Chapter 1: The Paying Guest

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Mult, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Reluctant, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Extra Sensory Perception, Incest, Mother, Son, Brother, Sister, Group Sex, Harem, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Big Breasts, Slow, Violent,

Desc: Science Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Paying Guest - His life turned over a new leaf as Achintya turned eighteen in 2015.It stopped being dull!2015 is gonna bless his life with excitements.How much?Let's find out as our hero finds out. It's going to be a long,rollercoaster ride.So friends,buckle up your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.

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Friday, July 7th,2015

Devil's speedometer was showing 100kmph, which is very fast by Indian traffic standards. Amateurs won't be able to ride even at 60kmph on this National Highway. But mine is a totally different story. Nothing can stop me in my full glory. I'm bragging here, but bragging just a little. In reality, I'm quite a good biker. The busy traffic just didn't hold any candle to me.

"Devil" is my ebony black Pulsar 200 NS bike. With his 200cc engine, "Naked Sports" design (hence NS), speed, smooth handling and decent price; he is one of the best deals on the market. He was my first choice, and now he's with me.

He gave a fresh start to my very boring life. I waited for almost two years to get a bike. The waiting was making me very anxious. I was desperately trying to find a way to make it possible. And suddenly, there was a way before my eyes!

I am pretty good at troubleshooting computers. In the previous years, I've helped some of my classmates by solving problems with their machines. They talked about that to others, which created rumors about me being a computer genius (I don't think that about myself). Before long, I was getting contacted by people I've never even met. I was overwhelmed by the feedback.

You see; I've this habit (bad?) of helping anyone. It doesn't matter to me, whether I know them or not. Whenever I find myself stuck in a situation where I can help others, I can't stop myself from helping. But that overwhelming situation with computers was riling me. I wasn't able to get any alone time. Come on man! Give me a break! I've to life to live!

I stopped taking those calls which were intended to helping others with problems regarding computers. And then, Bang Bang! People were offering me money to help them! The moral part of my mind was telling me "we don't help others to gain something from it. It's our duty to help others for being a human. But, then the wicked part sucker punched it and took control.

I started doing it again, but this time it was pure business. By the end of the year, I was able to collect about 60,000 Rs. But unfortunately that much wasn't enough. Sigh!

Obviously, Mom knew everything. Doesn't she always know? Ultimately, Mom provided the rest of the money to buy my 'Devil.' That happened due to my great performance in Higher Secondary Exam in 2015. I'd earned 430 marks in the exam and became the second topper in my subdivision. The topper just got 5 more points than me in English. But, I didn't take pity on me for a second. I knew how much hard work I had to do to get here. So, I was very happy with my result. Doing so well in H.S. (Higher secondary) resulted in double fun for me. More people were noticing me, and there is 'Devil.'

You guys must be wondering, "Why am I riding crazily fast in this heavy afternoon traffic?"

The answer is my friends is "Fucking Summer!"

To me, summer is the most horrible season in West Bengal. That is the state of India where I live and in all the tropical places all over the world. Summer "Blesses" us with extremely hot weather, load shedding, occasional Nor'wester, diseases, and so on. So, I fucking hate summer!

I had to go to the college where I'm doing my bachelor's degree; again and again, I had to go through a very long and boring procedure to officially becoming a college student. Today was the last day of that lengthy, tiring time. And what a hectic day it was!

I had to wait in a very long line of students to submit the necessary documents. None of them was happy to stand in this extensive line of torture! Yeah torture! The crowd was very thick. Add today's temperature in the combination and you'll get the picture. During morning temperature, was 40 degrees centigrade, which now was 42 degrees (104o to 108oF). This was by far the hottest day of summer so far. By the end of the day, you get a very exhausted student. Me, I was feeling very dehydrated, as if I was in "Sahara" desert; walking there the whole day; without drinking any water.

This is the explanation for my answer "fucking summer." My top priorities were now going home, avenging that growing thirst, taking a very thorough shower, eating and then resting. So I was in a hurry to go home as fast as possible. Let's Go!

Everything I passed was blurred. The passing wind was a blessing to my flustered skin, even though it was a very hot wind, it was air moving across my body so it felt good. When I came near the branch of the highway which would eventually take me to my home; I slowed down. It led me to my "galli" (exit) and at last to my house. My fast riding helped me to cover the distance between my college and my home within 10 minutes; which normally would be about 20 minutes. At last, I was home.

The left side of the main gate was open, which wasn't normal. Generally, every member in my family closed it after getting in. However, in my hurry, I didn't give it much thought. After crossing the concrete path, from the main gate to the house; I got off my bike. Then I killed the engine. Without wasting any time, I entered, parked "Devil" on the verandah, locked him, and went inside.

Inside, the hall was empty, neither Mom nor my Sister was there. Maybe, Mom was on the terrace watering the flower plants. I went to the fridge and took a water bottle from it. After drinking half the bottle of water, I started ascending the stairs. On the way, I was about to inquire where Mom was when sounds of an ongoing conversation came to my ears. There were Mom and two other females. I'm good at memorizing people's voices. So, instantly I knew they weren't any of our neighbours or relatives. I started for the terrace, because that's the place where the conversation was coming from.

When I reached the last stair to the terrace, I saw that I just scratched the surface with my guess. I guess that's why we call it a guess. You know; reality is always different than guesses; more or less. Even the freshest state of my mind won't guess correctly about Her.

Yeah, there were two females other than Mom. All right! However, both of my eyes were only on that petite girl. Each and every other thing was blurred from my perspective at that moment. My other senses also got with the program and concentrated on her. Time seemed to stop for a moment; I was that awestruck by her sheer beauty.

She was talking to Mom with a happy expression on her face as she touched the petals of the orchids in front of her. The bright rays of sun were making her long, silky hair glow with an amazing reddish-brown shade; and those almond-shaped blue eyes (Yep, definitely blue.) They're rare among Indians, but they can be found), that cute little nose; those full lips and other little tidbits made me captivated with that beautiful heart-shaped face permanently. Just those blue eyes were worthy enough to charm me. And who won't be charmed. It's not an everyday incident to see a blue-eyed Indian beauty. My eyes also quickly roamed below her face to guess about her vital statistics. All I discovered that she had an hourglass figure. Not much, Ha! Sorry guys! I didn't have any opportunity to inspect her naked female body. So, my guess about her vital statistics won't be correct. Anyway, she was wearing a green Kameez (a long shirt or tunic), blue leggings, and a blue Odhni. The stylish bangles on her right hand, were accesorizing her look; nicely. The view was amazing!

Like the clouds you

Drift me away, far away (yeah)

And like the sun you

Brighten my day, you brighten my day (yeah)

I never wanna see you cry, cry, cry

And I never wanna tell a lie, lie, lie

Said I never wanna see you cry, cry, cry

And I never wanna tell a lie, lie, lie

Those few lines above are from Akon's song "Beautiful" and Colby O'Donnis's melodic voice did magic to them. At that time, my thoughts were along the same line of the song. In fact, I was so engrossed in my thoughts that I didn't hear Mom talking to me. As my head got cleared and Mom's voice caught my attention; I felt very embarrassed. I was flushed when my eyes met Mom's. Now all of them were sitting on chairs and drinking milk-tea.

"About time you get down to earth, Archy, because I was thinking that cat got your tongue. Does it have your tongue?"

Now, don't get confused with the name of comic book character "Archie", OK "Archy" is my nickname, pronounced as "Orchee."

My embarrassment increased a notch at that point, and the only words came from me was "Sorry Ma!"

"Any way, as now we have your full attention. Well, do we have your full attention?"

"Yes, Mom."

'Shit! Why is Mom embarrassing me more in front of this babe?' But that trail of thought was short-lived, because Mom was again talking to me.

"Archy sit here," said Mom as she patted the chair next to her. She was surely irritated.

"I would like you to meet Ela and her Maasi (Mother's Sister) Mrs. Anuradha Paul. She's going to be our new paying guest (P.G.). And she's also going to attend your college. Actually, that's the reason she wanted to stay here as a P.G." Mom said to me as I sat next to her. The irritation was gone from her voice for the moment.

Now, hold on a sec. Did Mom just say this babe is going to live with us? Woo hoo! That's fucking awesome! Yeah!

So, after hiding my over excitement and without further embarrassing myself, I said, "Hi, Ela. Namaskar, Maasima. I'm Achintya. I'm pleased to meet you both."

"Namaskar (the Bengali version of Namastey). You've got a very nice home, Achintya. As your Mom said that Ela can live here as P.G. her problem is solved. But are you all right? Looks like you're very tired," said Mrs. Paul. She was around Mom's age, give or take, a few years and was also very beautiful. So, they had blessings of good genes in their family.

"Tell me about it, Maasima. Surely, you guys also had to deal with the malevolence of the Sun today. I had to run here and there around the college the whole day which was tiring. However, today's temperature got the best of me."

"Same here, but we had to face it at a smaller scale. Because my admission procedure took a shorter amount of time," came the crystal-clear voice of Ela. Her voice was amazing, like the voice of singer Shreya Ghosal's.

As I moved my head towards her, she said, "Hi! Ami Ela ("I'm Ela" in Bengali). Nice to meet you, Achintya. I've heard about the good reputation and great facilities of this college from many people and fixed my mind that I'll attend here. However, when I tried to find a good place to live here, I failed each & every time. At last, I've found your place. Now I'll be able to sigh in relief."

I was again starting to get distracted by her face but stopped myself and replied "Yeah! You've got those points correct. Those who study here seriously, always make great results. You won't be disappointed or bored here."

"I'm sure; I won't get bored"

When Ela said that, her deep-blue eyes were radiating confidence. Obviously, with this amount of beauty what girl wouldn't be confident? Ha!

"So, do you have honors?"

"Yep! In Math. And you," she asked.

"What a coincidence! My honors are also in Math."

"Looks like both of you are going to attend the same classes," said Mrs. Paul.

"Yes, they are." Mom supported her statement.

"Well, Mrs. Deb we should go now. It was great to meet you guys. So, Ela will move here tomorrow with her baggage if that is appropriate for you," said Mrs. Paul as she started to get up.

We all got up and started for the bottom of the house.

"There won't be any problem Mrs. Paul. She can live here from tomorrow," replied Mom when all of us reached the hall.

"Sorry for my hastiness. But you know if we don't leave now, we will miss our last bus and won't be able to go home. Ok then, good-bye Mrs. Deb. Good-bye Achintya."

"Goodbye Mrs. Paul," Mom replied.

"Goodbye Maasima," I said.

"Aaschi Maasima (Aaschi = I'll be going in Bengali)."

"Eso (pronounced as A So, means OK Go) Ela" Mom told her.

"Goodbye Achintya. See you later," Ela said to me.

"Goodbye Ela," I replied.

And then they were gone.

"I hope Ela won't be giving us the same problems." Mom said referring to the problems we had with collecting rent from previous tenants.

"She won't be," I replied.

"Tui kibhabe oto sure hochchis? (It means "How can you be so sure?")

"Ma, I saw just truth and simplicity in those eyes."

"I know very well what you did see there," Mom said while grinning.

"Ma! What are you implying here?" I was feeling mortified.

"Kichu naa.Kichu naa.(Kichu naa = Nothing in Bengali.) Go freshen up and then come to me. We will eat together. OK." She said, not trying hard to suppress that grin.

"OK, by the way, where's Sis?" I asked her, trying to divert her attention from me.

"She called, said she'll be at Barsha's home. I told her to be home at 6 p.m. sharp."

"Oh, OK. I'm gonna take a very brief a shower now," and with that I started for my bedroom. There, I quickly stepped out of my clothes, wore a towel, took a fresh pair of 3/4 length shorts and a baggy T-shirt with me and went to the bathroom. I had intentionally left my boxers as I wanted to be as comfortable as I can get. This way, there would be good air circulation inside my shorts.

All the tiredness of today vanished instantly with just a few blows of the cool shower water. As the cold water was running down my whole body, I was recalling afternoon's incidents. Precisely to say, I was thinking about Ela. I was thinking about her gorgeous heart-shaped face and the extraordinary features of that face. However, suddenly, the teenage hormones inside my body high-jacked my brain and filled it with nasty thoughts. My right hand drifted down towards my cock and grabbed it. Surprisingly, the Snake was already in its full glory and looked very angry. That raging 7 inches of hard on was demanding my attention. I couldn't hold any longer and started furiously beating it. All the while, Ela was on my mind but this time, she was totally naked! My hormone clad brain came up with images of her very naked hourglass body, her big boobs, even her pussy. Though all of these were the product of my over imaginative brain, soon I was getting very close to the point of no return.

As my climax was approaching, my hand's movements became blurred. And then, after 5 minutes of vigorous jerking off I came.

"Oh Ela! Oh fuck me!" I said out loudly as my cock erupted. A big load of cum came out of it and hit the bathroom wall. For a moment, I felt very weak and then my body lost its balance.

As my body hit the slippery floor, I heard a muffled voice just outside my bathroom. It sounded like "Oh my God" and it was a female voice. My eyes moved towards the door, and I got flushed. There was a gap of about two inches.

"Shit! Shit! Shit! I forgot to lock the door and someone female must've seen me wanking. Was it Mom? Oh shit! Oh fuck! She's gonna kill me. She's gonna kill me with an overdose of moralistic lectures. I'm gonna die a very shameful death," Were my thoughts as I quickly got dressed after locking the door.

When I stepped out there was no one in sight. Who am I kidding? As if she would be there looking through the hole shamelessly.

"She must be mad at me right now. I wanked thinking about Ela, whom I just met today and also forgot to close the door when I was doing it. Now Mom will think I'm a scoundrel that doesn't give a damn about her teachings. What the hell? What should I do now to make it right?"

I was feeling very unhappy while walking towards the hall. I hadn't combed my hair or anything else. I let Mom down. My mind was trying desperately to find a way to beg her forgiveness. I was so deep in my thoughts that at first I didn't hear my sister's voice.

When she shouted again, I heard, "Come back to earth, Into. Mom ordered me to tell you to go downstairs; and so I'm here. Generally, I don't spend my valuable time with pathetic losers; like you. But, you don't have a choice when the lousiest boy is your brother. Now hurry, you fool!" She started tapping her feet impatiently on the floor.

You see, I don't have a choice here; other than being angry. I, always, have to put up with her bitchy attitude and snide remarks; like right now I'm doing. You don't know, how much I'd wished that she wasn't my sister.

Generally, if Devjani (pronounced as Devyani) called me "Into" any other time, she wouldn't be off the hook easily. Every time she called me that my blood boiled hot, and it makes me Mad with capital "A". But today is her lucky day. Today I'll let her go.

"OK. But, I was going down already," I calmly replied and was going for the stairs; when the next action of hers stopped me dead in my tracks.

She was whistling to the tune of the song "Sheela ki jawani" from the movie "Tees Maar Khan." But she was using "Ela" instead of "Sheela" and for the rest part of the song she just whistled. That's what caught my attention and stopped me.

"What the fuck? It wasn't Mom. Devjani's the one who was outside the bathroom door! Now kill me! Just kill me!"

A sudden chill ran down my spine as I look towards her face. She was grinning evilly. Her black eyes were shining with pure evilness. And then she started going toward the hall; probably to watch one of those shitty "Saas-Bahu" TV shows.

"Burre Din aaney waale hain (this Hindi sentence means Bad days are coming)," was my last thought as I started descending down the stairs.

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