The Career Woman
Chapter 1: End of My Career


My whole life was almost a success until I became thirty-seven years old. I learned well in the high school. I was not ugly girl but I was not stunning beautiful. It is very interesting in contrast to the majority of women who become less beautiful with the age, I became prettier. Now I think I am very lucky and happy, but I could not believe in my happiness when I turned thirty-seven.

I was born as Amy Wentworth in West New York State, close to Buffalo. I was the third child of my parents. My brother and my sister had families with kids, when I started the college, so nobody waited any grandchild from me. I was a late kid and my parents gave much fondness which made me become a little spoiled kid.

I attended college to study Business Administration. I dated some boys, but I was not a party girl. I was the average college girl. When the "great love" had just reached me my boyfriend cheated on me, so I left the college in loneliness. I left my parents' town too and I moved to Seattle. I started at a medium firm and I found myself to organize my career. I buried myself in hard work and I had an excellent sense of the business world. My leaders discovered my abilities soon and in spite of my youth I became the CEO's right hand. I reached this position without any corporate whore occupation in my twenty-seven years of age.

I dated some men, but I think the deep love and the subsequent disappointment in the college, which was in my mind, prevented the abandonment of my career. I was the identical career woman and I could prove my talent and I gathered much knowledge as the right hand of the CEO. Unexpectedly the CEO and the main owner of our company died in a traffic accident so I became the CEO at this middle-sized company at my thirty years old. I worked hard and my colleagues were very good. I could motivate them well and our company grew bigger and bigger. My and my company's success was my downfall.

The six years success was not enough for the heirs, who wanted much more interest from their heritage therefore they sold the company to a bigger competitor. I worked hard for the successful unification. I was a little lucky after unification, because the bigger company gave a little part of its share and a big sum was my benefit for such smooth unification. For my conscientious work the bigger company paid my retirement too. If I lost my fortune I should not work at all. However I lived alone and almost my every income was invested well, so I became an extremely wealthy woman in my thirty-seven years old age.

My privacy almost was a non-existent thing. I had some boyfriends, between them some flings, but I lived for the work and my career. My last affair was a fifteen years younger boyfriend, I broke of him when he graduated in college. I stood alone at my thirty-seven years old, because my parents and my siblings' families lived in Western New York with my nieces and nephews. I was a wealthy Aunt who did not attend them, so they resented me. I think the polite refusal from my family was a painful medicine, because I became a happy woman this was one of the factors. The second reason was my career interruption. My third cause was my fortune. I was a wealthy single woman. Yes, it is true the money alone is not happiness, but in my case this was the main factor to reach my happiness.

I began to manage my fortune exceptional successfully and my fortune grew bigger and bigger. I got good advice and in some cases, my nose was good at financial decisions. I had to discuss some new investments at my financial advisor's office, when he explained something interesting about donation from my property.

He told me, "Amy, you've got enough money to do some minor benefit for the society and this donation could be a little pleasure source for you. You can have a small impact on the donations and you won't think of yourself as a useless creature."

The idea was interesting so I asked him, "What do you recommend me to donate?"

He wanted to list me the following possibilities, "For example you could sponsor sciences..."

I interrupted him, "I watched the "Jurassic Park" and I remember the paleontologists organize expeditions to investigate fossil deposits. Perhaps my fortune isn't too huge for a large donation, but it's enough for assisting such expeditions."

My financial advisory agreed, "It's very good idea! I've a little connection with associations and universities, I'm looking for candidates for your donation."

After a week I got a list of Paleontology sciences sites, as university departments and museums. I look at the lists and I found a little Paleontology department of a Midwest city University. I thought my money might be big effect on a small Paleontology department. So I wrote a response letter to the grant application. The application had an interesting question, whether I would like to participate in the donated projects.

I thought to my financial advisory, who told me, "You could have a little impact on the donated things and you won't think of yourself as a useless creature."

So I put an "X" in this interesting question and I became a sponsor of this Paleontology department, who would take part in the donated projects. Now I think I became a true happy woman, because I put that "X" on that application. This "X" was my fourth happiness factor.

After sending back this completed application I paid the first part donation money to this Paleontology department. When they got the first small part of money, I got a thank you phone call from Professor Simon Mitton and he invited me to look around in his department. I accepted the invitation and I flew from Seattle to this Mid-west city.

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