mounds. The way, when she bent over to pick something up, he could see her panty lines, the shape of her ass. Finch responded automatically to those visual cues, but he never really thought about what it meant.

The last year had seen him finally hit puberty, later than most of his classmates. He'd just turned fifteen when his pubic hair grew in and his body shot up. Close to 5'6 and still growing, Finch's dark olive skin matched closely with his mother's complexion. They both featured dark freckles and just the lightest hints of red locks highlighting their otherwise rich, deep brown hair.

He'd tried to watch her once before, two weeks previously. He'd come home early from soccer practice and heard water running in his mother's bathroom. Horny, he'd headed to the room he shared with his fourteen-year old brother Logan to rub one out before anyone else got home. Hearing the shower, Finch had listened at her bedroom door for a moment before the water shut off and he could hear his mother rustling in the bathroom attached to her bedroom.

Finch had dared to open the door and leave it slightly ajar. Unfortunately, before he'd gotten to see her step out of the bathroom, the front door had opened and his sixteen-year old sister Lauren was quickly bounding up the stairs. They had grunted as they passed each other and Finch quickly closed himself in his room and jerked off, firing his load into his underwear.

He did that a lot. Masturbating, and cumming in his underwear, usually continuing to wear the pair through the rest of the day. The day he peered at his mom through the cracked door was no different. His dad, brother, and sister had gone shopping for clothes, leaving him alone with just his Mom in the house. An hour before, Finch had jerked off thinking about a girl he liked at school, cumming hard in several spurts, semen squishing against his dick and balls as he pulled up the briefs and then his pants.

His cock was hard in his hand, almost five inches long. His shaft was slippery from precum as he stroked, his mother bending over to dry her feet, almost giving Finch a view of her sex.

He knew he'd be in trouble if he got caught, but he was horny, and the sight of his mother's rich skin had him tingling. When she unwrapped the towel and unwittingly showed her son everything, he fired his sticky, warm load into his underwear again.

His mom's breasts were lighter than her arms and legs, hung heavily, large brown areole tipped them, pointing down and out. Her bush was full, dark, covered her sex. Finch ejaculated as she spread her legs and wiped the water from her genitals. He wished he could see more but the cum slowed and stopped, and his euphoria gave way to anxiety over being caught. He shuffled back to his room and closed the door.

Tamara rolled her eyes at the mess in her daughter's room. She knew Lauren was in the house and called down to her to come up quickly and take care of it. It was laundry day and as usual, the kids were behind on getting their dirty clothes gathered. Lauren's room had shirts and bras and panties thrown carelessly onto stacks of books, over cups, and made into sloppy piles in the corner.

Lauren came upstairs with a frown on her face, the sixteen-year old's scowl becoming the normal way she greeted her mother. Her mom bore the brunt of the teen's increasingly morose behavior. The girl snapped at people easily, especially her brothers. She was moody, angry at times, mopey. Friends with older girls called it a 'phase' and said it would pass after high school. After high school! Her daughter was only a sophomore. It was going to be a very long three years.

Lauren disappeared into her room and closed the door. Tamara rolled her eyes again and went to the room shared by Finch and Logan. The boys were unusually clean. Tamara understood the irony that it was the boys who kept their room livable while Lauren's hurricane-inspired organizing seemed like a stereotypical male way of living. Oh, well, she thought, I suppose I was just as bad at that age...

She poked into the boys' room and saw little to concern her except a pair of underwear tossed aside near one desk. Tamara snatched them off the floor and started to toss them into the laundry bag she carried when she realized the briefs were wet. Sticky.

Her heart skipped a beat when she realized she'd just pressed her fingers into her son's ejaculate. Tamara tossed the briefs quickly into the bag and drew her fingers back. They were sticky and slick. She noted the globs of congealed semen that stuck to her fingers and quickly was inside the hall bathroom rinsing herself.

She shivered, the odd sensation of touching her son's cum left her feeling a little off balance. She supposed that Finch probably masturbated, he was a fifteen-year old boy, after all, but to see such evidence, to touch such recent evidence, was more confirmation than she needed.

Lauren poked her head out her door and all but threw an armload of her dirty clothes into the bag as Tamara held it open. The sixteen-year old just grunted when Tamara thanked her, and the mom shook her head before heading to the laundry room and starting the clothes, Lauren on her way out the door with her father.

Her husband was heading out for the evening, joining his company's new CEO at a small dinner. Tamara had been invited but didn't feel well earlier in the day, instead napping then showering before she set her mind to getting the house cleaned up.

Once the clothes were started, she started feeling a bit run down once more, and headed back to her bedroom to lay down. Unable to sleep, she tossed for awhile before she felt the need to get off. Tamara threw off the sheet and ran her fingers through her hairy slit. It wasn't tight like it was when she first had sex at seventeen, but it still held a firm grip as she pressed two fingers deep inside. All her children had been delivered by Caesarian section, and her trim cunt looked much younger than her 43 years.

Tamara sighed as she fingered herself, imagining at first her husband's penis, then moving on to the last lover she'd known who wasn't Gene.

Married for almost nineteen years, Tamara and Gene had nearly broken apart in their second year when each cheated with someone else. Tamara found out about Gene's infidelity after finding a pair of worn panties in his overnight bag. He admitted sleeping with a young woman he met at a conference. Instead of blowing up at him, Tamara broke down and admitted she'd been with another man recently, too, a fellow grad student who she'd had a crush on and spent a night with while her husband was away for a long weekend.

They'd talked about splitting up, how their cheating meant they weren't ready to be tied down to each other. Instead, they realized they loved each other, wanted to stay together, to have children. They made an agreement to an open marriage with strict rules. They could have sex with other people, subject to a few conditions. It couldn't be a mutual friend or anyone else who was likely to be a part of their regular lives, and it had to happen while one or both was out of town. No long-term relationship was allowed. No girlfriends or boyfriends in the typical sense. They had to be honest and tell each other when they'd had sex with someone else, and they had to say who it was, and what sorts of sex acts they'd had together. Protection was required. She couldn't let anyone cum inside her, and he had to cum in the condom or in the woman's mouth. Just flings, just sex, founded and maintained with conversation and honesty.

And it had worked. They found they were hotter for each other when returning from a conference or some other career-oriented task. Gene traveled often as a regional VP in a publishing house, and Tamara's professorship meant several trips yearly to various seminars and lecturing events. From time to time each found a willing partner during the travels and would come home ready to describe the hot sex with the other.

Over the years, they had three children together before Gene had a vasectomy. Tamara was still fertile, as far as she knew. Regardless, they continued to enjoy the benefits of the open relationship, keeping it very carefully concealed as their children grew older and would be more aware of such things.

Tamara's last lover, other than her husband, had been Tommy. The man was ten years younger than her when she'd met him while leading a two-week training session on the history of military fiction. It was Tamara's primary topic of study over the years, and Tommy was an associate professor of European studies at a university in Wisconsin. They'd ended up sharing drinks one night and she asked him if he would enjoy spending a night with her.

She didn't wear her wedding ring when away from home, generally avoided discussing her relationship with her husband. Most men never asked, and she was happy to let the situations unfold without that complication.

She shared her bed with Tommy that night, his hard, eager thrusts had churned her pussy, and for about thirty seconds, her ass, before he ejaculated into his condom. He'd been a solid lover, ensured she came twice while he ate her pussy.

On her bed, she remembered feeling him penetrating her vagina, filling her. His cock was thick and around five inches long. It felt hot inside her despite the condom, and she'd orgasmed again stroking her clit while he fucked her from behind.

It had been Tamara who suggested that he fuck her ass. Her pussy was a bit sore, her period ending just a day before, and she enjoyed the feel of a penis in her butt. Tommy had eagerly slipped out of her cunt while she pushed some lube into her own backdoor. When she was ready, he'd pushed inside while she arched and took him deep in her bowels.

The second she was comfortable he picked up a quick, thrusting rhythm, soon crying out and filling his condom.

Tamara's fingers were deep inside her vagina as she remembered that night, replaying how thick Tommy felt in her pussy and her ass. She loved the feel of a man's cum inside her, secretly wished she could have felt Tommy squirting in her butt. As her orgasm mounted, she imagined over and over that Tommy had cum in her ass, imagined the heat, the dull throbbing of his penis stretching her anus, stretching and swelling as it unloaded semen in her butt. She thought of the cum, the warm, sticky cum. Sticky cum. She'd touched cum. Sticky cum. Recently.

Her son's cum.

Tamara arched up and exploded on her fingers, the feel of Finch's semen on her fingers sticking in her mind as she replayed over and over how she'd slipped into his cum coating the pair of underwear, how it was wet, slippery. Her son's cum! She orgasmed powerfully, unable to let go of that memory, tried desperately to think of Tommy once more and failed.

Tamara lay panting, confusion spidering through her mind as euphoria spread through her body. Her clit throbbed out the last pings of orgasm and she tried to push the thoughts from her mind. Her own son's cum had been what she thought of as she came, and it bothered her tremendously as she tried to get some sleep and hoped to feel better very soon.

Gene groaned silently as he faked a light laugh at his CEO's poor joke. Gene hated putting on a face, but the CEO was new, had a reputation as an asshole, and the regional VP had no desire to be the next one cut due to disagreements with the man. Instead, he pretended to be enjoying himself without overdoing it, and settled in for an evening of high-level strategy and little of any actual value to the company.

His tried not to smile as he realized that his daughter's face reflected the thoughts he wished he could surface. She looked disgusted, sullen, possibly offended by the way the CEO openly mocked 'activist liberals' and 'those gays.' She got up twice looking ready to yell something that would probably end her father's career, but managed to leave silently and disappeared for long moments in the bathroom.

Gene used that as an excuse to cut the dinner short, telling his CEO that Lauren was feeling ill and needed to go home for the night. The smart sixteen-year old was instantly doing her best to look sick, holding her stomach, grimacing, even managing to turn a bit green. Gene tried not to laugh as he saw the act unfold.

They skated out of there soon after. Once inside the car, Lauren said, "he's an asshole."

Gene almost laughed and caught himself. "Do you use that language around your mother?"

"No ... but he is an asshole."

"Yes. That he is. Right now he's my boss, though. I can't do anything to risk my job ... like telling him he's an asshole."

That brought a small smile to her face before she caught it and returned to her trademark sullen look. Lauren asked, "why does he hate liberals and gays? Jeez, I knew assholes like him existed ... I just didn't ever see it so clearly before..."

"I can't say, Hon. Whatever it is, I seriously hope it doesn't start showing up in the way we do business. Three of our biggest clients are known backers of liberal candidates and policies, and two of them have openly homosexual board members. If his views get out, it's going to do serious damage to those relationships."

"Want me to break his kneecaps, Dad? I know a guy..."

I laughed despite wondering where she got the line. I shook my head as she again smiled a moment before it disappeared. "Wouldn't help. He'd just blamed the gay liberals and double down on his hatred. Thanks though. I'll keep that in mind."

"Holy crap, Finch!"


Those words woke Tamara from her nap. She lay still a moment, listening to the boys for more, assuming they were again fighting over something meaningless. Tamara heard movement outside her door, then silence. She exhaled, hoped the argument had resolved itself without her intervention, and set to rise.

She had fallen asleep on top of the covers, her pajama bottoms pushed down to her thighs, her olive-skinned thighs parted, sticky from her earlier orgasm.

Finch's cum.

The image shot back into her head and she smashed it aside, forced it away and was quickly rising. Tamara headed straight to the laundry room and moved each load one step forward. She wondered briefly at the relative quietness in the house. Normally, that time of evening would find the boys either playing, arguing, or looking for food. They left her in peace for a while and she took advantage of it to do some paperwork for an upcoming lecture series she was proposing to her university.

Logan buzzed laying on his bed. It was confusing, what he'd seen. He wasn't prepared at all. He'd seen his dad watching porn once, and caught a glimpse of the scene, but then a nine-year old, it wasn't something that caused him to stir much, at least sexually. He was curious for seeing the forbidden, but until the afternoon he saw his brother Finch sliding his hand on his cock while looking through their mother's door, Logan hadn't felt stirrings of sexuality before.

His little cock was hard. Hair had just started to grow in the last month, his penis becoming larger, just over three-and-a-half inches, a light purple-red head capping his smooth, dark olive shaft. Logan took it in his hand gently and rubbed it, found it felt good. He used his palm to slide around the tip, making his dick throb. Tingles slid down into his body, and, his mouth agape, Logan tried to move his hand like he'd seen Finch doing earlier.

Fingers wrapped around and started stroking. It came naturally to him, his body responding by tensing, straining. Within a few strokes he felt excited, warm, shuddering. His penis expanded as his butt cheeks clenched. His small penis throbbed and ejaculated for the very first time. Small squirts of wet, sticky semen shot into the air, splashing down on Logan's chest. His young cock hummed through his cum, and Logan was left breathless and speechless by what he'd just discovered.

Finch wanted to die. He'd been enjoying the most fantastic view of his young life when his stupid brother caught him. Finch had been obsessed with seeing his mother naked again and he had listened outside her door a moment before hearing her snoring softly, clearly asleep. His heart had raced as he carefully opened the door. He wasn't sure what he'd see, but he thought she might have a boob showing, or a leg out, possibly giving him a glimpse of his mother's sex again.

Instead, he'd opened the door wide enough to see Tamara on her back, nearly nude, genitals uncovered, her thighs parted, her hairy sex swollen and open to Finch's eyes. He stared only a moment at his mom's beautiful hairy pussy before instinct took over.

He had unzipped his jeans and pulled out his young cock, stroked it quickly. Finch had stared at the woman's dark labia, the way her dark hair covered them partially, becoming sparse further down. One was splayed outward a bit, the other turned inward, covering part of her opening. Finch was just thinking about where he'd shoot his load when his brother surprised him.

Finch had run to the basement quickly, leaving Logan to ponder what to make of the scene. It took almost an hour for Finch to settle down enough to head back upstairs.

He opened the shared room door to see his brother sleeping. The fourteen-year old was under covers, turned over, snoring lightly. Finch exhaled at his fortune and decided he was tired and wanted to go to sleep, too. He stripped down to his underwear, a fresh pair he'd put on after showering earlier, and tried to drift off.

He was in and out of near-sleep a few times, scenes of his mom's body running strongly through his thoughts. He wanted more, was obsessing over it. He wanted to touch it, wondered if she'd let him. Finch felt scared at his thoughts, disturbed, tried to ignore them, but his hard cock was proof enough that he found the sight of his naked mother arousing, and he couldn't let it go.

Finch wet his fingers and stroked his cock quickly. He stifled moans as precum drizzled from his dick. His palm flew up and down his shaft as he beat it quickly, stopping a grunt just as cum spewed from his penis and splashed into his briefs. Smaller than his earlier ejaculations, he still managed to leave several globs of warm, sticky sperm inside.

Finch pulled out his fingers and let the damp, slick underwear fall back onto his pubes and genitals. He was almost asleep when a sound caught his ears. He had to listen a moment before he was certain what he heard.

Logan was masturbating. Finch barely opened his eyes, could see his brother's penis just above folded-down blankets. The fourteen-year old stroked quickly, his body jerking and twitching as he beat off. Within a few seconds, Finch watched as Logan's thin, almost-clear ejaculate fired out and onto his brother's chest. Three quick spurts and it was over, though Logan continued to breath hard and squirm a bit. Finch wondered when that had started. He'd never seen it before. And the last time he'd seen his brother's cock, there had been no pubes growing dark around it.

Finch finally gave in, the overpowering memories of what he'd seen were fighting for his attention and it wore him out, letting sleep drive him deeply away and into other challenges.

Lauren closed her bedroom door and sat quietly a moment. She seethed at the way her dad's boss has talked about liberals and gays. She had many gay friends, thought she might be bisexual herself. Lauren texted her friend Polly and ranted for an hour before she felt better and in need of sleep. She could hear the soft moans coming from her parent's bedroom. She exhaled loudly and tried to drown out the sounds her mother made when they had sex.

Her father was leaving the next day on a long trip for a corporate board and strategy meeting, one organized to welcome the new CEO and set the agenda for the coming year. It would be a long three-week stay, and Lauren knew the ritual all too well. There'd be moans and grunts and sometimes excited, dirty chatter for an hour or so before her parents finally quieted down.

It wasn't that she was disgusted by it. She knew it happened, had seen enough videos on the internet to know people her parents' age were still having sex, had even had a few intense experiences herself over the past year. She was no virgin, but that didn't mean she wanted to listen to her mom orgasm again.

Her thoughts drifted to her boyfriend Lance. They'd dated for almost two months, had sex several times, though she had yet to tell her parents. It was really none of their business as far as Lauren was concerned, it was her body and her choice, and she chose to keep it to herself.

Lauren's hand drifted lazily to her pubes where she stroked the coarse hairs before sliding a finger through her slit. She sniffed her hand, smelled strong odors, considered taking a shower. Instead, she twisted her clit, stroked it, felt it harden as she thought about Lance's cock. She loved taking him inside her. He wasn't big compared to the first two guys she'd fucked, but he had an energy, a way of fucking her until she came before he did, that really made her want him inside her again.

Her body shook as a moan echoed in the room next door. She blocked it out, imagined Lance penetrating her, hard dick pressing through her tight opening and sliding deep into her vagina. Lauren fingered herself quickly to a silent, thrashing orgasm seconds before she heard her father's grunts and a groan that signaled his ejaculation.

Lauren shook her head, licked the strong flavors from her fingers, and rolled over to try to sleep.

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