Rental Problems
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Pregnancy, Cream Pie,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A young land lord gets caught up with a Black mother who wants an extension on paying the rent. She offers something in return for paying late.

It was an exciting day for Chris Silvo, who at age twenty became the owner of another rental home. It was his third in two years. He considered himself lucky, but knew that his Uncle John was just looking to unload the repossessed home. Chris had managed to turn his two acres of property into a rental spot for the two mobile homes he got from his uncle the previous year. This third house was his first modular house, and would easily bring in double what the other rentals went for.

Chris agreed to the price his uncle wanted before he even walked into the house. Chris knew that his uncle was not going to cheat him, and even offered to help move it for free. The rent for the place would easily pay for the cost of buying it, as well as payments for the other two he still owed money on.

Walking through the house, Chris was relieved that the damage was minimal. It only needed some drywall and some new fixtures. It was a small house for its type, but would still fit on the two acres of land he owned. In Chris's mind he imaged exactly where he was going to put it, and the rent he would charge. It was now just a matter of time before he could rent it out.

It only took a month for Chris to fix the damages and find a tenant for his new rental. Chris was in no hurry, but was still happy it was over with. The rent money he charged for all his rentals was enough to pay for his own rent, college textbooks, and a car payment. The rest of the money Chris survived on came from his job as a waiter at the local restaurant.

Chris allowed Destiny to move in with her two children without a security deposit. Although he was skeptical of allowing people to move in without a deposit, she looked in need, and her kids were not ill-mannered. She had two boys who looked like they were nine or ten, and were eager to get into the place to pick their rooms.

Chris had two other renters who were young and without children. Destiny was a black mother who was in her mid to late thirties. She was almost as tall as Chris, who stood only five feet ten inches. Her body showed signs of her age, but still had the curves to make a man notice her. Chris also noticed that she had an ample sized chest. Although it was covered with a shirt, it was quite obvious that the shirt was stretched out because of them. With her hair shoulder length it was easy for him to see that her face was quite attractive.

Chris thought she was just a single parent who wanted a bigger home for her kids. The area had a decent school, and seemed the optimal choice for her. When she was signing the lease agreement, Chris remarked how Destiny was just eager to get her things out of the car. Chris wondered to himself if she was living out of the car before she moved in.

It was three months after Destiny moved in and the start of the Fall Semester at college. Chris decided on collecting to rent early in hopes of getting to the college bookstore before everyone else. Although he had money in his wallet to cover the expenses, he did not want to collect it late at night after class.

Destiny answered the door and was shocked to see Chris at such an early hour. It was only 9am and she was wearing a ragged blue t shirt. Chris smiled, when he saw her thinking nothing of the time. "I am just here for this month's rent is all."

Destiny looked around in haste before answering. "Oh. Can you come by tomorrow. I am sorry, but I just did not have time to cash my check and get to the bank is all."

Chris nodded his head. "Sure. I will be back same time tomorrow. If you're not home just leave it under the matt."

"Sure. Not a problem."

Chris was off, and paid no mind to the fact of not collecting rent from Destiny. It was not the first time a renter did not have rent. Chris was even to let renters slid a week. Since he collected rent ever week instead of month it was easy for him to get rid of renters. Although he never did have to kick one out, the option was there.

The next day, Chris was knocking on Destiny's door. He saw that her car was parked, and figured she would be home. Chris did check the matt before knocking though, just in case she did not want to be disturbed.

When Destiny answered the door, she again looked to see if the other two neighbors were looking. "Please come in."

Chris tilted his head wondering why Destiny invited him in. To him it was that something was wrong with the place and needed to be fixed. "Something wrong?"

Destiny took a few steps back and pushed her hands into her front pockets. "I got fired yesterday. Can you let me pay you next month? You know I am good for it."

Chris saw the expression of pain and anguish in her face and eyes. Her voice was that of a defeated person. She was wearing worn clothes, and ripped denim shorts. Her dark black hair was pulled back into a small bun, but her eyes told the whole story. Chris knew this was a sticky situation. He had to be firm no matter what the sob story was.

"I am sorry, but I can't wait a month. You will have to be out by the end of the week. I let you move in without a security deposit. If you had one, I could use that, but you didn't have it."

"You can't make an exception? Please. My kids love it here, and I was never late on the rent before." Destiny pleaded as her eyes held back the tears.

Chris hated this part of being a landlord. He was told time after time, that he could not cave in to renters. He could hear his uncle's voice in his head telling her to pack her shit and get out. "I am sorry, but I can't let you slid on rent for that long."

As Chris went to leave, he felt Destiny's arm reach for him. "Please I will do anything." She pleaded again with her voice almost cracking with sadness.

Chris froze for a moment to her last plea and to remove her grip on his arm. "Please. I will do anything you want ... I will suck you off."

Chris looked at Destiny in the eyes as she uttered he last plea. He never thought she would go to depths of sucking him off to stay for another month. After all she was much older than he was, and he was white.

"You can't be serious. I can't let you do that." Chris uttered as he went to turn away again.

Destiny answered back as her head swayed from side to side. "You think I am joking?" Her tone of sadness dropped to one of authority.

Chris never thought she would, but he felt her drag him further into the house. Chris did not struggle, but wondered how far she would take it. Although he never saw her as anything but a single mother, she now became something else.

Destiny pushed Chris to the sofa in the small living room. She put her hands on her hips as Chris sat their dumbfounded. "You gonna take it out, or do I have too?"

Chris now thought he was trapped into allowing Destiny to get away without paying rent. His only chance to leave was fading, and he decided to try and escape the whole strange situation. As he tried to get up, he was met with Destiny pushing him back down.

Destiny was now standing directly in front of him with her hand on his shoulder; she quickly got to her knees. "Best see what I am going to suck."

Chris's mind was racing, as his heart was pounding through his chest. This black lady was going to pull out his dick and suck on it. She was not disgusting to him in anyway, but she was an older black lady, and he was her landlord. "Please. I said that this is not going to happen."

Destiny was already feeling on Chris's pants as he tried to get up. She pushed him down again, before going back to feeling the outline of his dick.

Destiny's tone was now commanding and loud as she held Chris to the couch. "You got something against black girls? Something wrong with me sucking your dick? You gay or something?"

Although Chris could have easily forced his way past her, he wanted to be nice. Now his actions were adding to the complications of the whole scenario. In a strong voice Chris shot back at Destiny's challenge to his manliness. "I have nothing against black girls, and no I am not gay."

Destiny now had the zipper in her fingertips as she responded to Chris. "So let me suck on this and prove it."

Chris did not know why he let it progress as far as it did. Destiny had his zipper pulled all the way down and his hormones were kicking in. She had a look of a wild animal stalking her prey. Her eyes were dark and mysterious, yet her face had beauty to it. Chris felt his erection coming on stronger than ever, and wondered how far this was going to go.

Destiny finally pulled out his white dick, as Chris saw her dark hands handle his sex organ. She was not looking at him, but eyeing what she was going to put in her mouth. Chris did not see a mother of two, but a woman eager to swallow his man meat.

Destiny remarked as Chris's dick was fully free from its confines. "Not a bad sized cock for a white boy."

Before Chris could respond, a sudden sensation of a wet mouth on his prick washed over his senses. It was like everything in the world stopped the moment Destiny put her sultry black lips to his white flesh. Her dark features seemed even more taboo as his white cock disappeared in her mouth.

Chris's head went back in a moan as Destiny brought her mouth down hard on the length of his dick. Her tongue was firmly pressed against the underside of his shaft as it moved up and down with each bob her head. Destiny swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock bringing Chris to moan again. Chris felt his erection throb hard as she formed a tight suction on it.

Chris looked down only to see Destiny's eyes glaring back at him with desire. She now had her hand on his balls massaging them. Her soft yet forceful touch was making sure his balls were churning its load. Chris knew there was no other way to escape other than to explode his cum. As Destiny's hand moved up and down his shaft with her mouth covering the head, Chris gave into the pleasure.

Although he had girls give him head before, no girl used their lips and hands the way Destiny was. She slurped each time her large lips came to the tip of his cock, with her hand followed easily up his spit slick shaft. Her eyes never faltered as she went slid up and down on his throbbing manhood.

Chris gripped the sofa hard with his hands, as Destiny worked her mouth hard. Her tight suction coupled with her stroking hand had caused Chris to continuously moan from delight. Even with each passing grunt and shake of his body from the pleasure she was giving him, Destiny pumped her hand without fear of his impending eruption.

"Oh, my god. Oh, my god." Chris knew he could not hold it off any longer. The sensation of his orgasm was fast approaching. Destiny stared into his eyes with a devotion to making him cum.

Destiny moved her hand quickly as she took Chris's entire erection into her mouth. As she deep throated his pulsing member Chris felt his hot cum explode from his dick. Destiny made a small grunting sound as she swallowed each shot of cum as it went straight down her throat. Chris could only moan as Destiny allowed her throat to fill with his hot load.

Chris threw his body back as Destiny finally released her mouth from his prick. She wiped her mouth of saliva and spoke. "Fuck, you came a lot. I think you liked it too. I guess that means you will be back next week too."

Chris's senses just started to return to him. His thoughts were starting to come back to him, as his cock started to deflate. "I don't know if I can let you slide another week. I am not even sure what happened here. I can't let you do this every week."

Destiny stood up and fixed herself as Chris spoke. She put her hands on her hips again to answer back to his demand for money for next week. "When I get a job this week, I will pay you all what I owe you. But, if I don't get a job, you come back on Friday, and I will blow you again."

Chris got up from the sofa as he was preparing to leave. His mind was finally back to normal as he adjusted his pants. "We can't do this again. I will be back next week for the money."

Destiny put her hand out to Chris's chest stopping him. Chris looked down at her hand before looking up at her. Her voice went to a seductive whisper. "Thanks for letting me pay you next week. I am sure I will have something for you by then."

Chris drove off trying to figure out what just happened. His body was still feeling the euphoric sensation of having a blowjob while his mind flooded with the thought of how Destiny just put off paying for her rent. Although he never saw her as anything other than a single rent paying mother, she did give him the best blowjob of his life. That night Chris thought about how Destiny looked while she had a mouthful of dick. Although she was not some twenty something hot girl, she was pretty in her own right.

When next Friday came around, Chris wondered what was going to happen. He spent the entire week thinking about what to say and do if Destiny said she was going to blow him again. Chris was firm in his mind that he was going to refuse on two principles. One he was the landlord and needed the money and two was that she was not a prostitute.

Chris knocked on Destiny's door last. The other two tenants had left their money under the matt like they always did. The only car other than his was Destiny's. This led him to believe that she was home, and that she did not find a job. His heart was pounding with the thought of having to tell her she needed to leave.

When the door opened Destiny quickly opened the screen door to let Chris in. Chris obliged and walked in. Destiny was wearing a simple white tshirt, and a pair of black sweatpants. "Can I get you something to eat or drink?"

As Destiny walked towards the kitchen, Chris focused his thoughts on what he was going to say and swallowed hard. "Look, I need the money this week or your gonna have to move out."

Destiny walked calmly back to Chris and placed her hand on his chest. "Please sit down. We need to discuss this."

Chris did not refuse Destiny's offer to sit, thinking he could still explain his point of view even while sitting down. Once he sat down though he realized that he was sitting on the same part of the sofa as last week when she gave him the blowjob. Chris now was distracted, but he tried to get his attention to what he wanted to say. His mind though was filled with the memory and anticipation of Destiny offering to suck his white meat again.

As Chris finally realized that his words were not going to have the same effect as if he was standing before her, he tried to get up. Destiny was already in front of him blocking him. As Chris tried to get up in front of her, Destiny pushed him back down and sat right on his lap straddling him. Chris then objected, knowing she was going to try something. "Look, I can't let you pay for rent like this. I am going to need money today."

Chris was again taken back as Destiny pushed her dark lips against hers. The feeling of her soft plush lips against his was nice as she kissed him. It was not open mouth, but it was still a long seductive kiss. As she pulled away her finger went to his lips to silence his protests. "Listen. I am not paying for rent with this. I plan to pay you all the rent I owe you. I am getting extra time is all."

As Destiny moved her hands to his pants he knew she was going to suck him off again. Everything in his head said it was wrong and to walk out and demand she pack her shit. The only thing that stopped him from telling her to get the fuck out was the fact she was pretty for an older black lady, and that the last blowjob she gave him was amazing.

"So your gonna pay next week? Right?" Chris pleaded as he felt Destiny unzip his pants.

Destiny smiled as she slid her body off of him so she was now kneeling before him. "Don't worry about money. Let me suck that nice thick white dick of yours, and we will talk money later."

When Destiny had his dick in her hand Chris gave up on trying to argue. He was determined to enjoy what she was going to do. He saw that the top of her white shirt was barely covering her abundant breasts. Chris could not get his eyes of the brown skin from her cleavage. When her mouth took in his shaft, the sight of her breasts now fueled his raging monster.

Chris did not see Destiny look up at him while his eyes were focused on the movement of her breasts. It was clear to him that she was not wearing a bra. Chris did finally look at her once she removed her mouth from his cock with a loud pop.

Destiny called out as Chris's eyes were distracted. "You like my tits don't you? You want to see my black titties?"

Chris wanted to say something more profound but only managed to nod to Destiny's question. When he did, she reached for the bottom of her shirt and quickly removed it. Her brown breasts bounced free showing her dark pointy nipples that popped out from her large areolas. Although her large breasts hung down there was little signs that age affected them.

Before Chris could say anything he felt the familiar sensation of Destiny's plump lips on his now engorged cockhead. She quickly engulfed his manhood while her hands went for his. She took his right hand and moved it to her swaying breast. Chris took this as an invitation to grasp one as she slid her mouth up and down on his shaft.

Chris caressed her large breast in his hand while he felt Destiny's mouth working furious on his cock. The soft plump feeling of her black tit in his hand was something Chris never felt before. He slowly moved his fingers over to grasp the long nipple that hung down. Gently squeezing and pulling on her dark nipple caused Destiny to moan while she sucked hard.

Chris had a few girlfriends that let him feel their tits, but none were well endowed like Destiny. Her brown funbags as Chris called them were more than a handful and just what he wanted and never had.

As Destiny worked her hand up and down his shaft, Chris grunted in a low voice. Destiny knew exactly what she was doing with her tongue as she swirled hard around the sensitive tip. With her hand tightly squeezing the shaft while stroking it, Chris could feel his cock throb hard. She drooled more and more spit on his cock as it made her hand easily slide up and down.

Chris continued to pull and squeeze at her nipple as his orgasm approached quicker than he thought. It was even faster than before, and Chris almost wanted to hold back to get more from her, but she knew exactly how to make him cum fast. The more his finger teased her hard nipple, the more her mouth formed a tight suction on his now pulsing member. Chris tried to think about something else to hold off his impending explosion of cum, but the sight of her dark sultry lips sucking hard on his cock and the tightness of her hard nipple made it impossible.

Chris let go of Destiny's elongated nipple, as his hand gripped the cushions of the couch. His loud moan overcame the sucking sounds of Destiny's mouth, as his cum started to flow. Chris watched Destiny released his cock and forced her mouth further down until her nose was pushed up against his pubic hair. She made guttural sounds as Chris shot a hot load of cum straight down her throat. Destiny never moved as she allowed more and more of Chris's load to flow down into her stomach.

When Destiny released Chris's dick from her mouth he was panting from his orgasm. He just sat there on the sofa trying to catch his breath. Destiny still kneeling in front of him grabbed a hold of his still hard cock and squeezed hard from the base until her hand was at the head. When she did that her tongue swiped the last remnants of hot cum from his erection.

"You sure do cum a lot." Destiny said as she slowly got up from her knees.

Chris watched her walk over to the kitchen to grab a wash cloth from the stove. As she wiped her mouth, she then handed it to Chris to clean up. Chris was still fixated on Destiny's breasts. She made no attempt to cover them up or hide them. Her large brown breasts seemed to just sway as she walked which only caused Destiny to smile as she noticed his gaze.

When Destiny walked over to Chris to hand him the wash cloth, he finally looked up at her. "You can suck on them if you want, I don't mind." She said as her hand extended the wash cloth to him.

"Oh. I am sorry. I have to get going." Chris uttered as he quickly got up from her sofa.

As he made his way to the door, Destiny reminded him. "Next week?"

Chris turned around to see her once again. Still topless, Chris could not get his eyes on her face as her large tits seem to distract him. "Ok."

The entire way home, Chris was cursing himself. Not only did his plan fall through but he said ok to her for another extension. The satisfaction of having seen and feeling her dark nipple along with having another great blowjob diminished some of the guilt of allowing another week extension. Chris was more determined now to evict her thinking that the head she was giving him was getting too costly in terms of money.

The days adding up to Friday were spent dealing with the new semester of college. Although Chris thought about what Destiny was doing, he had to deal with working part time and going to college. Although money was not an issue, he never had the situation Destiny was putting him in. Although he knew she had to be evicted, he thought about her two kids, and that fact she sucked his dick twice.

The day before Chris was going to collect rent he gave himself a pep talk on how to handle Destiny. Running through the words he was going to say, he let the thought of her lips touching his male organ. The more Chris talked himself up, the stronger the erection he got from thinking about her.

Driving up to his rentals Chris noticed that Destiny's car was the only one there. Chris sighed to himself knowing that she did not have a job and that he was going to tell her the bad news. Walking up to her door, Chris once again felt the jitters of knowing something might happen. He decided to get it out of that way, and see her first before collecting rent from the other tenants.

Knocking on the door Chris ran though what he was going to say this time. It was after a few minutes he wondered why she did not answer. Thoughts of her avoiding him was the only thing he could imagine. Just before Chris was about to give up, the door opened. A wet faced Destiny was wearing only a robe as she opened the screen door for Chris to enter.

Chris entered as Destiny closed the door behind him. "Sorry about that. I thought I had a few more minutes before you were gonna stop by."

Chris took a hard look at Destiny before deciding to say what haunted him for the last few hours. She was wearing a white robe that covered her entire body leaving only her calves exposed. Her hair was wet and pulled back into a makeshift small pony tail. "You know I can't give you another week."

Destiny smiled at him as she put her hand on his chest. "No worries. Though, I do have a small problem."

"What is the problem" Chris answered back wondering what excuse she was going to give.

"Here sit down and I will tell you." Destiny order as she pulled Chris to the sofa.

"I can't stay long, and we can't do that again." Chris chided as he sat down.

Destiny walked over to her purse and opened it up. Chris watched as she pulled out a wad of money before walking over to him. "I have some of the money I owe you, but not all of it. Can you let me pay you the rest of what I owe you?"

Chris seemed relieved that she did have something. He decided not to tell her she had to leave, but wondered about the amount of time needed. "How much do you have, and how much time do you need? You owe me three weeks already."

Destiny was now standing right before Chris and handed him the money. "I have one week here, and can catch up in a month or two."

Chris took the money, and smiled at Destiny. Although she did not have a worried facial expression he thought she might be concerned. "I can let you catch up in a month or two."

Destiny smiled as Chris put the money in his pocket. "Thank you so much. I really do appreciate you letting me stay and all."

Chris smiled back at Destiny's thankful voice. "No problem. I am just happy you got everything worked out."

Destiny gave a small laugh at Chris's comments before dropping her robe to the floor. "Oh. I got it all worked out."

Chris responding quickly once he saw her brown naked body in all its glory. "Oh, no. I already said you can have the time to pay me back. We don't have to do this."

"I aint having you leave here without making sure there is some sort of payment. Besides I know you like seeing my black titties and all." Destiny laughed as she held her large breasts giving them a quick jiggle.

Chris's eyes had a mind of their own. He saw Destiny fully nude and realized she was still very attractive. Her body had the normal wear of a mother of two, but still held a very attractive shapely figure. His eyes went down to her hairless snatch. It was more than Chris could handle as his erection begged to be free.

Before Chris could object Destiny was kneeling before him just like she did the past two weeks. Chris made no protest as she quickly pulled down his shorts leaving him nude from the waist down. Chris just watched in awe as her mouth moved straight to his now raging hard on.

As Chris watch her dark lips engulf his manhood, his body stiffened from the intense pleasure of it all. "Oh my god, that feels good."

Destiny was drooling spit down her mouth as her hand was quickly stroking the length of his erection. She moved her mouth away from his dick completely as she just stroked it to its full strength.

When Destiny stood up Chris spoke up. "What are you doing?"

Destiny ignored him at first as she held his white cock in one hand guiding right towards her dark entrance to her sex. "I just want your white cock in me is all."

Chris said nothing as he felt her body straddle him while pushing into her wet pussy. Chris was no virgin but the bare skin of his cock sliding into her tight love canal was something he never experienced.

"Oh, my God!" Chris cried out as the pleasure of having a woman take him bareback.

Destiny kissed him quickly on the lips as she grinded slowly forward wedging his erect cock deeper into her body. "You like that black pussy don't you?"

Chris nodded his head as Destiny slowly slid back and forth making sure every inch was firmly taken in by her fuck hole. "Just suck on my big tits while I fuck you."

Chris just opened his mouth as Destiny lifted her left breasts towards his eager mouth. Chris was in love with how her long nipple seemed to fit right into his mouth perfectly. He instantly sucked on her dark nipple as her body was moving ever faster on his erection.

Destiny looked down as Chris's mouth held her tit. "Mmmm, that feels good. I knew you liked my black titties."

As much as Chris wanted to buck his hips hard and bang against her dark body, he relaxed letter her do all of the work. Destiny was grinding back and forth as her body started to lift up. Each time she did, he felt her wet sex take his man meat easily. Chris only focused on sucking, even moving to her other nipple as she began moving faster against his body.

Chris sucked harder and harder almost biting her long nipple. Destiny in turn was now bouncing hard against Chris's hard man tool. Their bodies continue to slam into each other until Destiny finally moved her body further back forcing Chris to break free from her nipple. Chris in turn grabbed her hips and started to pull her harder onto his raging member.

Destiny was now breathing heavy with Chris felt her vaginal walls tighten and release his shaft. She stopped moving her body and Chris did the same. "You made me cum so fucking hard!"

As the feeling of her tight pussy was against his cock, Chris knew something was wrong. This was the first time he was fucking a girl without a condom, and now the thought of him cumming gave him concern. "You want me to pull out when I am ready?"

Destiny again started moving her body as she moaned out her response to Chris's concern. "It's ok, you can cum in me."

Chris shook his head as Destiny once again dangled her tit in front of him like a hungry baby. Chris latched onto her dark nipple and bean to suck. He felt Destiny bouncing on him hard now. She held his head in place as he sucked now. He almost felt like a feeding infant the way he suckled on her tit.

The sensation of implanting his manhood deep inside her wet snug snatch was causing Chris to pulse with anticipation. He tried to hold back but having her supple tit in his mouth and feeling his dick slip in and out of her was having an effect on him. The more he moaned, the harder Destiny pushed him towards her ample chest.

When it was clear the Chris could no longer hold out Destiny gripped her legs hard against his. Chris felt his cock push hard into something incredibly wet as she tightened her legs. The urge to cum was too much for Chris as he moaned hard while still latched onto her tit. As Chris came it was like all the pressure in his body released at the same time. The first rush of hot cum came like a rocket followed by a more concentration shot of potent sperm into her willing love canal. Chris held onto her nipple while his body pumped shot after shot of hot sperm into Destiny's body.

When Chris finally finished his mouth let go of her dark nipple and spoke. "Oh my god, that was good."

Destiny smiled and as her own body was shaking a little. "Knew you would like fucking my black pussy."

"I never knew either." Chris responded as he was catching his breath.

"So I am guessing I am the first black girl you fucked?"

"First time I never used protection too." Chris answered back still breathing intensely.

Destiny calmly responded making Chris feel at ease. "It's ok. I don't mind if you bust your nut in me, I love feeling it go off in me."

Destiny got up from Chris and strolled nonchalantly into the kitchen. Grabbing a wad of paper towels she leaned down to wipe her pussy clean. Chris watched as she cleaned up before reaching for his shorts. The sight of her bent over with her large tits hanging down just made him think about how he suckled them while they fucked.

He wondered how she could be so clam about him having sex with her. More than just the sex, how she could be so relaxed about him shooting loads of cum up inside of her. Chris could not deny the great sensation of sending spurt after spurt of hot cum inside her horny black pussy.

Destiny spoke up breaking Chris obvious stare. "Wanna stay for some lunch? I can make you something to eat."

"You don't have too. I am about to get going." Chris answered back as he went for the front door.

"You have to git back to a girlfriend or something?" Destiny coyly shot back.

"No, I am single. I am just gonna get going is all." Chris answered wondering why she would ask about a girlfriend now.

"Well I will be seeing you next Friday then." Destiny answered as she walked over to him before he left.

Chris turned to face her once he was at the door. "We are doing this again?" Chris now thought about if she was enjoying sex, or using it as payment extensions. It could be both but Chris just did not know.

Chris had his eyes wide open as Destiny approached him still stark naked. Her voluptuous breasts bounced as she reached him. Leaning in Destiny kissed him. Chris was even more shocked that her tongue forced open his for an open mouth French kiss. "Like I said, I will make my payments."

On the way home Chris could not stop thinking about Destiny. It was like she had some sort of power over him. Each time he recalled the events in his head he got erect. It was even more difficult when he thought about it while at college. Chris had to hide his erect cock on more than one occasion during class.

It was Wednesday during class that Chris got a text. After waiting to see who it was, Chris was shocked to see it was from Destiny. He wondered why she would text him. Although his tenants had his cell number, none of them contacted him unless it was an emergency. Chris checked the message wondering if something was wrong. The message was "Hot in here, can you come by and fix it?" When he read it was an air conditioner problem, and dollar signs filled his head. Chris was in no mood for an expensive repair bill.

When Chris pulled up he saw that Destiny was again the only car in the small parking lot. He walked around to the side of the house and saw the air condition running. Chris now thought it was out of fluid of needed a part to be fixed and not the whole unit. It was a small unit, but the cost of replacing it was something he did not want.

Knocking on the door, Destiny opened up quickly. Chris walked in as Destiny held open the screen door. She was again wearing the same white robe as last Friday.

"What's up with the unit, it seems to be running fine?"

Destiny instantly laughed. "I never said the air was broken, silly."

Chris tilted his head in confusion. Destiny opened her robe as Chris looked dumbfounded. "I said it was hot in here, and I needed help."

Chris stood there with his mouth open as his eyes gazed upon Destiny ebony body. The large brown tits he secretly worshipped hung right before him for the sucking. "Oh."

"Now let's go in the bed room so you can service my black pussy." Destiny commanded as she walked in front of Chris.

Chris followed Destiny to her bedroom like a man under some spell. He could see her curvaceous hips sway as he walked behind her. When he got into her room he noticed that it was dimly lit and there was a few candles burning. She turned to him and reached for his shirt. Chris obliged and removed his shorts while she removed his shirt.

Before he could say anything she was sitting on the bed grabbing a hold of his now erect prick. While her hand stroked his shaft, her mouth drooled a copious amount of salvia on it. It was now slick with spit as she stroked the length of the shaft. Destiny had her mouth caved in as her suction on his cock head was tight. With her tongue pressing in on his piss slit her hand worked the hard shaft.

Chris reached down for her plump breasts and pinched the nipples he so wanted to suck. Chris was now alternating between caressing her round breasts and pinching her long nipples. Before she worked up a rhythm of sucking and stroking, Destiny pulled away.

Chris looked up at her as she cried out. "Move up on the bed."

Chris did as he was told, and Destiny soon followed him on the bed. He watched as she maneuvered her body so she was on top of him. She grasped his throbbing member and aimed it right for her shave black slit. Chris watched as his white cock slipped past her dark folds and into her slick twat.

"Fuck your white cock is hard today." Destiny called out as her body took the entire length of Chris's hard rod.

Chris held onto Destiny's supple hips as she commenced gyrating back and forth on him. Feeling his cock firmly implanted in her love trench was overwhelming to Chris's sensitive man tool. Her snug black love opening seemed to grip his erection with ever move.

Destiny leaned forward as Chris laid there in pure pleasure. With her pointy black nipples dangling in front of him Chris took the bait. He latched onto on as if it was feeding time. Destiny moaned as Chris took a hold of her breast. In turn she now bounced her ass up and down on Chris's white cock.

With her hands outstretched holding her in place she continued grinding and pumping up and down on Chris. While she did this Chris pushed up to make sure his dick full penetrated Destiny's now slippery fuck hole. Her one hanging breast swung free hitting the side of his face while Chris bit and suckled on her other.

Chris felt Destiny's tight twat spasm hard as she cried out. She moved back and pulled away from Chris's mouth while resting on his waist. Chris looked on as Destiny moved off of him. "If you like sucking on my big tits, I want to see what you can do with my pussy."

Chris waited anxiously as Destiny hovered her wet pussy over his mouth. When she lowered her leg she was now riding his face. Her mouth in turn went to his throbbing manhood while they were in a sixty nine position. Chris instantly tasted her wet orgasm as it was completely covering all of her pussy lips and clit.

Chris enjoyed feeling Destiny deep throat his cock, but his attention was focused on pleasuring her dark labia as it was the only thing he could see. His tongue went the length of each meaty pussy lip. His hands went to her ass as his tongue now dived in and out of her spread cunt hole. Chris was spreading her open wide as he saw the pink of her love hole gape open. Chris took this as an invitation to shove his tongue in deep.

Destiny moaned and could no longer suck on Chris as she moaned from the tongue fucking Chris was giving her. It was only a few moments later that Chris felt a sudden wetness hit his tongue as her pussy spasmed closed.

Destiny retreated off of Chris and now laid on the bed with her legs open for him. Chris followed suit and was now between her legs aiming his male organ straight into the pink cavern of her dark pussy. His body moved forward and his cock slid into her slippery hole.

Chris moved his mouth to her nipples once again as his hips started rocking into Destiny. Destiny in turn remarked on Chris's love for sucking on her breasts. "Mmm, your mouth feels good on my tits. Never knew you like big black tits so much."

Chris broke his suction on her tit to answer back. "Love you r nipples, what can I say."

Chris now held her legs wide open as he forced her to take every thrust he gave. Destiny in turn moaned each time her dripping snatch was filled with his white manhood. Chris never paused of relented as his thrusting became more intense. Chris felt the tell tale sign his cum wanted out.

As Chris pumped its male sex organ furiously into Destiny love snatch he knew the ending was close. The sensation of her clench vaginal walls was having an immediate effect of his own orgasm. He grunted as he cum was preparing its decent into Destiny's waiting cervix.

As Chris held tight to her open legs, Destiny cried out. "You gonna cum baby?"

Chris could not stop now. His potent male seed needed to be set free. He could only nod to tell Destiny that he was going to fill her dark snatch with his sperm.

Destiny moaned as her voice cracked with authority. "Cum in that black pussy!"

Chris finally let go and pushed his final thrust as he expelled all of the pent up cum he had. It had been days since he last came, and all of what he built up was not spurting free inside Destiny's slippery vaginal walls towards her waiting womb.

As Chris held firm grunting as his cum continued to shoot with no end in sight Destiny's eyes glared up towards Chris. "Oh, my god. How much cum you got? Didn't think you were gonna dump so much cum in me."

Chris relaxed his body quickly as he moved off of Destiny. Before he pulled his still hard prick Destiny locked her knees forcing Chris to stop. "Not yet. I am not done cumming." Destiny cooed.

"Thought you were worried that I came so much?" Chris replied as he held still with his dick still firmly implanting in her dark snatch.

"I am, but I was cumming hard when you came all up in me."

When Destiny releasing her hold on Chris, he slumped down next to her. "I am sorry. I really did not know I was gonna cum so much."

Destiny rolled over so she was facing him. "Don't worry you self. I be fine and all. Just never felt so much cum in me is all."

"There some beer and soda in the fridge if you want. I will be right back. I need to handle this or we will have something to worry about in nine months."

When Destiny got up from the bed Chris watched her naked form stroll into the bathroom. He listened to the toilet paper roll spin before getting up himself. Walking into the kitchen Chris opened the fridge to see it mostly empty. The high of having sex came crashing down as he thought about the money problems Destiny had. She was not lying, she was broke and the amount food seemed light for her and her two kids.

Chris with held back from taking anything from the fridge and went back into the bedroom. Destiny was walking out of the bathroom when he walked back into the room. She was fixing her hair as she smiled as Chris looked right at her. She gave a laugh before making a jest. "You really know how to fuck a black pussy. Haven't had someone tear it up and dump a load in me like that in a long time."

Chris sat on the bed before laughing back at Destiny's comment. "Glad you liked it. I am gonna get going though."

Destiny turned around with her hands still in her hair. "You can chill out here for a bit. I have like an hour or so before I gots to get to work."

As much as Chris needed to get ready to go to work himself the sight of Destiny standing nude in front of him getting ready was hot. She was paying him no attention as she was putting on her makeup, but her sexy features were clearly showing with each slight move of her body. Chris loved ever small twist and turn of her body and how her breasts and ass moved in response.

Right as Chris ogled Destiny's breasts and ass, she quickly darted to the bathroom. Chris then inquired. "Something wrong?"

Destiny walked out with a few tissues in her hand. She bent down giving Chris a perfect view of her hanging brown beauties in all their glory. She proceeded to wipe her crotch before answering his question in a playful tone. "Nothing wrong other than you're cum still pouring out of me. Damm boy, you really know how to try a git a girl pregnant and all."

Chris smiled at her joking tone. "Sorry. I just didn't get a chance to jerk off for a couple of days."

Destiny threw the tissues in the small trash next to her, and went back to fixing her makeup. "Well at least I know what you will be given me this Friday."

Chris now had a vivid thought of him coming every week doing this. With her paying back the owed rent money, and now fucking her, it was not a bad deal. "I will try and take care of it the day before then."

Destiny turned quickly and gave a glare towards Chris as he sat on the bed still gawking at her naked body. "Don't you be doing shit with that big ole white cock of yours. I like feeling you get off all up in me like what you did. Fucking made me cum like mad when you shot off in me like that."

Chris smirked as he finished watching Destiny get ready. Once she put her bra on and covered up her large chest, he knew the show was over. He just walked up to her and kissed her. Destiny responded in kind by holding him by the arms and giving him a wet open mouth kiss. As Chris turn after the kiss, he felt her hand smack his ass hard. "Keeps your phone close, I may be hittin you up tomorrow if I get the time."

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