In the Name of Science
Chapter 1: Artistic Value

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Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Artistic Value - What would have happened if Subcommander T'Pol had really decided to research human sexuality? A tale that goes beyond the lame 'morning after' talk in "Harbinger". This story starts shortly after season two's episode "Precious Cargo"

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Fan Fiction   Science Fiction   Aliens   Oral Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Nudism  

T'Pol closed the communiqué and found it hard to reign in the frustration. Two years of thorough research had gone to waste, because due to her isolation from the home world while serving on the human vessel, she had not received the scientific bulletins that would have informed her about Doctor T'Lera's progress in researching micro-singularities.

Her extensive paper on the subject had therefore not received the scientific attention she had hoped for. Instead of presenting a breakthrough on the subject, her findings had merely substantiated and validated the results of her fellow scientist. Although many would consider it an unseemly emotional indulgence, T'Pol was not satisfied being second. She needed a field of endeavor that would be guaranteed not to be explored by someone else.

The obvious choice would of course be a topic involving humans and their behavior, but to her surprise there were already many studies about the emotional allies of Vulcan and the social interaction between them. Many of those studies were less that thorough and poorly substantiated, but extending and correcting them would make her be second yet again and that was totally unacceptable.

Even without researching every detail of human nature, she had soon noticed that two prominent facets of humanity were completely absent in the Vulcan database – religious beliefs and human sexuality. This was highly intriguing as they were obviously major factors in what defined humanity.

While religion had apparently lost much of its importance in the aftermath of Earth's World War III, it had been the reason for many violent conflicts in recent centuries. Studying the subject would however be difficult as the crew members with active religious beliefs were a very small minority and she would therefore be restricted in the amount of data she would be able to collect.

What she would have data for in bountiful abundance was research on human sexuality and, unlike religion, the intimate interaction between humans was a very current fact of human life. The recent incident involving the heiress apparent of Krios Prime was testament that humans did need intimate contact and were obviously not prepared to restrict themselves to their own species to have their tensions eased.

While it would be ninety-nine point nine percept guaranteed that no other Vulcan scientist would pursue this field of research, if nothing else for lack of willing test subjects, she would also have to overcome the reasons for her fellow scientists omitting such research so far. She would have to engage in sexual relations with humans. While most Vulcans would consider engaging in sexual relations for any other purpose than procreation or surviving the blood fever a distasteful and vulgar indulgence, it would be seen in scientific circles as a necessary empiric evaluation of her theories.

In a way she would continue a family tradition. Her mother was an esteemed expert on matters pertaining Vulcan mating practices and had – for her research – mated with at least thirty different Vulcan males, varying in ancestry, build, experience and age. To preserve her privacy, details about her research methods were of course classified, but none of her colleagues would have considered the necessary practical validations of her hypotheses deviant in any way.

It would therefore be logical that she would mate with humans to substantiate her results. In Commander Tucker she would certainly find a willing test subject and perhaps it would help eradicate those unidentifiable and disagreeable foreign emotions she was subjected to, whenever she thought of the fact that the human and the disagreeable Kriosian female had mated with each other.

Although it was a completely unseemly thought, she experienced a certain irritation that, since the Commander was obviously interested in intimate contact with alien females, he had not even discussed or practiced the matter with the one alien female he had known for a long time – herself.

Phlox's face was split by a wide smile when he noticed the identity of his guest. He had seen this look of mild apprehension and insecurity on Subcommander T'Pol's face before. It usually meant that she had the need for explanation, usually about some facets of human behavior she did not understand or – quite often recently – the behavior of a specific human, the ship's chief engineer. In most cases unusually enlightening conversations would develop over the topic and he had gained more inside into Vulcans and their behavior as a result.

"What can I help you with, Subcommander?" His smile went even wider.

"Doctor, is it possible that we convene in your office? My request is of a most private nature."

He indicated towards his small office and closed the door once they were inside. He sat down and looked at her expectantly. With her privacy ensured her apprehension subsided visibly.

"Doctor, I intend to study human sexuality in both theoretical and practical manners and I would be grateful for any guidance you may offer."

"A very interesting field of endeavor," the Denobulan answered. "May I suggest you ask Commander Tucker for assistance? He appears to be the human with the most ... interest in the matter, shall we say?"

She did not comment on his suggestion, but the slight blush made it obvious that the young Vulcan had considered that train of thought before.

"I was interested in medical details, anatomical differences or health risks, doctor."

"Oh, I would not be concerned about that," the doctor said. "Humans and Vulcans cannot conceive without intervention by genetic engineering, so you don't need to be concerned about an unwanted pregnancy. Except for very minor details, humans and Vulcans are anatomically perfectly compatible. The only noticeable difference is that the genitalia of most human males are slightly larger than those of a Vulcan, so you should make sure that whomever you engage in intercourse with applies the necessary finesse to avoid pain or even injury."

"Thank you doctor," she said dryly, her eyes cast down on her PADD to maintain a professional distance to this immensely intimate topic. "Is there any advice you can give me in regards to starting my research. As a Denobulan you might be better qualified to advise me on the matter."

The smile returned to his face.

"I would not quite rush into the practical details, Subcommander. It would help to first seek understanding of how humans approach the subject and what it means to them. I would start with researching the context of eroticism in an artistic context to understand the importance of the subject. If you need visual guidance on practical techniques; there is an artistic genre called pornography – although the term art applies rather loosely in this context. There are pertinent recordings in the ship's entertainment database, they can be ... volatile, even overwhelming, but also ... most enlightening."

An amused smile graced his features when the Subcommander raised an interested eyebrow.

"Thank you doctor."

"One last advice," the Phlox interrupted her attempt to stand up and leave. "I urge you to consider the impact of your research on whomever you ask for assistance. While most heterosexual males will be quite willing, even enthusiastic, about the prospect of engaging in intercourse with an attractive female, you must make sure they understand the purpose. They might misinterpret the activity as romantic interest or even develop an emotional attachment to you."

"How can I prevent any ... repercussions."

"Do not engage in anything intimate with a human partner if you have the impression that he or she is not fully aware of the purely scientific nature of the encounter. Even more care must be taken with a partner, who is attracted to you. Humans strictly distinguish between casual intimacy for the purpose of giving and receiving pleasure and sexual relations to express their affection. They even distinguish between the two in their language."

He returned her nod of understanding and watched her leave.

He was surprised that the Subcommander was only now interested in the subject. His theory that she had experimented with sexual relations already had obviously been false.

Scientific log, Subcommander T'Pol, October 2nd, 2152 human time, encryption code 4-9-1-5-1-7-7-5-5-8-7-9-3-Theta

According to the advice of Doctor Phlox I have started my research with the definition of Eroticism. The information on the subject in the human database is disagreeably vague and ambiguous, and Ensign Sato also failed to provide an explanation that would satisfy the standards of a scientific description.

A constant in my findings is that the majority of artistic depictions, may they be drawings, statues or recorded images almost exclusively present the subject in a partial or complete state of undress. In many cases the subjects are often shown in poses that serve no other purpose than to emphasize in rare cases primary, but in most cases secondary sexual characteristics. According to an article in the Denobulan research material provided by the ship's medical officer, there is a third option of invoking Eroticism by showing subjects in suggestive or semi-transparent attire, leaving the exact shape of the subject's body to speculative images in the mind of the beholder.

A human adage says "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder". According to Ensign Sato's explanation, there is no clear quantification for the attractiveness of a human. I shall therefore conduct an experiment to determine the attractiveness of my own physique in comparison to human females of different builds. This experiment will be registered as "Experiment E-1".

Purpose of the Experiment: Evaluation of different ideals of attractiveness in correlation to state of dress, physique and sexual orientation.


Doctor Phlox, Chief Medical Officer, assistant,

T'Pol, Subcommander, Science Officer, visual exhibit A (classification: build – trim, bust – medium)

Sato, Ensign, Communications Officer, visual exhibit B (classification: build – slight, bust – small)

Hess, Lieutenant, Deputy Chief Engineer, visual exhibit C (classification: build – muscular, bust – large)

Noriega, Ensign, Assistant Weapons Officer, visual exhibit D (classification: build – portly, bust – medium)

The following males have been authorized by the participants to observe their recordings regardless of their state of undress: Archer, Captain; Tucker, Commander; Reed, Lieutenant; Maywheather, Ensign; Taylor, Lieutenant; Rostov, Crewman; Novakovic, Crewman

Execution: Each exhibit will be recorded three times in identical poses:

Recording One: Standing casually, attire: human suggestive clothing ('lingerie')

Recording Two: Sitting on chair, attire: lower half of clothing worn in Recording One, torso bare.

Recording Three: Lying on back, bust emphasized, vulva concealed by bent leg, attire: none

Each of the males will be presented with all nine recordings and will be required to evaluate the relative attractiveness on a scale of zero to one-hundred. They will also be required to provide a short description of which detail they perceive as most attractive and most unattractive.

Length of Experiment: Forty-eight hours.

Commander Charles Tucker III was pacing in front of the Subcommander's quarters. As if it wasn't weird enough to be commenting on four naked women and their 'relative attractiveness', she now wanted to discuss his evaluation.

Granted, the comments on Manuela Noriega had not been the most flattering, but hell, what was the point of doing an allegedly scientific experiment when the results would be expected to confirm to a certain expectation. Noriega (cheekily nicknamed "Tiny") was a peach of a girl – funny, easy-going and quite comfortable in her shell, despite her BMI. But the fact of the matter was that her character was more attractive than her body and he wasn't going to lie and he hadn't been nasty or rude about it, just honest.

But something other was way more unsettling, and that was having seen T'Pol stark naked. He had been amused by the fact that T'Pol had classified her rack as 'medium' when she was probably only surpassed in size by Anna's humongous jugs. He simply couldn't get that picture out of his head. In fact the last night had been somewhat intense with very graphic dreams.

He was afraid that he would look at her with 'X-ray eyes' for some time, and as if that naked photo had not been enough to send his imagination through the roof; the topless one in the suspender belt and the sheer panties was hogging his thoughts incessantly.

And he wasn't the only one. He wondered if Hoshi was aware of what she had done to Malcolm's dreams.

Finally he calmed his nerves and pushed the button next to T'Pol's door and opened it when she gave permission to enter. He had barely crossed the threshold when his jaw hit the deck like a ton of bricks. He stopped dead in his tracks.

"I'll be damned!"

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