The Butler Didn't Do It
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Gordon Johnson

Mystery Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A thriller set in an African country, with a mysterious butler called Jeeves by his employer, the Life President. Money goes missing, a LOT of money.

Caution: This Mystery Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Mystery   Crime   MaleDom   Black Couple   First   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Violent  

President Zimba Mazimba was trying to perform with his latest young concubine, when his wife stormed into his bedroom. "Husband!" she called to him. "Your bank has refused payment for my new dresses! I want you to deal with it immediately. We cannot allow these minions to dictate to us."

The Life President was surprised. Not surprised that his wife should charge in while he was pleasuring himself with a girl; surprised that the bank would make such an error. After all, he was their largest depositor. It was probably some junior official messing up. He would just get his butler to phone the bank president and get the imbecile fired.

He instructed her, "I will deal with it, wife. Now leave me alone; I am busy." She ambled out, mollified. She would never complain about his activities with these teenage girls. She knew what was good for her, and realised who held the family purse strings. Her life as a wife was a lot pleasanter than that of the girls he fucked so regularly. She had no idea what happened to the last one. The girl just disappeared. She thought her husband was pleased with the child, so the disappearance was unexpected.

The President returned to ploughing the furrow of his latest plaything. The fact that she was only fourteen titillated him. She already had the breasts for the job, and her hole soon stretched to fit his manhood. She might soon be another candidate for expanding the number of his children, like the last one whom he had quietly sent off to have his child. If the bed performance of this one improved enough to suit him, he might breed her. She certainly needed training, he decided, as he forced her to his will. He was eventually sated.

He ignored her crying, and called for his butler. When the tall black man quietly appeared, he ordered, "Jeeves, I want you to phone the National Bank's President, and get him to sort out some trifling matter. My wife's clothing bill was refused payment today; an unfortunate error. I want the culprit sacked."

Jeeves (the name the President insisted on using for his butler, to prove his English educational background) simply responded, "Yes, sir. I shall see to it at once, sir, " and left, the black butler striding out as positively and assured as any upper-class Englishman's butler would.

Half an hour later, the butler sought out his master, and waited deferentially until the Life President gestured for him to speak.

"Sir, the Bank President informs me that your accounts with his bank are empty. The amounts held by the bank were transferred to another bank yesterday. He was not informed until after I called to enquire, or he would have contacted you himself to find out what he had done wrong. He was dismayed that you had removed the assets from his competence."

"ME?" The President was livid. "He accuses ME of removing my assets? This smacks of embezzlement, Jeeves. I want to know under what authority the money was transferred, AND to where? I want it back immediately. Get back to him and tell him that. I will have him removed if he is so incompetent as to let this happen. I want my money back as fast as possible, Jeeves. Get to it, man!"

Jeeves competently conveyed the President's displeasure, and demands. "I am sorry, sir, to be the bearer of such bad tidings, but the President is insisting on no excuses; just his money back into his accounts. Do you happen to know how much has disappeared?"

"Mr Jeeves, the amount that I have established as having been transferred totals seventy-three million US dollars. The bank into which it was transferred say that it was, within the hour, transferred to an account in another country, one of those where we do not have bilateral arrangements over criminal transactions.

I have examined our own records, and these say that Mr President gave authorisation, including his personal password, for the transaction. As we know of no other way his account could be accessed, it was reasonable to expect that the transfer was genuine. Perhaps he mentioned his password to another family member or friend, and it got out that way. Our internal procedures do not allow staff to know what the password is. The account itself responds to the password, not a human. That is part of our security arrangements to protect customers from potential criminal activity by any bank employee.

As you can see, it is impossible for a bank employee to access the account without the Presidential password. Please do not mention the following facts to him, but they might be useful to you, in your position. My post is not a political appointment, but a commercial one, and if, as I have explained, I did nothing wrong, he cannot have me removed from my post, much as he might wish for that. As his funds have vanished, he is no longer in a position to bribe the directors of the bank, so I am confident in my assertion.

To conclude on a lighter note, should the President find himself no longer in a position to continue your employment with him, I may be able to find you a commensurate post elsewhere."

Jeeves wisely made no reference to this offer, but merely said, "I thank you for answering my questions, sir. Your assistance in the matter is appreciated. Farewell."

His report to the President was carefully couched.

"Sir, the bank president informs me that the procedures at the bank prevent any member of staff from knowing your password, and through electronic security measures your account can only be accessed by using your password, so he wondered if you had inadvertently permitted someone else to know your password. It appears to be impossible to access the account without using your password."

As the Life President fumed, the butler continued his tale. "On the audit trail, the transfer went to another bank with international connections, and within the hour it was re-transferred to a bank in a country with which we have no reciprocal bank security procedures. As a result, that country will not permit investigation of any banking activity within their jurisdiction."

The Life President was suddenly apprehensive, for his current tenure was dependent on bribes to other politicians. If they were not paid, they might withdraw their support. That could make things tricky for him. He was afraid there was more that Jeeves was not revealing yet.

He muttered, "Go on, Jeeves."

"Sir, as the only avenue of access is through your personal password, someone else has used your password, and so any investigation would require an examination of your family and friends, or anyone else who might have ever seen or known your password. That might not be to Your Excellency's liking."

"I see. I am accused of either stealing from myself, or someone close to me has done so. It is fortunate that I foresaw a problem of this sort. I have bank accounts in two other countries. I shall use these resources to begin my investigation of this theft, and whoever did the deed will wish they had never been born."

"I see, sir. I was unaware that such arrangements existed, so I am unable to do anything for you on that matter. Was there anything else that you needed me for, sir? Should I fetch your phone?"

"No need. I have it here. I will deal with this myself, Jeeves. That will be all."

"Thank you, sir." Jeeves bowed deferentially and left quietly, closing the door softly behind himself.

He then made himself scarce, rapidly devising stratagems to make himself temporarily unavailable.

Ah, yes. He could take himself to the national bank undercover, and ask about the procedures for opening an account; ask about the security measures, etc. If the president failed to find him at home, he had the perfect excuse: exploring ways in which the President's account could be hacked into. That way, he would be absent from the President's ire, yet able to show it was because he was trying to serve his master well.

This stratagem took him away for several hours. When he arrived back at the Presidential residence, he could hear the President's screaming and shouting voice from the front door. Jeeves carefully insinuated himself into the room where the president was ranting. "May I be of assistance, Mr President?"

"Jeeves! Where have you been, man? I have been looking everywhere for you. You have absented yourself from your post at a vital time. Do you not value for position with me?"

"Sir, I was about your business. I was investigating procedures at the bank, in person but incognito. I was trying to discover if what we were told was accurate."

"And was it?

"Unfortunately, yes. All high-value accounts require a personal password known only to the client. The electronic bank account will recognise the password when correctly offered, and is accessible in no other way."

"That is ridiculous! There must be some other way. I am certain that I have given my password to no-one, and I don't leave it lying around."

"Begging your pardon, sir, but might you have been hypnotised without your knowledge? I am considering where a medical procedure might require you to be unconscious. That would be a possible route to hypnotism, if you have been in hospital, or otherwise received surgical treatment requiring you to be comatose."

"I don't think so, but I WAS in hospital for treatment to a damaged knee, and the doctors insisted on putting me under, during the procedure. They said it was to avoid unnecessary pain. I also recall being at the dentist: no, he came to me here. He had to employ anaesthesia for a painful extraction. You think either of these might be the culprit?"

"One cannot predict such things, sir; but it IS a possibility that such a procedure was misused. One must not overlook such eventualities."

"But that was two years ago, for both of them, Jeeves!"

"Exactly what one should expect, sir. It is long enough ago not to be suspect. The thieves could afford to wait. I am sure your account has, or rather, had more funds now than it did two years ago."

"True. It would be worth waiting for, wouldn't it? But why would doctors or dentists hijack my account?"

"They probably didn't. One has to concentrate intently during any operation: the perfect requirement for being susceptible to a hypnotic trance. The one person who performed the hypnotism possibly hypnotised the medical people as well, so that they would not remember a hypnotic trance being utilised. He may not have been a doctor, just someone who had legitimate access to the room.

He would be long gone by now; possibly spirited out of the country. He only had to obtain the password, and pass it on. There would be no evidence left to find."

"Things are even worse, Jeeves. My accounts abroad were also hacked, I found: I don't know how. The funds are gone, much as happened here. I could kick myself: I used the same password for these accounts, so that I could remember it. I never thought that anyone would even know they were my accounts. They are in a completely different name. I had a passport produced in that identity, for when I wanted access to any cash. Now, all of it is gone. I have been robbed!"

Jeeves looked at his master, and murmered, "Perhaps you could earn some more income in the future: write your memoirs, perhaps, telling of your tenure as President, and how well you looked after the country."

The President glance sharply at Jeeves, wondering if he was making reference to the President's underhand means of acquiring funds. He shook his head at the idea. Jeeves was a perfect gentleman. He would never become involved in such chicanery. Jeeves was too recent an acquisition to be aware of such facts. Still, some deeper enquiries into his past would not go amiss; if he could afford to pay for that research. Perhaps a word in the right ear, of certain politicians whom he had "helped" in the past, would work.

He swiftly managed to get to the right person, who had the right contacts, who could find hidden information, which revealed: bloody hell! "Jeeves" had once been in the British SAS, that elite military force that dealt with the most dangerous actions. The President took this data and braced his butler with it.

"Jeeves – you never told me that you were ex-SAS!"

Jeeves kept his face straight, and spoke blandly and with confidence.

"No, sir. It was not relevant to this job. Does it matter to you?"

"If I had known, I might have engaged you as a bodyguard, man. And what is a black man doing in the British military, and even more in the SAS?"

"Entry to the SAS is by ability, sir, not by race or colour. In fact, they like to have men who can blend in to some locations. The only initial requirement is to be in a British military unit. All the men are drawn from these units if they can pass the extremely tough qualifying tests. I left the SAS years ago, sir. I had had enough of the rigours of the unit, and wanted something more ... well ... civilised. Being a butler suited me fine, and my ancestors were native to this country, so your household was an appropriate task for my talents and inclinations. Did you have anything else you wished to discuss, Mr President?"

"I just wondered if you had a moral stance about my source of finance?"

"Sir, a butler's task is to serve his employer, not to take a stance against his employer. I have no feelings either way, sir. You live your life, I live mine, and we get along."

"I am impressed, Jeeves. I had not realised my butler was so talented a man. This explains your show of initiative, in your desire to check out the bank procedures independently. Very enterprising, that."

"Thank you, sir."

"I do hope I can find the finances to retain your services, Jeeves. I would hate to lose you."

"Thank you, sir. I hope your finances support that desire."

"Oh, I still have a stash of diamonds hidden away. I did not expect to have to access that resource so soon. I may have to ask you to escort me for the sale of a few gems."

"Very well sir. Would sir wish me to be armed for that occasion? I would prefer not to carry a firearm – too many possibilities of collateral damage; but a knife might be a suitable weapon to have on hand, and perhaps a baton, for protection purposes."

"I am easy with these, Jeeves. As long as you can guard me from thieves and robbers, whatever tools you want will suit me."

"Thank you, sir."

"Right. I need to relax from all this tension. Where is that girl?"

"Your partner from earlier, sir? She retired to the women's quarters, and I have not seen her emerge."

"Fetch her for me, Jeeves. I need her services again."

"Of course, sir." Jeeves left to attend to that task. He did not allow his distaste to show on his face.

He knocked on the door of the women's quarters, and was confronted by a woman who he recognised as the President's mother. "Madam, His Excellency requests the pleasure of the same young lady who was with him earlier today, at your earliest convenience. I am instructed to escort the young lady to his presence."

The woman scowled at him, but nodded, and closed the door in his face. He remained there, with equanimity evident in his face and stance. He had no wish to discover belatedly that the President employed CCTV facilities. He was almost certain there was none, but there might be, at long distance, so he acted according to that assumption.

The door opened, and the youngster was there, pushed out to his control by the old woman. Not a word was said. Jeeves took the girl by her arm, and said softly, "He wants you again, girl. Do your best to please him, if you value your life."

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