What Boys Will Do
Chapter 1

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Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A father, me, and son, Barney, have to get across to daughter/sister, Midge, the dangers awaiting young girls when they want to start dating. Their warnings must be effective, because young Midge never does go out with the young man she originally fancied, preferring to stay home, where Barney and I drive home the lesson - time after time. You could say, she gets the point.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Aunt   Nephew   Group Sex   First   Pregnancy  

I am not an habitual eavesdropper, but as I passed my daughter's room, I was stopped in my tracks, and just had to listen in, when I heard her older brother speak.

'Keep it down, Midge, you don't want Dad to hear.'

Oh yes? What did he think I wouldn't want to hear? I moved close to the door and put my ear against the crack.

'I want to go to Fancy's on Friday.'

'You're not old enough to go night-clubbing.'

My son, Barney, can be seriously sensible sometimes. Of course, you could get the impression the space between his ears was filled with bone on other occasions, but he was quite correct on this matter: Midge was too young to go clubbing.

My daughter was, unsurprisingly, not of the same opinion.

'I'm going to go!' she said. 'I don't care what anyone says – especially Dad – I'm going clubbing on Friday.'

I'd heard enough. I pushed the door open and walked in. Midge was sitting on her bed, topless, her back resting on the headboard. Barney was sitting on it, nearer the foot, where he could have the same view I was getting, as my daughter was a little slow in stretching her legs out and pulling her skirt down, from the position of having her knees up, almost brushing her perky breasts, her skirt round her waist, revealing the tops of her thighs and the blue silk knickers she was wearing.

'Sorry, Midge, but I can't let you go clubbing. You're far too young.'

'Dad! You were listening!'

'Just that bit, ' I said. 'It's for your own protection. When you're eighteen, you can go clubbing all you like, but just now, you're too young.'

'I'm not! Stacey and Paula both go to night-clubs, and they're the same age as me.'

'And Stacey's pregnant, ' I said. 'That's what happens to girls who go to night-clubs when they're not old enough to understand what boys will do.'

'It wasn't her fault. She doesn't know what happened.'

'I'll hazard a guess, ' I said. 'She was blind drunk, and someone raped her.'

Midge shrugged, conceding the point. 'But I've no intention of getting drunk. I know my limits.'

Both children had been brought up to be familiar with drinking wine with a meal. At first, of course, it had been watered-down, and only very small quantities, but by the time they were in their teens, they would have a glass of wine with a meal and not think anything of it. Consequently, alcohol meant nothing special, and Barney, at nineteen, since last year legally able to buy booze in pubs and bars, had never been known to be drunk. So I figured that I'd done the right thing by taking the mystique out of booze.

Girls, of course, are different. They need to be protected more from the dangers in the real world, and that was why I'd never approved of Midge being left alone with a boy any place they might regard as private enough for a bit of rumpy-pumpy. No, indeed! No pimply boy was going to get his spindly dick wet in my daughter's snatch if I could help it.

Of course, she was getting older, her sixteenth birthday on the horizon a month away, and I knew that sometime, some bloke was going to talk his way into her knickers. I just hoped to put off that moment as long as possible. I mean, I know that once she starts, she'll want to go on, and I didn't want to come home from work one day and find her enjoying a gang-bang by each member of the local football team. No! Her mother had been insatiable – more than I could cope with eventually, which was why she'd left home and made an effort to meet and fuck a whole army of men. Nymphomania might have been invented to describe her, and I was worried about Midge: I suspected she'd discover the same hot temperament once she had been woken up to the joys of sex.

'What are you scared I'd do, Dad?' she asked.

'I think you'd be unable to protect yourself from your own nature, if boys started coming on to you.'

She pushed her lips forward into a pout and looked away, obviously deep in thought. Then she turned back to look at both the men in her room.

'Da-ad, ' she began, in that wheedling tone she used when she really wanted something.


'You know how you let Barney and me get used to alcohol, by letting us have a little with meals, for years, until now, we aren't at all keen on drinking too much?'

'Yes, ' I said, not immediately seeing where this was heading. 'So?'

'Well, if you think having sex is something I'd be unable to stop myself from doing, once I'd tried it—'


'Well, if I was able to try it out in ... controlled circumstances ... with you there to ensure I was controlled, I could find out what you think the dangers are, and how to control them. That would work, wouldn't it?'

There was some sense in her argument, but one big flaw.

'No, you can't do that, ' I said, shaking my head.

She frowned and the pout came back. 'Why not? It's using your idea in what I'd have thought – considering the fuss you're making – was a good cause.'

'Because – have you thought? – you'd need a boy to practise with. And I'm not about to let some youth with more hair than wit to take your virginity.'

'If you stick to that argument, I'm going to die an old maid.' She looked askance. 'Besides, to quote you, it's my virginity we're talking about, and who I give it to is for me to decide.'

'Sweetheart, ' I said, attempting to take a softer line in the hope that it would get through to her, 'your virginity is something you can only give to one man, once. It should be a special moment, and he should be someone you really love. Someone you'd not mind bringing home to meet me.' I glanced at Barney. 'Us, ' I added.

'Oh, ' she said, her voice soft, as if the fight had gone out of her. If I'd been thinking better, instead of worrying about what the erection in my trousers might look like to my sweet, innocent daughter, I'd have remembered that a woman is in the greatest danger of getting her own way when she seems to be capitulating.

As Barney and I watched, big fat tears appeared in her eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

'Don't do that!' I cried, but it was too late. The daddy urge to comfort my poor unhappy daughter was upon me. I got onto the bed and took Midge in my arms. She snivelled and her tears dampened my shirt. I stroked her back, during which, somehow, her left hand kind of fell on my thigh, pretty well touching my prick.

Coincidentally, Barney moved to the other side of her and also put his arms round her, and her right hand seems to have gone limp and fallen across the lump in his trousers. I hadn't noticed it earlier, so it didn't quite sink in, until Barney, who couldn't hold her close, because I was, moved one of his hands until it came to rest on the firm and pointy mound which was her right breast.

Midge pulled her knees up again and allowed them to fall apart. Her knickers had a damp patch, which made my prick twitch and become even harder. At that point, I realised I had a hand covering Midge's left breast, firm and pointy like the one Barney was rubbing and squeezing. And I also realised that Midge's hands were busy, sliding up and down her father's and brother's pricks.

'S-stop!' I managed to gasp. 'Somebody's going to have an accident.' I don't actually know how close Barney was to nutting, but I knew I was. Damn close!

We reluctantly put each other down and Barney and I got off the bed. Midge looked from one to the other of us, her fingers rubbing her slit up the leg of her panties. She was panting.

'Ohhh! Why'd you stop?' she complained.

I took a couple of deep breaths to try to overcome my tendency to pant.

'That's exactly the point I'm trying to make, ' I said. 'Once you get started, you won't want to stop. Just think of the risk of catching some awful disease. And then, there's your reputation.'

She shuddered and her tummy muscles rippled.

'I don't care – haaargh, huhh, hhhaaargh – about my reputation, ' Midge panted, rubbing furiously.

I found I was rubbing myself through my trousers. When I looked at Barney again, he'd dropped his and pushed his jockeys out of the way so he could slide his hand up and down his own shaft, which throbbed and flexed, while he watched Midge's hand. Midge's eyes were on his prick. They were without doubt getting each other off.

Before I could say another word, Barney stopped rubbing and held his twitching cock so it was pointing at his sister. The head suddenly swelled up and the tiny hole opened. Spunk came flying out, big dollops of it, which landed on Midge, painting her from pussy to face with whitish, sticky spooge. Midge jammed the fingers of her rubbing hand firmly up her twat, while the other brushed semen out of her eyes, before grasping her breasts and spreading Barney's goop over them.

He grunted along with each wad of spunk he expelled. Midge seemed to be having one long orgasm, judging by the continuous whine I could hear.

I forced my own hand to stop rubbing my cock. It's one of the differences between the old and young: it's easier to stop when you're older – but even then, only in moments of extreme necessity, which I judged this to be.

Midge looked at the swollen outline of my prick, and the pout came back.

'You stopped, Daddy.' She was still panting, but she'd pulled her hand out of her twat and was, in an absent-minded kind of way, using both hands to rub Barney's spooge into her skin.

I took a deep breath to try to stop the trembling caused by the interruption to what my body must have regarded as a sure outcome.

'Th-that's exactly why you can't go with boys, ' I said. 'They'll try to get their cocks inside you, and they'll put all their baby-batter in your pussy. Before you know where you are, you'll be waddling around with a belly out here, counting the days until you can drop the baby.' I found I'd started to rub myself again, and stopped. 'Even now, ' I went on, 'if any of Barney's spooge had got into your pussy, you could become pregnant. I mean, you're not protected are you?'

'I'm not on the pill, or anything, ' Midge confirmed.

'Obviously, you're safe as long as it's my spunk, ' said Barney.

I looked a question at him. 'Huh?'

'Uh, well, I mean family spunk, ' he said. 'Dad's or mine.'

I wondered what the hell he was talking about and was about to ask when Midge spoke.

'You mean, I couldn't get pregnant if you or Dad were to squirt your baby juice inside me?'

I opened my mouth to tell my daughter that that was wrong, and family spooge would be just as liable to knock her up as anyone else's, but Barney got in first.

'That's right. It's not something they cover in sex education classes until you're older. It's the DNA connection.'

Barney had such a straight face that I began to doubt my certainty.

'How does that work?' asked Midge.

'Well, you and I both get half our DNA from Dad and half from Mum.'

'Uh, yes?'

'Well, apparently, your body would reject any sperm with the same DNA as itself. It's part of the natural evolution of humans, to ensure that the gene pool doesn't get too small.'

Both Midge and I were staring at Barney, fascinated by this new information. When I'd been at school, sex education purely described the mechanics of what happens when tab A is slipped into slot B and squirts it full of cream. I was beginning to wonder if in fact what Barney was saying might not be bullshit and could be true. Certainly sounded as if it could have a basis in science.

'I see, ' said Midge, frowning. 'This stops me from having, say, Dad's baby, because it would be three-quarters his DNA and only a quarter mine.'

'Which you inherited from your mother, ' I added.

Barney looked at me and smiled. 'Correct.' He turned back to his sister, and I noticed his cock has filled again and he was holding it. 'If some other boy were to fuck you, then your baby would inherit a quarter of its DNA from each of your parents and each of his, since you and ... the boy's DNA would be half your mothers' and half your fathers'. And that's how nature intended.'

'And if I had your baby, since half your DNA is from Dad and half mine, too, and the other half we'd have inherited from our mother, it would have fifty per cent dad's and fifty per cent mum's DNA and... ?'

'That's right, ' said Barney, nodding, 'nature doesn't allow that much similar DNA to combine.'

Midge shut her mouth, which had opened, with a snap. 'I can see why they don't tell juniors about this, or they'd all be trying to fuck with their parents.'

She didn't seem unduly bothered by the suggestion of possible widespread incest. If I'm honest, it didn't bother me either since it was one of those things I'd fantasised about as a kid – my mother and my sister had both been attractive, and what teenage boy has never entertained for one moment the thought of close family females as sexual partners? Although mother had gone to her eternal rest some time ago, my sister, I reminded myself, still lived in the same village as us, and was currently 'resting', between husbands.

It occurred to me that if there had been one iota of truth in what Barney had been telling his innocent sister, it would mean I could have fucked Demelza with no risk of getting her pregnant. I could still fuck Demelza with no risk of getting her pregnant.

'Dad, I'm ever-so thirsty, ' Midge said, one hand back at her snatch, rubbing it again. I could see the pink lips of her pussy swollen and moist, and wondered when she'd stopped to take her knickers off. My mind must have been elsewhere. Oh, I remembered: it was when Barney had squirted them with his spooge. All that shiny wetness covering her mound must be where she'd rubbed it in.

'I'll get you some water, ' I said, and shuffled to the doorway. As I passed through, I heard the creak of bedsprings, and whispers. Like Lot's wife, I looked back. Instead of turning into a pillar of salt, my cock turned into hardened steel.

Barney had got on the bed between Midge's legs and his cum-dripping prick was closing in on her slit, which had opened in welcome. As I watched, my son fed his sturdy cock into his sister. I heard her sudden intake of breath, then saw his prick sink all the way inside her. She wrapped her arms and legs round him and began to rock them. Barney took that for a few moments, then used his strength to pull his cock back a few inches before jamming it back inside her.

Without thinking, I moved back into the room so I could see better. Barney was now well into the timeless rhythm, grunting with each thrust, and Midge was mewling contentedly as she encouraged him to ream her out, with little twitches of her hips.

Suddenly, Barney stiffened and shoved hard into her.

'Cumming!' he said.

'No – no, not yet! Don't stop!' Midge moaned.

It was too late. I saw his balls twitch and the pulses as he fired his spooge into my daughter's happy pussy.

'Oooh, ' she groaned. 'Keep going, I'm nearly there.'

But Barney had shot his bolt, and needed time to reload. He pulled out of her and I saw a pool of his baby cream collect at the mouth of Midge's pussy. She was rubbing her bump and whining, when she turned her eyes on me.

Her look was an irresistible plea. My little girl needed me. I set what remaining scruples I might have had aside, dropped my trousers and jockeys, and went over to the bed. I rolled Barney out of the way and positioned myself between my daughter's long, gorgeous legs, and wriggled up her body until I felt my cock brushing her entrance.

I managed to suck one of her bullet-hard nipples into my mouth, and she groaned in appreciation, her pelvis rocking as she sought to get my cock inside her. As I swapped one nipple for the other, I thought about the impetuousness of young men. They have no idea of ensuring the girl gets off before they do, that the more the girl enjoys the fuck, the more likely she is to want more.

Despite the fact that my cock had not felt the inside of a pussy since my wife had left, I still managed to control my impulse to simply fuck Midge and blow my entire, pent-up store of semen into her unprotected pussy. I continued to work on her breasts, while allowing my cock to penetrate her slowly, resisting the urge to pull out and shove in again and again. I eased away slightly, so I could get a hand between our bellies, and quickly found her excited clit. I played around it, causing her to hump up at me, her pussy determined to take in every last inch of my throbbing cock.

Her moans and grunts suddenly got louder.

'Aaagh! Uuurrrrgh! Huuunph!' She ended with a scream as I felt her body begin to tremble and her pussy clutch at my cock, trying to milk it. I kept at her breast while I finally let myself go, and flooded her vagina with what seemed like a gallon of cum. Midge's belly was rippling as it sucked on my baby juice, and I had the fleeting thought that if Barney had been bullshitting, which I strongly suspected, the girl was done for. No way could she have fucked her brother and father, bareback, and unprotected, and not got pregnant.

What the hell, I thought. At the end of the day, girls are designed to get pregnant and have babies. A swollen belly for a few months was the worst that could happen. We could easily afford a new baby – maybe a couple ... But first, I could tell Barney and I were going to ensure that Midge's first baby was on its way as soon as possible.

I felt like a teenager myself at the thought I might have fucked a baby into Midge. I couldn't castigate myself: it's what boys will do.

Given half a chance.

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