Graduation Trip

Copyright© 2015 by Janet Fremont

Romantic Sex Story: Prologue - Lauren just graduated from high school. She is making a trip out west like a number of her classmates but, for financial reasons, must tag along with her cousin and his friend. It's better than nothing until her cousin suddenly abandons them. But then it turns out to be better than she could have imagined.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   First  

Clear blue sky. A few clouds of pure white, slowly moving across the azure dome. There's one that looks like a rabbit. Another that is clearly a heart. At least until seconds later when their shape would alter and then become something else. The air was warm - probably low eighties - although I knew that it would become quite cool in a few more hours. High up in the Rockies the thin air makes for rapid changes of temperature, but for the moment it was quite comfortable to lie here on the green grass, the scent of evergreens flooding my senses, and a blue alpine lake only ten yards distant.

The sun warmed my naked body and that of the man lying beside me as we dried from our recent swim. This all seemed so natural and yet so very, very strange. Two weeks ago I had been a virgin. I hadn't been skinny dipping since I was a kid and never thought I was the type to ever do so again. I was the "good girl" who never did such things. A month before I had barely met the man beside me - now my lover - and two months before that I was still in high school and had never experienced or even imagined that all I've done in the last few weeks was anywhere in my foreseeable future. How wonderful the world can become in so short a time!

The two of us were backpacking in the mountains of Idaho. Actually we had hiked into this spot and fallen in love with it and had been here for the past four days. Well off the beaten path, as much as any path is beaten in this remote region of the National Forest, we had seen no one since well before we had even reached the trailhead. No cars for many, many miles of the last of our drive and absolutely no one after we took to the trails. We might have been completely alone in the whole world - and I don't think either of us would have minded. I know I wouldn't have.

We had come upon this small lake, clear and calm, a small steam flowing in and another flowing out. It was located in a small bowl between mountain peaks. The forest came down almost to the edge of the water on three sides, the other being a small meadow leading up to the sharp slope up another peak. We had found a campsite on a level area some thirty feet above the lake, a small clearing surrounded by tall evergreens. We had checked and fires were permitted as long as the weather didn't become too dry and we had had several showers since we had arrived, although nothing too heavy or lasting.

We filtered the water for drinking, just in case, although it looked crystal clear. True it was quite cold but that just meant that after we did swim we just needed to find some way to warm up when we emerged. Lying in the sun as we now were was one way, but we had tried several others. In fact, even now the sun was just a second stage - we had first warmed considerably making love on the nylon ground cloth we used for a "beach blanket" out here.

Two weeks ago I was a virgin. Oh, I wasn't totally without experience. I had done my share of necking and petting. I had even given blowjobs - well, two of them anyway. But I had never gone further. Now I decided that being a virgin was much overrated. Well, maybe not really, but I had lost my virginity in a most wonderful and romantic way and had also discovered the fantastic pleasures offered by such activities.

While many of our activities are tender and romantic, some are more so than others. But the others are just as wonderful in their own way. We make long, slow love at least once or twice a day but we also have hot, pounding, animal sex quite often. We fuck. A word I never (well, hardly ever) used before. Now I find I am just as ready as any man to engage in such activities. At least with my current lover. I haven't been counting but I think we are probably having sex at least three, four or five times a day and sometimes even more. All I know for sure is it has never been more than I wanted.

Now I was lying here beside him, his hand resting on my thigh, feeling sated, at least for the moment, and thinking how wonderful the whole universe was. I must have dozed off for a little while because I suddenly became aware, as Matt leaned over and gave me a deep kiss, that the sun had dropped much lower in the sky. I also became aware that, despite the hot kiss, the air felt a little chilly on my bare skin.

"Good nap, Beautiful?" he asked.

I smiled and gave the kiss right back to him. "I think so. I guess I fell asleep."

"Well, really, I think we both did. It seems to have gotten a little cooler and, although I love looking at you like this, I expect you'll want to put something on besides that lovely smile."

I looked up at him. "Actually, I don't WANT to but I think I'd BETTER get dressed. Matt, I still find it surprising that I've come to like being naked so much. That is just not like me, or at least not like the me I was a few weeks ago. But with you I love being dressed just in skin."

"You will certainly get no argument from me on that subject. Lauren, you are a beautiful girl and I love looking at you. Not to mention all the other things we can do without clothes."

I gave a little laugh. "Yes, and we certainly have been doing them." I turned serious for a second. "Matt, I want to thank you for making it so wonderful for me."

Matt interrupted. "Definitely no more than you have for me. You are one very sexy girl."

"No, Matt, I mean especially the first time. I know a lot of girls don't find the first time so great. I've heard a number of them at school tell about how they lost their virginity in the back seat of a car and how it only lasted a few seconds. They didn't really get a lot out of it. But you made it wonderful for me. Thank you."

"I still don't think I did that much, but you are certainly welcome if you think so."

We shared another kiss and then headed up to the tent where we pulled on jeans and shirts and our boots. When we came back out of the tent Matt looked around at the sky and remarked, "We probably should be starting to think about supper. It does get dark quickly here."

"OK, let's see what we have left." I went over to where we had our food hanging high off the ground some distance from the tent and lowered it down. Matt came with me and we opened the sack to observe the contents.

"Looks like we have a choice of beef stew, spaghetti, chili or chicken-rice," he said as he held up the remaining freeze dried dinners.

"Any of those is fine with me," I replied but the thought that filled my head was that this meant that we only had three additional nights here before we had to start back.

I think Matt caught my thoughts because he said, 'Yeah, I guess Friday is our last full day out here. Well, Lauren, we know we have to leave sometime." Then he turned me towards him and added, "We'll still have another couple of days on the way home and then in another week we'll both be at OSU. This isn't the end for us unless you want it to be."

"No! I don't want that. It's just so wonderful out here with you."

He smiled at me and gave me a quick kiss. "Then we'll just have to do it again sometime. Maybe next summer."

"Yes! Let's plan on that. Maybe we could even make it longer."

We picked the chicken-rice dish and pulled the remaining food back to it's lofty resting place and moved back over to where we had a fire ring just beyond the edge of the woods near the lake shore, stopping on the way to get the cook kit and small camp stove.

After we had eaten and cleaned things up we sat before the small fire, just being happy to be together, and watching the day change to night. High in the mountains the sun slips behind the western peaks early and there is a long dusk. However, when dusk finally goes, it goes quickly and suddenly night surrounds you. Despite the light of our small fire the heavens quickly flooded with an incredible number of bright stars, each standing out sharply in the clear, thin air. I could never get used to this fantastic display. It is so different from the starry nights I have known back in Indiana. There, even out in the country, there is always some stray light and however bright the stars they are never close to what we saw here each and every clear night.

The moon, short of first quarter, was making its way rapidly towards the western peaks, chasing the sun and I knew that a little later the only light would be from the stars. But that would be more than enough to see by. For now we sat, side by side for some time and then with me on Matt's lap, watching the sky, the dancing shapes of the camp fire, smelling the scent of the pines. OK, we didn't just sit. Once I was on Matt's lap we did a lot of kissing and quite soon his hand worked its way under my shirt and was cupping my breast. I snuggled closer and let my own hand slide along his thigh, occasionally reaching slightly higher and give a soft rub or a quick squeeze to the firm organ between their tops.

Before it had been fully dark for too long we moved back to the small dome tent and zipped it to shut out the rest of the world. From the first time Matt and I had slept nude. It was not something I was used to but to my own surprise I found that I loved the feeling. Especially the feeling of Matt's bare leg against mine, his hand cupping my ass, or the feel of his cock against my bottom if we spooned. I don't know if Matt had slept naked before or not but I could tell he seemed to enjoy it as much as I did myself.

Now once inside the tent we quickly stripped once again and came together for a long kiss. A backpacking dome tent is not tall enough to stand up in but we could kneel facing each other and embrace quite easily. This we did for long, long minutes as I felt Matt harden, his firm organ pressing between us. The tent was lit by our small LED lantern and when I looked down I could clearly see his rigid shaft. I reached down and wrapped it in my hand, giving it a squeeze and a couple of strokes up and down, bringing a moan from Matt. He responded by taking my nipple between his thumb and finger and slightly pinching and tugging it as I felt it grow hard and also felt myself begin to flood between my legs.

Our play went on for a long time until Matt gently pushed my shoulders back, causing me to lie down on top of our sleeping bags. Then he moved between my legs and suddenly bent forwards to plant his mouth on the inside of my right thigh, pushing my legs apart (an action I quickly aided) and started to lick at the sensitive flesh. Soon his tongue was moving not just up and down my thighs but along my soaking slit, pushing firmly against the swollen flesh and stopping at the upward limit of its journey to lath and push my clit which was now standing well out on its own.

Before Matt I had never had a boy go down on me and the first time he did I couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. He had no hesitation and appeared to enjoy it as much - well, probably almost as much - as I did myself. I often returned the favor of oral attention. I have found I enjoy giving head and don't even mind swallowing, and Matt certainly likes it, but in general while he enjoys a little oral teasing he would rather wait and come inside me instead. I like both - in fact, I like everything we have tried.

His tongue became more and more insistent and I rose higher and higher. My hands moved to his hair, not really grasping hard or anything but still making their way through the thick strands and urging him to press more tightly against me. One of the nice things I had found about being out here was that there was no reason to limit my vocal responses and I did nothing to try and remain quiet. In fact I was soon nearly screaming as Matt drove me into an overwhelming orgasm and then continued to stimulate me to make it go on and on and on.

I never really came all the way back down because before I had fully recovered Matt was above me, his hard rod trapped between us and pressing against my belly as his mouth captured mine and our tongues tried to merge. I could taste myself but that seemed only to stimulate me more. Another surprise. The torrid kiss went on for several minutes until finally Matt raised himself slightly and I reached to bring the head of his rampant organ to my wet entrance. He slowly began to push inside, each centimeter bringing incredible feelings as my muscles clasped more tightly against him. When he was fully embedded I could feel his hard length penetrating more deeply than I could have imagined two weeks ago. But that still wasn't deep enough to satisfy me. I raised my legs and Matt quickly realized what I was trying to do and helped place them on his shoulders, bending me nearly in half but also letting him sink even more deeply into my hot core. His mouth lowered to my nipple and caught the hard nub in his teeth to tug and worry it, each movement adding to my arousal.

This was not one of our slow love making sessions. No, I was definitely being fucked and I was loving it, wanting it harder and more. In fact I believe I cried out just that, telling Matt to really pound me, harder and deeper. Even if I didn't actually cry out those instructions Matt must have understood because that is exactly what he did. As he increased his efforts I felt myself start to rise to another climax, this one, if anything, stronger than before. I also felt Matt begin to tense and tighten, I felt him drive into me hard and deeply and release a huge, hot spurt which I could feel deep in my core. Then I think I screamed and my own world exploded in a cloud of stars and sparks and I began to separate into a million little pieces of what used to be Lauren.

I began to come back to reality. Matt was still firmly inside me and I pulled him even more tightly as my arms encircled him. We were both still breathing hard and we were each quite damp on the outside, our skin soaked in sweat despite the cool evening air of the high mountains. (And I definitely was damp on the inside.) As we began to recover we held each other tightly, our bodies pressed together, our breath mingling. I think I could even feel our pulses beating against each other's skin.

Perhaps something which made all the feelings even more exciting was the knowledge that we would almost certainly repeat our lovemaking (or maybe our fucking) at least another time or two before the morning. I let my face bury itself against Matt's shoulder and placed a light kiss in the hollow.

As we lay holding each other tightly I thought back to how all of this had begun, only about three months ago.

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