Wishing for Dragon Age
Chapter 1: Introduction and aquisition

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Fan Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Introduction and aquisition - I find a magic lamp. I get a genie. Make wish to make my self the best warrior on Earth and Thedas. Meet The Warden's group, and make a wish to have everyone on Thedas do whatever I tell them to. Then make all the females from the group into my harem.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mind Control   Extra Sensory Perception   Genie   Harem   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Tit-Fucking   Violent  

It was a clear sunny day. I could feel the sun on my face and the rumbling of my Camaro as I drove to my favorite antiques store. I had already been on the road for 25 minutes, I didn't live too far from the store. It was a saturday, my day off and i thought i might like to see what the owner of the shop might have. I usually went every couple of weeks, I normally never bought much, the most I ever spent was around $100.00 and that only once, and on a whim.

I guess I should tell you about myself. I am 5' 11", and weigh about 155 with black hair, blues eye, and slightly olive tanned skin. I am caucasian and part Cherokee Indian. I'm pretty skinny. But my legs are a bit bigger than most people because i was fat as a kid, and i walked and rode a bicycle all the time until i got my learners permit.

Okay so you're probably wondering why most of my descriptions were in the past tense, right? Well that's easy, but too bad you got too read the story and find out like everyone else. Ha haha hahahahaha. cough cough sorry got a little carried away. anyway back to my story...

As I said I was on my way to the antique store. So after riding for a good 10 minutes I pulled in to the parking lot. I found a spot close to the front door. The building looked old and you could just tell by looking at it that the " treasures" inside were probably covered in dust. I shut off the car, released the seatbelt, opened the car door and climbed out. I looked at the old wooden sign above the door that read, BEST ANTIQUES IN TOWN, I started to laugh as always did since my first time here. It was the only antique store in town. By then that beeping that indicated your car door was open had started to get on my nerves, I scowled at my car and slammed the door shut, then went and opened the door. The bell on the door jingled as I came in. I looked around, immediatly to my left was a counter/glass showcase for the apparently better merchandise, and right behind that, an old wooden door with a sign saying "DO NOT ENTER". To my right and all around the small store were antiques of all sorts( nicknack's, book's, art, small statue's, and all sorts of wierd junk). Behind the counter was a short, old, fat man with gray hair and a gray beard wearing bifocal glasses. His name is Harold Wilkins. He's owned the shop for 45 years.

"Hey Harold, how's business?" You ask.

"Not too bad John. How's your mom and brother doing? He replied/asked.

"They're doing alright. Same old stuff different day, you know." I responded.

"Yeah I know that alright. So what can I do for ya? Harold asked.

"Well, I was wondering if had anything new in stock? Nothing more than $80.00 though, I didn't get to work a full week this last week, and as i'm sure you know I only get paid for the previous week." I replied

"Hmmm, well I might have a few things in your price range. Just give me a minute And I'll bring'em right out for ya. He said.

Harold went into the back of the store, so I looked around a bit. I found a few interesting things but nothing I could offord, I did find a book called " Master The Dark Arts" that I found interesting, so I started flipping through it but most of the spell's in it called for ingredients that I didn't even know how to find or what they looked like, or they were so outrageous that I could not acquire them without breaking the law or doing spmething extremely immoral. After a total of about 6 minutes I heard the Do Not Enter door open so I put the book down and went back to the counter. Harold was slightly red and sweating when I looked at him, so let him catch his breath for a moment while I looked over what he brought out.

First was a broken pocket watch, it seemed in good condition all except for it not keeping time. I just politely pushed it aside. Next was a small clear blue vial about 1.5 " tall and 1/3" inch around. The label said male enhancement, I just nervously chuckled and sat it next to the watch. By this time Harold was looking better, and he was watching me look at items. Now he spoke up.

"You sure you don't want one of those you set aside? How about that little vial, i'm sure someone like you could use it?" Harold asked

"No thanks, my equipment is working just fine thank you. And i'm sure I don't need it for the size increase, i've never gotten complaints before." I nervously reply. I just don't think someone I hardly know should be talking about my privates.

"Aw i'm just teasing ya. Just go ahead and look the rest over, n'tell me whatever one ya choose." He said. I looked at what was left, there were about 6 pieces left, but one in particular caught my eye. It was a genie lamp, but smaller than the one in the Alladin cartoon, and you could hook it on a keychain. It looked a little dirty but nothing a little elbow grease couldn't fix. Not only that, but it felt like something was drawing me to it, now I didn't understand or question that feeling at the time. But now I am positive that something was working it's magic on me, but that is for later. Apparently Harold saw the look in my eye, and when I finally looked up he had a look on his face like a car-salsesman.

"Ahh. I see the old lamp caught your eye. If you want it it'll be $60.00."He said.

I knew what he was doing, that lamp wasn't worth more than $40.00. But he was hoping I would be sooo eager to buy it, that I'd pay more. Ha, he may have known how much I wanted it, but he didn't know I knew how much It was really worth.

"I'll give you $15.50 for it." I countered. He spluttered a bit when I said that, and I was wearing a cheeky grin.

"W-w-w-what!!?" He stuttered. "No! Sorry but I can't take any less than..."

"Alright $39.50." I interrupted. Knowing it would likely keep him off balance.

"Sigh ... Tell you what. Give me $52.50 and it's yours." Harold countered, acting like that price would hurt his profits.

"Hey don't act so glum we both know it's only worth $40.00. But you've got a deal."

Harold looked suprised that I knew the actual price.

"You mean to tell me you knew all along what it was worth, yet you let me act like a dummy?" He asked, and I nodded and grinned." Well don't that beat all?"

"Sorry Harold but you saw the look in my eye, and tried to jip me because of it. I mean, I would have given you $60.00 for it, but you let your greed get the better of you for a moment."I said as I pulled out the money and handed it to Harold." But a deal's a deal, here is your money."

"Yep your right. If this does turn out to be the kind of lamp I was hoping it to be, you deserve it more. I tried to cheat you, and you still let me get some profit. You sir, are a better man than I." Harold said a bit regretfully, for what he did or for losing the lamp, i'm not sure. Harold put the lamp in a small box, that he put in a small bag, with a receipt.

"Here you go John, I hope to see you again soon." He said while handing me the bag.

"Alright, see you next time." I told Harold as I left the shop.

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