Haunted Houses and Chains
Chapter 1

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - some times our best time to get off is when we remember the things that happened when we were young. we get aroused thinking of the things that could have happened if we had only done it another way.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   Exhibitionism  

Fourteen year old Bob Canon lived on a 300 acre farm in Holenlinda, Texas with his mother Beckie and daddy Nate. School was out and he was on his daddy's John Deere tractor plowing cotton on the 50 acre field. He was bored stiff because his daddy had taken the fuse to the radio. Two days ago, he had plowed up some cotton while listening to his rock station which made the job somewhat enjoyable.

He was still having a hard time. How could you concentrate with your coming of age with a hormone infested mind! Besides, time passes so slowly when all you see is one row after the other. He already knew he had 778 more rounds to complete because he counted each round.

He was just over halfway when his daddy met him at the end of the row. "Come on son, you have done a good job. Shut off the tractor and leave it where it is. Your momma and I are going to take you to the county fair in town with the Lane's. Albert called and asked us to meet them there."

"Oh! Daddy, thank you very much. Is Linda coming?" Bob asked jumping off the tractor.

"Yes, she is coming also. You two can ride the rides," his daddy answered.

Bob ran into the kitchen when they got to the house to ask his mother if he had enough time to take a shower and get dressed before supper. He did a double-take. All his mother was wearing was a slip with nothing on underneath. He could see the outline of her naked butt. When she turned to face him she saw him look her up and down.

"Do I have time to take a shower before supper?" he sputtered.

Yes, you have about thirty minutes," she replied.

She watched him race off to his bathroom. She had made a mistake. She didn't know they were coming in that fast. She just slipped the slip on to go to the kitchen to turn down the stove on the Brunswick stew she was cooking. "Poor boy," she chuckled to herself. She knew she had turned him on. To torture him more, he was going to spend the evening with that little Barbie look-a-like, Linda, at the fair tonight. They would not let him date until he reached sixteen and got his license.

By the time Bob was in the bathroom, he had his clothes off and was in the shower in less than a minute. He grabbed his already hard-as-steel manhood. His mother's hot ass created a stronger than usual reliever for his teenage hormones.

He went from the shower to his room with only the towel around him. He searched his drawer for the outfit that would hide an erection and allow for easy access. He put on his jockstrap he used in football. With it on, he could pin his cock against the elastic at the top to keep it from sticking out. He then put on his corduroy shorts with the elastic waist and his Nike T-shirt.

Bob was big for his age. He was 6 feet tall and very muscle bound from his everyday workout with weights. He was also in the starting lineup for the JFK High School football team. He was the only ninth grader on the team.

Linda was the next in line to be the head cheerleader. She was a junior and would be the head cheerleader next year. She was proud she lived close to Bob because every girl in high school had their eyes on Bob. Without a doubt, he was going to be the star for the next few years.

Bob was glad to see the Lane's car pull in and park beside them. He jumped out of the car to open the door for Linda.

"Hi Linda; you look spiffy today," Bob said.

"Thank you, Bob. You look pretty hot yourself," Linda replied as she took his out- stretched hand.

"Son, here's $40 for you kids to ride the rides," his daddy said.

"Thanks daddy. Let's go, Linda," Bob said, pulling her toward the first ride.

"It's 8:00 o'clock. Meet us at 10:00 here at the cars. We have work to do tomorrow, son," his dad shouted at them as they ran toward the rides.

"Yes sir!" Bob shouted back.

They rode about twenty rides. Then the next ride was the Ferris wheel. The ride operator accepted tickets for two rides in one. As there was no line, they got straight on. As soon as they sat down they were in each others arms. The wheel stopped about a quarter of the way up to load others. Bob and Linda began exploring each others tongues.

Linda had on a thick terry cloth half top. She did that on purpose so she could leave her bra off. It left her belly button showing. That was the first place Bob found to rest his hand. They broke away from the first kiss and Linda said, "Your hand is too low."

She moved back in to continue the kissing only to have Bob pull back and say, "Your hand is too high."

They spent the entire time on the Ferris wheel passionately arousing each other. When they got off, Bob led Linda by the arm around the building that housed the livestock. The grass was nice and soft. They lay down and began to take up where they left off on the Ferris wheel.

The next thing they knew, Scoop the security guard was standing over them with a flash- light. "You two get up and come with me to my office. I am going to turn you two over to the police for having sex in a public place."

"Please don't do anything to Linda. Take me and let her go, Mr. Scoop!" Bob begged.

"How did you two get here?" Scoop asked.

"Our parents brought us. It is 9:45 and we are supposed to meet them at the cars in fifteen minutes." Bob answered.

The Lane and Canon adults had first met in the first grade and never parted. They stuck together like Guerrilla Glue. It was no wonder Bob and Linda were lovers. They played together from the time Bob could walk around with Linda.

Albert first went with Beckie and Nate went with Sandy. When they met at the fair tonight, the men shook and the women hugged. Then each man hugged and French kissed each other's wife. They had swapped a time or two but they were most of all best friends for life.

They walked around and looked at all the exhibits and stopped at the Hot Wings Hut because it had tables and chairs. The men sat across from each other. That way, everyone could be in on the conversation.

"What are we going to do about our kids? They have reached that high puberty level. If we don't watch it, we are going to have a pregnant child on our hands," Beckie said.

"I wouldn't worry about it. Linda has been on birth control pills for two years trying to regulate her periods. Let's face it; they are going to tangle before it is over. Albert and I are not worried about it. We are just proud it is someone we can trust. We will just act mad to postpone it as long as we can," Sandy said.

"I am glad to hear that. I was worried," said Nate.

Linda is still a virgin. Her doctor confirmed this when he examined her last time. I think she is waiting for Bob to mature. She has told me that there will never be any guy in her life but Bob," Sandy said.

"Well, I guess we all passed down our genes. Bob has had several girls chasing him, but he ignores them," giggled Beckie.

"Let's all just work together to postpone it as long as we can," Beckie said, and everyone agreed.

Scoop was walking along behind the kids when Bob pointed and said, "There are our parents in the Hot Wings Hut."

Scoop followed them over to the family at their table. He said, "I caught these two making out behind the livestock barn."

"Bob, I ought to tan your hide. You know better than that!" Nate said, sounding as mad as he could.

"When he gets done, I'll do the same," said Albert, suppressing as much as he could to keep from laughing.

"Thanks Scoop. We will take it from here. You two sit at that empty table over there until we get ready to go. Order something if you want and put it on my bill," said Nate pointing to a table in the corner.

Bob and Linda sat in the corner, ordered, and then talked about what had just transpired. "Look, Bob, we just have to outwit our parents. Can you get away tomorrow night?

"Yes I can. I can say I am going to the pond. I do that a lot on Saturday night. What is your plan?" Bob answered.

"Well, I can act like I am tired and go to bed about 9:00. Mom and daddy always stay up to watch Saturday Night Live. I will take Shep with me to keep him from barking. Then, you come to my window when I blink the light twice," she answered.

When they got home Bob made a beeline for the bathroom. He was in there for about ten minutes when Nate laughingly said, "Honey, I think he has a bad case of blue balls."

"I am afraid I gave him that problem this afternoon when he caught me in the kitchen with just my slip and nothing else on. Aren't you glad you don't have that problem anymore," Beckie giggled back.

"You sorry hussy, shame on you. Between you and Sandy and my mother, I had that problem from about thirteen until we married. Speaking of blue balls, let's go to bed to make sure I don't get any," Nate laughed back.

Bob got done with the plowing around 4:00 Saturday afternoon. He took his shower and put on his swimsuit and a T-shirt for supper.

"What is the deal with the swimsuit?" Beckie asked when he sat down at the table to eat.

"Is it okay if I go up to the pond fishing?" Bob asked.

"I suppose if it is ok with your daddy," Beckie said.

"It's okay with me. He has deserved it this week," Nate said.

It was 8:00 when Bob left the house. He made a show of putting the rod and reel and tackle box in the holder he had on the back of his bike. He took off his shirt and tossed it on the swing.

"Put that shirt in your room! Don't leave it there where I will have to pick it up!" his mother exclaimed.

"Yes mom!" Bob answered, giggling to himself. They took the bait.

It was just getting dark when he hit the plank that was full of nails. It punctured both tires on his bike. In less than two hundred feet, both were flat. Cursing under his breath he moved the bike off the road to hide it from passersby. He started walking the final three- fourth's mile to Linda's house.

As he passed the old farm house with the big front porch and big breezeway he remembered all the grownups talking about it being haunted. "Hogwash, tales for little kids," he laughed.

He was going down the hill to the Lane's house when he saw the light in Linda's room blink twice. He ran the rest of the way. She had the window open and the screen out. He stuck his head in and said, "Hi baby, I missed you today."

The window facing was at the height of his shoulders. She gave him a blood curdling kiss, backed up and whispered, "Come on in baby. I missed you, too."

The kiss had caused his cock to stand straight out. When he crawled in, he almost took it off on the window seal. He gritted his teeth to keep from hollering.

They wasted no time in getting out of their clothes. This was the first time they had seen each other naked. They could just gawk at each other. Finally, they came together and then began to kiss like they never had before. His cock ended up between her legs, against her quivering clit. They eased back on the bed with him ready to penetrate. They got situated on the bed with her legs up and her feet flat on the bed. Shep watched from the other side of the full size bed. Bob started to kiss her passionately and ran his hands down to position his cock to enter her. Shep could take no more! He could smell the sex they were both putting off. He hopped on Linda's leg and started humping away.

"Get off!" Linda said loudly.

In the heat of passion, Bob slapped Shep off her leg. Shep started howling even though it hurt nothing but his pride.

They could hear her parents coming down the hall toward her room. Bob grabbed his swimsuit and bailed out the window.

When he hit the ground, it was on his feet running. He ran until he was out of sight of the house. He could just picture Albert with a shotgun pointing at him. Only then did he stop to put on his swimsuit.

Bob walked back toward his bike. As he walked, he was thinking to himself, "Why is everything always going wrong? I love Linda more than anything. Everybody and everything is standing in our way. Maybe we should just elope."

Sadly, he walked up the hill continuing to mutter to himself. He could see clearly as the moon was shining. He continued going up the hill by the old house when the moon went behind a cloud. It suddenly got dark. He could barely see the road under his feet. Bob heard a noise coming from the old house. It sounded like something walking on the creaky floor.

With hair standing up on the back of his neck, he said out loud, "What was that?"

The sound was elevated. He could hear what sounded like a chain being dragged along with heavy running sounds across the creaky floors. Then, there was the sound of something hitting hard on the ground in front of the house, and it was coming his way!

That was all it took! Bob began running as fast as he could. He reached the top of the hill and began going down the other side. He heard it hit the road behind him. The chain was clanking around on the gravel behind whatever it was.

It was gaining on him steadily. Even though Bob was beginning to become winded to the point of exhaustion, he continued to attempt to outrun it. He could hear himself huffing and puffing in his ears. It continued to get closer. It could not be more than twenty feet behind him. Bob's breath was almost gone. He knew he had no more than a few feet before he became totally exhausted and could go no further.

That is when he heard it, "Baaaa, Baaaa!"

Bob, at this point, knowing that it was only a stinking goat, attempted to stop. He was going downhill so fast that he stumbled and slid face-first across the gravel. The goat ran up to him and started nudging him. He was glad to see somebody. He had gotten away from the stake where Edgar Bussell had him tied. He was just a pet that was lost.

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