Chapter 1: A Familiar Face


We were the best of friends in high school the four of us, John, Michael, Don and I. College isn't for everyone and Don went into the Army while the other three of us headed off to various colleges and universities. When Don's enlistment was up he returned close to our hometown just like the three of us had. We reconnected at our Tenth High School reunion. Michael had studied Clinical Laboratory Sciences so he became the lead of the local hospital laboratory services. John had used his degree in Police Sciences to open his own Private Investigation firm. After graduating in Engineering I became the Sales Manager for a medium sized machine tools firm. We were true friends in high school and it turned out we stayed good friends continue after ten years. I can prove it in my story that was not a simple phrase.

Don and Michael lived with their first wives with kids. John and I had got second wives. John had two kids from his first marriage and two from his second marriage again. I had not any child from my first marriage, but I am a proud daddy of two kids now. We gathered five or six times for poker alternately in our houses yearly. We gathered in a restaurant or bar quarterly on a Friday and our wives took home us, so they could check us and nobody was obliged to drink soft drinks. The newest hotel was opened some months ago and we old friends came here into the hotel bar to meet together and to check the new spectacle.

I am Aaron Botteron I was born in this city and I came back here with my college lover Samantha and later my first wife. I was dating several girls in the college but I eventually stayed at Samantha. Samantha was a blond buxom girl with green eyes. Earlier we dated others, but we both were after breaking up so we consoled each other until we started to date each other. Samantha was from my city and the common city was the next reason why we wanted common future together. I attend engineer faculty and Samantha was a Business administration major. We graduated same time so we came back to our city together.

I got a job at a machine tool firm and my boss found I was good at selling products. I began to travel to the neighbor or distant states even in Canada to sell our products. I was successful. Samantha worked for an agricultural commercial firm and she worked well there. We earned enough money. We lived together in an apartment and gathered money for a nice house. She laughed much on me I preferred low-fat milk to other alcoholic drinks. I was home and I was glad I do not need to act to like booze. Soon I asked her to be my wife with a nice ring.

She said, "Yes."

So our families planned our wedding. We had a big wedding with parents, relatives and friends. After wedding we went to Fiji for honeymoon.

We purchased a nice house and the bank loan was not too big. We were successful and we went to sky in winter and we traveled in the States or abroad in summertime. We had lived together more than for six years when I asked her about any kid plan. She was proud for her buxom body and she told me the baby birth would spoil her body. She did not want any kids. We debated about kids but I could not persuade her to change her mind. She told me my sister had kids and her brother who lived in Sacramento California he had kids too. She told me the grand-kids had been produced for our parents, so we need not have any kid. After some debates we remained a childless pair. I bought an expensive Harley-Davidson and we went for longer trips by bike. However Sam began to complain about bike riding that we were older to use bike so the long trips were over. Except for kids I was happy with my wife, Sam that time.

I think our life's sex part was an average. Sam and I were not too adventurous, but we did not do only missionary. We both liked oral and change positions. We had not any kids so almost every day we had sex except for my business travels or Sam's trainings. Now I think such men, who wants an average marriage, they should avoid those women who do not like children, but I became wiser with time. That time I was totally clueless and happy I missed only the kids from my life.

Now I finish my recollections of my first wife for a while and as I told we four friends were in the bar of the newest hotel in our city. Two men sat down at a table close to our table.

First John recognized him at the other table in the bar and he told me quietly, "Aaron, please look at that man. He's familiar to you, isn't he?"

I looked at this man and I also recognized him at once. He was Ken Lundgreen one of my ex wife's lovers.

I told John, "Fuck! You're right, he's Ken Lundgreen."

Our two other friends turned their heads, because the whole story with my first wife began on one of our quarterly meetings and my friends remembered of the hardest time of my life.

Michael asked me, "What do you think of him?"

I thought a while and as a lightning an idea came to my mind. My friends looked at me waiting when I would break the quiet. So I said, "Could you help me?"

All my friends said in word or body talk, "Naturally, Yes"

I wanted to reassure my friends, so I explained my idea, "Don't panic I don't want any violent action. I want your help not to let him to escape. I want an honest talk."

Don, who was a soldier he organized the action, " John and I will go to the toilet. When we'll go back Michael will stand up and start off and we'll surround them and you'll come after Michael. We're four so you can speak to him free."

Everybody agreed the plan and we surrounded the astonished Ken and his business guest as later it revealed.

I told the two surprised men, "I don't want any violence but only an honest exchange of views," and I looked into Ken's eyes.

The shocked Ken asked, "Do I know you?"

I said, "I'm Aaron Botteron."

He looked at me with his pensive face, so I knew I had to help his recollection.

I reminded him, "My ex-wife was Samantha Botteron."

I could see his pleasure that he found out who was Samantha and soon the fear filled him that he understood who I was. My friends moved closer.

I began to decrease the pressure, "We're in a Hotel, security cameras, staff are around us and you've witnesses. I'm not so stupid. I want a little honest talk, nothing more."

His guest understood my intent and told him, "Mr. Lundgreen I think no problem I'm here and this bar full of people. I think you should listen to him."

Michael confirmed him, "Our friend wants a simple discussion, no more."

The tension dropped to a lower level, so Ken's fears also reduced to a lower level and I could see the past filled his brain.

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