Minara. the Grojan War
Chapter 1: Minara

Copyright© 2015 by C. Osborne Rapley

Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Minara - Minara is an ex solider turned bounty hunter earning a living catching human survivors from the Human, Grojan war. She stumbles across a large enemy fleet and is shot down. She crashes on a primitive planet where Minara quickly establishes herself as a bodyguard to a princess of a small kingdom. Unbeknown to her a powerful general from a rival kingdom is a genetically modified human. By chance and political events, they meet and sparks fly.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Science Fiction   Aliens   Slow   Military   Royalty  

Minara sank forward against the seat straps, fighting to hold back the tears stinging her eyes. Everything had been taken from her, now there was nothing left, and it was all her fault. She took a shuddering breath, and her logical mind clashed with her raging emotions. The testing official had pushed her too far. They were checking her poise and grace and he had nudged her, causing her to stumble. She had lost it when he denied his action and she had hit him. It wasn't that he had denied pushing her, but the satisfied smirk on his face was more than she could bear.

It had crossed her mind the official had been bribed by her uncle, who made no secret of the fact he detested her, because as she grew older she looked more and more like her aunt, his late wife; the abuse had started once she had reached fifteen. She pushed the memory to the back of her mind with a shudder, because there was nothing she could do about it now anyway. Who would believe her word against that of a high-ranking officer of the government? Especially since she had been disgraced and banished from her home and family for failing the selection process. She was too violent to become what she had been brought up to be, as the daughter of a high-ranking family. She would never be mistress of her own household, would never be matched with a lifetime partner of the same rank as she was. Even the chance for a family of her own had been destroyed. It had been taken from her by one stupid slip and an abusive uncle. There was only one place for such as her, the Army.

The jolt of the shuttle docking with the military starship, that was to take her to the military training grounds, caused her to wipe her eyes with the heels of her hands and sit up straight. The hatch opened and an officer stepped into the cabin. She was the only new recruit in the shuttle so he looked directly at her.

"Minara?" His voice was harsh and unfriendly.

She nodded. "Yes sir."

"Follow me."

She did as he ordered her to, but with leaden feet. Even her second name had been taken from her in her disgrace. Only high-ranking citizens had a second name, but since she was reduced to nothing she only had one. The officer spoke to her as he led her through the ship.

"During the journey you will be fitted with a battle suit keyed to you, ready for your training. As we will be traveling near to enemy space remember that we have a code of conduct?"

Minara nodded. "Yes sir. Never be taken alive."

"Yes, and in addition ensure you wear your battle suit when facing the enemy. It will destroy your remains if you are killed, ensuring the filthy vermin cannot use it to develop chemical or biological weapons to use against us."

"Yes sir."

The armory sergeant raised an eyebrow as they entered and she heard him mutter under his breath, "Not another female failed the selection process." He saluted the officer who indicated Minara.

"Get a battle suit set up for her sergeant, will you."

"Yes sir, right away."

The officer turned and left. The sergeant's dark hair and eyes gave him away as a member of the lower artisan classes, a Grojani, so at least he would not judge her, she hoped. The sergeant smiled at her. "Cheer up, it's not that bad. Make a go of it in the Army and you will be respected, do well and you will be honored."

He walked round from his desk and placed a hand on her back to guide her to the fitting room. She shuddered; the only other man who had touched her was her uncle and the emotions were still raw. The sergeant misunderstood her reaction to his gentle touch. "Hey, it's OK, the fitting is painless, the machines take care of everything."

"Thank you, sergeant." Minara stepped into the booth and the door closed behind her. She heard the sergeant's voice from a speaker in the wall of the booth. "Please shut your eyes while the scanner builds a picture of your measurements for the fitting system." Minara closed her eyes as requested.

Moments later the door opened. "All done, you can come out now."

Minara stepped out of the booth. "Is that it, sergeant?"

He laughed. "Yes that's all. If you go across the corridor you will find a waiting room, I will come and get you when it's ready."

Just over an hour later the sergeant appeared carrying a wide thick belt. "Please stand up and put this on."

Minara did as he requested then turned to him. "And now?"

"Push the two buttons either side of the buckle so I can check the function."

She pushed the buttons and her suit unfolded from her belt, covering her in thin flexible armor.

"It is impervious to most of the enemy's hand weapons and is self contained, so no biological or chemical agents can get to you. It is also a short term space suit." She nodded, marveling at the suits lightness and her freedom of movement. "This suit will be yours until you leave the military. If you do leave you must hand it back." He held out a tablet computer. "Please sign here." He tapped the bottom of the screen.

Some hours, three space jumps and a shuttle ride later, she was standing in a line with other recruits. As she looked along the line she saw most were males. She sighed, she was going to have a lonely time of it, but at least she was far away from and out of reach of her family. An officer stepped in front of the line and started to speak.

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. You will find this basic training hard and tiring, but through hard work you will get on. Slack and you will suffer." He glared at them all. "At the end of your training here you will have the basic knowledge and skills to fight and kill humans. You will then be transferred to your specialist units. Over there," he pointed to a gray barrack block, "is where you will be staying during your time with us. Your room allocation is listed there. Go and settle in. Training starts first thing tomorrow morning."

Minara walked to the barrack block and quickly found the notice board. As she stood looking at the list she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned to find a young woman around the same age as her smiling at her and revealing filed front teeth. Minara had not smiled since she had suffered the same fate. Her beautiful even white teeth were now filed to ugly points, marking her out as a failure. This young woman seemed proud of her disfigurement.

Minara smiled back; perhaps she would not be alone after all. The woman said, "Hello, I'm Varna. It seems we will be sharing a room while we are here."

"Hello Varna, my name is Minara."

"Hey, don't look so sad, Minara. It doesn't matter a fuck we failed the test to be good upright Grojan wives and mothers. Those fucking bitches are nothing better than slaves anyway. We are free! We will learn to fight and help clear the galaxy of the vermin humans. Then when it is over we can do what the fuck we want with no one to stop us."

Minara looked at her wide-eyed, aghast at what she was saying and the un-ladylike language. "I ... I ... suppose you're right, I had not thought of it like that."

Varna slapped her on the back. "Of course I'm right, now let's go and find our billet."

As they walked, Minara turned to Varna. "Do you know why the humans are considered vermin? After all they are sentient beings?"

"How should I know?" She shrugged "What does it matter? Killing humans is far better than working in a bar or some other menial job, like a dirty Grojani."

Minara slept the first night in the training camp, and dreamt of sticking a large knife into her uncle's guts and watching his innards spill over her armored feet.

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