Feelin' His Way Through
Chapter 1

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma, Consensual, Romantic, Gay, Fiction, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Tad Jenkins had a crush on his best friend Mark for years until one day things went too far and Mark freaked out. In the aftermath, Tad tries to come to terms with what being gay means for himself, his friends, and his future.

"You wanna stay over tonight? Mom's makin' pizza." Tad hoped it wasn't obvious how badly he wanted Mark to stay over. The last time, Mark had rolled over in his sleep and put his arm around Tad's waist. Feeling his friend's breath on the back of his neck gave him the biggest boner he'd ever gotten. And thinking about it when he rubbed one out was better than anything he'd felt.

"Sure. Lemme call first." Mark put down the Xbox controller and pulled out his cell phone. "Hey Mom. Yeah, I got a 96. Tad asked me to stay over. Naw, his Mom his here and makin' pizza for dinner. Thanks, I'll see ya tomorrow." After hanging up the phone, he picked up the controller. "It's cool."

"Cool," Tad said, hiding his smile. "Lemme go tell Mom."

Jumping over the couch, he jogged out of the living room and stopped in the kitchen. His Mom had changed after work and was all dressed up. "You mind if Mark stays over tonight, Mom?"

"Did you remember I had a date tonight?" she asked.

"We're just gonna play Xbox. It's no big deal."

"Has he asked his Mom?" she asked as she spread the pepperoni over the shredded mozzarella.

"Yup," he said as he stole a pepperoni and popped it in his mouth.

"Okay then," she said. "I'm putting this in the oven now so listen for the timer." She washed her hands and grabbed her small black purse. "Wish me luck!"

"Have fun, Mom," Tad said as he hugged her close. "I hope this guy's a nice one." After she left, he grabbed two cokes from the fridge, two glasses of ice, and stopped by the bar to pick up the bottle of bourbon.

When Tad put them down on the coffee table with a thump, Mark grinned. "Gonna get fucked up!" he declared and poured himself a big drink.

They played some more Call of Duty while they drank. Tad tried not to get too close or look over too much, but Mark looked really good in his shorts and t-shirt. The muscles he'd developed playing soccer in the fall were even larger than during summer when they spent every afternoon in the pool. He even smelled good and that was almost harder to take than looking at him.

Mark started getting a little sloppy and laughing at his mistakes before he gave up and tossed the controller on the coffee table. Tad was feeling bolder and leaned into his shoulder pretending he was drunker than he was. Mark looked over with an easy grin when the timer in the kitchen went off.

"Pizza!" They both said together as they exploded off the couch to race into the kitchen. Tad grabbed the hot pads and got the pizza out while Mark got the plates and round pizza cutter.

"Dude, I'm so hungry I would eat a dick," Mark said with a laugh as he rolled the cutter across the pizza.

Tad laughed it off because they always said funny things like that. "You wouldn't eat a dick, you like Rachel's pussy too much."

Mark gave an uneasy laugh. "Nah, we broke up."

"Dude, why didn't you tell me?" Tad asked, trying to dial back his excitement.

"It just happened yesterday. Wasn't workin' out. She just didn't do it for me." Mark loaded his plate with slices before heading back into the living room.

Tad followed, staring openly at his shoulders and back. "So what are you gonna do now?"

"I don't give a shit. Play Xbox. Eat pizza." He grinned over his shoulder at Tad and laughed. "You checkin' me out or something, dude?"

"Fuck you," Tad answered as the sat back down in front of the television. "Wanna watch something?"

"Did you Mom find out you hacked her cable box?" Mark asked with his eyebrows raised.

"No," Tad answered with a growing flush as he handed over the remote. "You pick this time."

The porn stations were all in the same channel range, so Mark started flipping past them as he munched on his pizza. He stopped on a channel where a girl was giving an enthusiastic blowjob. "That's the one for me."

While the guys sat back and ate pizza, Tad began to imagine doing that to Mark. When he glanced over, Mark had a raging boner pushing out his shorts and a grin on his face as he ate. "You ever get a blow job?"

"Naw," Tad answered, not wanting to get into why. "Looks like fun though."

"I can't ever cum that way. It feels great, though." He finished his pizza and grabbed another bourbon and coke. "How come you never go out with anyone?"

"I don't know," Tad said to buy time. He put his plate down and leaned back, pretending to think while the panic grew. "Just never met someone I wanted to steal all my free time."

Mark looked back at the screen. The girl was taking the cock all the way into her mouth, gagging enough to make her eyes water. "That's it, right there, Mark said. Oh man, that is so fucking hot. I may need to hit the head for a few minutes."

"Do it here, I don't give a shit." Tad said with a dare in his eyes. "Tissue is right there and Mom keeps the hand lotion in the basket under the coffee table with her nail stuff."

Mark looked over suddenly serious. "You tell anyone?"

"How long have you known me?" Tad asked as he licked his lips.

"I dare ya to do it with me," Mark challenged back.

"You first," Tad whispered, his heart pounding like a an idling motorcycle engine.

Mark slipped his thumbs under the elastic band of his shorts and pulled them down under his balls, watching Tad's face the whole time. "Hand me the lotion."

Tad scooted closer, unable to take his eyes off the meaty shaft and bright pink head standing out of his friends shorts. He fumbled the basket over and got the lotion out from feel alone, then handed it to Mark.

"No, you put it on," Mark whispered with a glint in his eyes.

Tad's hands were shaking as he squeezed a blob of the thick lotion into his palm. He warmed it first by rubbing it in his hands, the reached over to slide his closed fist down Mark's shaft.

"Oh yeah," Mark moaned. "Keep going."

Tad slid even closer as he worked his hand up and down slowly. Mark shut his eyes, his mouth hanging open as he gasped and moaned. "Like this?" Tad asked.

"Nice and slow," Mark begged. "That's perfect."

He used his other hand to touch Mark's balls at the same time. That made Mark lift up to push into his fist more, so Tad tugged his short down a little further.

"Take them off," Mark groaned. "Oh fuck, this is the best."

Emboldened, Tad dragged them completely off and scooted down to kneel on the floor between his feet. Mark was rocking his hips in time with the slow strokes, holding his breath from the intensity. When the lotion began to wear off, the friction increased and Tad was afraid it would make Mark want to stop. He only intended to drizzle a little spit out to keep him lubed, but when Tad leaned forward Mark gripped him behind his head to pull him closer.

"How'd you know," he whispered as he ran his fingers through Tad's hair.

Tad smelled the musky scent of Mark's cock, but instead of being repelled he opened his mouth to taste him.

"Fuck yes! Oh, Tad!"

In moments Tad felt his mouth being used as Mark pushed himself between his lips. The slick flavor of Mark's precum wasn't what Tad expected, but the feeling of being used for his best friend's pleasure made him rock hard.

"You like that cock, don't you," Mark whispered.

Tad looked up with the tip still in his mouth to meet his lover's eyes for the first time. His answer was to lower his mouth, taking in as much of the thick cock as he could. He felt the head pressing against his throat and gagged slightly, but kept moving through the tears.

"Oh god," Mark muttered, wiping the tears down Tad's cheeks with his thumbs. "Do that again."

And again Tad swallowed the fat head of his cock, fighting off the urge to gag and cough. Mark's eyes went wide as Tad felt the rush of something bitter and slimy pulsing into his mouth. Keeping his head moving, Tad accepted it all, swallowing each drop while his own cock vibrated with the need for release.

"Dude," Mark whispered as Tad withdrew the softening shaft from his mouth. "Oh fuck, that was unreal. I've never been able to get off that way."

"I've wanted to do that forever," Tad whispered and hoped Mark would understand.

"I thought so, but I didn't know for sure." Mark didn't seem uncomfortable with the idea. "No one can know though."

"You know I won't tell." There was a touch of disappointment that Tad couldn't keep out of his tone.

"What was it like?" Mark asked as Tad climbed up next to him on the couch.

"It tasted a little bitter, but I liked it. It made me really horny to do it."

"Show me," Mark whispered as he looked down at Tad's shorts. Tad pulled his shorts down to expose his slightly larger cock standing fully erect. He began to tug on it slowly, the need to cum too great to deny.

Mark grinned. "You're a grower. I didn't think you'd be bigger than me."

"I guess," Tad said, slightly embarrassed. "Will you put the lotion on me?"

"No," Mark said as he shook his head. Then he pushed Tad back against the side of the couch and took his cock between his lips, licking him around the head in slow circles.

"Oh my God," Tad groaned while his friend licked him like an ice cream cone. "Don't stop. Please, don't stop."

Pushing with his hips, Tad kept running his hands along Mark's hair and shoulders. Encouraging him with gasps and moan, Tad felt the pressure for his release building past the point of control.

"I'm gonna cum," he whispered, giving Mark the chance to finish with his hands. Instead, Mark took him in deeper and rubbed his tongue along the front of his cock. That final bit of stimulation pushed Tad over the edge to unload his balls into Mark's waiting mouth. "Oh fuck, Mark!"

When Tad collapsed against the couch, Mark sat up and wiped his lips with the back of his hand. "You're right it makes you horny. I'm hard again from doing that to you. What can we try next?"

Tad gave Mark a wicked grin. He'd thought about this night for years.

"Do you trust me?" Tad asked. His stomach was churning from the excitement of being with Mark for the first time, but he didn't know if he could really go through with what he was considering next.

"You know I do," Mark laughed. "We're sittin' here not wearing pants and I just ate your cum."

"Then don't move. I'll be right back." Before he could lose his nerve, Tad ran into his mother's room and opened the drawer next to her bed. She had made a point when they had the talk that he was free to take condoms and lube from her drawer and she'd never question it. Other than getting one rubber to experiment with, he'd never needed anything before.

Walking to the living room, he grabbed a towel from the linen closet and spread it over the leather couch when he got back. Mark saw the condom and got a shocked look on his face.

"It's for you, not me," Tad said as he sat on the towel. "Look, sometimes when I'm in the shower I like to play with my ass when I'm rubbin' one out. It feels amazing to me. I just thought maybe you'd like to..."

"You want me to fuck you?" Mark asked, his eyebrows drawing together.

"I trust you." Tad leaned closer to look in his eyes and handed him the condom. "And I want this."

"Dude, I don't know. Won't that hurt you?" Mark turned the foil wrapper in his hand. "Won't it be gross?"

The porno was still on and some chick was getting corn-holed by a guy with a cock as long as Tad's arm. He gestured to the television. "What about that? She doesn't look like it's hurting her. We can shower afterwards before Mom comes home if it's gross."

Mark looked over his shoulder at the porno and Tad saw his dick twitch. "We can try, I guess." He looked back with his eyebrows drawn together. "Promise you'll tell me if I hurt you."

Tad grinned and scooted closer to the edge of the couch. He opened the tube of lube while Mark struggled to get the condom rolled down his shaft. It didn't look like he'd as much practice as he'd bragged about.

Getting a dollop of lube on two fingers, Tad reached down and slowly swirled the cold gel around his puckered hole. He forced himself to relax, adding a little lube at a time until he could get his finger past the tight ring of muscle just inside.

Mark was watching Tad's fingers with a hungry expression, his breath speeding up in anticipation. Finally Tad handed him the lube to coat his latex covered shaft. "I think I'm ready," Tad whispered as he raised his knees and pushed his ass towards the edge of the couch. His cock was rock hard against his stomach.

Kneeling between his legs, Mark edged closer until the tip of his cock was pressed against the warm opening under Tad's balls. "I never thought about doing it this way. I figured it worked like doggy style."

"I want to see you when we do it," Tad whispered as he drew Mark closer, pulling at his hips while Mark bit his lip.

"Are you ready," he asked, still looking a little worried.

"Go slow," Tad said and bore down to relax his muscles. The cock head was soft, spreading him open for the hard shaft that followed. Tad had to shut his eyes as the pleasure and the pain crossed-circuited his brain. Being filled with a finger was one thing, but Mark's cock required he push back as well.

"God, you're so tight. I've never felt anything like this," Mark murmured as he inched his way in. "And you're hot inside. Fucking amazing."

Taking it slow, Tad could feel the intrusion slip past the circle of resistance as Mark's stomach brushed his balls. He sighed out the breath he'd been holding, his fingers finally touching behind Mark's back.

"I like it," Tad said with a touch of wonder.

Mark was leaning over him, his hands pressed into the couch on either side of his shoulders when he bottomed out. "I'm in all the way. Holy crap, this feels amazing."

Their eyes locked, faces just inches apart. "Fuck me slow for now," Tad whispered.

Backing out a little, Mark slid home again with a whimper. "I'm glad I came already or we'd be done."

"You feel so good. My body is going crazy right now," Tad said as he reached down to massage Mark's ass cheeks. "Look, I'm leaking like crazy."

Mark glanced down and saw Tad's erect shaft dribbling with each slow stroke. The slippery mess got on them both as Mark pushed into him, adding a slippery friction. "Get closer. Hug me or something so you can rub against my stomach and get off, too."

Tad didn't need more invitation than that. He put his arms around Mark's shoulder and pulled them together. Wrapping his legs around Mark's body changed the angle a little and made Tad gasp at the difference. "Oh fuck," he cried, his cheek next to Mark's rough skin. "Faster now, oh my God!"

Mark increased the pace, making them both pant harder. The feeling of fullness now included a spark of pleasure with each thrust. Tad whimpered and clutched at Mark's back while they transitioned from smooth motions to jerking thrusts.

"I can't hold back if we don't slow down," Mark gasped.

"Help me," was all Tad could manage as the pleasure drove him crazy. He felt Mark reach between them and work his fist over Tad's straining cock. "That's it."

Mark held his breath as he strained in deep, his hand throwing off drops of Tad's precum, urging him to finish. Tad cried out, "Fuck!"

An explosion of cum fountained up between them, slicking their stomachs and chests. While Tad jerked with each pulse of his own, he could still feel Mark's orgasm through the sensitive ring of muscle surrounding his cock. The madness of the act gave way to a yielding closeness that made Tad feel giddy. Mark fucked me until we both came!

They were still holding on to each other when Tad leaned over to kiss Mark on the lips. When Mark shoved him away, Tad caught a look in eyes he'd never seen before. It could have been hate or disgust, but it was gone in an instant, quelled by a blank expression. Mark slowly pulled out and left Tad feeling more empty inside than he'd ever felt before.

"I'm not ever gonna fuckin' kiss you," Mark muttered as he pulled off the rubber and knotted it. "I need to shower. You can clean up this mess." He tossed the soiled rubber on the towel next to Tad.

Alone with the stench, Tad winced in pain as he sat up to pick up the condom wrapper off the floor. His ass throbbed in time with his heart beat when he stood and grabbed the towel. After wiping the cum off his chest and the lube out of his ass, he pulled on his shorts. Then he carried the towel to the washer and started a cycle.

He went into the garage to hide the condom and wrapper in the trash can there. Tad stood there for a long moment alone and in pain before he eventually threw up in the trashcan. I guess I should've asked if I could trust you...

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