Not Everything Goes as Planned!
Chapter 1

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - You might think getting a divorce, losing your job and having no one to turn to was a bad thing. Not in this case. The divorce was very civil, her 'Daddy' made the split 'Tolerable' but Bob did not wish to remain around. He did not have to work but....! He decided to look around and see what he might do. We call them the 'We Five' now. Will he loose them, now that he found them?

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Fiction   Tear Jerker   Slow  

It was what I hated about 'shortcuts', I always get lost. Even following my GPS, the best money could buy I was told; they never seemed to have the dirt roads those 'shortcuts' took me on.

I finally did something that is anathema to us male car pilots, I stopped and asked for, you got it, directions; several times, it turned out. Was I in despair? Hell yeah I was. My 'tum-tum' was telling me that it was as empty as the car was going to be shortly.

Now one normally does not expect a kid to know a whole lot of things. When I saw her walking alongside the road, I pulled ahead and got out of my car. As I mentioned I was getting a might desperate and she was the first and only living soul I had seen for thirty minutes, so yep, I would ask her.

I got out of 'Betsy', my 'BMW', the new 7 series for 2016, and stepped away a bit; as not to scare her, I knelt down.

"Hon, I hate to admit this but I don't think I know where I am or how to get to where I am going. Could you at least tell me how to best get to I-64 or even Route 33. I don't think I have much gas left. I have been trying to get out of here for a while now. All I seem to is keep ending up by a lake."

"I'm not allowed to talk to strangers, Mister!"

'Oh great!' I thought. 'Just what I need now, a kid that listens to her parents.'

I had a retort. "But I suppose they allow you to walk along a deserted road, alone. Huh?"

"It isn't a 'desert', you and me are here. Besides, I need to get more 'Medcine', see?" She held out a bottle. I had a name, RX number, something not in American (Latin) and, Tah-Deh-Dah a telephone number of a pharmacy, the Buford Road Pharmacy. "Sec, hon, let me call them?" I took out my cell; it had one bar, maybe two if I held it just right.

I called; the pharmacy answered. I gave them the information on the bottle and handed the phone to the girl. After finding out that town was still five or so miles away I had, what I thought was a brilliant idea. "Ask them if they can deliver it. It is a long way to walk."

"Can you deliver Please, Sis is really sick. Oh! They said there is a extra charge and want 'my' credit card number. Mister I don't have a credit card?"

Like all women, when it is time to pay, 'no credit card'. "Hon, let me speak to them." Long story short, my credit card, the bill all paid for, a $25 tip and promise of even more if someone would bring it over in thirty minutes got a 'Yes Sir!'

That age old, 'finger nail polishing' act on my chest we men had, seemed right just now. "Okay, little one, someone is coming right out and the 'check is in the mail' too." I handed her another $25. "Here give this to them if they do bring it by, let's say, by 10:30 or so. You better get home now, but first can you give me instructions on how to get somewhere where I can get gas and food?"

"You're silly! You just go about a mile down this road, past the lane to my house. The road to Route 33 is on the left about a mile further past the road to my house." She pointed down the road, towards the direction I had just come. I had been heading in the opposite direction.

"I give! Although you are such a beautiful girl, it will difficult not to run away with you. If I promise not to and we keep the windows open and the doors unlocked in the car, will you let me drive you home?"

By the look on her face, we now were close to having a new 'Game' show called 'What To Do!' where a contestant has to choose between being called 'beautiful' or listening to the age old warning of a parent or guardian not to go with 'STRANGERS'. Can you guess what she decided?

It probably wasn't fair. It seems girls of any age had some kind of pact or a built in 'truth radar' when meeting a man who called them beautiful.

"If I get scared or something, you 'gotta' stop and let me out and walk, Okay?"

"Tell you what! I'll drive real slowly, you don't have to put your seat belts on and, by the way; what is your name?"

"But you 'gotta' let me out if I get scared. My name is Beth!"

"Hello Beth! My name is Bob, Bob Matthews. Inside the glove box in the car is my registration, it has my name on it. Here are the keys to the car and a remote. Press this button two times and it will unlock the passenger side door. Open it but don't get in the car yet, until you check what things I'm telling you are true."

"I, ... I can't really 'read' much without my glasses Mr. Bob."

'Okay!' I thought. 'Now what?'

"Hon! I have another fine idea. What if we called that Pharmacy, you tell them my name, license number, which I hand you, the car's tag number and tell them where we are going. The delivery person can verify that I took you right home and did not run away with you. We can call them when you get home too and you can tell them you are Okay."

"We ain't got a phone."

"Here, hold onto my cell, just depress re-dial it is the same number we called to get the prescription filled at the Pharmacy."

I could see the 'decision making' on her face. The thought I had about this time was that 'If I ever had a kid, this girl was the perfect model for 'child safety'.

She took the cell and called. The delivery was on its way. I took my info back from her, she must have melted the heart of the person because when she handed me back the cell she said; "She wants to talk to you."

I took the cell back.

"Yes, this is Bob Mathews, and 'No', I am not being held against my will, but I have a small angel here that has captured my heart. I am sorry if we bothered you but Miss Beth here had to be safe and getting into a stranger's car did not rank as an everyday experience for her. No, thank you for caring; I did not know what else to do."

She handed me back the keys. I should have known by the smile on her face that I was in 'trouble', big 'Trouble' with a capital 'T'.

"This is my first 'date'. Does this mean I am your 'girlfriend' now?"

The hand to the eyes as I started the car was ostensibly wiping away dust. "Yes, now you have to do everything I say."

She settled back in a seat that made her look more like a package than a passenger. Her little hand slowly, tentatively found its way to my arm. If she were a few years older maybe, she would have stolen my heart and been a 'Replacement' wife.

I kept the speed at 25 or 30 MPH (40 to 49 km per hour for you Right Ponders and Canadians). Even so, like in a few minutes she said her house was down this road.

"Do you want to get out here or can I take you all the way home?"

She just nodded. It seemed that Miss Beth was not in a hurry to leave me, just yet.

We went up the road, it was not that far but for her age this and where I found her had to be tiring to walk. It is easy to forget just how much a car or phone can make life so much easier.

Pulling in we saw a ' cloud of dust' and no, there was no one riding a horse and wearing a mask. "The 'Medcine' is here," she said.

I pulled out my cell, hit re-dial, reached in my pocket and gave the man two twenties as he handed her a small bag. "Thanks, really fast delivery!"

The cell call answered. "Pharmacy, Sheila speaking, how may we help you?"

"Hello, its Bob Matthews again, I just wanted to let you know Miss Beth is home, safe and sound. Your driver is just leaving. Thank you for such prompt service!"

"No problem at all. We aim to please our... ! Dr. Mathews, you know you are listed on the Internet, don't you. Your 29, divorced, no children and headed for 'parts unknown'. If little Miss Beth lets you go, I can show you some of the finer things here in Richmond."

'Damn, where was that 'Picture' thing when you needed it.' I thought.

"Not sure, I'll have to check with my 'girlfriend' she might have other plans? Miss Beth, the girl at the Pharmacy said if you had no more plans for me, she could show me some things."

By the look on her face, girls of any age had the same reaction to the idea of 'sharing a boyfriend'.

"Look. Ahhh, Sheila, right, Miss Beth has to get her sister's medicine, or as she calls it, 'Medcine' if my girlfriend 'dumps' me, I'll call you. I have your number." Joke. Caller ID and redial are 'GREAT'.

It was probably the correct thing to say, though calling Miss Beth 'my girlfriend' was not very smart of me.

She took my hand and pulled me inside. Nope, not the smartest thing I ever did, not by a 'long shot'.

She called it a house, but I might call it a shack or worse.

Inside was not much better. A girl, teen type, was lying on a couch.

"Sis, I got it, err 'we' got it."

No response!

I came closer to her. 'Sis' was burning up.

"Hon, go back to the car, use the remote and open the trunk with this button. Inside is a small bag and a larger one, bring the small bag here. Your sister has a high fever."

Sure enough, my assistant brought the bag in, 104 plus degrees and I was now going to make a house call. It seemed we got here none too soon.

"Hon, we need to get her fever down. I can start giving here something but we don't want her to go into shock with anything too cold. Can you bring me some water and two or three rags or washcloths? Oh, do you have some raw potatoes and a small knife, bring that too."

Long story short, a damp, cool cloth on the back of her neck, three slices of a raw potato to her forehead and a wet cloth wiping her face seemed to help a lot. Her temp had gone down, it was 102 soon, and heading to 101.

"Hon, in my gym bag, the larger bag in the trunk is a bottle of 'Gator' drink and some energy booster, bring those both in. We need her to drink some then we need to get her to a hospital. A high fever like she had is not good, but I think she will be Okay."

Miss Beth was now 'Nurse Beth' for her sister. She was coming around and sipping the drink. When she saw Beth's face, she smiled, then closed her eyes again.

"Hon! Wipe her face one more time, I need to go to my car and check my GPS ... wait, my phone has one too."

CJW Medical Center came up. It was not far, on Jahnke Road in Richmond.

"Hon! Can you get any cards, records or personal information like ID or insurance, we need to take your sister for some help."

"We, we ... got this when Mom and Dad had... !"

She was crying.

She handed me a small case, some stuff was inside. I handed her the phone and the case back.

"Okay, my 'Little Nurse' you are now doubling as navigator. You hold the phone, it will say which way to go, nothing for you to read. Hell, I hope I have enough gas though?"

"We got some outside in the barn I think."

Yep, 3 or 4 gallons in a Red can made a difference. I lifted her sister up, got her in the rear seat and had my assistant hold her up. What is your sister's name, 'girlfriend'?

It got her attention. "Mandy!"

We reached I-64, 'our' salvation. The GPS in the car was working again.

That extra gas was not needed; I guess the car had more than it showed.

When we got to the ER, it was a might busy. When I showed my ID and identified myself as a doctor, attitudes changed. They took her inside, 'STAT'. Inside the case were was some IDs, a Soc Number, a paper with names, her' was Mandy Saunders, a Virginia DL with another address on it but no Insurance card. I gave the nurse at the desk my credit Card. This was going to be an expensive day, maybe not though. The smile Miss Beth gave me was worth a whole lot more.

Long story short, two IVs, Glucose and Saline water, two antibiotics, one an injection, and they said as soon as things were 'normal' she could go home. 'Infection' maybe, they said! She was dehydrated to boot.

Slight problem though; Miss Beth did not intend leave her sister there alone.

W Franklin Street had a Hotel nearby; it was 'The Jefferson'. I showed Miss Beth pictures of it on my phone from their web site.

"Oh, it's nice!"

At $455 a night for a larger room, it should be nice. It was not the Riga or a Ritz-Carlton, but this was not Paris or New York either. I thought, 'when in Rome', or Richmond for that matter... !

"Hon! Food, rest then we can come back later and check on 'our' patient."

The short drive to the hotel was my first indication of what 'The Jefferson' was really like. The 'Yes Suh' at the door, signing in with just a credit card swipe and the friendly smile I got reminded me that maybe the 'South Would Rise Again'. This was some place.

The lobby was like the best Paris hotel, all-marble inside. We just had to upgrade the room now. 'Our suite' a really, really, nice suite, made that feeling more of a certainty, did I mention they had done this place up right. That and there was not even a sideways glance that I had a young female companion with me helped that feeling along. Maybe $2,000 a night for the 'Ginter' Suite with the added bedroom wasn't such a bad price for this luxury. If the room service menu was any indication, maybe 'Thomas Jefferson' did sleep here and even eat; like the sign on his statue in the lobby said he had.

When we got to that piece of heaven called a suite, I handed my assistant the seven page menu, showed her into 'her' room and told her to depress '4' and order what she liked, double it for me but add coffee and lots of crème. "It is one of those things a 'girlfriend' does you know. Get food for her man."

Peanut soup, a 'TJ' cheeseburger with bacon and those BBQ chips sounded good. They would bring it up to 'our' suite she said. She told me she had to 'pass' on the Chicken Fried Oysters with 'Red Eye' gravy, that it was too much food and, 'boyfriend' or not, no oysters for me.

I laughed; I revised my estimate of her age, upwards based on her remark. Then I got a hug from her. It was the first physical contact outside of touching my arm in the car or taking my hand at the house. That and a smile that could light up the sky at night made me think about something, something like 'why my wife, ex wife now, and I could not have been like this'?

When 'our' food was served, Carrie, the server, told us the Salon, Gift Shop, Health Spa and fresh flowers were all available downstairs or for an extra 'fee' could be made available for our review in this suite for us to select some standard items. She also showed me where a computer was hidden away that had some online stuff for the Hotel.

"I brought 'Coke' and 'Pepsi' for the lady and Chicory Coffee and our French Roasted for you." I expected to have to sign, but she said no. I knew they already added a tip to the bill plus $15.00 for delivery to the suite. The extra $100 bill was something she did not expect. "They already add tips for taking the food up you know."

"Right, but this is for you and that 'smile'. I don't know how long we will be here; but could you make certain Miss Beth gets what she wants? Just charge it to the room, would you please?"

She nodded. You have to love the South.

Oh, money, a Doctor makes good money. But, the divorce from my 'wife' left me feeling like I had been 'a trophy husband' but now a wealthy one. Her 'Daddy' wanted his 'Princess to be happy. I guess $50 Million, as a settlement for a Billionaire seemed a small price to pay for a quick exit on my part. Any idea what a few 'CSX' shares were worth ($29-30 each), so money was not going to be a problem for him or for me either now. We set it up as a trust. The investment people said taxes would be on whatever we earned; to expect 10% as the annual return. Last year was 'pretty good', 27% and I bought the car to celebrate.

Feelings caught up a might. Did I say that if Beth were a few years older... ! Maybe I needed to call that Pharmacy number for a visit from Sheila.

I called the desk.

"Could someone fill my car with gas, and maybe wash the dirty clothes I keep in the trunk. I ran some this morning. Oh and is there a store or someplace where 'My Niece' could get some things, her luggage never made it off the plane."

"Yes Suh. I'll take care of it! Someone will be up to take her sizes and we can either bring things she wants from online shopping or a Sax and Nordstrom's are nearby in the Mall, Carrie can take her there too."

Yep, no doubt this was a fine hotel.

'Worst case maybe Sheila could show me a few things too, while they were gone?' I thought.

"Okay, 'girlfriend' someone will take your measurements you can shop online or Carrie will take you to a store."

I guess that $100 tip meant something to Carrie after all. "When you get back or are through shopping, rest a bit; then after 6:00 we will go back and check if any Doctor has run away with your sister, she is cute too."

It was to be clearly made known that this girl was not into any sort of 'boyfriend' sharing, not even if said subject was her sister, her older sister, her 'cute' older sister even.

I made another mental note, that calling Sheila at the Pharmacy, might not be such a good idea either, at least while my 'girlfriend' was still around. I told myself that it was just a crush and Beth would soon be back to normal. I had this fleeting thought, imagining just 'what was normal'.

Note to self. Get Mandy here, I was not cheap but $2 grand a night here or her staying in the hospital or getting her here at the hotel was an easy choice to make, plus she would have a 'Doctor' nearby.

Miss Carrie showed up. "I am all yours for as long as... , I mean Beth's, I think."

Freud might have been on to something there about a 'slip' of the tongue.

"We should go to the Mall, each size might be different, especially any 'personal' things."

Guys, those are the words a woman uses to describe 'Expensive'. I just let out a sigh.

"Here", that famous 'Credit Card' all women seemed to expect whenever a hand was held out. In this case, I got a peck on the cheek, followed by one from Miss Beth. What exactly had happened here?

"Do you need a car or a cab?" I asked.

"No, thank you though; the Hotel's Limo will take us around."

"Remember, that card has only a $1 Million limit so shop carefully."

I began to have a 'Déjà Vu' that my wife, now my ex-wife had returned.

I know there had to be a level or two up from 'expensive', 'Haute Couture' maybe.

When Ginger at the desk called the room to tell me, 'THEY' had returned and not to worry, people would get the rest of the things they bought from the stores then bring everything up to the suite. I rather knew I was deep into it. Maybe my Ex 'had' gone along with them.

Guys, there is a slight difference in 'knowing' you are in trouble and being 'certain' of it. I was certain when they came in, Carrie had that look and Beth was carrying some booty to 'her' room. The fact that Carrie did not look up, only handed me back the Card, which 'I never left home without' and what looked like 1,000 receipts made me raise the ranking of those charges even higher. I placed my hand over my heart and did a 'Fred Sanford' routine. "My Heart, my Heart, Oh Carrie it's 'The Big One!' I think."

"I am sorry. We got a 'little' carried away, maybe, Ahh, I was not sure if the 'collar, leash, chain and ankle bracelet' were... ! Hell, I Damn well knew they were a bit much!"

I sat down, asking, "Is there a doctor in the house? Oh, right, there is! Carrie its fine; after all, like how much could a 'Little Girl' spend?"

Beth came out of 'her' room about then wearing something my Ex might have selected. It was white, sleek, cut so that if she were one size bigger her breasts would have been hanging out.

"Oh My God! This is Richmond, not London or Milan. Where in Hell did you find that dress?"

"Don't be upset. Judy had this one as a model, no one could fit in a size 3, so, she gave 'us' a deal. The other one she liked was over $25,000. Judy is my BFF. She 'Adored' Beth, with a capital 'A'."

I liked this girl more and more, especially the way she described things. I had heard something like that before.

"So, if I add all this up, what would I find the 'total' to be and will I need to go on 'Welfare'?

"We didn't buy the other stuff."

I had not noticed the two high slits, up either side on the dress. As Beth turned to model, I could well see she had no panty line or bra on top. Not sure if it was her smile or what I perceived as a glow or bright twinkle in her eyes, but I had to keep staring, just had to.

So, Madam de Medici, how much was all this costing me and this BFF, Judy; her last name isn't Dior or Halston, is it?"

From the look on her face I just knew something that I did not want confirmed. I sat down and started to pretend to roll up my sleeves.

"Yes! But we only spent some of the limit on the card. Judy almost gave the dress to her. There still is available credit on the card. We, ... she ... the jewelry we saw for the dress cost a lot more We did not get it. Beth said you were her 'Boyfriend', that she should look nice and wanted to 'surprise you. I told Judy that, and, well, she said the dress would 'surprise' you. From the lookson your face and your other reaction, I guess it does!"

Oh yes. I was very surprised, and it showed.

"Have you been together long?" Carrie asked.

"Gee let's see, is 8:45 this morning a 'long' time?"

The expression on her face I could not see, my eyes were still following the twirling 'Dervish' in that 'almost' dress. Yep, even with what she had, which was not a lot, they were 'popping' out of that piece of cloth. I did hear Carrie let out an 'Eck'.

"You never did tell me that total 'dear Carrie'."

"$44,143.44, give or take."

"Give or take?"

"But I can take those things back. Beth said you would like the dress, so I just, I... ?"

"And those things are how much more?"


A pause.

"We got a discount, she just 'rounded' the figures."

Beth came over and hugged me; Carrie did the same. I guess Beth had redefined that 'sharing' aspect.

Like I dare anyone to say or do anything else. I hugged them back.

My hand went to her bare back, slipped a bit to the side, then down a further. Yep, no bra or panty to mess up the look of that dress.

"Girls, you know buying these things have used up your allowance for the week, don't you?"

The hugs became even tighter. My hand was not the only thing moving about now. Monica, my Ex, had never had the 'look' these girls had on their faces; I needed to sit down.

"Girls, we need to rest some. Like maybe in two or three hours we should go check on Mandy, see how she is; maybe get her back here? If everything is better, we can get food out or return here; if not then take her out of the hospital tomorrow.

Carrie, I do not know when you are serious or not. How long can you be with us Carrie? Beth may have corrupted you already. In any case, she is definitely a 'bad' influence on you."

Beth and Carrie hurried off to her bedroom, probably to take that dress off then sleep or shower. I just stretched out on the couch. I needed to think some and, I took off my jacket, tie and loosened my belt. I took a deep breath. My head was pounding.

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