Power of Touch
Chapter 1

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Mind Control, Lesbian, BiSexual, Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Father, Daughter, Cousins, Uncle, Niece, Aunt, Nephew, InLaws, Spanking, Group Sex, Orgy, Harem, Polygamy/Polyamory, White Couple, White Male, White Female, Oriental Male, Oriental Female, Hispanic Male, Hispanic Female, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Fisting, Sex Toys, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration, Analingus, Body Modification, Public Sex, Slow, Workplace, School, Transformation, Military, War, Politics,

Desc: Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Aaron has always been a bit of an empath. He's recently found out he can do a whole lot more. Being that he's got a good nature he's determined to better the world around him. All while still doing all the things a teenager would love to do.

The bus ride home was bumpy. It always was. Turner St was notorious for its potholes but it was the only way to get from school to the area where the bus picked my sister and I up. I had begged my mom over and over to let us go to the charter school that was only a couple of miles from his house, but stupid Steve always had to say anything that is contrary with what I want. I don’t know anyone I disliked more than stupid Steve. Ugh...

Most of the trip was smooth, so I’d lay my head on the glass and zone out. I always had my hoodie on so it wasn’t an issue with the cold glass. Until Turner St, that is. Once the bus made that left I would have to lean back instead of to the side because the potholes jostled the bus so much that I’d constantly hit my head on the window.

“So, what are you up to later?” I asked my best friend, Eddie. We’d been friends for damn near 10 years. Apparently, we have lived near each other our whole lives, but we only met in kindergarten. I might as well not have asked; his response was always the same.

“Your mom!” He obnoxiously replied.

I just glared at him annoyed and asked “Wanna go to Danny’s?” Danny has been our friend all throughout elementary and middle school. Then, his parents chose to let him go to Carters Charter and Prep School. We all wanted to go there. Don’t ask me why, but the boy:girl ratio there was ridiculous. It was basically 1 boy to every 2 girls. Needless to say, that every guy there got laid because they are such a rare commodity that the girls fight for them. Do I want to go there? Of course! Will my mom let me? Nooooo!!! All because of Stupid Steve ... What a Douchebag...

“Hell Yeah, man! Maybe his sister is home. She’s so hot!” Eddie was the kind of guy that would never stop talking about girls. Granted I’m thinking about them non-stop too, but he takes it to a whole new level.

“That she is, my friend. That she is. I’m sure Jae will be home. Her job doesn’t start for another 2 hours and she always gets home early. Must be nice having someone drive you home.” Her boyfriend, Brad, would always drive her home. He’s one lucky bastard, lemme tell you. Jae was a walking wet dream. Barely over 5’ tall, 110 lbs, nice perfect C’s, flexible, toned, and smart. She’s the total package. “Hopefully she will be stretching again for her gymnastic class.” I told Eddie.

“Yeah...” He said dreamily. “Maybe she needs help with her stretches. I’ll volunteer as tribute!”

“OK, Katniss. I don’t think she needs your help, Eddie.”

“Hey! A guy can dream, can’t he?”

“Dream away Cinderella, you know she’s not gonna wanna do a 15-year-old. She’s 17, she’s got a reputation to uphold.”

Eddie socked me in the leg after that jab. “Asshole.” He smiled as he said that, though. He knew I was joking.

The bus finally stopped on our street. Me, Eddie, Samantha (my 14-year-old sister), and a couple more people filed out of the bus. Our street isn’t known as the best one around. It’s not the worst one round but I’m sure many people would rather drive around than drive through my little neck of the wood. It isn’t dangerous or anything, but it’s old and has not been maintained very well. Mom says that since the housing recession hit, most of our neighbors felt the brunt of the residual impact. My house was a 2-story townhouse. Nothing much special about it, but it’s home for me and I love it. It shares walls with the 2 other “houses” connected to mine on a nice big plot of land. All I know is we got a long driveway and a big backyard.

Eddie and I walked side by side towards my house. Sam walked a little bit behind us and asked “You guys going to Danny’s?”

“Yeah, Sam. Want to come?” Sam and I are close. She has her school friends and people she hangs out with here too, but she hasn’t ever gone through that ‘I hate my big brother’ phase.

“Sure! What you guys planning on doing? Circle jerking?” She’s got jokes...

“Only if you’re in the middle.” I can dish it out too.

“Haha! You wish, perv!”

We walked up the driveway and Sam and I dropped our bags off and came back out. Eddie’s house was a few more up the block, then it’s a couple of streets over and we get to Danny’s house. I had grabbed a couple of cokes from the fridge on the way out and handed one to Eddie. “Thanks, man. getting hot in August, huh?”

“Yeah, isn’t fall supposed to start getting cold?” Eddie just shrugged in response. Sam walked out a few seconds later with a Capri-Sun. She’s never been a big fan of soda. Me? I could drink it morning, noon, and night.

“Ready to go drool all over Jae, Aaron?” Sam knew I’ve had a big crush on her for years now and she never let up.

“Yeah, I am. I’ll just sit on top of you that way you can catch all my drool.”

She poked her tongue out at me then took another sip from her Capri-Sun. We were pretty much at Eddie’s house and his mom spotted us from the kitchen window. She dried her hands and walked further into the house, outside our view. Eddie turned up his drive and walked up to his door and went inside. His mom was cool. She’s a single mom. His dad died in a car crash. I try not to bring it up because, even though he doesn’t say it, I know that he still misses his dad and it all still bothers him. It’s been 6 years since it happened, but he’s getting through it.

I turned and sat on Eddie’s mom’s car’s bumper. Whew, that would be a mouthful to say... “Hey, Sam...”


“Why don’t you tell him?”

“Just ... Don’t ... I dunno, ok?”

“You know you’d be much happier if you stopped being a baby and told Eddie how you felt.”

“But what if he doesn’t like me back? I’ll die!”

“You know that’s impossible, right?”

“You know what I mean, O Literal One!”

“Heh ... You do know this is Eddie you’re afraid to talk to about this, don’t you? The same Eddie who you used to play manhunt with? The one who has basically lived at our house since he was 5? You two shared beds before for Christ’s sake!”

“I just don’t want to ruin anything between us...” She said dejectedly.

“I guess ... that’s possible. I’ll bring up the subject with him, see what he says.”

“You would hook up your little sister with your best friend? What planet are you from? Nobody would do that. Not anyone sane, anyway.”

“Why not? I never understood ‘societal taboos’” I made the little quote marks with my hands as I said that. “I don’t not like you and we all already hang out together. What’s the big deal?”

Sam looked at me and smiled a little then spotted Eddie walking out of his house. “Thanks, Aaron. You’re a pretty great brother.” She said as she leaned her head down on my shoulder.

Eddie walked up with his mouth full and mumbles something holding his hand out to us. His mom made some more of her bomb-ass brownies! Sweet! We both say thanks to him and yell out “Thanks Mrs. Park!” in unison. We each take our piece and start heading to Danny’s house. As we’re walking, I slow to look across the street at something while they keep walking and drop back into step with them behind Sam. While Eddie looked to his right, I nudged Sam closer to Eddie. She looked over her shoulder at me and gave a quick exasperated glare. I just smiled at her. Eddie was the ever-oblivious horn dog he always was and noticed nothing.

We walked and talked about nothing like we always did and got to Danny’s in no time. We’d all been friends for so long that knocking would be considered a faux pas at this point, so we all just walked in. Danny was sitting on his couch with his feet propped up on the armrest playing some game on his phone, while his sister, Jae was setting up her mat to start her yoga thing. I silently thanked the gods and settled on the other couch behind her and asked Danny “What’s up, rubber duck?”

He snorted to himself “Really, Aaron? ‘Rubber duck’”

“I dunno ... It rhymed. Haha” I replied.

Eddie plopped down next to me and Sam sat on the arm rest on Eddie’s side. She put her hand on his shoulder and used it to leverage herself up to get comfortable there. Maybe lingering a little more than necessary. I quickly glanced at her and make eye contact and had a quiet instantaneous non-verbal conversation with Sam. I’ve always could know what others are feeling. I don’t know why, I just had. Whenever mom was sad or angry at Stupid Steve, how I know that Sam is basically in love with Eddie, how Eddie feels about his dad or how he is normally a horn ball, or even how turned on Jae was at the moment.

... Wait, what?? I took more notice of this. I looked (tried not to stare too much) at Jae and concentrated on her and what she was feeling. I felt it slip some and come back, like I was trying to catch a good signal with my radio signal booster that each of us had and we’d use to chat across the neighborhood. Why is she turned on? I felt my mind grasp it a little more solidly. I couldn’t really decipher it, it’s so fluid. Like it’s smoke. I felt around ... It’s hard to explain. It was like I had to will my mind a certain direction. I thought my mind up like a receiver instead of a blank state and I immediately ‘grasped’ onto why she was turned on. She and Brad must have been doing some heavy petting in his car before she came inside. I could feel her. Not actually, like with my hands, but I knew that she still felt Brad’s hands on her epic tits. I felt her pussy was still wet. I formed my mind into more of a needle now and I poked her with it and I got a sudden stream of information from her. I suddenly knew everything about her. This was insane. I could tell how many times she’s been hurt at the various sports she did, I could ... Am I seeing this right? I probed her mentally a little more and found out that she’s recently had something inside her pussy. I don’t know what that all meant. Did she and Brad have sex?

“ ... Hello? Earth to Aaron...” Jae was talking to me. “You going to stare at my ass all day?”

I looked around. Apparently, I had zoned out. Danny apparently couldn’t care less how much I stared at his sister’s ass. Eddie Had a big shit-eating grin. Sam was hiding a smirk and was blushing a bit. “Sorry, Jae, I zoned out.”

“I’ll bet you did. With your eyes conveniently looking right at my ass?” She was still standing up and stretching. Maybe she didn’t care all that much about me looking at her ass? She was smiling after all...

I gave her a quick half-smile and got up. “I’m gonna go take a piss.” I stated and walked to the bathroom. Once I got in there I tried the needle thing again and boom! It’s like I just jacked into the internet with a T2 connection. I pulled back and tried it on Eddie and same thing. Except I got something else too. He had a constant stream of endorphins seeping into his bloodstream. He was happy? I looked around some more and Sam had put her hand on his back once I left. Hmm, maybe he does like her after all ... I tried the needle on Sam and once again, same surge of information. I noticed that she strained her wrist and I also noticed a steady beat of horniness coming from her. It was very faint, but there nonetheless.

This was crazy. Am I Professor Xavier?? Am I an X-Man now? Are there other mutants? Nah ... right? Weird...

I took a piss and washed and came back out. Sam still had her hand there and Eddie was studiously looking at Jae’s ass while she went through her yoga poses. Danny, the ever-obsessed gamer, lived up to his name by still having his nose buried in a game. “Let’s go swimming!” I announced to the crew.

Both Eddie and Sam responded in the affirmative and Danny gave a noncommittal grunt. “Quit being a tool, Danny. Come on!”

“Oh, alright, you suck!” Danny managed to tear his attention away from his game.

Danny had been fortunate. His parents had always been well off. His house was a damn palace compared to my house. We usually always hung out at Danny’s house. He didn’t mind. All his stuff was here. Plus ... He had a pool! We all kept some stuff over here. Danny’s house had 2 separate wings, essentially. The side where his parent’s room was along with another room near it and the other side of the house had the other 3 bedrooms. The pool was surrounded on 3 sides by his house. His room had a shared bathroom with his sister’s room and all 3 had access to his backyard and pool. I went into the bathroom and opened one of the closets there and pulled out my swim trunks from there. I quickly changed and stepped out just as Danny stepped out of his sliding glass door to his room. We made eye contact and knew that we’d be racing to see who would get into the pool first. He had a small advantage because there were some pool chairs in my way and he had a straight shot. He won.

As I resurfaced from my cannonball, I spotted Sam walking out of Jae’s room. She had on a bikini that she’d owned for what must have been ages. It was starting to get small on her and I inwardly did that wolf whistle. She had light brown hair that hung to the middle of her back. Looks like she was filling out nicely. I’m no expert on boob sizes but she looked like a solid B. Since she played soccer she has a nice flat tummy and really toned legs. In the few seconds it took for me to take stock of Sam, I felt a nice big wave hit me from the side. Eddie was apparently in the pool now. I turned his way and waited for him to surface, then I jumped on top of him. Sam did a flip over us and landed right next to me. Danny had been underwater and waited until Sam settled in the water He swam beneath her, planted his feet under himself grabbed a hold of the top of her legs right beneath her firm ass and pushed her up and out of the pool. She shrieked and flew on top of me and Eddie. She slid over me and because Eddie was resurfacing, he brought her up in his arms. She hooked her arm around his head to stabilize herself and realized what had just happened.

“My hero!” Sam said to Eddie and kissed his cheek. Eddie just had a big goofy grin and let her drop in the water eliciting another shriek. He dove down after her and she twisted and tried to swim away. She’s always been a pretty accomplished swimmer and she had no trouble getting away from us all. By the time she reached the other side of the pool, we had all kinda separated and I hopped out of the pool and went to the lounge chair near the pool.

I had wanted to explore more about what all that craziness that happened back inside was. When I sat down, I saw that Danny was chasing Eddie around and Sam was floating on her back. Her nice tits were out of the pool and the water was lapping up and over her stomach. I formed my mind into a needle again and ‘pointed’ it at Sam. I, once again, got that intense rush of information. I closed my eyes and concentrated while I mentally looked around at all the information. I could sense that there were layers and layers of things. At the outside, there was all the input going into her body from her nerves and senses. Underneath that there was what I guess I could describe as her emotions. Seems like this is the layer I could always sense in other people. I think I should dedicate some time to explore why it is that I can feel others and why I can now ‘connect’ to them.

Pulling the layers back some more, I detected the involuntary processes that her body was performing. Heartbeats, breathing, digestion, etc ... Wow this is insane. Imagine all the practical applications in utilizing this information.

I sensed that she was getting out of the pool because I suddenly knew that she was colder now that a second ago, which meant that she’s no longer in the water. I kept my eyes shut while I concentrated at all the input her body was receiving. I felt the footsteps, I felt her lift her arms and gather her hair and wring it out. She sat next to me and kept working on her hair.

“You OK, Aaron? You seem a bit off...” She asked me as she laid back on the lounge chair. She realized the chair was set to a sitting position and reached back to readjust it so she can lay down more.

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.” I knew that saying something like this to anyone would elicit an instant ‘try me’ type of response. I’m not all that sure why I said that. Maybe, subconsciously, I wanted to tell someone and who did I trust more than Sam? Maybe my dad. I couldn’t necessarily tell my dad, though. He disappeared a long time ago. I may have been 3 or 4. I don’t know where he lives, he kind of just shows up every now and then. He’s awesome when he’s here, but he’s always evasive about any kind of question about his past or where he goes. He always just says he’s working on some important stuff ... By the time I was 8 I was pretty used to that, so I stopped asking.

“You do realize that now you have to tell me, right?” She did one of those raising one eyebrow and lowered the other while tilting her head at me while she said that.

I chuckled. “I guess maybe I wanted you to ask me that so I’d have to tell you.”... “OK ... You know how I can usually tell what other people are feeling?”

“Yeah, its super cool! I wish I could do that.”

“Remember when I zoned out staring at Jae’s ass?”

“Of course, It was maybe 20 minutes ago.”

“It’s really hard to explain this...” I said after a few moments of silent pondering. “I think I can do a whole lot more and I don’t see the limit to it yet.”

“A whole lot more, like what? You can read people’s minds? Like a psychic?”

“Psychics read body language in response to stimuli.” I responded without really thinking.

“You know what I mean, smart one ... Can you read minds? Quick! What am I thinking??”

“Haha, sorry, it’s a force of habit. I can’t read minds but I can read people. It really is hard to explain. It’s like I have a high-speed connection to their nervous system or something. As far as reading you...” I closed my eyes and focused on Sam. The rush came again and I sifted through the first layer into the second layer. I felt doubt and apprehension. Maybe some traces of excitement? I thought to myself that this is all happening ‘wireless’ in a manner of speaking, so I reached over and put my hands on hers. The ‘connection’ felt like a dam breaking. I knew I had access to everything now. No sifting through layers, it all just made complete sense in my head. I saw the layers all spelled out at the ‘top’ and the emotions and the involuntary processes. The most intriguing was what was ‘below’ all that. I saw her DNA, her genetics. I knew that later in life she’s going to have trouble having kids because of an infinitesimal anomaly on her ovaries. I saw that her breasts were going to continue growing. There were markers all over her body that I could easily make a good prediction on what would happen there.

I must have made a facial expression when I connected to her with my hand because she instantly asked “What??” in a sort of worried voice. Amazing. I saw in real time how her body was responding to stimulation from outside of it. I did one of those incredulous smiles and told her “When I closed my eyes and focused on you, I could feel that you didn’t really believe me, but were skeptical and a little hopeful because you already do know that I can feel others. When I took your hand, it’s like your whole body is available to me. I can see everything about it.”

“What do you mean?” She just seems confused and a little more skeptical now. This is incredible! “Well, I can tell anything about your body. I know that your period is due anytime now. I can see that your tits will keep on growing for a while. I can tell you that your left wrist is bothering you. And I can tell you’re mildly turned on and your pussy is wet.” I grinned at that last one.

“I told you I hurt my wrist last week, nothing new about that. My tits will keep growing? How much bigger? How do you know I’m turned on? Of course my pussy is wet, I was just in the pool.” I looked at her emotions and saw that she’s still skeptical but she’s coming around.

“I can tell exactly where in your wrist it hurts. I don’t know the body part names, but its inside and slightly to the left, by your thumb. Hmm ... This doesn’t seem to be an exact science, predicting stuff like this and all, but from all this information, you’ll be a nice big handful.” Smirking the whole time I say it. “I didn’t mean water in your pussy. I can see the pussy juice seeping out. Was someone copping a feel of you in the pool? Ehh??” I opened my eyes to emphasize the ‘eh’ and I instantly lost a huge chunk of information. I guess I telegraph quite a bit of my emotions on my face because, once again, she caught it.

“What happened?” She asked me. I closed my eyes again quickly.

“I lost a lot of information when I opened my eyes, but it’s all back now. Cool. This is like I’m some sort of mutant. I want to go fight crime now and go fight against Magneto or something.”

“OK, suppose I believe you. What now?”

“I don’t know. I just found all this out 30 minutes ago, I guess I should find out what I could do with all of this, now.” I think it’s time to try an experiment. “OK. I’m going to try an experiment.”

“What am I, your guinea pig??” She took her hand back looking at me like I was crazy.

“You can try on me, dude.” Eddie spoke up from the pool edge. Apparently Eddie and Danny swam over and were listening to us. I have no clue how long they were there for. I suppose the complete faith Eddie has for me should speak volumes.

I looked at them. “How long have you two been listening?” I asked them.

“Well, we know that Sam’s pussy is wet and she’s gonna have some big tata’s in the future.” Danny responded.

Sam blushed and looked down. “Alright, Eddie. Come help Frankenstein with his experiment.” I told him.

“If you shock me, I’m gonna kick you in the zatch, remember that!” Eddie said as he sat next to Sam.

“How am I going to do that, Igor? Static electricity? If you’ve been listening, you should know that I’m only able to read, not write. So far, anyway.” Danny came and sat by me. I grabbed onto Eddie’s arm, closed my eyes and focused. It was all subtly different from Sam. Same layout, different information. Eddie had gotten into a wrestling match with Danny in the pool apparently because his shoulder was bothering him. I wonder if this is how computer processors feel. Hmm, I wonder if I can change things, maybe fix Eddie’s shoulder. “Your shoulder bothering you Eddie?” I asked him.

“Yeah, this douche-nugget ignored my tapping out and kept me in a stupid arm lock.” I could try to push things around, that might work. I spent a few moments trying to push his pain receptors in his shoulder around, seeing if that was doing anything, but it was clear that this method wasn’t working. I thought for a few more moments. “Why? What are you doing, Aaron?” Eddie asked.

“I’m trying to fix you, shush.” I pondered some more and decided to take mental step back. So far everything I’ve been able to do came from just ‘wishing’ it to happen. I didn’t actually force anything. Following that mindset, I just ‘wished’ the inflammation to disappear and, since I could clearly see his DNA, I ‘wished’ his shoulder to return to normal.

“WHOA!! What did you just do???” Eddie exclaimed loudly when he felt what I did from his perspective.

“I told you already, I’m trying to fix you. Did it work? How do you feel?” I asked him.

Eddie rotated his arm this way and that. Then he punched Danny in the shoulder. “Loads better, no thanks to you!” He directed that last comment to Danny.

“Awesome, so it worked! Can you guys imagine what I could do with this?” I looked around. All 3 looked at me with wonder in their eyes. Then Danny has a bit of inspiration strike him. “You do know that you gotta keep this under wraps, right? Imagine what the government will do if they know you can fix people just by touching them? If they don’t dissect you, you’ll end up fixing Soldiers all day long in some shit hole half a world away.”

I stared at him blankly for a second or two. “Shit, your right, man.” We all sat around quietly for a few more seconds. I realized that I was tired. Maybe this is a mental muscle that I found and I can only use it so much in a short time frame. “Guys, I’m pretty tired. Let’s go back inside.” We shuffled off to our respective changing areas.

Danny was wearing one of those high-speed microfiber shorts and was already dry, so he just went into the middle of the house towards the kitchen. I went into the bathroom and started changing there while Sam used Jae’s room and Eddie used Danny’s. I opted to just wear the shorts I was wearing earlier and no shirt. It was still warm from the day and I don’t like shirts anyway. I stepped out of the bathroom into Danny’s room and plopped down on his futon. Eddie was already changed and sitting at Danny’s computer. I turned on the TV and pulled up Netflix. Danny got a smart TV for his birthday last year. Like I said, he’s one lucky guy. Hey, maybe I could figure out how to make some money with this. Sons of Anarchy it is. Sam walked in wearing her bikini top and a pair of shorts that I’m supposing she had stashed here. Maybe they were Jae’s, I don’t know, but what I do know was that she looked damn good. She saw me looking at her and I smiled a bit and winked. She smiled back. I made a little movement with my eyes and head motioning towards Eddie. She rolled her eyes and walked over to Eddie and put her hands on the top of his head and leaned on him a bit. I focused on her with my eyes closed and saw that she was pressing her tits onto his shoulders. I shifted my focus to Eddie and he was sure as hell enjoying that. Why she just didn’t go for it, I don’t know. A thought struck me. Maybe it was Eddie who’s not going for it. Hmm ... Further investigation would be required.

Danny walked in holding 2 cokes and a Sunny D in one arm and an opened coke on in the other. “Sweet, man. Thanks!” I said taking one of them. Eddie and Sam also took theirs and thanked Danny. Danny plopped down next to me and started to watch SOA with me. It was one of the episodes where Jax went to jail along with half his crew. He’s talking to Bobby and Opie. We all started watching this and got hooked instantly. I could see that Eddie and Sam weren’t paying attention to the computer. I’m willing to bet that Eddie hasn’t moved only because Sam’s tits were on his shoulders. I can’t blame the guy. I wouldn’t want to move either. I was still pretty mentally beat from earlier but I decided to try my power(?) out on Danny. I put my hand on his shoulder and closed my eyes. I saw everything logically spread out and there for me to inspect (or change). “What do you see?” Danny asked. “Gimme a second.” I said back. Being a natural 15-year-old kid and given the opportunity, after I looked around anyway, I looked at his genetics for his dick size. I was a little sad to see that he was going to top out at 5 inches or so. I decided to be magnanimous and ‘wished’ his DNA to give him a nice 8 incher.

“WHOAWHADAFUCK!” Danny yelled out and he felt something in his crotch I guess. His dick started to get hard and he was so surprised at what was happening that he didn’t seem to be embarrassed at all. He stood up and the obvious tent in the front of his shorts was visible. Given that he was wearing microfiber shorts and details were at best muted before, we all saw that he just kept growing and growing. He looked at me with an incredulous look on his face. “What did you do to my dick man? Not cool! Don’t mess with another guy’s dick without permission, unless you’re a hot chick!” I laughed at that one. “Would you rather have kept that 5 inches or do you like the 8 I gave you?” I answered him.

His eyes bugged out so far that I thought that he was going to pop them out of his head. He looked from me back down to his crotch and yanked his shorts down. Before him stood his new and improved package. I gotta admit, it was very formidable looking. I saw that Sam was staring at it and I thought I caught her sucking in her breath. I focused on her and saw that she was extremely turned on. I don’t know how many dick’s she’s seen in her life, but she seems to like his. I don’t care either way. Eddie on the other hand turned away and shielded his eyes “Gross man! Put that thing away before it eats someone!”

Danny looked back and me, still bewildered. “You did this? Why?” He asked me.

“Because you’re my friend and I figured that this would be a nice thing to do. You want me to change it back?”

“Hell no! I’m gonna go try it out!” He stormed into his bathroom.

Me and Sam locked eyes and started laughing. Eddie just kept murmuring ‘gross’ to himself. After a good laugh, Sam looked at me and motioned to Eddie silently. I got up and walked to them. I put my hand on his shoulder and concentrated. After a few moments, I opened my eyes and looked at Sam. Eddie was looking at me with a ‘what did you just do’ kind of expression.

“He doesn’t need help in that department. I think 7 inches is plenty, isn’t it Eddie?” I started that whole comment looking at Sam and she started blushing when I said it, but then I looked at Eddie as I finished it. “Oh, come on, you can’t give me that another inch too?” I rolled my eyes and put my hand back on his shoulder and a couple of seconds later I opened them and looked at Sam and winked. I don’t know if Eddie caught the wink, but she blushed and he said “Whoa. Sweet!”

“Man, that’s tiring.” I said as I sat back down on the futon. I un-paused the show and watched as Jax and Opie were led along the hallways.

Danny came out of the bathroom a little while later with a huge grin on his face. He sat down on the futon again and sat quiet for a moment. I heard a door shut in Jae’s room. I glanced there and saw that her door to the bathroom was closed. I glanced back at Danny and he still had a big grin on his face. He started paying attention to the show. “Wait. What the fuck just happened??” Danny exclaimed. Opie was getting beat up by 3 black guys in some room while Jax looked on. “Opie saved Jax. He took one for SAMCRO. Damn ... That sucks ... I liked Opie.” A few seconds of silence passed. “Unless you mean with your dick.” I said to Danny with a grin. “Hahah, no I’m good there. Thanks a lot, by the way. I don’t know how to repay you.” “Don’t sweat it, Danny.” I said. Jae poked her head in the doorway. “I’m going, Dan.” She looked at him for a bit. I looked from her to him and I could feel there was some excitement happening inside him. Did they... ? I closed my eyes and focused on Jae. It would have been pointless to focus on Danny because if I got a new bigger dick, first thing I’d do is jerk off. Jae still had a slippery sensation in her pussy but her stomach seemed a little fuller. Realization hit me then. I opened my eyes and looked at Sam. She was already looking at me, but Danny and Eddie were watching the show. I did an almost imperceptible nod of my head and glanced at Danny and then the doorway. Sam understood what I was trying to say and smirked a bit with wide eyes.

We all just chilled for a while in Danny’s room watching SOA. Sam an I knew that we should be heading home around 6 or so. When it came time, Eddie came with and we all told Danny that we’d see him later. We took off on the way towards our houses.

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