There Oughta Be a Law Vol. 2
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The story continues

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Uncle   Niece   Group Sex   Anal Sex  

OK, I know. The story was supposed to be over. To be honest I thought there would be no point in continuing with my memoirs. After all, I was only planning on having sex with two wonderful women for the rest of my life. There are only so many things you can write about, given those constraints. And you've already read the previous 12 chapters, so there wouldn't be anything new happening. At least that's the way I thought the rest of my life was going to go. Don't get me wrong, the last 10 years had been wonderful. I had nothing to complain about. But my beautiful wives decided to change things up. It all started on my daughter's 10th birthday.

"Daddy, Daddy, wake up."

I rolled over groggily.

"Tiffany, let me sleep, honey."

"Mommy says you better get up now. We have lots of things to do today, Daddy."

I looked at the clock. It was only 9 o'clock. I groaned and sat up in bed. Tiffany was staring at me and she seemed more keyed up than usual. Oh right it's her birthday.

"Come here honey. I owe you a birthday hug."

She smiled and attacked me.

"Happy birthday, Tiffie, my sweet little girl."

"Oh Daddy. I'm not a little girl anymore. I'm 10 years old."

"No you're not, Tiffie. I'm sure you're turning 7 aren't you?"

I tried to sound serious but I couldn't hold it for long. I burst out laughing as she slapped me playfully.

"Ohhh Daddy, I'm gonna get you."

We were both giggling as I shooed her out of the room. "I have to get dressed honey. Tell your mom that I'm awake."

"OK Daddy. She gave me a little kiss and darted out of the room."

I entered the kitchen and Ellen and Carolyn both smiled at me warmly.

"Coffee's hot, dear," said Ellen.

"It's about time you got up, sleepyhead," said Carolyn.

She came over and gave me a nice kiss.

"No wonder I was sleepy. You two wore me out last night."

Ellen and Carolyn both blushed. Ellen came over for her morning kiss.

"Aww, does poor little Donnie feel all tuckered out still?"

I pulled Ellen to me and grabbed her ass. She smiled at me and slapped my hands.

"Now Don, there's no time for that this morning. You need to be out the door by 10. I've got a list of stuff for you to pick up. There's going to be 20 kids running through our house this afternoon, and we need some supplies, not to mention the birthday cake."

Tiffany entered the kitchen. "Can I go shopping with Daddy?"

Ellen and Carolyn glanced at each other and then Ellen said, "Sure honey if you want to."

Tiffany and I left to go shopping while Ellen and Carolyn set up the place for the birthday party. We found everything on the list and headed back. There were balloons hanging on the mail box and Tiffany started to bounce in the car. She was really getting excited.

Tiffany's best friend, Giselle, showed up early. She was going to sleep over. They rushed off to Tiffany's bedroom. The whole downstairs of the house looked very festive.

"Great job decorating, ladies."

"Thanks Don, could you look around and make sure anything breakable is hidden away?"

"Sure honey."

More kids started showing up around 1:45. There were 19 in total, 12 girls and 7 boys. The house was in chaos, but it was innocent fun. None of the children were too destructive. I tried to stay out of the way and let Ellen and Carolyn be the policemen. I noticed that Tiffany was paying quite a bit of attention to one of the boys. I pulled Ellen aside to chat.

"Who's that boy Tiffany is talking to, honey?"

Ellen smiled at me. "Oh, that's her boyfriend, Billy."


Her smile widened.

"That's what she calls him, honey. Don't get all excited. Didn't you have a girlfriend when you were in the 5th grade?"

I thought back. I nodded my head sheepishly. "I did have two different 'girlfriends' in the 5th grade. I even kissed them once or twice."

Ellen smiled and kissed me.

"He seems like a nice boy, honey. Let them have their fun."

The party seemed to be a hit with the kids. Tiffany had a great time opening up all of the presents. She even gave Billy a kiss in front of everyone when she opened his. He blushed beet red. They both looked so cute. Tiffany glanced my way somewhat fearfully. I just grinned at her. Her face lit up and she put her arm around him.

Eventually the parents started showing up to pick up their kids. One of the moms was a total knockout. I mean her breasts were amazing. Now I love both of my wives and I would never cheat on them, but neither Ellen nor Carolyn have any breasts to speak of. I was salivating as I stared at the yummy mummy. A very pretty young girl rushed up to give her a hug and then they left.

Carolyn had caught me staring at her. "She does have beautiful breasts, doesn't she, Don?"

I sighed, "She sure does, honey, but you know I'm happy with your itty bitty titties."

Carolyn grinned and kissed me. "How long since you got to play with titties like that, Don?"

"You know the answer to that, Carolyn. It's been more than 10 years. I can't remember if it was Crystal or Stella that was last. I know Stephanie was after them but her titties don't quite qualify."

Carolyn giggled. "You sure you don't miss titties, Don?"

All of the moms and dads had left by then. I glanced around to double check and pulled Carolyn to me for a passionate kiss. I tweaked both of her nipples.

"I'm quite happy to play with yours, honey. There's no need for anyone else except for Ellen of course."

Ellen strode up to me with a grin on her face. "I heard that, mister. You almost forgot about me."

I pulled in Ellen and we enjoyed a 3 way embrace. I twisted Ellen's nipples roughly just to make a point. She gasped but she smiled at me.

"I could never forget you, my love."

My parents showed up not too long after that. They're both in their late 70's but they're still doing OK. My mom was looking frailer though. She smiled and gave me a hug.

"You're looking well, Donald."

"Thanks Mom, you too."

"Where's the birthday girl?"

Just then Tiffany appeared with Giselle.

"Ah, there's the most beautiful girl in the world."

Tiffany's smile lit up her face. "Hi Gramma. Hi Grampa." They all hugged each other furiously.

"This is my best friend, Giselle."

Just as the introductions were done, Ellen and Carolyn's dad showed up. Their mom had died a few years ago.

"Hi Grampa."

They embraced and then eventually Tiffany and Giselle went back to play in her room.

We were chatting in the living room and then the doorbell rang. I went to answer it. Stephanie was there. She looked absolutely gorgeous as per usual. She also looked sad. Her face perked up a little when she saw me.

"Hi Uncle Don."

"Hi Steph."

We hugged each other and I gave her a perfunctory kiss. We were always a little awkward with each other. We both knew we were hot for each other and we both knew that nothing was going to happen.

"You look unhappy, Steph. What's going on?"

"Oh Uncle Don. I broke up with Mike. It just wasn't working."

"That's too bad, honey."

Carolyn came up and hugged her daughter.

"You two broke up did you? He was a nice guy, Stephanie."

"Oh I know, Mom. He didn't do anything wrong really. I just knew I didn't love him, and that wasn't going to change. If I'm attached to the wrong man, I will never have a chance to find the right one."

"It's your decision honey. Come and talk with your grandfather."

I followed Stephanie into the living room. I watched her fine ass wiggle. Even when she wasn't dressing to impress she looked fabulous. I could feel my cock rising.

We had ham for supper, one of Tiffany's favorites. The kids had eaten up all of the birthday cake at their party, but that was just a store bought cake. Ellen whipped up her famous chocolate cake for this version.

We all sang happy birthday and Tiffany was beaming. I couldn't help myself. I sang very loudly and not with the right words.

"Happy Birthday to you. We're glad that you're two. You smell like a monkey, and you look like one too."

Giselle looked at me like I was from another planet. Everyone else had heard it before. They gave me looks varying from stern disapproval to delighted amusement.

Tiffany came over to me and punched me on the arm lightly. "Daddy, you said you would sing it right this year."

"Did I? I don't remember that."

We hugged each other. It was a very nice hug.

"Maybe next year, Tiffie."

She grinned at me.

"Oh Daddy, I love you."

"I love you too, Tiffie, you're my sweet little girl."

Stephanie was watching us and she started to tear up. Her father died when she was only 3. She never got to hug her dad on her birthdays. She excused herself and headed to the bathroom. Carolyn watched her daughter closely. I didn't know it then, but she already had a plan.

Tiffany was beside herself with joy when she opened up her I-phone. She had been begging us for a cell phone forever. She couldn't sit still after that. She was itching to set up all of her contacts and get texting. We let her escape with Giselle after a short time.

Stephanie pulled me aside at one point and she flirted with me outrageously. I was rock hard. I noticed Carolyn watching us as we returned. Stephanie blushed but she held her head high.

We had a nice family visit and then eventually we said goodbye. Tiffany thanked everyone politely as they left. She really is a well behaved child.

Tiffany headed back to her room with Giselle. They closed the door firmly. I grabbed my wives and dragged them to the bedroom. They were used to this. They knew that I was always ready to go after I got to spend any time with Stephanie. They giggled and presented their asses for me. I was an animal but they seemed to enjoy themselves. Afterwards we were cuddling.

"We should invite Stephanie over here more often," said Ellen with a grin.

Carolyn smiled and responded, "I'm not sure if I could take that too often."

"I didn't hurt you did I, honey?"

"No Don, I'm fine. You can do that to me anytime you like."

"You're sure?"

"I'm sure, Don. I should get over to 'my' room. Giselle doesn't need to know that we all sleep together."

"OK Carolyn."

Both Ellen and I kissed her tenderly and she left.

"Don honey, I love you."

"Oh Ellen, I love you so much."

We kissed each other passionately for the next while and then I drifted off.

My birthday came up all too soon. Somehow I always thought of myself as being in my late 30's. When I realized I was 53 I got a little depressed. Ellen and Carolyn treated me like a king that day. Ellen pulled me aside. She always could read my moods like a book.

"What's wrong, Don?"

"Oh Ellen, I'm 53. I'm old. You're 38. You're beautiful. You could do so much better than me."

Ellen got angry. "Don, Don. How many times do I have to tell you? I couldn't be happier. You are wonderful. I love you."

"I know honey. I know. But don't you feel tempted at all when some good looking young guy hits on you? Don't tell me that never happens."

"Oh Don, men hit on me all the time. Trust me, Don. I'm never tempted. I'm with you and nobody else but you."

She pulled me in for a passionate kiss. I must admit she certainly kissed like a woman who was in love with her man. I cheered up a little.

My ladies gave me a nice present but then Carolyn said, "We have a special gift planned for you this weekend, Don. So don't make any plans OK?"

I was confused but I nodded my head.

We had another great sexual session that evening. The ladies spent a lot of time sucking my cock. I mostly just laid back and enjoyed all of the attention. At the end when I sprayed my sperm all over their beautiful faces I realized how lucky I was. Both Carolyn and Ellen were smiling from ear to ear.

"There Oughta be a law," I said.

Friday evening came and I was getting anxious. I had no idea what my special gift was going to be. I bugged Carolyn when I got home. She just smiled at me and shook her head. She wouldn't tell me what it was. Then Ellen came home and I asked her. She reacted the same way.

The doorbell rang at 7:15. It was Stephanie.

"OK Mom, what is so important?"

"Stephanie honey, you turn 29 on Wednesday right?"

"Of course, Mom, same birthday every year."

"Well honey, Ellen and I are giving you an early present this year."

I looked at my wives and I finally guessed what was happening.

Ellen walked over to me and presented me with a glass that looked like water.

"Here Don, drink this all at once. It will help you do your duty." She was smiling wildly.

I took the glass and downed it.

"What the heck is going on?" asked Stephanie.

Carolyn replied, "Stephanie honey, Ellen, Tiffany and I are going on a weekend shopping trip to the outlet mall. You and Don are going to get reacquainted this weekend, if you know what I mean."

Stephanie's eyes lit up. "Really Mom? Oh thank you so much." They hugged each other fiercely. I glanced over at Ellen. She was grinning like a maniac.

"Here are the rules. You can do anything you want this weekend as many times as you want. We should be returning Sunday around 8 o'clock or so. You will not have relations with each other after this weekend at all. The next possible time you two get to hook up is next year at birthday time. OK?"

Stephanie and I stared into each other's eyes. "OK," we said in unison.

Ellen disappeared to go get Tiffany. I pulled in Carolyn for a passionate kiss.

"Thank you, honey. I love you so much."

"Oh Don, I love you too. I hope you two have fun."

Tiffany rushed up and gave me a hug.

"You be good for your mom and your aunt OK, honey?"

"Oh I will, Daddy. We're going to get new jeans and new shoes and everything." She looked so adorable.

Tiffany and Carolyn left and started packing up the car.

Then Ellen and I hugged each other. "Don honey. Don't feel guilty at all about anything OK? We know you've lusted after her for years and held back. Just enjoy your birthday present OK?"

"Oh Ellen, I love you so much."

"I love you too, Don. Toodaloo."

The door closed and Stephanie and I were alone. She attacked me.

"Oh Uncle Don, it's been so long."

We kissed passionately. My hands roamed all over her ass.

"Are you sure you want to hook up with a 53 year old man, Steph?"

She reached down and found my rock hard member.

"Don, Don, you have no idea how often I've dreamt of this. Let's get to the bedroom now."

"Lead the way, my lovely."

She kissed me hard and then dragged me to the bedroom.

Her clothes were off before I knew what was happening. I stared at her nubile body in awe. She was perfect. She noticed my stare and blushed. I just stood there in a trance.

She came up and unbuttoned my shirt for me.

"Oh Uncle Don, I can't wait. Please fuck me, Uncle Don."

That jolted me out of my reverie. I slipped off my pants and underwear. My rock hard cock was in full view. Stephanie licked her lips and then fell back on the bed. Her legs were spread wide. Her pussy was distended and dripping. She had a little tuft of reddish pubic hair above her pussy. I stared at her again.

"C'mon Uncle Don. Snap out of it and fuck me."

I mounted her and slid my cock up into heaven.

"Hi Stephanie, How you doin?"

"Ooooooohhhhh. It's about time, Uncle Don."

"Sorry honey, you're just so perfect. I thought I had to be dreaming."

Stephanie giggled and started bucking at me furiously. After a minute or two she slowed down.

"I'm feeling much better now, kind sir."

I started to pound into her furiously. She was right there with me.

"Oh God. Oh Jesus. Yes. Yes. Fuck me."

Some things never change I guess. Stephanie was always vocal.

After a good 2 or 3 minutes of furious fucking I slowed down. I still pounded into her hard and my cock was still rock hard, but the strokes were longer and slower. I kissed her passionately.

"Oh Uncle Don, you've still got it. I've cum twice already."

I pulled out and tapped her knee. She smiled at me and got on all 4s.

"Which hole, Steph?"

"Oh, you choose, Uncle Don."

I spread her cheeks wide and tongued around her butthole. I licked and lapped and slobbered for a while. She was moaning non-stop.

"Oooohhhh. It's been so long since anybody's tongued my butt. Please fuck my ass, Uncle Don. I need it."

I positioned my cock for entry.

"Here it comes, Steph."

I slid in gently.


She pushed back against my cock.

"OK Steph?"

"Yes Uncle Don. Fuck me. Fuck me hard."

That was all I needed. We slammed into each other. We were both in a frenzy.

"Ohhh. Aaahhh. Yes. Aaaahhh."

I couldn't take it any longer and I let loose my load into her butt. My cock throbbed and throbbed.


I fell back on the bed exhausted. Stephanie slid up and kissed me passionately. We kissed and kissed some more. Finally we just cuddled.


"Yeah, wow."

"Oh Uncle Don. Thank you. Thank you so much."

"Stephanie honey, it was my pleasure. There's no need for you to thank me. Thank your mom and your aunt maybe, but not me."

"Oh Uncle Don, this is my best birthday present ever."

I laughed. "Mine too Steph. Mine too."

"Oh yeah, your birthday was just a few days ago wasn't it?"

"Yep, Ellen and Carolyn told me not to plan anything for this weekend because they had a special gift for me. You really are special, Stephanie."

"They said basically the same thing to me. They kept their secret well. I had no clue."

"Me either, Steph, not until you showed up here."

"Oh Uncle Don, why can't I find a man like you? You're perfect."

"Whoa Steph, I'm not perfect. Look at my belly."

"Oh Uncle Don, you still look sexy. Trust me. I see women checking you out all the time."


"Yes Uncle Don. Of course then they see Aunt Ellen and Mom hanging all over you and then they look elsewhere."

I laughed. "That's a good thing honey. Your mom and your aunt are almost more than I can handle."

"Oh that's not true, Uncle Don. You really are perfect. I remember both Mom and Aunt Ellen complaining about their previous boyfriends all the time. I've never heard them say a bad thing about you ever."

"It's the ladies who are perfect Stephanie, not me. Trust me."

"But Don, I've had 6 or 7 long term boyfriends since I went away to University and none of them can even come close to you."

"Oh, come on, Steph. Give me a break."

"I'm serious, Uncle Don. Mike was nice like you, but his bedroom skills were seriously lacking. He thought anything remotely connected to my butt was gross."

I grabbed onto Stephanie's ass and slid a finger in.

"That's hard to believe, Steph. This is probably the finest ass in all of the world right here."

I pumped my finger into her slowly.

"Oooohhh God, Uncle Don. See what I mean? I've never had a man who could keep me so wound up for so long like you."

"Oh come on, Steph. You must have found a young, good looking man who could ring your bell for you."

Stephanie blushed. "Well, my boyfriend before Mike could ring my bell all right. He was a wonderful lover."

"That would be the lawyer right, Steph?"

"Yes Uncle Don. Sean is a lawyer and he could ring my bell all night long."

"So why did you two break up then?"

"Well, the problem with Sean was that he needed more than one bell to ring. In fact he had a whole bell choir."

"Aaahhh, I see. I couldn't imagine cheating on you, Steph. You're perfect."

"Yeah well, I still seem to have trouble finding the right guy, so I must not be all that perfect."

We kissed tenderly.

"Oh Uncle Don, Mike was nice like you but he couldn't keep me satisfied. I faked it on a regular basis with him. Sean could fuck. In some ways he fucked better than you, but he was an asshole. I need someone who's nice like Mike and can fuck like Sean. In short, I need a man just like you."

"Well Steph, you have me for a couple more days and that concoction that Ellen served to me seems to be working. Why don't we try again, huh?"

Stephanie smiled at me and then reached for my cock.

"Now that is a great idea, Uncle Don."

Somehow or other I got it up 4 separate times that night.

There oughta be a law.

Stephanie woke me up the next morning around 11:00.

"Time to get up, Uncle Don. Coffee's hot and breakfast is ready."

I got dressed hurriedly and joined her in the kitchen. Just as I was finishing up my bacon and eggs, Stephanie slipped off the robe she had been wearing. I recognized one of Ellen's sexy nighties.

"Oh my god, Stephanie. You're beautiful. You're beyond beautiful. I can't come up with the right words. Come here, honey."

Stephanie's face lit up and she pranced over. I stood up and we mauled each other as we kissed passionately.

"Brace yourself against the counter, honey."

Stephanie's face glazed over with lust as she leaned forward against counter and spread her legs wide. I got a hold of her cheeks and forced them apart as far as they would go.

"Oh god, Uncle Don. Fuck me."

I spit a few times into her butthole and then rammed my cock up her ass.

"Ooooohhhh. Yesssss. Aaaaah. Fuck. Oh God. Ahhhhhhh."

I was a man on a mission. I pounded my cock into her relentlessly.

"Oh God, Oh Jesus, Oh fuck. Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

Stephanie's powerful orgasm put me over the edge. My cock erupted like Mt. St. Helens. The cum poured and poured out of me and into her bowels.


I sat down on the kitchen chair to catch my breath. Stephanie staggered over to another chair and sat down.


"Yeah, wow."

After a few minutes of stunned silence from both of us, Stephanie stood up. I could see the cum dripping down her leg. She blushed and ran over for the paper towels. There was a large puddle of cum on her chair. She wiped it all up and then came over to me and we kissed passionately.

"I take it all back, Uncle Don. There's no way that Sean is a better lover than you. You are the absolute best."

I just grinned at her and said, "You're not so bad yourself, kiddo."

We were just done cleaning up the breakfast dishes when the phone rang. It was Ellen.

"Hi honey."

"Hi Don, how are things going?"

"Well Ellen, honey, whatever you gave me to drink there sure is working. I have just finished depositing my fifth load of the weekend into your niece."

"5 times already? Wow!"

"Yup, how's the shopping going?"

"Oh it's pretty good. Tiffany is bouncing off the walls, but it's fun."

"I love you, Ellen."

"I love you too, Don, see you tomorrow night."

"Bye honey."

I hung up.

Stephanie smiled at me winsomely and grabbed my hand.

"Come on, Uncle Don, let's go back to bed. I wanna suck your cock for a while."

How is a man supposed to say no to that? We headed back to the bedroom. I was only semi-hard but Stephanie persevered. She must have sucked me for more than 20 minutes. Well actually, she blew me, and licked me and fondled me and sucked me for 20 minutes.

Finally I was rock hard again and we fucked missionary style. Stephanie wrapped her long legs around me and tried to pull me in harder.

This was not a fast paced fuck though. This was a long slow leisurely loving act. I spent a lot of time playing with her nipples as I pressed my pelvis and my rock hard member into her. I had forgotten how much fun it was to lick and chew on her nipples. They were much larger and fatter than what I was used to. Stephanie sounded like she was experiencing a continuous low grade orgasm the whole time. She was squirming under me as I kept up the pressure of my cock against her pussy.

Finally I was ready for some furious fucking again. I pulled away from her body gently and she reluctantly opened her legs so I could get away. I tapped her knee and she gave me a radiant smile and turned around. I spit into her butthole and pounded into her wondrous ass. We bucked at each other crazily. It went on and on. I was rock hard and enjoying every minute of it, but I couldn't come. We both had to slow down a little because we were tiring but I was able to keep on pounding into her. We settled into a steady rhythm and bucked at each other for another 10 minutes.

Finally I could feel my orgasm building. I picked up the pace again and slammed into her with all my might. I popped my load and then collapsed back onto the bed. When I came to my senses again it was almost 4:00 in the afternoon. I must have dozed off for a bit. I found Stephanie in the living room. It looked like she was catching up on her text messages.

"Hi Uncle Don, you stud."

"Hi Steph, you cumslut."

Stephanie blushed and then she stood up and we hugged.

"Only your cumslut, Uncle Don."

We ordered pizza and then we decided to watch a movie. Stephanie snuggled right up against me the whole time. It was nice.

We headed to bed after the movie and I was able to get it up again. That made 7 orgasms for me in only 30 hours. I was dead to the world after that.

The next morning Stephanie woke me up and breakfast was ready again. It was almost noon when we finished breakfast. We went back to bed and Stephanie sucked me for a bit but I couldn't get it up. After a while it was my turn to worship her body. I tongued her cunnie for a long time and Stephanie came at least twice. We relaxed for a while and then I decided I wanted to lick her breasts and nipples. Stephanie was tired and she just laid there and whimpered as I played with her for an hour.

Stephanie sucked my cock again but it was done. The magic juice had run out. We just laid there together in bed and cuddled.

We heard a knock on the door and Carolyn popped her head in. It was only 5 O'clock.

"Hi Guys."

"Hi honey. You're early."

"Yeah, we decided we'd had enough shopping. How are you two making out?"

Stephanie smiled. "We're both really tired, Mom. But that's OK. We had a wonderful weekend together."

Carolyn laughed. "I heard it was 5 times yesterday afternoon. What's it up to now, Don?"

"Well honey, we got to 7 by the end of last night. Today this guy has had nothing."

I lifted my limp dick and let it flop again.

"So we're still at 7."

"What about you, Steph? How many orgasms have you had this weekend?"

Stephanie blushed beet red.

"Mom, should I count all of the little ones? And what about the one that lasted for a half hour straight? Is that one orgasm, or should it count for more?"

Carolyn laughed. "My, my it sounds like you enjoyed yourself my dear. Just count the major ones and count that long one as just one. How many?"

"Honestly mom, I lost count. It's got to be more than 20 anyways."

"Well, well. It sounds like you both enjoyed your presents."

"Where are Ellen and Tiffany, honey?"

"Oh we decided that Tiff should sleep over at Giselle's. Ellen is dropping her off right now. She's also going to pick up something for supper. You guys didn't plan anything did you?"

"Nope, you want to join us in bed honey? I'm sorry my cock is out of commission but we could still have fun."

"No honey, you guys are tired. I'm going to check out my email and stuff. I'll leave you two alone for now."

I stood up and hugged and kissed Carolyn. "Thanks for my present honey. I love you so much."

She smiled at me. "I love you too, Don." She slipped out.

I moved over to Stephanie and held my hands out to her.

"Come on, Steph. Up and at'em."

She lifted her arms up and I grabbed her and pulled her up. We got dressed and headed downstairs. Ellen was just coming in with Chinese food.

I headed right over to her and gave her a hug and a kiss.

"Hi honey. Thanks for my present. I love you."

Ellen was grinning. "I love you too, Don."

Carolyn came in to the kitchen and then she started laughing hysterically.

We all stared at her. She couldn't stop laughing.

"What??" I asked.

She just pointed at Stephanie. We all looked at her. Stephanie couldn't stand up straight. When she moved, she looked like an 80 year old woman. Ellen and I both started laughing as well.

Stephanie said, "What?"

Ellen giggled, "Why don't you stand up straight, honey?"

Stephanie blushed, "My whole body is sore, especially my ass. I can't get comfortable no matter what I do. I think I'm going to have to call in sick tomorrow."

Carolyn broke into another bout of hysterical laughter.

"What now?" I asked.

Finally Carolyn calmed down enough so she could talk.

"You sure you don't mean call in sore?"

She started laughing again.

After supper Stephanie hugged her aunt and her mom and thanked them profusely.

Then we shared a passionate kiss.

"Don't settle, Steph. Find the right man this time. You deserve to be happy."

Stephanie's eyes got very misty. "Oh Uncle Don, I love you."

"I love you too, Steph. I really do."

We hugged again and then she left.

"So Don, we've now established with a little help you can still be a love god for a couple of days anyways. How do you feel now?"

"I'm just fine, honey. Tired, but fine."

Ellen and Carolyn came over together smiling at me. They both attacked my cock.

"Ladies, ladies. My cock has been limp all day. Stephanie tried. Believe me."

Carolyn grabbed my cock from her sister and looked up at me. It's fun to play with, Don, even when it's limp. You don't mind do you?"

I was feeling faint stirrings. "No honey, if you really want, you go ahead."

I pulled Ellen up so I could get to her ass. I started licking and tonguing at her butthole.

"Ohhh God Don. Yes."

I pistoned my fingers into her ass as I sucked on her clit. Ellen came hard after a minute or two.

"OK Carolyn, switch."

My cock was only left alone for seconds. Ellen went right to work on it. Carolyn smiled at me as she presented her ass to me. I dove right in and started ministering to her butthole. I was kneading her cheeks hard. I slipped in two fingers and pistoned into her for a while. Carolyn was bucking against my fingers and moaning. I found her gspot and flicked it and she came hard.

I backed away from the ladies.

"I guess you were right, Don. It just won't come up. Thanks for taking care of us though. We needed a little something after hearing about how much fun Steph had."

"It was my pleasure, my lovely brides."

They both had big smiles on their faces, but Carolyn's smile was a little wider.

Carolyn always beamed when I called them my wives or my brides. Ellen is my official wife and sometimes I think Carolyn gets a little jealous, but she hides it well.

Carolyn said, "So Don, my birthday is next. I turn the big five oh in a month."

"I know Carolyn, you're still beautiful, honey. You don't look 50 at all."

She smiled, "Thanks Don."

Ellen said, "Don, Carolyn and I have been chatting. She caught you ogling Annie's mom at Tiff's birthday party."

"I did ogle one lady. I'm sorry if that upsets you two. I would never touch her. You should know that by now."

"Don honey. You're misunderstanding. We're not upset. Carolyn was lusting after her breasts as much as you were."

I looked at Carolyn and she blushed and nodded.

"Don honey, what we are trying to say is that we want to invite another woman into our bed for some fun."

"You do? Really?"

"Yes honey."

"But ladies, we narrowly avoided disaster with Stella and Stephanie."

Ellen frowned. "I don't think it was as bad as you are remembering, Don, but anyways we have a different idea this time."

"Different how?"

"We will make sure that the lady is not known by any of the 3 of us. So that means, no Stella, no Crystal, none of the old guard. It will be someone totally new."

"I see. I guess that does help with the emotional part."

"Yes Don, and also it will be made clear to the lady that this would be a one time fling. We will not fall into the trap of repeating with any woman."

"I see. Well ladies, if this is what you really want I am game. But don't do it because you think I want it. Do it because you want it. I really only need you two. I love you both more than anything."

We had a passionate 3 way kiss.

Carolyn said, "Oh Don, I can't wait to play with some big ol' titties again. It's gonna be a fun birthday."

Carolyn's birthday came on a Thursday. Both Ellen and I took the day off and we tried to make the day special for Carolyn. She was a little down. I know when my 50th came it was a bit of a shock, so I understood what she was going through.

"You're not old, Carolyn, you're still a hottie."

Carolyn blushed, "Thanks Don, but I am old. 50 is old."

"Ok then, you're an old hottie."

I pulled her to me and grabbed onto her ass.

"Ooohh Don."

"Would you like that deposit delivered in the rear, Madam?"

Carolyn grinned. "Yes come round back and give it to me in the rear young man."

Ellen smiled and pulled down Carolyn's pants.

"Here you go, sir."

"Why thank you, young lady. Now run along and play. We have grown up things to take care of here."

"Oh no, my mommy always told me to support my sister. I have to help."

Ellen licked her lips sexily and then started lapping at Carolyn's pussy."

Carolyn was moaning. I mounted up and pushed into her ass gently.

"Is this the spot, Madam?"

"Aaaaaahhhh. Yessss. But you must deliver it with force young man."

Ellen had her nose buried in Carolyn's pussy and she was writhing in ecstasy.

I started pounding into her ass with force as requested."

"Ohhhhh, Aaaaahhhh, Yessss, Fuck me. Ohhhhhhh."

I pumped my load up into her nether regions.


Ellen slurped out the cum.

"Wow sir, there was a lot of cum there."

I pulled in Carolyn for a passionate kiss.

"Will that be all, Madam?"

"Actually no. I'm going to keep you around if you don't mind."

"Nothing would please me more, Madam."

Ellen came up and joined us. "I always support my sister."

We kissed passionately between the 3 of us.

"There oughta be a law," I said.

Friday night Carolyn and I headed out. We were on the prowl for a woman to join us in bed for the weekend. Ellen stayed home. This was part of Carolyn's birthday celebration. Tiffany was off at a sleepover. Carolyn was dressed to the nines. She looked stunning.

"Wow honey, do we have to go out? All I wanna do is tackle you and get my cock inside you."

Carolyn blushed. "I'm glad you like it Don. Hopefully I catch some young lady's eye and not just all the old men's."

"Are you calling me old?" I asked with a grin on my face.

"Hey, you're even older than me, Don. You're ancient."

I sobered a little at that comment. "Well honey, I have no doubts that you will catch a lady's eye, but what about when she sees me?"

"Oh Don, I'm sorry if that came out wrong. You look handsome. Trust me, honey."

We arrived at the dance club and it was still relatively early. We ordered drinks and scoped out the place. I saw a few possibilities but nothing too exciting. The age range in this club was wide. There were a few people that were obviously older than us and only a few who looked underage. There were lots of people there in their 30s. It looked like we had picked a good place for what we wanted. The last dance club we went to a while ago was filled with youngsters. We felt like dinosaurs.

Carolyn dragged me out to the dance floor. She was drawing lots of attention. We headed back to our table after the song was over, but someone had stolen it. The club was filling up.

"I'm going to the ladies room, Don, and then I will wander around and look for prospects. Why don't you hang out at the bar? I will come get you later."

"OK honey. We kissed briefly and then we split up."

I just sat and drank my beer and watched the people. Most of the gorgeous women were attached as per usual. I did see a couple of seemingly unattached beauties go by, but they didn't stay in my view. Carolyn appeared about a half hour later.

"Wow Don, I can't believe how many times I've been propositioned in the last while."

Carolyn was flushed with excitement.

"That's because you look divine, my dear." I leaned in for a kiss.

"Come with me, honey. I found a lady that turns me on big time. I wanna see what you think of her."

"Lead on, my lovely wife."

Carolyn beamed at me and we kissed passionately. Then she grabbed my hand and led me into another section of the bar. We stood against the wall.

"See anything, Don?"

I glanced around the room. There were 4 good looking women at one table. You could see guys scoping them out all over the place, but they were alone for now. I pointed to the table.

"There are 4 women at that table that look good, Carolyn. From what I can tell from here, I would be happy with any of them."

"Oh Don, the woman I like is one of those 4. Why don't you get a closer look and then come back here."

I wandered around casually. All four ladies were hot, but two of them had smaller breasts and I knew that Carolyn was on a mission for titties. I studied the two women with larger breasts. They were both quite lovely. One was a platinum blonde and one was a brunette. The blonde caught me looking at her and raised her nose in the air. I headed back.

A young man was trying to pick up Carolyn.

"C'mon honey, let's dance."

"I told you already. No thanks."

He reached for her arm.

"The lady said no."

He turned to me angrily. Carolyn wrapped her arms around me. The guy took that in and then stomped away angrily. Carolyn giggled.

"So, Don?"

"Like I said earlier Carolyn, all 4 of them are fine looking women, although the blonde with the big tits doesn't seem to think much of me."

"Which one is your favorite though, Don?"

"I liked the look of the brunette in the red sweater honey."

Carolyn jumped up and down in excitement.

"That's the one, Don."

She kissed me passionately. "Wait here honey." Carolyn sashayed her way over to the table. She struck up a conversation with the brunette and her friends. They seemed to be having a lot of fun.

Then Carolyn and the brunette stood up and headed towards the washroom. I just stood against the wall and drank my beer.

Carolyn and the brunette marched over to me a few minutes later.

"Don, this is Katarina. Katarina, this is my husband, Don."

"Pleased to meet you my dear. You look lovely this evening."

Katarina turned to Carolyn.

"Wait a second you're Carolyn and this is Don. Right?"

"Yes," said Carolyn with a questioning look.

"Where's your sister? I forget her name. Allie or something?"

"Ellen, my sister's name is Ellen."

"Oh my god, Ellen. That's it. Oh my god."


"I know about you. Don shares you and your sister right?"

"Yes, he does."

"So where is she?"

"She's at home tonight. But we are still a threesome. How do you know about us?"

"This is so weird. You're sure you didn't seek me out?"

"No honey. We never knew anything about you until tonight. You caught my eye. There's something about you that gets me going. Now spill it. How did you know about us?"

"My older sister's name is Crystal."

"Crystal! Oh my god yes. You remind me of her. That's why I'm so horny already."

Katarina giggled and turned to me. "Wow, you know my sister. She refuses to get serious with anyone. The only person that came close to breaking through her shell was you, Don."

"She was all I wanted for a while, but now I have two wonderful wives. Crystal is just a good friend now."

"Yes, she's just a friend now, but I heard about some times when you were more than just friends. One time when we had a few drinks she went on an on about you two. The top two sexual experiences of her life were both with you two."

Carolyn giggled. "I miss those sessions, but Ellen, Don and I made some tough decisions and we had to cut them off. I think we made the right choice. We've had a great 10 years together. But, as we spoke of earlier, we are looking for a little something different."

"Well I must say, you both look amazing tonight. I am looking forward to this."

Carolyn pulled in Katarina for a passionate kiss. They were getting hot and heavy.

"There oughta be a law," I said.

Katarina pulled away and went to say goodbye to her girlfriends. One of them was dancing and the other two were being wooed at the table. Carolyn texted with Ellen to let her know the scoop. Ellen told us to have fun. She planned to stay out of our way that night.

We headed home and straight to the bedroom. Carolyn and Katarina attacked each other. They stripped each other immediately. Katarina was not as tall and athletic as her sister but she had large firm breasts and a tight body. She looked really sexy. The ladies went right into a 69. I stripped my own clothes off and stroked my hard cock gently. The ladies both came to a loud climax and then looked over at me. They grinned at each other and attacked my cock. Katarina sucked my cock for a while and then stood up and came to kiss me on the lips. I mashed her titties and she moaned. Carolyn was slurping my cock but then she stopped and said, "Go ahead and fuck her, Don. I know you want to."

Katarina blushed and then fell back on the bed. She spread her legs wide.

"Come on, Don. Give it to me good."

I thrust into Katarina forcefully.


"Hi Katie."

"OOoooohhhh god."

I pounded away at her right from the get go. I was mashing her titties hard at the same time. My cock was like a steel pole. I kept ramming it into her as I mauled her titflesh.

"OOoohhh my fucking god. Aaaaagghhh."

I glanced over at Carolyn. She was frigging herself mercilessly. She grinned at me.

After a few more minutes of furious pounding I needed a rest. I pulled out and tapped the inside of Katarina's knee. She smiled at me and got on all 4s. Then she spoke to Carolyn.

"Holy shit, honey. He's like a machine."

"I know, Katie. The machine seems to be in overdrive tonight. I wonder why?" Carolyn licked her lips sexily.

"Oh God, Carolyn. You are so hot."

The ladies kissed each other passionately. Katarina's tiny butthole was staring at me. I couldn't help myself. I licked all around it and spit into it. My tongue tried to penetrate her butt as far as it could go. I was kneading her firm butt cheeks the whole time.

"Oohhhhh god Don. Aaaaaaghhhh."

I stood up again. I fit my cock into her pussy from the rear and both my thumbs found their way into her butthole. I started pounding into her mercilessly.

"Ooooohhhh fuck. Aaaaaggghhh."

Katarina's tits were pistoning back and forth.

"Yes Don. Ooooohhhh. Fuck meeeeee."

I couldn't hold off any longer. I pulled out and spewed my spunk all over Katarina's sexy body. Carolyn licked it all up.

"Wow," said Katarina.

"Yeah wow," I replied.

"That's a lot of cum, Don," said Carolyn.

I just smiled and kissed Carolyn. She kissed me back passionately.

Katarina popped up from the bed and joined us in a three way kiss.

"Thank you, guys. That was amazing."

Carolyn grinned at her. "Oh Katie, honey, we're just getting started. Don took extra vitamins earlier. I'm sure we can get him going again. What do you think, Don?"

"I think it's your turn to get fucked, birthday girl."

"Ooohhhh goodie." She smiled and got on all fours.

Katarina rushed up and started fondling Carolyn's butt and kneading it.

"God Carolyn, your ass is amazing." She turned and looked at me.

"Spit in her butthole, Katie. Get her all wet and ready for me."

Katarina nodded and smiled and got to work. I allowed myself a minute or two of breast mashing with Katarina's hooters as she worked on Carolyn's ass.

"Ooohhh god, Don. I'm so hot. Hurry up and fuck her so I can get a turn again."

"Yeah Don, hurry up and fuck me," Carolyn giggled.

"It will be my pleasure, my beautiful bride."

Katarina watched with wide eyes as I positioned my cock up against Carolyn's butthole and then slammed in.

"Oohhhhh fuck ya."

We were off and running. Carolyn was really fired up. I tried to keep up with her.

"Ooohhhh God. Fuck me Don. Fuck me. Oh Jesus. Ahhhh. Hit me."

I glanced over at Katarina. She was jamming two fingers into her twat repeatedly. Her eyes were glazed over with lust.

I couldn't hold out much longer. I gave it to Carolyn as hard and fast as I could.

"Ohhhh Don. Ohhhhh lover. Aaaaggggggghhhhhh."

We both came hard. I fell back on the bed. Katarina swooped in and lapped at Carolyn's butt.

It wasn't long before the 3 of us were kissing passionately again.

"Happy Birthday, Carolyn."

"Oh Don, that was awesome. I love you so much."

"I love you too, Carolyn."

We settled back on the bed and cuddled for a while.

"How old are you, Carolyn, if you don't mind me asking?"

"How old do you think I am, Katie?"

"Well, I know you're a little older than Crystal. She told me. I just can't remember exactly what she said. She's 45 so you must be at least 48, but to be honest if I didn't know I would be saying you were 41 or so."

Carolyn gave Katarina a passionate kiss.

"Well Katie honey, I just turned 50 yesterday."

"50! Wow. I sure hope I look even half as good as you when I hit 50."

"How old are you, Katie?"

Katarina blushed. "I usually say I'm 39, but really I'm 41."

"Wow Katie. You look damn good for 41. You look damn good for 31 actually," I said with a grin.

Katarina kissed me hard. "Thanks Don."

Carolyn giggled. "Katie honey, you don't mind if we inspect your body for defects do you?" She was mashing one of Katarina's breasts as she asked.

Katarina laughed. "Nope you guys go right ahead. I reserve the right to inspect both of you later though."

Carolyn and I settled in to minister to Katarina's hooters. They were special. They were so firm.

Eventually I moved my way down her body. I had one finger up her cunnie and another finger up her butt. Carolyn was still breast munching.

Katarina was moaning non-stop.

"OK Don, I know Crystal said that the ultimate was when you were in her ass and Carolyn was kissing her pussy. So I guess I need to try it. But to be honest, the whole anal thing scares me. I've never done it. Do you guys have any lube?"

I looked at Carolyn. "I'm not sure, do we, honey?"

Carolyn rushed off to the bathroom. She came back with a jar of Vaseline. She was grinning.

"You are going to love it, Katie. Trust me."

My cock was rock hard again at the thought of taking Katarina's anal virginity. She stared at my cock and licked her lips.

"I guess I'm ready, Don."

"Get on all fours, honey."

Katarina complied quickly. Carolyn came over with the lube and gave me a passionate kiss.

"Oh Don, This is one of the times when I wish I had a cock."

I grinned at Carolyn, "I love you, honey, but that would be a deal breaker for me."

Carolyn blushed and then kissed me. "Ooohhh Don, you know what I mean."

"I know, honey. Just thought I would let you know..."

We both giggled. Katarina wiggled her tight ass enticingly. We focused again on the task at hand. Carolyn quickly applied the lube. She twirled her fingers around Katarina's rectum. Katarina sounded like she was cumming already. Carolyn got some more lube and then gave me a hand job. My rock hard member was covered in it.

"OK Don, wait just a second." Carolyn slid down so she could lick Katarina's pussy.

I was kneading her firm butt cheeks.

"God Katie, you taste so good, honey," said Carolyn.

"OK Katie, Carolyn, we're good to go?"

"Yes Don, please be gentle."

I pushed the tip of my cock into her butt and then waited. Katarina was moaning and she wiggled her butt a bit. Carolyn must've been doing a good job on her pussy. I pushed in a couple of inches.

"Ohhhhh God Don."

She kept wiggling her butt and then she pushed back against my cock. I forced in some more.


I pulled out slowly and pumped back in again gently.

"Oooooh, Aaaahhhh"

"How are you doing there, Katie?"

"Ohhhhh Don. It feels weird. Keep going slowly OK?"

"Yes Katie."

I pumped back and forth gently. About half of my cock was in her ass so far.

"Ooohhhh Don, It's starting to feel really good. Go a little faster, Don."

I picked up the pace and shoved in a little further as well.

"Oooohhhhh Aaaaaahhhhh"

Katarina started bucking back at me. She was starting to get into it. I kept the same pace for a while but I pushed in a little further every other stroke.

"Ohhhh my god, Don."

I finally was balls deep in Katarina's ass and she was still bucking back at me. I grabbed onto her firm butt cheeks and started pulling her into me forcefully as we fucked.

"Ohhh god Yessssss. Fuck me harder, Don."

I stopped worrying about being gentle and I started to fuck the living shit out of her ass.

"Ooooooh, Aaaaagghhhhh."

Carolyn appeared from under Katarina. She watched with her mouth open as I pounded into Katarina's ass.

Then I looked in the mirror. Katarina's large breasts were bouncing around like crazy as we thrashed at each other.

I couldn't hold out much longer. I slammed into her with all my might.


My cock erupted and my jism filled up her rectum. I collapsed.

Carolyn swooped in to tongue Katarina's butthole. Katarina's body was still quivering as she came back to earth.

Katarina flopped onto her back and then we kissed tenderly.

"Don honey, that was amazing."

Carolyn came to join us and we had a passionate three way kissing session.

I slid down and tongued Carolyn's pussy for a while. Katarina came and joined me. Katarina was concentrating on her ass. I kept licking her pussy. Carolyn mashed my head into her as she came hard.

We all kissed each other again and cuddled and fondled each other lovingly.

"Holy shit guys. I've never experienced anything remotely as awesome as this before."

Carolyn smiled at Katarina and kissed her tenderly.

"You begin to see why it's not a problem for me to share my man with my sister, huh?"

Katarina smiled. "I definitely understand much better, Carolyn. I must admit I never thought I could do it, but now I see the advantages."

They kissed each other passionately. I slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom.

I crossed over to the spare room where Ellen was sleeping. I poked my head in. Ellen was lying down but her eyes were open.

I slid in next to her and kissed her. She kissed me back fervently.

"How are you holding up, honey?"

She stared at me with an intense look.

"Oh Don, I know it was my idea, but I'm struggling with it."

"Just a sec honey. I'm going to let Carolyn know what's up. I'll be right back OK?"

"OK Don." She kissed me passionately.

I entered the master bedroom again. Carolyn and Katarina were cuddling. Carolyn gave me a questioning look.

"Carolyn honey. Ellen needs me."

Carolyn looked surprised and then she popped out of bed.

"Is she OK, Don?"

"She's just feeling lonely, honey. You stay here with Katie. I'll sleep the rest of the night with Ellen OK?"

"Let me talk to her for a bit first OK?"

"Sure hun."

Carolyn and I kissed passionately and then she left. I slid in next to Katarina and kissed her.

"I should go, Don."

"No Katie, please stay. Everything will be fine. Would you mind a foursome tomorrow?"

"A foursome? You mean Ellen will join us?"

"I think so, honey."

"But Crystal said that she never got along with Ellen."

"I know, Katie, but you're not Crystal. I think it will be fine."

"Well I'll stay if you want me to. I'll keep my mind open to a foursome OK?"

"That's all I'm asking, Katie."

We kissed again tenderly. Carolyn returned.

"OK Don, show her that you still love her."

"That was the plan, honey."

We kissed briefly and then Carolyn slid into bed with Katarina.

I headed back to the spare room.

Ellen had a sexy nightie on. I was planning on a tender loving session, but it looked like Ellen wanted the hard and fast version first.

She turned and presented her ass for me.

"See anything you like?" she asked in a throaty voice.

I may have mentioned this before, but when Ellen wants to be, she is the sexiest woman in the world, at least to me. Nobody else can compete.

I just pulled her to me roughly and pushed my rock hard member up against her.

"What do you think, Ellen?"

She reached out and stroked my cock.

"Hmmm, you've been working hard all night, but you still want this body do you?"

I slid two fingers into her pussy. She was dripping.

"Were you watching us play, honey?"

She blushed. "Not watching, Don, just listening."

"Well, just so you know. I always want your body. Do you want it hard and fast or sweet and slow, honey?"

She looked up at me with smoky eyes. "I want you to pound it into me, Don."

Let's just say that neither one of us were disappointed with what followed. 15 minutes later both her holes felt well used and I definitely needed a break.

We kissed tenderly and cuddled.

"So you were struggling with it were you?"

"Yes Don. It's hard to listen to the person you love make an unknown partner scream in ecstasy."

"I can't imagine listening to you screaming in ecstasy while another man pounded into you. It would drive me crazy."

"Yes, I understand, Don, but our situations are different. I knew what was going to happen. I even suggested it. So I can't complain. But, it still was tough to go through. I won't let that happen again, where you are fucking someone that I don't know at all."

"So is that the end of new partners then?"

Ellen looked at me with a merry glint in her eye. "Oh no, Don. My birthday is coming up in a couple of months and Carolyn will have to go through what I did. I will enjoy it. I'm sure."

"I see. But after that, then we're done?"

"We'll see, Don. Maybe all 3 of us can go out and find a lady to make a foursome."

"That might work better."

"So Katarina is Crystal's sister is she?"

"Yeah, hard to believe huh? Carolyn picked her out honey, not me. All she knew was that Katie got her motor running. We were already hoping she would be the one before we found out that she was Crystal's sister."

"I bet her tits are nice huh, Don?"

"Ellen honey, you know that your sister was on a tittie quest for this little fling. If Katie didn't have great tits Carolyn wouldn't even have glanced at her."

Ellen grinned at me. "You're right, Don. She's been fantasizing about titties ever since we came up with this whole idea."

"What about you, Ellen? Do you want to play with some great tits tomorrow?"

"I'm not sure, Don. What is she like?"

"Oh, she's 41. She looks like Crystal facially and she has large firm tits like Crystal but she's not as tall and not as athletic. She's more feminine than her sister."

"Hmmm, she sounds tempting, but what about her personality?"

"Oh Ellen, she's a sweet lady. She really is. If I wasn't attached to two perfect women I would definitely be chasing her."

"We'll see, Don. I was hoping to hook up with the lady tomorrow, but she's Crystal's sister."

"Ellen honey, please just judge Katie on her own merits. Have some fun with this thing."

"OK, I'll try and forget who her sister is and go with the flow. OK?"

"That's my girl."

"So Don, how many times have you cum tonight?"

"Four honey."

"And the time with Stephanie, how many in the first night?"

"Four honey."

"Hmmmm, so if I work hard, do you think we can tease out another one?"

She started stroking my thigh and moved down fellate my cock. I didn't get a chance to say anything before she already had my cock in her mouth. After a couple of minutes of tender ministrations my cock was hard again.

"Tadaaaa," said Ellen with a shit eating grin on her face.

I pulled her to me for a kiss.

"I love you, Ellen."

"Oh Don, I love you so much."

I slid in to Ellen's pussy and she wrapped her long legs around me and pulled me in.

We continued to kiss and fondle each other lightly as we pressed into each other.

"This is nice, Don. We don't get to do this too often."

"It is nice, Ellen. Maybe we should arrange for more solo nights."

"Yeah, but it's no fun sleeping alone while Carolyn gets her turn. I guess we'll have to stay the way it is. Let's just enjoy our time together here, Don."

"Good plan, my love."

The next morning I was sleeping in. Then I realized somebody was giving me a tender blow job.

I finally woke up and looked down. Carolyn looked up at me and smiled.

"C'mon sleepyhead. Wake up and give me my morning drilling."

"What's going on with Katie?"

"Oh Don. Ellen, Katie and I already had a threesome this morning. Now Ellen and Katie are enjoying themselves and it's my turn to get fucked. Both Katie and Ellen got two of your cumloads. I only got one."

"Good thing you ladies are keeping track."

"C'mon Don. Please fuck my pussy this time. I need it."

"Yes ma'm, with pleasure."

After we finished we headed in to the kitchen for some breakfast. Katarina rushed right up and gave me a passionate kiss.

"Good morning, Don."

I pulled her in and kneaded her butt cheeks as I kissed her.

"Good morning, Katie."

Ellen and Carolyn grinned at each other. Katarina was facing away from them so she couldn't see their faces.

"Looks like someone wants to get fucked by our man again, Carolyn."

"Yeah, and it looks like our man wants to fuck her as well."

"Hmmm, what should we do about this?"

The ladies actually were doing a pretty good job of keeping their tone ambiguous. Katarina looked at them somewhat fearfully.

"Why we should join in of course," said Carolyn enthusiastically.

Katarina rushed up to Carolyn and kissed her passionately.

"Oh Carolyn, I really thought you guys were upset for a second."

Ellen and Carolyn both giggled. Katarina couldn't help joining in. She turned and looked at me.

"You are a lucky man, Don. Both of these ladies are amazingly sexy."

"Oh I know, Katie. I know."

Both Carolyn and Ellen were blushing furiously.

"You're pretty sexy yourself, Katie," said Ellen as she pulled her in for a passionate kiss.

Carolyn and I glanced at each other and smiled.

"Nice to see Ellen enjoying herself with Crystal's sister, huh Don?"

"It is nice, Carolyn."

Ellen pulled away from Katarina and then said, "Katie honey, I'm sure all three of us are tempted to invite you back for another session in the near future, but we have to be disciplined. We have a wonderful marriage and we just can't take the risk of screwing it up with another meeting."

"Oh I understand perfectly, Ellen. I just thank my lucky stars that Carolyn picked me out of the crowd last night and invited me over. I will treasure the memories of this weekend for the rest of my life."

"Let's all head to the master bedroom for one last massive free for all before we have to say goodbye. OK?"

"OK," said Katarina as she looked at me hungrily.

Just as we reached the bedroom I asked Katarina a question.

"Katie honey, have you ever played around with Crystal?"

Katarina blushed scarlet.

"Once or twice. Why Don?"

"Oh you know, I have a thing for beautiful sisters." I pointed to Carolyn and Ellen and they both blushed prettily.

"Yes, I guess you do, and Crystal I can agree is beautiful. You really would put me in that category as well, Don?"

"Katie, Crystal is beautiful. You're different but you're just as beautiful, honey."

We kissed passionately and my hands roamed all over her body. Her clothes magically disappeared and then she lied on the bed. She looked over to Carolyn and Ellen who were mostly just watching.

"I hope you don't mind, ladies, but I need some cock."

Both ladies giggled and Ellen said, "Don't let us stop you."

I pulled down my boxers and my steel pole flashed for everyone.

Ellen said, "Oooohhh Don, the thought of Katie and Crystal together has gotten you all excited huh?" She licked her lips sexily.

I walked over to my wives and kissed them both soundly. My hands were wandering.

Ellen moaned and grabbed my member briefly. Then she said, "You better go back and give Katie some cock, honey. She looks like she really needs it bad."

I glanced back at Katarina. She had two fingers jammed up her pussy. I gave my wives' beautiful asses one last squeeze and then moved back to Katarina.

"Which hole, Katie?"

"Oh Don, could you fuck my pussy for a bit and then switch to my ass. They both need to be filled up."

"I'll see what I can do, Katie." Katarina spread her legs wide for me and I mounted up and slid in.

"Oooohhh God, Don. That feels good."

I pounded in to Katarina and mashed her firm tits.

"Yesssss. Fuck me, Don."

She was bucking at me pretty good. My cock was rock hard and I was enjoying myself immensely but it didn't feel like I was going to cum anytime soon. I pounded into Katarina furiously.

"Ohhhhh, Aaaaaaaggggghhh"

After a couple of mintues Katarina came hard and went limp.

I pulled out of Katarina and looked over to Ellen and Carolyn. I crooked my finger at Ellen. She gave me a wide smile and pranced over.

"Which hole would you prefer Ellen, my dear?"

"Hmmmm, decisions decisions. You decide, Don."

Ellen got up on all fours.

I spit into her butthole and then pushed my cock up into her ass.

"Ooooohhhh, Yessss Don. Fuck me."

Ellen pushed her ass back at me forcefully and I pounded into her. Katarina slid under Ellen and tongued her pussy as we thrashed at each other. Ellen came hard and collapsed. I pulled out of Ellen's ass with a plop and looked over at Carolyn.

"You ready, Carolyn?"

"Oh yes Don, fuck my ass."

Katarina slid under Carolyn and tongued her pussy as I slammed into her ass.

It didn't take very long for Carolyn to lose all control. Her body shook as she came hard and then collapsed.

I pulled out of Carolyn and then Katarina popped up to kiss me.

"You're still going, Don?"

"Yes Katie, the magic juice is still working."

"Oh goodie, just a sec." She reached for the lube and then handed it to Ellen.

"I'm still not ready for anal without lube. Will you do the honors honey?"

"Sure thing, Katie." They kissed briefly and then Ellen lubed her up good. Carolyn grabbed some lube and pumped my cock. Then the ladies arranged themselves.

Carolyn was licking Katarina's pussy and Ellen was slobbering on her breasts. I pushed my cock up against her butthole.

"Ready Katie?"

"Yes Don, don't be gentle. Just fuck my ass."

I slammed into Katie's ass and let loose. She was cumming non stop as the ladies licked her and I continued my assault.

I finally couldn't hold out any longer and blasted my load up her ass. I was exhausted.

All four of us cuddled in bed for a bit. I drifted off for a few minutes.

When I woke up the ladies were in a daisy chain. I enjoyed watching them but my cock stayed limp.

Ellen pulled herself away from the ladies and came up to kiss me and reached for my cock.

"Hi Don," She breathed.

"Hi honey. I think my cock is done for today."

"That's OK Don, honey. I don't think any of us will complain."

We kissed passionately and then Carolyn and Katarina came up to try and make a four way kissing session. Our tongues were able to touch each other simultaneously and then Carolyn started to giggle. We kissed each other but it ended up turning into a tickle fight. All 3 ladies ganged up on me. I just laid back and tried to be stoic. I did slip a finger up into Katarina's butt though. She smiled at me and gave me another kiss.

"You really are a butt man aren't you, Don?"

"Katie honey, I enjoy playing with tits. Don't get me wrong. But give me a sweet ass to play with and I'll be happy."

"Or give you two asses made in heaven and then you'll be set for life huh?" said Katarina with a grin as she motioned towards Ellen and Carolyn."

"Exactly Katie. Exactly."

Ellen and Carolyn both blushed and then slid up to fondle Katarina's firm tits.

"Katie honey, believe it or not, Ellen and I were dying for tits to play with more than Don was."

"You really think so?"

"I'm pretty sure, what do you think, Ellen?"

"Oh I know you wanted the titties more than Don did, honey. You wouldn't stop talking about them."

Carolyn blushed. "Yeah but what about you?"

"Oh I think Don and I are in the same boat, Carolyn dear. We like to play with titties but we don't need them."

"So you're saying that when you get to pick your next playmate on your birthday she won't have great titties?"

Ellen blushed. "I wouldn't say that."

"I call BS, Ellen," said Carolyn with a shit eating grin.

Ellen smiled ruefully. "I don't know, Carolyn. You may be right. I'm not really sure."

"C'mon Ellen. Let's say a pretty, tall, skinny girl walks by and she has a nice tight ass. We both know that Don would be salivating after her. Would you pick a woman like that?"

"Probably not," said Ellen as her face got redder.

"I rest my case your honor," said Carolyn with a grin.

Katarina turned to me. "So Don, you would never pick a woman with breasts like mine?"

"Katie honey. I never said any such thing. You know I wanted your sister big time. And if I had met you before I met my wives who knows, we might be married."

Katarina gave me a long look.

"You're serious aren't you?"

"Katie honey, I like you. I really like you a lot. Were you ever married?"

Katarina's face fell.

"Yes, fucking asshole."

"Sorry Katie."

"Oh, don't worry about it, Don. It's water under the bridge now. I just wanted kids so bad and they never seemed to come. Then I found out my hubby had a vasectomy before he met me and never told me about it."

"Wow, that's pretty awful."

"Yeah, he was acting like he was trying and everything. Fucking asshole."

Carolyn said, "It's not too late, Katie. I have a girlfriend who's 43. She just had a little boy and everyone is doing great."

"Oh I know honey, but I need to find the right man, and all the good ones seem to be taken." She gave me a significant look.

Ellen grinned and said, "Sorry honey." She pulled me in for a searing kiss. Carolyn grabbed me and did the same.

I looked at Katarina and blushed and shrugged. "I'm definitely not for you. Sorry Katie."

Katarina smiled and kissed Ellen and then Carolyn. "You two are awesome. I could never steal your man."

Everyone looked at each other and then Katarina stood up and started looking for her clothes.

"I guess I should get going huh?"

Carolyn replied. "I guess so. Katie honey. We can't ever have sex again, but we can still be friends if you want that."

"Oh we'll be friendly, but I don't think we could be best buds. Sorry honey. I would always be tempted to grab your butt and kiss you hard. Also if your hubby was around I might just be tempted to flirt too seriously if you know what I mean."

Carolyn grinned. "Oh I think it would still be OK, but whatever you like, Katie. You see I think Crystal has given our Don some serious flirting over the years and he's never been a bad boy, have you, Don?"

"I've never touched her since we decided on ending that my dear, but I don't think Crystal has really tried all that hard to bed me. She respects our relationship."

"She may not have went all out, but she's definitely made you aware that she was available if you wanted to play. Right?"

"Well Yeah. But it's obvious to both of us that I would never stray."

Katarina stared at me.

"You're serious, Don? You're not even remotely tempted. Ever?"

"Katie honey. I am blessed to have two wonderful, beautiful, perfect wives. Why would I ever be tempted?"

Katarina just shook her head.

"Not everyone thinks like you guys. Trust me."

Ellen said, "It works the other way as well Katie. I've had lots of men let me know they want me and some of them are even really nice guys, but I've never been tempted since I've been with Don. I'm a one man woman and I'm very happy about that."

"And you, Carolyn?" asked Katarina.

"Oh Don was Ellen's boyfriend first and I was always comparing every man I met against Don. None of them came close. And Ellen was nice enough to let Don play with me and I found myself falling for him even though we were supposed to be just fuck buddies."

"And then what?"

"Oh I got really depressed. I was a basket case."

"I can see why you might have felt that way."

"Yeah, that's when my sister saved me. She allowed Don and I to become true lovers and we started sharing him for real."

Katarina turned to Ellen.

"Do you ever regret that, Ellen? Don't you wish Don was just your husband sometimes?"

"I never regret it, Katie. I love my sister and I love my husband. I know they both love me, and I know Don loves Carolyn. It could never work if I didn't love Carolyn as well."

"Right I see that. Don doesn't have a harem. You guys have a true 3 way relationship."


"I better get going anyways."

All 3 of us surrounded Katarina and kissed all parts of her body at the same time.

"Bye honey. Take care of yourself."

"Thanks again, Carolyn for picking me."

"Thank You, Katie."

Katarina left the house and the three of us looked at each other.

Carolyn said, "Wow, she was awesome."

"Yes, she was. But now, how are we going to be?" I asked.

Ellen answered, "Do you love her, Don?"

"Of course not, Ellen, do you?"

"No, we'll be just fine, Don. You'll see."

"I think you're right, Ellen. Just making sure."

Ellen smiled deviously. "I'm really looking forward to my birthday now."

We all laughed and kissed each other passionately.

Ellen turned 39 and I swear she could easily pass for 22 if she wanted to. You really had to look at her closely to find the signs of the years.

Ellen caught me staring at her. "What Don?"

"You're so beautiful, honey. I find it hard to believe that you are my wife."

Ellen blushed and then smiled impishly. "Sorry honey, you're stuck with me."

I pulled Ellen to me for a passionate kiss and grabbed onto her ass.

Tiffany and Carolyn walked into the room.

"Daddy, be good. You shouldn't grab Mommy like that all the time."

I backed away from Ellen and then pulled my daughter in for a hug.

"Why not, Tiffie?"

"You just shouldn't."

I glanced up at Carolyn.

"What do you think, honey? Should I be grabbing the birthday girl like that?"

Carolyn giggled and then turned to Tiffany.

"Tiff honey, I don't think it's all that bad. We're not in public. You should be happy to see your mom and dad kissing like that. It just shows they love each other."

"Yeah Auntie, but then sometimes I see Daddy kissing you like that."

Carolyn blushed and then Ellen said, "Tiffany honey, you know the three of us sleep together most nights right?"

"Yes Mommy."

"And have you talked to any of your friends about that?"

"No Mommy. You told me not to a long time ago."

"That's good, Tiffany. You know most parents are couples right?"

"Yes Mommy."

"Well, we don't want to tell everyone, but we're not a couple. Your father has two wives. Officially I am his wife. But at home your aunt is just as much his wife as I am."

"Oh I know, Mommy."

"Tiffany honey, how many of your friends have their mom and dad living with them?"

Tiffany looked surprised at my question. She thought for a few seconds.

"Not very many, Daddy. Giselle lives with her mom and dad but I can't think of anyone else. Annie's dad just moved out."

"Well every time you see me kissing your mom and rubbing her body, you'll know that we love each other. I can't think of living away from your mommy, Tiffie. I really can't."

My daughter leaned in to kiss my cheek and hug me. "I guess you're right, Daddy."

I hugged her tightly and then disengaged. "So my lovely wife. Where were we?"

Ellen blushed and then embraced me. I grabbed onto her ass and kissed her hard. "I love you, Ellen."

Ellen kissed me back passionately. "Oh Don. I love you so much."

Carolyn and Tiffany looked on with big grins.

I backed away and then motioned to Carolyn. "Your turn, my lovely wife."

Carolyn blushed and then reached for me. I kneaded her ass as I kissed her passionately.

"I love you, Carolyn."

"Oh Don. I love you too."

Tiffany looked at all 3 of us and saw us all beaming at each other and then she smiled.

"So Mommy, are we going out to dinner for your birthday?"

Ellen looked surprised and then turned to me. "Are we going out for dinner, Don?"

Carolyn and I grinned at each other. Carolyn said, "We're going to the steak house if you don't mind, Ellen."

Ellen smiled. "Oh that sounds good."

"You mean the place where Stephanie's friend Ashley works?" asked Tiffany with a smile.

"Yes that's the one. You like Ashley huh?"

"Oh yes, Daddy. One time when Stephanie was watching me she came over with Amy and Becky. We had a lot of fun."

I glanced at Carolyn and Ellen and we all were grinning. I'm sure we were all remembering the time when Ashley spent the weekend in our bed.

That night at the steak house Ashley was waiting on our table. She had risen in the ranks at the restaurant. She didn't normally wait on tables anymore but this was a special occasion. She was dressed to impress and both of my wives were drinking in her appearance just as much as I was. Her pale body never looked better. Her dress was clinging to her butt lovingly.

At one point I excused myself to go to the washroom. Ashley caught me on the way back and motioned for me to stop.

"Don, I wanted a quick word with you."

"Yes Ashley?" I was a little concerned. I didn't think I was high on Ashley's list of people given the way things went 10 or 11 years ago.

"Don, I just wanted you to know that I no longer hold any grudge against you. I know you were just doing what I asked you to do. You shouldn't feel guilty about anything."

"That's good to know, Ashley. And I must say, you look beautiful this evening."

Ashley blushed.

"Thank You, Don." She leaned in and kissed me not so innocently and then turned and walked away. Her hips were wiggling more than they needed to.

"Holy fuck," I muttered to myself as I followed her. My cock was like a ramrod.

Later on Ellen and Carolyn went to the bathroom. When they came back both of their faces were very flushed. I looked around for Ashley and she was also very red. Tiffany was at the table and she was oblivious so I couldn't say much, but I did raise my eyebrows at Ellen and she blushed even more.

When we sang Happy Birthday for Ellen, Ahsley was there and I swear her dress almost fell off. Her lovely pale breasts were quite obviously on display if you were looking. I glanced around quickly. Everyone except for Tiffany was staring right at them.

Tiffany had to go to the bathroom after that. Ashley looked at all of us and then said, "I've never been with another man since I married Chris, and I'm not about to start now. But I just wanted you all to know that I sort of wish I was free to have another weekend with the three of you. That was an amazing weekend. I will never forget it."

Ellen spoke for all of us. "Ashley honey, you are such a temptress. I'm jealous that Stephanie still gets to hook up with you."

Ashley blushed all the way down below her shoulders. "Oh Ellen, you could hook up with me too if you wanted to."

"We've talked about this before, honey. I could never do that to Don. The only way it would ever happen is with him there."

Ashley stared at me and blushed more. "I know, Ellen. As I said, I'm tempted. Don is a sexy man, and you two are devilishly sexy women but I can't cheat on Chris with a man. I just can't."

Carolyn reached out and hugged her. "It's good to see some married couples actually respecting each other. It really is."

Tiffany returned then and we got up to leave.

Ashley smiled at us and waved as we left.

Once Tiffany was in bed the three of us joined together quickly for a passionate kiss.

"So ladies, just how much fun did you have with our lovely Ashley tonight?"

Both ladies blushed and Ellen replied. "Oh Don, we kissed and our hands wandered a little but that's all."

"Kissed on the lips only?"

Carolyn said, "Just the lips, Don, although I really wanted to kiss her breasts at the end there."

Ellen asked, "What about you, Don?"

"Oh she kissed me and slipped in a little tongue, but it was over before I really understood what was happening."

"So I guess she's forgiven you, huh Don?"

"Yes, she said she no longer holds a grudge."

"Well that's good to know."

"Yes, except I had a hardon the whole time after that kiss. It got very uncomfortable."

Both Ellen and Carolyn giggled hysterically.

"Awwww, poor Donnie. Your weewee got all hard and nobody helped you?"

I grabbed onto Ellen's ass and pulled down her pants. One of the ladies had my pants off and the other started pumping my cock.

"I think it's time for the birthday girl to get fucked."

"Ooohhhh yessss, Don. It's definitely time."

My fingers were pistoning into both of her holes.

"Any special requests, honey?"

"Just get your cock inside me, Don."

I thrust my rock hard cock into her dripping pussy. Carolyn was kissing and licking her whole body.

I pounded into her hard.

"Oooohhh God, Don. Fuck me."

It didn't take long before Ellen was quivering as she came. I kept pumping into her but more gently as she came down from her orgasm.

"Oh Don, I love you so much." She kissed me hard.

I pulled out of her pussy and then spit into her butt. Carolyn helped me lube her up with her own spit. She lovingly tongued her sister's butthole.

"Ready Ellen?"

"Ohhh yessss Don. Fuck my ass."

I forced my member up her rectum and then started pumping.

"Oooooohhhh. Fuck meeeeee."

Ellen was bucking at me and I was slamming into her.

"Oh. Ah. Oh. Aaaaagggghhhh."

I couldn't hold out any longer and my sperm started spewing. My cock throbbed and throbbed.


I fell away and Carolyn lapped the cum out of her butt.

Then the three of us had a nice three way kissing session.

"Happy birthday Ellen," said Carolyn.

"Oh Carolyn. I love you so much." The ladies kissed each other fervently.

"There Oughta be a law," I said.

Friday night came and Ellen and I were hanging out at the same club where Carolyn and I picked up Katarina.

A woman walked by wearing a backless dress. She had an amazing tight ass. I must have drooled as she walked by.

Ellen caught me staring and she giggled. "Well Don, I can see why you like her, but I don't think she's my type sorry."

I turned to Ellen and blushed. "Sorry Ellen, didn't mean to be quite so obvious."

"Don honey, why don't you hang out at the bar and I'll scout out the place. OK?"

"OK Ellen." We kissed and then she left me.

I was sitting at the bar and drinking my beer. There weren't many single women in my immediate view. The only interesting ladies were obviously taken. I watched the baseball game on the screen behind the bar for a while. I'm a Red Sox fan and David Ortiz had just hit a monster home run. I must have had a grin on my face. The guy next to me said, "You're not a Sox fan are you?"

"Yeah, this could be their year."

"Oh, they're good all right, fuckin' Red Sox." He said this with a light-hearted grin on his face.

"What, you're a Yankee fan are you?"

"That's right."

"Rough year for the Yanks this year."

"Yeah, Jeter's hurt. Heck, they're all hurt."

"Well man, they can't win every year."

"Why not?" he said with a grin. "I'm Ron," he held out his hand and we shook.

"Don here."

Just then I turned around. Ellen was grinning at me as she rushed up for a kiss. The woman in the backless dress was walking with her and she was grinning as she pulled in Ron for a passionate kiss.

Ellen was pressed right up into me and I casually let my hand down to stroke her ass.

"Ohhh Don, There's a group of young ladies in there. I swear you would be happy with any of them."

"How young?"

"Oh, late 20s maybe."

"There's no men with them?"

"Oh, there's a few guys trying to pick them up but it looks like they are fending them off so far."

I glanced over to Ron and the sexy woman. "You seemed to be friendly with the lovely lady?"

Ellen giggled. "Guess what, Don?"


"The lovely lady's name is Sabrina and she tried to pick me up to join her boyfriend there for a threesome."

"You're shitting me."

"Nope, she's going to drag her man over to look at the same group of young ladies."

"I see," I said with a grin.

"I turned to Ron the Yankee fan."

"Hey buddy, I must congratulate you on your taste in women."

"Likewise Don. Likewise."

We clinked glasses and then the ladies grinned at each other. I swear Sabrina was one of the sexiest women I've ever met. I never realized that a woman's back could be so erotic before. She was sitting down so I couldn't really look at her ass but the way the dress kept falling and her grapefruit sized titties kept playing peekaboo. I was entranced. I glanced over at Ellen. She seemed to be checking Ron out and he was definitely checking her out. I tore my attention away from Sabrina and pulled in Ellen for a passionate kiss.

"Let's go see these young ladies honey."

She kissed me back passionately. "OK, let's go, Don."

This section of the bar was packed with people. We had to squeeze our way through some tight spots just to cross the room.

"Uncle Don!" I heard. The only person who calls me Uncle Don is Stephanie. Was she at the club?

I turned around towards the point where the voice came from.

"It is you!" said a lovely young blonde woman as she rushed up and pushed her body up against me. Ellen stood next to me and just stared on open-mouthed.

"Excuse me my dear. Do I know you?"

The young lady did a little pirouette and wiggled her ass for me. Her ass was amazing.

"Wait a second. You're Shirl right?"

"That's right, Uncle Don." She pushed up against me again.

"Well Shirl, I'd like you to meet my wife, Ellen."

Ellen smiled at her and Shirl's face fell.

"Your wife?"

"That's right honey."

Shirl studied Ellen. "You're Stephanie's Aunt aren't you?"

"Yes, Shirl."

She turned back to me. "Damn it all. I'm not going to be able to hook up with you this time either. Am I?"

I studied Shirl. She had hips. I mean this young woman just had fuck me written on her in big letters. I looked around the room. There must have been more than 10 men leering at her all at once. One of them was Ron. Then I turned to Ellen. She was grinning.

"Well Shirl, I think you are right. Believe it or not Don and I are looking for a lady to join us for some fun, but we agreed ahead of time that it couldn't be anyone we knew. I'm sorry Shirl but that makes you taboo."

Shirl started to pout and she stamped her foot. "No fair."

Shirl tried to push herself into me further and I was very tempted to maul her sexy body but I backed away.

"Sorry Shirl honey."

Another young blonde hottie sashayed her way up and joined the conversation.

"Is there a problem, Shirl?"

"Oh Suzie, you know Stephanie right?"


Shirl pointed to me.

"This is Stephanie's Uncle Don."

Suzie's eyes widened. "Uncle Don. Really?"

She turned to look at me and she licked her lips obviously. Suzie had large breasts and they were standing up nicely. It looked like she was a bottle blonde and her face was very pretty.

"Hi Suzie, I'd like you to meet my wife, Ellen."

Ellen was drinking in Suzie's sexy body and she gave Suzie a flirty grin.

Suzie smiled at her uncertainly. "Hi Ellen."

"Suzie honey, Don and I are looking for a woman to share our bed. I would like to invite you to join us for one night only. If you don't mind a little girlie kissing I promise you will not be disappointed."

Suzie glanced at me and then back to Ellen again. She smiled at Ellen.

"I wonder, Ellen, if you can lick pussy as good as your niece."

The ladies started kissing hot and heavy.

"There Oughta be a law," I said.

As Ellen and I prepared to leave, Suzie went to say goodbye to her friends. I noticed that Shirl, Ron and Sabrina were deep in conversation. Suzie butted in and gave Shirl a kiss. Ron turned to me and raised his glass in salute. I did the same.

Suzie rushed up to us. She was flushed. "So what's the plan?"

"Did you drive here, Suzie?" asked Ellen.

"Yeah, I'm parked outside."

"OK, come with us to our car and then we'll give you a ride to yours, and then you can follow us. OK?"

"Sounds great."

Suzie was following us on our way home. Ellen and I were together in the car.

"So Ellen, you never gave me a chance to say whether I liked Suzie or not. You just invited her."

"Oh Puhleeze Don. I didn't need to ask. She's every man's wet dream."

I chuckled. "Yeah I guess, but hey, I'd like a vote in the future please."

Ellen turned to me. "Sorry Don, you're OK with it aren't you?"

"I'm fine, Ellen."

"C'mon Don, I'm already wet at the thought of playing with those titties."

"Ellen my dear, I think Carolyn was right about you."

Ellen blushed beet red. "Maybe, but Don, you must be thinking about them too?"

"Sure Ellen, I'm thinking about them, but I'm also thinking about Sabrina. She's one sexy woman."

Ellen grinned. "I must admit, she is sexy. She turned me on pretty good when she tried to pick me up."

"I thought she wasn't your type."

"I think I was too hasty there. But Don, Sabrina will never join us in bed. She's too devoted to her man."

"You're that sure about her?"

"Yes Don, She was getting propositioned left right and center there just like I was but she always said no. You could tell she wasn't even remotely interested."

"You got your share of attention did you, Ellen?"

Ellen blushed again. "Don, I always get propositioned. I think I counted 16 times tonight."


"And when Sabrina and I were chatting together, we must have got hit on by 4 or 5 different pairs of guys. There were even two football player types. They were like 25 and they were both really well built."


"Well look at you, Don. Shirl was not happy that you turned her down again and she just might have been the hottest woman in the whole club."

"You mean the hottest after you of course."

"Oh Don, be serious."

"You were the hottest woman in the club to me my dear."

Ellen beamed at me. "Thanks Don."

I pulled into the driveway and Suzie was right behind us. I got out of the car and then Ellen rushed up to me for a kiss. I was kneading her butt hard.

"Ohhhh Don."

Suzie came up to join us. "Wow, you guys are going at it hot and heavy already."

Ellen and I opened up one side and then pulled in Suzie for a 3 way hug. I kissed her passionately while Ellen fondled her breasts roughly.

"Oooohhhh. I'm so hot. Let's get inside," said Suzie.

We headed straight for the bedroom. Suzie had a nice padded ass. Her jeans were tight and my cock was rock hard.

Ellen had Suzie's top off in no time and her large breasts were on full display. They were sagging just a little and it made me think they were natural. Of course I couldn't be sure and I didn't feel comfortable enough with her to ask, but they definitely looked natural. Suzie had Ellen's panties off and she dove right in to tongue Ellen's pussy. Suzie's panties disappeared and her totally bald pussy came into view. I was pretty darn sure if she did have pussy hair it wouldn't be blonde but I wasn't complaining. I just sat there and stroked my cock gently as the ladies played.

Ellen pulled herself away from Suzie for a second and looked at me. "Come on Don, don't be shy."

Suzie looked over to me and her eyes focused on my hardon. "Oohhh that looks like a nice cock, Uncle Don. Come over here."

I walked over and my cock was level with Suzie's face. She reached out and grabbed it and her mouth quickly engulfed it. Ellen popped up and joined her. The ladies giggled and exchanged a quick kiss before they tag teamed me. I reached down and fondled Suzie's silky breast. My cock was starting to throb and I was ready for some fucking.

I pulled away from the ladies mouths and said, "Who wants it?"

The ladies glanced at each other and then Ellen nodded to Suzie. Suzie's face lit up and she fell back on the bed and spread her legs.

"Give it to me, Uncle Don."

Let me tell you. I was ready to give it to her. I slammed right in.


I started pounding into her hard.

"Oooooohhhh fuck. Fuck me, Uncle Don."

I started mauling her large tits as I slammed into her.

"Ooooooohhhhh, Aaaaaagghhhhh."

I kept on slamming into her with all of my might.

"Oh my God. Fuck meeeeee."

I could feel my orgasm building. I didn't want to come in her pussy, but I wanted her to come. So I gave it to her as fast as I could. She finally lost it. I could see it in her facial expression. I pulled out and spewed my cum all over her hooters.


Ellen came in to lick up all the cum and she fondled Suzie's tits gently as she did her duty. Finally Suzie came back to herself.


"Yeah, Wow."

Ellen smiled at me and swooped in for a kiss. We were trading spit. Suzie came to join us. Ellen and Suzie kissed passionately. It wasn't long before the ladies dropped down and tag teamed my cock. I was rock hard again in no time.

Ellen pulled away from my cock and wiggled her butt for me as she looked back at me with a wide smile.

I leaned in to tongue her butthole.

"Oh God Don. Fuck my ass. Give it to me."

I glanced over at Suzie. She looked shocked.

I hocked a loogie into Ellen's butthole and then slammed in.

"Oh Yes Don, fuck me. Aaaaggghhh."

I slammed into Ellen's tight ass as hard as I could.

Finally I couldn't hold on any longer and I left my load in her ass.

Suzie eagerly moved in to lick up all of the cum.

I fell back and relaxed on the bed.

The two ladies eventually came in to snuggle next to me, one on either side.

Suzie was stroking me and I turned to look at her.

"Oh Don, you fucked her ass so hard."

I kissed her tenderly.

Ellen said, "Suzie honey, I wanted it hard. Don gave me exactly what I wanted."

I pulled away from Suzie and turned to kiss Ellen. We kissed passionately for a minute or two. I pretty much forgot Suzie was there. I was kneading Ellen's ass furiously.

Suzie said, "I've never let anybody fuck my ass before."

I turned back to Suzie and then moved down to check out her butt. She had a very nice rounded ass. I was already thinking I was going to take her anal virginity. I was rock hard as I tongued her butt hole.

"Ohhhh God, Uncle Don."

Ellen came to join me and we both worked over Suzie's butt pretty good. Suzie kept on moaning.

"Well Suzie, I think it's about time you lost your virginity. Don't you?"

Suzie looked at me with wide eyes. "I just can't do it, Uncle Don. I'm sorry."

Ellen moved in to kiss her. "Suzie honey, it's amazing. You've got to try it."

The ladies kissed each other passionately.

"Suzie honey, I can be gentle."

"I just can't. I'm sorry, Uncle Don. You can fuck the shit out of my tits if you want to though."

I stared at her large firm tits. They looked amazing. Then I looked over at Ellen. She grinned at me sexily.

"Get on all 4s Ellen honey. I'm going to fuck the shit out of your ass."

She gave me an adoring smile and complied. I slammed in. We bucked at each other crazily for a few minutes. I left another load in her ass and collapsed.

The ladies snuggled up to me again. Suzie looked like she was crying.

"I'm sorry, Uncle Don. I'm sorry I disappointed you."

I kissed her and grabbed onto her titties for a while. We kept on kissing. Ellen moved over to the other side of Suzie and then started tonguing her breasts.

I backed away from Suzie and stood up. I needed to take a piss. The ladies were kissing each other furiously.

When I was done in the bathroom I checked in on Carolyn in the other room.

"How are you doing, babe?"

"Oh Don, it sounded like you fucked Ellen twice in a row there. Is the lady still there with you?"

"Yes Carolyn. She's an anal virgin. She wouldn't let me fuck her ass, so I fucked Ellen's again."

"Oh I see."

Carolyn smiled at me and we kissed each other hard. She reached down for my cock and stroked it. I got hard again pretty quickly.

"I need your cock, Don. Fuck me."

I fucked Carolyn hard in both her holes. I ended up in her ass.

"Thank you Don, honey. Do you think all 4 of us will fit in the bed?"

"Sure, why not?"

I led her in to the master bedroom. Ellen smiled at us and Suzie stared at Carolyn in wonderment. Ellen did the honors and introduced the ladies.

"Suzie, this is my sister, Carolyn. Carolyn, this is Suzie."

"You're Stephanie's mom huh?"

"That's right, sweetie."

"Wow, you look really hot, Carolyn."

Carolyn blushed. "Thank You sweetie." Carolyn was checking out Suzie's tits and her mouth started watering.

Carolyn and Suzie were going at it in no time. I pulled Ellen to me and kissed her.

Ellen looked at me with big eyes. "I'm sorry, Don. I should have let you help pick the girl."

I kissed her hard.

"Ellen honey, there's no problem. I enjoyed fucking Suzie earlier."

"I know, Don, but she wouldn't let you take her ass. You looked so disappointed."

Ellen honey, I have you and Carolyn. Anybody else is just extra toppings on the main meal. I'll be fine, honey, as long as I have you two."

We kissed again.

"I know, Don, but I feel guilty."

"Ellen honey, I would have said yes if you asked. Don't worry about it, babe. Just ask me next time OK, honey?"

"Yes Don, I promise I will."

We kissed passionately and then Carolyn and Suzie both screamed as they came hard.

The four of us snuggled in bed and fell asleep.

I came awake the next morning and the bed was rocking slightly. I opened my eyes. The ladies were in a daisy chain. They were licking each other furiously. My cock was rock hard.

Ellen noticed I was awake and pulled away from the other two. Then they all looked at me.

Suzie blushed as she stared at my hard cock.

"Don, I've been thinking. You can take my ass this morning if you want it."

"You're sure, Suzie?"

"Yes, I know that Stephanie and Shirl both love it up the ass and obviously so do Ellen and Carolyn. Please be gentle, Don."

Carolyn stood up and rushed to the bathroom and came back with the vasoline.

"Get on all fours, Suzie. We'll lube you up good."

Suzie complied. Carolyn lubed up Suzie's ass and Ellen grabbed some lube gave me a hand job with it. She smiled at me and kissed me.

"Be gentle with her, Don."

Carolyn dropped down to lick Suzie's cunnie and Ellen moved in to play with her tits. I kneaded Suzie's cheeks hard and rubbed my cock against her ass.

"Oohhhhh, Do it, Uncle Don. Slide it in."

I pushed my cock into her anus as gently as I could.


I just stayed motionless for a bit. Suzie started to wiggle her butt and then she pushed back against my cock gently.


I didn't move. I just let her do what she wanted. I was still rock hard.

She pulled away from me and then pushed back again fairly hard.

"Aaaagggh. C'mon, Uncle Don. Fuck my ass."

"You're sure, Suzie?"

Suzie bucked against me more forcefully.

"Ooohhh Yes, Uncle Don. Give it to me good."

I kneaded her globes firmly as she continued to buck against my cock.

"Oooohhhh God. Fuck me, Uncle Don. Fuck meeeeee."

I started to thrust into fairly gently. She was bucking back against me furiously. I heard the distinctive sound as my pelvis slammed against her ass cheeks. My cock was fully embedded in her butt and she was still thrashing at me.

"Fuck me. Oooohhh. Aaagghhh. Fuck me harder."

I pounded into her hard then. I was slamming into her with all my might.

"Aaaaggghhhh. Yesssssssss."

Ellen appeared from under Suzie. Her eyes fixated on my cock as I slammed into Suzie's virgin butthole. I watched Suzie's hooters flop around as I slammed and slammed.

"Oh God. Fuck me, Uncle Don."

I let loose my morning load into Suzie's butt. My cock was throbbing and throbbing as more cum spewed out. I finally fell back on the bed.

Carolyn dove in to lick up the cum and Ellen came to me and started kissing me.

"Oh Don, I'm so glad you got to fuck her ass. I'm so happy."

We kissed each other passionately.

Suzie came up to kiss me.

"I can't believe how awesome that was. Thank You, Uncle Don."

I kissed her back passionately.

"Thank you Suzie, honey."

We all snuggled for a while. Then Carolyn rose out of bed and went to start up breakfast.

"So Ellen, you share Don with your sister, huh?"

Ellen beamed at her. "Yes Suzie."

"I'd love to visit again if you guys would have me."

Ellen leaned in to kiss her tenderly.

"Suzie honey. I thought we discussed this earlier. This is a one time only fling."

Suzie started to tear up but she nodded. "I know you said that. I guess I'm just hoping that you like me as much as I like all of you. This is the best sex I've ever had and it's not even close."

The ladies kissed some more.

"Suzie honey, I like you a lot, and I'm sure Don and Carolyn both like you a lot as well, but this is the last time we will have sex together. I'm sorry, honey."

Suzie started crying. "Oh Ellen." They kissed some more. Ellen looked up at me and signalled with her eyes for me to leave. Suzie was oblivious. I stroked Ellen's body and she smiled at me as Suzie cried into her shoulder. I left the bedroom and found Carolyn in the kitchen.

"Hi Don. What's up, honey?"

I pulled in Carolyn for a passionate kiss and kneaded her butt. She smiled at me and then pulled away to flip the pancakes.

"Oh Suzie wants to make this a regular thing that's all. She's a little upset that this is the last time we will be getting together."

Carolyn smiled at me and we kissed again.

"I see, well I hope you said no?"

"I didn't say anything honey. Ellen is handling it."

"OK Don. Breakfast is ready honey. Why don't you go collect them?"

Suzie was a little better as we ate our breakfast but she was still teary eyed.

"You guys are so lucky to have what you have together."

I looked at her and nodded. "We are lucky, Suzie. We all realize that. There's a fourth member of our household that you haven't met, honey."

She looked surprised for a second but then she nodded. "Oh yeah, I saw pictures in the living room on the way in. You have a little girl don't you?"

"Yes Suzie, She's 10 years old. She's sleeping over at a friend's but she will be back this afternoon."

Suzie nodded thoughtfully. "I know. I know. This is just a fling. I know OK?"

Carolyn rushed over to her and they embraced.

After Suzie left, Carolyn went shopping and Ellen went to go pick up Tiffany from Giselle's place. Tiffany was very excited when she returned.

"Guess what, Daddy?"

"What Tiffie?"

"Giselle's brother Mike and his friends were playing basketball. Giselle and I got to play a little as well. I really like basketball, Daddy."

"That's very cool, Tiffie."

"Giselle talked to her mom. She's going to sign up to play on a team with a coach and everything. Can I play too, Daddy? Please!"

I looked over Tiffany's head to Ellen. She shrugged her shoulders. I guess she was letting me decide.

"Tiffie honey, we will look into it OK? We'll talk to Giselle's parents and try and get you two on the same team if we can."

"Yaaaay! Thank you, Daddy."

Tiffany ran off to her room.

Ellen came up to kiss me.

"Have you ever played basketball, Don?"

"Sure Ellen, I used to be pretty good."

"Well, I've never played. Carolyn played though. I remember watching a few of her games."

"Tiffany is a tall girl. She might actually become pretty good."

"She seems really excited. If this works out, we can look into putting up a basket over the garage door huh?"

"Sure, that would be great. I can take the girls out to the park every once in a while as well. It should be fun."

Ellen gave me a wicked grin. "I wonder if basketball moms are as hot as soccer moms, Don?"

I pulled her in for a passionate kiss and kneaded her ass. "Well, I know this basketball mom is scorching hot."

Ellen was very flushed. "Oh God, Don. Let's go to the bedroom for a quickie."

Ellen detached herself from me and headed towards the bedroom. She glanced back at me and gave me a come hither look. There was no way I could turn that down. I growled lowly and grabbed for her. She giggled and pranced her way to the bedroom. God I love my wife so much.

There oughta be a law

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