Chapter 1

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Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A large guy with a hot wife live in LA, working in the Media Industry. Eventually, things break down, and this is what the husband does about it.

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cheating   Slut Wife   Anal Sex  

Dan Perry was plodding down Ventura Boulevard when the black car stopped next to him. He barely glanced at it – in LA there are all sorts of blacked out SUV's with god knows who in them; you learned to ignore them pretty quickly. He returned his attention to the churro he'd just bought off a street vendor, munching on it with a fierce intensity. He honestly had no clue what to do next with his life. Everyone had ended last week and he was still recovering, and he was doing what he always did when he was stressed; eat. He was bewildered, angry, frustrated and deeply, deeply hurt. He knew that some of the blame had to lie with him; he could almost not blame his wife for what she'd done, but still, that didn't make it right. He was the aggrieved party here and the biggest issue was he simply had no idea what to do next, how to combat his feelings of worthlessness and humiliation.

Dan was large. He knew he was large. He knew that, if he really thought about it, he wasn't just large. He was fat. He was obese. He was two hundred and ninety seven pounds – he knew because he'd weighed himself that morning, and then cried in the mirror. He was a lard ass and finally, he was facing that fact. Everything that had been said to him was true and he hated it being true. His life had collapsed, the plan, in so far as he had a plan, had ended abruptly and while he wasn't strictly speaking to blame – she'd cheated on him – he wasn't entirely sure he could blame her.

In a way he'd been expecting it for years. June was just too hot for him. He couldn't quite believe that she'd married him in the first place. He was a world class nerd, large and not got enough ambition and yet, she had. Nine years of marriage, and then, well ... it had ended. Pretty un-nicely. About as un-nicely as it was possible to get, in fact.

He stopped for a moment to finish up the churro and throw away the waxy paper, and noticed that the black SUV was also next to him. Was it keeping pace with him? Nah. What would it do that?

He idly wondered who was in it. Some celebrity no doubt. He was squinting at the windows to see if he could make out a shape within when the doors opened and two very large guys, in skin tight T-shirts, showing off large pectorals and arms, jumped out.

They looked directly at him and said, "Dan Perry?" He just looked back at them, not quite comprehending what was going on.

His brain kicked into gear and he said, "Um ... what?"

The two guys looked at each other nodded and walked over to him. One put a hand on his shoulder and said, "Our employer would like a chat with you, Mr. Perry. Trust us, this is to your advantage, sir."

Now Dan was a large man and he had often felt that his weight could be a positive in situations like this. Two hundred and ninety seven pounds that did not want to go in a specific direction would be hard to resist, he often thought, but these guys just propelled him towards the car with barely any effort at all.

Dan wondered if he should make a scene? Do something to stop these guys? But then, this was straight out of Men in Black, one of his favorite older comics book series, and he was interested enough to see where it was going to go. Right now, he had nothing else to do and nothing really going on, and it was hard to see where the next week was going, let alone the rest of his life. It just simply wasn't much of a risk – the worst they could do was hurt him physically and right now, he just didn't care about his physical well being, so what the hell.

So he allowed himself to be pushed into the car, the doors shut and off they went.

Once they got in the car Dan attempted to start a conversation. "Whose your employer?" he asked the large man squeezed in next to him.

The man looked at him, ignored the question and offered Dan a bottled water. Dan accepted, and the man looked away. Dan got the distinct impression that the large man considered him to be unworthy of conversation – there was a distinct 'you maggot' look in the man's eyes and, as it was not something Dan was unfamiliar with, he just shrugged it off, took a drink of water and watched the world go by outside.

While the car drove, Dan went over his life. Wondering if he was on his way to the end of it, or some kind of incredibly bad situation. Had he made a huge mistake getting into a car with large guys who obviously looked down on him? Well, obviously he had. It was a stupid thing to do, but then he honestly didn't have anything to lose right now anyway. If it ended badly, who would care? June? She'd already indicated in her actions that she didn't. He had friends – he was staying with one now, - but he also knew he wasn't special to anyone. He had no family remaining, no one to miss him. His life, to date, wasn't anything to write home about – the best thing in it was June and now that was gone too.

He looked back on his early life, considering what he should have done different.

Dan was brought up in Madison, Wisconsin. He was a cheesehead, born and bred. His mother, Grace, was a teacher on the west side of Madison, on one of the new schools there. His Father, Bruce, worked for a company that supplied heavy farm equipment for the local farmers. Neither was exotic, but the two loved each other. They'd had one child before Grace had a problem with her tubes with an endoscopic pregnancy, and required surgery that had saved her life, at the expense of having more children.

Dan was, therefore, an only child. He grew up in a fantasy world of his own devising. Dungeons and Dragons, Lord of the Rings, comic books, stories, he was an unusually imaginative boy. He wrote, he read, he played games, video games and generally immersed himself in every creative outlet he could find.

Girls played second fiddle to this, although not consciously – he just didn't know how to even talk to them. He went red when a girl talked to him, stammered out the wrong words and fled. Given he, nor his group of friends could talk to girls and that most of them looked down on him anyway, he just gave up and went deeper into the fantasy realm, writing scripts and plays instead.

This lasted until Dan got to the University of Wisconsin. He went on a full scholarship, studying English. He had already made up his mind that he wanted to write scripts – he didn't aspire to the fancy 'playwright' term – he wanted to write scripts for TV shows, with lots of violence, sex and fantasy. While we was at University, he had his first sexual experience, and boy, did it suck.

He was on the DJ circuit while at University, since it paid well, the work was easy and he had a flair for it. He DJ'd at various functions, frat parties and so on, and enjoyed it. At one party, he met Amy. She hung around his DJ booth and when the party was done, took him home. It was his first time and he felt like it was a disaster. They had a good time, but he fumbled, couldn't get his cock into her hole from the correct angle, lent on her hair; all the things a first time virgin struggles with.

The following week he took her to a frat party he was DJing, and while he was peeing in the bathroom, he could hear a couple of the frat guys outside talking, while they waited to use the bathroom.

"Wow, did you see who Amy is with tonight?" said one.

"Yeah, the man mountain. Man that girl is such a whore. I had no idea she was a chubby chaser!"

Even then, Dan was large – not the size he was now, but still, he was packing the pounds.

"Man, I gotta tell you, seeing her with him makes me seriously revaluate whether I am going to continue to do her. I mean, she's fun and all, but who the hell wants to be seen hanging out with a chick that would do a guy like that?"

"For realz man," replied the other guy.

And that had basically taken care of that. He'd gone back to the party, put on a couple more records, and when Amy came over to talk, he'd just looked at her and said two words, "Chubby chaser?"

Dan was about as non confrontational as you could get. He couldn't handle conflict – he got clammy hands and sweated and didn't know what to say. His fight or fight reflex always chose flight – the only time it hadn't, when he was 12, he'd got a hiding off a 16 year old and he'd never forgotten it. And so now, he felt it again when she looked at him.

She'd bit her lip, spread her eyes wide and said, "So what?"

He'd turned to put on another record and when he turned back to her, she'd gone.

He looked around for her and 15 minutes later, he'd spied her walking up the stairs, hand in hand with some other guy. He'd managed to catch her eye as they went, and she smiled at him and shrugged, and that was the end of that. He'd see her around campus on occasion, but every time he did, he got up and walked the other way. Dan realized he was a large man, but he also realized he did have some pride, even if it wasn't as big as his body.

And then he met June. He'd been working in the admin building – more side jobs; the scholarship had paid for his tuition but not much more and if he wanted spending money, well, work was calling.

Dan was handy with computers – he'd done a preliminary course in python coding and was helping out with the admins process. The auto generation of new students accounts had bugs in it and emails addresses weren't being generated correctly, and he was determined to fix it.

He'd been working on it a few days and had noticed some of the other people working in the office. As a temp, he wasn't part of the normal office pool and he had to figure out who people were by himself. And then there was June. Everyone knew June. You couldn't not know June.

She was tall, 5'7" – she weight exactly 130, she had C cups breasts, with cleavage, and she had red hair that came straight to her shoulders. Her eyes were the deepest blue Dan had ever seen and when she smiled, she did it with her whole face. She drank red wine, she hummed to herself and she wore clothes that somehow looked classy and slutty at the same time. She was hit on by everyone imaginable and for some reason she turned them all down. The rumor was that she was a lesbian, but he'd seen her turn down a couple of the hot cheerleaders too, while working at the office, so he was pretty sure she wasn't.

Everyone knew June – she was studying business management and working in the admin office. He knew he stood no chance whatsoever – she was a 9 and he was barely a 4. He didn't even try – he just kept in the background and observed when he could and smiled at her if she passed by.

And then his break came. One of his plays was selected by the drama society. Dan was beside himself – it was a small play he'd written called "A solo for two". It was for two people only and detailed the rise and fall of a relationship. He'd been quite surprised when he'd wrote it; it came out of nowhere. He just started writing and out it came. By the time he was done, he had no idea how it had come out – it was like he was channeling someone else. Literally, as he typed, idea's occurred and just got put down. It had been the most effortless thing he'd ever written and it showed.

So now the casting began, and as the author, he was invited to sit at the back of the small theater and watch. He didn't get to cast votes, but it was a nice offer by the university amateur dramatics society towards the author. He'd always wondered what happened when a director got hold of your script and took it in directions that the author hadn't specified; now he was going to find out first hand.

The casting took a while; they saw many combinations of men and women for the parts and while they settled on the male lead pretty quickly – a guy named Jason Brand stood out head and shoulders better than anyone else they saw – they couldn't figure who the female lead would be.

And then June stepped out on the stage. Dan was taken aback – he had no idea she was an actress, and the idea of her being in one of his plays gave him almost perverse pride. He was just worried that she'd be terrible.

But she wasn't. She blew everyone away and got the part almost instantly. Dan didn't know how to feel, and then, as she left the stage, June looked right at him, eye to eye. He felt an almost electric jolt and didn't know what he should do.

So he just went back to work. He wasn't invited to the rehearsals, and he was strangely ok with that. Not being present meant he didn't see what the director was planning with his baby and that was better than sitting at the back and wincing when he did something that Dan didn't agree with. Just safer all round for him to be removed from the process.

While he was working one afternoon, he became aware of a presence by his cube. He looked up from the monitor to see June standing there. Dan didn't know what to say – his mouth went dry and he could feel the flush starting in his skin.

"Um. Hey?" he said, trying to get something out, anything, to avoid the silence.

June smiled at him. "Hey," she said, "you're Dan, right? You wrote this?"

June held up the script for his play. Dan just nodded dumbly, not trusting himself to speak.

"I was hoping we might go over some of the background for Amy in this?" she said. "Jon, the director – he's good on technical direction, but honestly, I think some background would really help? Can I buy you coffee?"

Again, Dan, nodded dumbly. This heavenly creature wanted to buy him coffee. That was a first.

"Free now?" she asked.

Dan looked at his monitor, then back at her. His train of thought was completely broken and as such, why not?

"Sure!" he said brightly, and then mentally kicked himself for sounding like a dork.

So they had coffee, and they went over the script. Dan explained what he thought the characters were thinking in each scene, and then also explained that the script had been written as a stream of consciousness, and as such, sometimes even he wasn't sure what they were thinking or intending. A twenty minute coffee break turned into two hours, while he explained some of the fantasy references he'd used in the script, made jokes and generally felt at ease.

When they got back to the admin building, June leaned in and said, "Thanks Dan. That really helps. You know, you're a funny guy. We need to do this again sometime!". And then she left and he couldn't help but watch her ass sway in that tight skirt.

As he walked back to his cube, he could feel the looks from everyone else. He could even write the dialog going on in their heads at that moment – 'All that effort and she goes for coffee with him?' or 'What the hell does he have he have that I don't?' and so on.

As it was, two days later, June was back. And they did it again. A two hour lunch break where they talked of the future, their plans, their pasts, their families. It was great and Dan was extremely surprised at how comfortable he was with June – how she made him move past his awkwardness and into something a little more grown up.

They did two weeks of this, until he finally mustered up the courage to ask her for dinner. She looked shocked he asked, but then he could see her considering. She answered, "Sure, why not?" in a way that didn't exactly thrill him, but then he figured he got dinner with her and no one else had and as such, he shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.

They went to dinner and it was pleasant, but he could tell she was holding back. They talked wine, the wine country, places they wanted to see, but the moment they went somewhere personal she walled off the conversation and returned it to non committal subjects.

He asked after the play and how it was going and she gave him a face. "Did you really have to write that amount of kissing in there? Jason keeps trying to make out with me and I have to go wash my mouth out afterwards. It's gross."

That gave Dan a moments panic – he'd quite forgotten how much romance was in the script and the thought of his June – somehow he'd already got into the internal habit of thinking of her as 'his' – making out with this studly actor made him freeze up.

June must have saw it because she then said, "Oh don't worry. He's as gay as they come. I think it's just hormonal."

They'd relaxed after that, finished up dinner with cognac – all the while Dan was internally working out why she had said what she said, why she was reassuring him and what that meant - and then he'd ferried her back to her dorm.

They stood outside her room and she suddenly got shy. She looked left and right, and then just gave him a smooch and said, holding him, "Dan, you really need to give yourself a break. I know you are trying hard, but you are a decent funny smart guy. Sometimes they do finish first. You wait."

Then she'd turned and gone in and he'd gone home, walking on air and not understanding how he got home at all, since he couldn't remember the journey.

The opening night of the play arrived, and Dan stood in the wings, watching the performance. The director had taken a few liberties with the script and characterizations, but on the whole, Dan was very happy with the whole thing. Particularly at one point where she'd come off stage, found him on the side of the stage and said, "Good, I'm so glad you are here. I had to kiss Jason again and it sucks. Come here..."

And then she'd given him the largest French smacker of his life. He couldn't believe it, but damn, he kissed her right back! He was left shell shocked, when after she was done she said, "That's so much better. I needed to get that taste out. Kissing you makes a girl understand what kissing is." And she'd smiled and run off to her dressing room to change for the next scene.

Dan spent the rest of the show in a daze. He couldn't take his eyes off June. She glowed, and he got a few smiles directed to him off stage, which warmed him through and through.

At the after party, he was standing by himself – he'd had small talk with the director and a couple of other people which had just run down by itself – and watched June interact. She was a natural people person, able to talk, flirt, be silly or anything that was required, without giving any of herself into the process. It was amazing to watch, right up to the point where the lighting lead put his arm around her and attempted to kiss her neck.

June simply was not having any of it. She yelled, "Get your DAMN hands OFF me." And then stepped out of his embraced and slapped him so hard, his drink spilled. Dan immediately lurched forward, although what he'd do if he got here in time he had no idea. As it was, June did know.

She just reached out grabbed his hand and said, "Please, lets get out of here. I can't deal with all these lecherous bastards."

And off they went together, to her dorm room. When they got there, Dan decided it was time for him to have the initiative, and he pushed her against the door and went for broke. And June loved it and responded in kind. They made out for a couple of minutes and then June broke the kiss and looked at him and said, "My room mate, slut that she is, will be out all night. She barely ever comes home at night these days. You wanna... ?"

Dan couldn't believe it. "Yes, I Wanna!" he said firmly, and then they were tumbling inside and on each other.

This time, it was a rousing success. Dan had decided that if there was ever to be a repeat of the Amy fiasco, he was going to do his research and perform. He'd gotten every sex book he could lay his hands on, every instructional video he could find and learned all he could. He knew there was an assload of difference between theory and implementation, but he also figured that without the theory, there would be no chance of implementation, and certainly no chance of getting better.

Once he had June on the bed, it was time for the studies to begin and for him to lay out what he'd learned.

First, cunnilingus. She was naked on the bad, legs spread, smiling broadly at him. He looked at her perfect body, down at her sex, where she had a small landing strip and nothing else. Even her labia lips were inviting – just a hint of moisture, red and engorged and he just couldn't wait to get down there.

He dived in, licking up and down her thighs, from toes to inner thigh, slowly, making her tremble. He just breathed on her pussy lips, and he could hear her moan. From there he licked all around the lips, touching them once in a great while with the tip of his tongue, making it as fleeting as he could. Each time he did, June arched her back and moaned louder.

Eventually, making circles with his tongue, he touched her lips, and just drove his tongue in as deep as it would go, marveling at how wet she was.

She arched her back and cried out, "Oh fuck!" and he carried on his assault. He jumped between long licks from the top of her clit, all the way down to her asshole – he couldn't leave her asshole out of it, even that was perfect too! – tongue fucking her and twirling his tongue on her clit. June came at least twice and he was just a machine.

June bucked and was holding his head with both hands, pushing him into her. Eventually though, she just had to pull him off saying, "God you are amazing, but I really need to be fucked. Please, please fuck me." And then she kissed him full on the mouth, even though his face was glazed with her juices.

Dan was now a man on a mission – his cock was out and ready and about to burst it was so hard. As he moved to position himself, June grabbed his dick and looked up at him, wonder on her face. "Wow, you are a big boy! I had no idea... !"

Dan was pleased – he knew he had a seven inch cock and was slightly larger than the average, but he had no idea by how much. This boded well.

He lined up on her now very very wet pussy and without any warning, impaled himself to the hilt. According to his research, it was recommended that the first time, you gave no warning, no quarter and you just went for broke and fucked the shit out of the woman you are with. Then, on the second time, you took it slow and made love. That showed the woman that you are a man first and man with feelings second. That was the theory anyway.

When he thrust himself fully into June, she just lost it. She quivered and cried, "Oh my god, fuck me, fuck me Dan."

That was another good signal from the research – if a woman used your name, it meant she was into you, not just the experience.

And fuck her he did. They were at it for almost forty-five minutes, in all positions. They started with missionary, then onto cowgirl, then on all fours, then missionary with her legs on his shoulders, so he could drive into her particularly deeply.

After forty-five minutes, both were basically depleted in terms of strength, yet, miracles of miracles, Dan had yet to cum. He'd been so intent on ensuring that he performed, that she get what she needed, that he hadn't really thought about it. He was beat, the sweat was dripping into his eyes, the bed was soaked and both of them ached.

Dan climbed off June and she just lay there, staring at the ceiling, breathing heavily. "Holy fuck on a stick, I needed that." She said in a breathless voice.

Then she rolled over and looked at Dan, "but you haven't cum yet?" she asked, quizzically. "Don't get me wrong, any man who can last like you is a keeper, but I want you to cum too."

Dan just smiled at her and said, "I wanted you to be ok. That's ... important."

"Awwww," said June, "that's so sweet of you. God you are all of it, aren't you? Funny, smart, respectful, big cock, my god, I hit the jackpot with you. Can you cook, too?"

Dan honestly didn't know what to say to that. She seemed to be giving him too much credit. He couldn't believe he was here in the first place, now he'd fucked June and she was showering him with compliments. It didn't seem real somehow.

June then smiled wickedly and said, "I know how to get you off..." and she moved down to where his cock was still half hard. She looked him full in the eye, licked her lips and engulfed him. He hissed a large intake of breath – he would never have dreamed that she'd go down on him while he was still sticky with her juices, but apparently she did so with gusto.

She licked his dick up and down the shaft, licked his balls (although it has to be said, she did stop for a moment to pick some small hairs out of her mouth. She looked at him and said in all seriousness, "We need to invest in a shaver for this area" and then she carried on.) and then did something with his dick he'd never even heard of. She put the tip of his dick on the flat of her tongue, and used her hand to move it around, so the tip swirled around on her tongue, all the time keeping eye contact with him. When she did that, he gasped again and knew that he was going to blow soon. His breathing got shorter and shorter and June could see what was going to happen, and she was all for it. He erupted in her mouth, and stream after stream of his hot cum splashed either onto her outstretched tongue, or onto her face around her mouth. She loved it. She loved the fact that she could make him cum, that he was so into her and that she could do this for him. Plus, it made her feel a bit slutty and that was good too.

When he was done, she smiled up at Dan, showed him her tongue, covered in his cum, then swallowed and showed him her now empty mouth.

Dan couldn't take his eyes of her. And then she used a finger to scoop up some of the cum on her cheek and then licked that too. He honestly couldn't believe what he was seeing, but there it was.

She smiled at him and said, "Hey, you did it for me. I just want to make you happy."

Dan laughed and said, "Happy isn't quite the word for it. I feel like I died and went to heaven."

"Oh, that's so nice," said June, and then she snuggled her head onto his chest.

Dan really didn't want to break the spell, but he had to ask. "Doesn't it bother you?" he said.

June raised her head off his chest and said, "Does what bother me?"

"My size. I'm large guy June. I know what I am."

June just smiled at him and said, "Dan, your heart and your mind is what I love. The body is just a shell. You are a good and decent guy and this doesn't hurt either." She tweaked his softening cock. "As far as I'm concerned, there is just more to love and more weight to put behind this when you are banging me."

There was a silence as both sides digested what she'd said. Dan just didn't know how to respond. She had said she loved him. He was gauging responses when she said, "Yeah, I said it. If you don't say it back I'm going to kick you out of here."

Dan felt a tear on his cheek. He tried to say something, fumbled and then pulled himself together. He sat up and June slid off his chest. She sat up, looking at him and smiling, and then she saw the tear.

"Ohh, baby, I'm sorry..." she started to say and Dan put his finger on her lips.

"June, I don't even know where to begin. You are the beauty, I'm the beast – no, I know what I am, I know what people say. I can't even begin to fathom what you see in me, but you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Even if it was just tonight, I would be grateful to you forever. You are smart, you are clever, you are hot as fuck and I just can't believe you are as into me as you say. However I need to say this. I love you. I've loved you since the moment you stepped on that stage. All those coffee meetings – I could just never let myself deal with it because I knew you'd break my heart. You are, well, you. And I'm me. I'm so into you I cannot breath sometimes, but I also know we are two different levels and even though this is awesome and you said what you said, I can't quite get it."

June looked at him, then impulsively kissed him. He could taste himself on her, and while it wasn't something he would have done off his own back, he felt that the kiss was more important than anything.

When she broke the kiss, she looked at him, blue eyes glittering and said, "Dan Perry, you are an idiot. But you are my idiot. You don't understand at all. All I get are horny boys who want to fuck me. I have been holding out for a man. A man who respects me, who wants me, who is smart, who is clever, who makes me gasp. And you do it for me. You need some more self-respect, but it's also the fact that you aren't an arrogant SOB that is part of what does it for me. You are just you, and I respect that. I don't give myself to just anyone, so please, understand what it is that we are doing here. I love you and I want to be with you. Please, don't stop that happening."

Dan laughed and said, "June, there is zero chance of that. I want to be with you too. I just..."

"Hush, honey," said June, putting her finger on his lips, "shut up now and lets do it again."

And they did. Slowly this time, but with no less passion. They tried only the positions that allowed them to look at each other while they made love – missionary was his favorite, since then he could smother her in kisses while he thrust inside of her. He found she particularly loved him kissing and biting her neck as he pumped at her.

They were slower, and the tiredness of the former fuck session took its toll. However, after twenty minutes of slow love making, he felt himself hitting the peak again. He gasped to June, "I'm ... I'm..."

She looked up at him, reached up and cupped his face in her hand and said, "Do it lover. Cum in me. I want your cum deep in me. Do it for me."

And he did, sending jet after jet into her willing hole.

He collapsed onto her when he was done, and she held him, smiling and putting butterfly kisses on his forehead. They both went to sleep happy and content.

After that they were rarely apart. They found reasons to text each other and leave each other notes. One night, when Dan was working late at the admin building, he knew that only he and June were in the building, and she stopped by his cube. He could see she was wearing the pencil skirt he liked and she looked down at him working.

He looked up at her with a big grin and she said, "Mr. Perry, I need to see you in the conference room, right now please."

He followed her in, and she pushed him down in one of the plush chairs and said, "Mr. Perry, I appear to have an itch, I would rather like you to do something about it."

As she did so, she pulled on leg up on the conference table and the skirt rode up. He could see she wasn't wearing panties underneath and he looked up at her, curiously. She smiled back and said, "Not worn any all day. I wanted to see what the effect would be. And now I know, and I also know you have your work cut out for you. Get on with it, please."

And he did. He ate her for almost forty minutes. There was no other sex, apart from him making her cum three times through just eating her pussy and ass. His face looked like a glazed jelly donut by the time he was done and his tongue felt like he'd been weight lifting with it, but it was worth it. She fell on him and kissed him hard, and then licked her juices off his face and he felt vindicated once again.

Another time, when they were driving to have dinner with his folks, she blew him the entire car journey, never letting him cum, even though driving him right to the edge several times. She only relented as he pulled into his parent's driveway, letting him explode in her mouth in an epic eruption. She licked her lips, looked up at him and said, "I can't wait to meet your parents with your cum in my mouth."

Yes, June could be a dirty little woman when she wanted to be.

Over the next year, they continued to date, and in the last year of university, they actually got a small apartment together. Only a one bedroom, but Madison was pretty cheap to live. They spent their time in bed, cooking or at parties. They never went more than two days apart and they just fell deeper and deeper in love.

They talked about everything – how many kids they wanted, which was none. Dan was ok with having some later in life, but June was Not Interested, in capitals. She didn't want to ruin her body and she felt she just didn't have the patience for kids. Dan wasn't altogether thrilled about that, but on the other hand, kids vs June, well, it was no contest.

They talked about vacations, where they wanted to go, and one what anniversaries they'd fulfill them. They talked about sexual fantasies – of course Dan wanted the two women one, but June just smiled at him and said, "It's great as a fantasy. The reality wouldn't measure up." And Dan had to agree.

It turned out that Dan had already fulfilled most of Junes fantasies – he wasn't entirely sure about that since in his experience, once you fulfilled one, three others took their place, but he took June on her word.

In fact, they behaved like people newly in love and acted like it for months.

Dan stopped waiting for the other shoe to drop, stopped waiting for her to say, "Dan, we need to talk..." and just settled and enjoyed life. He kept writing and eventually both graduated with honor degrees.

They then had to decide what to do next. Dan had his sights set squarely on Hollywood. He didn't want to write the next Citizen Kane, he wanted to write episodes of Lost. And to be successful, you needed to be in Hollywood. He took June out for dinner, sat her down and explained his Plan. He wanted them to move to LA and get work in the entertainment industry. That's what he wanted.

June sat back, considered, at dinner and had an after dinner port. She asked questions like, "OK, you are a mega successful writer. What am I doing?"

Dan looked at her and said, "Whatever you want to. The fact is, and lets be honest here June, you are hot. You are smart. You are clever, cleverer than pretty much most of the guys out in LA. You can pretty much do anything you want. We'll do it together!"

June considered some more and then hesitantly said, "Well, it's not forever, is it? If it doesn't come off, we can go somewhere else? I mean, LA is not where I thought I'd end up but at this point, I guess we can go anywhere, and LA is as good as anywhere else. Nice sun. Maybe I can be an actress?"

She smiled at him, and thought, 'what the hell, in for a penny... ' and said, "Why not? Lets do it! We have enough cash to survive a year or so. Lets give it a try!"

Dan smiled back at her and let go of a breath he didn't know he was holding. So far so good. Now the next hurdle, and this one was the biggie. He nodded at the maître D, who had been hovering nearby.

The music came up a bit – they were playing Follow You, Follow Me, by Genesis. June perked up on hearing it, and smiled at Dan, leaning forward and holding his hand. This was their song. Dan took a deep breath, got up and got down on one knee, pulling out the ring in his pocket.

June was taken aback. She had not remotely expected this. Dan was pulling out the stops – he got on one knee and looked up at her and said, "June, will you marry me?"

June just smiled back at him. While she hadn't spent much time thinking about being married, she knew instantly that there was only one answer she was prepared to give, and that was "Yes," with a capital Y.

She kept smiling as Dan stood and embraced her, dragging her off her chair. The ring fitted perfectly and was the understated diamond she had always wanted – not in a high setting but set into the ring. That way she'd not drag it across fabrics she might be wearing.

There was applause, a bottle of Champaign was brought and as the wine waiter popped the cork, he looked at June, looked at Dan, winked at Dan and said, "I think she's a definite keeper sir. No question."

Dan knew it was a back-handed compliment at best – what the man really meant was "If she is prepared to marry you, then you should never let go!" but Dan was in good mood and just let it go.

They were married four months later. June didn't want to go in for a big wedding, and they were broke anyway. Junes sister and mother attended – neither of them had met Dan before and again, his personal detector picked up that they didn't really approve of him, but June just didn't care, and if she didn't, neither did he.

Dan's mother and father both attended, and it was a spectacular evening. They even ended up in a gothic nightclub on the east side, for Leather and Lace night. June, in her off the shoulder wedding dress, was a massive hit and she danced with pretty much everyone. They tumbled into their downtown hotel at 4am, drunk and massively happy.

A month later, they said goodbye to their small circle of friends and moved to LA. They found a small apartment in West Hollywood, and set out to make their fortunes. They made jokes about it – Dan even had pictures made of the two of them hitch hiking on the expressway, with 'Hollywood or Bust' written on their luggage, and other pictures of the two of them with sticks and bundles on the ends of the sticks, like in the old black and white movies.

They were both realistic. They knew success doesn't come over night – Dan got a job in a comic book store and June took temping work while they looked for more fulfilling work.

Initially, June had tried out for some acting parts. She got an agent, got called to a few casting calls, but after the fourth one, she came home, threw her purse on the couch and announced to Dan, who was sitting at the side table, on his mac, writing a spec script, "Well, that's not going to work out. Gonna have to find something else other than acting I think..."

Dan stopped typing and looked over at June, who was now stretched out on the couch, theatrically, and arched an eyebrow. She looked up at him and said, "Honey, be a dear and get me glass of wine. Today has taken it out of me."

Dan did as he was bid and brought it to June who sat up and sipped it. "Oh, the Shiraz. Just what I needed."

Dan said nothing, waiting for June to talk. He knew she would, she just needed to get certain pleasantries out of the way first. It was just the way she was, never straight to the point. She always got there, but in her own way and in her own time.

Eventually it came out. "Some of those girls are real lookers you know Dan. I mean Marilyn Munroe style. I really don't feel I can compete."

Dan could empathize. He didn't feel he could compete with any of the hard bodies he saw running around Hollywood. And then she said something he really didn't like.

"And those casting directors. Yeah, they say the casting couch is gone, but it's not. They don't ask you for stuff outright, but you can tell it's there. They are waiting for you to offer. It's revolting."

Now Dan was concerned and he showed it. June took another sip of wine, smiled and put down the glass and got up and hugged him tight.

"You don't have to worry honey. I am a one man woman. I am not about to compromise myself for some scumbag director, don't you worry."

Dan was slightly mollified but still glad that June had decided that life was not for her.

So, in typical June style, she decided to go in a different direction.

She got out her kindle, got every book she could find on movie production and spent two months reading them all. Then she restructured her resume to be oriented towards movie and television production work and went looking for a job as an associate producer in the movies! Along for the ride and determined to support his wife, Dan learned all about the job.

An associate producer is the movies is someone that is usually brought on for the actual production cycle of a movie, typically while they are actually shooting. Pre-production is when the movie is starting up – scripts are written and modified, locations are scouted and arrangements made to use them. Special effects companies are recruited, story boards are drawn up, grip, lighting guys and makeup crews are hired, actors are hired, sets are constructed on sound stages and so on.

Then actual production occurs, and that's when everyone comes together to actually make a movie. The actors are on set, made up and the camera crews roll and the director directs. Depending on the amount of special effects, both real and post (post effects are applied once the filming is done, like CGI effects of filling in a futuristic city scape. Real effects are done on set – explosions, squibs, that emulate being shot and so on) a shot can take anywhere from an hour to several days to set up, and everything needs to be right first time.

Once principle photography is completed, the movie moves into post production. All the grips and lighting crew and film crews and makeup crews are let go – since they are all under short term contract anyway, and know this is a short term gig -, and the post production special effects companies get involved, plus the soundtrack gets composed, recorded and the editing of the raw footage into a finished movie gets done.

Depending on the amount of CGI work a movie may require, it's not unusual for a movie to finish principle photography and then still not come out for another 18 months while all the computer generated imagery is constructed.

Sometimes during post production, actors are required to return and re-record dialog lines or add new ones, or in the worst case, reshoot entire new scenes because of a change of script or the fact that one of the scenes shot just doesn't work – it needs to be a night but was shot during the day.

June learned that on any given set or soundstage, there were anywhere from three hundred to a thousand people all working to build a shot at any given time. And these people needed organizing. While there may be three of four producers on a movie, making the big decisions about which headlining actor to hire or what script to go with, or trying to raise money from studios or movie financiers, there was also a small army of associate producers who actually did all the work. The script may call for a hurricane scene, but that means that on the day of shooting, there has to be water on the set, and a small battery of fans, and people to throw the water into the fans. So they have to find companies to hire the fans from, arrange for them to be on set at the right time, and negotiate a good price for the use of those fans.

She found that these people were generally hired during pre-production, really used hard for principle photography, then let go immediately afterwards. Everything in Hollywood is a short-term contract. You are hired for a short term contract – say three or four months, - paid exorbitantly well for those months, then cut free once it was done.

Dan was surprised to learn that the production companies – the companies that actually made movies, which wasn't the big studios like Universal or Warner Brothers – didn't own anything. They rented or leased everything, because they were designed to be short-term companies. Most production companies come into being just for the duration of making a movie. They form, hire people, make a movie, sell it to the distributor – like 20th Century Fox – and then quietly go away. Apparently it was some kind of tax dodge. They – like everyone else – had thought when you saw the Universal Studios logo at the start of a movie, it meant it was made by them. While it was true that Universal and Paramount did still fund movies, most of the time the movies made there are made by other production companies just renting their studio facilities and then selling them the movie once it was done. Television, they found, is made in much the same way. Just because a show is on NBC doesn't mean NBC actually made it at all – even if it was shot in the NBC studios. Often it was made by an external production company renting the facilities.

June was also shocked to discover that almost none of these assistant producer jobs were advertised anywhere, either. Sure, there was a union, but the union only safe guards the conditions of a job, it doesn't help you get one, nor does it safeguard that job once you got it.

You got jobs purely through word of mouth and on reputation. Someone would get hired early on, then find the need for several AP's and then contact people they'd worked with before, looking to either hire them or get recommendations on other people. It was all strictly peer recommendations, which meant it was very hard to break in to, but once you were in, providing you had any competency and didn't piss too many people off – which for an AP was hard, since part of the job was riding other people hard – there was lots of work to be had. Since everyone was only on a job for a short period of time, they moved around a lot and your name got known pretty fast if you were good at what you did.

June got her break on a student film. She literally answered an ad on craigslist, got the gig on a shoestring budget, but it was enough for her to petition the union for a union card, and once she got that and could show other production companies any experience at all, she was on the ladder.

June was a hit. She was competent, friendly, easy on the eyes and got stuff done on time, in budget and with a minimum of fuss. She soon settled into a schedule of four months on the job, and then two or three off. She was well paid enough that both her and Dan could survive on what they earned combined, and still save a little towards buying a house.

She worked on some larger movies – Lethal Weapon 6, Jurassic Park : Cretaceous (she kept pointing out how stupid the name was, but she was advised to shut up early on.) and others, plus some indie movies. She soon got a reputation for working hard, getting the job done and was recommended to other producers.

One thing that worked for her was a small idiosyncrasy she adopted early on. For each movie she worked on, she totally changed her look. On the Mel Gibson comeback movie, Little Angels, she was a blond with short spiky hair, and dark eyeliner. And the next movie, a Fargo brother comedy called Spanks the Clown, with Jim Carrey, she dyed her hair black and had it in a page boy bob. The next, her hair had grown a bit and she went red head, pulling it up into a bun, with deep red lipstick.

Dan loved it. As he proclaimed, "It's like getting a new wife every time you start a new movie." It became 'a thing' for June – stage hands would have bets on what her new look was going to be when she showed up for work on the first day.

The only downside for June in terms of her career was the fact that she point blank refused to take a job that was outside of LA. Lots of production companies make movies outside of LA, due to the tax rebates they get elsewhere or simply because of state based incentives. Lots of Eastern states offered a great rate for movie companies to film there, and the union rates were far lower. But June would not leave LA. It would mean she wouldn't come home for three or four months and she just wasn't up for that. As a result, several opportunities to advance were lost. The last one – to be a full producer on a Channing Tatum movie being shot in Vancouver, was particularly hard to let go, but June did it. She had made her stand and she wasn't going back on it.

However, while Junes career had a steady straight line going up, Dan's just ... didn't go anywhere.

It's a truism that every waiter in LA is waiting to be discovered and constantly running off to casting calls – however what is less commonly realized is that everyone who is not an actor is, in fact a writer. LA is awash with them. Go to any Starbucks in the city, and sit and watch all the laptop crowd, and you can see at least three or four with Final Draft on their macbook screen, writing yet another draft of a script.

Dan just couldn't get traction. He was productive and wrote a lot, but nothing got picked up. He tried to get an agent, but no one was interested. It was a catch 22 situation. To get an agent, you needed to have something sold. But to get something sold, you needed an agent. He tried and tried, and while he thought his stuff was at least ok, he didn't either look the part of sell himself enough.

He tried several things – writing clubs, run by someone who 'had written an episode of Buffy!' but soon discovered that the reason these people were running writing clubs was that they couldn't sell anything either, so they fell back on teaching as a way to earn a living. He tried writing scripts for lots of the local script writing contests, and while he won a few, he also found that the script writing contest circuit was an end to itself. You could be the best in that group, but that still didn't mean production companies would come stampeding to your door, competing for your latest story.

June kept offering to take some of his work to the production companies that she worked for, but Dan, who had some self-respect, said No. He didn't put his foot down often, but he did with this. He wanted to be known for his work not because his hot wife pushed it, but because someone else recognized the value in it. He didn't have much respect for himself at this point, but what he did have, he wanted to keep. And June, wonderful June, respected that. She didn't stop offering but when he said no, she stopped asking. At least that month.

It was while he was working with a scripting mentor – someone Dan had zero respect for, since the hack who was 'mentoring' people had had one script made into a Stargate episode – that Dan had an experience that made him wonder at what was going on when June was at work.

The mentor – one Simon Mcriller, who was fond of making sound bite statements (it was his eternal hope that some of these sound bite statements would end up in someone's script) – had promised to take the students he had to a working stage in Universal studios, where a friend of his was script editor on a TV show being made there. At the time, June was working on a movie for Chris Nolan on Stage 39. The TV show was being shot on stage 36. Dan was hoping he could run across to Stage 39 and surprise June at work.

Once they'd sat through the TV show briefing and met the crew there – which was agonizing since Dan knew more about what most of the people there were supposed to do than they did. Sitting through Simon's long and tortuous – and often wrong – explanations of what was going on on set was bad enough. Knowing his wife was doing her thing two stage over was even worse.

At one point, Dan just slipped away. He was always surprised about how, once you got onto the ground at a major studio, you could pretty much go anywhere and enter any building, as long as it wasn't a closed set, and no one would say boo to you. Getting onto a studio required drive on passes and your car inspected and so on, but once you were there, you could go anywhere. Since so many of the stages were rented out by production companies that are only there for a few weeks, faces changed constantly and no one really knew who anyone else was. It was just supposed that if you were on the studio lot, you were meant to be there.

So Dan wandered up to stage 39, walked on to the stage and stood at the back, next the sound recordist, watching.

It was a busy set, people moving around. A shot had just wrapped and the director was giving instructions for the next shot. Dan saw June in the group of AP's who were organizing people. She wore a headset and walkie-talkie, as almost everyone on stage who is anyone does, and she was consulting an Ipad. Dan heard the director yell for June and she hurried over.

The director said, "June, I need the swamp setting ready to go in an hour, ok? It's all set right?"

June nodded, looked down at her Ipad and said, "Yeah. The only thing we haven't got set yet is the pond scum, but it doesn't last long so I didn't want to drop it in the water till ten minutes before we shoot. We only have so much of it and it's expensive. Otherwise I need to get the grips to respray the vegetation with water and we are good to go."

"Awesome," said the director, swigging water. "What would I do without you June?"

She gave him a tight smile and said, "About a hundred bucks an hour I should think."

And then off she went. Dan didn't want to interrupt and to tell the truth, he was just happy watching her at work. She was busy and didn't need him taking time out of her day.

It was only because he was watching June that he saw what happened next. In order for June to get to the next set, she had to go down the side of the current one – a relatively narrow corridor. Dan happened to be in the far corner and could see down the side of the set, and could see there was a group of 4 grips sitting on drums playing some card game. June walked down by the side of them and as she did so, they jumped up to talk to her. The guys basically blocked her path and she was forced to stop and make chat with them. Dan expressly saw one of them look around at the busy set and see that no one was paying attention. At that moment he knew something not good was going to happen and he started forward. He didn't see exactly what happened because one of the group obscured his view, but he heard the slap and the raised voice. Everyone on the set did.

"Who the FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?" shouted June, as she yelled into the face of one of the group. "FUCK YOU, You scum bag. You are SO FUCKING FIRED. Jim. JIM? Where the hell are you? Security?"

Jim was the name of the director, and he was on the other side of the set, talking to one of his assistant directors. June came bowling over to him, face flushed and evidently extremely pissed.

"Jim. I want that guy fired. Now. That fucking grip just pinched my ass. I want him done and out. Now."

Jim put up his hands. "Sure June, which guy was it?"

June pointed over at the group, who were rapidly vanishing to the four corners of the set. "Him, with the red cap." she said. "I want the union rep in here now, I am filing a grievance, and I want security to escort him off the premises, now."

"Whatever you say June." Jim, the director nodded at his AD and ran across to the stage manager, June in tow.

Dan didn't know what to do. Should he get involved? It looked like June had everything in hand and he wasn't supposed to be there anyway. Getting involved at this point would probably not be in Junes best interests – all he could do is go and add his voice to her cries and she was already several decibels over the limit -, so he decided that, in this case, discretion was the better part of valor and slipped away, planning to chat later. For some reason, it just didn't feel right to be involved. He knew it was probably his non-confrontational nature, but in this case it seemed appropriate.

That night, Dan cooked her one of her favorite dinners, shrimp and scallops in white sauce, with mushrooms, peas and bacon on eggplant noodles. He figured she'd need it.

When she came home, she was not in a good mood, so Dan massaged her feet, fed her wine and fed her dinner until her good humor came back.

After dinner, while they were sitting with yet another glass of wine and watching another episode of LOST – both of them were binge TV Show watchers; neither had the patience to watch week to week and instead waited till the box sets came out and watched them episode after episode over a week. Some nights, if they truly were engrossed, they'd watch four or five episodes in one go – he asked her about her day.

"How was today? You came home pretty annoyed? What's going on?"

June stretched out her arms and said, 'Oh nothing important. Just another day at the office, ho hum."

Dan didn't know what do with this. Should he tell her he was there? Should he just shut up?

It was obvious that on some days, lots more went on at work than June told him. On the other hand, he had visual evidence of her ability to both handle what occurred and also of her fidelity to him. On reflection, he decided to just not say anything. The most essential thing in maintaining any relationship is trust, and she'd demonstrated to him today that he could trust her to the end of the earth.

Maybe that's where he'd gone wrong. Nice guys are suckers, aren't they?

And so it went on. Years piled on years. Dan and June were happy, although Dan wasn't happy in his lack of success. He was involved in several web projects, some of which he was very proud of, but none of which seemed to hit the zeitgeist. Dan became very aware of how much luck really played a part in hitting it in Hollywood. But, as June often said, luck hits when you are prepared and are trying. If you aren't prepared and trying, it's that much less likely to hit. So he tried to keep his spirits up.

But in reality, he was just sinking lower and lower in a low level depression. His eating habits got worse, his exercise regime became walking from their apartment to the store and back. He played D&D more and more in a way to escape his own relative failure as a life. The only bright part in it was June, and as he got larger, their physical sex life decline.

Then, three years in, more bad news hit. His mother was diagnosed with cancer. It had already hit stage 3 and was moving into stage 4, with it metastising all over her body. She was gone within 5 months of the initial diagnosis – Dan moved back to Madison and was with her the whole time. He'd spend his days in the hospital, watching his mother wither away and his nights crying with June on the phone over how unfair it all was. Two months after her funeral, he buried his Dad, who had just given up. He was found dead in his bed, having passed away peacefully. Dan – as an only child – was left the house, only to find it had a small mortgage on it to help pay for his mothers treatment. He sold the house and basically broke even on it. After that, he retreated even more into himself. June did her best to bring him out and make him sit in the sun, metaphorically, but Dan's mood was dark and on top of his own self worth issues, he just couldn't seem to find his spirit any more.

June was in demand, the three months off between movies was now down to 4 weeks, and she was back in the saddle. She was tired constantly, and when they did have sex, his size now made it so doggy style was pretty much all he was capable of, due to his gut size. Dan was demoralized, sad and his wife was working so hard that their physical contact was minimal.

She still loved him – she came home one day with a signed copy of The Watchman graphic novel for him, just because she'd had a meeting with Zack Synder and mentioned her husband was a fan and he'd pressed it on her. Small signals, but it meant everything to Dan.

He was pretty much existed to love June at this point – he couldn't see any future for himself except for small writing jobs here and there – and so he made a point of doing just that.

And then the bottom dropped out of his world.

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