Lez Trek
Chapter 1

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Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The Chief Engineer's daughter of the Atlantis has erotic encounters.

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Space   Aliens   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Squirting   Lactation   Public Sex  

Hi, my name is Jenny Bordin. My father is the Chief Engineer on board our starship, the USS Atlantis. At 14, I already have a slight athletic build, competed and won many athletic events on board the ship. One day, while I was in primary school, a new student had walked in. The teacher told us that her father was the new weapons officer, and that he was an Orion. Before she sat down at her desk, I looked at her. She was around my age, similar build, but, had bigger breasts than me. As soon as she sat down, I felt tingly and damp between my legs. I asked the teacher:

"Can I be excused?"

She said: "Yes, you may."

As soon as the teacher said that, I ran out the door, went into the student bathroom, found a stall, pulled down my pants and panties, sat on the toilet, and, started furiously rubbing my clit, while inserting two of my fingers in my wet coochie. Just thinking about having hot, steamy sex with that green girl, within seconds, sent me over the top. I just screamed:


Then, I just let load after load of cum, gush right out of me, when I came to, I heard a knock on my stall, and a voice:

"Are you okay in there?"

I just went out of the stall and saw the Orion student just looking me over, just in my top with the rest of my clothes around my ankles. All she said was:

"It's okay."

Then, her green lips touched mine, she also swiped her green finger on my slit. She said:

"Well, this would be a first time."

I said:

'First time for what?"

She said: "Doing it with a Terran, by the way, what's your name?"

I said: "Jenny Bordin."

She said: "My name is Zaya."

I said: "What a pretty name."

She said: "Thanks, well, get dressed, teacher is waiting, come by my quarters at 1800 hours, to finish what we started here, and, maybe you can teach me how to have sex like a Human."

I said: "I'll be there."

Then, we both walked out of the bathroom together.

Primary school class dismissed without a hitch. After dismissal, I immediately went into my quarters to study about the history of the missions of the Enterprise. My school PADD went from Captain Archer, to Captain Picard. I went into the Captain Kirk chapter, and was fascinated by the many women he dated. Reading about this Starfleet legends escapades, I was getting wet again, so, I ran to the bathroom, PADD in hand, and just started to finger myself hard. I must have came at least 4 times before I got to the really short Harriman chapter. When I got to him, I asked the ship's computer:

"Computer, time?"

The computer answered: "1750 hours."

As soon as the computer gave me the information. I pulled my panties and pants back up, and ran out the door. Luckily, Zaya was using the former weapons officer's quarters, so, it wasn't that long of a walk. Then, I approached her quarters and rang the doorbell.

"Come in." She said.

When the door opened, all I saw was Zaya in her underwear, so, I proceeded to strip down to mine. She said:

"Lovely bra."

I said: "Thank you."

She asked: "Shall we get started?"

I said: "Yes, lets."

Then, we started to hold each-other tightly while kissing passionately. After a short while, she put one hand on my pantied crotch, while sticking her forked-tongue in my mouth and around my tongue. We broke the kiss. Winded, I asked her:

"It's forked?"

She said: "Why, yes, some Orions do have forked tongues."

I said: "Well, I did not know that."

She said: "Now, you do, so, should you get started?"

I asked: "Started on what?"

She said: "Oh, you know."

Without saying another word, I proceeded to un-clasp her bra and let it fall to the floor, in order to expose her big green tits. I, mean, I'm only a slight B-cup, hers were fuller, almost a C-cup. All I did was put my lips around her green nipple, while sucking on it, my other hand landed on her crotch, and I felt that her panties were getting wet. I, then, moved on to her other green nipple, and, sucked on it some more. I felt her panties getting wetter. After a while, Zaya was screaming:

"Jenny, I think you should stop, I'm about to cum!"

After she said that, I stopped and proceeded to the bed to take her panties off. Once they were off, I just went to town on her bald green pussy. All I heard was loud moaning coming from her while I was furiously fingering and licking her green folds. She started to buck her hips against my face, when her moans turned into screams:

"Jenny, oh, Jenny, oh, Jenny, don't stop! PLEASE DON'T STOP! I'm going to cum, I'm cumming, AHHHHH!"

When she stopped screaming and calmed down a little, her juices were all over my face. She came toward me and licked her juices off of my face.

She said: "That was fun, and tasty, too."

She then, proceeded to un-clasp my bra and started to suck on my smaller pink nipples, her forked-tongue went around the left one, then, the right one, without stopping. While she was tonguing my nipples, she put her hand inside of my panties, and one of her green fingers started to probe my pussy. When she was doing this, I was getting wetter and wetter and wetter, then, I said to her:

"Zaya, please stop, don't you want my Terran pussy?"

She said: "You bet I do."

Then, she took my panties off and started to lick my coochie with her forked-tongue, one end was on my clit, while the other end entered my folds. Then, she inserted two of her green fingers in my pussy, while she was licking me. The pleasure this Orion girl was giving me was so intense, that, I started to hump the bed, while humping her face at the same time. A short while passed and I started to scream loudly:

"Zaya, you are a great lover! Don't stop, Zaya, don't stop, don't stop! I'm getting wetter, unh, UNHHHHH! I'm cumming, I'm going to cum, I'm going to cum! Zaya! Zaya! ZAYA! ZAYAAAAHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSSSS!"

When I stopped screaming, Zaya's face was covered in my juices, then, I took her face and licked my juices off of her green skin.

I said: "Yummy."

She said: "So, I had fun, what about you?"

I said: "Me too."

She said: "When should we do this again?"

I said: "Anytime you want, 'cause, the ship is going to Risa."

She said: "Wow! Risa, I'll be sure to book a private room for us."

I said: "You do that."

Then, she asked: "Are you my girlfriend?"

I said: "Well, I guess I am."

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