Cast of Characters

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Note: In order to avoid plot spoilers, only the status of the characters on first introduction is indicated.

The crew of the Scientific Exploration Vessel SS Explorer of Destiny

Commander Carolyn Justice "Jay" Nelson, leader of the humans and second in command of the USN Destiny.

Lieutenant Robertson Hawthorne (Second Engineer)

Doctor Nicolevna Reston (MD)

Major Alexis Hemp (Commander of Marines onboard)

Chief Gabriella Sturman (Nelson's aide and Security NCO)

Ensign Sun Li (called 'Sunny', Navigation)

Merlin, Abiological Being, originally AI of the Destiny

Other Humans

Rochelle Morris, Admiral and Ambassador from the United Planets

M'bata Nkrubé, Presiding Official, United Planets Security Council

Renya Nestroli, Shah (female) of Arnis

Jacob Reoux, Admiral, CIC of Arnis Defense Force

Bartholomew "Bart" Broun, Vice Admiral, 2nd in command of Arnis Defense Force


Mimi, Ivan, Oscar, Pat, Selkirk, Arista: all are Abiological Entities (AEs) that are assigned to ships of the Unified Space Navy (USN)

Gandalf, an AE, citizen of Yerowl, and Gnarr (Captain) of the Shadowfax, in the Yerowl Space Force

The citizens of Yerowl

Shakespeare, a Bard, by title: The 'Grahhll', by name: Sh'angreth

Meriah, Matriarch of the Citizens

Merhnah, sister of Meriah

Meryawl, sister of Meriah

Meronar, sister of Meriah

G'hann'lis, The most skilled ninGrahhll. The Grahhll presumptive.

Krayshall, male offspring of The Grahhll and Meriah, middle kit

Shenthra, youngest female offspring of the original three of The Grahhll and Meriah

Mercahn, eldest female offspring of The Grahhll and Meriah

Sh'anfor, male twin of The Grahhll and Meriah, youngest by three minutes of Meriah's last litter

Meriah'na, female twin of The Grahhll and Meriah, the eldest of Meriah's last litter

Shwantè, Second of the Council

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