Weekend With Debbie
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Cream Pie, Double Penetration,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Spent a weekend with Debbie when Kenny, her husband, was away on a business trip.

Friday night at Debbie's house

Friday turned out to be a busy day at the office. Debbie was not at work, must have taken the whole day off. I could not leave office until about five o'clock on Friday. As I started my car, I called Debbie and told her "I am leaving the office now, and will be at your house in about 30 minutes." She said "Jack, that is great, I will leave one garage door open, and you can park your car inside." I said "Great, See you in thirty minutes pet."

It was the usual Friday evening traffic as I drove to Debbie's house. I drove my car through the open garage door when I reached her house and parked it. Kenny's black Yukon was parked next to mine in the garage. I took my duffle bag with my change clothes from the back seat, and walked through the connecting door from garage into the house.

The house was quiet as I walked in, and there was a glass of martini on kitchen table with an olive, waiting for me. I loved this gesture, grabbed it and took sip, and yes Debbie can make a good martini, and walked into the living room. Debbie was sitting on a chair with the same shirt dress she wore at work when we made our plans, but this time without the inner tee, and she had a glass of wine on her hand. She looked gorgeous with the zipper pulled all the way down to her navel, her queen of spades pendant occupying a prominent space between her deep cleavage. Without any tee, her breasts and the nipples were visible through her sheer white top.

As I walked into the room, Debbie got up from her chair, came over to me, hugged me around my neck with both hands and started sucking my tongue with an open mouth kiss. I wrapped my left hand behind her back, grabbed her ass and slowly raised her skirt up. I slipped my right hand under her skirt and went straight to the home base. She was very excited and was already moist and leaking profusely around her inner thighs. I inserted three fingers into her cunt easily, started rubbing her clit with my thumb and her asshole with my little finger.

She moaned into my mouth and said "Jack I have a special movie to watch with you tonight."

I said "Great Debbie, I hope you are the star of the movie."

She said "Yes I am, it was taken with my smart phone during my first gang bang when I went on a vacation with Kenny, three months before our wedding."

"Nice," I said "lets watch it later tonight."

"This is a movie from the vacation when I got pregnant with Jake," Debbie said.

I immediately thrusted my three fingers deep into her cunt as far as I can and twisted my fingers around, as Debbie continued to suck my tongue and swallow my spit. Soon I had her cumming on my fingers.

We had a quick dinner of boiled buttered corns, baked potato and roast beef. Debbie is a great cook. During the dinner I told her that I was planning a special event for her on Saturday night.

She squealed in delight and said "That is wonderful Jack," and clapped her hands like a small kid in a candy store.

After the dinner, we moved into her living room and sat on the couch facing the TV. Debbie knelt in front of me, opened my pants and pulled them and my underwear down before sitting on my lap pulling her skirt above her waist. She then pressed the start button to play the recorded video of her first gang bang. This video was taken on her phone by those who were fucking her that night. The camera work was not great, but she had the video edited professionally by a friend of hers. The resulting shorter video, from eight hours of raw footage was hot. This was the first of the two gang bangs she had during that vacation, when she got impregnated with Jake. She knows she got pregnant with someone else since she had her husband wear condoms while they were at the resort, but barebacked during both gang bangs and the one off encounters she had with others during that vacation without Kenny's knowledge.

As we watched Debbie getting used by various black, Spanish and white guys, I inserted my right hand into her cunt and started fucking her with it. Soon I had three fingers going in and out, and she was heavily oozing on to my fingers. Debbie closed her eyes, leaned against me and started moaning loudly as I squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples, while I was finger fucking her with my other hand. I had her cumming on my fingers in a short order, with some gentle tickling of her clit with my thumb.

On the television, younger twenty-seven year old version of Debbie had a thirteen inch black monster cock in her cunt, a ten inch Spanish cock in her ass, while sucking the cock of white guy, who was vacationing at the same resort with his family. Watching the action on TV got my cock real hard and it was sticking straight up between her thighs. I continued to finger fuck her adding my fourth finger into her cunt. After adjusting her to sit sideways on my lap, I leaned over to suck on her breast and bite her nipple. She let out a loud moan as I tried suck all of her breast into my mouth and orgasmed with a shudder for second time that night.

Just then the phone rang, as I was pulling out my hands from her sopping wet cunt. Debbie immediately reached for the remote to pause the video and picked up the phone. It was Kenny at the other end calling to apologize for not being able to go to the orchestra on Saturday as they planned.

Debbie said "Don't worry Kenny, we can always do that another time after you are back. How was your flight and how is your hotel room?"

I did not hear any of Kenny's responses to Debbie. I pulled my hand out of her sopping cunt and her juices were dripping down in long strands from my fingers. It stretched a long way when I pinched and stretched it between my thumb and forefinger, a sure sign that she is ovulating. When she saw how much cum there was on my fingers, she got hold of my hand and started sucking it loud enough for Kenny to hear at the other end.

"No dear, I am having my after dinner dessert," Said Debbie. "Yea it is chocolate covered pop sickle," and she chuckled loudly as she was cleaning my second finger.

Then she moved on to my third finger.

"This is yummy, mmmm, ... and Kenny, I am going out with my friends tomorrow, so I will not be home to answer your call, darling." "I left Jake with my mother, as she had already made plans to visit the museum and park with her grandson. I didn't want to disappoint her. You know how my mom is, she loves to spend time with Jake." "Yes call me on Sunday night dear." "Take care, I love you too." "Thank you honey, I will make the best of the situation this weekend." She looked at me when she said that and gave me a sly wink. "Good night Dear."

She hung up the phone, and went to work on cleaning my hand. I gave her a wet kiss once done and I could taste her. I wondered whether Kenny recognized the sucking sound over the phone, as Debbie did the same in front of Kenny in his office, only two weeks ago. I pushed Debbie off my lap, and asked her to lead me to the master bedroom. "Rest of the video can wait," I had a raging hard cock to care of.

As we entered the master bedroom, she hugged me, lifted her left leg wrapped it around my back and kissed me. My cock was now sliding around her cunt entrance, rubbing against her clit, as she ground her pelvis against mine. Soon she started moaning into my mouth as she sucked on my tongue. I put my hands under her ass, lifted her up and carried her over to the bed she shares with her husband.

I threw her on the bed when I reached the edge of it, she bounced up and down on the mattress laughing. I grabbed her knees, pushed them apart, dove into her cunt and started licking it and sucking on her prominent clit. She immediately started to shake and moan, her nectar was coming out like a leaking water tap. She tasted wonderful and I drank it up for a few minutes.

After bringing her close to another orgasm, I left her on the edge and slowly moved up her body, kissing her tummy, sucking her breasts and pinching her nipples. When my cock was at her cunt entrance I said, "Debbie, guide me in baby," and kissed her on her lips.

She moved both her hands between us, grabbed my cock and started rubbing it against her clit for few strokes covering it with my pre cum. After a few minutes of this foreplay, she held it steady at the entrance of her cunt and I pushed my cock head inside her gently teasing her. I then rammed my whole eight inches of dark brown cock into her in one swift motion.

"Ooooooh ... Oh my god ... Oh my god ... You are in deep ... Ooooooh ... you feel wonderful inside me," Debbie kept on moaning as I started pumping in and out of her cunt. I held her head and clamped my mouth over hers and inserted my tongue inside her. She had no trouble swallowing my saliva which was coming down my tongue into her mouth in a steady flow while whimpering.

I kept on pulling my cock out all the way out, leaving just my cock head in, and then slamming it all the way in for about six to seven minutes. Since I had already made her cum a few times before I fucked her, it took some time for her to cum again. As she was nearing her climax, I could also feel my cum rising from my balls into my cock shaft. I said "Debbie, here cums the first of the many loads, deep inside you and I am going to do everything I can to make sure you will be pregnant by Sunday." She moaned loudly, when I said that and wrapped her legs around me to pull me in farther into her, as she reached her orgasm. At the same time I started shooting deep inside her. After about three or four pulses I pulled out slightly and rammed it in harder as my final jerking cum filled her.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, with me buried deep inside her while catching our breaths. My cock slowly started to shrink. I pulled out of her and rolled onto my side, beside her on bed. Debbie hugged me and then started kissing and biting my nipples, sending waves of pleasure down my cock. My cock started to rise up again after a minute or two of Debbie playing with my nipples while jacking me off.

Soon, she got it hard and climbed on top of me. She held my cock with one hand, pointed it directly at her cunt opening and sat down on me, engulfing all of my cock into her steamy canal, in one swift downward movement. I reached up and squeezed her swinging breasts as she started bouncing up and down on my cock. All the cum I had dumped inside her mixed her nectar was leaking out all over my cock and onto my balls. We both got close to an orgasm with Debbie gyrating her cunt around my cock while being fully penetrated and rubbing her clit on my pubic area.

As she was reaching her orgasm, she rose up until only my cock head was lodged inside her cunt, and then dropped down, letting gravity do the work, then leaned forward into my open mouth and stuck her tongue in and started cumming hard. While she was cumming on my cock, she let her saliva flow down her tongue and into my mouth. I bucked my pelvis and slammed into her cunt, as I swallowed the first mouthful of her saliva and started shooting my cum deep into her cavity.

We rested with me buried inside her as we recovered from our combined orgasm. Debbie kept her mouth locked onto mine and kept sucking on my tongue. After a few minutes she slowly got up and my now semi-hard cock slid out of cunt with a popping sound. My cock, balls and pubic area was soaked with our combined juices.

She slinked down on me, laid down between my wide spread legs, and took my slimy cock into her mouth while looking directly at me. She first took my cock head into her mouth and sucked it clean, then licked my shaft clean. Once my cock was clean, she delved into my pubic hair, and sucked all the juices before licking it clean. Then she proceeded to suck and lick my balls clean. Once done, she moved up to lie down beside me, put one of her legs over me, reached over and kissed me to give me a taste of our combined juices.

Then she put her head on my shoulders, and we both slowly drifted asleep in each others arms.

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