Chapter 1

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BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Some people keep exotic animals at pets, but others prefer to turn beautiful women into their sex pets and dress them as exotic animals.

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Reluctant   Slavery   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Furry   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Daughter   DomSub   MaleDom   Spanking   Light Bond   Group Sex   Harem   Interracial   Black Female   White Male   White Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Squirting   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Tit-Fucking   Analingus   Big Breasts   Slow   Violent  

“Sir, we have a problem.”

I continued lovingly stroking the brush through Michelle’s beautiful mane as I looked over at Antonio. He knows not to disturb me while I am working with my pets, so he must have felt it was something important enough to warrant the disturbance, especially since we were sitting naked on the chaise as I fixed her hair. “Yes Antonio, What seems to be the issue,” I asked as I set the brush down. I started running my fingers through Shelly’s thick blond mane before I pulling it back, separating it, and weaving it into a simple braid.

“Sorry for disturbing you, Julien, as I can see you’re a bit busy, but it is important. I received a call from the new acquisitions team.”

I looked back over at him in surprise. “Was there a problem with Dawn’s pickup last night?”

“No,” Antonio responds, “No problems with Dawn. Her mother gave her the sedative to have her ready for the pickup team, although probably not early enough all things considered. They have her in route and the payments have already gone through. The issue is with the twins, Hope and Faith.”

I felt Shelly tensing up against me; she has a special interest in the twins. Being the only tigress in my menagerie currently, and one of my personal favorites, I had already told her about the two new acquisitions who were going to become her sisters. As I finished braiding her hair, I ran my hands down her back to sooth her. “It’s okay my pet,” I whispered in her ear. “Your sisters will be fine.”

“The twins,” I asked Antonio. “They are still a week out from their fifteenth birthday. They’re not due to be picked up for at least another year. How are we having an issue with them?”

“Well, as you know, the girls’ keeper has been monitoring them rather closely,” he replied. “She even went as far as putting a listening device in their bedroom after she discovered they were exploring their sexuality together.”

“Yes, I remember she was very concerned when she called to inform us. Probably most concerned about losing the money we offered for her daughters. The contract is very clear regarding them having to be virgins when we pick them up. She thought them losing their hymen through playing with each other would invalidate it. I can understand her fear, as we have been paying her four grand a month since they were twelve to take care of their needs. That was about the time I decided they would both make lovely tigresses and told Shelly here about her new sisters,” I replied as I started running my fingertips across her flanks and stomach, eliciting a purr from my lovely tigress. “What is her concern now? I made it clear to her that them playing with each other was not an issue.”

Antonio rolled his eyes before continueing. “She claims she has been having a difficult time keeping them away from anything larger than each other’s fingers and tongues for satisfaction, but her reason for calling was because she overheard them discussing plans to lose their virginity. They have been planning to try seducing a couple of the boys they go to school with on their fifteenth birthday. She feels she can stop that, but is not sure how long she will be able to keep them from having sex, as they both seem very willing to find a way.”

“They are younger than we prefer for a pickup, but we may not have a choice. Is she amenable to an early pickup,” I asked.

“Yes actually, she was calling to ask if we wanted to arrange an earlier pick up of them because of this.” Antonio replied. “She didn’t wish to let go of her daughters early, but is aware of the facts. If she doesn’t get the money you offered her, she won’t be able to support her family. The only way she has been able to get by for the past two years is because of the maintenance payments of the twins. The money we offered for them will not only allow her to support her other three children, but will put them through college, while having enough to last her for life.”

“I have my doubts about that, but as long as the college funds were set up as I specified it’s not my problem anymore. Where is the pickup group? They picked up Dawn last night in Maine; the twins are in Texas; can they make the stop to get them as well?”

“I anticipated your response and got hold of them just in case, they were delayed in Maine by the weather. I asked them to stop in Dallas for fuel and wait in case you decided to have them pick up the twins as well. They should be arriving in Texas within the hour,” Antonio told me with a slight grin. “Would you like me to make the arrangements with the pick-up crew and the twins’ mother?”

“Yes,” I replied. “An extra day’s delay getting Dawn here will not make a difference, but we need to get the twins before they get themselves into trouble. I would hate to lose such lovely pets because they could not contain themselves.”

“Very good Sir, I will make the arrangements,” Antonio stated as he left the pens to go make his calls.

I turned my attention back to Shelly and began running one of my hands down across her thighs as the other came up to her breasts. I slowly started tracing small circles up her thigh and across her breasts. “Well my little tiger, it seems you will be getting your sisters sooner than we anticipated.”

“MMMMM thank you Master,” she moaned as my fingers reached her nipple and the lips of her pussy. “You are so good to me. I know it will be a few weeks before they are ready to accept their new lives and join me in the pen, but may I be allowed to help teach them how to pleasure you, Master?”

I slowly sank my finger deep into her pussy as my other hand began pinching her nipple, causing her to arch her body harder back into mine. “Actually my little tiger, they will be staying here with you from the beginning. The two rooms we added to your cabin were in anticipation of their arrival. They will be restrained to keep them from hurting themselves, but I want to see if being with you will help them adjust to their new lives faster. I will have the walls removed by tonight so you can assist in setting up their sleeping areas. I even expect you to assist me in giving the new pets their nightly pleasures.”

I could feel her holding her breath as soon as I said the new arrivals would be with her, and as I finished, she squealed with excitement. Turning her body more towards me, she planted her lips squarely on mine.

My hand that had been pinching her nipple came around her back as she turned more. She brought her hands to my body, one going around my neck as she continued to passionately kiss me, the other dropping down to my groin. She grasped my cock and began stroking it with the same slow pace my fingers maintained in her pussy.

She pulled away from my mouth, slowly nibbling her way down my jaw and neck as she spoke. “Please Master, may I be allowed to show you my gratitude for this wonderful gift?”

“Someone is being a very uppity little pet today,” I said as the hand I had around her back descended, sharply contacting with her ass. “But I will let it slide for now as I can feel your excitement over your new sisters.” Sliding my fingers out of her dripping pussy, I put both hands on her ass and pulled her body hard against mine, lifting her up to place the entrance of her slit against my hard cock as I pulled her legs around me. I slid her pussy across my cock several times, smearing her juices all over my shaft.

“As for showing your gratitude my pet, I will allow you to ride me to start. Show me your appreciation for your new sisters, let me feel your spirit little tiger,” I said as I lined her slit up with the head of my cock and pulled her down onto my shaft. I could feel from the contractions in her pussy as she started to rock her hips against mine that she was close to her first orgasm. She started grinding her hips harder against me, rubbing her clit up against my pubic bone trying to push herself over the edge as I dug my fingers into the flesh of her ass. I leaned down and bit at the nape of her neck at the same time I slid one of the fingers that was still coated with her juices deep into her anus to trigger her orgasm.

With most of my pets, I would be rather upset with them focusing on their own orgasm before my pleasure, but not my little Shelly. I usually made sure my pets came on my fingers and tongue before I mounted them anyway, but she was so multi orgasmic that her first was just a warm up. It opened her up and unleashed the tigress that was buried inside her. As she came down from the peak, I heard a growl from deep in her throat as she started to bounce up and down on my shaft while her hips went into overdrive. It was rather amazing that she could manage to bounce up and down while still rotating her hips as if she was a professional belly dancer but she kept grinding on me hard. Even as I felt her pussy spasming through her second and third orgasms, she never slowed down or missed a stroke.

With the one hand still on her ass, and my finger buried deep in her back door, I brought the other had around to catch her breast. Grasping her nipple between my thumb and first finger I began pinching and rolling the hardened little nub between them while sinking the rest of my fingers into the fleshy mound of her breast. My little pet was truly inspired today and was riding me like a woman possessed. I could see her face scrunched up in concentration as she fought to stave off her next orgasm, her breath growing more ragged by the minute. “Please Master, Please fill me up. Please let me pleasure you with my body,” she panted repeatedly, begging me to cum in her. I have never let any of my pets ride me to completion, not even Shelly in the seven years since we lost our virginity together the night I made her my first official pet. Nevertheless, Shelly was special; she was born on the island and was raised knowing she would become my tiger. From the time we were four years old, we knew that we would be each other’s first time in everything. She takes the greatest joy in knowing she is my favorite pet and giving herself completely to her master. Therefore, I decided it would be appropriate to give her the last first I have.

“Only for you my little tiger,” I moaned as I finally let go and began pumping my seed deep into her body. Feeling me start to cum as she rode me finally overrode her resistance and she started cumming hard, screaming her pleasure to the heavens as she received the gift that none of my other pets will probably be able to claim. Her Master had let her remain in control during his orgasm. With her breathing finally coming back under control, she wrapped herself tighter around my body, with tears of joy streaming down her cheeks, murmuring, “thank you my Master, I love you Master.”

I gently rubbed her back as she slowly regained control of her emotions, my cock growing soft inside her body but unable to come out because of how tightly she clung to me. “Thank you again my Master, for this special gift on top of bringing me new sisters. Now I must clean my Master up before we can get ready to go out to the courtyard.” Slowly she disengaged from my body, letting my cock slid out of her as she slid down to her knees in front of me. Gently and lovingly, she took my cock in her hands and began to lick and suck all of our combined juices off my cock and balls. As she finished she placed one last kiss directly on the crown and again whispered, “Thank you Master,” before standing up and going to get her furs on.

Knowing I was watching her dress, she started with the thigh high boots. They were a special design made entirely out of real tiger skin with an actual tiger’s paw as the toe and a 4-inch heel. After smoothing them on her legs and zipping them, they looked like a second skin. She was holding her tail and reaching for the lubricant all of my pets keep at their dressing table when I stopped her. “Tail last my little tiger, we have unfinished business to take care of, I will put your tail on after.”

“Yes Master,” she replied as she set the tail back on the table. I could see the disappointment flash across her face for a moment and I knew she was hoping to have gotten out of the punishment for her earlier outbursts. Then her face lit back up with a smile as she remembered the results of her outbursts. She stepped into the tiger skin corset with shelf bra as she continued, “Anything my Master wishes, the gifts Master has given me to day make it one of the best days of my life.”

She put her tiger’s ears on, and then pulled up the elbow length gloves complete with tiger’s claws on them. Checking her appearance in the mirror, she put the tail and lube off to one side of the desk and bent gracefully down over the other side, lying out from her hips up on the desktop. “Your little tiger is ready for her punishment Master,” she purred. “I am sorry for my outburst; I was overcome with joy and could not control myself but am ready to accept whatever punishment my master feels is appropriate.”

I smile as I reach down, pick up the hairbrush I was using, and walk over to her. Standing slightly behind her I placed one hand on the middle of her back. “I know how you were feeling my little tiger, and that is why I did not punish you right then. You are such a well behaved pet that I rarely have to punish you, but you know I cannot allow any misbehavior.”

I brought the backside of the brush down sharply across her ass. The sharp CRACK, CRACK, CRACK reverberated through the room alongside her gasps as each strike landed. After several minutes, her ass had turned a nice cherry red. I set the hairbrush down on the table, picked up the lube that was sitting there, squeezed some out on my fingers and starting pushing it into her tight little back door. My cock was rock hard again. Something about a spanking always seems gets my motor running and most of my pets seem to have the same issue. Shelly was dripping so heavily that the fur on her boots down the inside of her thighs was soaking wet.

Stepping fully behind her, I line the head of my cock up with her rosebud and slowly sink the full length deep into her tight ass. She started moaning as I slid into her and it jumped to a higher pitch as my hips encountered the tender flesh of her ass. I started working myself slowly in and out of her ass, hearing her moans turn to yelps as I picked up the pace and bottomed out deep inside her on every stroke, my hips firmly slapping against her ass.

I kept thrusting faster, pushing Shelly and myself higher. I know the pain of my hips striking the already sore flesh of her ass was pushing her pleasure through the roof, but it also kept her from climaxing. She was one of those people who could become sexually stimulated from pain alone, but the pain kept her from being able to tip over the edge into release until the stimulation had built up so far it exploded like a dam bursting.

Clenching my PC muscle, I continued to pound into Shelly. I reached down and began lightly strumming her clit to build her up faster. I knew I was getting close and wanted to feel her cumming with me. My other hand came up between her shoulder blades and pushed her down into the desk, pinning her completely under me, as my hips became a blur from my thrusting. I felt her body tensing up as I heard the low keening wail that announces one of her anal orgasms starting. Knowing she was close, I finally stopped clenching my PC muscle, and after a few more thrusts, started to cum deep in her ass. The feeling of my cock pulsing in her ass sent her over the edge and she started to thrash under me, her anal tunnel contracting to milk the cum out of my cock as I kept myself pressed hard against her.

With my orgasm done, I reached over and picked up her tiger tail with the plug. I applied a light layer of lube to it, then slowly slid my cock out of her ass and replaced it with the plug, blocking my cum from being able to drip out of her ass. I know she will enjoy the feeling of it sloshing around in her ass for the rest of the day. I walked over to the sink and cleaned myself up, slipped my shorts back on, and then brought the washcloths back to clean up Shelly’s ass. I was very careful to only clean up the area around her anus as a standard precaution after anal sex. I wanted to leave her juices flowing down her thighs for later.

I took a few minutes to apply a layer of aloe to the reddened flesh of her ass, to help protect the skin and heal it. Shelly lies quietly through it, letting out contented sighs. She knows, as all my pets know, that this is a very important step. Even after the harshest punishments I have had to deal out, I always take the time to soothe the raw skin and start them on the way to healing. It is a sign of my love for them and helps them feel that the wrongs they committed to earn the punishment are forgiven.

After I finished rubbing the gel in, I reached down to take her hand. “Come little tiger, let’s get you out to the courtyard. I think the lionesses will enjoy cleaning you up the rest of the way.”

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