The Derelict Hotel
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Bibod

Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A meeting arranged online leads to a condemned property and an encounter with unforseen consequences. The coercive powers of verbal rather than physical abuse are employed to establish a mutually stimulating sub/dom roleplay

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   Consensual   Coercion   Blackmail   Gay   Fiction   DomSub   Rough   Humiliation   Gang Bang   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Water Sports   Spitting   Voyeurism  

It was a warm sunny morning and I was wandering out of the dockside section of town There had been several options to pursue. A rendezvous at a sauna; cruising in the dunelands where, in this fine, warm weather there would be plenty of opportunities to score at least oral satisfaction. Yet I had opted to follow up this contact; sight unseen. No pictures exchanged, no real indication of sexual preoccupations. There was just something in the voice at the other end of the line which had appealed to me. I had set off for the rendezvous with high hopes; after arrangements had been made online; I'd washed, shaved and sluiced my flue ready for what might be a heady session of stranger sex. How many times had expectations not been met by such chance encounters? Yet here I was looking for an old, abandoned, semi-derelict hotel which had been agreed on as the site for our tryst. Anonymous sex awaited in strangely enticing surroundings; once grand and now gone to seedy decadence...

My date had given me the directions and at least he had mentioned the small shop units, the garage and the sports clothing outlet, so I was in the right area; but ... then there it was; a four-storey building set back from the busy road with its windows boarded; it would have been extremely select in its time but now the stonework was crumbling and it was surrounded by an 8 foot high wire mesh security fence. Not a problem; apparently down the far side of the grounds there would be a gate with the padlock on a chain; unlocked ... and yes, there it was. My heart began to pound. Yes, the lock was free as promised. I looked back to the main road before quickly opening the gate, and replacing the lock to look as if it were closed. This is where the churning in my stomach really began, so much so that my legs felt weak with anticipation as I turned the handle of the old door with the peeling dark green paint, as instructed, and it opened to me...

It took me a minute or so to get used to the half-light, only narrow shafts of light between window boards cutting through the dusty interior. "Hi, glad you found it o.k." I turned to face a figure in a doorway across to my left. He was about 5' 10" with an attractive, toned but not overly muscular build and cropped hair; wearing khaki boots and combats, and a black, skin-tight lycra vest. He advanced with hand outstretched and I was about to shake it but it went straight past mine to my crotch." Mmm, getting a little stiff there aren't we?" he smiled. With his other hand he reached behind my head and he eased me to his mouth; a thick, long, warmly moist tongue slid between my lips and filled my mouth, darting over and under mine, pushing towards my throat. The churning of desire increased as he held me tightly so I could feel his cock getting harder against my stomach; he gripped my hair firmly and withdrew me roughly from his mouth. "Your profile states that you are passive, yes?" I looked into his icy blue eyes. "Well, I'm actually versat-..." His low breathy voice cut across mine "No, I think today you are passive." I rubbed lightly across his combats where they were being pulled taut by his engorging meat; "You're the boss," I smiled. "Yes," he looked serious, "I think I am. This way". With his hand gripping my forearm high to my back, he pushed me through a door and down a dark passageway to a half flight of stairs and into a large room which must have been at the rear of the building. It was much lighter and warmer than the rooms we'd passed through, because late morning sun was filtering in through a high glass roof. The panes were fogged with grime but they were intact. Blue and red glass edging panes threw patches of colour onto the dusty old floor of what must have been the ballroom. The skeletal remains of a long, shallow-curved bar faced us, and over to our left, the gaping hole where a large fireplace would have been. But the really impressive feature of the room was a series of floor to ceiling mirrors which made the space seem huge. They were dusty, tarnished and their silvering turning grey and badly foxed, but they were largely intact, save a few missing sections and cracks which distorted our reflections. My eye followed this impressive run to the end wall, where the last mirror had been scrupulously cleaned.

Sitting incongruously beside it was a double futon covered by a crisp white sheet. By its side was a small cabinet. A hand squeezed mine and ushered me towards the bed. My man pulled my sweatshirt over my head and smiled as he pinched hard at my left nipple. The initial shock of pain subsided as he kissed me again. Working his tongue hard into me, he undid my belt and flies and dropped my jeans over my aching stiffness. I felt his fingers lightly skim over my developing erection. There was a pause in his stroking as he slowly realised what was responsible for the silky smoothness beneath his touch. "What the fuck are you wearing?" He stood back a little and inspected my sheer hosiery. "You fucking pansy. You didn't tell me that you are a cissy" I felt a chill mix of excitement and nervousness as I his neck muscles tightened. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you."

"Don't dare look me in the eye, you cumdump faggot." He acted angrily, yet his fingers were tenderly stroking my cock helmet through the fine black nylon. Engrossed in their sensuous tactility, he slowly stroked my thighs and reached around to my buttocks... "Turn around you puff. I stepped out of my jeans; naked now save for my tights. Never have I felt more exposed to a man. I looked at my reflection and suddenly heard a hard slapping sound. A second later my arse cheeks began o burn with exquisite pain, wearing off to a pleasant warmth within ten seconds or so. Then another hot tingle of pain; several seconds of warmth. Then again, and again;. Each time his voice breathed another belittling comment into my ear. "You are nothing but cockfodder ... You are cheap scum ... fucking streak of smeg..." With each insult, in combination with each spank of my bottom, my penis reared upwards in voluntarily. And of course he could see this happening as he looked over my shoulder and through the mirror before us. "You really like this don't you, cunt?' "Yes" I mumbled between catches of breath. "Yes, what?" I saw his scowl. "Yes, master" His eyes narrowed at his established dominance. "You learn fairly quickly - for a pissbucket fairy". He turned me slowly back to face him again and kissed me again deeply as he found a weak point in my nylons and slowly began to tear the material away from my groin"Let's release the tension" he said, and pulled the waistband over my cock and down my thighs. "Better?" I kissed him back, this time pushing my tongue into his mouth. He pulled at my hair and forced my face a little from his. "Did I say you could do that?" he whispered in my ear with a degree of muted aggression... "Strip off what's left of your fucking fancy dress outfit and get on the bed -and try to be a man." My hands were shaking visibly with anticipation as I discarded what was left of the ripped pantyhose around my calves. My cock had assumed a life of its own now; the stiff shaft had pushed up through my foreskin and its knob-end shone glossy and firm. His hand squeezed at its base; gentle at first, then gradually harder until the veining of its length stood out hard. I caught my breath; it felt as if the only thing that was keeping me on my feet was his hand gripping my tool. "Nice..." he breathed into my ear. "Now I think its playtime." He grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled it hard; directing my head slowly but purposefully. I watched myself in the mirror being lowered to my knees, my face sliding down his vest to his groin. As my chin passed his belt loops, I knew what I had to have now, more than anything else. I unbuttoned his combats and yanked at the zip. I pulled the legs down and his cock, initially pushed down with them, now bounced back to confront me. I must have gasped audibly.

I have had partners who have fed a good 8+ inches into me, and have been fucked with all manner of large-ish toys, but I hadn't come across a penis like this. Its length was not very remarkable; just over 6", but its thickness was something else. The ballistic knob sat upon a trunk whose girth grew towards its base. "Doing a bit of calculation down here?" His voice above me sounded amused. "If you've fucked yourself with a thick cucumber before now, you should enjoy that." With one hand guiding his cock to my mouth his other forced my head slowly forward. The tip was silky smooth and the shaft deeply sculpted. It slowly advanced towards my throat, forcing my gape wider. When my lips hit the wall of his clean-shaven groin, it stopped; withdrew slightly, then rammed hard back into me. Slowly out; pause; then a rush forward again, pressing my nose flat onto his lower abdomen. As his cock invaded my mouth, I felt his smooth buttocks; with each thrust they tensed up, and then relaxed at that point of partial withdrawal. With every thrust I crept my fingers further around his arse to meet at his crack. I felt furtive, not daring to offend him as I slowly parted his cheeks to feel the pucker of his anus. It tightened to a knot as he thrust his meat forward to choke me. I pushed on it and immediately the thrustings stopped."Ah, you are getting ahead of yourself, I think". He withdrew his cock, and the pull on my hair invited me up off my knees to face him. "I think it's time for you to get on the bed". I got onto the mattress. "On all fours please; I'd like to inspect your mancunt." I got on my knees and fell forward onto my chest so my arms were free.

Uninhibited, and so eager to please, I pulled my buttocks apart for him. In the mirror I could see him behind me, and heard the snapping of latex and the squeeze of lube. The gloved fingers lightly probed around my dilated anus. "Well, we are in the mood, aren't we? However, I think you may need to relax much more than this..." The cool lube felt good; the expert fingers explored my ring, then one slowly infiltrated and rotated slowly up inside my sphincter. Then another. Together they pushed deeper, up past the knuckles, darting against the walls of my hole. Then the same rhythm as the oral interlude; slow retreat, pause; then an explosive thrust right up high into my arse which made my body jolt. Repeated again and again without mercy. The pain, initially sharp, transformed to delicious sensation. "I think you may be ready, my little bitch." He leaned over to place his mouth close to my ear "You are a bitch, yes?" I moaned something into the mattress. He pulled hard on my balls and squeezed, forcing a squeal from me. "I asked you, are you a dirty fucking bitch?" "Yes, I am your bitch," I gasped. His grip on my eggs relaxed. He withdrew his fingers and forced them into my mouth, towards my throat. Just as I was about to gag, on the slimy latex, he pulled them away and nuzzled my neck. "My clever slavecunt. Just stay there. Like that. Let me look at your arsehole."

For ten minutes or so, he fell silent. He simply watched me watching him, as he examined carefully the involuntary movements of my anus. I saw his reflection; studied, absorbed as if in the midst of some scintific observation. Then, "It's funny that your slimechute is the most attracive part of your puny body, isn't it?", he whispered, as he pulled off his glove. He reached into the bowl on the bedside cabinet and peeled a condom from its wrapper. "I think you are ready for me now, cunt."

He had done his homework on my profile; each term of abuse sent a pleasurable jolt through my cock length. My anus alternated between states of tight pucker and open dilation, and its nerves were sensitive to the feel of his knob-end nuzzling it. Then I felt my ring being breached. He grunted deeply as his hardness pushed in with a slow but measured menace, I could feel its ribbing and veining, forcing my muscle wider as the girth increased. By the time it was all parked, my anus was taut to its extreme; I thought it would rip apart on his rigid stump. "Oh, you have a very accommodating arsehole. Are you ready to be fucked silly?" I looked across to the mirror at the man over me as he slowly began to rock back, then push hard into me, again and again, pulling at my nipples, yanking at my cock and moaning in my ear.

"You fucking fairy; you stupid fucker, you cocksucking piece of shit. I'm going to fuck you into next week. You just love it don't you, you worthless tosser?" I cried out in a crazy mix of rectal pain and sexual ecstasy. "Didn't hear you?" he barked. "Yes," I almost pleaded, "You're fucking gorgeous; your cock is fucking gorgeous, fuck me hard." He pulled out and pushed me roughly over and onto my back. "I give the orders around here, cuntboy. Spread your legs and lift them high.' I did as I was instructed; he pushed his shoulders into the hollows behind my lifted knees and rammed his horn home. His tempo was fast now, any subtlety of technique was gone as he grunted and cursed, and I breathed fast and shallow, shouting loudly each time he hit home and stretched my fuckslit. "Cunt!" he shouted, as he arched rigid, kept the ejaculation pose momentarily, and then collapsed with his full weight onto me. The sweat dripped from us in the dust filtered sunlight. I could feel the twitches of his erection in its death throes. It seemed more yielding; I was not as stretched now. It slithered out of me, and he lifted himself off me. I then realized that I had also come; my belly was covered in my semen, smeared by the weight of my anonymous lover's body. "You seem to have enjoyed yourself." He said, as he ran his fingers around in the cum. He brought them to my lips; and I opened my mouth to accept the familiar taste of my on juice. He gathered more and pushed the fuckmilk gently down to my throat. We lay there for ages in our cooling sweat, taking in the scent of fuck; watching the dust meanders in the air around us.

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