Lost Toys
Chapter 1: No Good Deed

Copyright© 2015 by Redsliver

Mind Control Sex Story: Chapter 1: No Good Deed - Matthew, an everyday nobody, saves a lost thrall from a recently deceased mind controller. How will he cope when she bestows His power onto Matthew?

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Rape   Mind Control   Slavery   Lesbian   Fiction   Cuckold   Orgy   Harem   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Public Sex   Violent  

Matthew Reid - Saturday, June 13th, 2015

"You bitch! Get back here! You don't walk away from me, cunt!"

The summer afternoon suddenly felt much darker. I was walking home from the meetup, sun still out, wondering if I could scrounge up enough loose change in my apartment to fill a growler at the brewery. A couple of the older members were getting together in a few hours for a dozen or so drinks. My night was looking good and uncharacteristically social. Nine bucks, I damn well better be able to swing that. My thoughts of poverty and intemperance disappeared as hate-filled words thundered over my shoulder.

There was a girl ahead of me: short blond hair and pretty cute. She gave one shuddering look over her shoulder; I tried to smile but she was looking right through me. I followed her eyes. The man had to have nearly twenty years on me, maybe another decade on the girl. His hair was wild and he needed a shave, not that I was any standard for grooming myself. I stopped scratching my overgrown beard. He kept on shouting.

"Cunt! I never told you to leave!"

At least he wasn't running after her. She was picking up her pace. Trying to keep enough cool that she just didn't sprint in a panic through the crosswalk and in front of a truck. I would have passed her if she wasn't freaking out. I always found myself keeping a faster pace than other pedestrians. She flashed another look back over her shoulder. I tried smiling again. I guess I'm an ass; I never thought to call 911.

"It isn't like you've got anywhere to go, slut!"

The shit he was spitting was just vile. I never heard that kind of vitriol with that kind of conviction in my life. How the fuck do you get that angry? The sign said don't walk and I could see the girl looking up and down the street, terrified and hoping for a break in the rush hour traffic. I just nearly caught up when the amber light arrested the wall of cars. She rushed across as soon as there was a clear break in traffic. A heartbeat before the light changed. I looked back, the shouting man hadn't closed much distance. I was about half a block from home.

She kept up her pace, weaving around a pair of black men.

"Stop, cunt! Stop!"

"Lovely neighborhood, isn't it?" I said to the guys as they winced at the shouts.

"Love the down home sense of community." The taller one matched my sarcasm.

Then they stepped around me on my left and I was walking after the girl the again. She had her shoulders hunched and her arms crossed in front of her. She refused to look back anymore. She was visibly shaking. I hurried up in three long strides to get next to her. My apartment building was just ahead on the right with two more matching towers ahead.

"Do you want to duck in the building? Maybe call a friend or something to walk you the rest of the way home?" I think my offer surprised her. She staggered a couple of steps before she looked up at me. I tried my smile again. Third time's a charm.

"I just live in tower 3." She pointed across the parking lot.

"Come in with me, anyways." I normally have a stutter when talking to women or prospective employers but I managed to sound confident. "Call a friend, you shouldn't be home alone right now. It won't take long before he finds someone to hold the door open for him."

"Yeah," She flinched at the latest insult. "But I don't know you and--"

"My name's Matthew, so now you know me," I shook my head, "There's some seats in the lobby. I can sit with you if you want or you can just wait for whoever you call."

"Fine," She agreed. I turned up to see the shouting man jogging around the fence. I held open the front door for her. I swiped her in and let the inner door fall closed behind her. It was only a second or two before the man showed up at the foyer.

"What's the slut doing in there!" He snarled.

"It's not your business. And I'm sure as shit not letting you in where I live. I think it's time you head home."

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" He had this baseline of anger. I was not prepared for a confrontation; I'd have much rather let him rampage past me than face off with him but I didn't move.

"Turn around, sir," I managed to keep a bite in my tongue as I affected politeness.

"Listen, you don't know the bitch!"

"I don't know you either," I said calmly. My palms had started to sweat, "But I can see that you're in no state that I would let near anyone else. Go home."

"You fucking idiot." Full stop. He snarled, but he did turn and he did leave. The steel and glass door didn't slam only because of the arm that prevented it. I took a deep breath. I took three more. I swiped myself into the building. I looked over my shoulder and took another deep breath as the door shut.

"Thanks, Matthew."

I looked over to see the girl by the elevators, out of the line of sight from the entryway. She looked to be in her early or mid twenties. Her hair was cut close to her skull, boyish but still feminine. She had gray blue eyes, they didn't meet my own for more than a heartbeat. She was dressed a little warm for the start of summer. Baggy jeans and an unzipped zip up sweater over a black t-shirt. Her white sneakers looked beat to hell. She was fiddling with a gold bracelet on her right wrist. I could see a matching one on her left.

"No worries," I looked at her. "Do you have someone you can call?"

"I don't have my phone," Her voice was quiet and low. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my ancient Motorola flip phone. It was a good phone, provided I didn't mind taking forever to type on a number pad. I could probably afford an upgrade but I had no interest in dealing with my phone company. She looked at me like I was impossible. For a second anyways, before she quickly looked away from my eyes.

"I'll wait here with you, or you can come up to my apartment, or I can leave you alone," I offered the third one because she seemed really skittish. I really didn't want to. She was shaken up and I was worried. She could be in danger and I could be help. She was cute and I was selfish. I hated myself for a moment.

"Can we go up to your apartment?" She asked. "I'd like to be behind another locked door."

"Sure, follow me," It was one of the rare times when one of the elevators was waiting on main. I pressed the seventeenth floor and we rode up in silence. I gave her another smile. She looked away again. We arrived on the top floor, these apartments were no different than any of the others in the building. "Welcome to the penthouse."

My roommates were out. The place was a mess. I held the door open and felt a bit creepy myself when I locked and chained the door. I think this might have been the first time the chain was used in the years since I lived here. "Washroom's down the hall on your left. There might be something to snack on in the fridge."

She took my phone into the washroom. I hurried out to the living room and quickly started tossing the empty beer bottles and delivery containers into garbage bags. I made sure to clear off our couch. I even flipped one of the cushions. I made a halfway decent dent in the mess. She wandered out.

"Thanks," she passed me back my phone. I smiled again. She didn't immediately look away this time, but she soon looked down towards her feet.

"You've got a friend coming?"

"A sister," She answered snappishly. I was surprised but gave her my patience.

"If you want to kill some time. We've got Lego Batman on the X-Box or Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U." I wasn't much of a gamer and those were the only multiplayer games in the apartment I liked to play.

She said, "Thank you, no. I'll just wait."

She hadn't offered her name. I really wanted to ask. She was still quite insulated and I wasn't sure if I should push that. I settled down on one corner of the couch. She took the other. It was a beautiful day out. I mentioned this. She agreed. It was quiet again. A half dozen conversation starters were born and died in my brain never to see the light of day. She just waited. The apartment phone rang.

I gave her a look and then picked up the receiver. "Hello."

"Is this the Matthew that picked up Sara?" The voice echoed as it was coming from the callbox in the foyer. I looked over my shoulder.

"Sara?" I asked. The girl nodded. "Yeah, she's here. Apartment 1707."

"I'll be right up to get her." The voice promised as I pushed the keypad to buzz her in.

"Your sister's on her way." I told the newly named Sara.

"I'll get out of your hair," Sara stood up and crossed out of the living room towards the door. I walked after her. She was putting her sneakers back on, tying the laces. I was still wearing mine.

"Look, Sara, you're not in my hair. I saw the opportunity to do something nice and I'm glad I helped you out. If you need anything else, I'll be home all night."

I guess I had decided to ditch the drinking party. I was sure I'd be missed. I'd certainly miss the guys, but there'd be another one in a month or so.

"You don't have to be so nice." She wouldn't look up even after her shoes were tied.

"Yes, I do," I brought back the smile, "You've never met my mom."

I think I saw the first reciprocation of my good feelings as a smile almost bloomed on her lips. She stood up, giving me a lookover from my feet to my nose, stopping before she actually met my eyes. It was frustrating. I really wanted to grab her chin and push her face up. She had no need to be scared of me. I didn't even consider it. Sara seemed way too fragile. I didn't think touching her would be taken very well. The knock on my door was quick and hard. Sara stepped back from the door. I smiled at her and looked through the peephole, another piece of door technology that had gone unused since I had moved in. On the other side was a tall dark haired woman who looked nothing like Sara. She also appeared a little older than myself. My sisters looked like me but with considerably less facial hair. I looked to Sara.

"Is your sister a tall brunette?"

"Yeah, that's Carmen," She nodded. She snuck around me and pulled the chain back. She slipped around the door and hurried into the hallway.

"You're not going to intro--" The door shut on Carmen's question. I immediately deflated. I had no idea that that whole event could have left me so drained. I used the peephole once again but the girls had already hurried off to the elevator. I turned and looked at the kitchen.

"Wait to go, Matthew," I growled at myself, "You face the ogre and save the damsel in distress and then bring her back to a goddamned sty."

The kitchen was a mess. All of the dishes we owned were in or piled up next to the sink. There was garbage all over the counters and the table was stacked with wrappers and papers. The floor hadn't been mopped in eleven months. No wonder she dashed out of here.

I was worried about how everything would play out. I had no way to check in on her either. I knew she was in tower three but there were a hundred and fifty apartment units per tower. I only had the name Sara which, at this point, I assumed was spelled with an H. She only had the name Matthew. She could have had my phone number. My eyes lit up.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket. There was one possibility. Hoping against hope, I scrolled through my contacts. No, she hadn't added herself. She might not have seen the kitchen before she had made her call. At least the bathroom was presentable. Assuming Craps hadn't left his boxers in there after his shower this morning. Well, if nothing I had a story. I scrolled back up to Geoff.

"Can't make the party. Too busy saving women. I'm a hero."

"Fuck u pussy drink!" Came the near immediate reply. I smirked and chortled. I walked away from the kitchen's mess and meandered back to the couch.

Sara Saint - Saturday, June 13th 2015

I had thrown the deadbolt and had hitched the chain behind Carmen. Today had been hell. Lewis had matched what I was looking for. I had done my homework. There wasn't supposed to be any mistakes. Lewis was the right guy; Carmen had agreed with me. And I was wrong! Again! At least I got away early this time. No more tattoos, no more piercings and no more physical scars.

I was terrified to think what would have happened if Lewis had caught me. Maybe I was too picky? It wasn't like things had been good with Him. He had been callous and heavy handed, but somehow it had felt right. It had felt good. I needed the unthinkable. I needed Him. I needed another man just like Him. Carmen understood. She was also searching for some way to ease the dead weight in her heart. I crossed through my studio apartment, it was bare but for the essentials. A bed on the left wall. A chair under the window. A closet full of fetish gear and my street clothes and a kitchen empty of any utensils but a sauce pot, a water glass, a soup spoon and a cereal bowl. I hadn't even picked up a curtain for my shower.

"Not Lewis then?" Carmen sat on the foot of my bed and began pulling off her boots. I started pacing up and down the flat.

"No! He couldn't make me feel anything! Why! Why was it Him who made me feel this way?" I didn't need to hold back the tears. I learned long ago that I wouldn't cry, never for Him.

"Hold on," Carmen begged, leading forward with elbows on her knees, "Tell me about Lewis."

"It started out fine," I flopped down into my chair, "He couldn't make me cum, but he was almost sweet."

"Why didn't you leave then?"

"You know I had to be certain!" I squealed. I felt my cheeks flashing in anger and embarrassment at the noise, "I pretended it was a game at first. I told him I was helpless if he touched my bracelets together. He liked it, fuck did he like it. It was good sex, but still felt like nothing. He didn't break them apart when he was done with me. My wrists were caught behind my back. I had to sleep like that. My shoulders were killing me when he finally woke up. After another round that morning, he put it together that it wasn't just a game."

"How long?" Carmen sounded sympathetic, but I knew better.

"Four days. He tried to leave me restrained when he went to work or whatever. I woke up this morning and I guess he went out to meet someone for breakfast; I think he was trying to prostitute me. I didn't move right away, because I worried he was in the shower or just outside. I cleaned up, probably should have just ran off right away but--"

"A filthy slut can't, literally, be filthy," recited Carmen.

"Yeah. I had barely pulled any of my clothes on when I saw his car pulling in from out the bedroom window. He only lives on the third floor, but he always takes the elevator. I never grabbed my other stuff and bypassed him with the stairwell. He must have saw me out the window when I cut across the parking lot. Oh God! What if I had let him get in here! Oh God!"

"Shhh, it's OK now," Carmen slipped across the room and hugged me while I hugged my knees to my chest. Her smell hit me, she was using new shampoo; I definitely preferred this to her old apricot flavor. Getting wet reminded me of how hard Lewis had used me. I pushed Carmen away for the moment. She was grinning that grin that always got under my skin. She walked back to my bed and sat down. She shimmied up from the foot, reclining back on her hands and dangling her mismatched ankle socks over the edge. I hissed more than sighed. I put my feet back down on the floor. I wasn't ready to join her yet. She falsely pouted. She sat up straighter.

"So what about this new guy? Matthew?" Carmen began unbuttoning her blouse as she spoke. My cunt still ached from the last few days and the slut was just dying to jab her pretty fingers in me. I couldn't help it, neither could she. I still resented her for this. I shrugged out of my hoodie. I was so glad I hadn't taken the enchanted one. One of His Things I had taken from His home in the aftermath. The violin and the music box were sitting on the floor next to my armchair. Fuck, Lewis had my scarf. I looked up towards Carmen and instantly realized I wasn't going to tell her that.

"He just offered me a place to duck into until you could make it," I sighed pulling up my tank top, "No one important."

"Maybe that's what you need?" She suggested like she didn't need it too.

"I need to find someone like Him. He was never unimportant."

"Not to us," Carmen formed words I struggled to process. Another one of His gifts no doubt. I fiddled with my bracelets as I picked apart her words.

"Oh God!" I moaned around a headache. I dipped my face in my hands. I could only ever think like this around my sisters. Only the girls He had chosen young had it as bad. Carmen actually could keep herself employed. Even if she was technically working for His foundation. I'd run out of his generosity in two years at best. I needed to find, the taste in my mouth made me grimace, His replacement.

"Sara," Carmen whispered. She rolled her shoulders, letting her top halo around her hips. Her nipples were fighting the confines of her half cup bra, "It's not like it will hurt worse looking into a nice unimportant guy."

Four days, hard used and unfulfilled, left a a hunger in me. His lust scurried through my mind like a parasite. Love your sisters when you need Me. He was such a bastard. I licked my lips.

Carmen grinned as she sunk back into the bed. I was coming across the room now. I unfastened my bra. I stepped on it before I climbed onto the bed.

"I am here for you sister," Carmen's hands slipped up the skin of my upper arms. I could feel my lust skittering down my spine. I shuddered. I leaned in and we fell back the rest of the way to the bed in a kiss. Carmen's lips were soft, warm and familiar. I pressed against her, coveting the warmth and comfort in her arms and needing the raw energy in her touch. She was a slender woman and I was still nearly engulfed. I looked to her. Carmen was an enduring beauty. I could see age creeping up on me. My body was still small, but there was a growing roundness of my thighs and ass. Carmen had more of everything, but she carried it better than nearly all of the slaves He had kept. I pulled her bra cups down away from her breasts. Her dark nipples stuck up and, like a thousand times before, I pushed Carmen away from me and followed her down. I bit at her tanned skin and l licked my way around her tit.

"Oh, sister," she was wiggling underneath me. Picking open her jeans and shimmying free of them. Free of clothing, but her toes peeling the sock from her left foot, Carmen snatched my short hair and rolled me onto my back.

"I need you," I whimpered. Carmen straddled my belly and ran her nails lightly down my throat and over my tits.

"Then I'm yours," She leaned forward and kissed me lightly. This was the hardest part for me. I felt for Carmen. Deep unnamed feelings that swirled in my guts chasing butterflies. I rose up on my elbows, her body chest pressed flush into my own.

We kissed, wetly, sloppily, angrily. She pulled one handed at my pants, jerking me off the bed before opening them. I grabbed her hair. I kicked open her knees. She didn't have any other hair to grab. Carmen screams. They come as short fierce bolts between several thirsty breaths. My ears opened for her voice just as she did for my fingers. Her voice vibrated my tonsils. Our tongues and lips kept splashing hard against each other.

"Shit! Please! Lift your Goddamn hips slut!" Carmen kissed against my chin. My whole head was pushed back into pillows. Yanked and tugged, twisting and kicking, she slunk back off my fingers. I left streaks of her moisture all along her torso as I grabbed for her. She was determined to strip me. Carmen pulled my jeans free from my legs. There was a thump as one of my sneakers rolled off the bed. Carmen looked pleased with herself.

"Fuck you," I whimpered, laying back and looking up to the ceiling. She kissed me on the belly button. I giggled as her tongue teased me. The next kiss landed a little bit higher, "Just fuck me!"

She split my thighs with her knee. Her kisses traced up around my little tits. I was shaking with impatience. I looked up, needing to brush my hand through her bangs to see her eyes. I couldn't believe the desperation in her eyes. She never seemed to feel it like I could. She wore it though, and like everything Carmen wore, it just made her look sexier.

"Sister?" I traced around the backs of her ears as I swept back her hair. "I missed you. Every sick moment I was with Lewis, I just wanted you with me."

"I know, sweetie," Carmen smiled, without losing the need from her eyes, "I love you, too."

I didn't, not quite. I don't think I did. I knew the affection I felt for her lacked any control. I had never known control over what I felt, just fighting each question and spasm until I could fit into what I was supposed to be. I was supposed to love my sisters. I wished to give that up, just give anything up, just to be able to choose not to. If wishes were horses then we'd all be scraping shit from our boots.

Carmen bit down on my nipple as her fingers tugged at the waistband of my underwear. I wiggled, hips moving in rolls as she pulled down the pink satin to my knees. I pulled her face into me with both hands. Her tongue skated figure eights over my breast. I wanted to hear her scream again.

"Shit!" I swore. My face was rolled into the pillow. My body twisting in kind. Carmen guided me onto all fours with no gentleness. She dragged my hips skyward and pushed my head down into the pillow if I tried to look.

"You're gushing, little girl," I knew I was red cheeked now. That's what He liked to call me when it was my turn in front of the others. I ground my teeth together not quite stifling a choice swear word or three. Carmen kissed me on the small of my back. Her lips slowly circuiting my ass. Her fingers ghosted up the inside of my thighs. I was stretching the elastic of my panties between my knees as I pushed myself up against Carmen's lips.

Neither of us needed foreplay. I didn't particularly want it at this given moment. He had needed his girls willing and able to fuck Him at a moment's notice. That's what I had come to expect. I needed that feeling, that impatient gratification. My sisters liked to make me wait for it. Stretching out the moment and cranking it up while holding back the payoff. It was like my body was a thundercloud and the electricity rushing around my nervous system preparing for the lightning bolt.

Carmen's breath rolled across my cunt. Goosebumps tightened on my forearms. I was wiggling and humping. The tips of her fingers lightly crossed my pussy lips from clit to asshole. I was digging my face into the pillow, not quite muffling the nasty names I was calling Carmen.

I pulled the fitted sheet from its corner when she first licked into me. My toes were splayed out as far as I could make them. I pounded my fist next to my head. I was half mad with impatience and her first touch was feather light. Slowly, agonizingly, Carmen licked the edges of my lips. Her fingers pressed in where her tongue just left and she slowly had a grip that opened me wide.

"Hurry the fuck up!" I pleaded, "I need this cum!"

She started then. Her fingers had me wide open. Her tongue, rolled my clit from its base to its head. I had to force the tension in my legs, I wanted to moan and to drop to my belly. I still needed more. I knew I'd do hateful foul things to have this feeling. She wouldn't quit so long as I wouldn't. Her tongue trailed back up, reaching the base of my clit in less than a flick. My little nub was resting on the her lower lip and the tips of her teeth. I ground against her face, driving her little nose inside me. Carmen just grumbled and licked harder.

"Little sluts cum loudly for their sisters," Carmen had a handful of my ass cheek, which took a great deal of squeezing with my little tush. Her other hand held me by the top of the same thigh. It allowed me to kick and thrash with my right leg while she entrenched herself in my sex.

I was locked up on a precipice. I had given up pitching swear words in favor of catching breaths. She asked for me loud. He could always be watching; He liked us to play well together. I wasn't going to cum.

"Eeee-Yeaaa-Eeee" was the sound escaping my lips. Every aborted syllable tore my voicebox. The noise was closer to words than I could have expected to get. My thoughts were as if through radio static. I could feel that grin, that cut me right to the bone grin, formed against my cunt. Carmen ate cunt better than most of my other sisters. I closed my eyes, remembering how it felt to be sleeping randomly between Phoebe and Lucy. My heart bled as I pictured Annette's bright smile after I had just fucked Him. I missed them, I missed having a home. I erupted.

Cumming after four days with Lewis was like lifting a stone off my chest. The first thing I did was drop. Carmen still had a grip on my ass and thigh; I spiraled onto my hip. Judging by the exaggerated smacking, she was smirking and licking her lips. I twisted the rest of the way. I may have forcefully slapped Carmen on the forehead with the back of my thigh. Her noises stopped with a wheeze and she was folded over trying to laugh as I scuttled up on my butt. Her lips were wet with me. I grabbed her hair and found my own taste as bittersweet as I remember it.

Carmen was shaking, like a poorly held spring coiled up tightly. She had been what I had been craving. Frustration and payoff left me seeing stars and wilting. Now, I knew what she always wanted. Our kiss was like our bodies, hard pressed and falling. She landed oblique to me, but underneath my right leg. I slid over her body, our hands caught each others and our fingers laced. She husked, arching her neck to break our kiss. I feasted on her neck. Her skin was slick with sweat. The whole apartment was a humid morass. I gave a bite to the pit of her throat.

"Sister!" She called out to stop me. I pressed my knees down into the mattress on either side of her hips and lifted myself up on my all fours. Whitening knuckles and reddening cheeks.

She was looking up at me. Her yellow brown eyes shook. I dragged my hands down along the sides of her body. Her breasts were firm but jiggling. My thumbs rode across the flesh and struck her little nipples. They stood up excited as I moved on.

"Carmen," She focused hard. Sex wasn't usually where we used each others names, "I need you to know I'm grateful. I couldn't have survived losing Him. I, I don't know that I can last at all without you."

"You give me the strength I need as well, Sara," Her sharp grin had melted. Her new smile possessed all the fear and affection that any had ever held.

"Don't attract too much attention with your screaming? Please?" I whimpered.

"You going to go easier than you always do?"

"Never," I shook my head, offended.

"Sister," She reached up and brushed aside the little hair I had, "I won't promise your neighbors won't be jealous but I will promise they won't call the cops."

"You give promises to easily," I muttered.

"You're ruining my mood," she retorted, "Probably couldn't fuck me right on your best day."

I made her jump hard. She was wet. I felt her running around the base of my index and ring fingers. The hand inside her was behind my back and under my ass. The other balanced me on her stomach. She was a knot of tremors.

"You're really stupid taunting me," I gave my best mad scientist's laugh. Carmen spine rippled with my fingers still digging in her cunt. She flexed and twisted. We were needy and so near a fix. She rose up on her elbows, meeting my eyes, panting and writhing. She shrieked. She shook in a hard pulse through clenched teeth. Her breath ran to a stop. She dropped back to the mattress and I fell forward.

"You amazing little slut!" Carmen was too tall for me to meet her face to face. I rested my cheek on her collarbone. I was in the process of shuffling my thighs and wrists to reassert my grip on her sex when she scissored her thighs closed on left leg. This is what she wanted. She wanted the two of us cumming together and coming unraveled.

I liked things a bit rougher, but I had had my explosive cum. This sweet and gentle togetherness never really satisfied me. The hard breathing, tightly held, lovemaking that Carmen needed was antithetic to my personal perversions. I was rising up on my toes, flexing my leg tightly against Carmen's sex. I rolled my ass backward, rubbing my clit against Carmen's leg. This is how she kept from screaming. I couldn't let someone find me in my home, unprotected and in need of an owner, master, daddy or whatever word they were going call themselves.

"Little sister," Carmen moaned with her tongue circling her lips. I burrowed in tight against her. I was embracing her, tightly holding my right wrist beneath her. We ground and scissored as she stroked shoulders and brushed the hair back behind my ear, "You're really quite the amazing little slut. You've become a beautiful woman. You're stronger than most of us, Sister. I wish I was a bit more like you, or at least that you had been a bit more free like me. You never get to shock us and taunt us and shout at us anymore. We missed that precocious little slut. How he got got tired of your acid tongue is the only thing I truly hate Him for."

"Don't say you hate Him. I'll say I hate Him, too. I still need to love him."

"As do I, sister," She whispered into my ear, "Love him with all my heart."


"But he left me to think what I might about him," Her voice was tumultuous with her building pleasure. Our slow rolling hips no longer kept a steady rhythm. I tried. My toes slipped on the pulled off bed sheets. Carmen just drove her body to whatever pleasure she could grasp. She laid a kiss on my forehead but her lips slipped up into my sweat plastered hair, "When we find our new wizard, Scarecrow, be sure to ask him for your brain."

Orgasm burned inside Carmen, finding any exit to erupt from. Her fingernails dug into my back. Her voice shattered into a million pieces. She shuddered as she rocked below me. Carmen thrived in sex. He had long perfected his training before I had come along, Carmen was one of the last girls He had tinkered with just to see how malleable the female mind and body was. She soaked my knee.

I didn't hit like I had when she was eating me. It felt mostly like sympathy to her orgasm. Tingles in my toes and fingers, a hitch in every few breaths. A static jolt to her lightning strike.

Sex with Carmen takes much longer than it does with most other sisters. She has to hold and feel you. She listens for your breath and tells you how wonderful you are as her lungs slowly get back into gear. I slid a little off her left side. The grip of her thighs left two thick red imprints on my leg. I stroked her brown hair, now jet black with her sweat.

"How are you, sister?" I asked after she had repeated "my little slutty angel" for the fourth time.

"Happy, but worried," She answered, her eyes falling lazily shut, "Maybe you're going about this the wrong way? We need to find a man who can be who He was, not who is who he is," Carmen rolled from underneath me. Sitting up on her arm she looked me in the eye, "Tell me about Matthew."

"He's a nice guy. Needs a slut to clean up after him. He's not like Him. Matthew doesn't have that force of personality. No, he won't do," I panicked shaking my head, "I need Him! I don't want to turn someone into Him! I can't!"

"I'm just saying it's OK to think about you. He left us all a big burden. Maybe He was a nice guy too before all this started."

"Oh God!" I shook my head. Could she see what I'd be making Matthew into? But what if he could remain a good guy? What if he could love me? What if he tossed me away? "No, please don't make me."

"It isn't me making you do this. It's Him; it'll always be Him until we find a replacement," Carmen kissed me tenderly, "At least look into Matthew, please? I can't watch you get hurt over and over."

"Unless He was the one hurting me," I scowled. That wasn't fair, I knew it and I knew she knew it as well. We very nearly hated each other for it. Could we even have been friends if we hadn't become sisters together?

"I don't think we can be so picky. Annette is dead. Hanged herself."

"No!" I jumped up off of Carmen and rushed away to the only other piece of furniture, a deep and comfy armchair abandoned by some other apartment's leaving tenants. That was yet another thing I owed Carmen for. I'd have had a pile of clothes for a bed if Carmen hadn't asked the leasing agent if any abandoned furniture needed to be thrown out. Annette was dead? She had been the first sister. We used to bake cookies and look after the cats. What happened to Fat Tony? I didn't notice I had turtled up until I realized I was kissing my knee. I pulled my thighs tightly across my stomach.

"Yeah, Gabrielle even stopped showing up," Carmen walked over and picked up our discarded clothes from the floor and sheets, "They had the wake and funeral while you were with Lewis. If you had had the courage to go, I could have used a hand to hold."

See everyone again? Or at least those who had the courage to make it. Annette wasn't the first sister dead since He had died. Four months and we couldn't quite survive without Him. I felt fear freezing my guts. I couldn't waste any time looking for His replacement. I caught my tongue feeling out my teeth like I had just lost them all in a nightmare. No, I wouldn't have gone to her wake. I would have been terrified that Nadine might have taken me. If I had to serve someone, it couldn't be a sister. Carmen was the least of evils.

I looked up. She was so graceful, even if she was only wearing the glow of the freshly fucked. Carmen dropped the clothes into the laundry basket sitting in the floor of my closet. She was getting it; she was forcing the decision out of my hands. She walked over carrying the pink hooded sweater on a hanger. She draped it over the right arm of the chair. She brushed aside my hair until I looked at her. I could feel my sweat being streaked across my scalp. I was so gross right now. Why did she get to be all grace and glowing? "Just a week. I'm only asking that you look at him. That's all."

"I hate you. I hate Him." Four months ago those six words would have been impossible to say.

"I was at the reception for Annette. The mirror is missing."

"No! Oh my God! You're right, now I have to try. One week, Carmen, no promises."

"I would never ask you for a promise," Carmen kissed at the tears from my cheeks. I didn't think I even could be crying. Sluts don't need to cry, "Never."

"I bet you're wishing I was as compassionate as you," I sneered. Guilt would be gnawing at me again, but for the moment I was just feeling spiteful.

"Every moment of every day," Carmen nodded, "You should start tonight."

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