Annie and Me, Our Early Days
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - How I met and fell in love with Annie

I was fifteen when I first met her at our local youth club and she was fourteen, she wore a yellow pleated skirt with a white blouse and I thought she was the most beautiful girl in the world, in those days, tights, (pantyhose) hadn't yet been invented and if a teenage boy caught a glimpse of stocking top, it was a case of an instant hard on!

I was more than surprised when I asked her for a date and she agreed, I was practically walking on air that night when I went home that night,

We went to the pictures a couple of times and other times we just walked around, but then I took an evening job to pay for a flat because I wasn't getting on with my parents, my day job as an apprentice baker left me a pound a week to live on after I'd paid the rent, so the evening job was food and extras and on a Saturday night I could see Annie.

Across the road from the bakery, there was a pub whose landlord once worked at the bakery, he was very good to us youngsters and would allow us in on a Saturday night, so that was where we often went and bless her Annie insisted on paying her half.

My sixteenth birthday came round and my wages went up by two pounds a week, just to put that in perspective, later on when Annie and I got married, we did a big shop, it came to just under five pounds, that included pots and pans, so you see two pounds was very welcome.

Annie was fifteen just a few days after my birthday and at a little party at her house I asked her to marry me, she burst into tears, her step dad went mad and threw me out of the house,

"You're not good enough for her and you never will be"

"What the hell had I done?"

I walked home feeling really down and when I got there I raided my little savings jar, I'd saved pennies, threepenny bits and the odd sixpence, it totalled just over two pounds which I took to my local corner shop and bought a bottle of vodka and some coke.

The flat I rented was over a barbers shop with a flat area out the back overlooking a park, so I sat out there with my illicit booze and started to drown my sorrows.

I was half way down my second drink when I heard the side gate rattling as if someone was trying to open it, then she shouted,


I practically broke my neck running down to open it and Annie fell into my arms crying, half a dozen bags were at her feet overflowing with her clothes and personal belongings,

"He hit me David, he called me a cheap tart" she sobbed in my arms,

"Why" I asked as I held her, "What the hell have you ever done to deserve that?"

"He's jealous"

"Jealous, why?"

"Because you work and he doesn't"

"But I like working!"

"That's just it, mum thinks you're great and she keeps talking about you"

"I'm just ordinary"

"That's daft Dave, you're sixteen years old and you do two jobs, that's not ordinary"

"Well one doesn't pay enough"

"That's what I mean, he would just sit at home and moan about it"

"Besides" I grinned, "I need to earn enough to save up for a honeymoon"

"He said it's a pity I'm not sixteen now, I could bugger off and marry you out of his way"

"I wish you were sixteen too sweetheart" I grinned, "I'd marry you like a shot"

"Can I stay for a day or two please? I won't be any trouble"

"You can stay as long as you want" I told her and meant it too, I showed her the bedroom and said that I would sleep on the couch, she nodded and then asked if she could have a bath,

"Yeah, of course" I showed her the bathroom and left her to it, I had some more drinking I needed to do!

It was about half an hour before she came out in a pretty lace night dress, "I put some clothes in the washing machine, is that all right?"

"Of course" I answered, "Want a drink?"

"Yes please"

I handed her a small vodka and coke and admired her slim figure as she looked over the fields behind my flat,

"This is a lovely flat isn't it?" she said softly, "With a washing machine as well!"

"And a television" I added, "But not colour"

"I don't know anyone who's got a colour telly"

"No I don't either"

"What am I going to do David?" she turned to face me and I saw tears trickling down her cheeks, I stood up and held her tightly,

"Annie my sweet thing, don't worry, you're safe here with me, I won't try anything on, I promise, there's a lock on the inside of your bedroom, use it, it'll make you feel safer"

"I feel more than safe with you, you know I do and you will not sleep on the couch, I came here because I want to be with you, you're my man and I want to sleep with you, all right?"

"All right ma'am" I laughed, "Does your mum know you're here?"

"Yes" she giggled, "She gave me something for you"

"For me, what?"

"Wait there I'll fetch it" I could just make out the shape of her buttocks through the thin gown as she went back into the flat, bloody hell she was naked under it!

"Here you are" she smiled and handed me a packet of three condoms!

"Now take me to bed" she said huskily and wrapped both arms around my neck,

It was a first for both of us and we learned together, she liked a lot of kisses and she adored me going down on her, she got wet, very wet and she said my cock was better than any lollipop she'd ever had.

She was quite scared at first, scared but eager, I was apprehensive too, but when I finally entered her she was a very keen and very responsive lover, I discovered that I was a repeater which thrilled her to bits, we used all three condoms that night and when I said that I'd buy some more, she told me she had a dozen off her mum!

"She likes a lot of sex" she laughed, "And now I know why"

We woke up in the morning still in each others arms,

"I need to pee" she said shyly, so I used the time to put the kettle on, I heard her cleaning her teeth so I did the same when she'd finished, when I came out she'd made two cups of coffee, she'd also stepped into a tiny pair of baby blue panties and beamed happily when I told her she looked gorgeous,

"I feel gorgeous David" she smiled, "I feel like a real woman now"

I took her into my arms and kissed her enjoying the feel of her nipples against my naked chest,

"Yes but you're an over dressed woman" I said as I dipped both hands down into her panties,

Her breath was warm and her tongue a live thing as it snaked between my teeth, she wiggled her bum sexily as I eased her panties down to find her cleft was moist with desire and longing,

"Yes David" she sighed as I entered her again, "Oh yes"

The urgency of the previous night had gone, we made love slowly. Slowly and beautifully, I kissed her neck and sucked tenderly at each nipple while she gripped me fiercely, meeting each forward thrust with one of her own, fingers digging into the flesh of my buttocks she pulled me in and trapped me with her lovely, long legs scissored around my back.

She whispered that I should talk dirty to her like in a book she'd read, so I said that she had a gorgeous little cunt, she gasped and said she wanted more, I slid my hands down over her bottom and caressed her tiny rear hole,

"I'm going to fuck you there" I whispered and pushed a finger in, she came like an express train, she bit my neck and left deep red scores in my back from her long finger nails as she bucked and heaved beneath me in the throes of her climax.

"You didn't cum" she said softly as we lay catching our breath,

"No, I was watching you when you climaxed"

"Sorry" she smiled, "I've never felt anything like that before, this time yesterday I was a virgin, all I knew was what I've read about"

I was about to say the same but she sat up and quickly pulled the condom off me then pushed me down onto my back, I couldn't help a gasp of pleasure escaping my lips as I felt her warm, wet mouth enclosing my rigid cock,

"Oh fuck Annie"

She held my buttocks with both hands while she sucked me, those big blue eyes of hers were fixed on mine and if my life had depended on me not coming, I would have been dead!

"Have you got an ironing board and an iron?"

"In that cupboard under the sink, why?"

"I need to iron my school skirt for tomorrow"

"Shit, I'd forgotten about school"

"I've only got another week and then I leave"

"Have you got a job yet?"


"Really!, where?"

"In an office"


"Yes it's in a nice little bakery that employs some nice people"

"You mean?"

"Yes" she giggled, "The exact same place as you"

"You'll meet some smarmy git with more money than me"

"Probably" she agreed, "But they won't be as nice as you, or anywhere near as sexy as you"

"Sexy, me?"

"Yes you fool, you're the sexiest man I've ever met"

I watched her ironing her school skirt, a fifteen year old girl, almost stark naked humming to herself and quite unaware of the effect she was having on me,

"Put it on for me" I said more in hope than anything else, but she laughed and said, "I was hoping you'd ask"

The stockings came first, fastened with a lacy little suspender belt, followed by small and tight white panties, then a bra barely large enough to hide her splendid breasts, then a white blouse followed by a regulation grey skirt, she looked good enough to eat and giggled when I told her,

"Let's go and get something to eat first, I'm starving"

"You coming with me?"

"Of course"

"Like that?"

"No" she laughed as she hitched her skirt up and shimmied out of her panties,

"Like this"

"Ooh you horny little bitch"

"That's me, I'm fifteen, it's my job to be horny"

We went to the shop, she didn't flash or anything, but knowing my sexy little schoolgirl lover was naked under her skirt was a major turn on for me, she held onto me all the time we were out, it made me feel great, we never did get round to eating that day!

I saw her the following day for an hour between my two jobs and she told me her mum had kicked her step dad out, but that she was quite happy for Annie to go on living with me for as long as everyone was happy, the little sweetheart did me some tea and we chatted about our future together whilst eating it on the balcony in the nice weather.

She gave me a cock stiffening kiss before I went to my other job and promised to have a bath ready for when I finished,

"And I want you to do something for me" she smiled sexily, "You'll enjoy it"

Three hours later I was back and I discovered what it was she wanted me to do for her, she was right, I was definitely going to enjoy it!

"I want you to shave me smooth" she said shyly, "I saw my friend's pussy today after netball practice and she shaves, it looks lovely, will you do it for me please, pretty please?"

"Annie" I laughed, "Look at you, you're fifteen years old, utterly gorgeous and you've just asked me if I'll shave your pussy"

We got in the bath together and after we'd bathed, she sat on the end with her back against the wall whilst I did the business and I had to admit that it looked gorgeous,

"Will you show your friend?"

"Yes, why?"

I leaned forward and licked the glistening wetness of her nice hairless pussy,

"Ooh nice" she moaned,

I sat back up again and said,

"Will your friend do that as well when you show it to her?"

"I think she'd like to, I was going to tell you, I think I'm bisexual"

"Why do you think that?"

"Well before I met you, I used to masturbate while thinking about girls"

"Any girl, or just your friend?"

"Both, but usually just Julie"

"Come on, let's go to bed, you can tell me about her then"

"You're not mad at me?" she asked timidly,

"Of course not" I laughed, "We can't help what we are, or who we are, I admire your honesty"

We slipped into bed naked and reached for each other,

"Tell me what you imagined her doing to you"

"Well she's actually told me what she'd like"

"Really, tell me then"

She had my cock held firmly in her fist and whispered, "She'd love me to sit on her face naked"

"That's two of us then" I grinned and pulled her up onto my chest, she giggled as I squirmed down until her pussy was directly over my mouth and then she moaned with pleasure as I flicked my tongue rapidly over her clitoris,

"Ooh David" she gasped, "Oh my God David" she began moving her hips like a belly dancer, sliding her cunt back and forth over my mouth,

"I could do this all day" I grinned, "Or watch you and her doing it"

"Mm I'd like that too"


"Both" she laughed as she slid down my body and impaled herself on my fully erect cock, "But I'd still need this every day"

"Do it for me" I asked as I began moving my hips sensuously, fucking her slowly and deeply, "Bring her round here on Saturday night and we'll both enjoy her"

"Yes" she said eagerly, "If she'll come"

"What did you feel like when she showed you her pussy?"

"I felt like I do now" she smiled,

"How's that?"

"Sexy" she giggled and then put her lips to my ear, "I wanted to kiss it"

"Why didn't you?"

"I wanted to but the other girls were about to come in for their shower"

"If she comes round on Saturday night will you kiss it?"

"Ooh yes"

She began rolling her hips like a belly dancer, my cock felt like an iron bar inside her with thinking about her licking her friends pussy,

"Would she let me fuck her?"

"Dirty man" she giggled, "I hope so I'd love to watch you fucking her"

"Would you really?"

"Definitely, as long as I don't get left out"

"No chance of that" I hissed and lunged up into her, "I'd rather not bother than run the risk of losing you"

"You're never going to lose me David" she gasped into my mouth, "All my friends keep going on about their boyfriends, I don't, I haven't got one, I've got a lover and he's a man, a real man"

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