Kings and Conquerors
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Maxicue

Fantasy Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Joe finds himself at home in Minnesota with Snake, Joe's angel wives and the other angels and mortals. They take over a defunct theater/camp on a beautiful Central Minnesota lake to listen to more Tales and to work on dance and plays. Simon's aggression escalates. As usual, reading the Tales from the start is highly recommended.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   BiSexual   DomSub   Rough   Group Sex   Interracial  

In the end, I think Christa got what she wanted. Intimate time with the ones she loved most: her soulmate and my wife. It turned out Christa planned her visits when her soulmate could be alone with her, sending the children, a son and daughter, off to summer camp. They would return at the tail end of Christa's visit so she could play auntie with them for nearly a week. Christa cherished that almost as much as sharing her soulmate's bed. It came closest to real motherhood for her. Thing is, sending them off to camp ended up having dire consequences.

It began well enough. Wilhelmina, Christa's soulmate, met us at the Minneapolis/St Paul airport, and yes, Christa flew with us. She had been disappointed at the seating, not sitting with Helena, until I ended up passing out pretty much the entire way over, and Helena snuck out from underneath me and joined Christa. They remained together even after we arrived. While I recovered from jet lag with my seeming constant companion, Zhenzhen, at my old house, gaining envy from my father, Christa slept with Helena and Eva at the usual minion's mansion, this one on a grand avenue of mansions in St Paul, in a palatial home near the Governor's mansion. We would be meeting there for Nick's Tales.

Of course the two angels didn't need any recovery time, nor did Christa, used to constant travel. So Wilhelmina celebrated their reunion and the chance to enjoy two gorgeous and sexy women with a sexual marathon. After my own kind of marathon, that of sleep, my adorable and extremely patient Chinese wife and I joined them at the mansion for a late dinner and an all-night session of sex, with Wilhelmina the center of attention, along with me of course, having the only jutting sexual organ.

For a woman gone fairly large in middle age, her vagina had become tight from lack of use. If it had been nearly a year since Wilhelmina had had sex, her old partner, the nanny, no longer required to watch two mature young teenagers, having moved on, it had been several years since a cock had entered her. She seemed to miss it, most enthusiastic about its return. Her enthusiasm, sensuality, sweetness and charm combined with her remaining prettiness managed to assuage any concern I had about her sagging body causing my cock to have its own kind of sag. In fact I rather enjoyed her difference, and I explored the difference like an intrepid explorer discovering uncharted land. The few older bodies I experienced, like Christa's, had lost some elasticity and tautness, but remained fairly svelte. Any of the younger women, women my age, who had some extra weight to them, remained youthfully firm and appealingly voluptuous.

Helena made sure she had some Snake essence to soothe practically virginal inner tissue, allowing me to have rather vigorous intercourse three times without the usual repercussions. Actually vigorousness became the norm once I opened her up. Lovemaking wasn't part of the agenda.

We went to sleep late and woke up early and headed to her home in Madison, Wisconsin. A nice, sprawling, suburban house, well-kept and well appointed, I never felt welcome there. Nevertheless, after lunch, the reserve I felt seemed not to be shared by Zhenzhen, who begged Wilhelmina to use the in the ground pool, moderately sized and built for laps. Wilhelmina told us of it, so we were prepared.

My wives of course looked gorgeous and sexy beyond measure in their suits, even if, except for Eva, they wore one pieces. Even the soulmate looked pretty good in hers, obviously choosing one that would flatter her rather than accentuate her weight. The sensuality soon took over, becoming lust, and Wilhelmina grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the water and into the house. After showering, just the two of us fucked.

"Joe," Wilhelmina murmured afterward, "I don't mean to rude, but..."

"You want me to leave?"

"Yes. I'm sorry."

"And my wives?"

"I'd like it if Helena stayed."

"Not Eva?"

"Truthfully, I would want her to stay. She has everything I desire in a woman. Not just her blonde hair and blue eyes, which I admit I'm partial to, and her perfect body, but her charm and wit and spunkiness."

I grinned. "I agree she's pretty much the perfect All-American fantasy."


"I know. It's come up before. She's too distracting for Christa. To tell you the truth, I'm a bit annoyed. This is exactly what concerned Helena about bringing her to meet you. That I'd be the odd man out. I'm annoyed, but not surprised. Neither will Helena be, though she will be disappointed. Not with you. This seemed inevitable with your lack of interest in men. But with Christa, who could have argued for Helena and me to be a team, so without me, you couldn't have her. Of course, since I have two other wives, it makes it look like I would just be selfish. But Helena is my head wife so to speak, my soulmate. I know you understand that."

"I'm sorry."

"Not your fault. I'll discuss it with Helena, but I think she'll agree. My wives and I will leave, get a hotel room in Madison. We'll be together tonight, and you and Christa can be together. Then, Helena will join you for the rest of the time until your children return and maybe afterwards. She does want to meet them."



"Maybe you and your wives ... and your cock," she said the last with a stroke of the flaccid flesh, "could come visit the night before my kids come home? One last time with it before I give up cock for a long long time?"

I chuckled. "I think that can be arranged. To tell you the truth, he seems to enjoy being inside you."

"Really? You're not turned off by me?"

"The opposite, Sweetheart." As if to prove it, it began hardening in her hand.

She giggled at it. "I don't think so. I'm finally feeling its abuse of my poor pussy. But could I taste it?"

She hadn't sucked me before. "I thought... ," I began before she interrupted.

"I know. I actually enjoyed it, especially when it grew in my mouth, but it got forced on me, so..."

"I understand."

"Could I?"

"You're asking a man if he wants to be sucked?"

She giggled. "But I don't want to tease you."

"You won't. I don't think it will be long after we leave before I gain release."


"Yeah. She's due for some lovemaking from her soulmate."

"Sorry," she said before sucking my growing manhood into her mouth.

"Like I said. Not your problem. Ooh. Good."

"I like the mix of flavors," she said before returning to her repast.

"You're very good," I complimented her, enjoying her thanks vibrating on my nearly hard cock.

Like her fucking before, she became rather enthusiastic at her task, varying speeds as her lips rubbed across the edges of my glans or swept down my shaft as far as possible, but mostly she kept a brisk pace.

However well she did, I reached a most pleasant plateau that I knew wouldn't coalesce into orgasm. As soon as I saw her struggle to continue, I lifted her off my cock and lured her into an embrace and kiss. We didn't linger on it. We had hardly kissed before, and they were always rudimentary, more thanks than additions to lust. My wife and Christa gave her those. And this was no different.

The hug lasted longer and ended appropriately with her murmuring, "Thank you."

I returned with the usual and always appropriate, "My pleasure."

When my wife heard the plan, she took it as expected. That's why I told her away from the two mortals.

"Fucking bitch," she grumbled.

"Whom you seem to wish the best," I reminded her.

"Ungrateful bitch," she muttered, but after a smile dissolved her frown, added, "Okay. But only for a couple days. If nothing else, we have plans."

"Nick's Tales," I nodded.

"He's itching to continue."

"I kind of miss them, too."

"And speaking of itches," she said, pulling me towards the house's front entrance, yelling, "See you in the morning, bitches."

My wives and I entered my mother's Lexus she'd let me borrow. "Where to?" I asked, pulling out of the driveway, my cock returning to hardness under Helena's caresses.

"There's a nice motel fairly nearby," said Eva.

"Simon's suggestion?" I asked.

"Give me your phone," said Zhenzhen. Hers was much more rudimentary. Salomé, had provided me with a smart phone with all the bells and whistles. "There's one pretty close. Not much to recommend any others around here."

When she told me the name, Eva said, "Uhm..."

"Shit," I said. "Well, we don't need anything fancy."

"Mei's nearby," said Zhenzhen.

"So are Betty and Salomé," Helena added.

I looked at her curiously. "Later," she said, stroking my clothed cock.

By the time we reached the motel, three angels awaited us. "You get the honeymoon suite," Salomé told me, handing me the card/key. "We'll be in the adjoining suite."

"Uhm," said Eva.

"Shit," I said. "I thought we were in Simon's territory."

"He's got a huge mansion in Milwaukee. Nothing so big in Madison."

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Later," said my horny first wife.

"Simon knows not to touch you," Eva reminded me.

I took her words to heart to relieve my concerns.

Being the honeymoon suite, it had one bedroom with one king sized bed. Champagne and roses even awaited us. "I'll call down for non-alcoholic drinks," said my pregnant Chinese wife.

"Later," said Helena, pulling me into the bedroom.

We discarded our own clothing to save time. She pulled me between her wide spread legs and guided me into her pussy, the turgid labia gripping me, and heat and a pool of fluid greeting me inside.

One would think it would be a quickie coming from desperation. One would be wrong. Desperation had much less to do with lust than of finally communicating our absolute love and adoration for each other. We kept it slow, feeling every nuance of the conjoining while rediscovering every nuance--visual, tactile, odiferous and flavorful--that the rest of our senses could enjoy. But in the sense it lasted a much shorter time than usual, even with the slow pace, it could be construed as a sort of quickie. Maybe five minutes after I first sank into her delightful pussy, she came and I came with her. The simultaneity, although not in the least unusual for us with our nearly telepathic communication, had an especially piquant quality to it that we savored like an exquisite meal.

Once the shared climaxes abated, she scooted from underneath me and rolled me onto my back. More rediscoveries followed for her, and for me, being reminded of erogenous zones too long untapped. I did my own exploring. Just fingers while she got to use her mouth as well. When she reached my toes, my oral attention shared hers, and continued when she moved up my legs and thighs and ended up at my half hard cock. It became a classic sixty-nine position, with her thighs straddling my head.

Tasting me more than her in her saturated pussy, the mix became more equal, and eventually nearly completely taken over by her nectar. As much as I enjoyed, and definitely preferred, her flavor, the sounds of her moans and the feel of her trembling interior after several minutes of teasing it to the highest level possible definitely satisfied me more.

When she calmed somewhat, she turned around and guided my hard cock back home. Again we took it slow and savored it. We kissed often, trading mouths for our tongues to occupy. Though intense, just like the conjunction happening below, we kept it soft and loving, separating to gaze into each other's eyes before lips and tongues resumed their communications.

With her on top, my hands got to caress her wonderfully resilient breasts, the perfect handfuls for my hands, fingertips teasing her areolas and gently squeezing and twisting her erect nipples.

I have no idea how long it lasted. Much longer than the earlier coitus, certainly. Inevitably the need to cum took over. Her ride quickened. Her eyes widened. I stopped watching hers, needing to taste her tits, sucking them into my mouth and letting them slip out until my tongue tickled her teats and the sensitive flesh surrounding them. The faster she went, the more aggressive I became, eventually nibbling on those taut pins. Freeing a hand, I used it to rub her clit more and more vigorously. Our impeccable timing had her bouncing against my lifted groin.

When the fuck reached its crescendo, she smashed her pussy against me, trapping my clitoris rubbing finger. I still rubbed and I still fucked up into her, though hardly an inch of thrusting. Her pussy pulsed and shimmered around my pulsating cock. Each of my tiny thrusts sent my vast army of seed as deep into her as possible, even if their purpose had long ended.

Echoes of the orgasms continued for over a minute as she relaxed onto my torso, and our lips, softened and warmed by our intense moment, pressed together and released.

"Love you," we both murmured to each other.

She sighed. "Okay, time to talk."

"What's going on?" I asked. Throughout our conversation, I remained inside my love, never quite flaccid. Just hard enough to stay, with an occasional movement to add just enough friction. She helped with the occasional kegel squeeze.

"It's about Josh and Rachel."

"Wilhelmina's kids?"

"They're being indoctrinated, rather keenly it seems, as Simon's minions."

"Summer camp?"



"A couple of the kids, brother and sister like them. The spy, their parent, has to recondition them after each camp session."

"And he thinks things are coming to a head?"

"She. Yes. Those two had always been favorites. The mother insisted her kids write her every two or three days. Her kids, like Wilhelmina's, had been part of the cool clique, with Rachel and Josh being the alphas I guess, and often written about."

"Cool as in better than the others? I thought Christa said those kids were sweet."

"Clever actually. Sweet to adults while pretty foul towards their peers."


"Not physically I don't think."

"What happened?" I asked, nodding.

"They disappeared. It seemed they had a visitor whom they hugged."

"The pilot asshole."

"Probably. The spy's kids noticed his handsomeness. I believe the girl described him as a hunk. Next day, they were both gone."


"After that, the mom heard nothing from her kids."


"Yeah. She's worried, but hopes it's just some extra brainwashing. She wants them out."

"An extraction from a summer camp? Sounds dicey."

"She hopes it doesn't come to that. She'll claim a family emergency."

"A bad one if it means extracting kids from a camp."

"Not really. Well sort of. She's moving. A new job in San Francisco."

"And it can't wait?"

"Not really. That's the bad part. The father's abusive."

"Shit. And being a spy kept her with the asshole?"

"Nick prepared for this, a cushy job as a reward. And the abuse wasn't physical, or rarely was."

"Still, quite a sacrifice for a little spying."

"She didn't just spy using her kids."

"Because Wisconsin is a hot bed for Simon's minions."


"Will it be risky, her going alone into enemy territory so to speak?"

"She won't be. Cat will be there."


"Yes. And Mei."

"Two invisible Ninja's."

"Well, Mei is Chinese."

"So a Chinese equivalent to martial stealth and assassination."

"I want to go, too," said Zhenzhen, demonstrating her own stealth.

"Couldn't keep away, could you?" my wife joked, making certain Zhenzhen heard the humor.

"What can I say?" Zhenzhen blushed, but held a wry smile at the same time. "I got it bad."

"I don't blame you," my wife replied, her pussy shifting on my half hard cock, and her muscles gripping and releasing.

"Oh, it's not just Joe," Zhenzhen insisted, bouncing onto the bed and hugging and kissing my wife. That her naked pussy ended up above my mouth, my t shirt she wore like a dress hiding the nakedness beneath until then, I doubt occurred accidentally. Being a dutiful husband, I pulled the petite and musky/sweet slit onto my mouth. The smell and taste encouraged full hardness, as did Helena's steady lifts and falls upon it. Zhenzhen flung away the t shirt.

Eva joined us, slicking up a narrow, anal sized dildo attached to her groin, and the hole it meant to invade. Two wives above me worked my first wife into oblivion, with my cock, of course a significant addition to the effort, while my mouth and hands did more to distract my cutest and youngest wife.

After several minutes of ever ramping up speed and intensity, Helena reached that oblivion, ending the lovemaking.

When Helena toppled over, guided by Zhenzhen, Eva removed her harness and pulled me between her thighs, spread wide as she lay on her back. She also pulled Zhenzhen to her, so that she would replace me licking that scrumptious pussy. As she had done with Helena, Zhenzhen returned the favor, sucking on Eva's clit with an occasional lick of my passing shaft. She brought fingers to the task of getting me off, bouncing and squeezing my balls before one finger entered my anus and found my prostrate and rubbed it, triggering my orgasm just as Eva and Zhenzhen achieved theirs. The simultaneity may sound remarkable, but muffled words from Eva, and the vibrations of them probably aiding Zhenzhen and causing her own exclamation, announced both of their impending climaxes, encouraging Zhenzhen to bring forth mine.

Sated, we lay together, me on my back with Eva and Helena framing me and the petite Zhenzhen on top of me. Helena ended the loving appreciation of each other reluctantly. "Eva," she murmured, "I think you should be somewhere else."

"I understand," she responded sadly. We were all a little sad about the necessity of keeping things from Simon.

"Wait," I said. "How much can you tell us about Simon gathering his angels and minions?"

"Joe," Eva answered. "It seems that, currently, where Nick and his gathering of angels goes, Simon follows. As far as intent, I believe I'm being left in the dark. Probably for the best. But if I get an inkling that you or Helena are threatened, I will do my best to warn you. Father knows and hopefully respects the consequences if he ever pulls some shit on the people I love."

We each embraced and kissed her. Sniffling accompanied these communications. We waited for her to exit the suite entirely, her keen hearing a threat until then.

Planning happened with occasional moments of my angels going blank. Logistics required communication through Nick and Xo to various angels and to the eternal wanderers themselves. I didn't like the results.

"My wives enter dangerous situations, and I can do nothing?" I whined.

"Betty and Salomé will be outside Wilhelmina's home," Helena reminded me.

"And I will be with perhaps the most dangerous and capable angel of all, Mei," Zhenzhen added. "And I want to work with Miwa."

"You think this will be fun?"

"Yes," my youthful lover smiled.

Giggles and a chuckle ensued, with my comment, "You are so fucking adorable I can't stand it."

"Sorry to torture you so," she quipped.

Spanking her cute butt, I replied, "You love torturing me."

"Guilty as charged. And you love it, too."

"Let's get dressed," Helena sighed. "Go be with Eva, Joe."

"I couldn't hang out with Salomé and Betty?"

"No Joe. Aside from possibly being sighted, you know being mortal will make it an unacceptable risk. Besides, I think Eva will appreciate the company, as will you."

I learned afterwards, in a sort of debriefing in the safety of the borrowed mansion in St Paul, that having Zhenzhen involved had been a blessing. Since the spy, a lovely blonde woman in her late thirties, needed to be and couldn't be two places at once, extracting her kids from two different camps, albeit quite close to each other, having Zhenzhen communicating telepathically with Mei became a necessity.

Zhenzhen worked with Miwa, avariciously learning from the brilliantly skilled Cat, at the girl's camp, while Mei crept into the boy's camp. Any trouble on either or both camps would be instantly known.

Patricia, the mother, had an important advantage. She happened to be well known, at least in Milwaukee, as a television news reporter and sometimes anchor. And she brought her cameraman with her.

Of course that didn't please the girl's camp commandant (her actual title). "Maybe disconnecting your phones so I couldn't find out if Rachel was okay might have caused me some concern and forced my hand," Patricia told her.

Patricia laughed when the commandant claimed the campers were busy. "It's their f-ing bedtime. Get Rachel now, or I'll get her myself." With a look less of commanding than of confusion from the commander, Patricia sighed. "Okay, I'll get her. I don't suppose you'll tell me which cabin she's in?"

When the commandant grabbed her while she moved to exit, she exclaimed, "You want a record of keeping a mother from her child?" Looking at the cameraman, she saw him pushing away the secretary or nurse or whoever had gotten the commandment. Although both camp officials could be considered strong in a butch sort of way, Patricia took pride in working out, and had learned martial arts as a defense against sexual assault, and the cameraman had at least a foot in height over his assailant. She tossed the commandant onto her back and rushed out the door, the cameraman following having easily torn away from the nurse's grip.

"She's inside the large cabin," a voice told her. She couldn't see the source, but recognized the high register and the subtle Chinese accent. "I don't suggest going in there."

"Why not?"

"They're being indoctrinated."

"In what?"


"You're kidding," Patricia said, immediately heading to the main cabin.

"I wish I was," Zhenzhen sighed, following stealthily behind the two, leaving two unconscious women behind.

She revealed herself only when the two threatened to enter through the main door. "Follow me," she whispered and led them to a side door that opened into the dining room, dark, the only light coming from the projection on a large screen showing some sort of seduction. The narrator, with a low but female voice, almost trancelike in its quiet steadiness, told a rapt audience of adolescents how to strip for a man with the most sensuality, countering any nerves or guilt the man might have. Of course a beautiful blonde woman, not much older than her audience, demonstrated to a much older, handsome blond man.

It took a minute for Patricia's eyes to adjust to the darkness. When she could see the campers, looking transfixed, she noticed they followed the filmed woman in stripping, albeit remaining seated. A youngster suddenly lifted from her seat. She began wriggling in a woman's arms. Her mouth covered by the woman's hand. "Follow me and hurry," Miwa whispered as she slid past Patricia and outside. Only then did Patricia notice Zhenzhen's absence.

At the fancy white Escalade, they met Zhenzhen. "I had to slug the commandant," she admitted. The rest of the assaults had been sleeper holds. Patricia couldn't help being amused despite the seriousness of the situation. Both Miwa and Zhenzhen, especially the latter, looked so young in their matching blouses and skirts that looked similar to the ones worn by the campers. Instead of Ninja black, they hid in their similarity to the girls, blending in even if their oriental looks made them different. It actually became useful, since both kids saw the two angels as peers, and my cute wife and Miwa did most of the work de-indoctrinating them, with the help of Nick's essence. When it caused the usual horniness, Josh ended up being rather enthusiastic and not the least bit embarrassed when the angels suggested he masturbate, and showing him their tits to help. Rachel revealed a leaning towards lesbianism when she had a nearly equal reaction, though she did watch her brother, but probably more out of curiosity than sexual interest.

"Where to?" asked Patricia driving the Escalade.

"Drive towards the boy's camp," Zhenzhen instructed. "I'll tell you when to stop." When she did stop along the narrow, winding county road, Zhenzhen opened the back door and Mei, in Ninja black, hopped in easily despite carrying a struggling Josh, who was at least a half foot taller than the petite angel, and probably more.

Patricia tried calming her children with her softest mothering voice. Unfortunately it didn't work, and the long trip to St Paul seemed even longer. About halfway, thankfully, they quieted and fell asleep.

"Shit," said Miwa as they exited the highway near the mansion.

"What?" asked Zhenzhen.



"No. Asshole brought his kids to their mom's, surprising her in bed making love to Christa and Helena. Helena wanted to kill him, or at least hurt him, but Nick restrained her telepathically."


"Because of the children."

"Oh yeah. What happened?"

"The kids freaked out. Called her every kind of horrible name before their father led them away. Betty and Salomé are following him discreetly, having broken the red plastic over one of his taillights. Helena's bringing Christa and Wilhelmina here."

The children awoke more complacent when they arrived at the mansion. Miwa and Zhenzhen essentially kept them calm, continuing their pretense of being nearly their age. Powerful angel hands however never separated from the young mortal hands. And the room, already set up with two double beds, was locked. I assumed bathroom breaks were escorted.

Puffy eyed and sad, Wilhelmina's tears had stopped by the time the three ladies arrived. A long road trip must have helped her calm down. After a late snack, the threesome went to bed.

When asked about what she planned to do with the filming of the extraction, Patricia explained, sitting intimately with her cameraman, obviously her lover, "We won't let it out unless we have to. We'll sit on it in the safety of a safe house in San Francisco. Nick planned for this, for our need to escape when I made an obvious move. We have jobs already in place, pretty much doing what we did in Milwaukee."

"So you won't exactly be in hiding."

"In plain sight I suppose," she smiled, "but our sleeping situation will be protected. And I suppose I have some protection with our filming."

"I don't know," said her cameraman. "It's not like anything will come from the actual indoctrination. Just the projected film really."

Eva and I didn't discuss the extraction, but I figured she must have known. After sharing intimacy in the large bed of the honeymoon suite, perhaps quieting my concerns regarding my other wives and the slight guilt I felt towards keeping her out of the loop, when we finished I sort of came to my senses, wondering how we'd return to the Twin Cities without a car.

"I have one now," she said. I should have known. Simon territory.

I decided to bring her to my old home.

On the way to my folks' place, I asked her what she could tell me about Simon's plans.

"I don't know much," she replied. "And what I do know, I'd have a hard time telling you, just like you would me about what happened tonight and what will happen afterwards."

"Seems fair," I smiled.

"Good," she smiled back. "This whole spy thing can put a real crimp on being in love."

I agreed with a kiss to her head and my hand gripping hers. It remained gripped, with subtle, sensuous shifting, all the way to my old house. She asked about my life there, and I told her vignettes, in a sort of travelogue, with places we passed along the highway reminding me of my first girlfriend for instance, or when I asked to be carded on my birthday when Dave and I went to a show at a bar (being tall, I had been going to bars for a couple years without being carded), or my first job ripping off book covers at Bob's cousin's book warehouse.

Our hands remained held together when we entered my old house, using the key my mom let me borrow. My parents surprised us and vice versa when we saw them in the kitchen drinking tea and eating bagels and cream cheese dressed in homely robes.

"I thought you'd be asleep," I said.

"And I thought you said you'd be gone longer," said my mom.

"Hi Eva," said my dad with a touch of lust.

"Hi Dad," said Eva, surprising him. She explained, "We've decided we're his wives, Zhenzhen and me, and of course Helena, and he's our husband, so being my father-in-law, I figure I can call you Dad."

"Don't look so disappointed, Honey," my mom quipped. "It's not like she'll ever let you fuck her."

Simultaneously Dad and I exclaimed, "Mom!" and "Peggy!" while the ladies giggled.

"You're not going to let Bill fuck you, are you Eva?" Mom asked.

"No, Mom."


Us men shook our heads. Eva asked, "Any tea left?"

"It's Sleepytime."

"Sounds good."

"Should be enough in the tea pot. Bagels?"


"Thanks," I said and let Mom fix things up. I suppose I could have helped, but it went against years of mothering. I don't know if Eva sensed this or figured herself to be a guest expected to be served by the host, but she didn't help, either.

"So," Eva asked my father, "enjoying summer vacation?"

"Yes. Being long tenured has its perks."

"Don't let him fool you," Mom argued. "He's head of the department, so there's always a fire or two to put out. He's got patients, and he's working on a paper for the Levinson Group."

I didn't know much about the organization which he had headed at one point. I did know they headquartered in Boston, so I asked him, "Are they having a gathering?"

"Next month, actually," he replied. Having entered August, that meant September.

"So you'll be in Boston?"

"Through Labor Day."

"He can't wait to see our baby," Mom smiled. She meant Debbie.

"We'll be there too," said Eva. "You'll have to come to rehearsal."

"Really?" my mom grinned. "I'd love that."

"Yeah, and you can watch your son act and dance."

"Dance?" asked my dad.

"I'm sure you'll enjoy Eva's dancing much more," I said.

"This is for Lindy's recitals or something, isn't it?" asked my mom.

"More like a showcase of all things Lindy actually," said Eva. "I'm not sure what will result from it. Perhaps a very unique company with her as head, featuring dance and theater in equal doses."

"She'll be doing your play again?" asked my mom.

"Yep," I smiled.

"And Joe gets to play the role he basically wrote for himself."

"I'm hoping to have her direct a new play of mine I basically wrote during my honeymoon."

"Why would you write anything during your honeymoon?" asked my dad.

"We didn't have sex the entire time," I explained, "and it's actually all I did otherwise. I kind of had to. With all that creativity I expended at the workshop, my brain was stuffed full of ideas."

"You think it's good?" asked my mom.

"I actually think it's better than Perfect Drug."

"That's great, honey," my mother grinned. Unlike my father, who was basically indifferent to my creativity, my mother seemed to thrive on it. I don't know what held Mom back from attending the performances of the workshop, but I figured it had to be Dad. Fortunately I made sure Chanda sent a tape of the two performances involving me, the one I acted in and the one I wrote. I don't know if my dad watched them, but I was certain my mother had. She proved it when she said, "I really liked Perfect Drug, but I think you'd be so much better than that nebbish in the role."

"Better than Steve Schwartz?" I asked.

"Of course, honey. He was like a handsome Woody Allen. I've seen you act. You'll make it so much more real. Being rather surreal, a fantasy really, I can't help thinking that would make it so much more effective."

"Didn't Lindy say the same thing?" Eva pointed out.

"Yes," I said humbly. Though confident as a writer, I never considered myself great shakes as an actor and had a hard time accepting compliments.

"You're so cute," Eva exclaimed, snuggling into me from her neighboring chair, pulling my face to hers for a brief but loving kiss.

"Uhm, I guess we should go to bed," said my father.

"Don't worry. We'll be quiet," said Eva continuing to snuggle.

"Please don't on our account," my mom winked at us before trailing behind my dad.

"Drink up," my sexy blonde wife insisted, standing and gathering the cups and plates and bringing them to the sink. I brought my cup and the tea kettle. We used one hand each cleaning things, the other hand busy touching excited genitalia.

As soon as possible I pulled her downstairs to my old room, the one I shared with my older brother until he went off to college, a barrier built between us for some privacy. We actually ended up in my brother's side of the room, my mother having replaced the twin bed for a queen sized bed.

We kissed while removing each other's clothing. My kisses went south once her bra had been removed. Since her legs rested against the bed, she turned us around and pushed me onto it. Kneeling, she removed my shoes and socks, and then worked the belt open. Seconds later I was completely nude, my hard-on being enthusiastically sucked by my wife. I knew her intent, and did not hold back. Her expertise, nearly matching Helena's, would have made it difficult anyway.

"Cumming!" I announced, her eyes showing victory.

Once she swallowed all I had to offer, she pushed me onto my back. I shifted myself to the middle of the bed. Discarding the rest of her clothing, she crawled on top of me. We kissed. I tasted myself and didn't mind. It had everything to do with communicating appreciation.

A nudge pulling on her butt let her know what she already wanted. She straddled my face and lowered her lovely bald pussy onto my lips. Her lips returned to her task of sucking my cock, this time it had to do with readying it for the main event.

We delayed that for a while even though her mouth had already succeeded. My mouth teased her pussy to near crisis as many times as possible. She made a lot of noise, moans of appreciation, and ever more frustrated words of need. She played to the audience upstairs.

"Let me cum or fuck me, you fucker!" she finally yelled.

I did both. Sucking and vibrating my tongue on her clit like a speed bag while my finger rubbed her g-spot made her gush when she came. I swallowed her offering, my name screamed by her still echoing in the small room. Before her orgasm abated, I pulled myself from beneath her, lifted her gorgeous ass, and guided my rigid cock to her frothy pussy lips. In one thrust, I impaled her completely. "Joe," she screamed again.

After that she moaned loudly at the tempo of every heavy thrust. Rubbing her clit and pulling on her hanging tits kept what seemed like a continuous orgasm rolling and cresting. Her moans became more and more throaty, even raspy at the end.

"Please Joe," she finally rasped, a plea drawn from the opposite of frustration. Her backward thrusts ended, and I found myself supporting her. Removing my hands from her pleasuring, they took hold of her hips as I pounded into her even harder and faster. It became all about me finding my peak and releasing my seed in an intense orgasm. Pure selfishness and need. However, when I finally let loose, she had one more scream of my name in her, and the way she shivered and her innards shimmered and pulsed and milked my cock, I think she'd reached the highest pinnacle of pleasure of the night, even with all that stiff competition.

When I collapsed on top of her back, she toppled us to our sides. My penis, though diminished, still squeezed out the last of my semen when it exited her pussy. Coaxing me onto my back, she covered the side of my body, our fluids leaking onto my abdomen. All smiles, her cheeks and chest rosy with blushing, she gazed lovingly down on me, kissed me gently and sighed, "Such a stud."

"An artist needs his muse," I returned.

"Mm," she purred, placing her head against my chest.

"Joe," I heard next and found myself more than a little embarrassed when I realized its source. I don't know how long I'd slept, but found myself in the exact same position when I awoke.

"Mom," I muttered.

"You should get under the covers, sweetheart. You know it gets cool down here even in summer."

"Hi Mom," said Eva. "Get inspired?"

"Don't move," I said, since her thigh covered my parts.

The ladies giggled.

"He was already, you little temptress, but I believe your screams of pleasure might have brought wind to his flames."

"Mom," I muttered, "could you..."

"Just a second, sweetheart. Eva?"


"I have to admit I was worried about you."

"Bill's Simons isn't he?"

"Mostly. But you are entirely."

"Pretty much. I love your son, Peggy. I love Helena and now Zhenzhen."

"And your father?"

"Mom," I growled.

Eva sniffled. "He's my father, Peggy. I still love him. Whether I like him right now, I'm really not certain."

"You really do love my son?"

"I don't know if you believe me, but I honestly do. I didn't even know what it was, giving my heart to someone and getting it filled in return, but I definitely know now."

"And Helena?"

"The same."

"Do you understand this?"

"I'm actually a little afraid to."

"Afraid?" I asked.


"Of me?"

"Never," she actually chuckled, though through a sob.

"But I could be the next eternal wanderer. And maybe the only one left."

"I don't think it's about you Joe, except as procreator."

"You think it's about my children?"

"I think Simon thinks it is."

"And Nick?" Mom asked.

"He's a step behind if he thinks my stud work significant," I said. "Except for Helena it seems like it's all about Simon's minions, and with Eva of course, his angel."

"Nick never brought you a minion to fuck?" asked Mom. It should have embarrassed me, but didn't.

"Never. Maybe if Lindy's a minion, but the jury's out on that, and she's not ready to bear me a child."

"Thing is," said Eva, "I think my father might be wrong. And worse, for a man of such supreme confidence, he's starting to believe he's wrong."

"About me breeding him minions?"

"Not just minions. Future leaders. Brilliant and charismatic. The final support he needs to sway the world his way."

"You know this?" asked my mom.

"More of an inkling. He's pretty close fisted about his plans as far as what he sends us angels. It's his concerns that I think reveal it, that things aren't going as planned."

"The..." I stopped myself.

"Rapes. Yes."

"Rapes," my mother spat.

I chose to shift things abruptly, "And his lack of success changing me."

"That you avoided his efforts, yes. But even more, he can't help noticing how ineffective his rapes have been."

"What rapes?" my mother practically shouted.

"It's his form of seduction, Mom," I finally explained. "Unlike Nick, who more consciously seduces his ... women, Simon basically puts them in a trance before fucking them. They're not exactly reluctant, but..."

"Like a date rape drug," Mom growled.

"Pretty much. And if you think about it, not that I'm fond of Simon to say the least, but is Nick's seductions all that different? Do you think you really had a choice in the matter? He does have a need to spread his seed after all. And why? To have more people do his bidding."

"I've always loved Nick," Mom responded.

"It's in your genes," I pointed out.

"He's a lovely man."

Eva and I snickered.

"What? He is. Maybe not classically handsome, but there's so much character. Kind of ruggedly handsome I guess. More, he's charming and caring, a true mensch."

"Of course he is, Mom. He's a seducer. The reason we laughed when you said he's lovely is that when we look at Nick, lovely doesn't come to mind. A snake more like, about as close to a snake as any man I've ever seen. I don't know if Simon could ever be described as lovely. But he's far closer to it. Handsome to the point of beautiful, actually, like one of those representative sculptures of the perfect Aryan man that the Nazis found so appealing."

"That's disturbing."

"To say the least."

"What disturbs me," said Eva, "is father's desperation. Every move he's made lately, he loses ground. As soon as he heard about you impregnating Helena..."

"Through Naomi I presume," I said.

"Must be, and she's another example. Anyway, on he comes with Helen and her clones and me of course."

"He knew about my divided sperm so to speak?" I asked.

"Two prominent minions from opposing forces," Mom surmised, "producing you. I told you about your father and his stud ability. Simon couldn't not be aware."

"My father being clueless, and me too for that matter until I bumped into Nick. Maybe he thought me easily manipulated. And I guess I was, considering I impregnated his daughter. No regrets on that, sweetheart."

"Good save, Joe," my wife smirked.

"I can't help believing Nick intended to bump into me, but did he expect I would be able to impregnate Helena? How could he?"

"You know what Nick says about his planning?" Eva reminded me.

"I'm a perfect example, hunh?"

"Of what?" asked Mom.

"Nick claims his plans become clear only after the fact, like he's being impelled to do the things that end up helping his agenda, whatever the hell that might be. I think he's a humanist and a realist, believing humanity can't help sinning and perhaps trying to guide our impulsive nature towards the good or something, instead of insisting on some sort of fucked up purity. Sorry Eva."

"I know how you feel," said Eva forgivingly. "What about Cleopatra?"

"Yeah, he definitely went into full scale planning creating her, and look how that turned out."

"Definitely a victory for Father."

"And a tragedy for Nick. Helen too, for that matter."

"True. So maybe Nick's on to something, trusting the universe and not pushing it. Father seems to be learning that too. He's got you fucking minions he thinks he can manipulate, especially their progeny, but he can't even sway me lately. Quite the opposite actually. And Angelique barely registered her programing."

I laughed. "Yeah, she actually made a joke about thinking Simon the most divine creature in creation."

"And Consuela started losing her hatred for Helena."

"And Seraphine lost her disgust for me pretty quickly."

"And then there's Gia and Helen and Naomi. My father's losing, Joe, and I don't know how to feel about it. It's always been skirmishes with wins and losses on both sides, like some sort of balance."

"I realize he's your father, but I hope you can take comfort in our love."

"More than you could ever know, Joe."

"He may have lost ground, been defeated when he expected success, but he is no less an adversary. A wounded animal, Nick calls him, desperate and dangerous."

"I hate that analogy, Joe."

"Understandable. Better would be a general who retreats, learning, developing new plans or reexamining resources already available and shifting strategy towards them."

"Like the camps."


"Which may mean a delay before any more aggressive moves."

"Or not. The Hitler youth paralleled Hitler's aggressions, even as it may have been one of his most successful endeavors."

"I suppose I can't defend him there," Eva muttered.

"What?" Mom gasped.

"Go to bed, Mom," I insisted.


"Go to bed."

She finally left. We got under the covers.

"I thought my mom as knowledgeable as any minion," I said as she rested on my shoulder, pretty much laying along my side as she had before. "And I still can't understand the Pereires supporting him, even if he protected them from the Holocaust."

"Because Hitler was my father's first major modern mistake, Joe. He may have encouraged him, and encouraged the Russians and their pogroms. He respects the Jews even as he fears their inordinate intelligence and cleverness. But even more so, he understands the use of scapegoats to strengthen the majority in following the party line. In a way it was an experiment."

"Wiping out generations of European Jews was an experiment? Nazi death camps were an experiment? It's like the cynicism of Mengele using people like guinea pigs, except a million times worse."

"I think you are overestimating my father's influence and control. Yes, he did nothing against his mad minion, and let my namesake encourage the man to the point of near madness herself. Yes, she had been indoctrinated by my father's belief in the inevitable supremacy of Caucasians, Aryans, whatever. He knew the Nazi's went too far, and yet he could witness the subjugation, humiliation and destruction of the people who worried him most, who he had the most ambivalence towards. He witnessed its success. And I believe it sickened him to his core."

"Are you certain? He didn't want the wholesale destruction of the Jews?"

"Maybe at the beginning, but the reality of it changed him. I believe Poland was the last straw. But the point is, Hitler could no longer be controlled. Hitler stepped on bigger and bigger giants' toes, just as Japan stepped on what turned out to be the biggest giant's toe. The Japanese had all of China hating them, then awakened the giant on the other side. Hitler did the same in a way when he bombed England. America may have been slow to awake before Pearl Harbor, but I very much doubt they would have let England become a burned up land, occupied by the Huns. And then there was Russia, those hated Communists and Slavs. As you know, it became a quagmire, a trap both in the time consumed and the deaths of so many soldiers. I don't know if Father influenced the strange bedfellows of Japan and Germany, two extreme xenophobic and racially or nationally egocentric peoples, or if he encouraged that attack on Pearl Harbor, but I'm almost completely certain he encouraged Hitler's obsession against everything Russian and the relentlessness that became the siege of Leningrad. Perhaps Father felt the quagmire and the great losses of life would weaken his crazed minion just as he, like his disgust with the Jews, actually wished the worst for the communists. And when defeat became inevitable, when the two awakened giants collided, when Berlin turned to rubble, I wouldn't be surprised if my father was there for the murder/suicide of Hitler and Eva, assuring his once favorite angel died when she burned with her lover, probably supplementing the poison she and Hitler took with something that made her seem dead and unconscious enough not to suffer the worse death imaginable."


"He lost her to her madman. She could see he changed, becoming traitor and destroyer of her love. Reconciliation must have seemed impossible."

"Love made her change sides," I said bitterly.

"It's not the same, Joe," Eva insisted.

"You love me, and more importantly you love Helena, and you have misgivings about your father."

"Misgivings maybe, but I haven't been disloyal."

"What about letting us know about his presence at the motel?"

"That worked both ways, Joe. It reminded him to leave me be with my lovers while warning you. No, I am too valuable and believe I will remain too valuable. I am the only spy now for my father at the level of Nick's angels and Nick himself. Father having lost Naomi, and with Helen joining Nick, that puts me as the only advantage Father might have over his nemesis. Unless directly threatening my lovers, I will not tell you his plans. Ever. And most importantly, I will bear and raise his grandchild."

"Makes sense," I smiled and pulled her head gently until her lips became available to kiss. "You know neither Helena nor I give a shit about the spy business."

"Doesn't that make Helena a little disloyal to her father?"

"Probably," I chuckled, kissing her again.

The kiss lasted longer, and her thighs began moving, rubbing her pussy against me. But I broke the kiss with a yawn. She giggled and quieted her movements. "Sleep," she ordered.

I quickly obeyed.

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