Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Sister, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Female, White Female, Oriental Female, Hispanic Male, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Squirting, Pregnancy, Cream Pie, Tit-Fucking, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A story about two girls having some lesbian fun, turns into an orgy, and a pregnancy.

Hi, my name is Olivia, you may remember me from the last story as the former junior street whore that pushed Mick to his sexual limits while he fucked me really hard. Man, that was the best cock that I ever had. By the way, I'm 18 years old with a 38-DDD chest, I also have a sister named Debbie, she's 16 and already a freak. After my sister and I had sex that day, (I had sex with Mick, while Debbie had some fun with Kris and Mizuki) On the next day, Mick, Maggie, and Karen decided to take a vacation. They did not tell me when they will be getting back, but, they left the house to me and Debbie, with the occasional visit by Kris and Mizuki. They are great lesbian lovers, but, I miss Mick's cock inside me. So, basically, only Kris and I have had Mick's cock, while Debbie and Mizuki haven't yet. Well, when they get the chance, it will be an experience that they will never forget. He is just that good.

So, when Kris and Mizuki left the house after their sleepover. I was sitting on the sofa where the four of us had hot and steamy lesbian sex last night, just sitting there watching TV, but, not just any old TV, being as super-horny as I was, I tuned into the on-demand porn channel. Where I happened to stumble onto a movie that the two main stars were a black woman and a white guy, so, this movie began with a 22 year old black woman with tits bigger than mine sitting on the bed, taking all of her clothes off. Just in her undies now, she takes a rabbit out of her dresser drawer and starts to suck on it like a cock while taking her bra off. When the girl in the movie took her bra off, her tits went everywhere. Then, she took the rabbit out of her mouth and was titty-fucking herself with it. Then, she started removing her thong panties. About another five minutes later, she forced the rabbit into her pussy. She was pushing it in and out pretending to be fucked by a man, and moaning loudly. Another ten minutes passed, and this guy popped in out of nowhere and asked the girl:

"Hey, want to try the real thing?"

Then, she took the rabbit out of her pussy, which was soaked in her juices. She asked the guy:

"Well, are you just going to stand there and look, or fuck my brains out?"

He said:

"Let's fuck."

Then, the guy positioned himself on the bed ready to mount the girl. First, he was kissing her, then, I saw his huge white cock enter her black pussy. He was pumping her fast and hard.

I was so intrigued that, I took my panties off and started to furiously rub my clitty. While I was rubbing my clitty and getting wetter by the minute, besides the two people moaning on the TV, and me moaning, I heard at least three other moans coming from mine and Debbie's room. So, I paused the film on the TV, and left the couch bottomless just to have a peak. When I opened the door to our room, I spotted my sister naked on the bed and fingering herself to a frenzy. Wondering why, I took a look at our TV screen, and saw me giving Mick a blowjob. I, also, saw Mick's camera being aimed directly at the bed, being caught in the act of recording herself. Debbie panicked and took her fingers out of her pussy. I said to her:

"It is okay, sis, you didn't have to stop on my account, in fact, I'll join you. We'll make a video that'll blow his mind."

With that, I took off my tank top and sat on the other side of our bed, and started the movie of Mick and I having sex over again. When it got up to the part of Mick sucking on my nipples, I started to rub my tits and pinch my nipples really hard, while Debbie was rubbing her swollen clit. Then, when it got up to the part of Mick fingering me, I started to rub my swollen clit, while Debbie was fingering herself with her other hand. She was working that pussy quite hard. Then, when it got up to that amazing deep-throat part, I was still rubbing my clit, but, I was also rubbing my labia with my other hand, while Debbie was taking her wet juice-filled fingers and was sucking on them. Then, when the movie of my sexual encounter with Mick finally got up to the part when he put his really big and thick cock in my pussy in the film, I completely lost it, and shoved two of my fingers really deep into my drenched pussy. Slurping sounds and the smell of wet pussy filled the air. Debbie was already spent from her orgasm. I was watching Mick pound me furiously on the screen, while I was still fingering myself and imagining Mick's cock inside me once more, during that, I was thrashing about on the bed while screaming:

"Oh, Mick, fuck me! Yeah, fuck me! That's it, fuck me!

You know what I like! Oh, yeah!"

Looking directly at the camera, I also said:

"I hope that this turns you on, mmm, 'cause, Mick, this is most definitely turning me on."

Then, my sister Debbie came over and pulled my soaked fingers out of my pussy, sucked on them and said:

"Mmm, yummy. I want more."

Then, she asked:

"Can I have more, dear sister?"

Horny as I was and at the point of no return, I said:

"Sure, you can have as much of my juice as you like."

Without saying another word, my sister dove into my really drenched crotch, and inserted her warm soothing tongue into my hot folds. By now, my pussy was on fire, only a really hard cum could douse the flames, at least I have Debbie for help. Speaking of which, on the TV, Mick was about to pull out of me and cum on my tits. As a matter of fact, I was all too ready to cum as well. So, I started thrashing on the bed, as well as buck my hips harder against Debbie's face while screaming real loud:

"Oh, Debbie! Fuck me! Yeah, fuck me! Harder! You are so good! I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!"

A few seconds later, I saw Mick on the TV, cum on my tits, then I gave it up, too, and screamed:


After that, I stopped the DVD, then, Debbie came up beside me and had a face full of my cream. Then, we kissed passionately and I licked my cream off of her face. After that, she placed my hand on her pussy, and I said:

"You're wet."

Then, she said:

"My puss-puss is on fire. I am so wet and hot and horny

for you dear sister. Just thinking about Mick's cock in my pussy makes me so horny. Please fuck me, dear sister?"

I said:

"Sure, but, I want this recorded for Mick."

With that, I paused the camera.

Without saying another word, she readily agreed, we also, approached the sofa, with the camera in tow. As soon as I turned the camera on to record all of the upcoming action, she sat down on the sofa with her legs spread, and said in an innocent voice:

"Mick, I hope that watching us fuck makes you want to put your cock."

Then, she spread her wet pussy lips wide open for the camera:

"Right here! As for right now, Olivia is going to fuck me."

After that, I rewound the on-demand porn video to the part where the guy started to fuck the girl, then, I faced my sister's wet and waiting pussy. As soon as he inserted his cock into the girl's wet pussy, I started to finger Debbie's wanton cunt, and started to lick her clit as well. I was fingering Debbie's pussy in-tune with the man's thrusts on the TV. Once he was pumping the girl faster with his cock, I was fingering my sister faster. During which, I pinched her clit, and immediately, her pussy was squishy and soaked. Once again, the room was filled with squishing noises, the smell of sex and moaning coming from my sister's mouth:

"Oh, Olivia! Oh, sis, you are one great lesbian lover! The very best, I wouldn't trust my pussy to anyone but you! Oh, yes!"

My fingering her pussy went on for a while longer, then, she started to buck against my palm, that was when I knew that she had a big climax coming on:

"Oh, Oliviahhhhhh! I'm gonna cum, dear sister! I'm gonna cum in your palm!"

Just then, I turned around to look at the screen when the guy decided to creampie his girlfriend. Well, I think that gave Debbie the idea to creampie my face. As soon as I turned around and heard the guy blow his wad into his girlfriend, and, my sister decided to blow hers:


After that, I had a face full of her juices. So, I turned off the TV, and sat up next to her, so, she can lick her juices off of my face, while I licked my palm and fingers clean. Then, we had a deep and passionate kiss to finish up. Debbie and I, then, looked up at the camera and said:

"Mick, this is exclusively for you. I hope that you enjoyed this video of us fucking each-other, 'cause, we want you to fuck us so very badly."

Then, Debbie said:

"Yes, we do."

Then, we stuck a finger in each-other's pussies and put them at the camera lens. Then, I said:

"See how wet we are, see you at home."

Then, I shut off the camera.

After that, she said:

"I have an idea, sis."

I said:

"Well, tell me what it is?"

She said:

"Okay, let's have hot, steamy sex with Mick together,

that way, we can lose our cherries."

I said:

"Hold on a minute, sis, that ship has sailed."

She said:

"Sis, not your vaginal cherry, I meant, your anal cherry, and Mick is the perfect guy to give it to."

I said:

"So, what you're saying is, that, you lose your virginity, while, I lose my anal virginity."

She said:


I said:

"You know, that's a great idea, and it's also a great idea for a video."

Then, Debbie said:

"We should mail our video to him in Rio."

Then, I said:

"Great idea, sis, that way, he can rush home, I also

have an idea for a hot orgy video for Mick's boss."

Then, Debbie said:

"Oh, yeah, we can invite Mizuki, Kris, and Mizuki's boyfriend and his brother."

So, I asked:

"How old is Mizuki's boyfriend?"

She answered: "Fourteen, and they already had sex, but, he cannot reach her hymen, so, he can fuck me, but, Mizuki and I can still save ourselves for Mick's big cock."

I asked:

"And his brother is?"

She said: "Eighteen, he's for you and Kris."

I said:

"Excellent, but let's do it the next time that we have

them over."

She said:

"Okay, sounds good."

After that, we fell under extreme exhaustion and fell asleep in each-other's arms.

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