Sweeter Temptation
Chapter 1

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Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Continuation of Sweet Temptation by Veritas. Picks up exactly where that story left off. Mr. Craft thinks he is a good man until a late night encounter with Cindy.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Interracial   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism  

This story continues directly from Sweet Temptation by Veritas, I waited for an update to that tale and when none was forthcoming I decided to make my own. Read that story on this site, if you want more when you're done, come back here.

But like I said at the start of my story, I'm a good man. At least I still was at this point in my tale. So I merely observed as the worn yellow boyshorts hugged that delightful teenaged ass, my brain working overtime, taking snapshot after snapshot that I knew would be the focus of my early morning shower masturbation for years to come.

In all this time that I had stood a step and a half behind Cindy, transfixed by the possibilities of her nubile body, the young tomboy had not simply been stood still, reveling in my hot admiring gaze. Instead, now that she had the chute door open and relatively secure she had encountered a new problem.

When reaching up to lever the hatch open Cindy had placed her trash bag down to her left, resting it carefully against the wall. She now held the spring-loaded door open with her right hand, leaning over it, using her own slight body weight to keep it from snapping shut, as she craned forward and down, delicate fingers stretching to reach the knot at the top of the bag.

From my glorious vantage point right behind her, I could see the girl would never be able to reach the bag and toss it. She was already at full stretch, up on tippy-toes, the backs of her bunny slippers slipping from her heels as her muscular calves tensed, much like they would when she wore vertiginously high heels, at some point in the future. But she was still a few years from shoes like that.

My cock was almost painfully tented against the zipper of my work pants now, and, surprisingly, that was what eventually spurred me in to action. Not because I intended to act on my arousal, but rather because I wanted to be back inside my own slumbering apartment where I could free myself and deal with the severe swelling young Cindy had, inadvertently, caused.

Tearing my eyes from the junction of Cindy's thighs, sure that I could now discern the seam of the shorts working it's way between the lips of her prominent mound, I stepped forward and heaved my own black trash bag down the chute, tossing the heavy sack easily over the small obstruction of the teen's form.

I was now less than six inches behind Cindy, well within her personal space, and I leaned over her, my tall, broad frame enveloping hers as I reached past her left hand and lifted the other bag, intending to toss that after it's counterpart.

Even thinking about it now I'm unsure what part of my action startled Cindy, and I'm not sure it really matters. Perhaps it was my hand slightly brushing hers as I reached for the bag, maybe my breath on the back of her neck, maybe just the sudden extreme closeness of my body. Whatever it was, the girl yelped an adorably high-pitched squeak of surprise and tilted forward a little more, perhaps in an effort to get a little further from me. In doing so her right foot left the ground entirely and, toes pointing out, brushed the inside of my calf, before hastily withdrawing.

That small contact felt electric to my already highly charged body, and I stumbled a little myself. Not wanting to crush the petite girl, and with my left hand already full with the garbage bag, I steadied my self the only way I could. I made to place my hand on the chute door. I misjudged.

I didn't feel the cold metal of the door under my hand, instead I felt the supple give of a teen ass. My large hand engulfed Cindy's cheek, skin to skin contact only prevented by the faded cotton face of spongebob. Involuntarily I let out a low rumbling moan and I felt my grip tighten, squeezing the first teenage butt I'd copped a feel of in probably twenty years.

Obviously this was something new and completely unexpected for Cindy, the girl was an avowed tomboy, the sensation of being ogled by a man had been fresh to her minutes ago, now here she was being fondled by one as well. She was frozen beneath me, both hands gripping the chute door. As my fingers massaged her tight little ass, she vocalized another little squeak, this one less of shock and trailing off slowly, becoming deeper. Moving from a startled "Ah" and softening to a quiet "Ohhhhhh. Mmph."

The last small noise was accompanied by an almost imperceptible arching of her back as she tried to push herself harder against my hungry hand.

That little move was enough to bring me to my senses and I stood sharply, finding myself a little out of breath, and holding the limp black garbage bag, which I tossed into the chute automatically.

Without saying a word Cindy stood, closing the door carefully, knowing well how much noise it could cause if allowed to slam shut. Once it was fully shut she stood facing the wall, both hands holding the handle for dear life as her slight shoulders moved up and down rhythmically.

I stood, silently cursing myself, but unable to stop the baser thoughts my libido was filling my head with. "Pin her against the wall, Tear those shorts off and show her what a man feels like, push her to her knees and plug that gorgeous teen face with your cock."

I remained rooted to the spot though, when I should have turned and fled, run to my apartment and pretended none of this ever happened, the Ostrich tactic. Eventually, after what seemed like hours but could only have been seconds, Cindy Johnson, teenage wet dream given human form, took a deep breath and turned to look at me, her face and neck flushed an appealing shade of red under her healthy tan.

"I'm sorry Mr. Craft, I shouldn't have..." She began before her sentence tapered in to nothing. The niave young thing thought it was her fault. I spoke to reassure her. "No Cindy, I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have done that, it was totally inappropriate of me. I let instinct take over. Please forgive me. Come on, I'll walk you back to your apartment."

As I talked Cindy looked, in turn, relieved, confused and then something else, something harder to place. Proud perhaps, but at what?

I followed those big beautiful dark brown eyes as I talked, first she met my gaze, then looked down slightly, as if ashamed, but her shoulders relaxed slightly and her gaze narrowed a little from the near terrified wide eyed expression she'd had at first. I saw the confusion cross her face when I mentioned instinct taking over. Then her eyes briefly darted to the bulge pressing at the front of my pants. A lump that, right now, I couldn't have hidden no matter how much I'd wanted to. Her eyes widened as she glanced across it then the look of understanding changed to pride. I could almost hear her thoughts at that moment. "Did I do that. To Mr. Craft? Cool."

If possible, the young girl looked even more delightful to me now than she had minutes ago when I'd caught her sneaking out of her door. Her shorts were pulled oh so snugly against her body and she was making no effort to adjust them. Her face was flushed with no little arousal of her own, confirmed by the way her nipples pushed at her tight crop top, her round breasts heaving a little as she breathed steadily. I was overtaken by the sudden desire to see those darling little buds, to see if they were pale, a blushing coral pink or a deep tanned brown.

But I was a good man. Then. So instead I bowed exaggeratedly and deeply. "Come, I will escort you back. Protecting you from the aforementioned villains."

Cindy giggled and stepped up beside me. We walked the short distance back to our doors in a not uncomfortable silence. I tried to resolutely keep my eyes ahead but I could feel the young girl's curious gaze boring in to me with almost every step.

We reached the Johnson's apartment door and stopped. Cindy had a wry smile on her face now, and she toyed with her pigtail idly. Her hair was somewhere between light brown and dark blonde, straight and would reach the nape of her neck if not held up in those adorable bunches.

She made no effort to go inside so I made the move. "Well, goodnight Cindy, and I'm sorry again for the little accident just now." I turned and got maybe a step or two away before she spoke.

"Mr. Craft, can I ask you something." She said softly, but in the quiet night-time hallway I could hear her perfectly. I stopped in my tracks, my heart beating hard.

"Of course Cindy, what is it?" I said, without turning round, not wanting to break the good guy resolve I'd built up by turning to look at the luscious teen's body once more. But she didn't speak again, I could hear her step closer to me again, but she simply waited there for me to turn. Eventually I did, looking down at her. I towered over her small frame, but at this moment we both knew she held all the power in our dynamic.

I raised an eyebrow at her, questioningly. I wanted to retain some sort of control, I wasn't going to ask again.

She smiled a thoroughly disarming smile and then looked down between us to where my hard-on still pushed at my pants, desperate to be free. "Did I really do that?" She asked, her tone a mixture of skepticism and delight."

I was sure at that moment that I was sunk, but I was still a good man, I wasn't going to go down without a fight.

"We shouldn't..." I began half-heartedly but Cindy cut me off. "Please, it's just, I don't understand what just happened, I mean, I'm only fourteen." She accompanied the last word with a gaze back up into my eyes and a nervous tug on her pigtail. I groaned inwardly, I really was sinking fast.

"My body doesn't care about that Cindy," I muttered softly in the echoing hall "you're a very, very attractive woman, whatever your age. When I saw you coming out of your door earlier, before I knew who it was, I would have guessed you were eighteen or nineteen, you look amazing."

She beamed at my sincere flattery "Wow, thanks Mr. C. You really think so? I think I'm too small. Guys only go for really big boobs don't they?" As she said this last she reached up and cupped her own perfectly ample breasts, causing them to shudder a little, but not give too much. They were perfect, high, proud and firm.

"I can't speak for all men, but I like all kinds of breasts. But from what I've seen tonight, yours look perfect. Just like the rest of you." I steeled myself, knowing I was falling deeper by the second. "Okay Cindy, I need to go inside now, goodnight." Not giving the teen a chance to object I headed for my own door, my key already in my hand. As I fumbled with the lock I knew she was there, right behind me. I did my best to ignore that fact.

I cracked my front door open and she spoke. "Show me it."

My knees buckled at those three simple words and I just made it inside my door. Cindy had followed me in to the little entrance way where my family kept all their outside clothing, safely shut off from the rest of the house. She pushed the door shut behind her.

I was on home ground now, I felt a little safer, my resolve was hardened by the knowledge that my wife and family were sleeping a short distance away. I shook my head "No Cindy, that is a very bad idea, my wife is inside and you're only 14 years old."

Cindy leaned against the door, her eyes fixed on my crotch now, one hand in her hair, the other on her flat, taut stomach. "You said before, my age didn't matter, and your thing didn't seem worried about your wife just now." She was trying to sound commanding but failing, she was all little girl bravado and arousal. Her chest was even more flushed than before, this was her first sexual experience and it was in danger of overtaking her.

Her obvious innocence was the ultimate drug, I wanted to be in it's heady glow for as long as possible. I stood facing her and turned on the entrance way light. The harsh neon did nothing to dampen my desire for the fourteen year old. I wanted her in all the worst possible ways.

Wordlessly I unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my pants. Her breath was ragged with anticipation now and I took my time, soaking in every last detail of the most erotic moment of my life. My heavy belt pulled my pants to the floor and I reached down to the waistband of my boxer-briefs, pushing them down at the front, revealing my thick hair at first and then the hard shaft of my straining dick. When the elastic became too tight to continue my slow reveal I reached down and pulled the front of the shorts down and under my balls. My cock sprang free at last and swayed in the space between the two of us, still painfully hard.

Those gorgeous big brown eyes were wide as I revealed myself to Cindy, her mouth slightly open, one hand had moved to clutch the door handle, knuckles white. But she made no effort to leave. She just stared at it. Eventually I took myself in hand and began to stroke my cock, looking at the vision of teenage loveliness before me. I was close. My head became shiny and slick with precum.

Cindy still had her right hand on the door handle, but the other had snaked between her still slightly coltish legs. She merely clamped her hand between her thighs, her breath moving her softly. "It's so..." She began before trailing off, then made a couple more attempts to vocalize a cogent thought before giving up. "How long ... What are you..."

I was getting in to the situation now, jerking myself off in front of a beautiful and innocent teenager in my own home, giving her her first look at a real dick. Enjoying seeing that the situation was clearly arousing her almost as much as me. My breath was coming a little short now but I did my best to answer her.

"It's not that big Cindy, seven inches, but I am thicker than most." I grunted, my hand gripping my shaft tighter. "And I'm jerking myself off. Seeing you, your amazing body, and feeling that beautiful butt has made me so hot I need to cum."

Cindy was as caught up in the moment as I was and nodded mutely, her eyes on my cock.

"Help me get there." I heard myself saying to the wide eyed young girl, and she looked up at my face with confusion. "Show me those perfect breasts, that will send me over the edge. You're so fucking sexy Cindy."

Her eyes widened, hearing a grown-up swear cemented into her head that this was something new and extraordinary. She clearly liked the feeling. Her hand left the door handle and she slipped to her knees around three feet from me, eyes almost level with my angry looking cock head. Both hands moved to the lower hem of her yellow crop top and pushed it up. The fabric slipped off easily, revealing paler, unblemished skin beneath, freed from their binding her breasts barely changed shape at all. They were breasts a man could dream of forever, of sucking on them, holding onto them while sliding his cock into her.

They were tipped by perfect nipples, a rosy coral pink, smaller than a quarter, they puffed out a little and then the tip jutted out even further, just begging to be tugged between teeth. Finally revealed to me she looked up at me shyly as a strand of loose hair fell across her eyes, as if seeking affirmation that her body was good enough. It was more than that, it was ruinous.

The innocence look for approval was all I needed. I cursed loudly. "Fuck Cindy. I fucking want you so..." Then I became incoherent as I came, harder than I had in at least a decade. The first rope of my cum took on a life of it's own and arced across the room, splashing on to Cindy's tight exposed stomach. The contact must have snapped something in the prone teen as her eyes immediately became wilder and she sprang to her feet as I pumped pulse after pulse of semen onto the carpet, too overcome to do anything but ride the wave.

By the time I was sensible again Cindy was gone and I was a mess. What had I done. I cleaned up the entrance way as best as I could and tried to convince myself I hadn't touched the young girl. I hoped desperately that no one would find out about what had gone on.

I crawled into bed that night beside my wife hating myself for being a weak man, but hopeful that maybe this had simply been a blip, a momentary loss of sanity.

If only I'd known then how much further I had to go.

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