Kelly's Summer Job
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Kelly want fancy clothes and money to spend so she unknowing gets a job a a prostitute. Her brother is her first client. He helps her get a better job and she helps him with his love life. Then their mother finds out.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Violent   Prostitution  

When Robby was twelve he started mowing lawns and shoveling snow for the neighbors. The next year some of them asked if he could pruner their trees and shrubs. By the time he was fifteen he was working about thirty hour a week during the summer. They paid him well and he put a lot of money into his savings.

"Robby has lots of money to spend." Complained Kelly.

"He works hard for his money and he doesn't want expensive designer jeans." Was her mother's replied.

"Mom you know how I'm growing. By the time school starts I won't have anything to wear."

"You know we can't afford designer jeans. If you'll look for something less expensive we'll see if there's something you can do to earn a little money."

Kelly knew that was the best answer her mother could give but it didn't make her happy.

At fourteen Kelly's body was rapidly growing into womanhood. Her clothes were already tight and she knew by the end of summer they wouldn't fit at all.

At work Ruth complained to her friend Jenny about the problem.

"My daughter has been doing some modeling the last few summers." Said Jenny.

"They even let her keep some of the clothes. They're usually pretty cute and she earns some spending money. Maybe Rachel can get her a job."

"I'll have Kelly call her." Said Ruth.

Rachel told Kelly she should come down and apply. If she was chosen they would give her training and the pay could be real good if you got the right clients. Kelly was really excited and made arrangements to go in.

Kelly went in for her first interview Monday afternoon. Rachel was seventeen but seem to be running the session. There were ten girls ages fourteen through seventeen there and Kelly hoped she could compete. Some were really pretty and others were cute. Rachel told them the first thing was to decide if they had the right body type and attitude. They were sent to a dressing room where bikinis were supplied. Veronica who Kelly thought was beautiful picked a black bikini that barely covered anything. Most picked more modest styles. Kelly was a little self conscious and picked one more likely to be called a two piece. She hoped it wouldn't cost her points. When they were all change they gathered back in the main room. Each of them was asked to walk across the long side of the room and back. Kelly was fifth in line and felt nervous but tried to walk naturally. Rachel lined them all up and looked them over one more time. She walked down the line and tapped two cute girls that looked like twins. Next she tapped a very thin girl and last she tapped Veronica. "Will the girls I tapped please step forward." Kelly's face dropped she had already been cut. Rachel started with Veronica. "Veronica you're very beautiful but you're too slutty. We can't use you." That remark surprise everyone. The next girl in line was the thin one. "You look good but your to thin for this type of work." The last in line were the twins. "You two are really cute and we could use twins but your bodies need to mature a little more. I hoped you'll come back and try again next year."

That part of the tryout was over and Kelly breathed a sigh of relief. She had made the first cut. The girls all changed back into their own clothes and returned to start on filling out paper work. It wasn't really paper work they each sat at a computer answering the questions on the screen. Name, address, cell phone number. 'I don't have a cell phone." Said Kelly. "You can get one when you start to make some money. That way we don't have to disturb your family to get in touch with you." That seemed reasonable and Kelly had wanted a cell phone for a long time. She couldn't wait to start work. For other questions like their measurements Rachel was standing by with a tape measure. Health problems, medications, a specific question on birth control seemed only slightly out of place.

At the end there was one actual piece of paper to sign. It was a confidentiality agreement. One of the girls questioned this. She didn't want to do anything she couldn't tell he mother about. Rachel explained that some of the client's designs weren't out to the public yet and they didn't want them stolen before they were published. The girl decided she wouldn't sign so that left only five girls out of the original ten.

At dinner that night Kelly's mother asked her about the interview. Kelly told her she was very excited to make the cut. She told her about Veronica and her mother said it was good she wouldn't have to work with girls like that. Kelly went to sleep that night thinking about the next day and her new job.

When Kelly arrived the next day they were led into a room full of fancy designer clothes.

"Just look around we're not quite ready yet. See if there is any thing you might like on the racks." Rachel said. "We'll come and get you when we're ready." The girls looked through the clothes they were very expensive.

Rachel came and led them into the next room. On one wall was a big screen in front of it was a table. The items on the table were covered with a cloth. The lights went dim and the big screen came to life.

"Now we will teach you all about how to take care of a client." Rachel pulled the cloth off the table. It was covered with rubber dildos of all sizes. The big screen had pictures of naked men. For three days they learned all about sex in every imaginable form.

Before school let out for the summer Robby was talking to some friends in gym class while they waited for the bell to ring. They all were venting about their girl friends. John said his girl friend was great she let him do anything he wanted to. They all knew her and didn't really believe him. Robby told them his girl wouldn't even let him feel her bare boobs.

"I want to have sex." Robby said. "I thought of finding a prostitute but I don't want some skanky old woman."

Jim said his brother once went to a place where the girls were all young.

"He says the girls are fourteen to seventeen and no guy over seventeen can get in." No one really believed Jim either.

Now it was summer and Robby had some money. His girl friend dumped him because he tried to push her too far. He decided to take a chance and called Jim's brother. Jim's brother said he had been there several time but was too old now.

"You have to wear a blind fold so you don't see the girls and you have to agree that if you recognize anyone you won't ever tell. You get to choose the body type you like and what sort of sex you want. I always imagined she was beautiful. Take some extra money for a tip if she does a good job. Take an ID so you can show how old you are."

Robby decide Monday afternoon he would go find out if that was true. He caught a bus across town and went to the address he'd been give. It was a big house in a nice neighborhood. A small sign by the door bell directed clients to use the rear entrance. When he entered the signs directed him to a private booth with a computer screen and keyboard. There was a camera watching him. It made him nervous. The screen asked him to show his ID which he held up to the camera. Robby answered the questions on body type and selected a blow job and basic cowgirl or missionary style sex. For his first time he didn't want to try any thing fancy or kinky even though they were listed. He selected a half hour that should be enough time. He put fifty dollars in the slot and was directed to a dressing room. He undressed and put on the blindfold. He had been warned that if he removed it he would be thrown out and banned from returning. He felt soft hands check his blindfold. Then the girl took his hand and led him to another room. She set him on the edge of the bed. His first ever blow job was terrific she even deep throated him.

Urging him onto the bed she jacked his cock back to life. She straddled him and aimed his cock at her hot hole. Settling down a few inches he entered her. She let out a scream. He hoped he hadn't hurt her. She seemed to know what she was doing. When he was all of the way in he couldn't believe how tight and wet her pussy was. As she started to ride him he reached up and felt her tits they were soft but firm. Before long he was thrusting back up into her. Taking the opportunity he run his hands all over her young body. It was the first time he had ever felt a naked girl. It wasn't long before he felt his cum rising and he shot his first load into a willing pussy.

Hugging him to her she rolled them over in to missionary position. He was able to suck her nipples and kiss her breasts. Now it was his turn to do much of the work. Thrusting into her tight pussy was like heaven. He let her set the pace until he shifted to a better position pushing her legs up for deeper penetration he started pounding her faster as the heat in his balls told him he was about to blow. His scream answered hers as he exploded into her.

After a few minutes rest she checked his blindfold and led him back to his dressing room. When his blind fold was off he got dressed and filed out the evaluation sheet. This was one of the most exciting experiences of his life. He left her a fifty dollar tip.

Monday was going to be her first day to actually work. She was very nervous but Rachel had told her that her first client was only fifteen and it was his first time. He was probably inexperienced so if she didn't screw up to badly he wouldn't notice. Reading his list of expectations it was pretty standard. He wasn't looking for any thing kinky. She though she should be able to handle it that long.

She waited in the dim hallway for the light over his dressing room door to show he was ready when the light blinked on she nervously enter the almost dark room and checked to make sure his blindfold was secure.

Taking him by the hand she led him down the hall to her assigned room. The lighting was dim but was bright enough for the girls to see. It was dark enough that if the blindfold rode up a little the client couldn't identify the girl he was with. She could tell he was nervous as she led him to the bed and sat him down on the edge.

Pushing the green button to indicate things were fine she set the little box close to her just in case. Dropping to her knees she wrapped a hand around his hard cock. It was bigger than she had expected. After a moments hesitation she sucked the head in to her mouth. Jacking it a few times she started to suck.She let her eyes glance up to see his reaction.

OH MY GOD!! She froze. It was Robby her own brother!

Several deep breaths didn't calm her nerves. She started to jack and suck again so he wouldn't notice anything wrong. If she punched the red button they would come charging in to rescue her. If she punched the yellow button they would start watching for a problem. If she punched the blue button they would sent in someone to take her place.

How could she call in a replacement on he first client? They would fire her for sure. She knew he was inexperienced. That bitch of a girlfriend was a tease but wouldn't even jack him off. He was blindfolded so he couldn't see her. If she didn't talk he wouldn't recognize her voice.

As she got herself under control she decided he deserved the best first experience she could give. Who better to do it than someone that cared about him even if he didn't know it was her.

Pulling off his cock she licked the shaft to get it slick with her saliva. Taking it back in she tried to deep throat him. The first two times she gagged. The third time almost worked. She took a deep breath and on the fourth try she swallowed when it hit the back of her mouth. His cock slid down her throat until her nose was pushing into his pubic hair. She began to hum like they had taught her. She had a feeling of accomplishment as she started to bob her head. He had his hands on her head and was gently guiding her. The moans escaping his lips were a sign of his pleasure. He started to tense up and she pulled back keeping just the head in her mouth. The first shot of cum was accompanied by a loud groan and caught her by surprise. Swallowing as fast as she could she was able to keep up with the next five shots. He slumped back on the bed with a sigh. "Oh god that was fantastic."

She had to remind herself not to talk. This was her first time to.

After several minutes to recover she nudged him onto the bed and into the center. Kelly lubed up her pussy from the tube she had brought with her. She had broken her hymen with a dildo but this would be the first cock to penetrate her. She wanted it to go as smooth and painless as possible. Working his cock back to full stiffness didn't take long. He was ready. She straddled him and steeling her self against the expected pain. Kelly aimed her brother's cock at her tight opening.

She dropped two inches. As it entered her she screamed. Taking a deep breath she bit her lip to control her screams and continued to lower herself on to Robby's engorged member a little at a time. It was finally seated fully inside her hot pussy.

She realized that they had both just lost their virginity together and almost want to say something. Beginning to rock slowly brought a wonderful feeling inside her.

Moaning her pleasure she sped up her motion. The heat was growing in her belly. It exploded inside her. The feeling washed through her entire body. "OOH ... FUUUCK" she clamped her mouth shut and hope he hadn't recognized her voice but he was shouting out his own pleasure as he poured his cum into her hot pussy in strong spurts.

Hugging his body to her she rolled them over into the missionary position. Working her muscles as she'd been taught had him back to life without ever leaving her hot tunnel. Soon he began slow thrusts. When he leaned down and took her erect nipple in his mouth she moaned. He switched back and forth sucking and kissing both nipples to the chorus of whimpers and moans of her pleasure. He started to speed up then he put his hands behind her knees and pushed her legs up over his shoulders rolling her up on to her back. He started pounding straight down into her hot pussy like a machine. Another orgasm over took her as she saw the light over the bed blink five minutes left.

Using her hands to encourage greater speed she worked her muscles to milk his cock. Soon he was shouting out his orgasm as he put load after load of hot cum into her receptive body. The feeling of him flooding her pussy put her over the edge and her screams merged with his as she arched and thrust against him in a final release. She almost fainted.

After a few minutes to recover she checked his blindfold then pulling him up led him back to his dressing room.

She couldn't believe how much she had enjoyed her own brother fucking her for the first time. She felt bad having to douche out his cum. She took a shower and signal she was ready for her next client.

His list called for straight sex. He had booked a half hour. While she waited for him she lubed up her pussy so she would be ready. When she got him to the bed he just pushed her down on her back and climbed between her legs. She was glad she had lubed up because he just shoved in and started pumping hard. After five minutes he pulled out and placed her on her knees. He grabbed her hips with his rough hands and shoved back in. After pumping hard and deep for another three minutes he groaned and fired his load into her. Then he said thanks and asked her to take him back to the dressing room. He had taken less than ten minutes. It was totally unsatisfying for her.

Her next client's list called for oral and vaginal. He had her kneel while he stood. He grabbed her head between his hands and roughly fucked her face. In only a couple of minutes he pulled out and squirted all over her face and her tits.

With his cum cold and drying on her it took her ten minutes to get him back up. He bent her over the back of a chair and rutted in to her for over ten minutes before he finally unloaded inside of her just as the five minute light blinked.

She felt dirty and degraded. She douched and took a hot shower and then douched again.

She found Rachel and told her she wanted to go home. Rachel asked her to do just one more and was able to convince her to do a straight oral and vaginal client.

He looked older than seventeen. She set him on the edge of the bead and began with a blow job. As he got more worked up he started to call her slut and whore and bitch and every other foul thing. He slapped her. Grabbing her roughly he threw he on the bed and jumped on top of her crushing her violently down. She was able to get to her signal box and push the red button. It took three guys to drag him away cursing and screaming.

Kelly curled up in a ball and began to cry. Rachel was able to get her to the shower and clean her up. When she regained some composure Rachel paid her for the day plus a bonus. Handing her the envelopes with her tips and comments she reminded her of the agreement to never disclose what went on there. Rachel took her home. She knew she would never be back.

After dinner the family sat together in the living room watching the news. Kelly just sat starring ahead with a blank look on her face. A report came on about a 24 year old man found beaten in a ditch outside of town. The police identified him as a wanted rapist. Kelly's eyes momentarily focused on the picture. She jump up and ran to her room and fell crying on her bed. He was her last client. When her mother knocked on her door and asked if she was ok she said she would be fine.

After her mother went back to the living room her brain was roiling. How could she ever tell anyone? How could they ever forgive her? How could she forgive herself? He had been right she'd sold herself as a whore.

She cried herself to sleep. The next day was much worse. By Thursday she was a total wreck. She had to tell someone.

When Robby got home from working she was waiting for him on the couch.

"Robby can I talk to you."

"Sure sis just let me cleanup."

"No Robby right now before I lose my courage."

He sat down next to her.

"Please hold me."

"Kelly I'm all dirty."

Looking into his eye she said "So am I Robby."

She looked perfectly clean to him but he took her in his arms because he could tell she needed it. She snuggled up to him as if to draw his warmth into her.

"Robby do you love me?"

"Of course sis I'll always love you."

"You're going to hate me but I have to tell someone."

"I'll always love you no mater what."

"You know my new job. I had to quit.

"The first day they had us walk around in our bikinis to see how we moved. Half the girls didn't make the cut. I wished I hadn't. After that we filled out a bunch of paper work. We had to sign confidentiality agreements. One girl wouldn't sign so she was dropped. The second day they showed us some real cute clothes we could get then told us about all the money we could earn. The third day they started to teach us all they said we would need to know. I should have quit then but I wanted the clothes and the money." She got up to leave.

"Stay right here."

She returned with a large manila envelope. She sat back down and pulled his arms around her. She sat quietly for a few minutes.

"Monday was my first day of work."

"Robby I sold my self as a whore." She buried her face in his chest and began to cry.

"Kelly it can't be that bad. You know I'll still love you." In answer she dumped the envelope out on her lap. It contained some cash and some white envelopes. Sorting around she selected a white envelope and handed it to him. She buried her face again and would not look up.

He opened the envelope and removed the paper inside along with a fifty dollar bill. The paper was the evaluation sheet he had filled out Monday.

His heart dropped out of him. What had he done to his little sister? To his Kelly who he love?

"Kelly can you ever forgive me?"

"Robby you didn't know. You were my first client. Robby you were my first ever and you made it so wonderful. I love you Robby. I knew it was you and I should have stopped. I shouldn't have even been there in the first place."

We sat hugging each other for awhile.

"Robby the next two clients used me like a piece of meat. The last one was that rapist from the news. They had to drag him off of me swearing and screaming."

"Kelly you should have talked to me. We could have stopped this before it went so far."

"I wanted the clothes and the money so much. I told myself this was the way I could get them."

"Sis we can work this out together."

"Robby you can't tell anyone. Not even mom."

"What if I got you pregnant? We can't hide that."

"Don't worry about that. The doctor put me on the pill four months ago. He thought it would stabilize my periods." It seemed weird talking to her brother about her periods. She felt he needed to know for his own piece of mind.

"Robby help me burn this stuff." She gathered it all up and headed for the patio.

"The money to?" There was over three hundred dollars.

"All of it. I don't want any reminders of this." She threw it all in the charcoal barbeque. Lighting a match she tossed it in.

Just before the flames reach it he snatched out the envelope she had given him.

"Did you read this?" He asked and handed it to her.

"I don't want any of it."

"Please read it then you can burn it."

She pulled out the evaluation form and the fifty dollar bill.

"You left me a fifty dollar tip?"

"Read the paper."

She looked at him skeptically and began to read.

'A+++ If I could make lover to this girl for the rest of my life I would be happy.'

"Oh Robby, is this how I really made you feel?"

"I felt your real love sis. Even though I didn't know it was you."

She tossed the envelope on the fire.

"Keep the fifty Kelly. You need to buy some work clothes. You're going to work with me tomorrow."

When Ruth came home from work Robby was setting on the couch with Kelly. Her head was on his shoulder and she was asleep.

Robby put his finger to his lips.

"Shhh. She's asleep."

She left them there and went to change clothes and prepare dinner.

Ruth could see that Kelly seemed much better at dinner.

"Mom, after dinner will you taken me to town to buy some clothes? Robby gave me some money."

"Kelly you can't take your brother's money."

"I need some work clothes. I'm going to work with Robby tomorrow."

It looked like an attitude change had taken place. She hoped it would last.

They worked together on the lawn and garden maintaince. When Robby got paid he split the money equally.

"Robby you gave me too much. You're my boss. You should get more."

"Sis I'm not your boss. We work together. We split fifty fifty."

"You know I don't do half the work and it's your business."

"We split fifty fifty. You're my partner."

"Robby I love you." She gave him a peck on the cheek.

Two weeks later it was Robby's sixteenth birthday.

"What would you like for your present?"

"Well now that you have money you can take me to a movie."

"There are some good ones coming out this week end. Let me think about it."

On Friday he checked the theatre guide and chose one.

"Robby that's a chick flick."

"Don't you want to see it?"

"This is your birthday. Not mine."

"If it makes you happy I'll be happy."

At the movie they sat next to each other. They had sodas and shared popcorn. Kelly was glowing with contentment. That made Robby happy.

The next few months flew by. Robby got his driver license and bought a scooter. Kelly went back to enjoying time with her friend. Her life was returning to normal and the trauma in her mind was healing.

Kelly's birthday came and Robby asked what she would like.

"You have to take me shopping."

"For what?"

"Let me think about it."

Now he knew he could be in trouble.

Kelly asked her mother for a patio party and home movies for her and her friends. Robby was drafted as the grill master. The party was on Thursday a day early because Ruth was leaving after work on Friday for a weekend visit with her sister.

Wednesday Kelly told Robby it was time to go shopping. Hopping on his scooter with a safety warning from mom they headed for the mall.

Robby usually hated shopping but this was for his sister's birthday gift. Kelly dragged him through clothes stores until she found the one she wanted.

"Set here. I'm going to try on some clothes."

Soon she was back modeling a modest red bikini. He hadn't realized how much she had changed. The hard work had toned and defined her body and time had added inches where ever girl should have them.

"Wow sis you look ... ah ... ah ... fantastic."

He received a warm smile.

She went back for another selection. This one was black and not as modest.

"Kelly your fifteen."

He received a grin this time. Back for another change she returned in a scandalous bright yellow bikini, small patches of cloth barely covered her areoles the bottom was a tiny thong.

Robby's eyes bugged out and he jumped up.

"Kelly get back in there and get covered up right now!" he shouted. "No way are you wearing that." His face was bright red.

Kelly did a slow pirouette and returned to the dressing room. She reappeared in a few minutes in her regular clothes.

"Mom would ground us for life if she even thought you tried that on."

"Robby I tried it on for you. I've seen you naked and I thought I would give you a chance to see me. Well most of me."

"You shouldn't have done that."

"I can see you liked it." She said pointing to the tent growing in his pants.

"Kelly you're my sister. I'm not supposed to like it." He groaned. "If I'm getting you this for your birthday buy the red one."

"Spoil sport. The red one it will be. I need to buy some underwear too. You can wait at the video game store. I'll be about ten minutes."

It was half an hour later when she finally showed up with her packages in hand.

Thursday six of Kelly's girl friends showed up and went straight to Kelly's room. The girls were all fourteen or fifteen years old. They all emerged wearing bikinis some slightly immodest but none scandalous like the yellow one Kelly had tried on. Robby had the grill going and cooked burgers and hot dogs while the girls set out the rest of the food.

Kelly was first in line because she was the birthday girl. She chose a burger and Robby put it on her plate. She reached up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. As each of the girls received their choice they followed the same routine and Robby collected a kiss from each. The last one in line wanted one of each. She kissed Robby then took his chin in her hand and turned his head to kiss his other cheek.

"What was that for?"

"I got two." She said and giggled.

As he was starting to close down the grill Ruth brought up her plate and received a hot dog.

"Robby thanks for doing this you've made you're sister very happy." He was quite surprised when he received a kiss from her also.

Kelly asked him to setup the movie.

"It's all set sis just push the button." She took his hand and led him to the couch she pushed him down on the center cushion and handed him the remote. The couch would comfortably seat three. Immediately there were two bikini clad girls on each side of him. They cuddled in tight. Given little choice he pushed the button.

The movie was a chick flick of course. With a half naked girl cuddled up tightly on each side he hardly noticed the movie. About every ten minute the girls shifted and he had different cuddlers. Kelly sat in a large easy chair to one side and did not participate in the rotation.

When the movie was over cake and ice cream were served in the kitchen. The new movie started and Robby was once again in the middle. Some of the girls looped their arms through his or laid their head on his shoulder. One girl, the one with two kisses, pulled his arm across her bare back and around her waist. It felt nice and he was sorry when her turn ended. At the end of the second movie all the girls but Kelly had several turns.

Ruth announced the party was over and Robby would chauffeur them all home. It seemed who ever was next in line to be delivered sat next to him and gave him a kiss when he dropped her off. Laura, two kisses, was the last to be delivered. She cuddled next to him even though they were the only ones in the car. She turned his head and planted her kiss on his lips. It was a little more than friendly but not too romantic then she hopped out and ran to the house.

When he returned home Kelly was waiting for him.

"What was all that about."

"You need a girl friend. I was just showing you some option."

"Why would I need a girl friend? I have you." He pecked her on the cheek and headed to his room.

Friday Kelly worked extra hard. On break Robby asked her why.

"I've got something I want to do Saturday. Can we only work half a day?"

They worked a little later but made it home in time to order pizza for a quick dinner before Ruth left for her weekend visit.

They were relaxing and watching TV side by side.

"Robby you know today is really my birthday? Can I ask you for one more gift?"

"Sure sis. Anything."

"Robby will you make love to me?" She saw his expression. "I don't want 'just sex'. I want to make love. I need you to take away that dirty feeling I still have left." Robby made no reply.

"Please Robby? You are the only one that can do this for me."

His mind was in turmoil. How could he have sex with her again? This was his little sister that he loved so much. She said this was what she needed. How could he not help her?

After a long silence Kelly got up and headed to her room. "I'll be in my room." Was all she could say as she left.

Half an hour later Robby found her on her bed crying.

"Kelly are you sure about this?"

"Robby you were so sweet and considerate. The others made me dirty. I need you to wash that away for me."

"Please Robby." He took her in his arms and held her.

"If you're sure. I'll do my best for you. I love you Kelly."

He gave her a loving kiss not a hot passionate one. Then lay down with her in his arms. It was half an hour before he began to caress her with his hands and lips. He made love to her entire body with soft gentle care. Slowly they undressed each other. He spread her legs and moved across her stomach with soft lips. Continuing further he sucked each nipple into his mouth and teased it with his tongue. He brought his lips to her's then entered her body with a slow loving motion. Her orgasm was not a crashing wave but a swelling warm feeling that washed over her body and mind. They made soft love together. Her orgasms continued to roll each one reaching a higher peak than the last. Finally Robby released his warm love into her waiting body.

They fell asleep in each other's arms.

Saturday they worked hard to finish by noon because Kelly had plans.

"Come on finish your lunch and get cleaned up."

"I was just going to rest while you were gone."

"You're going to the park with me." Said Kelly as she headed for her room. Robby didn't really have any plans of his own so he just shrugged and went to get cleaned up.

When she reappeared she was wearing sandals, shorts and a tank top. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail. The combination show off her toned body.

"Hi. I'm Elli."


"Elli, Your girl friend. Grab your keys and let's get going."

"Kelly what are you talking about."

"You need a girl friend so I'm her. We're going to have a fun afternoon date at the park." She smiled. Robby stared at her. "Come on boy friend." She pulled him through the door.

They rode his scooter to the park. First came rollerblading. Racing around the park was exhausting. When they got tired they stopped for ice cream.

"Kelly, I mean Elli what's your plan."

"Rob until your find a suitable replacement, you and Elli will have two dates a month. This is not open to discussion."

"What if you find a boy friend?"

"That doesn't change it. Come on lets go ride the carousel."

They had dinner on the way home.

"Kelly I had a great time."

"No Rob I'm Elli. We've been going steady for three months." She smiled at him. "Steady girl friends always make sure their boy friends have a good time."

Kelly headed to her room. The hard work in the morning and the exhausting afternoon in the park had made Robby tired. He nodded off to sleep on the couch. When he woke Kelly was next to him. She was wearing lacy panties and a matching push up bra. Her breasts were almost popping out. She gave him a sly grin.

"Kelly! What are you doing?"

"My name is Elli. I'm going to make sure you have a great time." She jumped on him and stuck her tongue down his throat. She didn't give him time to object or think. Sticking her hand down his shorts she grabbed his cock and started to jack him off. He was rock hard in seconds. She pushed down his shorts and pulling her panties to the side she dropped onto his hard shaft. Plunging rapidly up and down she soon had him responding.

His mind went spinning. This was his little sister Kelly. How could he be fucking her? No this was his girl friend Elli. His mind settled on Elli and he began fucking up into her as hard as he could. Her orgasm caught them both by surprise. Her muscles spasmed as she screamed in pleasure and triumph. Her hot pussy milked his cock. He began shooting load after load of cum into his girl friends hot tunnel. His cock barely softened as he rolled her over and plunged back into her hot tunnel. Shoving deep he ground his pelvis against her clit sending shivers through her body. Elli had two more orgasms before they climaxed together. Still inside her he tried to catch his breath. She was gasping for air as they finally sagged onto the floor.

"Elli you're the best girl friend in the world." He gasped.

It was took ten minutes to rest enough for his raging brain to return to normal. He looked at his scantily clad sister lying next to him.

"Kelly you should go put some clothes on before I decide to rape my little sister."

"Rob, I'll only be Elli twice a month, if you want more you need to get it now."

"I want my little sister back. I love her."

Kelly went to her room. Soon Robby heard the shower running. When she returned she wore cotton panties and the oversized jersey she used as a nightgown.

She was once again Kelly the little sister that he loved. Giving him a good night peck on the cheek she headed for bed. Robby took a shower and dropped into his own bed. The previous night of healing love was never mentioned again.

They both slept late the next morning.

Sunday was a mellow day and they sat out on the patio. Robby wore his shorts and Kelly wore her red bikini.

"Robby you would never rape me would you?"

"I never would. I love you."

"I love you too."

Ruth found them there asleep when she returned home. They were both red with sun burn.

When it was time to go shopping for back to school clothes Kelly had learned some important lessons. Designer clothes are expensive and she could look just as good in something more reasonable priced.

"Robby will you take me shopping."

"Kelly you know I hate shopping."

"I need your advice on what looks good on me."

"Sis you're beautiful. Every thing looks good on you."

"Robby, please I promise not to ruin your whole day."

He knew he couldn't resist her pleas much longer so he gave in. After three hours of her modeling outfit after outfit he was definitely losing interest. When she came out of the dressing room in a very short skirt and a lacey bra his eyes popped out.

"Sis, get some clothes on." He wasn't as embarrassed as the time she modeled the yellow bikini. The summer had changed their relationship a lot.

"I thought that would wake you up." She giggled. "we can go home now."

"Kelly, don't be a tease. Guys hate a tease."

"I only do it for you Robby. You know I love you."

When they got home Kelly called her friends, Laura and Jill to come over. She spent an hour modeling all of her new clothes to their oohs and aahs.

"How did you find such cute clothes?"

"I have a secret weapon." Smirked Kelly. "A personal fashion advisor."

"Will you go shopping with us?" asked Jill.

"Would your advisor help us?" Asked Laura.

"You'd have to do what you're told and model anything you're asked to."

"OK." They both chimed in.

"I'll ask. I'll call you tomorrow."

After they left for home she approached Robby. "Please Robby. I'll make sure you enjoy it."

"Kelly I do it for you because you're my sister."

"Robby, I told them they had to do what I told them and model what I asked. I promise I'll make it worth your while."

"You won't embarrass me?"

"No. But I might embarrass them." She snickered.

Robby was driving the girls to the mall to shop when Laura asked "Where's our fashion advisor."

"Robby's our advisor. He knows what guys like." She looked pointedly at Laura. "And he won't suggest anything that makes you look like a slut."

After the first hour Kelly led them to the swim suit section and had them model scandalous bikinis. Laura strutted around but Jill was shy and blushed a lot. "Kelly said we had to model these for you."

"Thank you Jill. You both look terrific." Jill gave him a smile.

After the second hour Kelly said it was almost time to go. She led them to the lingerie shop. The fitting rooms were in the back where it was more private. Kelly sent Laura out first. Her outfit had a modest cut but was made of sheer material. She posed and turned around for Robby to view all angles.

Next Kelly sent Jill out. Jill's outfit didn't even come close to modest. With the lighting she may have been wearing plate glass. Robby blushed.

"Robby thank for helping us. I chose this for you." She gave him a demur smile.

"Jill you look beautiful but I don't think you should wear that until your wedding night."

The girls got dressed and they headed home. After dropping off Laura they headed for Jill's house.

"Kelly did you model lingerie for Robby? Asked Jill.

"Of course not. I'm his sister."

"Thank you for letting me." She said then blushed.

They dropped Jill off and head home. Now it was Robby's turn to ask questions.

"How did you get Jill into that bikini?"

"I reminded her she promised to model anything I asked."

"Were you aware of what the lighting did to the sheer lingerie? They might as well have been nude."

"I was aware but I don't think they were. Jill chose that outfit herself. When she came back in she said 'I hope he liked me. I let him see me, all of me'. She's a sweet innocent type. She sure surprised me."

That left Robby with a lot to think about.

"Kelly, I need a date for Saturday. What do you think about Laura?"

"Laura's my friend but she's starting to get a reputation as a tease. If all you want is to make out she is a good choice. She likes you Robby. I'll bet you can play with her tits on the first date. She does have nice tits."

Robby couldn't believe his sister would talk that way about one of her friends.

"How about Jill? You know she has a crush on you. You'll have a good time and get a sweet good night kiss. Robby she's better for you. Elli will be here next week you can wait that long."

It was a good date. Jill was smiley and fun with just a little flirty thrown in. The good night kiss was sweet.

Over the next month Robby decided Kelly's advice had been right. He and Jill had fun on dates without pushing the envelope. They enjoyed each others company and became quit close. After a month he made it to second base and decided it was time for him to make a decision on where he wanted the relationship to go. He'd have a date with Elli in a few days and he would talk to Kelly after the date.

Elli and Rob took the whole day. They went to the park in the morning and caught an early matinee then headed home for a sexual afternoon. Ruth wouldn't be home until six o'clock. They had about three hours. Rob started off with some serious foreplay then Elli sucked him off with some deep throat action. She swallowed his cum then he climbed between her legs and ate her to two great orgasms. He kissed his way to her breasts and roughly massaged them. Sucking and biting on her nipples brought her to another high. She was still shaking when he rammed his hard cock into her wet throbbing pussy. Rob began to thrust with a vengeance. As Rob picked up speed Elli pushed up to meet him crushing her clit into him with each thrust. They reach their climax together screaming and groaning. Rob rammed one last time and held his cock in as deep as he could while he shot his hot cum into Elli's spasming tunnel. He collapsed on top of his gasping partner. Finally he rolled off of her and they lay next to each other. After resting Elli reached over and started to jack Rob's cock. They had an hour left before Ruth would be home. When Rob was once again at full staff he pulled Elli to her knees and entered her from behind. With long slow thrusts he brought Elli to another orgasm. Speeding up he reached for his fourth climax of the day. As he pounded into her she dropped her head to the pillow. With a few violent thrusts he was shooting his seed into her again and again and again. She screamed into the pillow while his growls of triumph bounced off the walls. He collapsed onto her back and she dropped to the bed. After ten minutes they headed for the shower. Washing each other with soft caresses they cleaned off the sweat and cum from their sexual romp. Drying off they headed for the kitchen for a cold drink before beginning the rest of the clean up. Rob led the way he was naked. Elli only had a towel wrapped around her long hair. Rob grabbed two drinks and tossed one to Elli. As they turned to leave they saw Ruth setting at the table in shock.

Ruth finished everything at the office early so she decided to head home. Robby's scooter was in the driveway but she saw no one as she entered the house. Heading to her bedroom to change her clothes she heard sounds coming from Robby's room. Peeking through the partially open door the sight of her son pumping into the girl on her knees in front of him was a surprise. The girl was moaning with her head buried in the pillow. Robby rammed his cock in a few more time and started to growl as he went stiff with his orgasm. The girl screamed out her pleasure into the pillow.

Ruth withdrew and headed for the kitchen before they could notice her. In her mind she knew Robby was old enough to be sexually active. He and Jill had been getting really close lately. But Jill was Kelly's age to young to begin this kind of serious relationship. She would have to have a long talk with her son. Making herself a cup of coffee she sat back down and began to put together in her mind what she would say. The shower was running so they would be out soon. She wasn't prepared when Robby came in totally nude. The giggling girl followed with just a towel around her head. Robby tossed the girl a drink and they turned toward her.

Ruth gasped. She couldn't say a word. These were her children. She had witnessed her son pounding his little sister into the bed, both in sexual ecstasy. Ruth was rooted to the spot.

"Kelly, Let's go get dressed." Robby was finally able to stammer.

When they returned to the kitchen Ruth was still setting over her cold coffee. Robby got her a fresh cup and they all sat around the table. This was where all serious family matters were discussed. Ruth finally broke the silence.

"Robby, I saw you two in the bed room. I didn't know it was Kelly. I thought it was probable Jill. I trusted you. How could this happen?"

A long silence later Kelly began to explain about Elli and Rob. The conversation went on for hours. Ruth called a halt long enough for a quick meal. When conversation finally wound down they all went to bed. No one slept.

It was a tense week for everyone in the house. Then Ruth called a family conference.

"I know you both have rationalized this Elli and Rob relationship. You don't see it as wrong. I would stop it if I could. There doesn't seem to be much I can say about it. You've always shown good judgment before so I'm going to trust you on this. You must tell me when Elli is scheduled. I don't want to witness what I did last week. Twice a month will be maximum. If either of you feel uncomfortable or this gets out of control I will step in and stop it. Is that agreed?" Both Kelly and Robby nodded their head. "I'm still not comfortable with this so I may decide to put an end to it. We will see how things work out."

After a week the tension began to ease. Robby still needed to talk to Kelly about Jill. He was having a hard time finding the right time. He kept telling himself he would do it next week.

Robby hadn't been acting like his normal self all week. Kelly asked if there was anything she could help him with but he just shrugged. His mother asked if he needed to talk, again he just shrugged. That was different because Robby would usually talk out his problems with one of them. Friday morning after Ruth left for work and Kelly was preparing to go to work with Robby. Robby said they weren't going to work that day.

"Kelly will you go to the park with me?"

"I know it's not time yet but do you need Elli?"

"No Kelly I need you, my sister. I have an important decision to make."

That was unusual but Kelly was willing to help her brother. They loved each other and shared a close bond. At the park they sat on a bench and Robby took her hand. Ten minutes passed with no conversation.

"Robby you need to talk to me or I can't help you."

"Kelly do you love me?"

"Of course I do. You know that."

"Just stay with me until I'm ready."

Another half hour went by Kelly was getting worried. This was very unlike her brother.

"Robby maybe we should go home."

"Sorry Kelly. I really need to get my mind around this."

At home they sat together holding hands. Finally Robby turned to Kelly.

"How would you feel if I had sex with Jill?"

"Jill really likes you Robby. She told me she was ready when ever you felt it was time. She trusts you not to rush into anything."

"My question was how would you feel? You know I've only had sex with you. Well you and Elli."

"Robby I think she makes a good girlfriend for you. It would make me happy."

"I wouldn't feel right unless I tell her about Elli. She doesn't need to know who Elli is just that I have the relationship. I don't want to stop my relationship with Elli. I don't want to abandon you."

"That's not abandoning me Robby."

"Our agreement is until we both are in stable relationships. Kelly you're not there yet. Kelly you know I don't love Elli. She just gives us a solid base of stability."

"If Jill is willing to let you continue. I'm willing to continue but don't you dare hurt Jill."

"Kelly there's one more thing I need and it's a big favor. I'll understand if you say no."

"Anything you need I'll help."

"Kelly I need to have sex with you."

"I can be Elli even if it's not her time yet."

"No Kelly I mean you. Not Elli. You, my little sister, the person I love most in this whole world." He hugged her and began to cry.

"Robby don't cry. I'm yours forever."

"Right now I'm having my period. If you want we can wait. If you need me now it may be a little messy but I'm yours. I love you more than anybody in the world."

When Ruth returned home from work the house was quiet. Usually her children were home. She checked Kelly's room no one was there. Robby's room was next. When she opened the door and saw her children sprawled naked on a bloody bed with blood crusted on their bodies she almost fainted. Rushing to the bed she shook Kelly who was closest to her.


"Are you all right?"

"We're fine."

"You scared me half to death."

"We're ok." Looking down at herself Kelly could see why. "Let us get cleaned up."

Ruth shook herself. "Elli you and Rob get cleaned up. Dinner will be in forty five minutes." She needed to get herself under control. Something was happening she didn't understand.

At the dinner table she waited until they had finished eating. "I didn't think that Elli was due for another week. Couldn't you wait until your period was over?"

After a long silence Kelly spoke. "It wasn't Rob and Elli. It was Robby and me."

"I thought it was agreed that wouldn't happen."

"Mom, Robby had a serious problem and I was helping him solve it."

"This is serious Kelly. Call Jill and see if you can stay with her tonight. Robby and I are going to have a long talk. I'll drive you over."

"Mom I can walk."

"No I have some things to ask you in private." Ruth went to get her keys and met Kelly at the car.

The two sat in the car looking at each other. Finally Ruth asked. "Do you love Robby?"

"Of course."

"Do you want him for your boyfriend?"

"Of course not he's my brother."

"Do you want to be his wife?"

"He's my brother and I love him. I don't want to marry him."

"Do you want to be his lover?"

"Eew that's just gross. Why are you asking me these things?"

"Kelly I'm trying to understand what's happening between you two. You're my children and I love you. When we discussed Elli before I thought we had everything worked out. I was willing to let thing work themselves through. After today I'm not so sure."

They drove to Jill's house in silence. Just before Kelly got out of the car her mother asked. "Would you have his baby?"


"Would you have his baby?"

"I love Robby more than anyone in this world. He's my brother. He's my best friend. He would do anything for me. He would protect me with his life. I don't want him as a boyfriend. I don't want him as a lover. I don't want him as a husband. I want him like he is. He's my Robby." After a pause for breath she continued. "If Robby ever asks me to have his baby I will say yes." Kelly slammed the car door and ran up to the house.

It was a long drive home. When Ruth got home she called Kelly.

"Kelly we'll have our talk tomorrow."

"Ok first thing in the morning."

"Kelly I'm going to talk to Robby now but I called to ask for your permission on something. If Robby needs Elli tonight is it ok with you if I'm Elli for him." There was silence on the other end of the line.

"Mom, do you really mean that?"

"I love Robby too dear and tonight you can't be here for him if he needs you. This is the closest I can come." After another long pause the answer was so soft she almost missed it. "Mom, just don't hurt him. I love him." The line went dead.

Ruth washed the dishes and straightened up the house. She had to figure out what to say to Robby. She decided to start with the same approach she had with Kelly in the car.

She knocked on his door. When he opened it for her she saw that he had clean up all sign of the mess that had shocked her so much earlier. The scene however was still vivid in her mind.

"Robby may I come in." Robby let her in and they sat down together on the edge of his bed.

"I'm trying to understand this situation. I'm not sure what to say to you. So I'll start by asking you some questions.

"Robby do you love your sister?"

"With all my heart."

"Do you want her to be your girlfriend?"

"I don't want her as my girlfriend. I want her as my sister."

"Do you want her as your wife?"

"One day I'll have a wife but it won't be Kelly. That's not the kind of love I have for her."

"Do you want her as a lover?"

"Mom, you don't understand the kind of love we have." He looked straight into her eyes. "Kelly is my sister. She's my best friend. She would do anything for me. I believe she would give her life for me. I don't need her to be my girlfriend or my wife or my lover. She's more to me than all of those. She's my sister. The one person I love more than anyone in the world. She's my Kelly." Ruth could feel the love radiating from him.

"What about sex."

"I've only had sex with Kelly once. That was today." Ruth looked at him with a question in her eyes.

"Kelly is the only one I've ever made love to and the only one I've had sex with besides Elli."

"Kelly had a very traumatic first experience with sex. She came to me and we talked about it. I thought we got most of it iron out. It left some bad scars in her mind. After enough time had passed she asked me to make love to her to wash away the bad memories. I think we were able to lay that ghost to rest. She will never forget that experience but I don't think it will ruin her life now."

"Mom let's take a break. I could use some hot cocoa."

They sat on the couch and sipped their cocoa together. Ruth felt she was beginning to understand the relationship between her children.

"What was this afternoon about?"

"You know I've been dating Jill. I asked Kelly if she would be upset if I started having sex with Jill. I still wasn't sure. I needed to know if sex played a part in my feelings for Kelly. I would never do anything to mess up our relationship. My mind has been in such turmoil for the last week over the situation with Jill I knew I had to talk it out with Kelly. After we talked I explained about needing to know about sex and our relationship. That was the only time I've asked her to have sex with me. She asked if I could wait but I told her I needed to know. The sex was wild and fantastic. I know now that we do not need sex for our love to be real." It took a while for Ruth to absorb all that her son had told her.

"I have another question. Do you want Kelly to have your baby?"

"What kind of a question is that? Where did that come from?"

"I want to know how you feel about it."

"I love Kelly far beyond any boundaries. If she asked me for a baby I would give it to her without any hesitation and with all of my love."

Ruth realized that it was not her talking to her son but her son talking to her but she still had one unanswered question.

"What about Elli?"

Robby had to think about how to put his answer in to words. He had worked out the Rob/Elli relationship in his mind but it wasn't easy to put into words.

"Mom, that is something hard to explain. Kelly came up with the idea because she thought I needed a girlfriend to have fun with and relieve my tensions. The Rob and Elli relationship is not about love and it's not about sex. It's as though we are separate people from our real selves. That's why when I have sex with Elli it's not like I'm having sex with Kelly. We maintain the relationship out of the need to help each other. Think of it like a spring stretched to its limit, it needs some release or it will break. Sometimes all it takes is a wild race around the park on roller blades. Sometimes it needs more. Sex is a great stress reliever. It doesn't involve love just raw emotions. Kelly and I have kept this separate from our real selves and that is why we use different names." Ruth had to taken time to digest this newest information.

"It's getting late I want to change in to some thing more comfortable. I'll be right back."

Ruth returned wearing Kelly's over sized jersey and a pair of simple cotton panties she had also freshened her make up. "I called and asked Kelly for her permission to be Elli for you tonight if you needed it." Ruth looked Robby in the eye.

"Rob, I think tonight I need it." With that she stripped off the jersey and jumped on him shoving her tongue down his throat. Her sudden action surprised him. That this was his own mother surprised him. His nerves had been on edge for a week. He had been talking sex and love to an attractive woman for two hours. His libido exploded. Adrenalin flooded his mind and body. The cotton panties didn't stand a chance, ripping them off he plunged his steel hard rod into her hot pussy. This Elli had not had sex in six years. She was almost as tight as a virgin. She drove herself down onto him and screamed at the pain. Rob began to thrust up into her as she drove down on him. The pain was gone. The wild need was raging. The emotion exploded in Elli's brain her body shook and she dumped a load of cum onto the demanding intruder. The lubrication allowed the rhythm to gain speed. Soon they were rutting with violent abandon. Rob rammed his cock in as far as he could and emptied his balls in to Elli. His hot flood pushed her into the convulsions of an explosive orgasm.

Rod picked her up and carried her to his bedroom. He threw her to the bed and stripped off his remaining clothes. Almost before her last orgasm had finish he was mounting her. Her pussy full of their mixed juices was an easy target. She mashed her lips to his with careless force. Her hips bucked up to his downward thrusts. As his hands found her tits he pinched her nipples hard. Her screams of orgasms spurred him to new efforts roughly grabbing her legs he pushed her knees to her shoulders rolling her up onto her back. She could hardly breathe. Reaching up she pulled him down onto her. Her nails dug furrows in he back. Elli's next orgasm almost made her blackout.

She grasped at his arms to force his lips to hers. Her orgasms rolled in like high surf. Rob dumped his second load of seed into her tight tunnel. He rolled off of her tearing his cock loose. The violence of his emotions frightened him. After only a short rest he decided to take her to Kelly's room. The headboard was perfect to support her while he reamed her from behind.

Bending her over on the bed her hands holding the head board for support he once again entered her needy body. As his manhood pounded into her he bent over her back and reached around to maul her swinging tits. Pinching her stiff nipples brought moans of pleasure. She was reaching another crashing crescendo. Her body went tight and then began to spasm. She couldn't hold on any longer. Dropping her upper body to the bed ripped her nipples from his grasp. Rob reached one hand between her legs and found her clit covered with lubricating juices. Rubbing and mashing it made her body shake all over. After a few minutes of pumping with rapid long strokes he felt his balls were on fire. He was ready to explode. Dragging his thumb through their combined juices to lubricate it he shoved it into her tight ass. She screamed at the unexpected sensation. Rob rammed his cock in hard and deep. His hot cum fired into her with such force he felt he was draining his life out through his cock. Elli didn't know if she was Elli or Ruth The feeling of her son's emotions sent her into convulsions. At the high peak of her orgasm she felt darkness overtake her and she slipped into the hot darkness willingly.

Ruth awoke in her own bed. She lay naked next to her own son. They were both cover in sweat and cum. Her body told her she was exhausted but her mind cried out for more. She leaned over and sucked his limp cock into her hot wet mouth.

Rob came back to consciousness as his cock felt Elli's hot mouth calling him to action. He was exhausted but his hormones and adrenaline once again fire his brain. He pulled his now hard rod from her mouth. Spreading her legs he rolled between them to begin the primal dance of lust and need. They were both exhausted so the dance started slowly. As the need took over the speed increased to a frantic rate. Orgasms rolled through her like cars on a freight train. Her body twitched and thrashed totally out of control. Her cum poured from her in a fountain. Her wildly bucking hips caused Rob to come out of her grasping pussy. He tried to ram back in but her slippery cunt rejected his first try. On his next thrust his hard wet member found a hole and he rammed it in to full depth. Ruth had never had anal sex before. And the sudden pain brought load shrieks of agony and pleasure. Rod didn't know where his cock was but it was hot and very tight. He began pumping with all the strength left in his body. Her screams were bringing him to his final climax. Plunging to his full length he began to empty his offering of lust into Elli. She joined him in an orgasm greater than any she had ever felt before. They fell limp on the bed fully spent in every way.

Robby slowly opened his eyes. The sun was just starting to lighten the sky. Groggily he looked over at his mother next to him. OH MY GOD!!! What had he done? Ruth looked like the beaten and bruised victim of a violent gang rape. How could he have done this to his own mother? He felt deep shame. He couldn't speak to her. Throwing on some clothes he ran from the house. On his scooter he drove randomly finally ending up at the park. Robby be sat on a bench his mind filled with grief and shame. This would ruin both of their lives. The sunrise was beautiful but with his head hanging he didn't see it. After a long time with his mind searching but finding no comfort or solutions he was left just staring into space.

A small girl walking in the park with her mother turned to offer him a smile. Her smile turned to a look of horror and she screamed. Her mother looked to see what caused her daughter scream. A boy his face and arms bruised and bloody the tee shirt stuck to his back by blood that had soaked through in places looked as though be had been beaten up. "Can I call you an ambulance? Should I call the police?" Robby shook his head no.

The only place he needed to go was home. How could he go there after what he had done? Robby forced himself to get on his scooter and head home. He had to beg his mother to forgive him. When Robby arrived home he just sat on his scooter. It took some time to gather the strength he needed to do what he felt had to be done. Bracing himself he headed into the house.

He passed Kelly in the living room and didn't even notice her. She started screaming at him and followed him to his mother's bed room. His mother lay on her bed. The bed had been cleaned and straightened. His mother had been showered and cleaned up. He took her hand and slumped to the floor crying.

Kelly had not slept well. She should have stayed home with Robby to talk to their mother. At first light she heard Robby's scooter go past Jill house. Something must have gone terribly wrong. Pulling on clothes she ran all of the way home.

The house was dark and quite. In the living room the cushions were on the floor, slip covers splattered with the signs of sex. The smell of sex was in the air. She knew the signs; she had been Elli to Robby's Rob here in the living room before. Hearing a moan and sobbing she headed for her mother's bed room. Ruth was sprawled on the bed. The sheets were covered in cum, sweat and blood. Ruth's hair was matted to her head and face. Her lips were swollen, smashed and bruised. Her make up was smeared and running.

Her shoulders and neck were cover in bruises, bites and blood. Ruth's nipples and breasts were red and swollen from abuse. Her legs and arms showed bruising in the shape of gripping hands. Kelly's eye moved up her thighs. There was cum still dripping from her red abused rectum and her smashed and swollen vagina. Kelly could only stare at her mother's condition in frightened horror. Ruth held out her battered arms to her daughter. Kelly bent to hug her mother. "How could he do this to you? I hate him."

"Kelly, don't hate your brother."

"After what he's done to you. How can I not."

"We'll talk, you'll understand."

"No. I never want to see him again."

"You never told me Elli and Rob's relationship was so violent."

"It never has been."

"Help me to the bath room. I need to get cleaned up. Then we need to find Robby."

"I'll help you mom but I don't want to see Robby."

"Kelly, we'll talk."

Kelly helped her mother to the bath room and began to clean and wash away the remnants of the night. Kelly had to help support her in the shower. She washed her good all over. She noticed with relief that none of the blood was her mother's. She didn't think of the alternative.

When Ruth was dried off and she had helped her into panties and a light robe. Kelly set her down and stripped the bedding then remade the bed so she could lie back down.

"Kelly, will you clean up the rest of the house."

"Sure mom it won't take long to do the living room."

"You'll need to do the other two bed rooms too."

The carnage wasn't as great in the other rooms but Kelly was appalled at the scope of the night's damage. When all of the bedding was in the laundry she moved on to the living room. That's when Robby came in. he didn't even notice her as she began to scream at him.

"How could you do this to her? She's your mother." She followed him, screaming and began to pound on his neck and back with her fists. He didn't seem to notice but went straight to their mother and taking her hand slumped to the floor crying.

"Don't you touch her Robby. Don't you touch her ever again." Shouted Kelly.

Ruth rolled on her side and took her son's face in her hands. She turned his face up. She hadn't realized she had hurt him so badly.

"Robby, we're both going to be all right. I still love you."

"Mother how can you say that? Look what he's done to you. Look how he treated you."

"Kelly, take care of your brother." She got no response.



"No! I hate him."

"Kelly, I know you love him. LOOK AT HIM!" insisted Ruth.

"He needs you." Finally Kelly looked at her brother. She was appalled. He had a black eye his lips were bruised and swollen. His nose had been bleeding. His neck showed bites and bruises. His arms were bruised and showed deep gouges from sharp nails. Robby's tee shirt was soaked with dried blood. Fresh blood was seeping through where his wounds had been reopened. Starring down Kelly saw her hands were bloody. She had reopened his wounds with her pounding.

"He's going to need your help." Said her mother. "Take him in the bath room and clean him up. Then bring him to the kitchen and we'll see what we can do for his back."

Kelly took Robby's hand and led him to the bath room. She had to use a warm wet cloth to ease his blood soaked shirt from his back. Putting him in the shower she stripped down and joined him. He put his hands on her shoulders for support as she gentle washed his damaged body.

"Robby, Why?" he just hung his head. Not another word was said until they arrived in the kitchen. Kelly sat Robby down and their mother began to treat his injuries. Kelly started to ask a question but Ruth stopped her.

"We'll talk about things after Robby gets some rest."

They helped Robby to his room and laid him down on the freshly made bed. Ruth had given him pain pills and slipped in a sleeping pill also. Robby soon relaxed and drifted off to sleep. "Kelly, finish cleaning the living room then meet me in the kitchen."

Twenty minutes later Kelly sat across the table from her mother. She demanded answers about what had happen last night.

"First we're going to have the talk we had set for this morning. We'll talk about last night when Robby can join us."

"I asked Robby the same questions I asked you in the car. You and he seem to be reading off the same script. I don't think I've understood how total your love for each other is. Robby did most of the talking. I know you two have some secrets Robby couldn't share with out your permission. He told me you had a traumatic first sexual experience but he couldn't tell me more with out your approval. Kelly, he told me he made love to you to help you heal. He told me about his relationship with Jill. The reason he had sex with you yesterday was to be sure he didn't need sex to love you. He told me those were the only two times he had sex with his sister Kelly that he loves so much. Do you still love him?"

"Yes. I love him like I told you last night but I hate him for what he did to you. How can I love him with all my heart and still hate him?"

"I think you love Robby but hate the action. We can try and work that out when Robby is with us. Robby said you invented Elli to help him. He said Elli was not his sister just someone special that would help him when he needed tensions relieved. He said that Elli was not about sex. Elli is a friend he can be with without the worry of hurting her and with out the need to always protect her. The two of you are totally separate people in his mind. He believes you see Rob the same way."

"I did create Elli for Robby. He needed some one he could release his emotions to with out fear of hurting her. Mom, maybe I'm a slut but to me Rob and Robby are the same person and I treasure each time we have sex together. You can't tell Robby how I feel. It would destroy him. I set a limit of twice a month on Elli so he would not become dependent on her."

"Jill is my best girl friend. If Robby wants to share himself with her I won't be jealous. He's developing a love for her that is much the same but different than his love for me. He needs some one like that in his life."

"Kelly, I love both of you more than you will ever know. You can depend on me to help you both anyway I can. I don't want what happened last night to ever happen again. As violent as it was it filled a need I didn't know I had. I will keep that memory forever with the most loving precious things in my life." They sat together thinking of their love for each other and their love for Robby.

"Kelly, I want to be Elli again. The way you and he are. I don't think I can separate Rob and Robby either. I don't think I want to. This will have to be our secret."

"When our Robby wakes up we will discuss last night with him."

After dinner they gathered around the kitchen table it seemed the best place for a serious family talk.

Ruth started off by telling Kelly of Robby's description of the spring stretched to limit and needing its tension released.

"I think that last night both Robby and I needed that release." She said.

"Last night when Elli jumped Rob with total surprise I think the spring for both of us was stretched beyond the limit. We both snapped. It was the most violent thing I have ever experienced. It was not in anger. It was not in hate. It was just the release of pure emotion. I regret the physical damage we did to each other. We were both responsible. It did us no permanent harm. We just need to forgive the physical act."

"Robby, I love you and I always will. Can you forgive me?" She reached out and took his hand.

"Mom, you know I love you. I don't want anything like that to happen again. Will you please forgive me?"

"Robby, Kelly and I have agreed. When you need Elli we will both be there for you."

Robby stood and took his mother and his sister in his arms. All he could do was hug them. They all cried.

"How did I ever get such wonderful children?"

"Robby, if it's alright with you I think it's time to tell mom our secret." Kelly left the room and returned with a paper in her hand. Robby recognized the evaluation sheet.

He looked at Kelly "I thought you burned that."

"I couldn't."

Kelly told her mother of her first job. She told her about Rachel and the clothes and the money and how she had been trained for sex. Then she told her about her first day.

"Mom, Robby was my first client. He was blindfolded. He didn't know it was me. I could have called to be replaced but I knew his girl friend was just teasing him along. I decide to give him the best first time I could. We were both virgins. Robby was so gentle and thoughtful even to a strange prostitute."

"The next two boys just used me. And the last was the rapist the police found beaten in a ditch. They had pulled him off of me screaming and calling me slut and whore and every other filthy thing he could think of. I knew then that I had sold myself. That I was a prostitute at only fourteen years old."

"Rachel brought me home. She gave me an envelope with money and the tips and evaluation envelopes in it. It also had a copy of my agreement not to tell. She knew I would never go back." Her mother was I tears.

"After a few days of mental agony I had to tell Robby. It almost destroyed him. He felt like he had rape me. I asked him to forgive me. He helped me burn the papers and the money. There was almost three hundred dollars. I knew then that designer jeans weren't worth the price."

"Robby grabbed his envelope out of the fire and made me open it. He had given me a fifty dollar tip." Kelly handed her mother the evaluation. As she read it she realized that her son was now a man mature beyond his years.

"Robby made me keep the fifty to buy work clothes. He said I could work with him and be his partner."

"After I had time to heal I asked him to make love to me. To please help wash away the dirt that was in my mind and in my soul." Ruth was proud of her children. Not proud of what Kelly had done but proud of how she had handled it. She could have let it ruin her life. She was proud of Robby for helping his sister. She didn't know if she deserved such a special family.

The next day was Sunday. They spent the day at home as a family. They watched movies and grilled on the patio. Nothing more was said of past incidents.

Monday Robby and Kelly headed off to work. Ruth called and made arrangements to take the week off. She needed time for the bruises and swelling to heal. Friday night Robby made love to Ruth. It was good for both of them. Saturday they all went to the park. Ruth learned to roller blade. She wasn't good at it but she knew it wouldn't be her last time. They rode the carousel and ate hot dogs. Ruth treated them both as adults and they treated her as a close friend. The family bonded and became closer.

Monday they all went to work. Kelly asked Robby if he was still going to ask Jill about having sex.

"Only if you approve."

"I think it will make you happy. I know it will be good for you."

"We'll see how she feels after I tell her about Elli."

"You know Elli doesn't have to come around any more."

"Kelly, I think Elli will always be an important and necessary part of our lives."

Robby arranged a date for Friday night. He took Jill out to dinner and then back to his house. Ruth and Kelly went out to a movie. Ruth told Robby to call when they could come home.

Robby sat Jill down on the couch. "We have some things to discuss."

"Are you breaking up with me Robby?"

"No. I'm asking you to be my steady girl." Jill's face lit up with delight.

"Of course I will. I love you."

"Don't make up your mind to quick. I have something to explain to you."

"Robby, it won't make a difference."

"I have a friend named Elli. I don't love her. She's more like a friend with benefits. About a year ago we made an agreement. We would meet twice a month like a date. Some times we have sex. Our agreement was to last until we both are in stable relationships. If you say you'll go steady with me I will be in a stable relationship but she won't be. Jill, I hope you understand, I will continue to see Elli twice a month."

"Will she try to break us up?"

"No. That's not the relationship I have with her. She approves of you. She told me to make you happy."

"When can I meet her?"

"Right now she wants you and I to grow together. She says you're just what I need. Once we feel comfortable she wants to talk with you."

"You put a lot of value on what she says."

"We discuss thing I can't talk to anyone else about. I value her judgment highly. She has never given me bad advice."

"I look forward to meeting her. As your steady girl friend I think I approve of your Elli." Robby gave a sigh of relief. He had been afraid Jill might not accept Elli.

Now on to the next hard question. "Jill are you on the pill? I want to start having sex with you."

"Robby, I've been ready for you to ask me that for the last six months. I'm a virgin. I don't have any experience like you. I don't want to disappoint you."

"I want you to take time to think over what I told you."

"No one will be home at my house tomorrow, Robby. Why don't you come see me tomorrow afternoon?" She was all smiles when he delivered her home.

Robby called Kelly and his mother and told them they could come home. It was still early.

"I thought you two would take long your first time or did she say no?"

"She said yes. I told her to take time to think it over. She's invited me over tomorrow afternoon. If she doesn't change her mind that will be our first time."

"Robby, I'm happy for you both. You're my best friends and you are my Robby, who I love."

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