Once Upon a Time in D.C
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, White Couple, White Female, Oriental Female, Hispanic Female, Slow, Caution, Violent, Politics,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Deke got tired out, or so he claimed when he told Sam he was leaving. Some higher being must have heard him since his life soon became 'very interesting'. That phrase about 'the gods laughing' may apply here. It seems fate had a way of finding out a lot more about a man than they could ever know about themselves. It also helps when a 'good woman' comes along to pick up any pieces that he might have not considered worth much. Sometimes though, the end result may come at too high a price.

"Deke, I wish you would reconsider leaving us. Man, you have been here so long we would even consider adding that stupid coffee you drink to the machine."

"You are not making this easy old man, but, I have had it. You know it's nothing personal. Money would be nice but I've been here since I was 17 and an OP for 5 years, like who else you got that has time here?"

"Yeah! You call me the old man! So what now?"

"I leased a decent enough place in Alexandria for now. My consulting fees should cover me if you remember who I am from time to time."

We left as friends, we had been friends a very long time and not much would change that, or so I thought.

I had leased the condo, I signed for a one year lease on an Audi Quattro. On April 1st I was on my own, finally.

The condo was one of those multi-level things, more like a town home. It was on the Potomac and there was an indoor pool within the complex. Costs here were pretty high for not that much space and even less land.

Not big but, it was in the middle of everything, at least in my old world it was. I had spent the better part of my life doing whatever it took for the Department of State. Not for the Foreign Service, or as an Embassy employee, I was the one they all called when 'the shit hit the fan'. In a way, if there was a 'book' about that, then I was the one who wrote it.

That and $1.49 plus tax got me coffee at Mickey D's.

That very first day. April Fool's, and I had to wonder about that day the rest of my life. I was free, free at last; free to do anything I wanted. I could ... could... ; I could do almost anything I wanted. I turned over and went back to sleep.

'Tap, tap ... then knock, knock sort of got my attention. Knock, knock again. I got up begrudgingly and noted it was 9:11 am.

I might have put on more than my underwear if I would have seen her when I looked out, but no one was there. No one under her 4 foot 3 inches would have been seen anyway. Knock, knock again.

My first mistake, I opened the door. My second mistake was to stand there, mouth opened and to listen to her spiel. Actually to read her message hand written on pieces of note paper.

It read: 'I am your news girl. I live in the complex with my sister and mother in building 3 B. My name is Anne and I am 12 years old. I also can also clean, wash windows, do your shopping and care for your place when you travel. I am reliable and trustworthy. I cannot speak, but if you have any questions for me you can say them and I can write out my answer. In addition to those things, I will do any 'personal things' you might want or need. Will you hire me to do things for you?'

I dropped to my knees to become more face to face to this little pixie.

"Anne, my name is Deke".

I was going to say something but it just would not come out of my mouth.

I, without thinking motioned her in and told her to sit on the couch. I went for a phone to have her call her mom or sister to come over.

She held the phone, looked at me, looked at the phone, turned her notepad to the page that had, 'I cannot speak' and smiled. If that smile could be immortalized, the 'Mona Lisa' would fall in rank.

Man, all 65 or so pounds of her, faded jeans, too small shirt and baseball cap now took on the new look some model might wear. If she was this cute at 12, I pitied the hearts she would break in a few years.

"Just dial the number Hon, I'll try to speak to one of them, if they are like most women though I may not get a word in."

That smile again. She called and handed me the phone.


"Hello, may I please speak to Anne's mother or sister. This is Deke Carter in 201, Building 4-A."

"Is there a problem?"

"No, not at all, she has 'told' me about some things she..."

"Look, I'm on my way out. If you want her to do stuff, tell her, she can give you a price, just tell her what you want. I gotta go!"

I put the phone down and sat down on the floor next to Anne.

"Looks like somebody just sends her little slave out for 'rental', huh?"

I got a nod.

"Do you get to keep any money?"

A negative head shake.

A thought burst to the front of my mind.

"If I could find you a better place to live, one where you could just be a little girl, go to school and learn to become something you want, would you want me to do that?"

She started crying and kept nodding her head.

I picked the phone and made a call.

The non-descript voice that answered got a code, ID and a message to give. "I need a favour, ASAP" was the message.

I had seen young girls like this many times, not usually in the US though. They all had something to 'sell', if they were not to be used and abused then they either ran drugs, gambling slips or had to sell their services for money which went to someone else. In time they were either sold to a brothel or killed.

I was about to reach out my hand to this waif. The phone rang. I smiled to her instead and reached for the phone.

"Deke, here!"

"Well that didn't take long. Welcome back and I'll still see if we can add that coffee you like?"

"Close old buddy, I will trade you one favour for another, two maybe. I have a 'friend' with me that needs some help, maybe some surgery too. Her name is Anne and she is 12-years old. She needs to have her life back, like you did in Kuwait, you understand?"

At my term 'friend' her eyes brightened up.

"Deke, man, this is the US, we can't..."

"You got me for as long as you think is a fair exchange. This is not negotiable. We need it done today, now, right now, she is safe here with me and she is staying safe. Is there something I am saying you don't understand Sam? Remember I know where the bodies are buried if 'people' try to give you a bad time on this little favour."

"Yeah. Little favour, right. I sure hope she is worth all this Deke?"

"Sam, you know I never would ask for myself, but if you just saw her, your heart would melt. Sam, she needs help, man!"

"My sister can watch your 'niece' for the few months you have to travel. We'll take care of the leases, Pete and Cindy will be there in a hour or two. Have her give you as much info about her 'situation' and give it to Pete. I'm not going to bother getting you your 'special coffee' this time, I may need to 'trade' you a few more things later on."

"Thanks Sam, you won't regret it."

"Yeah, sure! You mean 'live' to regret it, don't you? Tell that to whoever replaces me for doing this."

"Anne, two nice people are going to be here soon. They are going to take you to a new home where you will be safe.

I will be there in a few months to get you and then we can see about where you want to go after that. Right now I want you to write down anything you can remember. Phone numbers, addresses, names, dates, places you lived and your real name and city if you remember. For now on you will just start to be a normal little girl again. No one will hurt you or make you do things anymore. No one will ask you any questions about the past and no one will think badly of you. Okay, Hon!"

Her hug was a good enough answer for me. I would add my thoughts on the subject of 'convincing' any people who might object to what I was doing, to Pete. Our people were very thorough and provided a 'final solution' to this kind of thing if necessary. I called to have a trace on my phone too, just in case.

"Hon, while we wait for Pete and Cindy, start writing down anything you remember. Better yet I'll set up a laptop for you and you can start listing everything. While 'we' wait I think we might have some food in the fridge or freezer. Would you like that?"

She nodded her head so fast she must have been famished.

She might not be much of a 'talker' but the keys on that laptop were flying as I brought an assortment of foods out. Mrs. Grass chicken soup, frozen mac and cheese, two hot dogs, and a variety of canned fruit. All the things a single guy would have around the house; OJ and water to drink, that plus PB & J sandwiches, if I had any bread.

While she wolfed down her feast like she just left prison, she looked at me with eyes that blended gratefulness and something else. Yes, I now had a better idea what to tell Pete about 'convincing' her soon to be former masters to come to terms that there was a 'new sheriff in town'.

About three and a half hours after I had called Sam, Pete, Cindy and a third girl showed up. The newcomer was introduced as Sam's sister Charlene, Charlie to most friends.

Cindy and Charlie sat down next to Anne and both gave her small touches on her arms and shoulders while looking at everything she had written on the laptop; all the time smiling and complimenting her on what she had done,

Pete and I went off to the bedroom for 'our' little talk; while Cindy explained what had been planned for Anne while I was to be away. Charlie went over some of the things she and Anne would be doing also, where the temporary house was at (Potomac) and the need to see several doctors for about everything imaginable.

If Anne was scared, she did not show it. She was one pretty tough little girl. Cindy later confided in me that she got a bit concerned herself when Charlie was recounting what was planned. Before they left, the closing comments that she would be getting a new identity and if it was at all possible, the very best doctors would try to restore her speech surprised her. Oh, no school for a while though. That seemed to brighten up her day. As the ladies left; the hug and kiss Anne laid on me also brightened my day up.

Pete and I had a very different conversation, not as pleasant, about what to do. That was one thing about Pete and why we had always worked well together, nothing was ever a big issue, a result was just needed to be reached.

This next phase should be 'SOP'. (Standard Operating Procedure)

If everything went 'by the numbers' we should be moving forward with Plan A within 24 hours. Remembering that no plan survives inception, Plans B, C and D were already 'in place'. Like all good things though a little rain would fall. In this case, blood even.

Anne did say she lived with a 'sister', I just had forgotten that. Pete just shrugged his shoulders as he ushered Mei into the room.

"You better call Sam and start your horse trading man."

Now if this were Cambodia or even Thailand things would be a might easier. "Hello Mei, my name is Deke!"

I expected some reticence in meeting me from her, what I was not expecting from the girl was to fall prone onto the ground, sobbing her eyes out. I wondered if crying was something a girl learned at an early age like walking, it sure had an effect on me.

Pete and I just looked at each other.

"We had to get a little aggressive to make everyone there understand the new rules. I think Mei here saw a few things she should not have. Sorry Deke!"

I made another call. After the normal ID stuff. "Ahh! Tell Sam, I need another itsy bitsy little favour guys!"

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