Average Life Turned....Wet!
Chapter 1

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, Fa/ft, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, Wife Watching, Swinging, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting, Food, Water Sports, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Nudism,

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rob and Kim, both came out of a previous relationship with rarely any intimacy. They met each other by chance on a tropical vacation and started exploring a new kind of sexuality when they moved in together....A very wet and golden story. I had this story floating around my mind, completely fictional...or is it? The first part is more an introduction and slowly evolves into wet and wild surprises which will come in the next chapters, about 12 in total. Hope you like it.....

Meet Rob and Kim, both in their mid-40s, Kim divorced because her husband had left with a younger copy of her that he met on one of his overseas business trips. Rob also divorced and actually for similar reasons, his wife left him when she was fancied by a so called 'toyboy', a guy that almost could be her son, 18 years younger than her. It was painful and they did not see it coming and could not figure out 'why' at first in both of their situations. Life seemed ok, doing well not financially safe and sound but quite ok, no worries on the horizon.

They did not have any children of their own, Rob married first his high school sweetheart but she could not have any children. Doctors could not find out why, it just did not happen and his ex did not seem too eager to investigate it any further or overly concerned about it. Actually Rob occasionally had thoughts that she did not want any but she failed to communicate that to him. At first their marriage seemed like any other, basic, average but happy. Several months before their divorce she started changing, dressing up a bit sexier, a bit more makeup, put some dye in her hair, also got a tiny tattoo on her ankle and a piercing by her eyebrow, one step at the time.

She did not discuss these things with him but just came home with it and just said, 'he honey, look what I got!' He should have gotten suspicious but he did not, he was not the jealous type and hey, if she felt good about herself, why not, she does look gorgeous and sexy but the sex was not something that hit home. It was boring and basic. Twice a month at most, under the blankets and roll over to sleep. Some oral sex yes, and she even swallowed his seamen sometimes without complain.

He was ok about it, sex was always the same and Rob did not mind about it much, he did not feel about cheating on his wife, he just compensated by using his right hand and cheating meant using his left hand.

They did have a nice house in an average neighbourhood on the edge of town in Arizona, 2 bedroom house and he singlehandedly build a patio and a small pool and Jacuzzi in the garden where the view was spectacular because the lot's behind their house was bought before and a whole new housing project about to be started was called off because they had found some archaeological treasure there and also some rare animal species, so it was now pretty certain that it was off limits for new buildings for good.

They had one neighbour who were almost never there and their house was about 50 yards further. Therefore a small fence was sufficient. Rob was a car and tire salesman at a local garage about 20 minutes' drive into the next town. His ex was working in a nice restaurant as a bookkeeper and assistant manager. When the divorce happened he really did not see it coming, she told him, packed her suitcases and left, no fights, no arguments no demands. Lucky the house was not too expensive when they bought it and because they both chipped in the mortgage there was only a few more years to pay and he could manage on his salary as long as he watched his spending a bit.

Several months after his divorce he decided he needed a break and booked a vacation to Saint Martin in the Carib. He had worked harder than ever, put in overtime and landed a good account of a software firm in his town and selling a fleet of 30 cars for the workers there and a maintenance contract with it so his boss decided to give him a small raise and a bonus. He decided to take 10 days off when he saw the special offer to the island. Reason for the cheap price, he found out later, was that it was the hurricane season which he did not know about.

That is where he met Kim.

Kim was from California, just north of San Francisco, her mother was from Japan but immigrated as a young child to the U.S. heavy times, experienced the down side of the second world war and spend some time in the camps when all the oriental looking people were rounded up, their possessions taken away, humiliating yes, but after they crawled up and did very well for themselves, a bit above average. Her mother married a farmer from nearby Fresno and he was growing artichokes and later went into wine making.

After Kim was born, went to school and did well, she was number one in her class and went to Berkeley and studied psychology. Kim had a nice figure, not a model or anything like that but medium height, perky breasts, not big but a bit on the small side, the rest of her body nice full but no extra fat to speak off.

She married guy that she met in Berkeley got married and lived her life. One day, several months after she got married suddenly the bell rang at her house and young lady was at her doorstep with a young girl holding her hand. Just for fun Kim thought, "hi hi, a lady with a child, knock knock, it is your husbands", just like some movie scenarios. Indeed she was not far off, the young lady did not come to stir things up but told that she was from Kim's husband's hometown and they had a 'little accident' when they were very young years ago. There was no trouble, she and her parents took care of things and also the parents from Kim's husband had contact and visited the child sometimes. Kim never knew this but she was not upset. Kim was not eager to have children of her own but looking forward to have some contact with her husband's child, making it her step child. Everything seemed great, husband was happy about it, especially that Kim was so modern and ok with it, and occasionally the child stayed once a month at the apartment.

Kim was working at a local clinic as a psychiatrist; her husband landed a job in Silicon Valley in a software firm. The sex was, let's use that word again, average, her husband did not seem interested much and she was also ok with it. She had her fantasies but did not want to discuss it with anyone because she was scared to expose herself and be laughed at or ridiculed. Her husband stayed away longer and longer, longer on business trips and longer at night when she got an anonymous phone call that she should question her husband more about his whereabouts.

When she did just that, he confessed and told her he was in love with a young lady that he met in a sushi bar in San Francisco. That was the end of that. Kim decides a change of life, left the apartment, quit her job. She did get a small settlement from her husband since he was doing ok in his job but she did not want to humiliate him and push and press for more and have lawyers and courts involved. She was strong enough and able to do very well on her own. She bought a backpack and started traveling, first in the U.S. walking for several weeks from town to town, camping, sometimes a motel, meeting people and enjoying herself immensely. She enjoyed first, as a tryout, Yosemite. When she was done with the hiking she saw a deal in a magazine going to the Dutch/French West Indies, the island of St Martin.

She stayed at a place called Oyster Bay, nearby a beach, average hotel but the hotel had a medium sized pool with a glass wall on one side so people sitting there could see under water. The glass was several inches thick and very clear and you could almost overlook the whole pool under water. It was Nearby a yacht harbour with rental sail boats and a nice restaurant that served excellent lobster, what more could you want!

It was there that she met Rob, she was swimming, and Rob passing by the pool and making a remark like "So is that real or does the glass and water make things look nicer than they really are". "O boy, one of those" she thought. He did not wait for an answer, it was just a remark to make conversation and so he went up to the patio of the pool, sat in a lounger, took out a book, ordered a drink and relaxed, soon he fell asleep.

About some time later after Kim had been swimming again she passed him and decided a little fun by shaking her long hair and splashing some of the water on him, she was good at it because she was standing a couple of feet away and he jumped up. He did get a kind of semi hard on from his dreams so a little 'tent pole' was there and it seemed he had pissed his pants when some water from Kim landed there.

Of course he was not upset, especially when he saw Kim smiling at him, "So, awake now! Man what a waste to go to sleep with this kind of weather, take a swim!" "Looks like you have pissed your pants", she was grinning when she said it.

She took the lounger next to him and they got into a conversation that turned out very nice. They decide to have dinner together and talk some more. Plans were made and they rented a sail boat the next day and sail across to a little island called Tintamarre only about an hour or so away were you can have mud baths. Great fun, no one around mud pool near the beach and just smear it all over yourself. First they kept their bathing suits on but eventually they came off since everything was covered in mud anyway and sat there for a while. But slowly Rob was unable to control himself and something came sticking up out of the mud in his groin area. It did not take long before they made love on the beach and did not care if others would be around or not, but no one seemed to be there.

That night they moved rooms, they asked the hotel if they could have a bigger room, maybe suite and gave up their own rooms. No problem only a little extra money changed hands. They heard that a short distance away was Oriental Bay that had a nude beach and a hotel with bungalows and a restaurant also for in the flesh. Since their experience at the 'mud bath' island they seemed relaxed about it and decided on a visit. Spending the day on the beach without a thread of clothing, walked into the supermarket on the premises in the nude and ate in the restaurant at the beach, all without a single piece of clothing.

Rob was walking around half hard all the time but no one seemed to care. He decided to take a walk and felt the urge to pee, looking around where he could find a bathroom when he realized that no one was there to watch him anyway, no one around so he just let go while he was walking and it felt great. He had never done this before but it did excite him a lot. Looked down at his cock and wiped with his thumb the last drop and just made the decision to lick it off. He became hard as a rock and had to wait to get it down. Walked back to Kim, completely flushed and decided to call it a day and return to the hotel. It was something he could never tell anyone because no one would understand what he just experienced on his own.

The next day was hurricane day, not a strong one but enough to stay away from the beach and spend some time in the room that day, watch some TV and browse the internet. Kim came across some funny movies, one of a chimpanzee peeing in his own mouth that made her laugh and she said something like, "now that is a way to do it if you are thirsty I guess". Later when the weather seemed better they took a stroll outside but were caught by the rain and there was not a dry thread on their body anymore.

Laughing about it, they both needed to go to the toilet and said so, "let's find a bathroom, I am bursting, please!" "Sorry Kim, nothing around here". "But why not just let go any way, we are soaked all the way to the bone, who cares, it will wash out with the rain". "Hi hi, thanks, I am way ahead of you Rob, could not hold it anymore and it is already half way out, just wanted to see if you are ok with it." " No problem Kim, you can do whatever you want, you really don't have to seek permission from me, matter of fact I am letting go now as well, what a relief" Rob was hoping that this would go further and naughtier but nothing more was said. It excited Kim as well but she was too shy about it to make any more remarks and was hoping Rob would be the one to pursue further.

After the short vacation they kept in contact and within several months Kim moved in with Rob in Arizona, she was able to find a job nearby, only three days a week but there was potential of a promotion. The sex simmered down a bit and the peeing experiences not mentioned again.

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