Fun by Suggestion
Chapter 1

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Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He was 45 years old, divorced and not very happy. A near death experience changed his life when he developed an ability to command people to do what he wanted. He was also able to converse with their subconscious minds to find out their likes and dislikes. Using the ability to get sex from people became fun, but he also used it to exact retribution on people who annoyed him.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Ma/Ma   NonConsensual   Coercion   Mind Control   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Lactation   Cream Pie   Size   Public Sex  

I am Grant, and I am 45 years old, divorced and living alone. I was married to Grace for 18 years after a whirlwind courtship and marriage. We had no children of our own, but she had a daughter Tina who was a toddler at the time of our marriage.

All was good initially between Grace and myself, but there was a steady decline over the years which came to a head two years ago when we separated and divorced. Tina never accepted me as a father and often told me "I don't have to listen to you ... you are not my father".

My life had been crap lately with my boss Rob being on my case all day every day. He was a right royal prick, and I just wanted to punch him in the face. I was so distracted by my miserable life that I put myself in danger resulting in a near death experience about six months ago. That was the start of a change in my life that beggars belief.

I discovered that I had acquired an unbelievable ability which I have been using to my financial advantage for the last few months. I have the ability to speak to other people's subconscious to find out information about them without a spoken word being heard. I could also get them to do whatever I want.

I have been able to walk into a bank, and ask the teller to give me money. They do it with a smile and tell me "Come again". I do, and they just keep giving me money. My power works on crowds of people - I can tell a whole room of people to do something and they will all obey.

I have quit my job - goodbye to the prick of a boss. I don't need to earn an income - I just ask those who can afford to give me money to give it to me.

It was just last night that I contemplated a new use for my ability - I could ask anyone for sex. At the time I was having a meal at my local golf club when I decided to test my thoughts.

There was a family group at the next table - a mother, father, a grandmother and two teenage children. Their language seemed to be eastern european, possibly Polish. The one in the group that interested me was the teenage daughter. I learnt by talking to her subconscious that she was Bree and was aged 18. She was a tall, slim dark haired blonde - with a beautiful innocent looking face - and she had a slightly sassy attitude.

Bree was wearing a bright green tube top that nicely covered her full set of tits. She was wearing a knee length cream skirt, with strappy high heels. She had a really nice body and her skin looked so soft.

I found out that she liked sex, and had an active sex life with her boyfriend - her parents were just unaware of his existence at the moment. I planted the suggestion in her mind that great sex was hers for the taking, and that she would meet someone here who would help her to that end.

I had already sussed out where I would take her - the club manager had a private office and I had already successfully "requested" the use of his office for a short time. He would ensure that I was not disturbed - he could even watch it he liked.

When I got back to the table, I subliminally suggested to Bree that she needed to go to the club managers office to meet her lover in five minutes time. I suggested to her family that it would be OK for Bree to be missing for a little while without them being concerned or going looking for her.

I was waiting in the manager's office for her when the manager showed her in. I was already naked and sitting on his couch.

"Bree ... come and help me with this" I said to her holding my cock by the base and waving it at her. I have a substantial cock (10 inches in length with a fat girth), and it was just half-hard at the moment.

She walked over to the couch and knelt down before me. She reached out and replaced my hand with hers. She gave me a slow wank.

"That's nice ... but your mouth would be much better" I suggested.

Bree licked her lips and applied them to my cockhead, swirling her tongue about its head before sliding my shaft into her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down, using her mouth and hand in unison.

"God ... you are a beautiful cock-sucker" I groaned.

Tim, the manager, was sitting at his desk watching us all this time.

"Hey Tim ... come over here and slide this top off her tits ... I want to see her beauties" I commanded him. He walked over and crouched down beside her - grabbing her knit tube top and pulling it down to reveal her skin-tone bra.

"The bra too" I added.

He pulled it down, and both the bra and top were pooled around her waist. She had nice full tits with a slightly conical areola and nipple.

"Now pull up her skirt" I commanded him.

He followed my instructions and soon it was part of the pool of clothing around her waist.

"OK ... go sit down and watch ... you can play with yourself if you like" I told him.

Bree's cock sucking was going quite well, with my cock at its full hardness and length. Time was of the essence, and I wanted to fuck her so badly. It was a long time since I'd had any pussy, let alone some teenage pussy...

"Stand up Bree" I commanded her.

She seemed to be reluctant to disengage from my cock but she did eventually stand. I sat forward in the lounge and put a hand on her ass to draw her closer. When she was close enough, I hooked a finger in the waistband of her skimpy thong panties and pulled hard. They ripped at the side seam, and I was able to pull them down enough for them to fall to her ankles.

"Come sit on my lap" I commanded her as I sat back in the lounge.

She climbed up onto my lap facing me with her tits brushing against my face. I directed her position so that she was poised with my cockhead at the entrance to her pussy canal. Bree had a very neat looking pussy - not a lot of external lips and a mound with closely cropped dark blonde hair (matching that on her head).

I nudged upwards pushing my cock through her clenched outer lips and into the tight entrance to her pussy.

"Fuck that's tight" I groaned as I moved my hands to her hips to direct the impalement. With hands in position, I started to move her up and down on my shaft, achieving a deeper impalement with each in-stroke.

Her pussy was like a second skin on my cock. I could feel every minute ridge and crease in her inners.

"Oh yes ... oh god yes" she groaned.

"Yes baby ... I am fucking you ... you feel so amazing" I told her as my cock-fucking increased in depth and frequency.

My lips were drawn to her nipples which I licked, sucked and nipped at. I switched back and forth between them, with her arousal increasing in intensity.

When my cock was finally fully inside her I stopped thrusting in and out and changed to a circular grind that rubbed directly against her clit.

"Ahhhhhh fuuuuuuccccckkkkkk!!!!:" she moaned announcing the arrival of a massive cum. Her cum juices dribbled down my cockshaft and across my balls.

It was the contracting of her pussy canal around my cock that set me off - my balls exploded pumping my cum deep inside her youthful pussy. I stayed inside her until my balls emptied, and then I slowly withdrew, leaving a puddle of our combined cums on the manager's couch.

Bree stood up on shaky legs. She looked a sight - clothes pooled around her tummy and a pair of ripped panties around one ankle.

I quickly re-dressed and left both Bree and Tim (the manager) in his office to contemplate what had just happened after I released them from my suggestions.

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