Not My Sister's Keeper
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Morganna Roberts

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - My sister Claudia and I were identical twins and deep down inside I hated that fact. I didn't like having a carbon copy of me running around doing everything I wanted to do but was afraid of trying. Now that my life was becoming too complicated to sort out, I had an opportunity to step into her exciting life style and I knew it was far too tempting to refuse.

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Twins are statistically born in every one out of about thirty births. That fact is representative of a fairly large increase of incidence in the last half century because of the development and use of fertility drugs. That really has nothing to do with this story but I wanted to mention it because there are an awful lot of twins out there in the real world and most people never know it unless they are married to them or are in the immediate family.

If you didn't already guess it, I am a twin and my sister is an identical replica of me. There are a lot more "fraternal" twins than "identical" twins because that is just how nature sorts it all out. My sister Claudia and I are identical in almost every respect except I got most of the brains. Not that she is stupid or anything, it is just that things that require actual thinking have never been on her agenda right from the very beginning. It seems rather strange because we are from the same root DNA and genetic content.

When I was really immature, I tried to avoid looking just like my twin sister because she was internally the exact opposite of me in almost every respect. I dyed my hair, use a different hair style. I even started wearing glasses with plain glass in them just to make us look different on the outside. Our mother wanted to buy us the exact same dresses or shoes or hats but I would never wear the same outfit as my sister under any circumstance. It was sort of odd because we took the exact same size in everything and when I lost one of my teeth for some silly reason, my sister lost the identical tooth less than a week later. It was almost like she planned it or something but that would be downright paranoid to even consider.

It was my love of horses that guided me into serious thinking about a career as a vet tending to any and all animals both domestic and wild. My father was opposed at first thinking it was too formalized for a girl to get training in school. He liked the fact my sister was going to the model academy in town which promised employment in a big city like New York or Boston. Her trim build would be a big plus on the runway and she seemed to enjoy the attention from male fans who kept their greedy eyes glued on her pretty little ass as she swayed left and right never cracking a smile because that was considered unseemly and unprofessional.

I didn't want to get into personal details of a sexual nature but I guess it is necessary because it is an important part of this story.

My daddy was a religious person and he followed an agenda of strict discipline for all the females in the family which really was only my mother, her sister Doris who lived with us and had no husband and, of course, my twin sister Claudia and I.

I think I might have forgotten to tell you that my name is Claire and that my mother's name is Martha. I never really thought much about the numerous spanking sessions the four of us women seemed to get quite often because it was a sort of natural thing in our household. As I got older, I was glad I never mentioned them to anyone because it certainly didn't seem commonplace in my friend's homes and the other girls never mentioned any situation where they required discipline of that nature.

Because of Claudia's runway duties and constantly changing clothes in front of a lot of other people, she escaped the harsh spankings that my mother and I received just because we were pretty much covered up most of the time with conservative female attire at my father's bidding. My spankings stopped the summer that I got the job as the lifeguard at the pool down at the recreation center and had to wear a bathing suit all day long as my work uniform. I won't say that I was overwhelmed with propositions from the male pool-side habitués but I could see several of them ogling me as I stretched or bent over to pick up some equipment at the edge of the pool. In fact, I considered that variety of raw male lust somewhat of a personal victory because before that point in my life it was Claudia who got all the telephone calls and the constant pestering for "dates" from which she came home all flustered and with her clothing disheveled as if she was making costume changes on the run. Sometimes she would try to share her experiences with me describing in explicit terms what the nasty boys did to her in the back of their car but I just put my hands over my ears and ran into the bathroom to hide from the fact I was so jealous. It was those traumatic episodes that I was certain caused me to become somewhat addicted to the pleasant art of masturbation in private. I have always felt a bit guilty about that and often hesitated to broach the subject with my confessor as it was far too mortifying to speak the words to the innocent ears of a priest almost as young as I.

That following year was the year that Claudia and I both passed the eighteen year marker and we both headed out in different directions with eager desire to be on our own. I attended the well-known Veterinary program upstate that emphasized a healthy Liberal Arts curriculum as well. As much as I wanted to start my own practice, I discovered that it was difficult for a young female to "break in" to the established "Vet Services" program anywhere in our area and would have to travel to a rural region to have any chance at working in my field. Somewhat disillusioned, I accepted a position with a Fortune 500 Drug company that hired degreed Vets to tend to its vast stock of lab animals that aided the development of new formulas.

My parents were surprised I took the job because I had been adamant for some time about the sins and guilt of just such corporations in doing animal research. Upon reflection, I realized the job was perfect for me and I would be able to make a difference in tending to hundreds of innocent animals that were imprisoned against their wishes. The added benefit of a generous compensation for my time was too tempting to turn down and I moved out of my parent's home into a convenient condo only a short distance from my new place of employment.

During this entire period, my twin sister Claudia was building a little empire of runway model "jet-setter" lifestyle that made a splash in all the tabloids popular on the food-market check-out lines. I still affected the bogus eyeglasses and kept my hair in a severe rolled-up bun to avoid any chance of being seen as being similar to my twin sister and the silly questions that came with the discovery. I did stay in contact with her via the phone texting and with e-mails under a false name. She would often complain to me about this boyfriend or that and the nasty things they would make her do and the many ways they cheated and treated her with disrespect. I was living such a reclusive and non-involved life that even her spoiled white girl problems seemed better by comparison than my boring life.

I was put in charge of a facility that was separated from the main headquarters but close to the multi-million dollar lab that the corporation used for its extensive research department. There were several of us working as a team to keep the animals in tip-top condition for the trials. They ranged from guinea pigs to chimps but most of them were just common domestic cats and dogs. I had some pangs of guilt over the whole affair but I never saw any animal mistreated and we were constantly reminded that the subjects in the studies would often lead to new discoveries that would save human life and make our human species healthier and more productive. I guess you could say I had fallen into the old refrain of "I was just following orders".

Of course, I never wrote to my sister about the experiments or my role in them and in all honesty I considered my actions to be quite normal for a young woman interested in getting ahead in her chosen field of work. I knew I was probably the only one on our department staff that had some hesitations about what we were doing but the fact it was an approved by the authorities program convinced me that it was all a necessary part of life for the good of mankind.

I was astonished when the facility was shut down by the Department of Justice by a court order claiming we were conducting immoral experiments on not only animals but in some cases humans who had signed their rights away for either food or money or both.

My name appeared in the local newspaper with my parent's address and I was suitably embarrassed about the entire matter but unable to do anything to convince them I was totally innocent. My sister found out about the affair from them and she offered to give me a place to stay until it all blew over. I was not in the least bit enthusiastic about heading to the French Riviera or her hideaway up in Scotland because I was quite happy in the good old USA.

My lawyer was more interested in his next martini than my case and he told me to plead "Nolo Contendere" to the charges and throw myself on the mercy of the court. My gut feeling was that was not a good way to settle the matter and I regretted the fact I had paid him ten thousand dollars to give me bad advice. The first meeting with the Justice Department was a joke with them offering me a "deal" if I would rat out all the other members of the team and point them in the direction of the managers and Vice Presidents who had full knowledge of the illegal activities. I wanted to laugh but thought it was not a good idea to show that kind of negative attitude to these people with no laughter in their eyes. The fact that my name was on all of the documents that outlined the program was detrimental to my case and my new court-appointed attorney told me that unless I cooperated I would probably go to prison for a long time. I picked out some of the team who were really jerks and gave them credit for the operation and then looked through the corporate handbook and selected some of the Research Department Vice Presidents and Managers and fingered them for the "higher-up" direction. Actually, I had no idea what they were talking about but I figured that was not going to keep me out of prison so I "gave up" the culprits and made a deal for them to use my statement and allow me to leave the country until the trial was over.

I called my sister Claudia and told her,

"I will be in London on Friday's flight out of JFK at 9PM and it would be great if you could meet me or have someone pick me up and take me to your London townhouse."

She seemed overjoyed and assured me that it would all be taken care of and I left the station thinking that I had solved my immediate problem of indeterminate incarceration.

When I got back into my condo, I discovered that the place was tossed by the police for evidence and it almost looked like a second search had taken place that was more destructive and even more thorough. I gathered what was salvageable and headed to the airport to put distance between me and the Federal Courthouse.

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