Evolution in Action
Chapter 1

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a very short story about a boy who has a constant erection, he's born with it, and is in constant danger of rape. This is how he copes with the situation.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Consensual   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   Humor   Science Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   Sister   Orgy   Interracial   First   Pregnancy   Teacher/Student   School   Nudism  

Edgar Mason was one of the richest men in America. He had so much wealth that many people assumed that he owned half the State of Florida. Well, that was not quite accurate, but he did own enough that his family was well protected against almost anything, including inflation.

Edgar Mason could live anywhere he wanted, so why did he live in a small town in Northern Florida. He just liked it there! Enough said. Anyway, he liked to walk home from his office every evening. The summer heat and the winter rains did not deter him: Edgar's eccentricities were few, but he did cater to them. One spring afternoon he was walking home to supper when he was struck by a random bolt of very strong cosmic rays. As it happened, this was an especially energetic jolt of energy that happened to strike Edgar in the scrotum, and both testicles were affected. He did not notice anything because all of the effects were confined to the genetic level.

By the time Edgar reached home, he was already feeling a bit more horny than usual for his age of 28, but he just looked upon the feeling as a good sign. His wife Janet was home, and she had been showing signs of increased libido action lately, so Edgar was looking forward to an interesting interlude before they went to sleep. Janet greeted Edgar with a kiss that was returned with a bit more enthusiasm than usual, so she was also looking for an interesting and rewarding time before sleep tonight.

Their two children, Mary, 3, and Susan, 1, joined them for supper before retiring to their rooms for the night. Edgar and Janet watched a little TV, but less than usual as they headed to bed. Edgar penetrated his wife's vagina three times that night and ejaculated all three times: something that surprised and thrilled them both. Janet lost count of her orgasms, both large and small. Edgar was in a very jaunty mood the next morning, but Janet confessed to being a little sore between her legs. She was just not used to that much sex in one session, though she was quick to point out that she was not complaining!

The most novel aspect of this episode was that it was repeated for five more days. However, at the end of that time, Edgar complained of nausea and aching joints in his midsection. Janet convinced him to see a doctor, and that was when he received the crushing news that his body was riddled with cancer. Furthermore, the cancer was so widespread that there was no treatment for it. All that could be done was pain killers and a wait for the inevitable end.

Edgar kept the news secret from his family for a few days, but it was impossible to hide how sick he was. Janet insisted that he visit several more institutions for a medical opinion, but there was simply no arguing with the facts: Edgar Mason was rapidly dying of cancer!

Edgar raced to get his affairs in order, and that included the establishment of trust funds for his wife, his current children, and any children that his wife might have when she met another man she was interested in. Anyway, Edgar handled his money with his usual skill, and none of his family ever had to be concerned about where their next $100 was coming from.

Edgar lived long enough to find out that Janet was pregnant, and the whole family rejoiced over that. The fetus was even developed enough to see that it was male, and they laughed because it seemed to be sporting an erection in the ultrasound. Edgar finally died about four months before Janet's delivery was due. One of the last things they did as a family was to select a name for the new baby: James Edgar Mason.


It was an ordinary morning in the delivery room of a hospital in a small town near Tallahassee, Florida. The clock was showing 3:15 AM, and everybody but the mother was relaxed for a normal delivery. The mother was having the usual pains, but that was to be expected. Nobody registered anything but relaxed relief as the baby's head showed from the birth canal. The midwife pulled gently as she guided the baby through the delivery routine. That was the quiet and calm way a baby was delivered into the world! As expected, because the fact was already known from the ultrasound, the midwife announced that the baby was a boy. What she did not announce was that he had an erection.

This latter fact was an absolute shock to all of the nurses and the midwife. It was the first time any of them had ever seen a baby born with a hard on. There were numerous suppressed giggles as the nurses went through the routine of making sure that the baby could breathe, and doing the other necessary things. James Edgar Mason was otherwise a normal delivery, and he was placed in his mother's arms. Incidentally, the erection did make the circumcision easier.

Janet took her son Jimmy home in the normal course of events, and her mother was there to look after the three kids until Janet regained her full strength. Janet's mother wound up staying with them for six months, but that was because of the ages of the children. Janet was having trouble regaining her stamina, so two girls, one who was 3, Mary, and one who was 1, Susan, along with the infant boy was just more than she could handle. However, Janet's mother was well experienced with caring for children, so she had no problem with the job. Every grandmother should be so accommodating!

Eventually, however, Janet got strong enough to handle everything and her mother went home. For the first nine years after Jimmy's birth, the Mason household blissfully moved through life.

By the time he was 9 years old, the fact that Jimmy never lost his erection could no longer be ignored. Janet took him to several doctors to find out what was wrong with her son. None of them could come up with a reasonable explanation until she finally took him to visit a urologist. The urologist did a detailed examination of Jimmy and concluded that Jimmy was the victim of a case of permanent priapism.

The doctor did an exhaustive search of the literature on the subject, and came to the conclusion that Jimmy was going to be erect all of his life, but it did not seem to be the serious problem for him that it would have been for most males. Jimmy's only difficulty with his permanent erection was that he seemed to have trouble starting a urination. However, Jimmy seemed to be okay once he started to piss, so the doctor wrote his problem off as one of those things Jimmy would just have to get used to.

During his search, the urologist had only found one other recorded case of priapism as severe as Jimmy's. There was not much data on that case because the man had been shot by another man who was reputed to be a jealous husband. That could not be verified one way or the other with the limited information the urologist had at hand, but he figured that was irrelevant anyway.

The urologist was fascinated by Jimmy's case and dubbed it "level-omega priapism" because of the extreme nature of the case. It just didn't seem logical that any male could have a case of priapism worse than Jimmy's. That's where the subject dropped as far as a urologist was concerned, because Janet saw no point in spending the time and money of taking Jimmy to him for regular visits when he admitted that there was nothing he could do to help Jimmy.

Interesting things begin to happen in the Mason household as Jimmy aged. As soon as the sisters were old enough to be trusted with the job, Janet allowed them to bathe Jimmy. What she didn't know, was that the girls were taking the opportunity to play with his erect penis. Every time one of the girls had the opportunity to touch Jimmy's erect penis, she jumped at the chance. By the time Jimmy was 9 years old, the girls were routinely masturbating him, though neither one knew what to call what they were doing.

All the girls knew was that they were getting considerable emotional satisfaction from pumping Jimmy's hard penis, and Jimmy was feeling the beginnings of an orgasm. Thus, all three children were quite happy with having the girls play with Jimmy's penis.

By the time that Janet decided that Jimmy could bathe himself, the girls were finding other means and excuses to access Jimmy's penis. Both girls were absolutely mesmerized by his appendage, and could not get enough of handling it.

Finally, Janet tumbled to what the kids were doing, and she was temporarily scandalized. Masturbation was awful, etc., etc., etc. However, the moment that Janet took a good look at Jimmy's erect penis, she was grabbed by her emotional neck and strangled into submission. Janet always thought that everything was her fault, but she never acted to put a stop to it. The upshot was that she joined the masturbation parade, and sometimes Jimmy had to call a halt because he was getting sore from all the manipulation.

This became the norm for any time that Jimmy was home. It seemed like his only escape from being a sex toy for the three females was the time he spent in school. It was on Jimmy's 14th birthday that the situation escalated. The girls were still masturbating Jimmy as they had been doing for years, but something happened on this day. Mary, who was now 17, was the first to notice a change. She looked at Jimmy's penis as she reached for it to begin jacking him off and suddenly felt a strange tingling in her lower abdomen. The feeling rapidly accelerated to the point where she was no longer interested in masturbating Jimmy, but she didn't know how to relieve the feeling that had grabbed her so intently.

Mary staggered in to see her mother, who was still in bed. "Mama, I have this terribly crazy feeling in my gut! It's tingling and itching and stirring around something awful. It's not diarrhea. I know that because I just came out of the bathroom, but I don't know what it is. It can't be my period because that's not due for another five days. It's driving me crazy! Can you help me?"

Before Janet could even attempt an answer, Susan came stumbling into the bedroom with exactly the same complaint. Susan described her symptoms and Janet recognized that she was having the same problem as her sister. In both cases, the problem began when they tried to jack off their brother. Obviously, the symptoms were caused by something their brother did, but neither girl could pinpoint what it could possibly be.

Nudity was a common characteristic of the Mason household, so Janet thought nothing of walking into Jimmy's room wearing nothing but the panties that she had slept in. Jimmy was lying in bed, half dozing, expecting one of his sisters to return to resume the masturbation session. He was a little surprised to see his mother, since she didn't normally show up until later in the day.

Jimmy was naked, as he had been expecting the girls to show up for the sex session, and he wanted to be ready. Jimmy's penis was now over five inches long and about an inch and a half in diameter. Janet took a look at his penis and had the same feeling as her daughters. However, now that it was a personal experience, she realized the solution to the problem.

Janet could not help herself. As fast as she could move, she jerked off her panties and climbed on the bed with Jimmy to straddle his penis. This had never happened before, and Jimmy was caught completely by surprise. He was even more surprised when his mother grabbed his penis and wiggled it around in her pussy slit. The moment he was lined up with her cunt hole, she dropped on him with her leg muscles as loose as a sack of potatoes.

The force of Janet's drive onto Jimmy's penis was enough to force his penis to penetrate her almost all of his length. This saved Jimmy from a painful bend in his penis shaft, and Jimmy was still so surprised that he did not know what to make of the situation. Janet withdrew about an inch and pushed back down, thereby engulfing Jimmy's penis completely.

Janet rested for a moment as she got use to having something that large pushed into her vagina. Though she had been using a vibrator, Janet had not inserted anything but a tampon inside her vagina for several years. This meant that she was significantly stretched beyond her usual diameter. It did not take her long to adapt to the size of Jimmy's penis. He did not penetrate all the way to her cervix, but his diameter seemed to make up for that.

Janet began to pump up and down on his penis, and that elicited a very pleasant feeling for both of them. She continued her reciprocating motion until she had an orgasm. Jimmy felt the squeezing and rippling of her cunt muscles against his penis, and that certainly felt nice, but he was now sexually excited to the point that he wanted to continue the fucking exercise.

Janet, too, was interested in continuing, but she didn't have the strength at the moment in her legs. Janet rolled over, taking Jimmy with her, so that he was still penetrated, but he was now on top. Janet said, "Jimmy, I need you so bad! Please keep fucking me. Let me show you how it is done with the man on top."

Jimmy was as agreeable to the suggestion as any boy his age would have been. They were now in the standard missionary position, and Jimmy began to stroke. Unfortunately, Janet's pussy was so near the bed that the mattress interfered with him getting full penetration. It only took a couple of strokes for Janet to realize that they had a problem, so she stopped him long enough to prop her legs on his shoulders.

This was much better, and now Jimmy could penetrate all the way, as far as his prick would reach. It took him only a very few strokes for his instincts to take over and teach him how fucking should be done. Jimmy stroked into his mother for several minutes, and she began to climb to another climax. Meanwhile, Jimmy was experiencing the difference between masturbation and fucking, and you can imagine which one he chose as his favorite.

Jimmy pumped, and Janet panted. She had tried to use her legs to raise her hips to meet her son's strokes, but she tired too quickly to keep that up. Nevertheless, Jimmy had enough strength and stamina for both of them, and he was able to carry them both to a nearly simultaneous climax. As they came together, Jimmy did something he had never done before; namely, he squirted semen as he came.

It was not very much, but it was enough to do the job. Janet was pregnant, even though she didn't know it yet. The one thing that Janet did notice was that she was not so frantically in need of being fucked by Jimmy. She had no trouble moving aside to let her daughters have a chance at him. Janet still wanted her son to fuck her, there was just not the blinding need for it.

Meanwhile, the two sisters had been bouncing from foot to foot as they watched their mother and their brother enjoy a fucking session. They now realized that fucking was what they wanted to relieve the uncomfortable feeling inside them. When she wanted to, Mary was able to dominate Susan, so Mary was the next one in line to fuck.

Janet was completely exhausted, so she didn't object when Mary lay down beside her, and Jimmy moved over to the fucking position with her. Mary, despite her age, was a virgin. That was very rare for a girl her age in that era, but Mary had never developed much interest in the boys at school. We now know that she had already fixated on her brother long before she got to middle school, so no boy her age could get close enough to her to fix her virginity problem.

Mary was more than ready to accommodate Jimmy, but she only had a vague idea of what to do. Being a smart girl, Mary decided to imitate her mother and put her ankles on her brother's shoulders. Mary was so excited by what she had seen and what she had smelled that she was dripping fluid from her pussy. She did not need and did not want any foreplay. Jimmy was still wet from fucking his mother, but he did have the courtesy to slop his prick in the liquid collected in his sister's pussy slit before he tried to penetrate her.

Mary warned him that she was a virgin, and he would have to break her cherry. Jimmy didn't know exactly what that entailed, but his mother was there to advise them. Janet told them what to do, and Mary spread her pussy lips and guided Jimmy's penis into position.

He pressed gently against her pussy hole and felt the membrane that closed it. Following instructions from his mother, Jimmy put pressure on Mary's hymen and stretched it back into her vagina. His penis penetrated only a little way before it tore her cherry. Mary jerked and squealed with surprise and pain, and Jimmy halted to give her time to recover as he had been instructed.

Jimmy waited about 30 seconds, and Mary indicated that she was ready for him to continue. He pushed slowly but steadily into her cunt. Only once did he have to pause and withdraw slightly to get a better distribution of the lubricant. After that, he was able to fuck her to the complete satisfaction of both of them. Mary came only once, but Janet said that was not surprising since this was her first fuck. Mary was now too tired for any more fucking, but Jimmy seemed to be full of energy, and that made Susan very happy.

Jimmy had ejaculated, but Mary was not pregnant; therefore, she was anxious to fuck her brother again as soon as possible.

The bed was now full, so Janet moved to a chair and let Susan take her place on the bed. They went through pretty much the same routine as Jimmy had used with Mary. Susan had a very satisfactory orgasm, and so did Jimmy. The two girls were happy because their problems with their lower abdomen had been resolved. Strangely, Jimmy did not feel any particular strain after fucking three women. Janet asked him how he felt, and he said that he was ready to fuck some more.

That was all Janet needed to hear! She booted Mary out of the bed and lay down for Jimmy to fuck her again. Both of them enjoyed it just as much as they had the first time, but Janet felt that she was going to have to wait a few hours before she could fuck again.

Her daughters liked the sound of that, not realizing that they would have the same feeling. Anyway, Jimmy fucked his two sisters again, and this time they both had multiple orgasms. Even though Jimmy did deposit semen into the girls, neither one of them became pregnant because they were both already using the Pill. Knowing very well how carried away teenage girls could be, Janet had started them on the Pill as soon as their monthly bleeding had begun. Both girls had maintained their virginity, but Janet had not taken any chances.

The fact that Janet was not taking the Pill and was now pregnant was a fact that was lost on her. When she found out two months later that she was pregnant by her son, she was only thrilled to be carrying his baby. She was torn between wanting a boy and hoping that he would be like Jimmy, or wanting a girl so that Jimmy would have someone else to fuck.

Fortunately for everyone who was concerned, this was a Saturday, so they had not needed to worry about school. Sunday would take care of itself, probably as a duplicate of Saturday. But they debated about what they were going to do on Monday. It took nearly an hour for Jimmy to do a decent job of fucking the three females, so they would have to get up an hour earlier just to make it to school on time. None of the women wanted to give up a morning fuck, so they agreed to start the day an hour earlier and see how that worked out. They were not worried about what would happen when they got home from school, because there would be plenty of time for more fucking then.

Getting up an hour early to allow time for fucking was a necessary sacrifice as far as the family was concerned. The reason that Janet had allocated an hour for fucking was because she wanted the siblings to have time for a shower before going to school. She figured there would be hell to pay if the kids went to school smelling like fresh sex.


Nobody realized that trouble was headed their way because all of the kids were scheduled for a full physical exam in two weeks.

A decision had been made at the highest level of state government that all schoolchildren who were not yet legally adults would have a complete and detailed physical examination. The avowed purpose of this exam was to catch diseases or illnesses that would show up as problems later on in life. Somebody had calculated that the physical exam would pay for itself with money saved by the state with preventable medical expenses.

A secondary purpose of the exam was to find any children who appeared to be the subject of physical abuse. This kind of exam would expose most of the abusive actions that adults could take against the child. They couldn't do much about sexual abuse, unless they found a girl who was unaccountably pregnant, but they hoped to catch a lot of the cases of general physical abuse while they were about it.

All of the exams all over the state were scheduled for the same day, and the date was kept as secret as possible. That was so the parents or guardians would not be able to plan in advance to keep an abused child out of school. No secret of this type could be kept from everybody, but it was still very effective. Absentees could be picked up in a second wave of physical exams.

Mary was in high school, Susan was the 9th grade in middle school, and Jimmy was in the 8th grade in middle school. The exams were routine for Mary and Susan. Neither one was pregnant, neither one was abused, and neither one was suffering from some hidden disease.

The situation was disastrously different for Jimmy. All the kids in the school were lined up alphabetically. That did present one unexpected problem in that it let some bullies pick on children in lower grades, but there were enough teachers and monitors to keep them from going too far.

There were eight teams of a doctor and two nurses. Each team was in a separate room, and the kids were routed to the next team that became available. The result was that Jimmy was routed to a female doctor and two female nurses. Jimmy did make things a little easier to begin with because he was not embarrassed by being seen naked by women—he was used to that.

On the other hand, as soon as he removed all of his clothes, the women caught sight of his erect penis. It was not realized at the time that it was actually Jimmy's pheromones that caused women to react the way they did. It seemed as if the problem was caused by the mere sight of his erect penis, but it was really caused when they smelled the aroma that was emitted by his penis. Pheromones are very potent, and only a tiny bit can cause the activity they are designed for.

There was a ceiling fan running in the room where Jimmy's physical was taking place, and that rapidly distributed the pheromones to the three women. To make a long story short, Jimmy was raped by the three women. Jimmy did not find the experience to be unpleasant at all, but the women really had no choice. Their bodies took them over, and no amount of brainpower was going to stop them.

One of the nurses was the first woman to get all of her clothes off, and she pushed Jimmy back on the examination table so that he was lying down. That was all she needed to squat over his erect penis and jam her pussy down around it. She was much drier inside her cunt than Jimmy was used to, and he found the sensation to be uncomfortable. Things improved a little bit when the skin of her vagina tore enough to allow blood to mix with the regular lubricants. The woman apparently did not feel any pain at this point, because she pumped at Jimmy long enough for both of them to orgasm. That was when Jimmy got some semblance of revenge on the woman, because he squirted some semen into her and she became pregnant.

The second attacker was the doctor. She pushed the nurse out of the way and jumped Jimmy much the same way as the nurse had. However, the doctor had been forced to wait long enough to get her vagina thoroughly wet. Even at that, Jimmy's penis did not penetrate his full length into her either, and the doctor had to pump a second time to obtain complete penetration. From then on, she banged away on Jimmy and had the pleasure of having her clit bumped on almost every one of her strokes. They both had orgasms, and Jimmy impregnated her, too.

The third woman, the second nurse, could barely wait for her turn, and she was actually dripping lubricants from her vagina before she managed to mount Jimmy. As a result, she slid down on him for full penetration on her first push. These two also had a very satisfactory fuck, and Jimmy squirted again. However, he did not fertilize an egg because it was in the wrong time of the woman's cycle.

The women were supposed to chaperone each other, so there was no concern when the three women were alone in the examining room with Jimmy. Besides, who ever heard of a 14 year old boy being able to rape three adult women. The idea would have been ludicrous if anybody had even thought of it.

The first nurse and the doctor, by being pregnant by Jimmy, were now immune to his pheromones and were no longer compelled to fuck Jimmy. However, the second nurse did attack Jimmy for a second time. She still did not become pregnant immediately, but she did take in a load of his semen to be used later.

All three women cleaned themselves up after their sexcapade, and Jimmy was allowed to do the same. The women were absolutely aghast at what they had not been able to prevent, but they were not going to admit to anybody what had happened. The penalty for raping a minor was too stiff for the women to take a chance with the legal system. Jimmy was just happy for the unexpected sexual experience, and he was not going to speak about it to anyone, except his family.

All three of the women were married, so the fact that two were now pregnant would simply be attributed by them and the public in general as being caused by copulation with their husbands. The only clue that anything was different was that the doctor did say to Jimmy, "Thank you, Master, for such a fine experience and allowing me to service you."

The medical team didn't bother to run the medical exam they had originally intended to do—they just marked Jimmy as being normal. They had taken the urine and blood samples as soon as Jimmy entered the room and before any of them had been affected by his pheromones, so they were not tripped up by that detail. Jimmy was instructed to get dressed and to inform the test monitors that the team was ready for the next person.

The next person to enter the room for testing was a girl, and she got a small whiff of Jimmy's pheromones before they had completely dissipated, so she was horny all day, but could never figure out why.

When he got home that afternoon, his mother met him at the door wearing nothing but a short T-shirt. Jimmy did notice that she had also shaved off all of her pussy hair, but he had no idea of the significance of that. Jimmy was a bit nonplussed because he had never seen his mother run around the house dressed that way before.

She grabbed his hand and pulled him toward her bedroom. He was a bit confused, still, as he followed her, so he didn't mark what she said, "Please hurry, Master. You promised to fuck me as soon as you got home, and I can't wait any longer!" She pulled him into her bedroom and had him undressed in what was probably a record time if anybody had been there with a stopwatch to check on them.

Janet flopped on the bed on her back and begged, "Please, Master. Hurry and get between my legs—I am dying to feel your penis inside me. Please fuck your mother like you did this morning before you left for school." Jimmy was hardly between her legs before Janet had grabbed his penis and pulled it toward her cunt. She put her ankles on his shoulders as soon as he was close enough and practically raped him because she was in such a hurry for penetration.

Jimmy was no longer a novice at fucking, though there were some of the nuances of the art that he had never been introduced to. In any case, he knew how to pump his penis in and out of his mother's pussy. She had only been fucked four times in the last few years, and that was all done by Jimmy in the last couple of days. Therefore, she was nearly as tight as when she was a virgin, and Jimmy was long enough to reach her G-spot with every stroke. That, combined with banging on her clit with every stroke quickly put her over the top.

Janet was still in the midst of her first orgasm when her two daughters heard the noise of their copulation and rushed into their mother's room. The girls saw what Janet and Jimmy were doing, and squealed in delight. Both girls stripped and bounced from foot to foot as they waited for their turn with Jimmy's penis.

Fortunately for these three women, Jimmy had had plenty of recovery time since his last fucking experience, so he was able to service all three of them. Each of the three females orgasmed three or four times with each of the two fucks he gave them. Jimmy came six times during this effort, and was able to shoot semen with every orgasm. None of the four considered this to be very unusual, since they had no standard of comparison.

It was only after the last fucking of the series that Jimmy realized that none of the females had used his name. Every one of them had called him "Master." Jimmy was still in something of a sexually excited state, and he did not really notice the fact that all of them called him Master. He thought that they were just teasing him at first, but it never changed. The three women always called him Master, instead of using his name. He never really paid attention until the next day when they continued to call him Master.

This day started off like the previous day with a mini-orgy before they left for school. The other interesting point for that morning was that none of the women put on clothes until they were ready to leave for school. Likewise, Janet did not dress until she had to make a trip to the grocery store that morning. Nevertheless, she did wear an apron while she was cooking the bacon and eggs for breakfast.

The girls did ask their mother to help them shave their pussies after the after-school fucking session. By the end of the week, they had settled into a routine of fucking before school, fucking just after school, and fucking before going to sleep. All three women made a practice of being naked when they were around Jimmy, so he reciprocated by not wearing clothes, either.

By this time, Jimmy was the acknowledged head of the household. He still left it to Janet to make the decisions about meals and finances, but he was the acknowledged Master whenever any other questions came up.

It was about a month later that the next important situation did come up. Susan asked Jimmy's permission to have a sleepover on Friday night. Jimmy discussed it with Janet before giving his permission. Susan had two special friends that she wanted to invite to her sleepover, and they figured that there would not be enough extra people in the house to interfere with the fucking session. Janet and Mary did not want to miss their chances to fuck, even if Susan couldn't make it because of the other two girls being in her room.

They had an early supper so that they would be completely finished by the time the two guests arrived. This had been an especially warm day, so Janet had been running the central A/C (air conditioning) all day, and it was still running when the girls arrived. Jimmy had put two doses of pheromones into the atmosphere already, so the two girls were zapped the moment they walked in the door. The two girls became horny right away, but had no idea what caused the reaction.

That evening, when the three girls were hanging out in Susan's bedroom, Janet and Mary had decided they'd waited long enough and were ready for their fucking session. Neither of them nor Jimmy expected the girls to notice what they were doing, because they were using Janet's bedroom for their fucking and the door was closed.

As soon as Jimmy removed his pants and underwear, the air in the room was flooded with his pheromones. These were grabbed by the A/C and distributed throughout the house. Even though the pheromones were diluted when they were distributed into all that additional air, Jimmy kept pumping out more of them as he fucked Janet and Mary.

It wasn't long before the pheromones reached Susan's bedroom, and all three of those girls received a major dose of them. The girls had already changed to their sleeping attire, which consisted of a moderate length T-shirt and panties. Susan simply could not contain herself when she detected the pheromones, and the other two girls reacted as strongly as Susan did, even though they did not realize what they were reacting to.

The three of them marched down the hall to Janet's bedroom and entered without bothering to knock. Susan led the way, but all three girls were in the room before they saw what was going on. At the time, Janet had finished her first round of fucking, and Jimmy was working on Mary, who was about halfway through her round.

The three girls saw what was going on and immediately stripped off their clothes. Both of the new girls were virgins, but their parents had been as cautious as Janet and had them on the Pill. Janet had a king-size bed, so there was plenty of room for all three girls to climb on the bed. The three girls were all in a daze of sexual sensation overload, and the three lay down beside Janet on their backs waiting for Jimmy to get to them.

Susan said, "Master, my two friends are both virgins, and you will have to be gentle with them."

Jimmy was too busy to say anything, but he nodded his head in agreement. He finished with Mary and moved immediately to between Helen's legs. Janet leaned over to assist and put Helen's ankles on Jimmy's shoulders. Jimmy had been exercising his pheromone production for over a month, now, so the stimulation was enough to cause the girls to start producing lubrication the moment they got the first sniff. Thus, no foreplay was necessary whenever Jimmy was ready to fuck.

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