The General

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Fiction Sex Story: Preface - A VERY handsome young man, named after a famous Confederate general, has no trouble finding all sorts of women to sleep with. He has an unbelievable job - assisting high school girls to become cheerleaders in college. Sometimes their mothers offer incentives. Occasionally, their fathers find out!

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Reluctant   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex  

In every variant of public entertainment, there are the actors, the stars of stage and screen, and the performers. On the athletic fields, there are players and runners and on the tracks, there are riders and drivers. Behind all of these people are coaches and managers and trainers, producers and directors, lighting people and scenery painters. There are hundreds and hundreds of people unseen by the public who perform critical functions to enable the performance to go on. Each of the players, each of the stars has someone else working for them, working to get them a better contract or a different role, or even just a place on the team. Most of these individuals are never publicly identified, but their existence is known, and recognized within the entertainment industry. Occasionally such an individual will gain some notoriety by staging a photo opportunity for his client to sign a new contract or similar event. There are other people performing similar tasks whose very existence is known to a very limited number of people. Truth be told, there are probably only a handful of people in this country that have even heard of the title "Spirit Team Recruiting Counselor", which is probably a good thing for the few people in that profession.

Every college and university in the U.S. that has athletic teams will have a cheerleader team, usually consisting of very pretty girls. For colleges in the south, these teams are VERY competitive, as much as the athletic teams, because the cheerleaders end up either marrying some athlete or college hotshot, or else end up on television themselves. It is VERY, VERY difficult to make the cheer team. The competition at tryouts is rigorous. The candidates must be attractive, physically fit, capable of performing various gymnastic type skills, and have an ability to motivate the fans to support their teams. Sometimes, some of the candidates earn "extra credit" during tryout weekend, other times their path is greased ahead of time by knowing someone with connections who can arrange for "early tryouts" off campus, usually with a coach or a team manager or someone else with influence.

The mothers of these girls are part of the cause of the frenzy. If they were a cheerleader during their college years, they know how hard it was for them. They will do anything and everything to help their daughters make the team.

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